This page shows the full set of palauan words in along with their English and Palauan definitions. It is useful for some purposes but not very easily readable for casual browsers who may be more interested in:

Palauan Entry
-ad : affix our. : from root -ad
-ak : affix me; my. : from root -ak
-al : affix his; her; its; their. : from root -al
-am : affix your; our. : from root -am
-ang : affix him; her; it. : from root -ang
-ar : affix him; her; it. : from root -ar
-au : affix you. : from root -au
-ed : affix our (including you). : from root -ed
-ei : affix used in terms of address such as chedei, ngelekei, merrengei, ochellei. : from root -ei
-ek : affix my. : from root -ek
-em : affix your. : from root -em
-emam : affix our (excluding your). : from root -emam
-emam : affix us (excluding you). : from root -emam
-emiu : affix you (plural). : from root -emiu
-erir : affix their. : from root -erir
-id : affix our (including your). : from root -id
-id : affix us (including you). : from root -id
-ik : affix my. : from root -ik
-il : affix his; her; its; their (non-human). : from root -il
-im : affix your (singular). : from root -im
-ir : affix their (human). : from root -ir
-ir : affix him; her; it. : from root -ir
-iu : affix your (plural). : from root -iu
-kid : affix us (including you). : from root -kid
-mam : affix our (excluding your). : from root -mam
-miu : affix your (plural). : from root -miu
-rir : affix their. : from root -rir
-terir : affix them. : from root -terir
-ud : affix our (including your). : from root -ud
-uk : affix my. : from root -uk
-ul : affix his; her; its; their. : from root -ul
-um : affix your. : from root -um
-ur : affix him; her; it. : from root -ur
a : mod. contentless word which precedes nouns and verbs under various conditions; if. : a a omuchel a cheldecheduch; a le ko skoki mla mei; bai a klalobuai. from root a
a kmu : conj. if. : from root a kmu
a ldu : conj. because. : from root a ldu
a lechul me : conj. if (only). : from root a lechul me
a leko : conj. intended to; apparently. : from root a leko
aleko : cont. a leko : from root a leko
leko : : leko a melekoi a meldung; a leko kede "mo er a chei;" a leko "ngar ngii a cheldecheduch er a bai." from root a leko
a lsekum : mod. if [with neutral implications]. : from root a lsekum
alsekum : cont. a lsekum : from root a lsekum
lsekum : var. a lsekum : lsekum a oumededenger; locha,lsekum e ng mo chull e ng diak bo er a mesei. from root a lsekum
sekum : var. a lsekum : from root a lsekum
a adang : expr. of course. : from root adang
adang : interj. Please; won't you?; it's true (isn't it?). : adang a oterkeklel a kengei me a tekoi. adang ua isei? adang mekerang? from root adang
me adang : expr. therefore. : from root adang
Adebetel : n. legendary male inhabitant of Ngeriab. : from root Adebetel
adidil : n. longing; sentimentality; wistful yearning of the past. : from root adidil
adios : interj. good-bye. : from root adios
agritin : n. [Atuna racemosa]. : from root agritin
aika : pro. these objects/animals near speaker and near listener. : from root aika
aika el hong : expr. these books. : from root aika
aikal : cont. aika el : from root aika
aikang : var. aika : from root aika
aike : pro. those objects/animals far from speaker and far from listener. : from root aike
aike el kahol : expr. those boxes (over there). : from root aike
aikei : var. aike : from root aike
aikel : cont. aike el : from root aike
ikei : var. aike : from root aike
aikio : n. charm; charisma; attractiveness; beauty; handsomeness. : from root aikio
aile : pro. these objects/animals near speaker and far from listener . : from root aile
ailei : var. aile : from root aile
ailei el hong : expr. these books (near me). : from root aile
ailel : cont. aile el : from root aile
ailech el klalo : expr. those things (near you). : from root ailecha
ailecha : pro. those objects/animals far from speaker and near listener. : from root ailecha
ailechal : cont. ailecha el : from root ailecha
ailechang : var. ailecha : from root ailecha
ilecha : var. ailecha : from root ailecha
ilechang : var. ailecha : ilechang a melekoi a betok el klaloel cheroid er ngii el melekoi e kmeed er a orrenges, ilecha el udoud. from root ailecha
ak : pro. I/me (nonemphatic). : ak a ngak. ak melekoi. ak mong. ak mei. ak mekerang? from root ak
akai : interj. Ouch! (expression of pain). : akai a olecholt er a ringel; meringel a bedengel a kmo, "akai tia meringel." from root akai
akii : var. akai : akii a akai. from root akai
akkai : var. akai : akkai a kmal meringel; "akkai!" ng ngera omangch? from root akai
akkii : var. akkai : akkii a akkai. from root akai
chakai : var. akai : from root akai
chakii : var. akai : from root akai
chakkai : var. akai : from root akai
chakkii : var. akai : from root akai
chakkoi : var. akai : from root akai
chakoi : var. akai : from root akai
ake : : ake a olecholt er a ulekdakd. ake, kau ak chelebedau. from root ake
akee : interj. : akee a kirel a chasireng; akee ng mera el sechal! akee, ng mera el ungil el redil! from root akee
akeke : baby good job. : from root akeke
aki : pro. we/us (nonemphatic, excludes listener). : aki a kemam, ngak el uldimukl er a rubengkek, aki mlei ngak me a delak me a demak, aki merolung. from root aki
akooi : interj. : akooi a olecholt er a ringel me a saul; "akooi ng meral meringel a urreor" "akooi ng mesaul a bedengek" from root akooi
alii : interj. Hey!; Look Out!; Hello. : alii a sus; alii, kom ua ngerang?; alii, ngar er ngii a rechad? from root alii
alii : : alii a ulekdakd, omekdakd; alii a deleb!; alii er kau; alii a kokok! from root alii
alits : interj. You're in trouble. [Typically said between children.] : from root alits
alits er kau : expr. : from root alits
alits er kemiu : expr. : from root alits
alta : var. altae : from root altae
altae : conj. if (perhaps/maybe). : from root altae
altang : var. altae : from root altae
ltang : conj. : ltang a locha; a lta e ng mo sebechel; lta e ng mo ungil besul. from root altae
ambai : n. umpire. : from root ambai
chad er a amt : n. politician. : from root amt
anata : n. sweetheart; dear (used by a woman in reference to her husband). : from root anata
anko : n. uncle. : from root anko
aui : : aui a ko er a kibetiekl; omeketakl er a mla mengodech; aui, ng diak a cheldmiu? from root aui
aukang : : aukang a adang, melisiich a tekoi; aukang mekerang? from root aukang
auui : : auui a ouuchel er a telemall; auui ng mla mecham a did. auui ng mla mad a mesil er a mlai. from root auui
ba : mod. do first. : a ba a uchelel a bebil er a cheldecheduch. Ba bo er uchei. Ba kurael. Ba bong. Ba molekoi. from root ba
bab : n. area/space above; top; surface. : bab a bebul, melidiul, a sils a ngar bab. skoki a merael er a bab. from root bab
bebmam : n.poss.1pe : from root bab
bebmiu : n.poss.2p : from root bab
bebrir : n.poss.3p : from root bab
bebud : n.poss.1pi : from root bab
bebuk : n.poss.1s : from root bab
bebul : n.poss.3s : bebul a ngar er a bab er ngii, bebul a tebel. from root bab
bebul a daob : expr. surface of the sea. : from root bab
bebul a tebel : expr. top of the table. : from root bab
bebum : n.poss.2s : from root bab
Babeldaob : n. Largest island of Palau; literally; upper sea. : Babeldaob a ochallechutem er a Belau. Melekeok a beluu er a Babeldaob. from root Babeldaob
babeluades : n. heaven. : babeluades a beluu er a bab; beluu er a eanged. from root babeluades
babeluu : n. type of tree. : a babeluu a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root babeluu
babier : n. paper; letter; book. : a babier a klalo llechukl e chieuall; luchesii a babier; ng menguiu er a babier. from root babier
babilngam : n.poss.1pe : from root babier
babilnged : n.poss.1pi : from root babier
babilngek : n.poss.1s : from root babier
babilngel : n.poss.3s : babilngel a babier er ngii el chad. from root babier
babilngem : n.poss.2s : from root babier
babilngir : n.poss.3p : from root babier
babilngiu : n.poss.2p : from root babier
blil a babier : expr. bookcase. : from root babier
babii : n. pig. : babii a charm er a beluu el mekekerei er a kerebou e ng ungil el odoim. from root babii
babii er a daob : n. fish in Ngeaur. : from root babii
babiiureomel : n. wild pig. : babiiureomel a tebelik el babii el kiei er a oreomel. from root babii
menga el babii : expr. eat like a pig. : from root babii
babil : n. female. : babil a redil, delaibabil. from root babil
babilchemang : n. female crab. : babilchemang a redil el chemang. from root babilchemang
bached : n. protruding struts on outrigger side of canoe (six in number) used for balance and for holding poles; spears; etc. : bached a klekedellel a mlai er a daob; ongedoel er a dekel me a biskang. from root bached
bechedel : n.poss.3s : from root bached
bachediil : n. diarrhea (substance). : bachediil a dach el diak le medecherecher; ko er a ralm. omachediil, bachedilel. from root bachediil
bachedilel : n.poss.3s : from root bachediil
bachediloel : var. bachedilos : bachediloel a chad el omachediil. from root bachedilos
bachedilos : v.s. always having diarrhea (used in mild insults). : bachedilos a bachediloel; mekudem el omachediil. from root bachedilos
bachedkuteling : n. protruding struts closest to each end of canoe. : bachedkuteling a dangeb er a kuteling er a mlai er a daob. from root bachedkuteling
bachedulematel : n. protruding struts closest to bluu. : bachedulematel a dangeb er a olmatel er a mlai er a daob. from root bachedulematel
bachel : n. collarbone; Palauan money in form of curved prisms. : bachel a meklou el udoud er a Belau. from root bachel
bechelam : n.poss.1pe : from root bachel
becheled : n.poss.1pi : from root bachel
bechelek : n.poss.1s : from root bachel
bechelel : n.poss.3s : from root bachel
bechelem : n.poss.2s : from root bachel
bechelir : n.poss.3p : from root bachel
becheliu : n.poss.2p : from root bachel
bad : n. stone; rock; coral; crossbeams supporting floor or house. : bad a medecherecher el klalo, risois, baderitech, badelchei, mlus, basech, badumoachel. A rebebil er a rechad uluusbech a bad. Aika el bad a meklou el ngai el mo locha er a ulebengelel a ta me a ta er a rechad el oliochel. from root bad
bad : v.s. asleep. : bad a mechiuaiu; ngalek a bad er a ulaol. from root bad
bad el chelid : expr. type of trepang (colored like coral). : from root bad
bedemam : n.poss.1pe : from root bad
bedemiu : n.poss.2p : from root bad
bedengang : v.s.inch. is (just) going to sleep. : bedengang a mocha mechiuaiu; mla mo bad. from root bad
bederir : n.poss.3p : from root bad
bedud : n.poss.1pi : from root bad
beduk : n.poss.1s : from root bad
bedul : n.poss.3s his/her/its stone; rock; coral; crossbeams supporting floor or house. : from root bad
bedum : n.poss.2s : from root bad
mo bad : expr. go to sleep. : from root bad
badediil : n. dark discoloration, or other color changes in the skin, due to pregnancy. : badediil a ringeldiil er a omechell; rakd er a uriul er a cheroll. from root badediil
badek : n. mat (or similar object) used as shroud (and brought or sent to house of deceased); money given at a funeral to relatives of the deceased. : badek a bar, chedecholl, mamed el omail er a ulekoad el chad, mla mengodech, me a udoud a badek. from root badek
bedekam : n.poss.1pe : from root badek
bedeked : n.poss.1pi : from root badek
bedekek : n.poss.1s : from root badek
bedekel : n.poss.3s : from root badek
bedekem : n.poss.2s : from root badek
bedekir : n.poss.3p : from root badek
bedekiu : n.poss.2p : from root badek
baderirt : n. tree with medicinal uses. : baderirt a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar; oumesingd el ngar a chelechol. from root baderirt
baderitech : n. basalt. : baderitech a kot el mesisiich el bad. from root baderitech
bades : n. things (carefully arranged or organized). : bades a beldukl, blechobech, mades a tekoi, medesii a ngloik, bedesel. from root bades
bedesel : n.poss.3s : bades a beldukl, blechobech, mades a tekoi, medesii a ngloik, bedesel. from root bades
badk : n. : badk a ngosuir a meluchel el loia obereod el telechull er a bdelul, omadk, medir a meluchel, bedkel. from root badk
bedkel : n.poss.3s. : from root badk
Badluloi : n. location in Ngerekebesang where, in Palauan legend, Mengidabrudkoel arrived floating inside a dead uloi fish. : from root Badluloi
Badmechei : n. : Badmechei a iungs er a Ngatbang. from root Badmechei
badre : n. priest. : from root badre
badrei : var. badre : badrei a melekingel a chelid. from root badre
baeb : n. pipe (for plumbing). : baeb a klekedall el omekuiaol, oeaol er a ralm, bebel. from root baeb
bebam : n.poss.1pe : from root baeb
bebed : n.poss.1pi : from root baeb
bebek : n.poss.1s : from root baeb
bebel : n.poss.3s : from root baeb
bebel a omerkaol : expr. windpipe. : from root baeb
bebem : n.poss.2s : from root baeb
bebir : n.poss.3p : from root baeb
bebiu : n.poss.2p : from root baeb
abai : var. bai : from root bai
bai : n. village meeting house; guest house; community house. : bai a ongdboll; tbiil a llach er ngii; bai er a klobak; a bai a ongdboll er a beluu, orekuul, blil a kldibel, bailbeluu; bai er a remeau; oremuul, bai er a rengeasek, merael a kakerous el omeruul er a chelsel a ngellakel me a sius, me a klautok me a ngloik er a chesel. from root bai
bai : mod. comparatively; by comparison, instead; rather. Also used in conditional sentences to contrast two events. : bai a omuchel a bebil er a omengedecheduch, bai ungil me ko mlei; bai ba morael, bai molekoi e kuleki kung; bai de kasmesumech er tiang e bo de kebii. from root bai
bai er a rubak : expr. bai for old men only. : from root bai
kebtot el bai : expr. twin bai; two bais adjacent to each other. : from root bai
baias : n. bias or slant (in sewing). : from root baias
baibeluu : n. village meeting house. : from root baibeluu
baiking : n. disease; germs. : baiking a charm el omuchel a rakd me a secher. from root baiking
baiking : v.s. (person) unsanitary/unhygienic (in one's habits). : from root baiking
bail : n. article of clothing; clothes; wrapping material. : bail a mamed me a klalo el omail, bilel a klalo, bilel a billum, ekebil a oubail. from root bail
bail er a skuul : expr. school clothes. : from root bail
bail er a ureor : expr. work clothes. : from root bail
bilel : n.poss.3s : bilel a bail el ngii a ouklalo er ngii. from root bail
chelsel a bail : expr. undershirt; T-shirt. : from root bail
Bailechesau : n. the men's meeting house in Melekeok. : from root Bailechesau
baelengel : var. bailengel : baelengel a baeong er ngii. from root baiong
baeong : var. baiong : baeong a omderungel er a chull ma sils; baelengel, oubaeong. from root baiong
bailengel : n.poss.3s : from root baiong
baiong : n. umbrella. : from root baiong
bais : n. action of wandering around. : bais a merael el mo e mei, bisel; omais er a beluu. from root bais
bisam : n.poss.1pe : from root bais
bised : n.poss.1pi : from root bais
bisek : n.poss.1s : from root bais
bisel : n.poss.3s : bisel a bais er ngii el mo e mei, omais a beluu. from root bais
bisem : n.poss.2s : from root bais
bisir : n.poss.3p : from root bais
bisiu : n.poss.2p : from root bais
baiu : n. temporary protective covering against rain or sun; canopy. : from root baiu
baka : v.s. (tool or machine) broken; (person) idiotic. : from root baka
bebaka : v.s.redup. : from root baka
bakelungal : n. large, black trepang on reef. : bakelungal a ter a bedengel a chelec el ko er a chesobel e ng di klou e chedelekelek. from root bakelungal
Bakerus : n. name of clan in Imeliik. : from root Bakerus
bakes : n. step (in walking). : bakes a blekeklel a uach; omakes, omekebakes, mekesii a ochil; bekesel. from root bakes
bekesam : n.poss.1pe : from root bakes
bekesed : n.poss.1pi : from root bakes
bekesek : n.poss.1s : from root bakes
bekesel : n.poss.3s : from root bakes
bekesel a ochil : expr. fate; destiny. : from root bakes
bekesem : n.poss.2s : from root bakes
bekesir : n.poss.3p : from root bakes
bekesiu : n.poss.2p : from root bakes
erebakes : n. : erebakes a eru el bakes; omakes el erung; mekesii, ngmai a eru el bakes. from root bakes
meklou a bekesel a ochil : expr. walk with short steps. : from root bakes
baket : n. bucket; pail. : baket a blil a ralm, melekau a ralm; baketengel. from root baket
baketengel : n.poss.3s : baketengel a baket er ngii el chad. from root baket
chemars a baketengel : expr. have a mind like a sieve; talk through one's hat. : from root baket
bakla : n. a gay, or effeminate, man. : from root bakla
bakllild : n. scleria (plant with sharp-edged leaves). : bakllild a ta er a bedengel a chudel el mekedorem a llel me a chelechedal. from root bakllild
baks : n. box (made of any material). : baks a kahol, blil a klalo ma kall; beksel. from root baks
beksam : n.poss.1pe : from root baks
beksed : n.poss.1pi : from root baks
beksek : n.poss.1s : from root baks
beksel : n.poss.3s : from root baks
beksem : n.poss.2s : from root baks
beksir : n.poss.3p : from root baks
beksiu : n.poss.2p : from root baks
bakudang : n. dynamite; bomb; explosion. : from root bakudang
bakuhats : v.i. explode. : from root bakuhats
bakutsi : n. gambling; "twenty one" (card game). : from root bakutsi
chad er a bakutsi : expr. gambler. : from root bakutsi
bal : n. : bal a chasireng, obal, omal a reng, ng diak a belengel a rengul. from root bal
belengel : n.poss.3s his/her astonishment; amazement. : belengel a rengul, obal a reng, chasireng. from root bal
belengel a rengul : expr. astonishment/amazement. : from root bal
balang : n. Yapese stone money. : balang a bad el udoud er a Beluulechab from root balang
balas : n. ballast. : balas a orrumk, orrumk er a mlai, bos a lomekall, rulli el mo diak lomitech. from root balas
balbai : n. bedding given to a visitor. : balbai a bar el omech a klechedaol me a remerael el chad. from root balbai
balbeluu : n. plant in Legume family. : balbeluu a ta er a bedengel a dellomel. from root balbeluu
balchad : n. 9th day after death when usaker and cheriut are given to those at wake. : from root balchad
balchelid : n. 13th day after death when usaker and cheriut are hung up for gods (chelid) to take. : from root balchelid
balech : n. slingshot; any material (e.g.; rubber band) used as slingshot; arrow; action of shooting with slingshot. : balech a klekedall el el omalech, er a ngikel me a charm; melechii, malech, belechel. from root balech
balech : v.s. one-eyed. : balech a di bita medal, merakd el mad, smecher a bita er a medal. from root balech
belecham : n.poss.1pe : from root balech
beleched : n.poss.1pi : from root balech
belechek : n.poss.1s : from root balech
belechel : n.poss.3s : from root balech
belechel a belochel : expr. shooting of pigeons with a slingshot. : from root balech
belechel a ngikel : expr. spearing of fish with a spear-gun. : from root balech
belechem : n.poss.2s : from root balech
belechir : n.poss.3p : from root balech
belechiu : n.poss.2p : from root balech
chad er a balech : expr. archer. : from root balech
ngikel el balech : expr. fish caught with a spear-gun. : from root balech
ballas : n. ballast. : from root ballas
ballechad : : ballechad a ta er a tebedall er a klomengiung; delebengel a mlad a dirk obengked. from root ballechad
ballechelid : : ballechelid a ta er a tebedall er a klomengiung, delebengel a mlad a mla mo teloi er a rdeleb. from root ballechad
bals : n. mistake in song or singing. : bals a cheleuid; ngar er ngii bals er a chesols, bals er a babier. from root bals
bals : n. punishment; fine; fee. : bals a omlals er a dengerenger, msa ngkedel; melsii a merechorech, rullii el meluked; belsel. from root bals
belsel : n.poss.3s : from root bals
bambungel : n.poss.3s : from root bambuu
bambuu : n. bamboo. : bambuu a chesel; bambuu er a ked, cheselked, bambungel. A bambuu a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng diak el meklou a rechelel. A bambuu a sebechel el mo ulaol me a lechub e ng reakl me a lak e ng brer. Ng kall aike e dirk mekekerei el desebel. from root bambuu
redil el bambuu : expr. bamboo pole holding redil el kerrikr. : from root bambuu
sechal el bambuu : expr. bamboo pole holding sechal el kerrikr. : from root bambuu
ban : v.s. strong; healthy. : from root ban
bandelengel : n.poss.3s : from root bando
bando : n. belt. : from root bando
bang : n. bright-saddled goatfish. : bang a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root bang
bangch : n. bite. : bangch a omangch; mengiok, mangch; katuu a omangch er a beab; bengchel. from root bangch
bengcham : n.poss.1pe : from root bangch
bengched : n.poss.1pi : from root bangch
bengchek : n.poss.1s : from root bangch
bengchel : n.poss.3s : from root bangch
bengchem : n.poss.2s : from root bangch
bengchir : n.poss.3p : from root bangch
bengchiu : n.poss.2p : from root bangch
meringel a bengchel : expr. have a nasty or sharp bite. : from root bangch
sekebangch : v.s. (animal, person) prone to biting. : from root bangch
bangd : n. bounce; rebound; suspension (of car). : bangd a klalo el subechii er a ta er a klalo e lmuut, bduu a mla bangd er a chado; bengdel. from root bangd
bangd : n. band (of musicians); orchestra. : from root bangd
bedebangd : v.s.redup. bouncy; having a good bounce. : from root bangd
bengdel : n.poss.3s : from root bangd
bangderang : n. flag; banner. : bangderang olangch er a beluu, me a cheldebechel; Belau a oubangderang. from root bangderang
oubangderang : v.i. have a flag; wave a flag. : Belau a oubangderang; ngar ngii a banderang er ngii. from root bangderang
bangderang er a Belau : n. the national flag of Palau. : from root bangderang er a Belau
bangderang er a Beliliou : n. the state flag of Peleliu. : from root bangderang er a Beliliou
bangderang er a Imeliik : n. the state flag of Aimeliik. : from root bangderang er a Imeliik
bangderang er a Irrai : n. the state flag of Airai. : from root bangderang er a Irrai
bangderang er a Melekeok : n. the state flag of Melekeok. : from root bangderang er a Melekeok
bangderang er a Ngaraard : n. the state flag of Ngaraard. : from root bangderang er a Ngaraard
bangderang er a Ngardmau : n. the state flag of Ngardmau. : from root bangderang er a Ngardmau
bangderang er a Ngatbang : n. the state flag of Ngatpang. : from root bangderang er a Ngatbang
bangderang er a Ngcheangel : n. the state flag of Kayangel. : from root bangderang er a Ngcheangel
bangderang er a Ngchesar : n. the state flag of Ngchesar. : from root bangderang er a Ngchesar
bangderang er a Ngeaur : n. the state flag of Angaur. : from root bangderang er a Ngeaur
bangderang er a Ngerechelong : n. the state flag of Ngarchelong. : from root bangderang er a Ngerechelong
bangderang er a Ngeremlengui : n. the state flag of Ngeremlengui. : from root bangderang er a Ngeremlengui
bangderang er a Ngiual : n. the state flag of Ngiwal. : from root bangderang er a Ngiual
bangderang er a Oreor : n. the state flag of Koror. : from root bangderang er a Oreor
bangderang er a Sungesol : n. the state flag of Sonsorol. : from root bangderang er a Sungesol
bangderang er a Techobei : n. the state flag of Hatohobei. : from root bangderang er a Techobei
bangengei : : bangengei a chad el mekngit a omelekingel, diak el bleketakl a tekingel; oubangengei a longedecheduch. from root bangengei
oubangengei : v.i. : from root bangengei
bangarnguis : var. bangernguis : from root bangernguis
bangernguis : n. flagelleria plant; bead from flagelleria plant (skips along ground when thrown). : bangernguis a ta er a bedengel a dellomel; ko er a chaklsel. from root bangernguis
bangikoi : n. butterfly; moth. : bangikoi a ta er a bedengel a mekekerei el charm el suebek. from root bangikoi
bangikoi : v.s. prone to moving from one girlfriend/boyfriend to another. : from root bangikoi
bangk : n. bank; any storage place for money; safe; strongbox. : bangk a omsangel er a udoud. from root bangk
bangk : v.s. (tire) flat/punctured. : bangk a mo diak a eolt er ngii; ochil a mlai a mla bangk. from root bangk
bangk : v.i. (tire) go flat; (woman) give birth. : from root bangk
bengkel : n.poss.3s : from root bangk
bangkeik : n. pancake. : from root bangkeik
bangl : n. interruption. : bangl a keterkokl; kirel merael e dikeang, mesngerekl; benglel from root bangl
benglam : n.poss.1pe : from root bangl
bengled : n.poss.1pi : from root bangl
benglek : n.poss.1s : from root bangl
benglel : n.poss.3s his/her interruption. : from root bangl
benglem : n.poss.2s : from root bangl
benglir : n.poss.3p : from root bangl
bengliu : n.poss.2p : from root bangl
bangngo : n. number (rarely used, young people use number, older people use the word to refer to dancing steps ('one, two, one, two'), also used in sense of 'what is your (phone) number?'). : from root bangngo
baoch : n. water/run-off flowing in a ditch. : baoch a klou el ralm el merael, tobeda imui, mla tuobed a baoch, bochel a omoachel, omaoch, omebaoch. from root baoch
bochel : n.poss.3s : from root baoch
bar : n. blanket; bedding. : bar a klekedall er a cheliuaiu, blangket; balbelau a bar, berul. from root bar
bar : n. steel bar; crowbar; metal bar/spike anchored in ground used for husking coconut. : bar a ongimer; klekedall el usbechall er a omengimer. from root bar
bar : n. : bar a cholebedii; blar a medal a chad; omar, mengelebed, merengii, berengel. from root bar
bar : n. bar; tavern. : from root bar
beremam : n.poss.1pe : from root bar
beremiu : n.poss.2p : from root bar
berengel : var. berngel : from root bar
berngel : n.poss.3s his/her slap in the face. : from root bar
berngel a rengul : expr. anything discouraging to one's spirit. : from root bar
berrir : n.poss.3p : from root bar
berud : n.poss.1pi : from root bar
beruk : n.poss.1s : from root bar
berul : n.poss.3s : from root bar
berum : n.poss.2s : from root bar
bara : n. rose. : bara a ta er a bedengel a bung el bechochod a bul. from root bara
baras : n. gravel for cement. : baras a chibedbad; rrusech el mekekerei el bad. from root baras
barb : n. valve. : barb a klekedelel a mesil. from root barb
barb er a mesil : expr. engine valve. : from root barb
barikang : n. hair clipper. : barikang a klekedall er a omengimd el chui. from root barikang
baror : n. table lamp. : baror a ta er a bedengel a olbidel. from root baror
Barrak : n. bathing place in Ngerkerong. : from root Barrak
barrill : n. wooden barrel. : barrill a chabibeob el klalo el blil akall me a ralm el rruul er a kerrekar. from root barrill
bars : n. tree in Verbena family. : bars a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root bars
bart : n. the action of hiding. : bart a omart, mo diak le meues, mertii, mart a udoud, bertel a udoud. from root bart
bertel : n.poss.3s : bertel a omart a buuch. from root bart
bas : n. bus. : bas a meklou el mlai el oltak a rechad; bas er a skuul from root bas
bas : n. embers; burned pieces of wood. : bas a ulout, besengel a idungel me a dekool; oubas. from root bas
bas : n. bass (in singing). : from root bas
besengel : n.poss.3s : from root bas
besengel a dekool : expr. cigarette ashes. : from root bas
basech : n. flint for starting fire; fuse; white film over eye; cataract; the hardened meat of an overgrown betelnut; direction in which canoe is sailed against the wind (requiring zigzag movement of canoe); tack. : from root basech
besechel : n.poss.3s : besechel a seuis er ngii el dub. from root basech
besechel a dub : expr. fuse for bomb. : from root basech
basi : n. barge. : from root basi
basingmam : n.poss.1pe : from root basingul
basingmiu : n.poss.2p : from root basingul
basingrir : n.poss.3p : from root basingul
basingud : n.poss.1pi : from root basingul
basinguk : n.poss.1s : from root basingul
basingul : n.poss.3s anus. : basingul a ingul; tebedellel a dach from root basingul
basingum : n.poss.2s : from root basingul
basio : n. place. : from root basio
basket : n. basketball. : basket a klekool; rengalek a oubasket. from root basket
Baskua : n. Easter. : baskua a chedaol el sils er a kisel a kristiano er a kodall. from root Baskua
baslokil : n. fairy cod; lunar tailed cod. : baslokil a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root baslokil
bastaor : n. bath towel. : from root bastaor
bastor : n. pastor. : from root bastor
bat : n. bat. : bat a chelebed er a bduu. from root bat
bat er a iakiu : expr. baseball bat. : from root bat
bata : n. avocado; butter. : bata a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. from root bata
batai : v.s. drunk; intoxicated. : from root batai
baterflai : v.s. fickle; prone to changing one's mind; prone to moving from one boyfriend/girlfriend to another. : from root baterflai
Batmechei : n. island in Ngetbang. : from root Batmechei
batrol : n. patrol; guardian; person in control/charge. : from root batrol
batteri : n. battery. : from root batteri
bau : n. smell; odor; scent. : bau a bul a ngii di le ngerang; ungil el bau me a mekngit el bau; bediu a bau, bechochod a bau. from root bau
bau : v.s. (mouth, gums) sore and irritated (esp., when child teething). : from root bau
bekebau : v.s. (cooked meat or fish, cooking pot, etc.) foul-smelling. : bekebau a bau; bul a diak le rrar el klengoes. from root bau
bekebau : v.s. smell of vagina. : from root bau
bekebul : n.poss.3s smell identical to that of something else. : from root bau
bud : n.poss.1pi our (inclusive) smell/odor/scent. : from root bau
buk : n.poss.1s my smell; my odor; my scent. : from root bau
bul : n.poss.3s his/her/its smell/odor/scent. : from root bau
bum : n.poss.2s : from root bau
bumam : n.poss.1pe : from root bau
bumiu : n.poss.2p : from root bau
burir : n.poss.3p : from root bau
baungor : n. coral rock cod. : baungor a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root baungor
bdelulechang : var. bdelul a chang : from root bdelulechang
bdesel : n.poss.3s throwing (of something) (with a back-handed motion). : bdesel a bides er ngii,omides. from root bdesel
bdebdel : n.poss.3s : bdebdel a bdibd er ngii, nglangl er a kerrekar. from root bdibd
bdibd : n. termite; wood eating worm. : bdibd a mekekerei el charm el menga kerrekar me ng mo er ngii a bdibd; bdebdel. from root bdibd
bdingel : n. welt. : bdingel a omdingel, omkecharem, debsochel, oumekngit er a chad. from root bdingel
bdungam : n.poss.1pe : from root bduu
bdunged : n.poss.1pi : from root bduu
bdungek : n.poss.1s : from root bduu
bdungel : n.poss.3s : from root bduu
bdungem : n.poss.2s : from root bduu
bdungir : n.poss.3p : from root bduu
bdungiu : n.poss.2p : from root bduu
bduu : n. ball; boil; abscess. : bduu a rakd; oburek e ngar er ngii a lalech er ngii; bdungel a ochil. bduu a klekedall er a klekool; ngalek a oba bduu el omduu, bdungel from root bduu
ungelel a bduu : expr. core of a boil. : from root bduu
bduul : n. Barringtonia tree. : bduul a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el oumesingd el ngar er a chelechol. from root bduul
be betei : expr. (You) come down!. : from root be betei
beab : n. rodent; rat; mouse. : beab a ta er a bedengel a melekesako el charm; omuchel a rakd e dirrek el menga dellomel. from root beab
beab : n. blue sea chub (fish) [Kyphosus cinerascens]. : from root beab
bedengel a beab : expr. gray. : from root beab
blil a beab : expr. jail; prison. : from root beab
olechiul a beab : n. club moss. : from root beab
ullemachel el beab : expr. small mouse; field mouse. : from root beab
beached : n. tin; tin roofing; tin can. : beached a ta er a bedengel a deel el sebechel mo chado er a blai, blil a kall me a ilumel, bechedel. from root beached
bechedel : n.poss.3s : from root beached
Beachedarsai : n. legendary Palauan man who, after arriving in heaven, asked one of the gods for food. Though the food was small in quantity and Beachedarsal thought it wouldn't be enough, each time he finished eating a new portion appeared on the plate. : from root Beachedarsai
beadel : n. yellow-tailed brown parrotfish. : beadel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root beadel
bebael : n. gold-spotted spinefoot. : bebael a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root bebael
bebeadel : v.s. (skin) smooth. : from root bebeadel
bebeadel : n. : bebeadel a rekdel a buld el oudelmedimech; bebeadel a bedengel el chad. from root bebeadel
bebei : v.s. : bebei a blilt e meoud a cheldechedechal, diak le bleketakl a tekingel, oubebei, oubangengei. from root bebei
oubebei : v.i. : oubebei a metitur el mesaod a tekoi, mekngit a omelekingel. from root bebei
beberruud : v.r.s.redup. : beberruud a telkib el berruud a rengul; diak el ultebechel a rengul; a beberruud a rengul a di merael a dengechokl; diak el chelellakl er a telkib. from root beberruud
bebil : n. a little; a few; some; other. : bebil a sesei; bebil er a kall, bebil er a udoud. from root bebil
bebil er a taem : var. er a bebil er a taem : from root bebil
er a bebil er a taem : expr. sometimes. : from root bebil
bechach : v.s. : bechach a telemtemul a mechut el ongor, meketeketa el ilaot; bobai a mla mo bechach. from root bechach
bechachas : v.s.redup. black; sooty. : bechachas a chelsbereber er a chas, chesengel a olekang a bechachas. mamed a diak el bechachas ng chedelekelek. from root bechachas
bechachau : v.s.redup. empty. : bechachau a diak a ngera er a chelsel, bechachau el ollumel, bechachau el chidib, bechachongel from root bechachau
bechachau a bdelul : expr. stupid; empty-headed. : from root bechachau
chachau : v.s.redup. (nuts) stunted/empty. : chachau a diak a techel, chachau el lius; chachau el buuch, chachongel. from root bechachau
bechakl : n. float for fishnet. : from root bechakl
bechakl : : bechakl a smecher el omechell a rasech, merael a rasech er ngii. from root bechakl
becheklel : n.poss.3s : from root bechakl
bechars : n. cockroach. : bechars a ta er a bedengel a mekekerei el charm, omuchel a secher er a rechad. from root bechars
bechebechall : n.a.s. picture puzzle. : from root bechebechall
bechebuchel : v.s. : bechebuchel a diak le meaiu, tebtebull; ulaol a bechebuchel. from root bechebuchel
bechechedreder : v.s.redup. always wanting to lead; domineering. : from root bechechedreder
bechechesis : v.s. : Buul el lungil bau. from root bechechesis
bechechisngull : v.s. always frowning. : bechechisngull a soal e blechoel el mengisngull; chelisngull, mekngit a osengel, choisngull a medal. from root bechechisngull
bechedechudel : v.s. : bechedechudel a smau el chedechudela rengul, bekesbesib a rengul, checherd a rengul. from root bechedechudel
bechedechudel a rengul : expr. irritable. : from root bechedechudel
bechei : n. land snake. : bechei a charm er a mesei me a dechel from root bechei
bechelechelingaol : v.s.redup. continously jealous. : bechelechelingaol a mechechei; mekekirenguul a rengul, chetil a chad a lungil besul; mekngit a rengul from root bechelechelingaol
bechelechelingaol a rengul : v.s. selfish; greedy; stingy; self-centered. : from root bechelechelingaol
blechelechelingaol : n. envy; jealosy; selfishness. : blechelechelingaol a bechelechelingaol, chelechingil, mechechei. from root bechelechelingaol
bechelelengang : v.s.redup.inch. becoming white. : from root becheleleu
becheleleu : v.s.redup. white. : becheleleu a chelleleu, becheleleu el mamed. from root becheleleu
becheleliol : v.s. very white. : from root becheleleu
becheliliol : var. becheleliol : becheliliol a kmal becheleleu, smiich el chelleleu. from root becheleleu
bechermeremangel : v.s. : bechermeremangel a soal e smau el mengeremrum; churemeremengii, chermermengel, melekoi a kngtil a tekoi. from root bechermeremangel
bechertotel : v.s. evacuating frequently. : bechertotel a mekudem el chemei, tuong; chertel. from root bechertotel
beches : v.s. new; clean. : beches a kmal ungil, klikiid; bleches, beches el uldasu, beches el blai. bechesul from root beches
beches el ouchais : expr. tell the truth; be frank; be direct. : from root beches
beches el rak : expr. poinsettia. : from root beches
beches el ralm : expr. clean/pure water. : from root beches
bechesong : v.s.inch. is getting clean. : bechesong a mla mo beches. from root beches
bechesei : n. sweetheart. [frequently heard in long songs] : from root bechesei
bechesiil : var. bechesei : from root bechesei
bechesik : var. bechesei : from root bechesei
derebechesiil : n.redup. love song (often involving fate or destiny). : from root bechesei
bechielang : v.s.inch. : from root bechiil
bechielung : v.s.pred. : from root bechiil
bechiil : v.s. married. : bechiil a ngar ngii a bechil. from root bechiil
bechochod : v.s. fragrant; aromatic. : bechochod a ungil el bau; ungil a bul; chochod, bechochod el bung. from root bechochod
blechochod : n. fragrant smell. : blechochod a bechochod el bau; ungil bau. from root bechochod
bechol : n. [Plectorinchus chaetonoides]. : from root bechol
bechesengel : n.poss.3s : from root bechos
bechesengel a chim : expr. thumb. : from root bechos
bechesengel a oach : expr. big toe. : from root bechos
bechos : n. thumb; big toe. : bechos a klou e kedeb el cheldingel er a uach me a chim; bechesengel. from root bechos
tmut er a bechos : expr. suck on one's thumb. : from root bechos
bechui : n. breadfruit blossom. : bechui a bngal a meduu, bung. from root bechui
becheklel : n.poss.3s : from root bechukl
bechukl : n. rope binding soaes to hull of canoe. : bechukl a klekedall er a mlai er a daob. from root bechukl
bedachel : v.s. : bedachel a kmal medemedemek; klengoes el babii a di bedachel kung. from root bedachel
bedachel : n. type of tree. : from root bedachel
bedakl : n. bag of waters; sac of amniotic fluid. : from root bedakl
bedaoch : n. white-capped noddy bird (dives rapidly into water to catch fish). : bedaoch a chedelekelek el suebek el charm. A bedaoch a suebek el charm; ng ngar er ngii a bsechel e mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng sebechel el kall. from root bedaoch
bedochel : n.poss.3s action of beating sea with pole or knocking down fruit from tree. : from root bedaoch
chereselbedaoch : n. type of noddy bird. : chereselbedaoch a ta er a bedengel a bedaoch. from root bedaoch
mechadelbedaoch : n. brown noddy. : mechadelbedaoch a ta er a bedengel a bedaoch. from root bedaoch
bedbeduul : v.s.redup. rocky; (taro patch, garden, etc.) having many rocks. : bedbeduul a betok a bad er ngii, bedbeduul el sers. from root bedbeduul
chibedbad : v.s. : chibedbad a betok el mekekerei el bad, bedbad. from root bedbeduul
bedebedeakl : : bedebedeakl a mereched el medir a klalo; ko er a merechorech; alii a bedebedeakl a ilekong. from root bedebedeakl
bedebedechakl : n.redup. sooty tern (swoops down to surface of water to catch fish). : from root bedebedechakl
bedebedechakl : n.redup. : bedebedechakl a ta er a bedengel a omenged. from root bedebedechakl
bedechal : n. : bedechal a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root bedechal
bedecheduches : : bedecheduches a mechebuul el chad me a chebuul el beluu; ngar er a kemril a ues. from root bedecheduches
bedel : n. macaranga tree (good for firewood). : bedel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A bedel a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. Ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng diak el kall. Ng di sebechel el idungel. from root bedel
bedelkall : v.s. fearful; shy; cowardly. : bedelkall a medakd; bedekdall from root bedelkall
bedelkill : var. bedelkall : from root bedelkall
bebedeng : v.s.redup. rather stagnant. : bebedeng a telkib el bedeng. from root bedeng
bedeng : v.s. (liquid) stagnant or stale; giving off stagnant smell. : bedeng a diak el ungil a bul, mekngit el bau; telelluk el ralm a bedeng; chemlol a mla mo bedeng. bedengul from root bedeng
bldeng : n. stagnant state (of liquid). : bldeng a bul a bedeng from root bedeng
bedengam : n.poss.1pe : from root bedengel
bedenged : n.poss.1pi : from root bedengel
bedengek : n.poss.1s : from root bedengel
bedengel : n.poss.3s body; corpse; skin; color; type; kind; appearance; physique. : bedengel a chesbereberel, mamed a mellemau a bedengel. bedengel a chelechedal, ungil okerulel el ngalek a ungil a bedengel. from root bedengel
bedengel a chab : expr. gray. : from root bedengel
bedengel a chudel : expr. green. : from root bedengel
bedengel a chutem : expr. brown. : from root bedengel
bedengel a daob : expr. deep blue. : from root bedengel
bedengel a eanged : expr. sky blue. : from root bedengel
bedengem : n.poss.2s : from root bedengel
bedengir : n.poss.3p : from root bedengel
bedengiu : n.poss.2p : from root bedengel
ngar er ngii er a bedengel a kmo : expr. have a premonition that; have a gut feeling that; feel in one's bones that. : from root bedengel
olab bedengel : expr. well-built; able-bodied; ready and able. : from root bedengel
bederengachet : v.s. cowardly; clumsy; undependable. : bederengachet a mechitechut a rengul; bederengachet a mesaik, bederengachet a soal el olengit a kall. from root bederengachet
beterengachet : var. bederengachet : from root bederengachet
bediangau : n. woman who spends a lot of time with kitchen duties. : from root bediangau
bediiangau : n. : bediiangau a chad er a osiungel; mesiou; sibai from root bediiangau
bedeklam : n.poss.1pe : from root bedikl
bedekled : n.poss.1pi : from root bedikl
bedeklek : n.poss.1s : from root bedikl
bedeklel : n.poss.3s : from root bedikl
bedeklem : n.poss.2s : from root bedikl
bedeklir : n.poss.3p : from root bedikl
bedekliu : n.poss.2p : from root bedikl
bedikl : n. any trap used to catch animals on land; snare. : bedikl a klekedall el omedikl, bedikl er a malk, bedikl er a beab. from root bedikl
bedikl er a beab : expr. mouse-trap. : from root bedikl
bedikl er a Saibal : expr. chicken trap using decoy chicken. : from root bedikl
bedesong : v.s.inch. : bedesong a mla mo bedis. from root bedis
bedis : v.s. (coconut; betel nut) rotten. : bedis a bul a mechut el buuch me a mechut el lius me a mengur, bedesong, mekngit a bul. from root bedis
bedis a rengul : expr. inconsiderate. : from root bedis
bediong : v.s.inch. : bediong a mla mo bediu. ngikel a bediong. from root bediu
bediu : v.s. putrid; foul-smelling. : bediu a mekngit el bau; beraom, bediu el beab; bediong, bediul. from root bediu
bediu a ngor : expr. have bad breath. : from root bediu
bediul : n.poss.3s : bediul a beldiu er ngii, bediu. from root bediu
bedobed : : bedobed a obedobed; bedebedel er a lius, medebedii, mengai el mei er eou. from root bedobed
bedochel : v.s. (words, medicine) effective/strong. : bedochel a beketaut; oureor el kar; bldochel er a kar, bedochel a ongellul. from root bedochel
bldochel : n. efficac or strength (of medicine, etc.). : bldochel a bedochel er ngii el kar, bldochel er a kar. from root bedochel
bdelmam : n.poss.1pe : from root bedul
bdelmiu : n.poss.2p : from root bedul
bdelrir : n.poss.3p : from root bedul
bdelud : n.poss.1pi : from root bedul
bdeluk : n.poss.1s : from root bedul
bdelul : n.poss.3s : bdelul a bedul er ngii; bdelul a chad bdelul a beluu, bdelul a cheldebechel; bdelulachang. from root bedul
bdelul a chang : expr. end of jetty; landing pier. : from root bedul
bdelul a cheldebechel : expr. group leader. : from root bedul
bdelul a omerael : expr. tour leader. : from root bedul
bdelulachang : var. bdelul a chang : bdelulachang a olekerodel, omekuul er a mlai, bilas; kerodel. from root bedul
bdelum : n.poss.2s : from root bedul
bedul : n. head; leader. : bedul a bdelul; bdelul a chad, bingsbedul, bdelul a beluu; bedul er a omoachel from root bedul
bedul : n.poss.3s direction; area/space facing onto; upstream. : from root bedul
btil a bedul : expr. back of head. : from root bedul
mekngit a bdelul : expr. stupid. : from root bedul
mobedmam : n.poss.1pe : from root bedul
mobedmiu : n.poss.2p : from root bedul
mobedrir : n.poss.3p : from root bedul
mobedud : n.poss.1pi : from root bedul
mobeduk : n.poss.1s : from root bedul
mobedul : n.poss.3s his/her/its general location/direction. : from root bedul
mobedum : n.poss.2s : from root bedul
tedobech a bdelul : expr. crazy. : from root bedul
beduut : n. type of fish (similar in shape to meas = rabbit fish). : beduut a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root beduut
beek : v.t. bake. : from root beek
beemech : v.s. (fish; etc.) somewhat rotten and smelly. : beemech a bau; bul a mekngit el rerengel el klengoes. from root beemech
bek : n. sack, bag. : bek a tutuu el blil a lius, beras; bekengel. from root bek
bek : mod. each; every. : bek a rokui; bek el chad, bek el klalo, bek el bedengel. from root bek
bek bedengel : var. bek el bedengel : from root bek
bek el bedengel : expr. all kinds/sorts of; assorted. : from root bek
bek el buil : expr. every month. : from root bek
bek el chad : pro. everybody. : from root bek
bek el sils : expr. every day. : from root bek
bek el tutau : expr. every morning. : from root bek
bekengel : n.poss.3s : from root bek
bekai : n. pottery; clay pot/jar. : bekai a blil a ralm, ilaot el rruul er a chutem. bekiul from root bekai
bekai : n. : A bekai a charm; ng ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng ko er a bedengel a chutem. Ng di kmeed el ua a meklungel a malk ng di diak a kemril A ngisel a kuk meklou er a ngisel a malk. Ng kall. from root bekai
bekiul : n.poss.3s : from root bekai
chad er a bekai : expr. potter. : from root bekai
bekakbekak : n. cackling of hen. : from root bekakbekak
oubekakbekak : v.i. cackle. : from root bekakbekak
bekall : n. sail; canoe which is sailing; (action of) driving or sailing. : bekall a omekall a mlai, bekall er a daob, beluu, bekellel. from root bekall
bekellam : n.poss.1pe : from root bekall
bekelled : n.poss.1pi : from root bekall
bekellek : n.poss.1s : from root bekall
bekellel : n.poss.3s : bekellel a teletelel bekall; omekall, bekellel a ngikel,bekellel a mlai. from root bekall
bekellel a chedeng : n. shark's fin. : from root bekall
bekellel a mlai : expr. driving a car. : from root bekall
bekellem : n.poss.2s : from root bekall
bekellir : n.poss.3p : from root bekall
bekelliu : n.poss.2p : from root bekall
chad er a bekall : expr. driver. : from root bekall
tekoi er a bekall : expr. special words spoken to ensure succes in sailing. : from root bekall
bekallituu : : bekallituu a chelsengsang el bekall, metitur er a bekall. from root bekallituu
bekasoch : v.s. (taro plant in storage, etc.) musty or moldy. : bekasoch a bau; bul a mechut el klalo el diak lulekngiis er a sils. from root bekasoch
bekbeduul : v.s. rocky; having many rocks. : from root bekbeduul
bekbuk : v.s. : bekbuk a betok e mekudem a bkul, bekbuk el deb, bekbuk el bambuu. from root bekbuk
bekbuks : v.s. : bekbuks a smau el omuks er a ngerel, bechechisngull. from root bekbuks
bekeasem : v.s. prone to imitation; be a copy-cat. : from root bekeasem
sekeasem : v.s. good at imitating. : from root bekeasem
bekebet : v.s. prone to lying around/spending a lot of time in bed. : from root bekebet
bekeblengur : v.s. prone to eating a lot of food at mealtimes. : from root bekeblengur
sekeblengur : var. bekeblengur : from root bekeblengur
bekebloridang : v.s. smell of pomade. : bekebloridang a bau; bul a bloridang. from root bekebloridang
bekechais : v.s. boastful; bragging; prone to exaggerating or distorting stories (usually, unintentionally). : from root bekechais
bekechat : v.s. (clothes, etc.) smelling of smoke. : from root bekechat
bekedebedebek : v.s. having a good memory. : bekedebedebek a bekelatk; ungil omelebedebekel. from root bekedebedebek
sekedebedebek : var. bekedebedebek : sekedebedebek a sekelatk; bekelatk, dobedebekii aurreor; dobedebek a meldung, debedebekel. from root bekedebedebek
bekededengmes : v.s.redup. always respectful. : from root bekedengmes
bekedengmes : v.s. always respectful. : bekedengmes a blechoel melengmes, mengull; omotech a reng a bekedidengmes. from root bekedengmes
bekedidengmes : var. bekededengmes : bekedidengmes a bekedengmes. from root bekedengmes
bekeidek : : bekeidek a bau, ko er a bul a iidek; idokel; mesaik el melechong a bekeidek a bul. from root bekeidek
bekeklero : v.s. broad-shouldered. : from root bekeklero
bekeklubech : v.s. smell of smegma. : bekeklubech a ko er a bul a telubech. from root bekeklubech
bekekreos : v.s. always selfish or miserly. : bekekreos a telkib el mekreos, olekemekem, kiresii, kireos, mengreos. from root bekekreos
bekel : n.poss.3s her female genitals (used only in insults). : bekel a klekedellel a uuk. from root bekel
bekelatk : v.s. good at remembering; have a sharp memory. : bekelatk a ngelm a rengul; diak el obes, lotkii, mereched el lmatk. from root bekelatk
sekelatk : var. bekelatk : sekelatk a bekelatk; diak el besbes sekelatk er a klumech. from root bekelatk
bekelngol : v.s. smell of decomposing body. : bekelngol a bau; bul a ulekouad el chad. from root bekelngol
bekemechas : v.s. smell like an old woman. : from root bekemechas
bekemesei : v.s. smell of taro patch. : from root bekemesei
bekemilk : v.s. smell of milk. : from root bekemilk
bekemiom : v.s. smell of spittle (esp., when rubbed on arm, etc.); smell of sweat. : bekemiom a bau el bul a tub. from root bekemiom
bekemkum : v.s. smell of excrement. : bekemkum a bau, bul a dach. from root bekemkum
bekengel : n.poss.3s its opening. : bekengel a blok er ngii, omok omkais. from root bekengel
bekenglemachel : v.s. prone to chewing (betelnut) or smoking (tobacco) excessively. : bekenglemachel a mesisiich el melamech, soal a omelamech. from root bekenglemachel
sekenglemachel : var. bekenglemachel : sekenglemachel a soal a omelamech; bekenglemachel. from root bekenglemachel
bekekerkard : v.s.redup. reddish. : bekekerkard a ko er a telkib el bekerkard. from root bekerkard
bekerekard : var. bekerkard : bekerekard a bengungau; bekerkard el mamed. from root bekerkard
bekerkard : v.s.redup. red. : from root bekerkard
bekerkard el udoud : expr. penny. : from root bekerkard
bekerkerdang : v.s.redup.inch. is getting red. : bekerkerdang a mla mo bekerkard. from root bekerkard
bekerredechel : v.s. (tree, plant) bearing fruit continually. : bekerredechel a berikd; betok a rdechel, bekerredechel el lius. from root bekerredechel
bekerrius : v.s. (baby) smell of drooling spittle. : bekerrius a bau el bul a ngibes, bul a diak le beketelechelubel el chad. from root bekerrius
bekersiu : n. : bekersiu a ta er a bedengel a mekemim el meradel. A bekersiu a dellomel; ng ua a meklungel a cheluchau ng di ng bekirecherachel. A redechel a bekersiu a ua a meklungel a redechel a cheluchau e ng di mekemim le ng ongerekur. Ng kall. from root bekersiu
bekersiu : n. type of large clam. : from root bekersiu
bekerurau : v.s. generous; kind; charitable. : bekerurau a mimokl a rengul bekokeuii, kerekikl el merous a ngar ngii er ngii. from root bekerurau
bekururau : var. bekerurau : from root bekerurau
bekerurt : v.s. good in running; fast; prone to going around looking for girls. : bekerurt a mereched e mesisiich el remurt; rurt, rretel, rurtii. from root bekerurt
sekaiderurt : var. bekerurt : from root bekerurt
sekederurt : var. bekerurt : from root bekerurt
sekerurt : var. bekerurt : sekerurt a bekerurt; rurtii a beluu; sekebais; blechoel el remurt. from root bekerurt
bekesebesebek : v.s. : bekesebesebek a mereched el mo suebek rengul; mereched el mo bekikl. sebekreng. from root bekesebesebek
bekesechal : v.s. have a male smell. : from root bekesechal
obilemesechal : v.s. (woman) capable of doing man's work. : from root bekesechal
sausechal : v.s. acting masculine or like a tomboy; (woman) prone to associating with men. : from root bekesechal
bekekesengorech : v.s.redup. smell rather like a pig's house. : from root bekesengorech
bekesengorech : v.s. smell of a male pig, forest, or bird. : from root bekesengorech
bekekesius : v.s.redup. rather vulgar in speech. : bekekesius a telkib el bekesius. from root bekesius
bekesius : v.s. swear a lot; talk vividly. : bekesius a smau e soal el melius; siuesii, meleboes. from root bekesius
sekesius : var. bekesius : sekesius a soal melius; bekesius, siuesii. from root bekesius
bekekesngorech : v.s.redup. : bekekesngorech a telkib el bekesngorech. from root bekesngorech
bekesuul : v.s. chronically lying/misrepresenting. : from root bekesuul
beketaut : v.s. good at shooting. : beketaut a meduch er a burech; taut, omurech a ngikel e tmaut, tutel. from root beketaut
beketaut a tekingel : expr. incisive; speaking to the point. : from root beketaut
beketaut el tekoi : expr. words which are right to the point. : from root beketaut
beketbotb : v.s. eloquent; capable of explaining things in detail. : beketbotb a seketbotb; seketib, tibotb a urreor, tibetbii a omenged, tibetbel. from root beketbotb
beketchetoched : : beketchetoched a mereched el tmurk a rengul er a ureor; mesaik, diak a telekengelel el lomelemii a ta el tekoi. from root beketchetoched
beketechiir : v.s. good at grasping or comprehending things. : beketechiir a mereched e ungil el omtab e nguelem a medung, meduch el tichiir a cheldecheduch e mo ungil el medengei. from root beketechiir
beketelechelubel : v.s. bathe or take showers often. : beketelechelubel a mekudem e meses el melechong; melecholb. from root beketelechelubel
beketiterechel : : beketiterechel a kedelaol, di telkib e rullii a klou, brak er a Beliliou a beketiterechel di telkib e mekelii a toklechad. from root beketiterechel
beketungel : var. beketungl : from root beketungl
beketungl : v.s. have a keen sense of smell. : beketungl a ungil a isngel el melungl, ungil el tmungl a bau. from root beketungl
seketungel : var. seketungl : from root beketungl
seketungl : v.s. like to smell things; smell things a lot. : seketungl a beketungl; ungil a isngel el melungl; bilis a seketungl from root beketungl
bekeu : v.s. brave; courageous. : bekeu a diak le medakd, blekengel, bekeu el chad. from root bekeu
oubekeu : v.i. pretend (oneself) to be brave. : oubekeu a medakd e meruul er ngii el bekeu, oubekeu er ngii. from root bekeu
bekeuel : v.s. smell of turtle (after eating turtle). : bekeuel a bau el ko er a bul a uel. from root bekeuel
Bekeulbechab : n. name of brave Palauan warrior. : from root Bekeulbechab
bekiit : v.s. poor in aiming. : bekiit a diak el beketaut, omurech e imiit, ietel. from root bekiit
bekiit el tekoi : expr. words which are irrelevant or not to the point. : from root bekiit
bekeklang : v.s.inch. getting worried. : from root bekikl
bekikl : v.s. worried; insecure. : bekikl a suebek a rengul; sebekreng, bekikl er a smecher. from root bekikl
bekilekiakl : v.s. (person) always wanting to remain independent, uninvolved or free from obligations. : from root bekilekiakl
sekekeakl : v.s. always wanting to go one's one way; always wanting to keep one's belongings separate. : from root bekilekiakl
sekelekiakl : : sekelekiakl a bekilekiakl; diak le modak; diak el soal a seked; soal el di ngii el ileakl. from root bekilekiakl
bedngiuk : var. bekngiuk : bedngiuk a mechut el kall; ouchebechubel; bedngiuk el kukau, bedngukel. from root bekngiuk
bedngukang : var. bekngukang : bedngukang a mla mo bedngiuk. from root bekngiuk
bekngiuk : n. mold; (food) moldy/mildewed. : from root bekngiuk
bekngiuk : v.s. (food) moldy/mildewed. : from root bekngiuk
bekngiukel : n.poss.3s : from root bekngiuk
bekngukang : v.s.inch. is getting moldy/spoiled. : from root bekngiuk
bekoasech : v.s. smell of juice/gravy. : bekoasech a bau el ko er a bul a uasech, odoim, urrekerek. from root bekoasech
bekocheoch : v.s. persistent in asking for things. : bekocheoch a ouengemek e mesisiich el omecheoch, melai el oba orimel, sekocheoch; mechechii a chutem, mecheoch a mesei, ochechel. from root bekocheoch
sekocheoch : v.s. persistent in asking for things. : sekocheoch a bekocheoch; soal el omecheoch; mesisiich el olengit; mechechii a udoud, mecheoch a chutem. from root bekocheoch
bechoderengesakl : var. bekoderengesakl : bechoderengesakl a ungil a orengesel. mesubed a dingal; mereched el remenges, rongesii. from root bekoderengesakl
bekoderengesakl : v.s. having sharp hearing. : from root bekoderengesakl
bekoderdurech : var. bekodurech : bekoderdurech a meses e olengesenges a oderuchel; beot el modurech, oderechel. from root bekodurech
bekoderuchel : v.s. always ready or willing to go on errands. : from root bekodurech
bekodurech : v.s. always sending others on errand; always willing to go on errands. : bekodurech a soal el oldurech from root bekodurech
bekolik : v.s. (underarms) smelling sweaty. : from root bekolik
bekongesengasech : v.s. : bekongesengasech a bekesbesib a rengul; mereched el ngmasech a rengul. from root bekongesengasech
bekongesengasech a rengul : v.s. easily angered; excitable. : from root bekongesengasech
bekord : v.s. about; approximately. : bekord a locha; bekord el eim el klok e ak merael, bekord el teai el chad a mei. from root bekord
bekorekmall : v.s. : bekorekmall a soal a ungil e mereched, bekorekmall era tekoiibeluu me a ngloik. from root bekorekmall
bekorkmall : v.s. : Kerkikel ra rokui el tekoi. from root bekorekmall
bekoreomel : v.s. smell of the forest; smell of fresh plants. : from root bekoreomel
bekongesenges : var. bekosenges : bekongesenges a olengesenges; orrenges a tekoi e meruul. from root bekosenges
bekosenges : v.s. obedient; tractable. : from root bekosenges
blekongesenges : n. obedience. : from root bekosenges
bekudasu : v.s. resourceful in thinking; thoughtful; considerate. : bekudasu a mereched el mdesuii a tekoi; mdesuii a ungil, mdasu a tekoil udesuel. from root bekudasu
bekudoud : v.s. generous (usually with Palauan money); charitable; receiving a lot of money (usually Palauan); rich. : bekudoud a ungil a bedengel er a udoud. from root bekudoud
bekuu : n. type of turtle. : bekuu a ta er a bedengel a uel. from root bekuu
bekuu : n. : bekuu a ta er a bedengel a dellomel el ko er a buuk. from root bekuu
belai : n. surgeon fish; blue lined. : belai a ta er a bedengel a ngikel belai a diak a otutel el malk. from root belai
belaiang : n. step in stairs. : from root belaiang
belailes : n. type of tapioca. : belailes a ta er a bedengel a diokang. from root belailes
belalang : n. step in stairs. : from root belalang
belalk : v.s. feeling/expressing shame/fright. : belalk a ultengel a medal; doall el diak le blekebek a medal; belalk er a dakd me a rur. from root belalk
belalk a medal : expr. face express shame/fright. : from root belalk
belalk a rengul : expr. feel shame/fright. : from root belalk
belatingam : n.poss.1pe : from root belatong
belatinged : n.poss.1pi : from root belatong
belatingek : n.poss.1s : from root belatong
belatingel : n.poss.3s : from root belatong
belatingem : n.poss.2s : from root belatong
belatingir : n.poss.3p : from root belatong
belatingiu : n.poss.2p : from root belatong
belatong : n. plate; dish; bowl. : belatong a blil a kall; belatingel from root belatong
belatong er a Merikel : expr. stainless steel plate with several compartments. : from root belatong
Belau : n. Palau. : Belau a Beluu er a Belau from root Belau
belau : n. tree in coffee family. : belau a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root belau
Belauad : n.poss.1pi our Palau. : from root Belau
rechibelau : Palauans. : from root Belau
tekoi er a Belau : expr. Palauan language. : from root Belau
beldaches : n. a type of chicken. : beldaches a ta er a bedengel a malk. from root beldaches
beldakl : n.r.s. fish cooked in water. : from root beldakl
beldebud : : beldebud a besichel a bedul el meolt. Besiich el meolt el ngara btelud. from root beldebud
beldechelel : n.poss.3s : from root belduchel
belduchel : n. payment at OCHERAOL. : belduchel a udoud el bekatel er a ocheraol, $100.00 a beldechelel. from root belduchel
beleball : : beleball a meoud; beleball me ng mla tobed a mlai, ng mla mechoit er a omerael. from root beleball
belebel : n. cord/rope for winding (esp. used for starting outboard motor); shingles (disease). : belebel a klekedall el omelebel; melebelii, belebel er a mesil, belebelel. from root belebel
belebelam : n.poss.1pe : from root belebel
belebeled : n.poss.1pi : from root belebel
belebelek : n.poss.1s : from root belebel
belebelel : n.poss.3s : from root belebel
belebelel a mesil : expr. cord/rope for starting outboard motor. : from root belebel
belebelem : n.poss.2s : from root belebel
belebelir : n.poss.3p : from root belebel
belebeliu : n.poss.2p : from root belebel
Beliliou : n. Peleliu island; the state in which Obak el delolk is chief. : Beliliou a chimo er a beluu er a Belau el ngar er a Eou el daob; Odesangel. from root Beliliou
belils : v.s. (noise) high/piercing. : belils a mesisiich e uldak el ngor, belils a chiklel, belils a ngerel. from root belils
belkmam : n.poss.1pe : from root belkul
belkmiu : n.poss.2p : from root belkul
belkrir : n.poss.3p : from root belkul
belkud : n.poss.1pi : from root belkul
belkuk : n.poss.1s : from root belkul
belkul : n.poss.3s meaning. : belkul a ultutelel; skuul a klou a belkul, omesuub a ngar ngii a belkul. from root belkul
belkul a Droteo : expr. Droteo's function. : from root belkul
belkul a tekoi : expr. meaning of a word; proverb. : from root belkul
belkul tia el ongdibel : expr. purpose of this gathering. : from root belkul
belkum : n.poss.2s : from root belkul
belledakl : : belledakl a cheloit; mekngit el kall a belledakl el diak a mo mengang; meringel a sils me a urreor a belledakl er a saul. from root belledakl
bellek : n. devil; evil spirit. : bellek a chesiu, mekngit el chelid, chesiulechei. from root bellek
bellekalek : v.s. (face) looking sad or distressed. : from root bellekalek
bellemakl : v.s. attentive; concentrating; deliberate. : bellemakl a chelellakl e terrob el omes er eou. Chelelakl el melalem ra uldesuel. from root bellemakl
bellemakl a beluu : expr. village is quiet or calm. : from root bellemakl
belloi : n. bitter yam (grows on vine). : belloi a ta er a bedengel a dellomel er a oreomel, kall a le bosech, mle kall er a mekemad. from root belloi
bellul : n.poss.3s rectum. : bellul a basingul, ingul. from root bellul
belechelel : n.poss.3s : belechelel a cheldil belochel. from root belochel
belochel : n. pigeon. : belochel a chieb, ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm; belochel a kesiokel le ng ungil el odoim. A belochel a suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng ko er a bekekerekard e oumellemau a bedengel. Ng meklou er a bedaoch. Ngar er ngii a boklel el ngar er a bebul a isngel. A belochel a kall. from root belochel
belsebosech : : belsebosech a ko er a di ngodech, ng betok a omerolel el tmuu e tuobed, e di merirekrik, ng blosech. from root belsebosech
belsechakl : : belsechakl a chelellakl el ues; chelellakl e omes; toktang a belsechakl er a smecher. from root belsechakl
belsechel : n.poss.3s (the) time (for an event; when something happens). : belsechel a temel; belsechel a ocheraol, belsechel a riid, belsechel a blengur. from root belsechel
belsibs : n. hole. : belsibs a mla obsibs; ngar ngii a metetoech er ngii, misebsii a kerrekar, msibs, bsebsel. from root belsibs
belsoil : n. supper; dinner; meal at evening. : belsoil a blengur er a kebesengei; belsilel, omesoil. from root belsoil
blsilel : n.poss.3s : from root belsoil
blsoil : var. belsoil : from root belsoil
beltechei : : beltechei a ultechei; ngalek el mechell el ngar ngii a dibus me a lechub a telemall er ngii. from root beltechei
beltenguchel : : beltenguchel a ta er a bedengel a beltok; beltenguchel a remeklou e ngii a orribech er a dui; betok a remeklou el chad. from root beltenguchel
beluachel : n.r.s. boasting; bragging; obscene talk. : from root beluachel
bluachel : var. beluachel : bluachel a omengesuul, melekoi a soal e diak le merang, chisel a chaisngemokel; omuachel a dmeu a rengul el ouchais a diak le ngar ngii el tekoi. from root beluachel
beluai : v.s. located in center (of house; group; etc.). : from root beluai
belulchad : n. earth. : from root belulchad
babelbeluu : n. elevated portions of a village. : babelbeluu a beluu el ngar er a kedidai; betok a blai er a babelbeluu from root beluu
beluad : n.poss.1pi : from root beluu
beluak : n.poss.1s : from root beluu
belual : n.poss.3s : from root beluu
beluam : n.poss.2s : from root beluu
belumam : n.poss.1pe : from root beluu
belumiu : n.poss.2p : from root beluu
belurir : n.poss.3p : from root beluu
beluu : n. country; village; place; territory; property; land; ace (in cards). : beluu a olsechall er a delengchokl; rechad a uchul me ng beluu a beluu. A beluu aike el chutem el ngar er ngii a delengchokl er a rechad er ngii. Me ng ngar er ngii a chades me a blai me a bai me a diangel er ngii. from root beluu
beluu er a eanged : expr. heaven. : from root beluu
beluu er a ngau : expr. hell. : from root beluu
chad er a beluu : expr. fellow villager. : from root beluu
rebeluu : villagers; people of the village. : rebeluu a rechad er a beluu. from root beluu
rekebelurir : n.poss.3p (their) settlements of people. : from root beluu
Beluulchab : n. Yap; Yapese dance. . : from root Beluulchab
Beluulechab : var. Beluulchab : Beluulechab a beluu er a FSM el ngar er a delongelel Belau me a Guam. from root Beluulchab
beluulchad : n. earth; world; generation; era; period of time. : beluulchad a belurir a rechad; uldimukl a chetemel, debel, engedel me a eltel. from root beluulchad
beluulechad : var. beluulchad : from root beluulchad
kot el beluulechad : expr. "First World" (in Palauan legend, world of sea originated by Latmikaik). : from root beluulchad
ongeru el beluulechad : expr. "Second World" (in Palauan legend, world of earth originated by Miladeldil). : from root beluulchad
bembangch : n. red stinging ant. : bembangch a mekekerei el bekerekard el charm el meringel a bengchel from root bembangch
blil a bembangch : expr. anthill. : from root bembangch
beng : n. fish weir. : beng a cheldukl el bad el mengaud a ngikel. from root beng
bengel : var. bngel : from root beng
bngam : n.poss.1pe our (exclusive) trap (usually for fish). : from root beng
bnged : n.poss.1pi : from root beng
bngek : n.poss.1s : from root beng
bngel : n.poss.3s his/her/its trap (usually for fish). : from root beng
bngem : n.poss.2s : from root beng
bngir : n.poss.3p : from root beng
bngiu : n.poss.2p : from root beng
Bengall : n. large sea clam. : Bengall a cheleched er a Ngerechelong; ngkoll e meklou a kim er ngii. from root Bengall
chad er a bengall : expr. inhabitant of Ngerechelong. : from root Bengall
bengbengechel : : bengbengechel a olsechall el mobangch er ngii; blil a bengbangch el chutem a bengbengechel. from root bengbengechel
benged : : benged a mo bereked; blengodel, mengedii, menged, omenged a omerael, "bengedrekemais". from root benged
bengedel : n. place where the land begins to slope. : bengedel a tkul a ngesachel; bengedel a ngesachel. from root bengedel
bengel : n.poss.3s something covering the top of something else such as the calyx of a betelnut. : bengel a klalo el omeng er a ta er a klalo; melenget, bengel a bekai, bengel a buuch. from root bengel
bengel : n.poss.3s : bengel a beu er ngii el lius, bengel a belatong. from root bengel
bengngos : n. lawyer. : from root bengngos
bengobaingukl : n. common sandpiper (tail flips up and down); ruddy turnstone; any small to medium-sized migratory shorebird. : bengobaingukl a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root bengobaingukl
bengangoi : var. bengengei : from root bengong
bengengei : v.s.inch. is getting deaf. : from root bengong
bengengoi : var. bengengei : from root bengong
bengong : v.s. mute; deaf-mute. : bengong a diak el sebechel, mengedecheduch e dirrek el sebechel el mechad a dingal. from root bengong
bengt : v.s. purple. : bengt a bedengel burek; ko er a bedengel a bsechel a biib. from root bengt
bengt : n. purple colored sweet potato. : bengt a bedengel burek; ko er a bedengel a bsechel a biib. from root bengt
bengud : n. smell of cooked fish. : bengud a bau; bul a ngikel el klengoes, delul. from root bengud
benguk : n. type of reef fish. : benguk a mekekerei el ngikel er a taoch. from root benguk
benia : n. plywood. : benia a meklou el chesbocheb. from root benia
benjo : n. bathroom. : from root benjo
benster : n. window. : from root benster
bentelengam : n.poss.1pe : from root bento
bentelenged : n.poss.1pi : from root bento
bentelengek : n.poss.1s : from root bento
bentelengel : n.poss.3s : from root bento
bentelengem : n.poss.2s : from root bento
bentelengir : n.poss.3p : from root bento
bentelengiu : n.poss.2p : from root bento
bento : n. lunchbox; food eaten away from home. : from root bento
bento bako : var. bentobako : from root bentobako
bentobako : n. lunchbox. : from root bentobako
benzio : n. toilet. : from root benzio
beokl : n. : beokl a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a oreomel. from root beokl
bebeot : v.s.redup. fairly easy/cheap. : bebeot a telkib el beot; bebeot el urreor. from root beot
bebeot a rengul : expr. rather undecided about something; not taking something too seriously. : from root beot
beot : v.s. easy; simple; cheap; (matter) small, trivial or not worth to worry about. : beot a diak le meringel me a ka le mesisiich, beot el urreor, beot el chad. from root beot
beot a cheral : expr. cheap. : from root beot
beot a rengul : expr. easygoing; nonchalant; unmotivated; lazy. : from root beot
beot a tekingel : expr. easy going; not strict. : from root beot
betengang : v.s.inch. is getting easy; has become easy. : from root beot
Beouch : n. title of chiefs in Ngerdmau. : Beouch a kebekuul; dial a bdelul a beluu er a Ngardmau. from root Beouch
beralm : v.s. watery; flat tasting (e.g., not sweet or salty enough); (color) light. : beralm a diak le mecherocher, diak le merekos, berelmel. from root beralm
beralm a rengul : expr. lazy; unmotivated; unconcerned; uncaring. : from root beralm
berelmang : v.s.inch. is getting flat-tasting. : berelmang a mla mo beralm. berelmel from root beralm
berangdang : n. veranda; porch. : berangdang a veranda . from root berangdang
beragu : var. berangu : from root berangu
berangu : n. spark-plug (commonly used). : from root berangu
beraom : n. fish kept until slightly spoiled and then wrapped and barbequed. : beraom a mla mo mekngit a bul; bediu, beremel a ngikel. from root beraom
beraom : v.s. (fish) slightly spoiled. : beraom a mla mo mekngit a bul; bediu, beremel a ngikel. from root beraom
beremel : n.poss.3s : from root beraom
menga a beraom : expr. eat noisily. : from root beraom
beras : n. rice. : rrodel beras a kall el ongraol. from root beras
bersengel : n.poss.3s : from root beras
berd : n. lip. : berd a berdel a ngor; ngar a bab me a eou me a lechub e ng tkul a ngor; berdel a kim me a oruer. from root berd
berdam : n.poss.1pe : from root berd
berdaol : v.s. (fish, people) thick-lipped. : berdaol a klou a berdel; berdaol el kim, berdaol a ngerel. from root berd
berded : n.poss.1pi : from root berd
berdek : n.poss.1s : from root berd
berdel : n.poss.3s lip. : berdel a berd er ngii el kim, berdel a ngor, berdel a otkang. from root berd
berdel a but : expr. lips of vagina. : from root berd
berdel a ngor : expr. lips. : from root berd
berdem : n.poss.2s : from root berd
berdir : n.poss.3p : from root berd
berdiu : n.poss.2p : from root berd
berdakl : n. small fishnet (used to surround rock). : berdakl a ta er a bedengel a omenged; omeredakl. from root berdakl
berdakl : n. vine in grape family. : berdakl a ta er a bedengel a besebes. from root berdakl
berdebed : n. bumphead parrotfish. : from root berdebed
berebor : n. net with wide mesh for catching fish/turtles. : berebor a ta er a bedengel a kesokes; kesekesel a uel. from root berebor
berebur : n. type of lizard; gecko. : berebur a charm el kebliil mo er a sechesech. from root berebur
bekeberech : v.s. smell of the sea or raw fish. : from root berech
berech : n. smell of raw fish. : berech a bau el bul a chemadech el ngikel; cheled a berech. from root berech
berechuich : : berechuich a rekdel a buld, berechuich a bedengel a ko er a besokel el mekekad from root berechuich
berekarek : v.s. (canoe) tending to get pushed of course by sidewind; (person) cowardly. : berekarek a omerekarek, mechitechut, chetelaol me ng meraelel mo e mei el soal el moubuu. from root berekarek
berekarek : : berekarek a mechitechut er a redil el chad, olekesakel. from root berekarek
bereked : v.s. leaning/touching against; sticking/stuck to; have an intimate relationship with; be close to. : bereked a omereked a eru el mo dmak, babier a bereked er a kboub, ngalek a bereked er a delal. merekedii, mereked, berekedel. from root bereked
berekereked : v.s.redup. (person) attached to (someone else) (as child attached to mother); (person) prone to clinging to or latching onto others; very sticky; tending to stick all over everything. : berekereked a mesisiich el bereked; mesisiich a udel. from root bereked
merekereked : v.s.redup. (surface, etc.) sticky (from something spilled, etc.). : merekereked a ngar er ngii a reked, rekerekedel a merekos. from root bereked
merekereked a eolt : expr. humid. : from root bereked
mo bereked : expr. get stuck (to something). : from root bereked
berel : n. biscuit. : berel a kall el rruul er a merikengko; biscuit. from root berel
berel er a neibi : expr. navy biscuit. : from root berel
beremech : v.s. (food, etc.) soft and rotten. : beremech a cherrecherad el kall, rremeremech. from root beremech
beremeremech : v.s.redup. rather soft and rotten. : beremeremech a beremech. from root beremech
berib : n. letter. : berib a saitung; babier. from root berib
beriber : n. whirlpool; swirling water; swirling hairdo; specific location in certain villages (e.g. in Ngerechelong) near whirlpool/swirling waters. : from root beriber
Beriber : n. name of legendary man who harvested coconut syrup and lived in cave near Oikull. : from root Beriber
beridengeding : v.s. (hair, clothes, etc.) covered with (stickers from plant, etc.); (tree) full of birds. : beridengeding a betok a besichel; beridengeding er a besiich el telau, klilt, kabkab me a olbiungel. from root beridengeding
beridengeding : : beridengeding a kmal mechesang, beridengeding er a ngalek me a telechull. from root beridengeding
berikel : n. tower for conveyor belt. : berikel a tower . from root berikel
beriokl : n. overflowing water (from boiling, etc.). : beriokl a omeriokl; brechorech, beriokl er a klengoes. from root beriokl
beritchetoched : : beritchetoched a betok a toched er ngii; techedel a tochedulik; meradel a beritchetoched el kerrekar; from root beritchetoched
berius : n. current (in ocean; river; etc.). : berius a mesisiich el omerolel a ralm me a daob, metengel a berius, omtok er a berius, berusel. from root berius
beriusel : n.poss.3s : from root berius
berusel : var. beriusel : from root berius
blengodel a berius : expr. current is strong. : from root berius
meloched a berius : expr. (strong) current develops. : from root berius
bereberel : n.poss.3s : bereberel a berober er ngii el chim me a bereberel a uach. from root berober
bereberel a chim : expr. wrist (sometimes including hand). : from root berober
bereberel a oach : expr. ankle (sometimes including foot). : from root berober
berober : n. narrow part of limb. : berober a bereberel a chim me a oach ; ongemuul el mei er a cheldingel. from root berober
beroch : n. smell of blood. : beroch a bau el bul a rasech. from root beroch
beroel : n. large one-pronged fish spear. : beroel a meklou el biskang; omeroel a meklou el ngikel. from root beroel
berotong : n. large canoe. : berotong a meklou el mlai er a daob. from root berotong
berrak : n. curved yellow Palauan money (type of bachel with considerable value). : berrak a bibrurek el udoud er a Belau. from root berrak
berralm : : berralm a berelmel; berralm er a klengoes, ilumel. from root berralm
berreakl : n. secondary anchor at stern of boat/canoe. : berreakl a uak; okul a bos me a mlai er a daob. from root berreakl
ouberreakl : v.i. have secondary anchor. : ouberreakl a orebetii a ouak e mengiil er a iusech. from root berreakl
berrebirt : n. very low tide. : from root berrebirt
berraod : var. berreod : berraod a kllungel a berredel a klalo. from root berreod
berredam : n.poss.1pe : from root berreod
berreded : n.poss.1pi : from root berreod
berredek : n.poss.1s : from root berreod
berredel : n.poss.3s : from root berreod
berredem : n.poss.2s : from root berreod
berredir : n.poss.3p : from root berreod
berrediu : n.poss.2p : from root berreod
berreod : n. degree of heaviness. : berreod a berredel; kllungel a berraod, obereod el telechull. from root berreod
berrober : n.r.s. snatched/stolen goods; booty. : from root berrober
berrous : n. dream. : berrous a tekoi el meues me a medung er a cheliuaiu; omerrous, merrusii a mlad el demal, berrusel. from root berrous
berrusam : n.poss.1pe : from root berrous
berrused : n.poss.1pi : from root berrous
berrusek : n.poss.1s : from root berrous
berrusel : n.poss.3s : from root berrous
berrusem : n.poss.2s : from root berrous
berrusir : n.poss.3p : from root berrous
berrusiu : n.poss.2p : from root berrous
berrulel : n.poss.3s : from root berruul
berruul : n. : berruul a mechiuaiu e mengedecheduch; mechiuaiu e merael el diak lodengelii; omerruul, berrulel. from root berruul
bersoech : n. land snake. : bersoech a mekemangel el charm el ko er a kesebekuu e ng di ngar er a beluu. A bersoech a charm; ng diak a ochil me a chimal. Ng dirrek el diak a bsechel. Ng di ua a teletelel a nguis el chetngaid e kekemanget. Ng diak el kall. from root bersoech
bert : n. fan belt. : from root bert
bertachel : n. coconut which falls as soon as it is touched; buttocks. : bertachel a ta er a bedengel a lius, "leko kerdi mertechii a chelechedal e a mengur a ruebet". from root bertachel
bertechelel : n.poss.3s : bertechelel a chedelekelek el berriid er a mad, bertechelel a deleb. from root bertachel
bertechelel a chelid : expr. mole (on skin). : from root bertachel
bertechelel a deleb : expr. mole (on skin). : from root bertachel
bertakl : n. ocean floor; sea bed; bottom (of swimming pool, etc.). : bertakl a chutem me a chelechol er a daob; berteklel a daob me a omoachel; betaot. from root bertakl
berteklel : n.poss.3s : from root bertakl
bertelam : n.poss.1pe : from root bertelel
berteled : n.poss.1pi : from root bertelel
bertelek : n.poss.1s : from root bertelel
bertelel : n.poss.3s hiding place. : from root bertelel
bertelem : n.poss.2s : from root bertelel
bertelir : n.poss.3p : from root bertelel
berteliu : n.poss.2p : from root bertelel
beberuadel : v.s.redup. : beberuadel a telkib el beruadel; telkib el kladikm; telkib el meduch el omotech a reng; telkib el meduch el oldeu a reng. from root beruadel
beruadel : v.s. positive, happy, optimistic (person). : beruadel a chad el kladikm el chad e diak le ues a kngtil a tekoi, melemalt a rengul, uldeu a rengul me ng di oldanges e meruul a ungil from root beruadel
berusech : v.s. smell of the ocean (esp., at low tide). : berusech a bau; bul a kereker er a chedelchei. from root berusech
bes : n. forgetfulness. : bes a obes; bles, besbes, bes er a tekoi, diak el latk a tekoi. from root bes
bes : n. fourth finger; ring finger. : bes a ongeua el cheldingel er a chim from root bes
besachel : n. ankle bone. : besachel a besechelel a uach, besechelel a ochik a meringel. from root besachel
besachel : n. type of shellfish (Carcharhinus albimarginatus). : from root besachel
besechelel : n.poss.3s : from root besachel
besechelel a oach : expr. ankle bone. : from root besachel
besas : n. smell of polluted water or excrement. : besas a bau, bul a ralm el ngar er ngi a bechei me a ralm er a deromukang from root besas
bekesbesiil : var. besbesiil : bekesbesiil a betok a besbesil; berriid a besbas er a bita er ngii, omriid a besbas, besbesiil. from root besbas
besbas : n. trash; rubbish; litter; debris. : besbas a diak a ultutelel klalo el chiitel besbesil a omengaus, omekesbas. from root besbas
besbesiil : v.s. easily litter. : besbesiil a betok a besbesil. from root besbas
besbesil : n.poss.3s his/her/its trash; rubbish; litter; debris. : from root besbas
mekesbesiil : v.s. : mekesbsiil a betok a besbesil; omekesbas; mriid a besbas; mekesbesir a blai, besbesiil el beluu. from root besbas
bekebesbes : var. besbes : from root besbes
besbes : v.s. forgetful; absent-minded. : besbes a mekudem el obes; besbes, sekebesbes, di remiid a tekoi er a bdelul. from root besbes
sekebesbes : var. besbes : sekebesbes a besbes; diak le bekelatk; di beot el obes a tekoi. from root besbes
besbus : n. vine in cocoa family. : besbus a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar, usbechall el bilel a chetermall. from root besbus
besebasech : n.redup. (bolt of) lightning (striking the earth); crackling/rumbling sound of thunder. : besebasech a basech, derumk, omesebasech er a bita el eanged el mo er a bitang. from root besebasech
besebes : n. bark of tree used for tying; rope; cord. : besebes a semosem, ochull, cheremall me a bekobek a besebes, mesebesii, mesebes, merenged a klalo, besebesel. from root besebes
besebesel : n.poss.3s : from root besebes
besechamel : n. large-eyed porgy. : besechamel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root besechamel
besesel : n.poss.3s : besesel a beseos er ngii; omeseos, besesel a bekersiu. from root besesel
besicham : n.poss.1pe : from root besiich
besiched : n.poss.1pi : from root besiich
besichek : n.poss.1s : from root besiich
besichel : n.poss.3s decorations. : from root besiich
besichem : n.poss.2s : from root besiich
besichir : n.poss.3p : from root besiich
besichiu : n.poss.2p : from root besiich
besiich : n. adornment; decoration; ornament. : besiich a onglebokel; klekedall el menglebokel, bung me a telau me a olbiungel a besiich, besichel. from root besiich
besiur : n. steering wheel; tiller. : from root besiur
besngel : n.poss.3s basket clasp; part of a basket used to tie it shut. : besngel a omus er ngii, omerober, mereberii, besngel a mesei; besngel a omus er ngii el kall; melemosem er ngii. from root besngel
besobes : n. umbilical cord. : besobes a klalo el omak er a uudes me a rached. Okul a uudes ma rached. from root besobes
besekelel : n.poss.3s : besekelel a besokel er ngii el chad; besokel, sokel. from root besokel
besokel : n. ringworm. : besokel a sokel; rekdel a buld el mekekad; besekelel. from root besokel
besokel : v.s. infected with ringworm. : besokel a sokel; rekdel a buld el mekekad; besekelel. from root besokel
kerul a besokel : n. medicine for ringworm; candle-bush. : from root besokel
kerul a sokel : var. kerul a besokel : from root besokel
sokel : var. besokel : sokel a besokel; rakd er a buld; sokel a mekekad e obdingel. from root besokel
bedesil : n.poss.3s : from root besos
bedesil a beluu : expr. village chief. : from root besos
besos : n. oar; paddle; propeller; war spear; small paddle-shaped fish which swims vertically. : besos a oius, klekedall er a omeus; bedesil a mlai er a daob. from root besos
ududel a besos : expr. money paid to victors in war. : from root besos
besmam : n.poss.1pe : from root besul
besmiu : n.poss.2p : from root besul
besrir : n.poss.3p : from root besul
besud : n.poss.1pi : from root besul
besuk : n.poss.1s : from root besul
besul : n.poss.3s situation; circumstances; position; affairs. : besul a urrebetellel; ta besul el omeruul, ungil besul a omerael, techerelbesud er a ralm. from root besul
besum : n.poss.2s : from root besul
rullii besul : expr. make (oneself) comfortable (for eating, sleeping, etc.); get (oneself) ready. : from root besul
ta besul : expr. equal; in same position; (ideas) in agreeement. : from root besul
besungl : n. sea snail. : besungl a ta er a bedengel a cheled. from root besungl
besunglaiei : n. shrimp plant. : besunglaiei a ta er a bedengel a dellomel. from root besunglaiei
bet : n. bed. : bet a ongedusall. from root bet
betaot : n. ocean floor; sea bed. : betaot a bertakl. from root betaot
betotel : n.poss.3s article picked up from the bottom of deep water. : from root betaot
beketimel : v.s. slow-moving; slow (in running). : beketimel a meoud el remurt, beketimer, mechitechut er a rurt; betimer. from root betimel
beketimer : var. beketimel : from root betimel
betimel : v.s. slow. : betimel a beketimel; betimer, meoud el remurt, diak le bekerurt. from root betimel
betimer : var. betimel : betimer a beketimel, beketimer. from root betimel
betimemch : v.s. having a facial expression showing disappointment or hurtfully sad. frowning. : from root betimemch
betkou : n. any container for getting large amount of water; bucket. : betkou a klekedall el ometkou, melecheseb a ralm; baket a betkou. from root betkou
bebetok : v.s.redup. just more than enough. : bebetok a telkib el betok. from root betok
beltok : n. : beltok a betok; beltok er a kall a ungil. from root betok
betekngang : var. betekngei : from root betok
betekngei : v.s.inch. accumulating; increasing in number. : betekngei a mla mo betok; betekngang, betekngei a udoud. from root betok
betok : v.s. many; numerous; plenty; abundant. : betok a obdois; betekngang, betok a kall, diak le kesai, iltekngel a kall. from root betok
rebetok : v.s. many (required before noun referring to human beings). : rebetok a betok, rebetok el ngalek; rebetok el chad. from root betok
rebetok el chad : expr. many people. : from root betok
rebetok el sensei : expr. many teachers. : from root betok
toklechad : slang many people. : from root betok
biall : n. type of shark. : biall a ta er a bedengel a chedeng. from root biall
biang : n. beer. : from root biang
bib : n. bib. : from root bib
bibak : v.s. : bibak a betok, obdois. Betok era betok; obdois. from root bibak
bibakmedal : n. type of trepang. : bibakmedal a ta er a bedengel a cheled el betok a medal. from root bibakmedal
Biblia : n. Bible. : biblia a chedaol el lechukl; tekingel a Chelid. from root Biblia
biboik : n. larva of mosquito (bends and jumps along surface of water). : biboik a ngisel a rekas el kiei a delelualu el ralm me a tank, beboikungeomel. from root biboik
biboikungeomel : n. : biboikungeomel a biboik el kiei a ongeomel me a idokel el ralm. from root biboik
bebibrurek : v.s.redup. yellowish. : from root bibrurek
bebibrurk : var. bebibrurek : bebibrurk a telkib el bibrurk. from root bibrurek
bibrurek : v.s. yellow; yellow-orange. : bibrurek a mellil, merir el llel a riamel a bibrurek. from root bibrurek
blibrurek : n. yellowness. : blibrurek a rruul el bibrurek. from root bibrurek
oubibrurek : v.i. having yellow color. : from root bibrurek
bid : n. auction, bidding. : from root bid
bidabd : n. jellyfish; nettle. : bidabd a ongekad el omechakl er a bebul a daob. from root bidabd
bidekill : n.a.s. handnet which is thrown. : from root bidekill
bideklel : n.poss.3s : from root bidekill
bidokel : n. hives. : from root bidokel
bidokel : v.s. broken out in hives. : from root bidokel
bii : n. : bii a bingel, omingel a udoud, merous; omii a kall. from root bii
bingel : n.poss.3s his/her/its action of dividing/distributing. : from root bii
bedengel a biib : expr. green (in color). : from root biib
biib : n. crimson-crowned fruit dove [according to the IBC; sometimes conspecific with P. pelewensis]. : biib a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm, olengchelel a kerreomel er a Belau. A biib a suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel el ua a belochel. Ng bibrurek me a chemadech a bedengel. Ng mekekerei er a belochel. from root biib
bicham : n.poss.1pe : from root biich
biched : n.poss.1pi : from root biich
bichek : n.poss.1s : from root biich
bichel : n.poss.3s : from root biich
bichem : n.poss.2s : from root biich
bichir : n.poss.3p : from root biich
bichiu : n.poss.2p : from root biich
biich : n. sieve; filter. : biich a klekedall el omiich; biich er a cheluch, bichel a ralm. from root biich
biil : : Melai ra medal ma lechub e ng melai techei. from root biil
biis : n. : biis a omiis, ochotii a bitang, miis a babier, misii, bisel. from root biis
biis : : biis a omeriokl el me tuobed er bab, biis er a ralm. from root biis
bisel : n.poss.3s action of turning pages. : from root biis
biitem : v.s. sticky. : biitem a meuilech; biitem el chutem, diak le meteterakl. from root biitem
bikaks : n. pick-axe. : from root bikaks
bikeksel : n.poss.3s : from root bikaks
bikel : n. fishing pole. : bikel a klekedall er omengereel, bikel er a ngikel. from root bikel
bikl : n. type of fish (sweetlips). : bikl a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root bikl
bikodel : n. hives or rash from allergies; allergic reaction affecting the skin. : from root bikodel
bikodel : v.s. broken out in hives. : from root bikodel
bilas : n. boat. : bilas a mlai er a daob el oumesil, bilsengel. from root bilas
bilas er a omenged : expr. fishing boat. : from root bilas
bilsengel : n.poss.3s : from root bilas
bilis : n. dog. : bilis a ta er a bedengel a eua a ochil el charm e ng kekerei er a babii e ng klou er a katuu. from root bilis
bilis er a mekemad : expr. specially-trained war dog. : from root bilis
bilis er a oreomel : expr. wild dog. : from root bilis
rektel a bilis : expr. rabies. : from root bilis
billemengel : n.poss.3s : from root billum
billum : : billum a ngii di le ngerang el blail, blillum from root billum
billum : n. wrapped and grated tapioca (or taro). : billum a klsous el diokang el blail e ngeliokl; el ongraol. from root billum
billum el brak : expr. wrapped and grated (large) taro. : from root billum
bilong : n. wine. : from root bilong
bilt : n. holy picture. : bilt a siasing. from root bilt
Bilung : n. title given to the female counterpart to Ibedul. Selected from the same matrilineal clan. : from root Bilung
bings : n. beans. : bings a ringel el di secherel a bedul e merekong, omings a bdelul, ng diak a ngodech el omings ng di bedul a omings, bingsbedul. from root bings
bingsbedul : n. headache. : bingsbedul a meringel, rekdel a bedul, bdelul, ng diak a ngodech el omings ng di bedul e merekong, ng sebechelel rekdel a uldasu. from root bingsbedul
omings : n. headache. : omings a bingsbedul; ringel er a bedul, ringelel a uldasu; diak a ngodech el omings er a chad, ng di bedul a omings, bengsel. from root bingsbedul
omings a bdelul : have a light but continuous headache. : from root bingsbedul
bio : n. second (in time). : from root bio
bioing : n. hospital. : from root bioing
bioing seng : var. bioingseng : from root bioingseng
bioingseng : n. hospital ship. : from root bioingseng
bir : n. jump-rope; anything used to play jump-rope. : bir a klekedall el omir besebes, rengalek a olab a bir el omir, ousekool. from root bir
brengel : n.poss.3s his/her/its action of swinging arm, rope, etc. : from root bir
birhen : n. virgin. : from root birhen
biru : n. beer. : from root biru
bisebusech : n.redup. (flash of) lightning (in the sky). : bisebusech a ngau el kmard er a eanged el me er a chutem el omisebusech. from root bisebusech
ombebisebusch : v.redup. : from root bisebusech
omisebusech : v.i. (light) flash like lightning; (eyes) blink continually. : omisebusech a kmard e mad; bisebusech a omisebusech. from root bisebusech
bisech : n. wild taro (makes mouth itchy). : bisech a dellomel el kmeed el ua dait e kall; cheball, bisech er a ruk. A bisech a dellomel; ng diak el meklou el dellomel; ng di ua a meklungel a dait. Ngar er ngii a bebil el kall e a bebil a kuk diak el kall le ng mekekad. from root bisech
bisech : v.s. (person) easily aroused sexually. : from root bisech
bisech : n. fish with black and yellow stripes (makes mouth itchy). : from root bisech
bisech er a Ruk : n. plant in taro family; yautia. : from root bisech
bisecherad : n. spider lily (larger than bisech; but inedible). : bisecherad a ta er a bedengel a dellomel. from root bisecherad
bisechrebai : v.s. useless/valueless (like taro that grows near the trash heap behind the house). : from root bisechrebai
biska er a uel : expr. large spear for catching turtles. : from root biskang
biskang : n. one-pronged fishing spear. : biskang a klekedall er a omenged, usbechall er a burech, oba biskang el omurech a ngikel; biskelengel. from root biskang
biskelengel : n.poss.3s : from root biskang
Biskor : n. Peace Corps. : from root Biskor
chad er a Biskor : expr. Peace Corps volunteer. : from root Biskor
bismoch : : bismoch a mekngit a blebelel el bad el di kirel el ngar a chelsel a rrechedekl me a cheldukl e diak be le cholt er a ikrel. from root bismoch
bisob : n. bishop. : from root bisob
bisokl : n.a.s. betelnut large enough to be split. : from root bisokl
bistong : n. piston. : from root bistong
Bitalianged : n. : Bitalianged a tedobech er a beluu er a Belau; lbedul a bdelul a bitaliang me a Reklai a oba bitang. from root Bitalianged
bita el oach : expr. one of two divisions of village or clan. : from root bitang
bitang : n. one half (of split coconut; betel nut; etc.); one of a pair (e.g. one leg; one eye; etc.); neighboring house; adjoining building; next door to; across the street from any area adjacent to. : bitang a tedobech er a cherrungel; bita el lius, bita el uach, bita el buuch. from root bitang
biterongam : n.poss.1pe : from root bitang
biteronged : n.poss.1pi : from root bitang
biterongek : n.poss.1s : from root bitang
biterongel : n.poss.3s : from root bitang
biterongem : n.poss.2s : from root bitang
biterongir : n.poss.3p : from root bitang
biterongiu : n.poss.2p : from root bitang
bitrongel : var. biterongel : bitrongel a bita el chebaod er ngii; bitrongel a ked. from root bitang
bitenget : v.s. having blocked or stopped up nose. : bitenget a telkib el telenget a ersingel; bitenget a mekngit a omelekingel. from root bitenget
biturcheturech : n. shark; double-line mackerel. : from root biturcheturech
biaol : v.s. having pubic hair. : from root biul
biaol a chebesal : expr. hairy armpits. : from root biul
biul : n.poss.3s pubic hair. : from root biul
biul : n. bowl. : biul a olechesobel er a ralm; kob. from root biul
biul : v.s. circumcised. : biul a telubech el kirs. from root biul
biumek : : biumek a cheluch el urrachem er a reng; chiltir a rumechell. from root biumek
biusech : v.s. : biusech a ungil a osengel; biusech a medal. from root biusech
biusech : n. : biusech a medal a chad el kerekikl, olengeseu er a chebuul, mesa smecher, e mekelii a mechittechut. from root biusech
biusech a medal : v.s. sharp-sighted; attentive (to someone's needs). : from root biusech
biut : n. tree in mangrove family. : biut a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a keburs. from root biut
bkais : n. opening. : from root bkais
bkisel : n.poss.3s : from root bkais
bkaischemrungel : n. unexpected business or obligation. : bkaischemrungel a dimlak er a uldasu e dubech el tekoi; keterekokl el kodall. from root bkaischemrungel
bkau : n. large tree in Rose family (used for firewood). : bkau a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A bkau a dellomel; ng kmal el mo klou el kerrekar. Ng mo ua a klungel a klou el iedel A llel a mekekerei er a llel a iedel Ng diak el kall e ng di kmal ungil el idungel. from root bkau
bkul a chim : expr. elbow. : from root bkul a chim
bkul a chimad : n.poss.1pi : from root bkul a chim
bkul a chimak : n.poss.1s : from root bkul a chim
bkul a chimal : n.poss.3s : from root bkul a chim
bkul a chimam : n.poss.2s : from root bkul a chim
bkul a chimomam : n.poss.1pe : from root bkul a chim
bkul a chimomiu : n.poss.2p : from root bkul a chim
bkul a chimorir : n.poss.3p : from root bkul a chim
bkul a oach : n. knee. : from root bkul a oach
bkul a ochemam : n.poss.1pe : from root bkul a oach
bkul a ochemiu : n.poss.2p : from root bkul a oach
bkul a ocherir : n.poss.3p : from root bkul a oach
bkul a ochid : n.poss.1pi : from root bkul a oach
bkul a ochik : n.poss.1s : from root bkul a oach
bkul a ochil : n.poss.3s : from root bkul a oach
bkul a ochim : n.poss.2s : from root bkul a oach
Bkulabeluu : n. location in Beliliou. : from root Bkulabeluu
Bkurrengel : n. cape in Imeliik. : from root Bkurrengel
bkukel : n.poss.3s. : from root bkuuk
bkuuk : n. : bkuuk a klekedall el omkuuk, bkukel a blauang. from root bkuuk
blachediil : n. diarrhea (substance). : blachediil a rakd; smecher el omachediil. from root blachediil
blachedilel : n.poss.3s : from root blachediil
blachel : n.r.s. chips of wood. : from root blachel
mengudel a blachel : expr. accumulate responsibilities or tasks. : from root blachel
blacheos : n. tree in Verbena family (good for lumber). : blacheos a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root blacheos
blad : v.r.s. : blad a mla obad; omad, medengii, mad a belsiich el mo meaiu. from root blad
blad : n.r.s. rope made of coconut cord. : from root blad
bladek : n.r.s. spirit of ancestors. : bladek a beldokel; omadek, medekii, obadek a obail er a chedecholl, bar; bedekel from root bladek
bldekel : n.poss.3s : bldekel a bladek er a blil. from root bladek
oltuubladek : : oltuubladek a omis el mo ngerel a chelid e melkoi a rechad, kuk melekoi a tekingir a rechad er a rebladek. Melkingir a re bladek el mo er a re chad. from root bladek
blades : n. support rope tied from top of mast to prow and stern of canoe. : blades a klekedall er a mlai er a daob. from root blades
bldesel : n.poss.3s : bldesel a beldeklel. from root blades
babelblai : n. (a wealthy person's) house. : babelblai a blai el ilteet; meteetel. from root blai
blai : n. house; household; family; members of family; enclosure; container. : blai a teleketek e cheldool le kiei er ngii a rechad; blai a osechelel a delengchokl. from root blai
blid : n.poss.1pi our (inclusive) house, household, etc. : blid a blai el kid a oublai er ngii. from root blai
blik : n.poss.1s : from root blai
blil : n.poss.3s : blil a blai el ngii a oublai er ngii. from root blai
blil a beras : expr. sack/container for rice. : from root blai
blil a cheluch : expr. any container for gasoline, cooking oil, etc.. : from root blai
blil a dangs : expr. dance hall. : from root blai
blil a ngal : expr. termites' nest. : from root blai
blil a ngikel : expr. aquarium. : from root blai
blim : n.poss.2s : from root blai
blimam : n.poss.1pe : from root blai
blimiu : n.poss.2p : from root blai
blirir : n.poss.3p : from root blai
chad er a blai : expr. members of the family. : from root blai
blak a rengul : expr. hard-working; diligent; eager; attentive; interested in; intent upon; decided on; in favor of. : from root blakelrreng
blakelrreng : n. : blakelrreng a meduch a rengul; meses era urreor, rengelbechull er a buai me a blai. from root blakelrreng
blaks : n. cement blocks. : from root blaks
bleksel : n.poss.3s : from root blaks
blalech : n.r.s. wound from a slingshot. : blalech a mla obalech; melechii, omalech, a ngikel blalech; belechel. from root blalech
blallang : : blallang a delebedobech el mo er a bab; terebel; oublallang el rael. from root blallang
blals : n. debt; obligation. : from root blals
blsam : n.poss.1pe : from root blals
blsed : n.poss.1pi : from root blals
blsek : n.poss.1s : from root blals
blsel : n.poss.3s : from root blals
blsem : n.poss.2s : from root blals
blsir : n.poss.3p : from root blals
blsiu : n.poss.2p : from root blals
blangedeuau : : blangedeuau a mengedeau; mengebelung; diak le kltukel a blil. from root blangedeuau
blangtalos : n. plantain (bark used for cord). : blangtalos a ta er a bedengel a tuu el di besebes. from root blangtalos
blaol : n. whitish-colored trepang (larger than ngimes). : blaol a ta er a bedengel a cheled el ngimes a delechil. from root blaol
belsebas : v.r.s.redup. : belsebas a betok a blas er ngii; belsebas a bedengel er a baklild. from root blas
blas : v.r.s. : blas a deles, kekerei el delobech, blas er a baklild from root blas
obesebas : v.erg.redup. : obesebas a deledes; belsebas, blas, obesebas er a baklild. from root blas
blasbabier : n. sandpaper. : blasbabier a btangt el babier; omtangt, btengtel. from root blasbabier
blauang : n. bread. : blauang a kall el lruul er a merikengko from root blauang
bldengel : n.poss.3s : bldengel a blid er ngii, omid beldengel a ngalek, oumekngit. from root bldengel
blderengachet : n.r.s. cowardliness; clumsiness; undependability. : from root blderengachet
blderngachet : var. blderengachet : blderngachet a bederengachet, mechitechut, mesaik, diak le ua blderngatech. from root blderengachet
bldis : n.r.s. rotten state (of coconut; betel nut). : bldis a bedis er ngii el buuch. from root bldis
bldiu : n. putrid smell. : bldiu a bediu er ngii el beab. from root bldiu
bldeklel : n.poss.3s : bldeklel a blechebechel, bldukl; bldeklel a klobak. from root bldukl
bldeklel a tekoi : expr. explanation. : from root bldukl
bldukl : n.r.s. arrangement; table of contents; order; sequence. : bldukl a blades. from root bldukl
belduut : var. blduut : belduut a ungil el blades, blechobech el ungil, kldmokl. from root blduut
blduut : v.s. organized; arranged. : blduut a ungil a bechebechel, blduut a urrereel, blduut a cheldechedechal. from root blduut
bleached : n. Palauan money: type of kluk (highest in value). : bleached a udoud er a Belau; meringel chad el kluk. from root bleached
blebaol : n. severed head of enemy. : from root blebaol
bleblel : n.poss.3s present; gift. : from root blebaol
blebelam : n.poss.1pe : from root blebelel
blebeled : n.poss.1pi : from root blebelel
blebelek : n.poss.1s : from root blebelel
blebelel : n.poss.3s shape; form. : from root blebelel
blebelem : n.poss.2s : from root blebelel
blebelir : n.poss.3p : from root blebelel
blebeliu : n.poss.2p : from root blebelel
blechach : n. : blechach a bechach, blechach er a ongor from root blechach
blechebechel : n.poss.3s his/her/its arrangement; agenda. : blechebechel a bechobech er ngii el babier. from root blechebechel
blechel : n.poss.3s : blechel a bulech er ngii el ilumel. from root blechel
blechellel : : blechellel a teletelel; ungil a blechellel elekebil.. from root blechellel
bleches : n.r.s. new or clean state of something; newness. : bleches a blechesul, beches. from root bleches
blechesul : n.poss.3s : from root bleches
blechetoel : v.s. exposed; out in the open; uncovered. : blechetoel a dibus a kirel el ngar ngii; diak a bilel; di meau, diak a omebael er a iklel a blechetoel. from root blechetoel
blechedelel : n.poss.3s : from root blechidel
blechidel : n.r.s. food prepared for serving. : blechidel a blached. from root blechidel
blechebechel : n.poss.3s : from root blechobech
blechobech : n.r.s. line; arrangement; agenda. : blechobech a mla obechobech beldukl, mechebechii, mechobech, blechebechel a klobak. from root blechobech
blechukl : : blechukl a beldukl, blechukl a klobak. Telketekel el ungil. from root blechukl
bleekl : v.r.s. : bleekl a mla obeekl; meleklii a brak; marek e lmuut el mo er a ngeliokl, omeekl, beeklel. from root bleekl
blekatel : n.r.s. dues money. : blekatel a udoud el chedull; meketii, moket a udoud, bleketelel. from root blekatel
bleketelel : n.poss.3s : from root blekatel
blekeradel : n. manner; condition; character; personality; behavior; experience; method; style. : blekeradel a teletael; omeruul, blekeradel er a beluu. from root blekeradel
blekerdelam : n.poss.1pe : from root blekeradel
blekerdeled : n.poss.1pi : from root blekeradel
blekerdelek : n.poss.1s : from root blekeradel
blekerdelel : n.poss.3s : from root blekeradel
blekerdelem : n.poss.2s : from root blekeradel
blekerdelir : n.poss.3p : from root blekeradel
blekerdeliu : n.poss.2p : from root blekeradel
blekerurau : n.r.s. generosity; kindness; charitableness. : blekerurau a bekerurau; kerekikl el mengedmokl er a rechad; from root blekerurau
bleketekingam : n.poss.1pe : from root bleketekoi
bleketekinged : n.poss.1pi : from root bleketekoi
bleketekingek : n.poss.1s : from root bleketekoi
bleketekingel : n.poss.3s : from root bleketekoi
bleketekingem : n.poss.2s : from root bleketekoi
bleketekingir : n.poss.3p : from root bleketekoi
bleketekingiu : n.poss.2p : from root bleketekoi
bleketekoi : n. talkativeness. : bleketekoi a beketekoi, meses el mengedecheduch; bleketekingel. from root bleketekoi
blekengel : n.poss.3s : from root blekeu
blekeu : n.r.s. bravery; courage. : blekeu a blekengel, bekeu. from root blekeu
mad el blekeu : expr. expression feigning courage. : from root blekeu
blekokuierreng : var. blekokuii : from root blekokuii
blekokuii : n.r.s. kindness; generosity. : blekokuii a bekokuii. from root blekokuii
bleiekl : var. blelekl : from root blelekl
blelekl : n.r.s. reboiled food (esp., starch). : from root blelekl
blengchekl : v.s. (person) having something stuffed into cheek. : blengchekl a blengechel er a chemachel; omengchekl, mengcheklii a chemelel. from root blengchekl
blengchelel : n.poss.3s his/her/its bite. : blengchelel a ultil a blangch. from root blengchelel
blengremam : n.poss.1pe : from root blengur
blengremiu : n.poss.2p : from root blengur
blengrerir : n.poss.3p : from root blengur
blengrud : n.poss.1pi : from root blengur
blengruk : n.poss.1s : from root blengur
blengrul : n.poss.3s : blengrul a blengur er ngii. from root blengur
blengrum : n.poss.2s : from root blengur
blengur : n. meal, or feast often associated with a cultural ceremony. : blengur a belsoil, blengrul a tutau me a sueleb a blengur. from root blengur
blil a blengur : n. house for eating in; restaurant. : from root blengur
chad er a blengur : expr. person who likes to eat a lot. : from root blengur
delal a blengur : expr. sumptuous feast. : from root blengur
blengutel : n.r.s. hair bun; coiffure. : from root blengutel
blengutelel : n.poss.3s : from root blengutel
bleob : n.r.s. something that has been formed; shaped; created. : bleob a mla obeob; bleob el blauang, meob, bebeel a blauang. from root bleob
bleot : n. easiness; cheapness. : bleot a bletengel ngii el chad, beot, diak le mesisiich. from root bleot
bletengam : n.poss.1pe : from root bleot
bletenged : n.poss.1pi : from root bleot
bletengek : n.poss.1s : from root bleot
bletengel : n.poss.3s : bletengel a bleot er ngii, beot el tekoi. from root bleot
bletengel a rengul : expr. nonchalance; laziness. : from root bleot
bletengem : n.poss.2s : from root bleot
bletengir : n.poss.3p : from root bleot
bletengiu : n.poss.2p : from root bleot
bebersik : v.s.redup. : bebersik a telkib el bersik, telkib el odikel; telkib el meses, bebersik er a urror. from root blersik
bersik : v.s. cruel; savage. : bersik a soal el olengader er a rechad; omersik; ouedikel el oumekngit, klaiuengader. from root blersik
blersik : n.r.s. cruelty. : blersik a terrekakl; uldikel, bersik er a bingel a chutem, omersik. from root blersik
blesebosech : n.r.s. contradiction. : from root blesebosech
bletech : n.r.s. injury from stone, etc.. : bletech a uletech; mla obetech, mouetech, metechii a blai, metech, betechel a blai. from root bletech
Belias : var. Blias : from root Blias
Blias : n. old name for Airai. : Blias a chuodel el ngklel a beluu er a Irrai. from root Blias
bideklel : n.poss.3s : from root blidokl
blidokl : n.r.s. women's loincloth. : blidokl a mla obidokl; blides, mideklii, midokl, bideklel. from root blidokl
blilech : n. type of fish. : blilech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel er a taoch. from root blilech
blillum : n.r.s. wrapped, recooked tapioca, taro, etc. : from root blillum
blingelel : n.poss.3s : blingelel a rruklel, bliongel el kirel. from root bliongel
bliongel : n. share; portion; chapter of book (usually Bible). : from root bliongel
bliou : : bliou a ngerachel; ourrot a oba bliou er a omellemel a klobak. from root bliou
bliou : : bliou a kedul a urreor, dachelbai a oba bliou er a okedecherul a bai from root bliou
Blisang : n. hamlet in Melekeok. : from root Blisang
blisaos : n.r.s. a large betelnut that has been split; semi-circle; half-circle. : from root blisaos
blisekl : n.r.s. quantity of goods, food, etc. that represents all that one has of a particular thing. : from root blisekl
bliukel : n. enclosure made of bent bamboo poles covered with tent cloth, etc., where women take steambath after delivery of baby. : bliukel a blil a mlechell er a uchei er a bo el tobed. from root bliukel
bliull : n.r.s. wrapped tapioca. : from root bliull
blkes : n. mound of sand on ocean floor; sun helmet. : blkes a chelechol me a bertakl el bluotel er a kereker. from root blkes
blodes : n.r.s. : blodes a kot el me obduu er bab el ngikel. from root blodes
bloes : n.r.s. injury from being shot. : from root bloes
bloid : : bloid a delibech el chelitakl, bidel Ngirakederang, cheliteklel from root bloid
blok : n. pulley. : blok a klalo el olengeseu a omengurs me a omererd. from root blok
bloket : n.r.s. kind of basket with large openings. : bloket a ta er a bedengel a oruikl. from root bloket
bloridang : n. pomade. : bloridang a taiu, bomado. from root bloridang
blsebselel : n.poss.3s : from root blsibs
blsebselel a ding : expr. opening of ear; hole for earring. : from root blsibs
blsebselel a iis : expr. nostril. : from root blsibs
blsibs : n. (small) hole (e.g., made by a drill). : from root blsibs
belsichel : n.poss.3s : from root blsiich
belsiich : var. blsiich : belsiich a rrusech el ongraol; belsiich el kukau, belsiich el diokang, belsichel. from root blsiich
blsiich : n. poi; pounded taro. : from root blsiich
beltik el reng : var. bltikerreng : from root bltikerreng
beltikerreng : var. bltikerreng : beltikerreng a betik a rengul; beltkil a rengul er a bechil, ultoir from root bltikerreng
bltikerreng : n. love; affection. : from root bltikerreng
bltkelareng : n.poss.3s : from root bltikerreng
bluai : : bluai a ngar a belngel; bluai el cheldecheduch mo er a rokui. from root bluai
bluai : : bluai a tekoi el di medechel er a deleongel, diak le kau me a diak le ngak me diak el techang, skuul a ruoll ochoi ng kirel el meruul. Tia ikid a bluai el cheldecheduch. from root bluai
blubeu : : blubeu a ta er a bedengel a omelidai, odak a eua el besebes e mengaus; omubeu. from root blubeu
blubong : n. : blubong a mla mo besbes, bubong. from root blubong
bluchelel : : bluchelel a blouch er ngii el bambuu, bleuechel. from root bluchelel
bluchelel : : bluchelel a teletelel, ungil a bluchelel el ekebil from root bluchelel
bleksel : n.poss.3s : from root bluks
bluks : n.r.s. : bluks a debull; delakl a chad er ngii, debellel. bleksel a sechelik. from root bluks
blulak : n.r.s. lie. : blulak a klsuul; diak le klemerang, blulekngel, omulak, mulekngii, bulekngel. from root blulak
blulekngel : n.poss.3s : from root blulak
bulak : v.s. deceitful; lying. : bulak a outingaol, omulak, mengesuul, blulekngel, bulekolek, bulekngoel. from root blulak
bulekngoel : v.s. continuously lying. : bulekngoel a bulak. from root blulak
bluoik : : dullokl, ulsau el mei er eou, bluoik a ulkel a chebirukel el ulk. from root bluoik
bluokel : : bluokel a belsiochel; chelilt, omechell a bluokel er a reng me a ungil el cheriut, bluuk. from root bluokel
bluuk : : bluuk a bluokel. from root bluokel
blurech : n.r.s. wound from a spear. : blurech a berruchel; mla oburech, omurech, mrechii, murech, brechel. from root blurech
bletekel : n.poss.3s : from root blutek
blutek : n. canoe race. : blutek a omlutek; klaidesachel er a bekall er a daob, keblutek a mlai. from root blutek
belngel : n.poss.3s : from root bluu
belngel a blai : expr. middle of the house. : from root bluu
belngel a omoachel : expr. middle of the river; midstream. : from root bluu
belngel a sers : expr. middle of the garden. : from root bluu
blngel : var. belngel : blngel a bluu er ngii el mlai, dengchokl er a blngel a bai, loia er a blngel a ulaol. from root bluu
blungel : n.poss.3s : from root bluu
blungel a brer : expr. raised platform in center of raft. : from root bluu
blungel a mesei : expr. center of taro patch. : from root bluu
bluu : n. center or middle (esp., of hull of canoe); large central section of taro patch; aisle (of church, etc.). : bluu a blngel, bluu er a mlai, bluu er a brer, bluu er a mesei. from root bluu
bluu el dang : expr. center of house. : from root bluu
bluuldang : : bluuldang a belngel a blai, blailbelau a oubluuldang. from root bluuldang
bngaol : n. mangrove tree. : bngaol a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a okebong. from root bngaol
bngei : n. tree in Panax family. : bngei a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root bngei
bngebngel : n.poss.3s : from root bngob
bngob : n. : bngob a omngob. from root bngob
Bo mchensi! : v.imp. Sit down!. : from root Bo mchensi!
bobai : n. papaya tree (including fruit). : bobai a chebingel, ta er a bedengel a dellomel el kall a rdechel, bobongel. from root bobai
bobai : v.s. dull; slow-witted. : from root bobai
bobai a bdelul : expr. dull; slow-witted. : from root bobai
bobongam : n.poss.1pe : from root bobai
bobonged : n.poss.1pi : from root bobai
bobongek : n.poss.1s : from root bobai
bobongel : n.poss.3s : from root bobai
bobongem : n.poss.2s : from root bobai
bobongir : n.poss.3p : from root bobai
bobongiu : n.poss.2p : from root bobai
boch : : boch a mechitechut, di merael e mo meuoch. from root boch
bochall : v.s. : bochall a klou a bochel, Ngerdorech a bochall. from root bochall
bedechel : n.poss.3s : from root bodech
bodech : n. curved configuration/shape of boat. : bodech a obodech; siesorech, bodech er a mlai, bedechel. from root bodech
bodechesaus : v.s. standing erect/in ramrod fashion; standing with expanded chest. : bodechesaus a obedebodech, siesorech, bodechesaus el dil, obodech. from root bodech
obodech : v.s. curved; (person) having back curved towards rear. : obodech a blodech; siesorech el dil; obodech el mlai. from root bodech
bodes : n. white foam residue which forms when coconut syrup is cooked; nectar (of flowers). : bodes a osechel a bung, olik a melim a bodes er a bung. from root bodes
bodes : n. dynamited fish (which rise to surface of water). : bodes a kot el mei obduu er bab el ngikel er a omenged. from root bodes
bedkel : n.poss.3s : from root bodk
bodk : n. (surgical) operation. : bodk a omodk, bodk er a diil, medkii a delel, modk, bedkel. from root bodk
lechul a bodk : expr. scar from operation. : from root bodk
bechel : n.poss.3s : from root boech
boech : n. missile; projectile; small spear. : boech a uloech el lild, chaklsel, ko er a biskang, boech er a klaidesachel, omoech, mechii, bechel. from root boech
boes : n. gun; blowgun. : boes a klekedall el omoes,mosii a ngikel, moes a belochel, bosel. from root boes
boes er a ngikel : expr. spear-gun. : from root boes
boes er a ulekbut : expr. blowgun. : from root boes
bosam : n.poss.1pe : from root boes
bosed : n.poss.1pi : from root boes
bosek : n.poss.1s : from root boes
bosel : n.poss.3s : from root boes
bosem : n.poss.2s : from root boes
bosir : n.poss.3p : from root boes
bosiu : n.poss.2p : from root boes
kelel a boes : expr. bullet : from root boes
kerul a boes : expr. ammunition; gun-powder. : from root boes
medal a boes : expr. sharpened projectile ejected from speargun; opening or end of gun barrel. : from root boes
sekeboes : v.s. go shooting a lot; good at shooting. : sekeboes a chad er a boes; meduch el omoes; sekeboes er a belochel, mosii; moes. from root boes
boi : n. servant. : boi a olangch, klekedall el olecholt, omeketakl a tkul a meched me a toachel from root boi
boi : n. buoy; property marker. : from root boi
boi er a oliochel : expr. land marker. : from root boi
bidel : n.poss.3s : from root boid
boid : n. mistake, error. also, chant which mentions people traveling to many places. : boid a merael; omais, omoid a beluu, midii, omiboid, moid a beluu, bidel. boid a cheleuid, boid er a llechukl, boid el cheuikl. from root boid
Boid : n. hill in Imeliik. : from root Boid
bokitang : n. octopus. : from root bokitang
bukitang : var. bokitang : bukitang a charm er a daob el betok a klemngel. from root bokitang
bokket : n. pocket. : from root bokket
bokket er a mlai : expr. glove compartment of car. : from root bokket
bokketengam : n.poss.1pe : from root bokket
bokketenged : n.poss.1pi : from root bokket
bokketengek : n.poss.1s : from root bokket
bokketengel : n.poss.3s his/her pocket. : from root bokket
bokketengem : n.poss.2s : from root bokket
bokketengir : n.poss.3p : from root bokket
bokketengiu : n.poss.2p : from root bokket
beksel : n.poss.3s : from root boks
boks : n. large wooden tray with legs. : boks a oleketokel er a kall, beksel. from root boks
bokso : n. elephant grass (used as animal feed). : bokso a ta er a bedengel a chudel el kelel a kerbou. from root bokso
bokungo : n. storage pit; air-raid shelter; deep hole; tunnel for storage. : from root bokungo
Bolabe : n. Ponape. : from root Bolabe
Bolabei : var. Bolabe : Bolabei a beluu er a F.S.M . from root Bolabe
rechibolabe : inhabitants of Ponape. : from root Bolabe
bolobel : n. mullet (jumping fish). : bolobel a ta er a bedengel ngikel. from root bolobel
boluaisei : expr. (bol el ua isei): let it be; so be it; amen. : from root boluaisei
bomado : n. pomade. : from root bomado
bomb : n. small boat engine; pump. : bomb a klalo el omomb a ralm me a cheluch. from root bomb
bomk : var. bomb : bomk a bomb. from root bomb
bomk er a cheluch : expr. fuel pump. : from root bomb
bombatel : n. chain. : bombatel a chelsuk el deel dousbech el uak. from root bombatel
bong : n. drainage ditch surrounding taro patch. : from root bong
bongai : v.s. bothersome; annoying; obstructing. : from root bongai
bengdam : n.poss.1pe : from root bongd
bengded : n.poss.1pi : from root bongd
bengdek : n.poss.1s : from root bongd
bengdel : n.poss.3s pound. : from root bongd
bengdem : n.poss.2s : from root bongd
bengdir : n.poss.3p : from root bongd
bengdiu : n.poss.2p : from root bongd
bongd : n. pound. : bongd a berraod, bengdel from root bongd
boingkio : var. bongkio : from root bongkio
bongkio : n. binoculars. : from root bongkio
bongkura : n. dull or slow-witted. : from root bongkura
bor : n. ball (in baseball). : bor a bduu el imiit er a kerbai. from root bor
bor : n. low tide in the morning. : bor a chedelchei er a tutau; temel a ulengimes, me a omelkelikes. from root bor
borhua : n. walk (in baseball). : from root borhua
boruu : v.s. (head) completely shaved. : from root boruu
bozu : var. boruu : from root boruu
besengel : n.poss.3s : from root bos
bos : n. (motorless) boat. : bos a mlai er a daob, besengel. from root bos
bos : n. boss. : from root bos
besechel : n.poss.3s : from root bosech
bosech : n. time of privation; drought; famine. : bosech a ngelsonges er a kall; telemellel a dellomel; kemtimt, bosech er a kall, besechel a udoud. from root bosech
bost : n. post-office. : bost a obis el oungerachel a uldurokl. from root bost
Bostol : n. Apostle. : from root Bostol
bot : n. mumps. : bot a ta er a bedengel a rakd el burek er a uchul a ding. from root bot
botang : n. button; flower similar to peony. : from root botang
boteto : n. potato. : from root boteto
bouch : : bouch a bleuechel er a merk er a chelmoll. from root bouch
bouchelild : n. triangle. : from root bouchelild
braider : n. badge; military stripe; rank. : from root braider
brak : n. giant yellow swamp taro. : brak a dellomel el kall el meklou er a dait, brekengel. A brak a dellomel; ng di ua a teletelel a bisech ng di kuk meklou. Ng kall. from root brak
brak : v.s. having a vagina which stays dry during sexual intercourse. : from root brak
brekengel : n.poss.3s : from root brak
brecherechel : n.poss.3s : from root brechorech
brechorech : n. bubble. : brechorech a brecherechel a mekeald, klengoes, me a ngeliokl. from root brechorech
brekedel : n.poss.3s : brekedel a omriked er ngii; brekedel a selokel, mrekedii, mriked. from root brekedel
berremam : n.poss.1pe : from root brer
berremiu : n.poss.2p : from root brer
berrerir : n.poss.3p : from root brer
berrud : n.poss.1pi : from root brer
berruk : n.poss.1s : from root brer
berrul : n.poss.3s : from root brer
berrum : n.poss.2s : from root brer
brer : n. raft (usually made of bamboo). : from root brer
bresengt : n. present. : from root bresengt
bridel : n.poss.3s act of scattering of sowing. : from root bridel
brengdel : n.poss.3s : from root bringd
bringd : n. container for bailing. : from root bringd
bretelel : n.poss.3s : bretelel a berritel er ngiil el mechas, omritel er a kerrasem. from root britel
britel : n. shakiness; jitters. : britel a chad el smecher el omritel, ng di omritel er a bek el taem. from root britel
britel : v.s. (person) shaky/jittery. : britel a chad el smecher el omritel, ng di omritel er a bek el taem. from root britel
bekebrotech : v.s. prone to slapping. : bekebrotech a sekebrotech; mekudem el omrotech, mertechii, mrotech, bertechel. from root brotech
bertechel : n.poss.3s : from root brotech
brotech : n. clapping; wooden paddle used as war weapon; applause; praise. : brotech a omrotech a chimal brotech er a ungil el cheldecheduch, bertechel. from root brotech
sekebrotech : var. bekebrotech : sekebrotech a soal el omrotech; mertechii, mrotech a chimal. from root brotech
brrengdel : : brengdel a omringd er ngii el mlai, melimet, oltobed a daob er ngii. from root brrengdel
brrer : : brrer a bambuu el selakd el mlai er a chei; klekedall er a omenged, berrul. from root brrer
brringd : : brringd a olimet, klalo el melimet, omringd a mlai er a daob. from root brringd
bsall : n. damsel fish. : bsall a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root bsall
bsebsel : n.poss.3s : from root bsibs
bsibs : n. drill; termite. : bsibs a klekedall el omsibs; bsibs er a kerrekar me a deel, misebsii a deel, bsebsel. from root bsibs
teribisibs : v.s. full of holes. : teribisibs a terremerumes; betok a blsibs er ngii. from root bsibs
bsibsungos : n. wart. : bsibsungos a rekdel a chereuel a uach. from root bsibsungos
bsodech : n. cardinal fish. : bsodech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root bsodech
bsukel : n. squirrel fish (small toothed). : bsukel a ta er a bedengel a mekekerei el ngikel. from root bsukel
btaches : n. Alexandrian laurel tree; kamani (wood used for canoes; nuts used as marbles). : btaches a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A btaches a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. Ng no meklou el kerrekar. A redechel a mekekeriei e mechaibibeob. Ng diak el kall e ng di sebechir a rengalek el olab el outama. A chelechedal a btaches a dirrek el kmal ungil klalo le ng kmal mesisiich. Ng sebechel el no mlai. from root btaches
btangch : n. stone seats around bai where old men (rubak) sit; stone at roadside as resting place; sacred stone in village. : btangch a ungil a blebelel el bad el ngar er a medal bai el ulsisellir a rubak, btengchel. from root btangch
btengchel : n.poss.3s : btengchel a btangch . from root btangch
btanget : n. any instrument used for sanding/smoothing (e.g., bamboo leaf, dried sharkskin, sandpaper). : btanget a klekedellel a omtangt, mtanget a toluk. from root btanget
btanget a oeacher : expr. shoe brush; action of polishing shoes. : from root btanget
btengetel : n.poss.3s : from root btanget
btar : n. swing. : btar a chekil me a lechub e ng besebes el klabs e a rengalek a dengchokl er ngii e omtar; bterengel. from root btar
bterengel : var. bterngel : bterengel a btar er ngii el nga lek. from root btar
bterngel : n.poss.3s : from root btar
btek : n. woman's belt for grass skirt. : btek a techull; lechetel a diil; btekel a omechell el kasialang. from root btek
btekel : n.poss.3s also, wooden trimming on sides of boat. : from root btek
btechengel : n.poss.3s : btechengel a btuch er ngii. from root btuch
btuch : n. star; military star (on hat or clothing). : btuch a klalo el kmard er a eanged a le klebesei, btuch er a ongos. from root btuch
btuch : n. starfish. : btuch a ta er a bedengel a cheled. from root btuch
btuch er a ngebard : expr. bright star in western sky. : from root btuch
btuch er a ongos : expr. bright star in eastern sky. : from root btuch
mengubs el btuch : expr. shooting star. : from root btuch
merechorech el btuch : expr. shooting star. : from root btuch
omoket el btuch : expr. comet. : from root btuch
buadel : n. main horizontal beam at rooftop. : buadel a klekedall er a blai el kerrekal el llemolem er a bebul a blai. from root buadel
buai : n. public; community. : buai a beluu; rebeluu, chad er a beluu el rokui a buai. Cheldellir a re bek el chad era beluu. from root buai
chad er a buai : expr. persons active in community affairs. : from root buai
tekoi el buai : n. decision of the general public. : from root buai
tekoi er a buai : expr. matters of (general) community interest. : from root buai
bub : n. trap (usually for fish). : bub a klekedall er a omenged; omub a ngikel, chemang; bub a mengesimer a ngikel me a chemang, omub, bngel,. from root bub
bub el dech : expr. fishtrap with narrow opening designed especially to catch dech (=goatfish). : from root bub
bub er a chemang : expr. crab trap. : from root bub
ngikel el bub : expr. fish caught with a trap. : from root bub
bubeu : n. trunk fish. : bubeu a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root bubeu
bubeubedul : n. (edible) ground cherry. : bubeubedul a ta er a bedengel a emull el kall a rdechel from root bubeubedul
bebubong : v.s.redup. somewhat senile. : bebubong a telkib el bubong. from root bubong
bubong : v.s. senile. : bubong a rakdechuodel; besbes, bekekesbesib a rengul, omechetatel, beketertord. from root bubong
blil a bubuu : expr. spider web. : from root bubuu
bubuu : n. spider. : bubuu a ta er a bedengel a charm; mengidab. from root bubuu
bechemam : n.poss.1pe : from root buch
bechemiu : n.poss.2p : from root buch
becherir : n.poss.3p : from root buch
bechid : n.poss.1pi : from root buch
bechik : n.poss.1s : from root buch
bechil : n.poss.3s : bechil a chad el le kaubuch, buch, ombil, kldemel. from root buch
bechim : n.poss.2s : from root buch
buch : n. spouse; husband or wife. : buch a bechil, ombil, kaubuch. from root buch
buch el sechal : n. female in-law of family. : from root buch el sechal
buchelsechal : var. buch el sechal : from root buch el sechal
buchelsechelengel : n.poss.3s : from root buch el sechal
buchel : : buchel ngii el bambuu, meliud, omouch, muchii, moucha bambuu. from root buchel
Bucheluong : n. title of wives of Uong. : from root Bucheluong
bud : n. booth. : from root bud
bdechel : n.poss.3s : from root budech
budech : n. yellow-cheeked tuskfish. : budech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root budech
budech : n. action of binding coconut fronts into sheaves; peace; harmony. : budech a chelellakl el diak a uldikel, budech a beluu, diak a mekemad, bdechel from root budech
chad era budech : n. Peace Corps volunteer. : from root budech
budam : n.poss.1pe : from root budel
buded : n.poss.1pi : from root budel
budek : n.poss.1s : from root budel
budel : n.poss.3s skin (of person, fruit, etc.); hide; rind; bark; shell. : from root budel
budel a bedengel : expr. skin. : from root budel
budel a daob : expr. surface of sea. : from root budel
budel a ngais : expr. eggshell. : from root budel
budem : n.poss.2s : from root budel
budir : n.poss.3p : from root budel
budiu : n.poss.2p : from root budel
budo : n. Panama cherry; capulin. : budo a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root budo
budues : n. copra. : from root budues
buich : n. cowrie shell. : buich a ta er a bedengel a cheled. from root buich
bikam : n.poss.1pe : from root buik
biked : n.poss.1pi : from root buik
bikek : n.poss.1s : from root buik
bikel : n.poss.3s : bikel a mekekerei el sechal; ngeasek el chad, bikel a Oreor, buik. from root buik
bikem : n.poss.2s : from root buik
bikir : n.poss.3p : from root buik
bikiu : n.poss.2p : from root buik
buik : n. boy; any male younger than another male. : buik a ngalek el sechal, bikel. from root buik
buik : n. [when followed by a title] successor to a particular title. : from root buik
buikorengodel : n. auxiliary horizontal roof beam (used only in bai) laid on projecting ends of imuul. : buikorengodel a klekedellel a bai. from root buik
rebuik : : from root buik
buiksingch : n. : buiksingch a ongingil a singch; buiksingch er a babii a dikesem. from root buiksingch
bilel : n.poss.3s moon, month, month of pregnancy. : bilel a buil er ngii el dioll. from root buil
buil : n. moon; month. : buil a klou el chaibibeob el btuch el kmard a le klebesei er a eanged; tab el buil, orakiruu, oidudur. from root buil
buil : v.s. moon-shaped. : from root buil
buil a medal : expr. have large, round, saucer-shaped eyes. : from root buil
elecha el buil : expr. this month. : from root buil
elecha el me el buil : expr. next month. : from root buil
ta el buil : expr. one month. : from root buil
tia el me el buil : expr. next month. : from root buil
tia el mlo merek el buil : expr. last month. : from root buil
bkebkuul : v.s. having many nodes; rough-edged; (shin of leg) have bumpy surface. : bkebkuul a betok a bkul; bkebkuul el deb, bambuu. from root buk
bkul : n.poss.3s : from root buk
bkul : n.poss.3s its corner; angle; joint; node. : bkul a ongemulel a chim me a uach; bkul a uach, bkul a chim, bkul a beluu. from root buk
bkul a bambuu : expr. node of bamboo. : from root buk
bkul a beluu : expr. cape; promontory. : from root buk
bkul a deb : expr. node of sugar-cane. : from root buk
buk : n. book. : from root buk
buk : n. plate; bowl. : buk a meklou el blil a kall el delasech el kerrekar, bkul. Blil a kall el delsachel el kerrekar. from root buk
buk : n. corner; angle; joint; node. : buk a bkul a ngii di le ngerang, bkul a chim, bkul a beluu. from root buk
bukelengam : n.poss.1pe : from root buk
bukelenged : n.poss.1pi : from root buk
bukelengek : n.poss.1s : from root buk
bukelengel : n.poss.3s : from root buk
bukelengem : n.poss.2s : from root buk
bukelengir : n.poss.3p : from root buk
bukelengiu : n.poss.2p : from root buk
Buk er a Irong : n. a rock island that separates Ngermid and Ngerkesoaol. : from root Buk er a Irong
bukl : n. hill; mound of earth. : bukl a kedidai el chutem e ng di kedeb er a rois. from root bukl
buklbeluu : n. bird's nest fern (usually growing out of mound on tree trunk). : buklbeluu a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root buklbeluu
bukliuaiu : n. Palauan money: type of kldait. : bukliuaiu a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root bukliuaiu
bul : n. (swimming) pool; pool (game), billiards. : from root bul
bul : n. regulation; restriction. : bul a omul el belkul a omekeroul a kerruul er a beluu, omul a buuch; bul er a uel, blul er a temekai me lomechell el mo betok. from root bul
Bul : n. Pulu Anna island (southwest of Koror). : Bul a iungs er a Belau el ngar er a dimes. from root Bul
oubul : v.i. play pool. : from root bul
buldil : n. Traditional ceremony in which coconut is opened to foretell results of pregnancy; contemporary ceremony in which money is given to mother's family after birth (usually, of first birth) to assure future health. (buu el dil). : from root buldil
bulekolek : : bulekolek a bulak. from root bulekolek
bebulis : v.s.redup. half-witted; prone to wandering around and talking to oneself. : bebulis a telkib el mekngit me a lechub e ng ngodech a bdelul; omais el chad a bebulis. from root bulis
blil a bulis : expr. police station. : from root bulis
bulis : n. police; policeman. : bulis a chad el oltaut a llach e mengkar er a buai. from root bulis
mlil a bulis : expr. police car. : from root bulis
buls : n. moonfish. : buls a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root buls
beltel : n.poss.3s his/her/its action of turning over. : beltel a mla obult, meltii, beltel a reng. from root bult
beltel a beluulechad : expr. Second Coming of Christ. : from root bult
bult : n. : bult a omult; obult, meltii a rengul, ngodechii, beltel. from root bult
bumpo : n. grammar. : from root bumpo
bngad : n.poss.1pi : from root bung
bngak : n.poss.1s : from root bung
bngal : n.poss.3s : from root bung
bngam : n.poss.2s your (singular) flower, green coconut sheath, etc. : from root bung
bngmam : n.poss.1pe : from root bung
bngmiu : n.poss.2p : from root bung
bngrir : n.poss.3p : from root bung
bung : n. green coconut sheath protecting developing coconuts (later becomes chesechosu). : from root bung
bung : n. minute. : from root bung
bung : n. flower. : bung a bngal a kerrekar, dellomel; a chelilai a bung. from root bung
bung : n. type of trepang (shaped like flower). : from root bung
chad er a sers er a bung : expr. florist. : from root bung
bungariei : n. : bungariei a ta er a bedengel a dellomel. from root bungariei
bungariek : n. spathoglottis plant. : from root bungariek
bungaruau : n. purslane (vine). : bungaruau a ta er a bedengel a besebes. from root bungaruau
bungsu : n. fraction. : from root bungsu
bengtel : n.poss.3s his/her action of curling/twisting hair. : from root bungt
bungt : n. : bungt a omungt; blungt, bengtel a cheiul, mengtii. from root bungt
bengungau : var. bungungau : from root bungungau
bungungau : v.s. dark red; crimson; (eyes) bloodshot. : bungungau a bekerekard, mengungau. from root bungungau
burached : n. skin disease in which white spots spread over body. : burached a rekdel a buld el becheleleu e mekekad; burechedel. from root burached
burached : v.s. having skin covered with white spots. : burached a rekdel a buld el becheleleu e mekekad; burechedel. from root burached
burechedel : n.poss.3s : from root burached
buraia : n. pliers. : from root buraia
buras : v.t. brush (teeth). : from root buras
brechel : n.poss.3s : from root burech
brechel a uel : expr. spearing of turtles. : from root burech
burech : n. (action of) spearing. : burech a omurech, mrechii a ngikel el oba biskang, brechel. from root burech
brekel : n.poss.3s : brekel a omerek er ngii el babier, merekii e menguiu. from root burek
brekel : n.poss.3s : from root burek
burek : n. brake. : from root burek
burek : n. swelling. : from root burek
burek : n. dye; coloring; Arnotto dye plant. : burek a klalo el melodech a bedengel a ngii di le ngerang, mrekii a such, murek a mamed, brekel. from root burek
oburek : v.s. swollen. : oburek a burek; ochil a oburek el ngar er ngii a lalech; brekel a ouach. from root burek
burgatorio : n. purgatory. : from root burgatorio
burkatorio : var. burgatorio : from root burgatorio
bsengel : n.poss.3s : bsengel a bus er ngii el chad. bechiil a oubus. from root bus
bus : n. puss, cat. : from root bus
bus : n. marriage payment given by husband's family. : Ta ra okul a chebechiil el udoud; bus a udoud el rengedel a chebechiil el lomoket a sechal el mo er a blil a redil, bsengel. from root bus
bsebsuchel : v.s.redup. hairy; furry. : bsebsuchel a betok a bsechel, katuu a bsebsuchel, busech. from root busech
bsecham : n.poss.1pe : from root busech
bseched : n.poss.1pi : from root busech
bsechek : n.poss.1s : from root busech
bsechel : n.poss.3s his/her/its body hair, feathers, fur. : from root busech
bsechel : n.poss.3s his/her/its eye blink. : from root busech
bsechel a biib : expr. green (in color). : from root busech
bsechel a but : expr. pubic hair. : from root busech
bsechel a mad : expr. eyelash. : from root busech
bsechem : n.poss.2s : from root busech
bsechir : n.poss.3p : from root busech
bsechiu : n.poss.2p : from root busech
busech : n. feathers; fur; body hair. : busech a mekedeb el chui er a buld, bsechel a mad, bsebsuchel. from root busech
busech : n. a blink (of an eye). : from root busech
busekl : n. action of covering someone with legs while sleeping. : busekl a omusekl; oltak a ochil er a ochil a tang, kabusekl, museklii, buseklel. from root busekl
buseklel : n.poss.3s : from root busekl
bussonge : n. red hibiscus. : from root bussonge
bekebtiil : var. bekebut : bekebtiil a klou a idekel a btil. from root but
bekebtil : var. bekebut : from root but
bekebut : v.s. (woman) having large buttocks or vagina; (man) having large buttocks. : from root but
btil : n.poss.3s : btil a but er ngii; uriul, btil a lius, btil a chad. from root but
but : n. genitals; anus; vagina; bottom (surface). : but a eoulbeluu er a chad me a uriul, idekel a but, uchauch a btil a chad, btil a omerael, btil a lius. from root but
but : n. bottom (surface). : from root but
idekel a but : expr. buttocks. : from root but
buta buta buta : var. butabutabuta : from root butabutabuta
butabutabuta : interj. way of calling pigs. : from root butabutabuta
butcherechar : n. pagoda plant or similar plants in Verbena family. : from root butcherechar
butcherengel : n. jellyfish; nettle. : from root butcherengel
butcherngel : n. : butcherngel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root butcherngel
butecherechar : n. : butecherechar a ta er a bedengel a dellomel. from root butecherechar
ngerutecherchar : var. butecherechar : from root butecherechar
butek : n. cone similar to trochus. : butek a cheled el ko er a semum. from root butek
Butelbai : n. name of Ngriil. : from root Butelbai
butikaeb : n. shrimp. : butikaeb a cherechur er a daob. from root butikaeb
butiliang : n. bottle; glass. : butiliang a blil a ralm, sos, cheluch, butilengel. from root butiliang
butiliang : n. type of fish. [Scarus dimidiatus; Chlorurus sodidus]. : butiliang a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. mellemau from root butiliang
butilingel : n.poss.3s : from root butiliang
butiliong : n. bottle; (piece of) glass; small bluish-green fish (similar to rock cod). : from root butiliong
buts : n. boots. : from root buts
oubuts : v.i. wear boots. : from root buts
bngel : var. bungel : bngel a ngerel a dub me a boes. from root buu
bngel a daob er a chelmoll : expr. the breaking of the ocean on the reef. : from root buu
bngel a eabed : expr. crack of dawn. : from root buu
bungel : n.poss.3s breaking; explosion. : from root buu
bungel a diil : expr. celebration for first born child of a married couple (with presents given by father's family). : from root buu
buu : n. : buu a bngel, ngerel a mlai me a bungel a boes, obuu a meterakl el chais. from root buu
bucham : n.poss.1pe : from root buuch
buched : n.poss.1pi : from root buuch
buchek : n.poss.1s : from root buuch
buchel : n.poss.3s : buchel a buuch er ngii el chad. from root buuch
buchem : n.poss.2s : from root buuch
buchir : n.poss.3p : from root buuch
buchiu : n.poss.2p : from root buuch
buuch : n. betel nut. : buuch a dellomel el chemachel a rdechel. from root buuch
chemelek el buuch : expr. my betel nut (for chewing). : from root buuch
meduch el buuch : expr. kidney. : from root buuch
oubuuch : v.i. have betel nut trees. : oubuuch a ngar er ngii a buchel. from root buuch
buud : : buud a obuud, mo merek; meterob from root buud
buuk : n. type of pandanus with wide; strong leaves good for thatching roof of canoe shed; bai; etc. : buuk a ta er a bedengel a ongor, buuk a usbechall el chado er a blai me a bai. from root buuk
bekebuul : v.s. (person, animal) has strong (body) odor. : bekebuul a buul; klou a bul, merredes el bau, a riamel a bekebuul el kall. from root buul
buul : v.s. (food; plant; etc.) has strong; lasting odor. : buul a klou a bul, riamel a kall el buul. from root buul
buuldiil : n. : buuldiil a udoud el oboket el kirel a bechiil el dil e dioll er a ketengel, udoud el omengel a diil. Bekatel el udoud el mo ra bechiil e dil el dioll ra ketengel. from root buuldiil
buut : : buut a blil a chiull el cheled er a kereker el kall, remechas a omuut e melai a chiull. from root buut
chab : n. ashes; fireplace; hearth. : chab a mo er ngii a le medul a idungel, chebul a idungel. from root chab
chebmam : n.poss.1pe : from root chab
chebmiu : n.poss.2p : from root chab
chebrir : n.poss.3p : from root chab
chebud : n.poss.1pi our (inclusive) ashes; fireplace; hearth. : from root chab
chebuk : n.poss.1s : from root chab
chebul : n.poss.3s : chebul a chab er ngii el idungel. from root chab
chebum : n.poss.2s : from root chab
chabarer : v.i. get angry, get violent. : from root chabarer
chabunai : v.s. dangerous. : from root chabunai
chabura bang : var. chaburabang : from root chaburabang
chaburabang : n. fried bean paste bun. : from root chaburabang
chabura sasi : var. chaburasasi : from root chaburasasi
chaburasasi : n. oil can (with long spout). : from root chaburasasi
chach : interj. Oh! (exclamation of surprise). : chach a kibetiekl, cheii ng kau! ochoi! chioi! chach ke mlei! from root chach
chacheedbechedel : : chacheedbechedel a tereklel a cheldebechel el mo chad me ngii me a chad me ngii, di ngii el chedal. from root chacheedbechedel
chachelechel : v.recip. : chachelechel a dmak me ng ungil a rengrir, te chachelechel er a rael, chachelechel el ngar a ungil klebesei. from root chachelechel
chachelim : v.recip. accompany each other. : from root chachelim
chacheremrum : v.recip. grumble about each other. : from root chacheremrum
chacheroid : v.recip. far from each other. : chacheroid a kakengesakl; di du el cheroid, choridii, choroid, cherroid, cherridel. from root chacheroid
klechacheroid : n. mutual separation. : from root chacheroid
chachidai : v.recip. : chachidai a kaiuereked; di du el meringel mo kesaod; dmak e meringel el mesaod. from root chachidai
chachiklang : v.recip. : chachiklang a kaiuetakchim er a chiukl; di du el mengiklang. from root chachiklang
chachimer : v.recip. : chachimer a didu el mengimer; kaiuedubech el olengit a udoud. from root chachimer
Aika chedengal (a matukeoll)! : interj. : Exclamation indicating surprise; often used after realizing a deception. See it's entry in Proverbs for more information. from root chad
chad : n. man; person; human being; living being; someone; somebody; anyone; anybody. : chad a rokui el diak lulekoad el klaol; chad el dait; chad el babii; chad el ngikel; chad el lius. chad a sechal, dil, redil, ngalek, chad er a Belau, chad er a Merikel. from root chad
chad : n. liver. : chad a ta er a klekedellel a bedengel a chad, charm; chedengal a rrull. from root chad
chad : n. : chad a bad, kerrekar el kllingellel a bai; chadelbad; titech, dik, dkel. from root chad
chad : v.s. alive; living. : from root chad
chad er a daob : expr. person knowledgeable about the sea. : from root chad
chad er a government : expr. government employee. : from root chad
chad er a moros : expr. barbarian; cannibal. : from root chad
chad er a reng : expr. considerate person. : from root chad
chedad : n.poss.1pi our (inclusive) relative. : from root chad
chedak : n.poss.1s : from root chad
chedal : n.poss.3s his or her person or relative. : chedal a kmeed er ngii el chad, kauchad, Calista a chedal a Toni. from root chad
chedal a chelid : expr. person having religion; believer. : from root chad
chedal a ochil : expr. lap; upper thigh. : from root chad
chedam : n.poss.2s your (singular) relative. : from root chad
chedemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chad
chedemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chad
chedengal : n.poss.3s chedengal a chad; chedengal a babii, chedengal a rrull. : from root chad
chedengang : v.s.inch. becoming alive; reviving. : chedengang a sobelang er a kodall mesisichang, dikea le mad. from root chad
chedengaol : v.s. have a large liver. : chedengaol a melaok a chedengal; chedengaol el rrull. from root chad
chedengaol : v.s. sick with jaundice. : chedengaol a secher, rekdel a chad. from root chad
chederir : n.poss.3p : from root chad
mo chad : expr. become alive; come to life. : from root chad
chad el ngais : expr. developing egg (of bird). : from root chad el ngais
chades : n. road (originally paved with stones); causeway; jetty. : chades a rael el cheldukl er a bad, chang, chedesel. from root chades
chedesel : n.poss.3s : chedesel a chades er ngii beluu. from root chades
chadetaut : : chadetaut a chad el diak a kmal el ngera el sebechel el rullii; metitur e mesaik a chadetaut. from root chadetaut
chadings : n. sardine. : chadings a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; klou er a mekebud. from root chadings
chadireng : : chadireng a olecholt er a omerellel a chad; ngar a emel tuobed. from root chadireng
chadngais : n. testicles (of a man/male animal) : chadngais a ngais; ngisel a chad me a charm, chadngisel, meduu. from root chadngais
chedngisam : n.poss.1pe : from root chadngais
chedngised : n.poss.1pi : from root chadngais
chedngisek : n.poss.1s : from root chadngais
chedngisel : n.poss.3s his/its testicles. : from root chadngais
chedngisem : n.poss.2s : from root chadngais
chedngisir : n.poss.3p : from root chadngais
chedngisiu : n.poss.2p : from root chadngais
chado : n. roof. : chado a chedouel a blai, chodeuii a bai, chemado a blai. from root chado
chedoam : n.poss.1pe : from root chado
chedoed : n.poss.1pi our (inclusive) roof. : from root chado
chedoek : n.poss.1s : from root chado
chedoel : n.poss.3s : from root chado
chedoem : n.poss.2s : from root chado
chedoir : n.poss.3p : from root chado
chedoiu : n.poss.2p : from root chado
chedouel : var. chedoel : chedouel a chado er a blai; omengado er ngii; mengado. from root chado
chai : n. green barracuda. : chai a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chai
chai : n. pestle. : chai a orusech; klekedall el merusech a kall, cheiil a mechas. from root chai
Ucherkemul el chai : expr. one of legendary chiefs of Ngeaur. : from root chai
chaiamar : v.t. apologize to. : from root chaiamar
chaibebelau : n. riddle. : chaibebelau a tekoi el melekoi er a ta e berrotel el dengechel a belkul; mengaibebelau, blelau el tekoi. from root chaibebelau
mengaibebelau : v.i. speak in riddles. : mengaibebelau a melekoi el meleliuekl el omelau e kid a melangch. from root chaibebelau
chaibi : interj. ok; all right. : from root chaibi
chaibouch : n. : chaibouch a klekedall er a bedengel a charm; blil a kllel e dirrek el merusech a kall. from root chaibouch
chaibuchel : n.poss.3s : chaibuchel a chaibouch er ngii. from root chaibouch
chaibuuch : var. chaibouch : chaibuuch a klekedellel a chelsel a bedengel a charm el merusech a kelel; chaibuchel a belochel. from root chaibouch
chaibuchel : n. rotted wood at center of living tree. : from root chaibuchel
chadireng : var. chaidireng : chadireng a klekedellel a bedengel a chad, chadirengul. from root chaidireng
chaidireng : n. heart (internal organ); one's deepest feelings. : from root chaidireng
chaidirengul : n.poss.3s : from root chaidireng
chidirengul : var. chaidirengul : from root chaidireng
chaiko detsiu : var. chaikodetsiu : from root chaikodetsiu
chaikodetsiu : n. tie [breaker] in game of ziangkempo. How Palauans play "Rock, Paper, Scissors.". : from root chaikodetsiu
chainoko : n. half-caste child. : from root chainoko
chainoko er a Merikel : expr. half-American and half-Palauan child. : from root chainoko
chainoko er a Siabal : expr. half-Japanese and half-Palauan child. : from root chainoko
chad er a chais : expr. person who always has news to tell. : from root chais
chais : n. news. : chais a ongasireng el tekoi; merael el tekoi, "chad a milengchii a bilis" a chais; chisel a desiu, chisel mekomad. from root chais
chais : n. ice (frozen water); ice cube. : chais a ralm el kmal imis er a kelekolt me ng medecherecher. from root chais
chais : n. crystal methamphetamine. : from root chais
chais keeki : var. chaiskeeki : from root chais
chais kurim : var. chaiskurim : from root chais
chaiskeeki : n. popsicle. : from root chais
chaiskurim : n. ice cream. : from root chais
chisam : n.poss.1pe : from root chais
chised : n.poss.1pi : from root chais
chisek : n.poss.1s : from root chais
chisel : n.poss.3s : from root chais
chisel a beluu : expr. news about one's village or country. : from root chais
chisel a kodall : expr. news of (someone's) death. : from root chais
chisel a Toki : expr. news about Toki. : from root chais
chisem : n.poss.2s : from root chais
chisir : n.poss.3p : from root chais
chisiu : n.poss.2p : from root chais
melai a chais : expr. take a look at (something unusual). : from root chais
melim a chaiskurim : expr. eat ice cream. : from root chais
merael a chisel : v.s. well-known; famous; infamous; (person) popular. (news) spreading quickly. : from root chais
ngera chised : expr. what's up? : from root chais
chakimer : v.i. surrender; give up; yield. : from root chakimer
chaklsel : n. reed (resembling bamboo). : chaklsel a ko er a lild el dubech a dechel me a sangralm. A chaklsel a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou el dellomel; ng no metongakl e di mechetngaid. Ng di ua a teletelel a deb. Ng diak el kall. from root chaklsel
chalb : n. room or part of house where precious or secret things are kept. : chalb a chellibel er a blai; bliongel er a olsechall, chelbelel a bai a ngar a rebai, orars. from root chalb
chelbel : n.poss.3s : from root chalb
chelbelel : var. chelbel : chelbelel a chalb er a blai, chellibel, blimam a edei a chelbelel. from root chalb
chelbellel : var. chelbel : from root chalb
chalech : n. end of bamboo pole of sail or spear which holds kerrikr or spearhead. : chalech a klekedall el orreked er a kerrikl er a mlai er a doab. from root chalech
chelechelil : n.poss.3s : from root chalech
challaklii : : challaklii a meoud, ngeuall, challaklii me a urreor a meoud; chellebed er a meolt. from root challaklii
chaltar : n. altar. : from root chaltar
chamatter : v.s. plenty; more than enough. : from root chamatter
chambang : n. baked bean paste bun. : from root chambang
chambelangs : n. ambulance. : from root chambelangs
chameiu : n. wheat gluten, coconut syrup. : from root chameiu
chami : n. screen (for window or fence). : from root chami
chamireng : : chamireng a chesebreng, chelemuul el reng, chomur, chuam a reng, chemul a reng. from root chamireng
chamonia : n. ammonia. : from root chamonia
amt : var. chamt : from root chamt
chamt : n. government; administration. : from root chamt
chana kangari : var. chanakangari : from root chanakangari
chanakangari : n. button hole. : from root chanakangari
chang : n. jetty; road leading to dock. : chang a chades, rael, bdelul a chang a siseball er a beluu. from root chang
chang : interj. Oh! (exclamation of surprise used by males). : chang a kibetiekl, chang kau ke ngar tiang! chang ng miting e diak a chad? from root chang
uchul a chang : expr. foot of jetty. : from root chang
changar : v.i. (salary) increase; (person) get excited or nervous; promote; raise; rise. : from root changar
changari : var. changar : from root changar
changhel : n. angel. : from root changhel
changko : n. bean paste. : from root changko
changtena : n. antenna. : from root changtena
chansing : v.s. feel relaxed, at ease. : from root chansing
chansing : v.t. be too sure or proud of (oneself). : from root chansing
chansing : v.i. relax; be confident or reassured. : from root chansing
chansing er ngii : expr. sure of himself; confident; overconfident. : from root chansing
chanzang : v.t. add; do sums. : from root chanzang
chanzeng : n. [safety] razor blade. : from root chanzeng
chaol : n. milkfish. : chaol a ngikel er a keburs, taoch. from root chaol
char : n. price; cost; amount of money for purchase. : char a udoud el omechar, cheral a blai, melai a char. from root char
char : n. seaweed. : char a emull er a kereker, dellomel er a kereker. from root char
cherad : n.poss.1pi : from root char
cherak : n.poss.1s : from root char
cheral : n.poss.3s : cheral a char er ngii, cheral a mlai. from root char
cheram : n.poss.2s : from root char
cheremam : n.poss.1pe our (exclusive) price or cost. : from root char
cheremiu : n.poss.2p your (plural) prices or costs. : from root char
cherrir : n.poss.3p their prices or costs. : from root char
oltobed a cheral : expr. take out money for pay for (something). : from root char
charai : v.s. strict or harsh sounding. : from root charai
oucharai : v.t. present (oneself) as strict; act tough. : from root charai
blil a charm : expr. barn; shed for animals. : from root charm
chad er a charm : expr. butcher; cattle-raiser. : from root charm
charm : n. animal. : charm a babii, katuu, bilis me a malk; cheremel. from root charm
charm : n. type of fish. : from root charm
cheremel : var. chermel : from root charm
chermam : n.poss.1pe : from root charm
chermed : n.poss.1pi : from root charm
chermek : n.poss.1s : from root charm
chermek el bilis : expr. my (pet) dog. : from root charm
chermel : n.poss.3s : from root charm
chermem : n.poss.2s : from root charm
chermem el katuu : expr. your (pet) cat. : from root charm
chermir : n.poss.3p : from root charm
chermiu : n.poss.2p : from root charm
charmbedel : n. citrine white-eye (bird). : charmbedel a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root charmbedel
charmuderenges : n. Palau ground dove. : charmuderenges a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root charmuderenges
charmudrenges : n. : charmudrenges a charm er a medideriik el ked. from root charmudrenges
charmungos : n. long-tailed New Zealand cuckoo (appears when wind turns easterly). : charmungos a suebek el charm, cheremel ongos. from root charmungos
charuminium : n. aluminum. : from root charuminium
chas : n. soot; ink; lead of pencil. : chas a chesengel a oluches, chas er a desachel el llecheklel a blai; kitalong. from root chas
chas : n. ace (in cards). : from root chas
chesengel : n.poss.3s : chesengel a chas er ngii. from root chas
chesengel a kitalong : expr. soot or ink used with kitalong. : from root chas
chesengel a luut : expr. squid's ink. : from root chas
chesengel a oluches : expr. mark from pencil lead. : from root chas
chasagao : n. morning glory. : from root chasagao
chasangao : n. plant in morning glory family. : from root chasangao
chasbering : n. aspirin. : from root chasbering
chasebo : n. rash. : from root chasebo
chasebo : v.s. having rash or prickly heat. : from root chasebo
chaserreng : n. surprise; shock. : from root chaserreng
chasiba : n. scaffolding. : from root chasiba
chasuart : n. asphalt. : from root chasuart
blil a chat : expr. muffler; chimney. : from root chat
chat : n. smoke; steam. : chat a chetul a ngau, mengchat a seseb. from root chat
chetechat : n. fog; mist. : chetechat a kelekolt el ko er a chat; chetechetil a kelekolt a mla mail a kerrekar. from root chat
chetemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chat
chetemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chat
cheterir : n.poss.3p : from root chat
chetud : n.poss.1pi : from root chat
chetuk : n.poss.1s : from root chat
chetul : n.poss.3s : chetul a klou el udoud er a Belau el klalo er a blai. from root chat
chetum : n.poss.2s : from root chat
telechat : n. one puff of smoke (when smoking cigarette; etc.). : telechat a ochur; ta lomeloko el dekool; ongellii a urreor e nguu a telechat. from root chat
chatabang : v.s. (sl.) fine; okay. : from root chatabang
chatter : v.s. appropriate; suitable; compatible; (clothing, etc.) matching; (persons) well-suited for each other; just right for (situation, mood, etc.). : from root chatter
chau : n. coconut husk soaked in sea water and pounded into fiber for cord. : chau a delilech el suld el mo kerreel, melechotech a chau. from root chau
chauanai : v.s. inappropriate, unsuitable; incompatible. : from root chauanai
chaus : n. lime for betel nut. : chaus a delul el merangd, kim, chaus er a chemachel, mengaus, chusel. from root chaus
chusam : n.poss.1pe : from root chaus
chused : n.poss.1pi : from root chaus
chusek : n.poss.1s : from root chaus
chusel : n.poss.3s : chusel a chaus er ngii. from root chaus
chusem : n.poss.2s : from root chaus
chusir : n.poss.3p : from root chaus
chusiu : n.poss.2p : from root chaus
chausbengdik : v.t. know thoroughly; memorize. : from root chausbengdik
chautomatic : v.s. automatic. : from root chautomatic
chautomatik : var. chautomatic : from root chautomatic
matic : v.s. (sl.) fine; okay. : from root chautomatic
chauts : n. out (in baseball). : from root chauts
chazi : n. flavor, taste. : from root chazi
chazi : v.s. tasty. : from root chazi
chazino moto : var. chazinomoto : from root chazi
chazinomoto : n. flavor enhancer added to food (i.e. monosodium glutamate [MSG]). : from root chazi
chea : n. air (for tire). : from root chea
cheang : interj. Oh! (exclamation of surprise used by females). : from root cheang
chebacheb : n. jungle nightjar. : chebacheb a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root chebacheb
cheball : n. white-leafed taro (yautia); gray/white hair. : cheball a ta er a bedengel a bisech. from root cheball
cheball : v.s. gray-haired; white-haired. : from root cheball
chebellam : n.poss.1pe : from root cheball
chebellang : v.s.inch. graying. : chebellang a mla mo cheball; becheleleu a chiul, chuodel a chebellang. from root cheball
chebelled : n.poss.1pi : from root cheball
chebellek : n.poss.1s : from root cheball
chebellel : n.poss.3s : from root cheball
chebellem : n.poss.2s : from root cheball
chebellir : n.poss.3p : from root cheball
chebelliu : n.poss.2p : from root cheball
checheball : v.s.redup. rather gray haired. : from root cheball
bita el chebaod : expr. other side (of). : from root chebaod
chebaod : n. side (of house, etc.). : chebaod a bitang; telkib er a cherrungel, chebodel a blai, bita el chebaod er a chad, bita el a tkul a blai; chebodel. from root chebaod
chebedel : var. chebodel : chebedel a chebaod er ngii el ked. from root chebaod
chebodel : n.poss.3s : chebodel a chebaod er ngii el ked. from root chebaod
chebaringul : n.poss.3s anus. : from root chebaringul
chebechab : n.redup. dust (esp. under house). : chebechab a chutem el ua chab, chebechebuul, klou a chebechab er a rael a le medirt a chutem. from root chebechab
chebechab : n. scented fern. : A chebechab a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a meduu. Ng dirrek el mo klou el kerrekar. Ng kall a redechel e klalo a chelechedal. A chelechedal a sebechel el mo mlai. from root chebechab
chebechebul : n.poss.3s : chebechebul a chebechab er ngii. from root chebechab
chebechebuul : v.s. : chebechebuul a betok a chebechab er ngii. from root chebechab
chebecheb : v.s. lying face down; placed upside down; bent over. : chebecheb a terrob; diak el dengarech, chemau eou, mechebechebii, mechebecheb, ochebechebel from root chebecheb
chebecheb a bdelul : expr. (head) bowed. : from root chebecheb
chebecheb a btil : expr. woman with hard-to-reach vagina. : from root chebecheb
chebecheb el redil : expr. woman with hard-to-reach vagina. : from root chebecheb
chebechiielel : n.poss.3s : from root chebechiil
chebechiil : n. marriage. : chebechiil a sechal me a dil el dmak, talechad, teru el kaubuch. from root chebechiil
melekoi a chebechiil : expr. propose marriage. : from root chebechiil
chebedel : n.poss.3s stem of leaf. : from root chebedel
chebedes : n. leprosy. : chebedes a ta er a bedengel a rekdel a buld. from root chebedes
chebei : n. box crab. : chebei a cheled el kebliil er a ksull me a chellabed. from root chebei
chebeludes : n. bush in soapberry family. : chebeludes a ta er a bedengel a mekekerei el kerrekar. from root chebeludes
chebengoll : v.s. ashamed (of oneself, one's behavior); (behavior) shameful. : chebengoll a klasekl, sekemerur, kmes a bedengel er a ngloik, chebengoll a cheldechedechal. from root chebengoll
cheberdil : n.poss.3s young sprout or frond (of any tree or plant); the leaf at the tip of the branch. : cheberdil a blutek el llel a dellomel; beches el duubech el llel a lius, cheberdil a kerrekar; cheberdil a lius, cheberdil a kebui. from root cheberdil
cheberdil : n.poss.3s favorite thing, person, child, etc. : cheberdil a keseuaol, mekreos; cheberdil a kall ma klalo; klungiolel; mekreos er a reng el ngalek. from root cheberdil
cheberdil a redil : expr. beautiful or appealing girl. : from root cheberdil
cheberdil a rengul : expr. object of one's feelings/affections. : from root cheberdil
cheberdord : var. cheberdored : cheberdord a mekekerei el suebek el charm el soal ngar er a olbidel. from root cheberdored
cheberdored : n. black beetle; stinkbug; pinwheel (toy made of coconut leaves). : from root cheberdored
chebesad : n.poss.1pi : from root chebesal
chebesak : n.poss.1s : from root chebesal
chebesal : n.poss.3s underarm; armpit. : chebesal a mesekmel a uchul a chimal, mesikm. from root chebesal
chebesam : n.poss.2s : from root chebesal
chebesmam : n.poss.1pe : from root chebesal
chebesmiu : n.poss.2p : from root chebesal
chebesrir : n.poss.3p : from root chebesal
chebibech : n. looking-glass tree. : chebibech a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chebibech
chebicheb : n. : chebicheb a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chebicheb
chebiei : n. seeded breadfruit; edible seed of breadfruit. : chebiei a ta er a bedengel a meduu; kall a chiuesel. from root chebiei
chebil : n. woman (used only in names and titles). : from root chebil
chebill : n.a.s. curtain or partition in house (hanging down to level of armpit). : chebill a orars er a blai; mla ruebet a chebill er a smecher; orars el melenget. from root chebill
cheblel : n.poss.3s : cheblel a omengabl er ngii er a rengalek, mengabl. from root chebill
chebingel : n.a.s. papaya fruit. : from root chebingel
chebingel : n. large fishtrap. : chebingel a cheldukl el bad el mengaud a ngikel, chebngelel. from root chebingel
chebngelel : n.poss.3s : from root chebingel
mengebingel : v.i. build chebingel (in particular place). : mengebingel a ngar er a chei er a chebingel; melemed er a ngikel er a chebingel. from root chebingel
chebebirukel : v.s.redup. bent in many places; zigzag. : chebebirukel a telkib el chebirukel, chebebingoi. from root chebirukel
chebirekelel : n.poss.3s : chebirekelel a chebirukel er ngii. from root chebirukel
chebirukel : v.s. crooked; bent; (limbs) deformed. : chebirukel a diak le melemalt, mengebirukel, chebirukel el rael; choibirekelii, chebirkelel. from root chebirukel
chebirukel a osengel : expr. one's vision is crooked. : from root chebirukel
chebirukel el chad : expr. unfair or deceptive person. : from root chebirukel
chebirukel el oldasu : expr. irrelevant thought. : from root chebirukel
chebirukel el tekoi : expr. false or deceptive speech or matter. : from root chebirukel
chebirukerreng : n. unfairness; inconsiderateness. : from root chebirukerreng
chebis : n. spinning top (with a string). : chebis a klalo el mengebis, chobisur, chobis, chebisul. from root chebis
chebisul : n.poss.3s : from root chebis
cheblad : v.s. (person) deceptive; cheating; dishonest. : cheblad a diak el melemalt a omerellel; mengereker el mengeblad, chobeldir a metitur, choblad a udoud, chebirukel el chad, chelebeldil. from root cheblad
chebesechang : v.s.inch. becoming strange (in one's behavior). : from root chebosech
chebesechang : : chebesechang a di kea le melaok; mla mo chebosech; mla mo diak a lekel from root chebosech
chebosech : v.s. (fish, meat) lean or lacking in fat. : chebosech a otikereker; diak el melaok. from root chebosech
chebosech a ngerel : expr. boring; dull; poor at speaking. : from root chebosech
chebosech a rengul : expr. boring; dull; poor at speaking. : from root chebosech
chechebosech : v.s.redup. rather lean or lacking in fat. : chechebosech a telkib el chebosech. from root chebosech
chebouch : n. tree in palm family. : chebouch a dellomel er a oreomel el ko er a buuch. A chebouch a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. Ng di ua a teletelel a buuch. Ng kall a chederdubech er ngii. A chebouch a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. Ng di ua a teletelel a buuch. Ng kall a chederdubech er ngii. from root chebouch
chebuchel : n.poss.3s : from root chebouch
chebsadel : n. : chebsadel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chebsadel
chebsadel : n. type of fishtrap. : from root chebsadel
chebsuul : n.a.s. grindstone. : chebsuul a klalo ngiterebis; mesil el ororem e omtanget e meruul a betok kakerous el klalo. from root chebsuul
chebsuul ngau : expr. grindstone which turns and produces sparks. : from root chebsuul
chebsuulngau : var. chebsuul ngau : chebsuulngau a klekedall el cheterebsuul er a omerorem el klalo; duorem a oles, dormii a kamang; meroremang; merorem a otilech. from root chebsuul
chebtui : n. tree in Symplocos family. : chebtui a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chebtui
chebubarmad : : chebubarmad a rdechel a lius el klou er a chesbad. from root chebubarmad
chebucheb : n. long-eyed swimming crab. : chebucheb a mekekeriei el ko er a chemang; cheremel a klemedaol me a uleull me a keburs. from root chebucheb
chebud : n. grasshopper. : chebud a mengelekel a charm el suebek el menga llel a dellomel. from root chebud
chebuul : v.s. poor; pitiful; miserable; of low family; unfortunate; pitiable. : chebuul a olengesonges a lousbech; kesai a kelel me a ududel, diak a ngera er ngii; chelebulel, diak a mekerreuir. from root chebuul
ousesechebuul : v.i. pretend to be in poverty or misery. : ousesechebuul a ouchechebuul er ngii, leko ng chebuul. from root chebuul
remechebuul : those of low family; the poor. : remechebuul a betok el chad el chebuul; ngar er eou el chad el mengebuul, chelebuul. from root chebuul
cheche : baby defecate. (Similar word in many languages due to it being an ononomatopoeia.). : from root cheche
chechebangel : v.s.redup. (man) always staying home with his wife. : chechebangel a soal el mengebangel er a chebengelel. from root chechebangel
ngirchechebangel : var. chechebangel : ngirchechebangel a sosoal, omengebangel. from root chechebangel
bechecherd : v.s. : bechecherd a mereched el mo seselk a rengul; checherd a rengul. from root checherd
bechecherd a rengul : expr. irascible; easily fed up with. : from root checherd
checherd : v.s.redup. impatient; fed up with. : checherd a seselk a rengul; checherd a rengul er a cherrodech, checherdel a rengul. from root checherd
checherd a rengul : v.s.redup. impatient; fed up with. : from root checherd
checherdel : n.poss.3s. : checherdel a seselk; checherdel a seselk a rengul; checherdel a rengul er a bleketekoi. from root checherd
chechetid : n.poss.1pi : from root chechetil
chechetik : n.poss.1s : from root chechetil
chechetil : n.poss.3s sort of dislike. : chechetil a telkib el chetil. from root chechetil
chechetim : n.poss.2s : from root chechetil
chechetmam : n.poss.1pe : from root chechetil
chechetmiu : n.poss.2p : from root chechetil
chechetrir : n.poss.3p : from root chechetil
checheu : n. rumor; news. : checheu a klakelulau; omelaes, klou a checheu er a beluu el kirel a eoud er a omeluk el chutem. from root checheu
chechui : n. chiton (shellfish). : chechui a cheled el bereked a bad, ungil el kall. from root chechui
chechutel : n.a.s. some food to be chewed such as sugar cane. : from root chechutel
chetelel : n.poss.3s : from root chechutel
ched : n. low tide. : ched a meched; kesai a ralm; chedelchei; chedil a omouachel. from root ched
ched el kebesengei : expr. low tide at night. : from root ched
ched el tutau : expr. low tide in the morning. : from root ched
chedil : n.poss.3s : from root ched
chedil a chei : expr. low tide. : from root ched
cheleched : n.redup. area of shallow water (usually exposed at low tide and good for fishing). : cheleched a chei, daob, kereker. from root ched
chadalengobel : var. chedalengobel : chadalengobel a cheled el ko er a ngduul e kall. from root chedalengobel
chedalengobel : n. type of clam. : from root chedalengobel
chedall : : chedall a klou; chedall a rengul el chad a ulserechakl a rengul; klou a rengul. from root chedall
chedam : n. father (used as term of address). : chedam a sechal el oungalek; chedam a okedongel a ngalek el mo er demal. from root chedam
chedang : n. father (term of address less formal than chedam). : from root chedam
delal a demak : expr. my paternal grandmother. : from root chedam
demad : n.poss.1pi : from root chedam
demak : n.poss.1s : from root chedam
demal : n.poss.3s : demal a chedam er ngii el ngalek; kldemaol; demal a sechelik. from root chedam
demal a delak : expr. my maternal grandfather. : from root chedam
demal a demak : expr. my paternal grandfather. : from root chedam
demam : n.poss.2s : from root chedam
demerir : n.poss.3p : from root chedam
demmam : n.poss.1pe : from root chedam
demmiu : n.poss.2p : from root chedam
ouchedam : : ouchedam a omekedong er a demal; ngar ngii a demal. from root chedam
chedameang : : chedameang a kibetiekl el mechas rengul; a chedameang a kekerei ngikell! from root chedameang
chedaol : v.s. holy; sacred; (woman's private parts) not to be touched. : chedaol a meang; chengal a beluu; chedaol el ralm, blil a chelid a chedaol, chedolel. from root chedaol
chedolel : n.poss.3s : from root chedaol
chedbechelel : n.poss.3s brain; seed still in pod; (edible) heart of palm. : from root chedbechelel
chedead : n. jellyfish; nettle. : chedead a charm er a daob. from root chedead
chedead : v.s. not knowing where to go. : from root chedead
chedeaoch : n. type of fish. : chedeaoch a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root chedeaoch
chedebribr : n. type of fish. : chedebribr a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chedebribr
chedebsachel : n. Eugenia plant/fruit. : chedebsachel a kerrekar ei bekerekard me a becheleleu a rdechel; kall a rdechel. from root chedebsachel
chedebsungel : n. tree in caper family. : chedebsungel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A chedebsungel a dellomel; ng mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di sebeched el ousbech er a budel a chelechedal el kar. A redechel a kmal mekekerei e bekerekard. Ng ko er a diak el sal el mechaibibeob. Ng diak el kall. from root chedebsungel
chedebsungel : n. goat fish. : chedebsungel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root chedebsungel
chedebsungl : var. chedebsungel : chedebsungl a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chedebsungel
chedebsungel el ked : n. bead tree. : chedebsungel el ked a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chedebsungel el ked
chedechedelel : n.poss.3s complexities; complications; confusing characteristics. : from root chedechedelel
chedechedoi : : chedechedoi a ungil el melekoi; melolaok a cheldechedechal; chedechedoi el ounged a rechad. Delmedemek ma blekongesenges, ma omengeluch. from root chedechedoi
chedechellel : n.poss.3s : from root chedecholl
chedecholl : n. woven mat. : chedecholl a chelaus el such el usbechall er a cheliuaiu. from root chedecholl
chedechudel : v.s. angry at (someone). : chedechudel a rengul; checherd a rengul; seselk a rengul; cheldechudel el reng; chedechulel. from root chedechudel
chedechudelang : v.s.inch. : from root chedechudel
chedechulel : n.poss.3s : chedechulel a omengedechuul er ngii, mengedechuul, osiik a rolel; cheldechulel. from root chedechuul
chedechuul : n. knack/magical power for doing things; blueprint; plan (for house, bai, etc). : chedechuul a dachelbai; meduch el mengedechuul, chodechulii a oumekngit el mo ungil, chudechuul a chetituokel el tekoi, chedechulel. from root chedechuul
chedechuul : v.s. ingenious; clever; inventive. : chedechuul a dachelbai; meduch el mengedechuul, chodechulii a oumekngit el mo ungil, chudechuul a chetituokel el tekoi, chedechulel. from root chedechuul
chedei : n. mother (term of address less formal than chedil). : chedei a ngakl el usbechall er a okedongel er a chedil; e chedei. from root chedei
chedelchei : : chedelchei a chedil a chei; meched. from root chedelchei
chededelekelek : v.s.redup. : from root chedelekelek
chedelekelek : v.s. black. : chedelekelek a ilkolk; ko er a bedengel a chas, chedelekelek a diak le bechachas. from root chedelekelek
chedelekelek el chad : expr. person of African descent. : from root chedelekelek
chedeleualek : v.s. (person) dark-skinned. : from root chedelekelek
mechedelekelek : black (optional with plural objects). : mechedlekelek a betok el chedelekelek; diak le becheleleu. from root chedelekelek
chedelekelekel : n.poss.3s : chedelekelekel a mengelebed er ngii, omengedelekelek er ngii. from root chedelekelekel
chedellumel : n. cooked tapioca. : chedellumel a ngeasek el diokang el mereched el mo mark; chedellumel el diokang from root chedellumel
chedellumel : v.s. soaking wet. : chedellumel a ngar ngii a ralm er ngii; bail a deblechelech er a ralm, chedellumel el taor. from root chedellumel
chedeng : n. shark. : chedeng a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; metal el chedeng, metmut el chedeng. from root chedeng
Ucherkemul el chedeng : expr. one of legendary chiefs of Ngeaur. : from root chedeng
chedenguchei : n. type of shark. : chedenguchei a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root chedenguchei
chederdellel : : chederdellel a beluu el derdellel, Oreor a chederdellel a lbedul. from root chederdellel
chederdubech : n. (edible) heart of coconut tree; heart of palm. : chederdubech a cherrengul a dellomel, kmeed er a cheberdil el medemedemek. from root chederdubech
chederedall : n.a.s. subject; inferior. : from root chederedall
chederedellel : n.a.s.poss.3s : from root chederedall
chederemotel : n.poss.3s : chederemotel a omengederemaot er ngii el ralm. from root chederemotel
chederengor : : chederengor a cheled el kebliil er a molech me a meremarech. from root chederengor
chederngais : n. : chederngais a urech, ngisel a kud. from root chederngais
chederngor : n. type of trepang. : from root chederngor
chedelreng : var. chederreng : chedelreng a ousbech a ilumel, meched a rengul, aki medei er a chedelreng e le ng diak a ralm. from root chederreng
chederreng : n. thirst. : from root chederreng
chedil a reng : expr. thirst. : from root chederreng
chedesaoch : n. coconut frond just before beginning to turn brown; (white-capped) waves; old pepper leaves (used for chewing with betel nut). : chedesaoch a ouiuul el daob; meklou el daob; daob a ouchedesaoch. from root chedesaoch
mengedesaoch : v.i. (boat, etc.) make waves. : mengedesaoch a bekerurt el ert el meruul a chedesaoch; chedesochel a ert. from root chedesaoch
ouchedesaoch : v.i. (ocean) agitated with white-capped waves; (coconut tree) have chedesaoch. : ouchedesaoch a ngar ngii a chedesaoch, daob a ouchedesaoch. from root chedesaoch
blil a chedib : expr. anthill. : from root chedib
chedib : n. small black ant. : from root chedib
chedibel : n.poss.3s carving. : chedibel a omengeduib er ngii, mengeduib. from root chedibel
bachedchediilchei : n. protruding struts in middle of each end of canoe. : bachedchediilchei a klekedellel a mlai er a daob. from root chediilchei
chediilchei : n. sections of hull of canoe between bachedulematel and bachedchediilchei. : from root chediilchei
chediilechei : n. : chediilechei a klekedellel a mlai er a daob. from root chediilechei
chediilmekemad : n. section inside hull of canoe at chediilchei used for protection during battle. : chediilmekemad a klekedellel a kabekel er a mekemad. from root chediilmekemad
chedil : n. mother (used as term of address). : chedil a okedongel a ngalek el mo er a delal, chedil a kubengkem. from root chedil
chedil : interj. Uh-Oh! (exclamation uttered when accident occurs). Alas!. : chedil a okedongel a ngalek el mo er a delal, chedil a kubengkem. from root chedil
delad : n.poss.1pi : from root chedil
delak : n.poss.1s : from root chedil
delal : n.poss.3s : delal a chedil er ngii; dil el oungalek er ngii a delal. from root chedil
delal a blai : expr. very large house. : from root chedil
delal a chelebuul : expr. disaster; calamity. : from root chedil
delal a delak : expr. my maternal grandmother. : from root chedil
delal a diall : expr. tremendous ship. : from root chedil
delal a kar : expr. syn. ongael. : from root chedil
delam : n.poss.2s : from root chedil
delmam : n.poss.1pe : from root chedil
delmiu : n.poss.2p : from root chedil
derrir : n.poss.3p : from root chedil
chedoched : n. deep-bodied silver biddy or moharra. : chedoched a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chedoched
chedoed : n. deep-bodied silver biddy. : chedoed a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root chedoed
cheduakl : v.s. bow-legged. : from root cheduakl
chedui : n. blue-lined sea bream. : chedui a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chedui
cheduib : n. type of clam. : cheduib a cheled er a keburs. from root cheduib
chedusongeb : v.s. : chedusongeb a chetngaid; chetekl diak le mesengaked, chedusongeb el chad, chedusongeb el lius. from root chedusongeb
chechel : n.poss.3s : from root cheech
cheech : n. twisted tobacco or cigarette tobacco chewed with betel nut. : from root cheech
meringel a chechel : expr. strict. : from root cheech
chedel : n.poss.3s cord or thread for patching. : chedel a cheed er ngii, mengeed a klauchad. from root cheed
cheed : n. : cheed a klekedall; kldachelbai el mengeed; oldak el mo tang; chedel a mlai, mengeed, chedel a klauchad. from root cheed
cheedarullekl : n. bow tie shape. : from root cheedarullekl
bad el chei : expr. porous stone in sea. : from root chei
chad er a chei : expr. fisherman. : from root chei
ched el chei : expr. (normal) low tide. : from root chei
chei : n. ocean; sea; place for fishing. : chei a klou el daob; cheleched, chei a belual a rokui el cheled. Chelecha kede kuk mo er a chei. Me a chei a ngar er ngii a kebokeb, keburs, taoch, demetaoch, lalou, uet, lemau, kereker, chis dailechei, melekesokl, ngeraol, oreall, chiloil, chelemoll, me a daimechesengel. from root chei
dmolech a chei : expr. high tide. : from root chei
kekere a chei : expr. tide is low (but not as low as normal). : from root chei
klou a chei : expr. tide is low. : from root chei
kmes a chei : expr. slack tide; neap tide. : from root chei
mo er a chei : expr. go fishing. : from root chei
ngar er a chei : expr. fish for (food); take (food) from sea. : from root chei
tekoi el chei : var. tekoi er a chei : from root chei
tekoi er a chei : expr. words of criticism for poor fishing ability. : from root chei
cheii : interj. exclamatory question of surprise similar to "Is that so?" or "Is that right?" or "Oh yeah?". : cheii a mechas a rengul; kongei, olengesenges, cheii ng mludechem el olab a ice! from root cheii
eii : var. cheii : eii a ngesenges, olengesenges; eii me ke mlong? eii ng soam a urreor. from root cheii
cheio : n. nutrition; nutritional value. : from root cheio
cheisech : n. permanent stain. : cheisech a osechel a tuu me a chemachel me a kerrekar el ngar a mamed, chisechel a dait. from root cheisech
cheisech : v.s. stained (permanently from betel nut juice; banana juice; etc.). : cheisech a osechel a tuu me a chemachel me a kerrekar el ngar a mamed, chisechel a dait. from root cheisech
chisecham : n.poss.1pe : from root cheisech
chiseched : n.poss.1pi : from root cheisech
chisechek : n.poss.1s : from root cheisech
chisechel : n.poss.3s : chisechel a cheisech er ngii. from root cheisech
chisechem : n.poss.2s : from root cheisech
chisechir : n.poss.3p : from root cheisech
chisechiu : n.poss.2p : from root cheisech
chad er a cheisei : expr. sanitation inspector. : from root cheisei
cheisei : n. sanitation (inspection); hygiene. : from root cheisei
mekngit er a cheisei : expr. bad for the health; (person) poor in personal hygiene. : from root cheisei
cheiukl : : cheiukl a klekedall er a chad el omech er a chelechad me a bedul. from root cheiukl
cheki : n. battery acid. : from root cheki
chekid : n.poss.1pi : from root chekil
chekik : n.poss.1s : from root chekil
chekil : n.poss.3s his/her/its rope. : chekil a kedols e klou el kerreel, chekil a okul a bilas, cheklil. from root chekil
chekim : n.poss.2s : from root chekil
chekmam : n.poss.1pe : from root chekil
chekmiu : n.poss.2p : from root chekil
chekrir : n.poss.3p : from root chekil
cheklechelel : n.poss.3s : cheklechelel a omengklachel er ngii; mengklachel. from root cheklechelel
chekleuek : n. a type of chicken. : chekleuek a ta er a bedengel a malk. from root chekleuek
cheklul : n.poss.3s saliva or other lump in throat. : from root cheklul
nguim a cheklul : expr. swallow a lump in one's throat due to nervousness or anticipation. : from root cheklul
chekngidam : n.poss.1pe : from root chekngidel
chekngided : n.poss.1pi : from root chekngidel
chekngidek : n.poss.1s : from root chekngidel
chekngidel : n.poss.3s skinniness. : from root chekngidel
chekngidem : n.poss.2s : from root chekngidel
chekngidir : n.poss.3p : from root chekngidel
chekngidiu : n.poss.2p : from root chekngidel
Chelab : n. hamlet in Ngerard. : Chelab a chimo er a rengedel a beluu er a Ngeraard. from root Chelab
chelaiechang : n. type of lizard. : chelaiechang a kekerei el charm el melekesako er a chutem; chelaich a kebliil er a tudaol. A chelaiechang a charm; ng mekekere e ko er a mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng ua a teletelel a sechesech. Ng di telkib el meklou er a sechesech. Ng diak el kall. from root chelaiechang
chelais : n. leaves (plucked off plant); fishing basket (made of coconut leaves). : from root chelais
chelasam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelais
chelased : n.poss.1pi : from root chelais
chelasek : n.poss.1s : from root chelais
chelasel : n.poss.3s : from root chelais
chelasem : n.poss.2s : from root chelais
chelasir : n.poss.3p : from root chelais
chelasiu : n.poss.2p : from root chelais
chelisel : var. chelasel : chelisel a chelasel. from root chelais
blil a chelakngikl : expr. bee hive. : from root chelakngikl
chelakngikl : n. Palauan honey bee (does not sting). : from root chelakngikl
chelatngikl : var. chelakngikl : chelatngikl a charm el melenges; meruul a ilaot. from root chelakngikl
ilotel a chelakngikl : expr. honey. : from root chelakngikl
chelang : n. dessert made by adding coconut milk (disech) and sugar to boiled taro stems. : chelang a chelabed; chelechedal a dait el kliou; cheliotel e ngar er ngii a merekos er ngii. from root chelang
chelangel : n. tree in Hippocratea family. : chelangel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chelangel
chelas : n. surgeon fish. : chelas a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chelas
chelauesachel : n. type of shrimp; type of lobster. : chelauesachel a cheled; kebliil er a cherabrukl. from root chelauesachel
chelbakl : n. sweetened crushed tapioca or taro wrapped in leaves and boiled. : chelbakl a kall el rremet er a merekos e ngeliokl; chelbakl el brak, chelbeklel. from root chelbakl
chelbeklam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelbakl
chelbekled : n.poss.1pi : from root chelbakl
chelbeklek : n.poss.1s : from root chelbakl
chelbeklel : n.poss.3s : from root chelbakl
chelbeklem : n.poss.2s : from root chelbakl
chelbeklir : n.poss.3p : from root chelbakl
chelbekliu : n.poss.2p : from root chelbakl
chelbechielel : n.poss.3s : chelbechielel a udoud el ngii a mlengebechiil. from root chelbechiil
chelbechiil : n.r.s. money given as payment to wife's family after death of husband. : Udoud ma lechub e ng klalou el mo ra mle bechiil e mlad. from root chelbechiil
chelebechielel : var. chelbechielel : chelebechielel a chelebechiil er ngii el dil; ngii a mlengebechiil. from root chelbechiil
chelebechiil : var. chelbechiil : chelebechiil a udoud me a klalo el le ngai a melakl el dil me a lechub e ngii a mlad; mengebechiil, chelebechielel. from root chelbechiil
chelbel : : chelbel a diak lodengei a sesaod, ng diak lodengei telngachet, kede mesaod e ngii a chelbel. from root chelbel
chelbel : n.poss.3s : chelbel a omengalb el mengchongch er ngii. from root chelbel
chelbesoi : n. butterfly fish. : chelbesoi a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chelbesoi
chelbechebel : n.poss.3s : chelbechebel a ududel el chelebucheb. from root chelbucheb
chelbucheb : n. Palauan money in form of varicolored beads with circles or squares as designs. : chelbucheb a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root chelbucheb
chelbuil : n. surgeon fish. : chelbuil a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chelbuil
chelchelool : : chelechelool a cholo el ngar er a bedul e mekekad. from root chelchelool
chelchol : n. sand. : from root chelchol
chedal a cheldebechel : expr. member of the group. : from root cheldebechel
cheldebechel : n. club; society; association. : cheldebechel a cheldellir a rechad el oba ta el uldasu, Ngarametal a cheldebechel er a Oreor. from root cheldebechel
cheldebechelel : n.poss.3s club of same status in neighboring villages; member of club who is responsible for being host to member of sister club. : from root cheldebechel
bekedechedechaol : v.s. prone to talking/having conversation. : bekedechedechaol a meses el mengedecheduch; becheldechedechaol. from root cheldecheduch
chad er a cheldecheduch : expr. story teller; person skilled in talking or having many girlfriends. : from root cheldecheduch
cheldechedechal : n.poss.3s : cheldechedechal a cheldecheduch er a mlad el chad. from root cheldecheduch
cheldechederir : n.poss.3p : from root cheldecheduch
cheldecheduch : n.r.s. conversation; speech; meeting; story; folktale; conference about one month after death of spouse to settle estate. : cheldecheduch a tekoi el medung, mengedecheduch el mesaod a chutem; omengedecheduch, chedechedechal from root cheldecheduch
cheldecheduch : n. type of fish. : from root cheldecheduch
chedechelel : n.poss.3s : from root cheldechoel
cheldechoel : n. something that needs to be fixed. : from root cheldechoel
cheldechulel : n.poss.3s : cheldechulel a cheldechuul er ngii, mengedechuul. from root cheldechuul
cheldechuul : n.r.s. way or method of doing something; way of stopping or avoiding something. : from root cheldechuul
cheldelekedekel : n.poss.3s : from root cheldelekelek
cheldelekelek : n.r.s. blacknes; dark pigmentation of skin. : cheldelekelek a chedelekelek er ngii. from root cheldelekelek
cheldeng : n.r.s. enclosed part of house where precious family items are kept. : cheldeng a telia er a blai, uchul a orengodel, kingellel a merreder. from root cheldeng
cheldingel : n. finger; appendage (of hand, foot, etc.). : cheldingel a cheldngelel a chim me a ouach; cheldingel a eim er a bitang; cheldngelel a tuu. from root cheldingel
cheldngelel : n.poss.3s : from root cheldingel
cheldngelel a chim : expr. finger. : from root cheldingel
cheldngelel a oach : expr. toe. : from root cheldingel
cheldngelel a tuu : expr. banana (connected to or separated from a bunch). : from root cheldingel
cheldis : n. triangular prism; split piece of a betel nut. : from root cheldis
eldis : var. cheldis : from root cheldis
cheldechel : n.poss.3s : cheldechel a cheldoech er ngii, mengeldoech, cheldechel a toluk. from root cheldoech
cheldoech : n. Palauan glass money; glow; luster; heaven. : cheldoech a udoud er a Belau; olit er a kim; cheldoech a beluu er a eanged; mengeldoech. from root cheldoech
cheldeklel : n.poss.3s : cheldeklel a cheldukl el ngii a mlengades er ngii. from root cheldukl
cheldukl : n.r.s. jetty; stone wall; mound or platform of stones on which bai is built. : cheldukl a chelades er a bad; a odesongel a cheldukl; rael a cheldukl; mla mechades. from root cheldukl
cheldellel : n.poss.3s : from root cheldull
cheldull : n.r.s. core of canoe where mast, soaes, etc. connect. : from root cheldull
cheleas : n.r.s. : cheleas a kall me a klalo el ngeso el mo er a merrodel er a ngelekem mengeas, chelesengel. from root cheleas
chelesengel : n.poss.3s : chelesengel a cheleas er ngii, mengeas. from root cheleas
cheleatel : n.r.s. wire. : cheleatel a kerreel el deel. from root cheleatel
cheletelel : n.poss.3s : cheletelel a cheleatel el kloleklel. from root cheleatel
chad er a chelebacheb : expr. inhabitant of Beliliou or Ngeaur (pejorative term). : from root chelebacheb
chelebacheb : n. rock island; promontory. : chelebacheb a mekekerei el iungs; Ngerechong me a Ngemelis a chelebacheb, chelebechebel. from root chelebacheb
chelebechebel : n.poss.3s : from root chelebacheb
mengelebacheb : v.i. sail/pole canoe along coast of rock island. : mengelebacheb a merael a delongelel me a tkul a chelebacheb. from root chelebacheb
chelebed : n. hitting object; whip, club, bat. : chelebed a klalo el usbechall er a omengelebed, cholebedii a chetelaol, cholebed, chelebedel. from root chelebed
chelebedam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelebed
chelebeded : n.poss.1pi : from root chelebed
chelebedek : n.poss.1s : from root chelebed
chelebedel : n.poss.3s : from root chelebed
chelebedel a diokang : expr. stem of tapioca plant. : from root chelebed
chelebedel a tuu : expr. stem of banana tree. : from root chelebed
chelebedem : n.poss.2s : from root chelebed
chelebedir : n.poss.3p : from root chelebed
chelebediu : n.poss.2p : from root chelebed
chelebeludes : : chelebeludes a teleu a rekel el delul el ngikel; diak el ungil el mark. from root chelebeludes
cheleberochel : v.r.s. : cheleberochel a meringel a rengul; cheleberochel a kall a lterrekakl; di mo er a babii. from root cheleberochel
choberechelii : : choberechelii a mengeberochel er ngii el kall, torekeklii. from root cheleberochel
choberochel : : cheberochel a mengeberochel; merrekakl, cheleberochel a kall. from root cheleberochel
chelebesoi : n. angel fish. : chelebesoi a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root chelebesoi
chelebet : n. type of fish. : chelebet a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chelebet
chelebingel : n.r.s. cup (originally made from coconut shell). : chelebingel a kob; biul el blil a ilumel, cholechesobl er a ralm, chelebngelel. from root chelebingel
chelebiob : n.r.s. type of tree in buckthorn family. : chelebiob a kerrekar er a ked. from root chelebiob
chelebiob : n. : chelebiob a rekdel a kebui me a dellomel; omekoad a dellomel. from root chelebiob
chelebis : n.r.s. mashed or crushed tapioca. : chelebis a mla mechebis; chobisur, chobis a diokang, chebisul a chebis. from root chelebis
chelebisul : n.poss.3s : from root chelebis
chelebitel : n. deep-water fishtrap. : from root chelebitel
chad er a cheleblad : expr. deceiver; cheater. : from root cheleblad
chelebeldil : n.poss.3s : chelebeldil a omengeblad er ngii. mengeblad. from root cheleblad
cheleblad : n. deception; cheating; wile. : cheleblad a mengesuul e melai a soal; mla mecheblad e dmu berotel; choblad a udoud, chobeldir a chutem, chelebeldil. from root cheleblad
cheleblel : : cheleblel a tiul a dellomel el diak a ultutelel; cheleblel a dekool a ngeuul el cheitel. from root cheleblel
chelebud : n. Palauan money: type of kldait. : chelebud a ta er a bedengel a kldait, udoud er a Belau. from root chelebud
chelebulam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelebuul
chelebuled : n.poss.1pi : from root chelebuul
chelebuled : interj. Poor us! [typically used in a joking way when people make a mistake or something slightly bad happens.] : from root chelebuul
chelebulek : n.poss.1s : from root chelebuul
chelebulel : n.poss.3s : chelebulel a chelebuul er ngii. from root chelebuul
chelebulem : n.poss.2s : from root chelebuul
chelebulir : n.poss.3p : from root chelebuul
chelebuliu : n.poss.2p : from root chelebuul
chelebuul : n. poverty; misery; pitifulness. : chelebuul a kerrior el duubech; metacherebesul, betok a ngesonges er ngii; chelebulel. from root chelebuul
chelebuul er a mekemad : expr. war poverty. : from root chelebuul
chelechad : n. association; political party. : from root chelechad
chechedel : n.poss.3s : from root cheleched
cheleched : n. small sea crab. : from root cheleched
cheleched : v.s. ambidextrous. : cheleched a chad el osisiu a klisichel a katrul me a kadekmel a chimal. from root cheleched
cheleched el chad : expr. ambidextrous person. : from root cheleched
chelechedad : n.poss.1pi : from root chelechedal
chelechedak : n.poss.1s : from root chelechedal
chelechedal : n.poss.3s trunk (of tree; plant; etc.); torso; basic part or principle of. : chelechedal a chelechad er ngii. from root chelechedal
chelechedal a bail : expr. shirt; blouse. : from root chelechedal
chelechedal a blai : expr. frame or skeleton of house. : from root chelechedal
chelechedal a ochur : expr. basic principles of mathematics. : from root chelechedal
chelechedal a tekoi : expr. essence of the matter. : from root chelechedal
chelechedam : n.poss.2s : from root chelechedal
chelechedemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelechedal
chelechedemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chelechedal
chelechederir : n.poss.3p : from root chelechedal
ungil a chelechedal : expr. have a good figure. : from root chelechedal
chachechei : v.recip. envy each other. : chachechei a di du el mechechei, chetil a lungil a tang; didu el di chetirir a ta er tir a bo el ungil; chelechil. from root chelechei
chelechei : n.r.s. jealousy; envy. : chelechei a mechechei; diak el soal a lungil a rebebil, chelechingil, mekekirenguul a rengul. from root chelechei
chelechengel : n.poss.3s : from root chelechei
chelechingil : var. chelechengel : chelechingil a chelechei er ngii; mechechei. from root chelechei
kachechei : v.recip. envy each other. : kachechei a didu el mechechei; chetil a lungil a tang, kachechei el terung. from root chelechei
klachechei : n. reciprocated jealousy or envy. : from root chelechei
chelechelid : v.s.redup. (person) entertaining/funny/uninhibited. : chelechelid a kladikm er a ngloik; diak el olbechall; chad el omeksemeriar a cheldechedechal. from root chelechelid
ouchelechelid : v.t.redup. pretend or try to be funny; put on a joking air. : ouchelechelid a meruul er ngii el chelechelid; ng di klasekl. from root chelechelid
chelecheloul : n. dandruff. : from root chelecheloul
chelecheloul : v.s. having dandruff. : from root chelecheloul
chelechelui : n. type of fish. : chelechelui a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chelechelui
chelechil : n. whale. : chelechil a medob, ngikelngoaol. from root chelechil
chelechol : n. beach; sand. : chelechol a chetemel a kederang el becheleleu. from root chelechol
Chelechui : n. hamlet in Imeliik. : Chelechui a beluu er a lmeliik. from root Chelechui
chelechuus : n. type of tree. : chelechuus a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el ungil el besebes. from root chelechuus
bad el cheled : expr. crab (which lives on reef). : from root cheled
cheldemam : n.poss.1pe : from root cheled
cheldemiu : n.poss.2p : from root cheled
chelderir : n.poss.3p : from root cheled
cheldid : n.poss.1pi : from root cheled
cheldik : n.poss.1s : from root cheled
cheldik el ngikel : expr. the fish I've caught. : from root cheled
cheldil : n.poss.3s : cheldil a cheled er ngii el sechal. from root cheled
cheldim : n.poss.2s : from root cheled
cheled : n.r.s. any product of the sea (or, sometimes, pigeons) caught but not yet cooked; shell. : cheled a rokui el mengai er a daob el ua ngikel, kim, ngimes, bukitang me a kuk bebil. from root cheled
cheleid : v.s. stuck in a precarious position. : from root cheleid
chelekloch : : chelekloch a beraom el ngikel el mechuum e mo er a ngau; odoim. from root chelekloch
chelelengel : n.poss.3s pallor. : chelelengel a chelleleu er ngii; becheleleu from root chelelengel
chelelengang : v.s.inch. : from root cheleleu
cheleleu : v.s. pale (usually from fright); (land) desolate or destroyed (e.g. after typhoon, war, etc.). : cheleleu a medal er a dakd; kmal mlo medakd me a lechub e ng merur a cheleleu a medal; cheleleu a mla mengai, sersek a cheleleu, mla obadel a dellomel el rokui; chelelengang. from root cheleleu
cheleliuis : n.r.s. long, raised mounds for planting. : cheleliuis a mekemanget el selib er a sers; cheleliuis a blil a chemutii from root cheleliuis
chelemakl : n. one who stuffs too much food into mouth. : from root chelemakl
chelemeklel : n.poss.3s : from root chelemakl
chelemimiil : : chelemimiil a diak le mengunguuch; cheldeng a rengul. from root chelemimiil
chelemesames : v.s.redup. (person) having amputated limb (usually, arm). : from root chelemus
chelemsengel : n.poss.3s : chelemsengel a delebes er ngii, chelemus a chim. from root chelemus
chelemus : n.r.s. stump (of amputated or mutilated limb). : from root chelemus
cheleu : n. whiteness of ocean floor. : cheleu a chei, kereker el diak a bad er ngii, di chelechol from root cheleu
cheleuid : n.r.s. mistake; error. : cheleuid a diak le ngii a merang; ngodech el diak lemera el rolel, mecheuid er a belsechel a skuul, cheludul. from root cheleuid
cheludul : n.poss.3s : cheludul a cheleuid er ngii, ngii a mlecheuid. from root cheleuid
cheleuocho : n. large fishing basket. : cheleuocho a ta er a bedengel a oruikl. from root cheleuocho
cheliberrengrang : n. whiteness of clam shell. : cheliberrengrang a chellelengel a ulseuechel el kim. from root cheliberrengrang
bedengel a chelid : expr. sacred object; food forbidden to village or family. : from root chelid
bedengel er a chelid : expr. sacred object (e.g.; stone with image of deity); food forbidden to village or family. : from root chelid
Chedul : n.poss.3s god; deity; spirit; sacred object (about which some prohibition is made); center; religion; belief. : chedul a chelid er ngii, Dios a Chedul a beluulechad. from root chelid
chedul a bilas : expr. center of boat. : from root chelid
chedul a blai : expr. main horizontal beam of thatched roof. : chedul a kerrekar el llemolem er a uchub er a blai. from root chelid
chelid : n. god; deity; spirit; sacred object (about which some prohibition is made); center. : chelid a bladek, betok el kakerous, ochao a chelid er a Ngchesar, Ngirabeliliou a chelid er a Beliliou, oumesingd el beluu a di ngar er ngii a chedul. from root chelid
chelid : n. third month of Palauan year. : chelid a ongedei el buil er a rak er a Belau. from root chelid
Chelid : n. : Chelid a Dios el ulemeob a rechad, eanged, chutem me a rokui. from root Chelid
kelel a chelid : n. food of the gods. : from root chelid
tekoi el chelid : expr. supernatural event. : from root chelid
tekoi er a chelid : expr. religious or spiritual matters. : from root chelid
chelideuid : v.s. fast; quick; (person or animal) in a hurry. : from root chelideuid
cheliduid : n.r.s. bullet. : cheliduid a kelel a boes. from root cheliduid
chelii : n. yesterday. : chelii a sils er uchei er a chelechang. from root chelii
chelik : interj. exclamation of surprise (esp. directed at group of people). : chelik a chasireng; chelikeangl cholekoi e sechelei! ngera chised! from root chelik
chelikeang : interj. exclamation upon hearing playful lie. : chelikeang a chelik. from root chelikeang
chelikiik : v.s. having an overabundance of food, etc. and unable to carry it away. : from root chelikiik
chelil : n. prophecy. : from root chelil
chelilai : n. Palauan variant of plumeria; plant in Strychnine family. : chelilai a kerrekar el betok a bngal el bechochod. from root chelilai
chelilai er a ngebard : expr. plumeria. : from root chelilai
chelilekelek : : chelilekelek a merat; medirt, such a chelilekelek er a sils. from root chelilekelek
chelilekelek : : chelilekelek er a deroakl; kmal tuobed a cheril e melemolem el ocherechur. from root chelilekelek
cheliliik : v.s. (food, etc.) dry or having little moisture or juice. : cheliliik a medirt; chemis, cheliliik el chutem, cheliliik el kall. from root cheliliik
cheliliik el ked : expr. parched hillside. : from root cheliliik
chelim : n. protective mound (of earth or stones) surrounding house. : chelim a cheldukl el bad el bereked er a blai; chelim a ngar a rebai me a kliu. from root chelim
chelim rakt : : Chedal a smecher el mengelim er ngii. from root chelim rakt
chelimeluk : v.s. confused; disorderly; chaotic. : chelimeluk a diak le kldmokl; choimelkur a rael; di berriid a besbas e katotaod a klalo; mengimeluk, chimelkul. from root chelimeluk
chelimkelukel : v.r.s. : chelimkelukel a chelimkemkall; chelimeluk. from root chelimeluk
chelimimii a rengul : v.s. sullen; obstinate; uncooperative. : from root chelimimii a rengul
chelimimuul a rengul : var. chelimimii a rengul : from root chelimimii a rengul
cheliotel : n.r.s. food to which coconut milk has been added. : cheliotel a cheluit; kall el ngar er ngii a disech er ngii; klengoes er a disech; cheliotel el kim. from root cheliotel
cheluit : var. cheliotel : cheluit a cheliotel. from root cheliotel
chelis : n. holes at ends and center of hull of canoe for sails and mast. : chelis a telkib el chelisb; chisir, blil a orrakl er a mlai a chelis. from root chelis
chelisngellam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelisngull
chelisngelled : n.poss.1pi : from root chelisngull
chelisngellek : n.poss.1s : from root chelisngull
chelisngellel : n.poss.3s frown. : chelisngellel a ngii a mengisngull; bluks a ngerel e ultengel a medal; kesib a rengul. from root chelisngull
chelisngellem : n.poss.2s : from root chelisngull
chelisngellir : n.poss.3p : from root chelisngull
chelisngelliu : n.poss.2p : from root chelisngull
chelisngull : n.r.s. action of frowning/scowling. : from root chelisngull
chelitakl : n.r.s. song. : chelitakl a chesols; kelloi, rebetii, derebechesiil, choiteklii, choitakl, mengitakl, chiteklel. from root chelitakl
cheliteklam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelitakl
chelitekled : n.poss.1pi : from root chelitakl
cheliteklek : n.poss.1s : from root chelitakl
cheliteklel : n.poss.3s : from root chelitakl
cheliteklem : n.poss.2s : from root chelitakl
cheliteklir : n.poss.3p : from root chelitakl
chelitekliu : n.poss.2p : from root chelitakl
chelitechetemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelitechut
chelitechetemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chelitechut
chelitecheterir : n.poss.3p : from root chelitechut
chelitechetud : n.poss.1pi : from root chelitechut
chelitechetuk : n.poss.1s : from root chelitechut
chelitechetul : n.poss.3s : from root chelitechut
chelitechetum : n.poss.2s : from root chelitechut
chelitechut : n. weakness; softness; weakened condition (esp., due to old age); defeat (as in games, sports, or war). : chelitechut a mechitechut; diak el mesisiich, choitechetur a rengul, choitechut a bedengel; chelitechetul from root chelitechut
chelituuk : n.r.s. diligence. : chelituuk a ouedikel a le mechiuaiu. chelituuk a mengituuk; osiik a rolel; mengedechuul, choitukii a mesil el mo ungil, choituuk, chitukel a mechut el mlai. from root chelituuk
cheliuaiu : n. sleep; (action of) sleeping. : cheliuaiu a mechiuaiu; bad, klebesei a chosul a cheliuaiu, imiit a medal, cheliuel. from root cheliuaiu
cheliuam : n.poss.1pe : from root cheliuaiu
cheliued : n.poss.1pi : from root cheliuaiu
cheliuek : n.poss.1s : from root cheliuaiu
cheliuel : n.poss.3s : from root cheliuaiu
cheliuem : n.poss.2s : from root cheliuaiu
cheliuir : n.poss.3p : from root cheliuaiu
cheliuiu : n.poss.2p : from root cheliuaiu
cheliud : n.r.s. twisted or stick tobacco; thorny bush. : cheliud a ngklel a ta er a bedengel a rrellel a dekool, melamech a cheliud. from root cheliud
cheliuis : n. dike or low wall in taro patch; taro patch. : cheliuis a mesei el blil a dait; chellusel. from root cheliuis
chellusel : n.poss.3s : from root cheliuis
cheliull : n. Palauan money: type of kldait. : cheliull a ta er a bedengel a kldait; udoud er a Belau. from root cheliull
chelius : n. woman's turtle shell belt. : from root chelius
chelius el techull : expr. : Olkesongel el kldmokl ra cheluib ma lechub eng ulekngall. from root chelius el techull
chellabed : n. : chellabed a ta er a bedengel a cheled el kall; ko er a ksull. from root chellabed
chellabed : n. tree with small, round, red-colored fruit and large seed in center; sea crab with red-colored spot on back. : chellabed a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. A chellabed a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di kmeed el mo ua a teletelel me a meklungel a kidel. A redechel me ng ua a meklungel a redechel a kidel. Ng becheleleu a redechel e kall. from root chellabed
chellabed : n. wall pillar or post in bai on which imuul beams are laid and from which rekoi projects. : chellabed a klekedellel a bai. from root chellabed
chellaklii : v.s. slow-moving; unenergetic. : from root chellaklii
chellebakl : n. end or division between sections of thatched roof. : chellebakl a klekedall er a chado er a bai me a blai. from root chellebakl
chellechelid : n. entertaining/uninhibited personality. : chellechelid a chelechelid; chelechelid a ungil er a seked. from root chellechelid
chelled : n.r.s. group of fishermen. : chelled a delebechel el chad el ngar a chei from root chelled
chellelengel : n.poss.3s : from root chelleleu
chelleleu : n.r.s. whiteness (of clothes, skin color, hair, etc.). : chelleleu a blecheleleu er ngii; chellelengel, becheleleu. from root chelleleu
chelechel : n.poss.3s action or instance of spoiling (child). : from root chelleoch
cheleoch : v.s. favored; spoiled. : cheleoch a iliuekl er a ultoir me a beltik el reng. from root chelleoch
chellecheel : var. chelechel : chellecheel a omengeleoch er ngii; cheleoch, chelleoch. from root chelleoch
chelleoch : n.r.s. spoiling (of child). : chelleoch a kllungel a omengeleoch, cheleoch el ngalek, chellecheel from root chelleoch
chellibel : n.r.s. story of house. : chellibel a chachisois, blik a edei el chellibel. from root chellibel
chellim : v.r.s. accompanied; escorted. : from root chellim
chellimong : var. chellimosk : chellimong a chellimosk; mellomes e medenge betok el tekoi. from root chellimosk
chellimosk : v.s. proficient; versatile; experienced; expert. : chellimosk a kot el meduch er a tekoi, chellimosk er a urrereel a llach. from root chellimosk
chellengsel : var. chellingsel : chellengsel a chellings er ngii; mechellings, diak el cherrechar. from root chellings
chellings : n. clearness; transparency; purity; pristine condition. : chellings a beches; mechellings a daob, chellings er a ralm; diak el cherechar el ralm; chellengsel. from root chellings
chellingsel : n.poss.3s its clearness; transparency; purity; pristine condition. : from root chellings
mechellings : v.s. (liquid, glass, etc.) clear or transparent. : mechellings a chellings; beches, mechellings a ralm diak lecherrechar, chellengsel. from root chellings
chellius : : chellius a cheluib el bdek; techull er a redil. from root chellius
chellokl : n. waistline; cut of clothes. : from root chellokl
chelloklel : n.poss.3s : from root chellokl
chellolel : : Mle chelil el tekoi. from root chellolel
chellooch : n.r.s. masturbation. : chellooch a mla mechelooch; mengelooch a odoim le ng diak ongraol, chelochel. from root chellooch
chelochel : n.poss.3s : from root chellooch
chelluklel : : chelluklel a ngii a chillusii; chelluklel el sualo me a tet. from root chelluklel
chellungel : n.r.s. food that a woman brings to one of her relative's funerals. : chellungel a kall el longol a ngalek el dil el chedal a mlad el chad. from root chellungel
chelol : : chelol a chellungel er a kemeldiil. from root chellungel
chellusakl : n. : chellusakl a ta er a bedengel a chelaus, chellusakl el oruikl. from root chellusakl
chelmellam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelmoll
chelmelled : n.poss.1pi : from root chelmoll
chelmellek : n.poss.1s : from root chelmoll
chelmellel : n.poss.3s : chelmellel a chelmoll er ngii el beluu. from root chelmoll
chelmellem : n.poss.2s : from root chelmoll
chelmellir : n.poss.3p : from root chelmoll
chelmelliu : n.poss.2p : from root chelmoll
chelmoll : n. reef (general area). : chelmoll a chei; omedeklel a daob. A chelmoll a ikrel a oreall el omodees a daob er ngii. from root chelmoll
chellobel : v.s. covered; shady. : chellobel a telengetongel; mla mecheleb; cholebii a tuangel, chueleb; blai a chellobel er a kerrekar. from root chelobel
chelobel : n.a.s. anything which covers something (e.g., vine covering tree). : from root chelobel
chelodechoel : n. tree in elm family. : chelodechoel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chelodechoel
chelol : n.r.s. money paid to village for services of concubines. : from root chelol
chelold : : chelold a ngeliokl el delelualu a lmel e mekngit a ngeuil. from root chelold
cheloteachel : n. gallinule (common moorhen). : cheloteachel a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root cheloteachel
chelsakl : n. wall pillar/post in bai or house. : chelsakl a mesisiich el kerrekar el orreked a kboub er a bai me a blai, chelseklel. from root chelsakl
chelseklam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelsakl
chelsekled : n.poss.1pi : from root chelsakl
chelseklek : n.poss.1s : from root chelsakl
chelseklel : n.poss.3s : from root chelsakl
chelseklem : n.poss.2s : from root chelsakl
chelseklir : n.poss.3p : from root chelsakl
chelsekliu : n.poss.2p : from root chelsakl
chelsang : n. business; job; customary task; errand; cultural obligation; cultural custom. : chelsang a urreor; mechesang; omengereker, kemeldiil, ocheraol, cheldecheduch. from root chelsang
chelsengmam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelsang
chelsengmiu : n.poss.2p : from root chelsang
chelsengrir : n.poss.3p : from root chelsang
chelsengud : n.poss.1pi : from root chelsang
chelsenguk : n.poss.1s : from root chelsang
chelsengul : n.poss.3s : chelsengul a chelsang el kirel. from root chelsang
chelsengum : n.poss.2s : from root chelsang
chelsau : n. tree in linden family. : chelsau a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chelsau
chelsbekl : v.s. crooked [used to describe how something was cut]. : chelsbekl a diak lemelemalt el delobech; kisbekl, brak a chelsbekl a teludelel; turekorek. from root chelsbekl
chelsbocheb : : chelsbocheb a ulul me ng kedeb a telil, ulul a mla mechesbocheb. from root chelsbocheb
chelsebengos : n. handsomeness. : chelsebengos a kllebokel er ngii el sechal; chelsebengos er a ekebil; chesebengos; klebokel. from root chelsebengos
chesbengos : v.s. handsome; beautiful. : chesbengos a klebokel e ungil el sechal me a redil; ungil el dil. from root chelsebengos
chesebengos : var. chesbengos : from root chelsebengos
chelsechol : n. a type of chicken. : chelsechol a ta er a bedengel a malk. from root chelsechol
chelsekl : n.r.s. grated tapioca (sometimes sweetened) wrapped in banana leaves and roasted. : from root chelsekl
chelseklel : n.poss.3s : from root chelsekl
chelsam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelsel
chelsed : n.poss.1pi : from root chelsel
chelsek : n.poss.1s : from root chelsel
chelsel : n.poss.3s inside; within. : chelsel a diak el ikr; chelsel a rengul, chelsel a blai. from root chelsel
chelsel a bad : expr. in or among the coral. : from root chelsel
chelsel a blsibs : expr. inside of the hole. : from root chelsel
chelsel a kall : expr. in/inside the food. : from root chelsel
chelsel a klengar : expr. within (one's) lifetime. : from root chelsel
chelsel a skidas : expr. inside of the drawer. : from root chelsel
chelsel a taoch : expr. in/inside the channel. : from root chelsel
chelsem : n.poss.2s : from root chelsel
chelsir : n.poss.3p : from root chelsel
chelsiu : n.poss.2p : from root chelsel
chelsiuch : : chelsiuch a kerul a kebui el di medalem e duubech el kebui. from root chelsiuch
chelsiuch : n.r.s. stern board of boat. : from root chelsiuch
chelskall : v.s. (person) hurriedly or distractedly passing by. : from root chelskall
chelsngekl : : chelsngekl a di omes el bedul a bitang; chelsngekl le ng kesib a rengul, olechib er a medal. from root chelsngekl
chelsebelel : n.poss.3s : from root chelsobel
chelsobel : n.r.s. : chelsobel a kall el ngeso er a mesurech, chelsebelel. Odingel era cheroll el telngot. from root chelsobel
chelsuches : n.r.s. wound from sharp, pointed object. : chelsuches a selumes er a rasm; mla mechesuches; chusechesii, chusuches a medal, mengesuches; chesechesel. from root chelsuches
bekerekard a chelsul a mad : expr. have bloodshot eyes. : from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a mad : n. pupil of eye. : chelsul a se el omes er a mad, chelsuches a chelsul a medal. from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a medad : n.poss.1pi : from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a medak : n.poss.1s : from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a medal : n.poss.3s : from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a medam : n.poss.2s : from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a medemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a medemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chelsul a mad
chelsul a mederir : n.poss.3p : from root chelsul a mad
cheltechat : n.r.s. wound. : from root cheltechat
cheltechetil : n.poss.3s : from root cheltechat
cheltelel : n.poss.3s birthmark. : from root cheltelel
chelterchelel : n.poss.3s : from root chelterochel
chelterechelel : var. chelterchelel : from root chelterochel
chelterochel : n.r.s. neglect. : chelterochel a cheterochel; diak le cheleoch, omengeterochel, chelterchelel a ngalek, omengedakl. from root chelterochel
cheltikikelel : : cheltikikelel a ngii a mengetikaik er tir el mo melim. from root cheltikikelel
cheltimaim : : cheltimaim a cheltekill; meremang el cheltimaim a ngikel; cheltimaim er a reklechedolel el cheltelaol. from root cheltimaim
cheltitau : n. : cheltitau a chetitau er ngii el ekebil. from root cheltitau
cheltngaid : n.r.s. thinness. : cheltngaid a chetekl; chetngaid, cheltingidel. from root cheltngaid
cheltngidel : n.poss.3s : from root cheltngaid
chelemtumt : v.s.redup. very crowded with. : from root cheltumt
cheltumt : v.s. crowded with; covered all over with; full of. : from root cheltumt
cheltulel : n.poss.3s : cheltulel a chelat el ngii a mlengat. from root cheltuul
cheltuul : n.r.s. smoked fish. : from root cheltuul
cheluached : n.r.s. bitterness. : cheluached a telemtam; cheluchedel, mechuached el diokang. from root cheluached
cheluachederreng : n. meanness. : from root cheluached
cheluchedam : n.poss.1pe : from root cheluached
chelucheded : n.poss.1pi : from root cheluached
cheluchedek : n.poss.1s : from root cheluached
cheluchedel : n.poss.3s : cheluchedel a cheluached er a ngii, mechuached el kall. from root cheluached
cheluchedem : n.poss.2s : from root cheluached
cheluchedir : n.poss.3p : from root cheluached
cheluchediu : n.poss.2p : from root cheluached
cheluais : n. type of tree. : cheluais a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root cheluais
cheluatel : n.r.s. breezy place. : cheluatel a mechecheluut; klou a eolt er ngii, ongeluatel a cheluatel, chelutel. from root cheluatel
chelub : n. type of lizard. : chelub a charm el ko er a ius; kekerei e kiei a klechutem. from root chelub
chelubas : n. type of lizard. : from root chelubas
bekecheluch : v.s. smell of coconut oil. : bekecheluch a bul a cheluch. from root cheluch
chelechul : n.poss.3s : from root cheluch
cheluch : n. person good at cajoling/persuading; act of cajoling; persuasion. : cheluch a meduch el mengeluch; chulechur e melai a soal, smiik a rolel e nguu a soal. from root cheluch
cheluch : n. coconut oil; fuel (e.g. gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.); grease (from meat being cooked). : cheluch a laok, cheluchul a lius, kerisil, mangtekang er a babii. from root cheluch
cheluchul : n.poss.3s : cheluchul a cheluch er ngii. from root cheluch
cheluchul a skoki : expr. castor bean. : from root cheluch
rengul a cheluch : expr. dregs of coconut oil. : from root cheluch
cheluchau : n. type of orange. : cheluchau a merekos el meradel. from root cheluchau
chelucheb : n. (taro or banana) leaf or bag used for covering food being cooked; type of coral which grows on top of or covers other corals. : chelucheb a llel a brak el dekedekel a ngeliokl. from root chelucheb
cheldechel : n.poss.3s : from root cheludech
cheludech : n. wooden float for fish net; light weight wood used to make corks. : cheludech a merat el kerrekar el omechakl, kekebekakl, bechakl from root cheludech
cheludech : v.s. (wood) dried out (and light in weight). : cheludech a merat el kerrekar el omechakl, kekebekakl, bechakl from root cheludech
cheldelel : n.poss.3s : from root cheludel
cheludel : n. pandanus leaves to be woven for sail. : from root cheludel
cheludoud : n. flying sparks. : cheludoud a mekekeriei el ngau el tuobed er a seseb e suebek. from root cheludoud
chelui : v.r.s. : chelui a a ilumel el blulech er a sukal me a lechub e ng ilaot. from root chelui
chelibel : n.poss.3s : chelibel a cheluib er ngii el uel. from root cheluib
cheluib : n. (section of) turtle shell. : cheluib a ukaeb, ukebel a uel. from root cheluib
cheluikl : n. emperor fish. : from root cheluikl
cheluml : n.r.s. : cheluml a kekerei el delidui el klboub e chelado er a llel a kerrekar; ngar a oreomel el mengesuseu a belochel. from root cheluml
cheluodel : n.r.s. old age. : cheluodel a kllou el chad, chuodel, cheludellel a mechas. from root cheluodel
cheluodellel : n.poss.3s : cheluedellel a cheluodel er ngii, chuodel el chad. from root cheluodel
chelumelel : n.poss.3s : chelumelel a ngii a mlenguum er ngii, cheluomel el odoim. from root cheluomel
cheluomel : n.r.s. fish wrapped in leaves or betel nut fiber and baked. : from root cheluomel
chelutel : v.s. resembling someone in appearance or behavior; (esp., because baby acquired certain characteristics while still in the womb). : from root chelutel
cheluu : n. Palau tree fern. : cheluu a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a oreomel. A cheluu a ta er a bedengel a dellomel; ng diak el sal el ng klou el kerrekar. Ng di ua telongklel a buuch. Ng diak el kall. from root cheluu
cheltel : var. chelutel : from root cheluut
chelutel : n.poss.3s : from root cheluut
cheluut : n. cool breeze; (action of) slapping. : cheluut a eolt, cholutii, melai a cheluut; choluut a blai, chelutel. from root cheluut
chemachel : n.a.s. ingredients for betel nut chewing (i.e. betel nut, pepper leaf, lime, etc.). : chemachel a kebui me a buuch me a chaus; chemelel. from root chemachel
chemachel : n. titled persons in a village (usually, ten in number). : from root chemachel
chemelam : n.poss.1pe : from root chemachel
chemeled : n.poss.1pi : from root chemachel
chemelek : n.poss.1s : from root chemachel
chemelel : n.poss.3s : from root chemachel
chemelem : n.poss.2s : from root chemachel
chemelem el dekool : expr. your cigarettes (for smoking). : from root chemachel
chemelir : n.poss.3p : from root chemachel
chemeliu : n.poss.2p : from root chemachel
chemachel era cheldebechel : expr. : Btelul a cheldebechel. from root chemachel era cheldebechel
chemadech : n. coconut sap. : chemadech a osechel a bngal a lius el direkak le mesengoes el mo ilaot. from root chemadech
chemadech : v.s. (plant) unripe or green; (food) raw or uncooked; be in full standing position when dancing; brand new. : chemadech a kall el diak le ngeliokl, diak el selengoes; chemedechel. from root chemadech
chemadech a rebub : expr. basil. : from root chemadech
chemedechel : n.poss.3s : from root chemadech
chemaeong : n. : chemaeong a mekekerei el suebek el charm. from root chemaeong
chemaidechedui : n. green tree lizard; green skink. : chemaidechedui a charm el melemiakl e meleliuekl a kerrekar, maidui. from root chemaidechedui
maidui : var. chemaidechedui : maidui a chemaidechedui; mekekerei el charm el melemiakl a kerrekar. from root chemaidechedui
chemaiong : n. dragonfly. : from root chemaiong
chemaiong : v.s. prone to moving from one boyfriend or girlfriend to another. : from root chemaiong
chemais : n. cricket. : chemais a ta er a bedengel a chebud el mengemais, a leko ng "deleb". from root chemais
chemakl : n. (sl.) food. : from root chemakl
chemeklel : n.poss.3s : from root chemakl
bekechemang : v.s. smell of crabs (after cooking or eating crabs). : from root chemang
chemang : n. large sea or mangrove crab; Samoan crab. : chemang a meklou el charm el odoim el ua teletelel a rekung. from root chemang
mengemang : v.i. collect large sea crab. : mengemang a melai a chemang. from root chemang
redil el chemang : expr. female crab. : from root chemang
sechal el chemang : expr. male crab. : from root chemang
chemaot : v.i. wade; walk in water; be overwhelmed with. : chemaot a merael er a chelsel a ralm. from root chemaot
chilaot : v.i.past : from root chemaot
Chemaredong : n. legendary man, skilled in trapping fish, who lived in a cave near Oikull, totally unaware of Beriber who inhabited the adjacent cave. : from root Chemaredong
chars : var. chemars : from root chemars
chemars : n. leak (in something like a boat or a bucket). : chemars a ngar er ngii a metetoech me a lechub e ngelling, bilas a chemars, blai a chemars, chemersel. from root chemars
chemars : v.s. (boat, bucket, etc.) leaky; leaking. : chemars a ngar er ngii a metetoech me a lechub e ngelling, bilas a chemars, blai a chemars, chemersel. from root chemars
chemersam : n.poss.1pe : from root chemars
chemersang : v.s.inch. is getting leaky. : chemersang a mla mo er ngii a lling er ngii; chemars, chemersel. from root chemars
chemersed : n.poss.1pi : from root chemars
chemersek : n.poss.1s : from root chemars
chemersel : n.poss.3s : from root chemars
chemersem : n.poss.2s : from root chemars
chemersir : n.poss.3p : from root chemars
chemersiu : n.poss.2p : from root chemars
mengerengars : v.i.redup. (heavy substance) ooze; (light) filter down. : mengerengars a olecherechars; mengerengars a ngbesel; tbal. from root chemars
chachat : v.recip. praise each other. : from root chemat
chelat : v.r.s. praised. : from root chemat
cheltongel : var. chelat : from root chemat
chemat : v.t. praise; admire. : chemat a oldanges; melekoi a klungiolel a chad; chemat a tekoi. from root chemat
chemat : praise multiple non-human objects. : chemat a oldanges; melekoi a klungiolel a chad; chemat a tekoi. from root chemat
chetengakl : v.s. praiseworthy; showing honor (towards). : chetengakl a ungil el kirel a chad; odanges; chotengii, "ulekoad er a chetengakl"; chemat er ngii, chetengel. from root chemat
chetongel : v.a.s. is to be praised. : chetongel a kirel a chetengakl; kirel a odanges, chetengel. from root chemat
chilat : : from root chemat
chiltengii : praised (him/her/it). : from root chemat
chotengii : : chotengii a chemat er ngii; oldanges. from root chemat
chachuchau : v.recip. facing each other. : chachuchau a chachebangel; di du el kasoues; rubekel a chachebangel; kachebangel. from root chemau
chemau : v.t. face towards; face or confront (problem, difficulty, etc.). : chemau a medal a bedul ngii, skuul a chemau a rael. from root chemau
chemau : v.s.t. facing towards. : from root chemau
kachuchau : var. chachuchau : kachuchau a chachuchau; teru el chad el chachebangel; kasoues el terung; kachuchau e omengur. from root chemau
chemcherasech : n. crossbeams in hull of canoe to which soaes beams are tied. : from root chemcherasech
chemchumel : : chemchumel a chei el delongelel a debeaot me a omedeklel a daob. from root chemchumel
chemchuml : n. rocky area of reef. : from root chemchuml
chemeched : v.s. (canoe) able to sail straight in spite of sidewind; (person) clever. : chemeched a bekerurt el mlai; meduch e mesisiich er a usaso me a urreor a chemeched el chad. from root chemeched
chemechemangel : : chemechemangel a cheseches; chemechemangel el brak, chemangel. from root chemechemangel
chemecherasech : n. tree in Connarus family. : chemecherasech a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chemecherasech
chemechisil : : chemechisil a chelsel a ding me a iis. Chemel era ding ma lechub e ng iis. from root chemechisil
chemechong : n. type of tree. : chemechong a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. from root chemechong
cheme el omtok er a ngesachel : expr. do something which will backfire on oneself or have unpleasant consequences (literally; defecate against slope (so that excrement slides back down)). : from root chemei
chemei : v.i. evacuate the bowels; defecate. : chemei a tuobed a dechil; tuong, chemert, chortii, ngalek a chemei. from root chemei
chemei : n. anus. : from root chemei
chemekill : : chemekill a oteruul, semum a chemekill. from root chemekill
chemekl : n. anything used as lever. : chemekl a klekedall el mengemekl; ongemekl, chomeklii a kerrekar, chomekl, chemeklel. from root chemekl
chemeklel : n.poss.3s action of throwing or tripping someone by putting lever between his legs. : chemeklel a omengemekl er ngii, mengemekl. from root chemekl
chemeklachel : n. tree in Nutmeg family. : chemeklachel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chemeklachel
chemer : v.s. (person) pouty, sulky, shy (typically as a result of being shunned, scorned, or ignored). : from root chemer
chemeraech : n. morning star; Venus. : chemeraech a bduch er a mochu tutau. from root chemeraech
Chemerert : n. location in Koror. : from root Chemerert
chemeridech : n. cerbera tree; reva. : chemeridech a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A chemeridech a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. A redechel a ua a meklungel a redechel a cheluchau e ng di telkib el derbengais a teletelel. Ng diak el kall. from root chemeridech
chemert : v.s. rusty. : from root chemert
chachiis : v.recip. escape together. : from root chemiis
chaichichiis : v.recip.redup. : chaichichiis a mla chemiis el rokui, chiis er tir, kaichichiis, betok el chad el chiesang el omart er tir. from root chemiis
chemiis : v.i. escape; flee; run away. : chemiis a chiis; remurt el mo cheroid, chemiis er a bulis. from root chemiis
chiesang : v.i.inch. begin to escape. : chiesang a mla chemiis; chiis, chemiis, chiesang er a urreor. from root chemiis
chiesung : v.i.pred. about to escape. : from root chemiis
chiliis : v.i.past : from root chemiis
mechechiis : v.i.redup. keep avoiding/sneaking out. : mechechiis a blechoel el chemiis; mengeroid er ngii; mesaik a mechechiis a urreor, chisel. from root chemiis
mechichiis : var. mechechiis : mechichiis a mekudem el chemiis; mechichiis a urreor me a ongdibel; chiis. from root chemiis
chemirchorech : n. type of fish. : from root chemirchorech
chemireng : n. brokenheartedness; sadness; loneliness. : from root chemireng
chemisech : n. rosy goatfish; Samoan goatfish. : chemisech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chemisech
chemelngel : n.poss.3s : from root chemlol
chemlol : n. fermented drink (made out of coconut or pineapple). : chemlol a kles el lius el medechel mo mekemim; chemlol el chelang. chemelngel. from root chemlol
blil a chemochem : expr. bladder; bedpan. : from root chemochem
chemechemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chemochem
chemechemed : n.poss.1pi : from root chemochem
chemechemek : n.poss.1s : from root chemochem
chemechemel : n.poss.3s : from root chemochem
chemechemel a olik : n. very light drizzle; very light rain. : from root chemochem
chemechemem : n.poss.2s : from root chemochem
chemechemir : n.poss.3p : from root chemochem
chemechemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chemochem
chemochem : n. urine. : chemochem a ralm el diak a usbechel er a chad me ng tuobed; chemechemel. from root chemochem
chemoes : v.s. (plant) immature or not ready to harvest. : chemoes a dellomel el direke mekekerei me ng diak le kall; chemoes el diokang. from root chemoes
mesabchemoes : v.s. (person) tending to harvest plants too early. : mesabchemoes a melngot a chemoes el dellomel; sobngii a kukau, musech a diokang. from root chemoes
mesabchemoes : v.s. prone to playing around sexually with someone too young. : mesabchemoes a melngot a chemoes el dellomel; sobngii a kukau, musech a diokang. from root chemoes
bechelchold : v.s.redup. always farting; flatulent. : bechelchold a mekudem el chemold, cheldel, chold. from root chemold
chachold : v.recip. fart at each other. : chachold a di du el mengold; choldii, chemold, chold, cheldel. from root chemold
Cheldii : Somebody's farted. : from root chemold
chelold : v.r.s. farted at. : chelold a mla mechold; choldii, chemold, cheldel. from root chemold
chemold : v.t. fart; pass gas; break wind at. : chemold a choldii, chold, cheldel. from root chemold
chemold : fart multiple farts. : chemold a choldii, chold, cheldel. from root chemold
chileldii : : from root chemold
chilold : : from root chemold
choldii : : choldii a mengold er ngii, cheldel. from root chemold
mechechelchold : v.redup. keep farting. : mechechelchold a mekudem el chemold; cheldel. from root chemold
mechold : v.erg. : from root chemold
chemolt : v.s. well-known; known for something. : chemolt a diak le berrotel; kebekuul er a Belau a chemolt. from root chemolt
chemrengelel : n.poss.3s : chemrengelel a chemrungel er ngii. from root chemrungel
chemrungel : n. space between ground and floor of bai or house. : chemrungel a delongelel a ulaol me a chutem, eungel a blai. from root chemrungel
chemudelach : n. plant in coffee family. : chemudelach a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chemudelach
chemul : n.poss.3s the location on an object where it is broken or split. : from root chemul
chemur : v.s. (each) provided with his own thing, share, etc.. : chemur a bek el chad a ngar er ngii a blingelir, diak a ongok a rengul, chemur a dikesir. from root chemur
cherengam : n.poss.1pe portion; amount or quantity (of food) equal to those being served. : from root chemur
cherenged : n.poss.1pi portion; amount or quantity (of food) equal to those being served. : from root chemur
cherengir : n.poss.3p portion; amount or quantity (of food) equal to those being served. : from root chemur
cherengiu : n.poss.2p portion; amount or quantity (of food) equal to those being served. : from root chemur
chemutii : n. sweet potato. : chemutii a ta er a bedengel a dellomel el kall a techel. from root chemutii
chengal : : chengal a chedolel; chedaol, beluu a ngar er ngii a chengal. Cheledolel. from root chengal
cheleuatel : var. cheloatel : cheleuatel a ngar er ngii a euatel er ngii; eotelel a beluu; sersel. from root cheoatel
cheloatel : v.r.s. (village) protected by stone wall. : from root cheoatel
cheoatel : n. stone wall along shore near village used for protection in war. : from root cheoatel
cheotelel : n.poss.3s : cheotelel a euatel er ngii, cheotelel a beluu; tengetengel. from root cheoatel
euatel : var. cheoatel : Cheluelued era re cherarou. A rebebil er rechad a uluusbech a euatel. A irechar e aike el chades er a beluu a ngar er ngii aike el siseball el mo er a chelsel a beluu el cheldukl er a bad el mekididai er a bita me a bita el chades, aikeikid a euatel. A uchul me ng euatel a lengar er ngii a mekemad el me er a beluu e te oueuatel er ngii a rechad er se el beluu e oumekemad er a recheraro. A euatel el tekoi a belkul a omerotel. Se el dengar er ngii e omart er kid er a cheraro. from root cheoatel
cheklel : n.poss.3s : cheklel a cheleokl; mla mecheokl er a tengdel a ngikel, cheokl. from root cheokl
cheokl : n. bone or obstruction in throat; matter of concern. : cheokl a tungd el metbard er a omerekaol; cheleokl, chemeklii, mecheokl, cheklel. from root cheokl
cheolu : n. barnacles. : from root cheolu
cheolu : v.s. covered with barnacles. : from root cheolu
chedecheos : n. time between mid-morning and late afternoon. : chedecheos a mellomes el diak el klebesei, cheldecheos. from root cheos
cheldecheos : n. time around noon; middle of day. : cheldecheos a chedecheos. from root cheos
cheos : n. sun, daytime. : cheos a sils, cheldecheos; diak le klebesei. Sils. from root cheos
cheoul : : cheoul a cheled el bereked er a otaor me a bad. from root cheoul
cher : n. butterfly fish. : cher a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root cher
chelabrukl : var. cherabrukl : from root cherabrukl
cherabrukl : n. lobster. : cherabrukl a charm er a daob; odoim el ko er a cherechur e ng di meklou. from root cherabrukl
cheraches : n. falling or outgoing tide; misfortune; scarcity. . : cheraches a omerolel el mo meched a chei; merael el mo mekesai, cheraches er a udoud, cherchesel. from root cheraches
cherechesang : v.s.inch. (tide) is just beginning to fall. : cherechesang a mocha cheraches; merola el mo meched a chei. from root cheraches
cherechesel : n.poss.3s : cherechesel a cherasech er ngii, cheraches a chei. from root cheraches
cherechesung : v.s.pred. (tide) is about to start falling. : cherechesung a mochu cheraches; kmedu el cheraches. from root cheraches
kmes a cheraches : expr. when the tide goes down very slowly. : from root cheraches
meringel a cheraches : expr. fast or strong outgoing tide. : from root cheraches
cherakl : n. type of trigger fish. : from root cherakl
cheramrou : n. small mangrove crab. : cheramrou a cheled el ko er a kekerei el cherabrukl; kiei a tkul a keburs me a ilachetomel. from root cheramrou
cherangel : n. poll unicornfish (Callicarthus lituratus). : cherangel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root cherangel
cheraro : n. enemy. : cheraro a ketiaol; kauklsibereng, diak lungil a deleongel er ngii me a chad, cherrouel, oucheraro. from root cheraro
cherroam : n.poss.1pe : from root cheraro
cherroed : n.poss.1pi : from root cheraro
cherroek : n.poss.1s : from root cheraro
cherroel : n.poss.3s : from root cheraro
cherroem : n.poss.2s : from root cheraro
cherroir : n.poss.3p : from root cheraro
cherroiu : n.poss.2p : from root cheraro
cherrouel : var. cherroel : cherrouel a cheraro er ngii, cherrouel el chad. from root cheraro
cherasech : n. : cherasech a ta er a bedengel a tuu. from root cherasech
Cherasech : n. passage in Ngcheangel. : Cherasech a toachel er a Ngcheangel. from root Cherasech
cherdechedel : n.poss.3s food for frying; action for frying. : from root cherdechedel
cherdechel : n.poss.3s : cherdechel a omengerodech er ngii, mengedecheduch el kirel. from root cherdechel
cherdechidel : : cherdechidel a bekelilangel; cherodech er a beot el secher, di beot e ng lmangel. from root cherdechidel
cherdoched : v.s. (eyes, open wound) stinging or smarting from pain. : cherdoched a telkib el meringel, merredes; cherdoched a medal er a kar from root cherdoched
cheredechidel : v.s. tending to yell out too much in pain. : from root cherdoched
cherdechengang : v.s.inch. (skin, bark of tree) becoming rough. : from root cherduch
cherdechengaol : v.s. (person) having rough skin all over. : from root cherduch
cherduch : v.s. (skin, bark of tree) rough or leathery; (person) having rough skin. : cherduch a diak le meaiu; telkib el keritbetbechel; chimal a sibai a cherduch. from root cherduch
cherechar : n. particles/residue suspended in water. : cherechar a cherrecheruul el ralm, chorecherur, ngar ngii a cherechar er a daob, chercherul, mengerechar. from root cherechar
cherechar : n. the future. : cherechar a ngar medad el taem, cherechar a diak a ullebengelel; chelecha el mo cherechar. from root cherechar
el mo cherechar : expr. forever. : from root cherechar
ngesechel a cherechar : expr. monument, memorial or artifact from the past. : from root cherechar
cherechel : : cherechel a melekoi er a merang e mo loia dechelel el ko er a besichel; melecha cherechel a cheldecheduch. from root cherechel
cherecher : n. phlegm; mucus. : cherecher a ngibd el tuobed er a omerekaol; ocherecher, cherecherel. from root cherecher
cherecherel : n.poss.3s : from root cherecher
cherecheroi : n. bush with white flowers; Palauan money: type of kluk (with white spots). : cherecheroi a kerrekar el becheleleu a bngal. from root cherecheroi
cherechur : n. shrimp. : cherechur a cheremel a omoachel me a taoch, kebliil er a cheramrou. from root cherechur
cheremall : n. : cheremall a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A cheremall a dellomel; ng di kmeed el ua a meklungel a bedel. Ng diak el bekirecherachel. Ng sebeched el ousbech el mo cheriut me a lechub e ng besebes. Ng diak el kall. from root cheremall
cheremall : n. : cheremall a udoud er a Belau el mla mo diak lourreor. from root cheremall
cheremallucheang : n. type of tree (Melochia). : cheremallucheang a kerrekar el oumesingd el duubech a chelebacheb me a ocheang. from root cheremallucheang
cheremel a mekebud : n. sea gull. : from root cheremel a mekebud
cheremelamerangd : n. damsel fish. : cheremelamerangd a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root cheremelamerangd
cheremetel : n.poss.3s : cheremetel a omengerumet er ngii; mengerumet. from root cheremetel
bekecheremrum : v.s. smell of sea cucumber. : bekecheremrum a ko er a bul a cheremrum. from root cheremrum
cheremrum : n. type of sea cucumber; trepang. : cheremrum a cheled el mekekerei er a bakelungal. from root cheremrum
klil a cheremrum : expr. parasitic sea animal living inside cheremrum. : from root cheremrum
mlemlii a cheremrum : expr. brownish purple edible part of inside of sea cucumber. : from root cheremrum
ungelel a cheremrum : expr. hard membrane inside one end of cheremrum. : from root cheremrum
cheremuuch : n. black surgeon fish. : cheremuuch a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root cheremuuch
cheridel : n.poss.3s : cheridel a omengeroid er ngii, mo cheroid er a rechad. from root cheridel
cheriich : v.s. reddish brown. : cheriich a mengeriich a bedengel. from root cheriich
cheririich : v.s.redup. light reddish brown. : cheririich a cheriich. from root cheriich
cheririich el chesbreber : expr. brown paint. : from root cheriich
mengeriich : v.s. sort of brown in color. : mengeriich a telkib el cheriich; mengeriich el mamed. from root cheriich
cheritel : n.poss.3s : cheritel a mekemim el meradel. from root cheritel
cheritem : n. tree whose fruit is used to make a dark red varnish; varnish/fruit of cheritem. : cheritem a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el chesbereber a rdechel. A cheritem a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng mechaibibeob a redechel Ng sebechir a resechal el ousbech a redechel el omtanget a biskelengir. Ng diak el kall. from root cheritem
cheritam : n.poss.1pe : from root cheriut
cherited : n.poss.1pi : from root cheriut
cheritek : n.poss.1s : from root cheriut
cheritel : n.poss.3s : from root cheriut
cheritem : n.poss.2s your (singular) grass skirt. : from root cheriut
cheritir : n.poss.3p : from root cheriut
cheritiu : n.poss.2p : from root cheriut
cheriut : n. grass skirt. : cheriut a baildil el ngar a uudes el me er eou, oucheriut, cheritel. from root cheriut
chermall : n. hibiscus (bark used as a rope; leaves used as mulch for taro). : from root chermall
chermall : v.s. having vagina which lubricates quickly. : from root chermall
chermall : n. Palauan money in form of green or blue glass beads. : from root chermall
chermallucheang : n. plant in cocoa family. : from root chermallucheang
chermelachull : n. Palau flycatcher (bird). Its Palauan name can be translated as 'bird of the rain' which describes the bird's habit of singing in the rain. : chermelachull a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root chermelachull
chermelamerangd : n. : cheremelamerangd a mengelekel a ngikel el kiei a merangd. from root chermelamerangd
cherobk : n. skipjack. : cherobk a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root cherobk
chereuel : var. : from root cheroel
cheroel : n.poss.3s palm (of hand); sole (of foot). : from root cheroel
cheroel a chim : expr. palm of hand. : from root cheroel
cheroel a oach : expr. sole of foot. : from root cheroel
cherouel : var. cheroel : cherouel a becheleleu er a chim me a uach; tutk a cherouel a ochil. from root cheroel
cheridang : v.s.inch. is becoming too far from desired mark or distance. : cheridang a mla mo cheroid; diak le keed. from root cheroid
cheroid : v.s. far; distant; deaf. : cheroid a diak le keed; skuul a cheroid er a blik, cherridel. from root cheroid
cheroid el beluu : expr. foreign country; far-away land; abroad. : from root cheroid
cherokl : n. : cherokl a ta er a bedengel a dukl. from root cherokl
cherellam : n.poss.1pe : from root cheroll
cherelled : n.poss.1pi : from root cheroll
cherellek : n.poss.1s : from root cheroll
cherellel : n.poss.3s : cherellel a cheroll er ngii, sils le mlechell er ngii. from root cheroll
cherellem : n.poss.2s : from root cheroll
cherellir : n.poss.3p : from root cheroll
cherelliu : n.poss.2p : from root cheroll
cheroll : n. birth; birthday. : cheroll a omechell; mechell, mechellii a ngalek, cherellel. from root cheroll
tekoi er a cheroll : expr. ancient chant sung to facilitate delivery of a baby. : from root cheroll
telecheroll : n. one generation. : telecheroll a generation ; ngeltengat a rechedal tia el telecheroll el Merikel a mlo oba Belau me ng mleakl. from root cheroll
ulemcheroll : v.s. (woman) having already borne children. : from root cheroll
cherosech : n. Micronesian kingfisher (Todiramphus cinnamominus pelewensis). : from root cherosech
cherongel : n.poss.3s : cherongel a cherou er ngii, cherou a medal el chad a chad. from root cherou
cherou : n. white mushroom; white scar. : cherou a teliluich, becheleleu. from root cherou
cherou : v.s. having a white scar; whitish; Caucasian. : from root cherou
cherrakl : n.r.s. work party. : cherrakl a chacherakl; chelchad el dmak el ourreor, choreklii, chorakl a sers, chereklel. from root cherrakl
cherreklel : n.poss.3s : from root cherrakl
charrach : n. term of address between males or spouses (when showing surprise). : from root cherrang
cherrang : n. term of address between male or spouses (when making a suggestion). : from root cherrang
rrach : n. term of address between males or spouses. : rrach a klaokedong er a chebechiil; me a klausechelei; rrach, e rrang. from root cherrang
cherredoched : n.r.s. fried food; tapioca candy. : from root cherredoched
cherrengelam : n.poss.1pe : from root cherrengelel
cherrengeled : n.poss.1pi : from root cherrengelel
cherrengelek : n.poss.1s : from root cherrengelel
cherrengelel : n.poss.3s wholeness; totality. : cherrengelel a cherrungel; uldekial, tela cherrengelel a udoud? from root cherrengelel
cherrengelel a klalo : expr. the whole thing. : from root cherrengelel
cherrengelel a tekoi : expr. the whole matter. : from root cherrengelel
cherrengelem : n.poss.2s : from root cherrengelel
cherrengelir : n.poss.3p : from root cherrengelel
cherrengeliu : n.poss.2p : from root cherrengelel
bechecherirs : v.s.redup. continually jealous/over-possesive about one's spouse. : bechecherirs a meses el mengerirs; mekreos, cherrirs, cherresel a chebechiil. from root cherrirs
cherresel : n.poss.3s : cherresel a cherrirs er ngii el buch. from root cherrirs
cherrirs : n.r.s. jealousy or over-possessiveness about one's spouse. : cherrirs a chelechingil a ultoir; cherresel a chebechiil, mengerirs. from root cherrirs
cherrecheram : n.poss.1pe : from root cherrocher
cherrechered : n.poss.1pi : from root cherrocher
cherrecherek : n.poss.1s : from root cherrocher
cherrecherel : n.poss.3s : cherrecherel a cherrocher er ngii, cherrecherel a klengoes. from root cherrocher
cherrecherem : n.poss.2s : from root cherrocher
cherrecherir : n.poss.3p : from root cherrocher
cherrecheriu : n.poss.2p : from root cherrocher
cherrocher : n.r.s. (degree of) saltiness. : cherrocher a cherrecherel; mecherocher. from root cherrocher
cherodech : v.s. noisy. : cherodech a smau e mekudem el mengerodech; mesaod, chordechii a mesei, chorodech a chutem, cherdechel. from root cherrodech
cherredecham : n.poss.1pe : from root cherrodech
cherredeched : n.poss.1pi : from root cherrodech
cherredechek : n.poss.1s : from root cherrodech
cherredechel : n.poss.3s : cherredechel a cherrodech er ngii, mengerodech a chutem. from root cherrodech
cherredechel a mlai : expr. noise of cars of traffic. : from root cherrodech
cherredechem : n.poss.2s : from root cherrodech
cherredechir : n.poss.3p : from root cherrodech
cherredechiu : n.poss.2p : from root cherrodech
cherrodech : n.r.s. noise (usually from people); complaint; clamor. : cherrodech a nglemuu; mengerodech, ultok, cherdechel a chutem, klou a cherrodech er a usbechel a mekngit el kar. from root cherrodech
cherridam : n.poss.1pe : from root cherroid
cherrided : n.poss.1pi : from root cherroid
cherridek : n.poss.1s : from root cherroid
cherridel : n.poss.3s : cherridel a cherroid er ngii, cheroid. from root cherroid
cherridem : n.poss.2s : from root cherroid
cherridir : n.poss.3p : from root cherroid
cherridiu : n.poss.2p : from root cherroid
cherroid : n. distance; degree of advancement or achievement. : cherroid a cherridel; diak le keed, cherroid er a blik. from root cherroid
cherruakl : : cherruakl a chelisois; mrechii a ngikel e lmuut el omurech; cherruakl el burech. from root cherruakl
cherueklel : n.poss.3s : cherueklel a cherruakl; chelisois el burech. from root cherruakl
cherrungel : v.s. whole; complete; entire. : cherrungel a chelerrungel, mui; diak el tedobech, diak el ngesonges, temek a cherrungel el eai el sikang. from root cherrungel
chersachel : n. tree in Nutmeg family (with edible fruit and nut). : chersachel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chersachel
chelsingel : n.poss.3s uvula. : from root chersoi
chersingel : var. chelsingel : chersingel a chersoi er ngii. from root chersoi
chersoi : n. uvula. : chersoi a klekedellel a iis; telemall a chersingel el chad a mekngit a omelekingel, oubitenget from root chersoi
chersuuch : n. dolphin fish; mahi mahi. : chersuuch a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chersuuch
chert : n. boat. : chert a bekerurt el mlai er a daob. from root chert
chert : n. excrement; fart. : from root chert
chertam : n.poss.1pe : from root chert
chertam : n.poss.1pe : from root chert
cherted : n.poss.1pi : from root chert
cherted : n.poss.1pi : from root chert
chertek : n.poss.1s : from root chert
chertek : n.poss.1s : from root chert
chertel : n.poss.3s : from root chert
chertel : n.poss.3s : from root chert
chertem : n.poss.2s : from root chert
chertem : n.poss.2s : from root chert
chertir : n.poss.3p : from root chert
chertir : n.poss.3p : from root chert
chertiu : n.poss.2p : from root chert
chertiu : n.poss.2p : from root chert
chertbechellel : : Sei el omdasu ra elsel a btelul; delchil a btelul. from root chertbechellel
chertechatel : n. infected wound; ugly sore. : chertechatel a rekdel a buld; diak le meaiu a bedengel, kerkertall. from root chertechatel
chertechetel : n.poss.3s pricker of spine (of plant). : chertechetel a omengertochet er ngii ungil a chertechetel. from root chertochet
chertechetel a ongor : expr. pandanus spine. : from root chertochet
chertochet : n. pandanus. : chertochet a ta er a bedengel a such. from root chertochet
chertochet : n. : chertochet a klalo el mengertochet a tkul a tet, chortechetii a tet, chertechetel. from root chertochet
cheruchem a ngerel : expr. having a short or narrow chin. : from root cheruchem a ngerel
cherur : n. tree in evening primrose family. : cherur a kerrekar er a mesei. from root cherur
chesall : n. scimitar silver biddy. : chesall a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chesall
chesau : n. diamond-scale mullet. : chesau a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chesau
chesbad : n. coconut at its earliest stage (when the coconut is about the size of an egg). : chesbad a kot el tuobed er a bung el rodech er a lius, chesbedengel. from root chesbad
chesbad : n. rounded Palauan money: type of kldait. : chesbad a ta er a bedengel a kldait el udoud er Belau. from root chesbad
chesbedengel : n.poss.3s : from root chesbad
chesbadedubech : n. Immature coconut which starts to sprout. (a person whose physique makes him look much younger than his age. : chesbadedubech a di kekerei e keloll me ng dubech. from root chesbadedubech
chesbechel : n.poss.3s : chesbechel a chelsubech er ngii. from root chesbechel
chesbedengel : n.poss.3s nerve center (of fish, etc.). : from root chesbedengel
chesbechebel : n.poss.3s : from root chesbocheb
chesbocheb : n. board (for building); prickly pear cactus (used as medicine for burns). : chesbocheb a llecholech el meliliut el kerrekar, chesbechebel. from root chesbocheb
chesberberel : n.poss.3s : chesberberel a omengesbereber er ngii el blai. from root chesbreber
chesbreber : n. paint. : chesbereber a medemedek el klalo el betok el bedengel; usbechall er a omengesbereber. from root chesbreber
chesbuuch : n. : chesbuuch a dellomel er a oreomel el ko er a buuch. from root chesbuuch
cheseb er a ngebard : expr. first quarter of moon. : from root chesebel
cheseb er a ongos : expr. third quarter of moon. : from root chesebel
chesebel : n.poss.3s curved cut in taro made with ngark. : from root chesebel
chesebreng : n. brokenheartedness. : chesebreng a chelam a rengul; smecher er a chamireng. from root chesebel
smecher er a chesebreng : expr. brokenhearted. : from root chesebel
cheseberuaru : v.s. prone to getting flustered and making mistake; prone to confusing things; tending to speak in confused or absent-minded manner. : cheseberuaru a sekdii-chesengur; meleksakd a tekoi, omdasu er a tekoi e dulii a ngodech. from root cheseberuaru
chesebngebard : n. first month of Palauan year. : chesebngebard a kot el buil er a rak er a Belau. from root chesebngebard
chesebuuch : n. tree in palm family (similar to betel nut). : chesebuuch a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chesebuuch
chesechad : n.poss.1pi : from root chesechal
chesechak : n.poss.1s : from root chesechal
chesechal : n.poss.3s cord or wire for stringing fish; action of sewing or stringing things on line. : from root chesechal
chesecham : n.poss.2s : from root chesechal
chesechemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chesechal
chesechemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chesechal
chesecherir : n.poss.3p : from root chesechal
chesechaol : n.a.s. small boils that spread over area of body. : chesechaol a rakd el ko er a bduu el soal dubech er a chelsel a chebesal a chad. from root chesechaol
cheseches : n.redup. leprosy; disease with sores. : cheseches a rakd el keltkat el duubech a buld, dirrek el rekdel a brak. from root cheseches
cheseches : n. lock; latch. : cheseches a klekedall el melenget; mengeseches, choseches a blai, chesechesel a mlai. from root cheseches
chesechesel : n.poss.3s : from root cheseches
chesechesil : n.poss.3s sore; black scab. : from root cheseches
chesechesil a chimak : expr. scab on my hand. : from root cheseches
cheschesemel : var. chesechesemel : chesechesemel a chesechusem er ngii, chelsechusem er a kall; bechesechusem. from root chesechesemel
chesechesemel : n.redup.poss.3s scraps (of food). : from root chesechesemel
chesechid : n. scorpion fish. : chesechid a ta er a bedengel a ngikel, meringel a techebel. from root chesechid
chesechid : : chesechid a cheldebechel; chesechid el buik el mo er a chei. from root chesechid
chesechid : n. cluster of small twigs from which coconuts grow. : chesechid a orreked a rdechel a lius, rodech a bereked er ngii. from root chesechid
chesechil : n.poss.3s cockscomb; comb of cock, duck, etc. : chesechil a omeketel a malk, besichel a bdelul. from root chesechil
chesechil a malk : expr. cockscomb plant. : from root chesechil
chesechol : n. white wedge clam. : chesechol a mekekerei el cheled er a chelechol. from root chesechol
chesechol : n. clitoris. : from root chesechol
mengesechol : v.i. : from root chesechol
chesechesuel : n.poss.3s : chesechesuel a chesechosu er ngii, mengesechosu er a chelam el uach from root chesechosu
chesechosu : n. sheath holding cluster of coconuts (often used for kindling). : chesechosu a bilel a bngal a lius, chesechesuel. from root chesechosu
chesechur : n. Asiatic pennywort; type of sea clam. : chesechur a cheled; kebliil er a kikoi. from root chesechur
chesechuul : n. ghost crab. : cheschuul a charm el ko er a rekung. from root chesechuul
mengesechuul : v.i. catch ghost crabs. : from root chesechuul
cheseklked : n. small bamboo growing on hillside. : from root chesel
chesel : n. bamboo. : chesel a bambuu. from root chesel
cheselked : var. cheseklked : cheselked a bambuu er a ked. from root chesel
chesemelik : v.s. have something hit target and bounce off. : chesemelik a omurech e imiit, diak el taut er ngii. from root chesemelik
chesemiich : n. tree in Terminalia family. : chesemiich a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chesemiich
chesemolech : n. tree in Mangosteen family. : chesemolech a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chesemolech
chesengel : n. surgeon fish. : chesengel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chesengel
chesenguul : : chesenguul a mtechir a ungil er a diak el ungil, kolii a beras a bai ungiler a lak mongang, "omengang a chesenguul" ngii di bo medinges. from root chesenguul
cheseos : : cheseos a chetebtel . from root cheseos
cheseos : n. type of tree. : cheseos a chuodel e metongakl el lius, chesungai. from root cheseos
chesiach : n. plant in yam family. : chesiach a besebes el duubech er a oreomel; kall a le bosech. from root chesiach
chesiaol : n. workers or helpers from another village. : from root chesiaol
chesiau : n. contribution of food or labor to help workers on house or community project. : chesiau a rechad me a udoud me a kall me a klalo el ngeseu a urreor el beluu me a chous er a beluu; mengesiau er a Ngaramecherocher. from root chesiau
chesiul : n.poss.3s : chesiul a chesiau er ngii; mengesiau. from root chesiau
chesibel : v.s. ravenous; in a hurry to eat. : from root chesibel
ochesibel : v.i. eat ravenously or in a hurry. : ochesibel a kmal songerenger; ochesibel a blak a rengul el omengur. from root chesibel
chesil : n.poss.3s burning or discoloration of pot (after water has boiled out). : chesil a chelas er ngii; chosir, chemas, chesil a beras. from root chesil
chesilech : interj. exclamation of disgust or teasing. : chesilech a tekeiungel a le chetim a tekoi; ouchesilech er a ketiaol; chesilech er kau! from root chesilech
chesimel : n.poss.3s : chesimel a omengesoim er ngii, mengesoim. from root chesimel
chesimer : n. door; cage; enclosure. : chesimer a melenget; tengetengel a tuangel, chosmerii, chosimer a blai, chesmerel. from root chesimer
chesmeram : n.poss.1pe : from root chesimer
chesmered : n.poss.1pi : from root chesimer
chesmerek : n.poss.1s : from root chesimer
chesmerel : n.poss.3s : chesmerel a chesimer er ngii. from root chesimer
chesmerel a mado : expr. moving part of window. : from root chesimer
chesmerel a mlai : expr. car door. : from root chesimer
chesmerem : n.poss.2s : from root chesimer
chesmerir : n.poss.3p : from root chesimer
chesmeriu : n.poss.2p : from root chesimer
melai a chesimer : expr. open the door. : from root chesimer
ouchesimer : v.t. have door made out of (particular product, substance, etc.). : from root chesimer
chesemkel : n.poss.3s : chesemkel a chesimk er ngii. from root chesimk
chesimk : v.s. scarred around mouth. : chesimk a llechul a kerdik me a keltkat er a tkul a ngor; chesemkel. from root chesimk
chesengelel : var. chesngelel : chesengelel a chesingel er ngii, chesngelel a cheriut. from root chesingel
chesingel : n. band of grass skirt; waistband (of dress). : chesingel a klalo el orreked a cheriut me a saiang; melechet er a chelechad, chesngelel. from root chesingel
chesngelel : n.poss.3s : chesngelel a chesingel er ngii. from root chesingel
chesisebangiau : n. cardinal honey-eater. : chesisebangiau a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. A chesisebangiau a charm; ng suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel e bekerekard. Ng mekekerei el ua a meklungel a chesisebasech. Ng diak el kall. from root chesisebangiau
chesisebarsech : n. Palauan bush warbler. : chesisebarsech a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root chesisebarsech
chesisebasech : n. : A chesisebasech a charm; ng suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng ko er a bedengel a chutem e mekekerei el di ua a meklungel a chesisebangiau Ng diak el kall. from root chesisebasech
chesisekiaid : n. : chesisekiaid a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm; ko er a ngelekel a olik. from root chesisekiaid
chesiseklaid : n. Vanikoro swiftlet. : from root chesiseklaid
chesisualik : n. Palau sheath-tailed bat. : chesisualik a ta er a bedengel a olik. A chesisualik a charm; ng ua a teletelel a olik e ng di mekekerei Ng mechedelekelel a bedengel. Ng diak el kall. from root chesisualik
chesiu : n. sea demon. : chesiu a mekngit el chelid; chesiulechei, chesiu a soal a berech, chesungel. from root chesiu
chesungel : n.poss.3s : chesungel a chesiu er ngii. from root chesiu
chesiuch : n. oyster; oyster shell (for scraping taro); tortoise shell money (used among women only). : chesiuch a cheled el mengatech e ng klalo el omached a kall; chesuchel. from root chesiuch
chesuchel : n.poss.3s : from root chesiuch
ngisel a chesiuch : n. pearl. : from root chesiuch
cheskeam : n. samadera. : cheskeam a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kebliil er a keam. from root cheskeam
cheskiik : n. tree in Myrtle family. : cheskiik a kerrekar er a ked. from root cheskiik
chesmachel : n. male in-law of family. : chesmachel a oldechelakl er a songel a bechil, kesib a rengul el mengerirs; mengesmachel. chesmachel a sechal el bechiil er a blai, chesmechelel. Ngeask el chad el bechil a ngeasek el dil ra blai. from root chesmachel
chesmechelam : n.poss.1pe : from root chesmachel
chesmecheled : n.poss.1pi : from root chesmachel
chesmechelek : n.poss.1s : from root chesmachel
chesmechelel : n.poss.3s : chesmechelel a chesmachel er ngii. from root chesmachel
chesmechelem : n.poss.2s : from root chesmachel
chesmechelir : n.poss.3p : from root chesmachel
chesmecheliu : n.poss.2p : from root chesmachel
chesmekemekel : n.poss.3s : from root chesmekemekel
chesmel : n.poss.3s ringing (of a bell). : chesmel a omengosm er ngii el kambalang, mengosm. from root chesmel
chesmelleklel : : chesmelleklel a uldak el omeruul, a chimal me a ngerel me a teletelel el mengesechosm. Di mo ta tang a chimal ma ngerel ma teletelel. from root chesmelleklel
chesobel : n. type of large trepang. : chesobel a cheled el ko er a bakelungal e ng di becheleleu. from root chesobel
chesodel : n. skipjack tuna. : chesodel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chesodel
cheselsel : n.poss.3s : from root chesols
chesols : n. song/chant (usually sung by old men). : chesols a cheldecheduch el delecherul a chelitakl; choselsii, chosols, mengesols, cheselsel. from root chesols
chesuar : n. slap (in the face). : from root chesuar
chesuerngam : n.poss.1pe : from root chesuar
chesuernged : n.poss.1pi : from root chesuar
chesuerngek : n.poss.1s : from root chesuar
chesuerngel : n.poss.3s : from root chesuar
chesuerngem : n.poss.2s : from root chesuar
chesuerngir : n.poss.3p : from root chesuar
chesuerngiu : n.poss.2p : from root chesuar
chesubech : v.s. toothless; having some teeth missing. : chesubech a dibus a kirel ngar ngii el uingei; chelib a ungelel, chesbechel. from root chesubech
chesuch : n. Palau Scops owl. : chesuch a ta er a bedengel a charm. from root chesuch
chesucherubuokel : n. osprey. : chesucherubuokel a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root chesucherubuokel
cheklecham : n.poss.1pe : from root chesulech
chekleched : n.poss.1pi : from root chesulech
cheklechek : n.poss.1s : from root chesulech
cheklechel : n.poss.3s : cheklechel a beldokel; bedengel ulekoad el chad. from root chesulech
cheklechel : n.poss.3s : from root chesulech
cheklechem : n.poss.2s : from root chesulech
cheklechir : n.poss.3p : from root chesulech
cheklechiu : n.poss.2p : from root chesulech
chesulech : n. corpse. : chesulech a cheklechel a ulekoad el chad; beldokel. from root chesulech
chesulech : n. flat stone (crushed and used in making pottery). : chesulech a urrekomel er a bad. from root chesulech
chetakl : n. trolling line. : from root chetakl
cheteklam : n.poss.1pe : from root chetakl
chetekled : n.poss.1pi : from root chetakl
cheteklek : n.poss.1s : from root chetakl
cheteklel : n.poss.3s : cheteklel a omengetakl er ngii,. from root chetakl
cheteklem : n.poss.2s : from root chetakl
cheteklir : n.poss.3p : from root chetakl
chetekliu : n.poss.2p : from root chetakl
chetau : n. brief rain squall. : chetau a kekerei el chull el obengkela eolt. from root chetau
chetau : v.s. (skin) dark. : from root chetau
chetitau : v.s.redup. (skin) brown. : chetitau a cheltitau; telkib el chededlekelek e ungil, chetitau el dil. from root chetau
chetitau el dil : expr. pretty girl. : from root chetau
chetbael : n. elephantiasis. : chetbael a ngasecherakd; oburek, dellodel a bedengel, chetbelel. from root chetbael
chetbael : v.s. swollen from elephantiasis. : from root chetbael
chetbelel : n.poss.3s : chetbelel a chetbael er ngii. from root chetbael
chetebtel : n.poss.3s peak; summit; top. : chetebtel a kot er bab; cheseos, chetetudil a kerekar. from root chetebtel
chetechem : v.s. having speech defect. : chetechem a oberaod a chural; diak el bleketakl a tekingel, mengetechem, chetechemel. from root chetechem
chetechemel : n.poss.3s : chetechemel a chetechem er ngii. from root chetechem
chetechetil : n.poss.3s wound (esp., from sharp object). : chetechetil a chetechat er ngii. from root chetechetil
chetekl : v.s. thin and active. : chetekl a chetngaid, mesengaked. from root chetekl
chetel : n. hoarse sound. : from root chetel
chetelaol : v.s. drunk; dizzy. : chetelaol a mengetelaol; ko er a mengeterbis a bdelul; smecher a chetelaol, chetelolel a rrom. from root chetelaol
chetelolang : v.s.inch. is getting very drunk. : chetelolang a mla mo chetelaol. from root chetelaol
chetellaok : v.s. very patient; calm; not easily excited; blase; casual. : chetellaok a klou a rengul e soal el kuk di meruul a soal; meoud. from root chetellaok
chetellaok a rengul : var. chetellaok : from root chetellaok
chetellechelel : n.poss.3s : chetellechelel a chetelluchel er ngii. from root chetelluchel
chetelluchel : v.s. (voice) low-pitched. : chetelluchel a chebecheb el ngor; ngerel a sechal a chetelluchel, mengetelluchel, chetellechelel. from root chetelluchel
chetemel : n.poss.3s smear; act of smearing. : chetemel a omengetoem er ngii, mengetoem er a medal er a chas. from root chetemel
chetengakl : n. praise; acclaim. : from root chetengakl
chetengeklel : n.poss.3s : from root chetengakl
chetengeklel a Droteo : expr. praise for Droteo. : from root chetengakl
chetengam : n.poss.1pe : from root chetengel
chetenged : n.poss.1pi : from root chetengel
chetengek : n.poss.1s : from root chetengel
chetengel : n.poss.3s his/her praise. : chetengel a chetengakl el kirel. from root chetengel
chetengem : n.poss.2s : from root chetengel
chetengir : n.poss.3p : from root chetengel
chetengiu : n.poss.2p : from root chetengel
cheterbis : n. spinning top (without a string); pulley (of canoe). : from root cheterbis
cheterbisul : n.poss.3s : cheterbisul a omengeterebis er ngii; mengeterebis. from root cheterbis
cheterebis : var. cheterbis : cheterebis a klalo el mengeterebis; choterbis, choterbisur a chebis. from root cheterbis
cheterechelel : n.poss.3s : cheterechelel a omengeterochel er ngii; cheterochel. from root cheterechelel
cheteremall : n. trepang. : cheteremall a cheled el kebliil er a olaumeas el ungil el kall. from root cheteremall
cheteremall : n. : cheteremall a ta er a bedengel a emull. from root cheteremall
chetermall : n. plant in snapdragon family. : from root chetermall
cheterochel : v.s. neglected; abused. : cheterochel a diak le cheleoch, blengedakl, omengedakl el ngalek. from root cheterochel
chetererekel : n.poss.3s : chetererekel a cheterrerek er ngii, from root cheterrerek
cheterrerek : n. (voice) high-pitched; falsetto. : cheterrerek a diak le chetelluchel; ngoldil a cheterrerek, dengarech el ngor; chetererekel. from root cheterrerek
chetetudil : n.poss.3s very top; point of summit. : chetetudil a chetebtel, chetetudil a rois. from root chetetudil
chetikol : n. has come to dislike. : chetikol a mla mo chetil; dikea el soal. from root chetikol
chetid : n.poss.1pi : from root chetil
chetik : n.poss.1s : from root chetil
chetil : n.poss.3s his/her disliking; he/she dislikes; he/she doesn't want/like. : chetil a diak el soal; chetil el ngar er a skuul, chetikol. from root chetil
chetim : n.poss.2s : from root chetil
chetiot : n. any (dangerous) object protruding from ground; prow of boat. : from root chetiot
chetitiel : n.poss.3s : from root chetiot
Chetiruir : n. mountain in Ngeremlengui. : Chetiruir a rois er a Ngeremlengui. from root Chetiruir
chetitalial : n. Dusky white eye (bird). : chetitalial a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root chetitalial
chetitaremad : n. : chetitaremad a ta er a bedengel a suebek elcharm. from root chetitaremad
chetitel : n. damsel fish. : chetitel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chetitel
chetiteremad : n. type of bird. : from root chetiteremad
chetkeam : n. type of fish. : chetkeam a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chetkeam
chetkeam : n. type of tree. : chetkeam a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chetkeam
chetkengelel : n.poss.3s : chetkengelel a chetkongel er ngii. from root chetkongel
chetkongel : n. sling for spear. : chetkongel a blil a uloech; ngar er ngii e oboech. from root chetkongel
chekngaid : var. chetngaid : from root chetngaid
chetngaid : v.s. (person, long object) thin/slender; skinny. : chetngaid a chetekl; diak le mekoar; chetngidel; mekekerei a bedengel. from root chetngaid
mechetngaid : (person, long object) thin/slender; skinny (required with plural subject). : mechetngaid a betok el chetngaid, mechetngaid el buuch, chetngidel. from root chetngaid
chetomalek : v.s. (person) (unattractively) dark-skinned. [Said disparagingly or in teasing.] : from root chetomalek
chetor : n. large red ant. : chetor a ta er a bedengel a charm; ko er a chedib e ng di bekerekard. from root chetor
chetuotel : n.a.s. funnel. : chetuotel a klalo el rruul el mechetiut; klalo, lkou a chetuotel; mengetiut a lochang; otuu; osiseb; chetutel, chetutall. from root chetuotel
cheuais : n. : cheuais a emull er a delomeklochel. from root cheuais
cheuas : : cheuas a melekesako el charm; derecheuas; chedelekelek. from root cheuas
Cheuchel : n. area of ocean between two islands; passage in Ngcheangel. : Cheuchel a toachel er a Ngcheangel. from root Cheuchel
debel a cheuchel : expr. the ocean between Babeldaob and Ngcheangel. : from root Cheuchel
chi : n. stomach. : from root chi
kerul a chi : expr. stomach medicine. : from root chi
chiach : n. fifth month of Palauan year. : from root chiach
Chiach : n. fifth month of Palauan year. : Chiach a ongeim el buil er a rak er a Belau. from root Chiach
chibars : n. type of fish. : chibars a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chibars
chibaselei : v.s. Topsy-turvy; scattered all over the place. : chibaselei a mechesang; chachimeluk, cheliseksikd, kaokeangel; kede ua chibaselei er a urreor me a omenges. from root chibaselei
chibatter : v.s. arrogant; boastful; snooty; condescending. : from root chibatter
chibekbad : n. pebbles. : from root chibekbad
Chibeob : n. : Chibeob a kerodel er a Ngeremetengel. from root Chibeob
chibiob : n. name of docking place in channel at Ngeremlengui. : from root chibiob
chibiokl : v.i. turn off from; turn in particular direction. : from root chibiokl
chibokill : n.a.s. : chibokill a chiboklel, sel de bo ideuekl er ngii; chibokill er a rael, chebirekelel a rael. from root chibokill
chibusech : n. type of shellfish. : chibusech a ta er a bedengel a cheled el kall. from root chibusech
chichachuu : n. sound of rooster crowing; cock-a-doodle-doo. : from root chichachuu
chichichachuu : var. chichachuu : from root chichachuu
chichial : n.poss.3s : chichial a omengiuch er ngii, ngalek a mengiuch er a medal. from root chichial
chidadeb : n. part of usaker drawn loosely through legs; curve. : chidadeb a usaker el diak le kes; mekebekabes a metengal, chidedebel. from root chidadeb
chidedebel : n.poss.3s : from root chidadeb
chidebelel : n.poss.3s : chidebelel a omengidobel er ngii; mengidobel. from root chidebelel
chidedesall : v.s. : chidedesall a betok a chidudes er ngii. from root chidedesall
chidbengam : n.poss.1pe : from root chidib
chidbenged : n.poss.1pi : from root chidib
chidbengek : n.poss.1s : from root chidib
chidbengel : n.poss.3s : chidbengel a chidib er ngii. from root chidib
chidbengem : n.poss.2s : from root chidib
chidbengir : n.poss.3p : from root chidib
chidbengiu : n.poss.2p : from root chidib
chidib : n. wallet; pouch for keeping pepper leaf. : chidib a blil a udoud; chidbengel a mui er a udoud; olbedabel er a udoud. from root chidib
chidudes : n. bauxite : from root chidudes
chibngel : n.poss.3s : from root chieb
chieb : n. speck/foreign body in the eye. : chieb a besbas el ngar er a chelsul a mad, chiebengel. from root chieb
chiebul : n. : chiebul a bung el dirkak el obok, di kmeed el obok. from root chiebul
chiechab : n. hole; hollow; cavity (in tooth). : chiechab a mechiechab; blsibs el chutem, klalo; choichebengii a chutem, ochab a chiechab. from root chiechab
chiechebengel : n.poss.3s. : from root chiechab
chiechuis : n. larva; small intestinal worm; maggots (esp., in swarm). : from root chiechuis
chieuis : var. chiechuis : from root chiechuis
ouchiechuis : v.i. (excrement) have larva or worms. : from root chiechuis
ouchieuis : var. ouchiechuis : from root chiechuis
chiekl : n. worm; maggot. : chiekl a charm el duubech a bediu, me a beraom, mekekerei el charm el omuchel a secher, chiiklel. from root chiekl
chiekl er a rebotel : expr. fruit worm. : from root chiekl
chiiklel : n.poss.3s : from root chiekl
chiemum : : chiemum a mengiemum; menga odoim e dirrek el meldoim a rodech me a lius; rodech me a lius a chiemum. from root chiemum
chihukuro : n. (pouch of) stomach. : from root chihukuro
chielel : n.poss.3s : from root chiil
chiil : n. : chiil a kall me a ilumel el kelel a a klechedaol, klengoes el babii a chielel a omerael, . from root chiil
chiis : n. escape; flight. : chiis a chemiis; mo cheroid er a kdekudel, mle klou a chiis er a mekomad. from root chiis
chisel : n.poss.3s : from root chiis
chikes : n. place for storing live bait or fish in boat; net for holding caught fish (outside of boat). : chikes a klalo el blil a chad el ngikel me a chemang. from root chikes
chikl : n. neck. : from root chikl
chiklam : n.poss.1pe : from root chikl
chikled : n.poss.1pi : from root chikl
chiklek : n.poss.1s : from root chikl
chiklel : n.poss.3s : from root chikl
chiklem : n.poss.2s : from root chikl
chiklir : n.poss.3p : from root chikl
chikliu : n.poss.2p : from root chikl
chilachetoel : n. rayfish. : from root chilachetoel
ilachetoel : var. chilachetoel : ilachetoel a ta er a bedengel a rrull. from root chilachetoel
chilachetomel : n. soft, muddy bottom of mangrove swamp (or sea). : from root chilachetomel
chilamrokl : n. trigger fish. : chilamrokl a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root chilamrokl
ilamrokl : var. chilamrokl : ilamrokl a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chilamrokl
chiliuades : n. eternity. : from root chiliuades
el mo er a chiliuades : expr. forever; eternally. : from root chiliuades
chiloil : n. rock in reef; rocky area of the reef. : chiloil a chelmoll el betok a bad er ngii; delongelel a debeaot me a omedeklel a daob. from root chiloil
chilt : n. oil; ointment; grease; chrism. : chilt a ngii di le ngerang el usbechall er a omengilt, reng a chilt, cheluch a chilt, mengilt a reng. from root chilt
chiltam : n.poss.1pe : from root chilt
chilted : n.poss.1pi : from root chilt
chiltek : n.poss.1s : from root chilt
chiltel : n.poss.3s : chiltel a omengilt er ngii; mengilt. from root chilt
chiltel a mekngit el rakt : expr. oil to prevent disease caused by evil spirits. : from root chilt
chiltel a mesil : expr. sewing machine oil. : from root chilt
chiltel a oeacher : expr. shoe polish. : from root chilt
chiltem : n.poss.2s : from root chilt
chiltir : n.poss.3p : from root chilt
chiltiu : n.poss.2p : from root chilt
chiludes : n. bauxite. : from root chiludes
chim : n. hand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help. : chim a klekedellel a chad el uldeod er a cheiechad, chim a orreked a klalo; chimal. from root chim
chim : v.s. empty-handed. : from root chim
chimad : n.poss.1pi : from root chim
chimak : n.poss.1s : from root chim
chimal : n.poss.3s : from root chim
chimam : n.poss.2s : from root chim
chimomam : n.poss.1pe : from root chim
chimomiu : n.poss.2p : from root chim
chimorir : n.poss.3p : from root chim
kekemanget a chimal : expr. prone to stealing things. : from root chim
kemanget a chimal : expr. prone to stealing things. : from root chim
uchul a chim : expr. shoulder; upper arm. : from root chim
chimelkul : n.poss.3s : chimelkul a omengimeluk er ngii; mengimeluk er a blai. from root chimelkul
chimelsibai : : chimelsibai a cherduch el chim; diak el merrengrang; cherduch er a urreor; cherdechengel. from root chimelsibai
chimi : n. meaning; implication (of one's words). : from root chimi
chimkemkel : n.poss.3s : chimkemkel a omengimkomk er ngii; mengimkomk. from root chimkemkel
chimo : num. 1 [one] (animal; nonliving thing). : from root chimo
chimo el babier : expr. one letter. : from root chimo
chimo el malk : expr. one chicken. : from root chimo
chimong : var. chimo : chimong a tang a (1); chimo el bad; chimo el kluk, udoud a di chimong. from root chimo
chimuum : n. coconut used as odoim. : from root chimuum
mengimuum : v.i. eat coconut as odoim. : from root chimuum
chioll : n.a.s. action of waiting. : from root chioll
chiollel : n.poss.3s : from root chioll
chiollel a Toki : expr. waiting for Toki. : from root chioll
chirang : n. ylang-ylang tree. : from root chirang
cheliereked : v.r.s. : cheliereked a chelemekl a rengul; mesisiich a rengul; chetil el ngar eou, chirekedii, choireked a rengrir. from root chirekedii
chirekedii : : chirekedii a mengiereked er ngii, docherecherii a rengul e ourreor, cheliereked a mesisiich el chad. from root chirekedii
choireked : : choireked a mengiereked a rengrir; smisiich a rengrir. from root chirekedii
chiro : n. color. : from root chiro
chirecheram : n.poss.1pe : from root chirocher
chirechered : n.poss.1pi : from root chirocher
chirecherek : n.poss.1s : from root chirocher
chirecherel : n.poss.3s : from root chirocher
chirecherem : n.poss.2s : from root chirocher
chirecherir : n.poss.3p : from root chirocher
chirecheriu : n.poss.2p : from root chirocher
chirocher : n. fish hook. : chirocher a techerakl; melecherakl a ngikel; chelirocher el ngar er a medal a kereel me a chetakl. from root chirocher
chirochiro : v.s. many-colored; fathered by different men. : from root chirochiro
chertel : n.poss.3s : from root chirt
chirt : n. (large) spoon; ladle. : chirt a ongisb; klekedall el mengirt; mengisb a kall, chirtii, mengirt a odoim, chertel. from root chirt
chis : n. depression in sea floor; area just inside reef where water remains at low tide (good for fishing). : chis a elis el delluchel; delelualu a daob er ngii er a chedil a chei. A chis aike el ngar er a belngel a kereker el se el bo el meched a chei e ngii a diak lebo el meched e di ngar er ngii a daob er ngii. A uchul e kede kmo ng chis a uaia deremechis. from root chis
chisb : n. hiccup. : chisb a hiccup, ouchisb. from root chisb
chisbel : n.poss.3s : from root chisb
ouchisb : v.i. have hiccups. : ouchisb a chisb, hicupps . from root chisb
chisebsab : n. crape or spiral ginger. : chisebsab a ta er a bedengel a dellomel er a oreomel. A chisebsab a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou el dellomel; ng di kmeed el mo ua a meklungel a temring. Ng ko er a medemedemek a chelechedal. Ng diak el kall ng di sebechel el besiich. from root chisebsab
chisemesemel : n.poss.3s hug; embrace. : chisemesemel a omengisemesem er ngii; mengisemesem. from root chisemesemel
chisemsemngel : n.poss.3s : chisemsemngel a chisemsum er ngii el chad. from root chisemsemngel
chisemsum : v.s. having twisted finger or toes. : chisemsum a selakd el cheldingel, chimal a chisemsum. from root chisemsum
chisil : n.poss.3s small quantity of something. : chisil a mla mo sesei; kesengei a medechel; chisil a odoim. from root chisil
chisil : n. banana blossom. : chisil a bngal a tuu; chisil a tuu. from root chisil
chisil a tuu : expr. banana blossom. : from root chisil
chisingel : n.poss.3s frown; grimace; glare; scowl; mean look. : chisingel a debsochel; di betok a mekngit er a uldesuel; di mes a mekngit; oumekngit er a rechad; diak el beruadel. from root chisingel
isingel : var. chisingel : isingel a debsochel; olebechall; diak el ungil el melekoi er a rechad, oudebsochel er a ngalek. from root chisingel
chisiobing : n. large (half gallon) bottle (only for certain size, only for container regardless of contents). : from root chisiobing
chisisel : n.poss.3s action of stacking. : chisisel a omengisois er ngii, mengisois. from root chisisel
chisngekl : v.i. turn head to look. : chisngekl a mesim a chiklel el bedul a bitang; chisngekl el mo e mei; mengesngekl. from root chisngekl
mechechesngekl : var. mechechisngekl : mechechesngekl a mekudem el chisngekl; omes el mo e mei; merirekrik. from root chisngekl
mechechisngekl : v.redup. keep turning head from side to side. : from root chisngekl
chitabori : n. story board. : from root chitabori
chitechut : v.s. paralyzed. : chitechut a mechitechut; smecher el diak lorael, chitechut a ngesool. from root chitechut
chiteklel : n.poss.3s : chiteklel a omengitakl er ngii; mengitakl. from root chiteklel
chitel : : chitel a urrebetellel; kuureng me kmengai er a urreor, becherei me lebo er a chitel. from root chitel
chitel : n.poss.3s abandonment; renunciation; giving up. : chitel a omengoit er ngii; mengoit a besbas. from root chitel
chito : n. thread (think it is still used, but not that common, for people who sew they use the word, but now the people who sew now are mostly Pilipino word). : from root chito
chitouch : n. false staghorn fern. : chitouch a klebokel el emull er a ked. from root chitouch
chiuesam : n.poss.1pe : from root chiuis
chiuesed : n.poss.1pi : from root chiuis
chiuesek : n.poss.1s : from root chiuis
chiuesel : n.poss.3s : chiuesel a chiuis er ngii; chiuesel a ulkel a chad. from root chiuis
chiuesem : n.poss.2s : from root chiuis
chiuesir : n.poss.3p : from root chiuis
chiuesiu : n.poss.2p : from root chiuis
chiuis : n. bone (of human being or animal). : chiuis a tebechelel e klisichel a chelechad; chiuis a bliull er a tech, chiuesel a uach me a chim. from root chiuis
cheiukl : v.s. (person) having a good singing voice. : cheiukl a omengitakl; ungil el cheiukl a ungil a chiklel, ungil a cheliteklel. from root chiukl
chiklel : n.poss.3s : from root chiukl
chiukl : n. (singing) voice. : from root chiukl
chiul : n. poisonous centipede. : chiul a kekerei el charm el meringel a bengchel; betok a ochil. from root chiul
chiul : n. kind of grass which produces stickers. : chiul a emull er a mekesokes. from root chiul
chiul : n. Freycinetia plant. : chiul a besebes er a oreomel el ungil a bul a bngal. from root chiul
chiellel : var. chillel : chiellel a chiull er ngii el chad. from root chiull
chillam : n.poss.1pe : from root chiull
chilled : n.poss.1pi : from root chiull
chillek : n.poss.1s : from root chiull
chillel : n.poss.3s : from root chiull
chillem : n.poss.2s : from root chiull
chillir : n.poss.3p : from root chiull
chilliu : n.poss.2p : from root chiull
chiull : n. pillow. : chiull a klekedall er a cheliuaiu, chiellel a ngalek, ouchiull. from root chiull
chiull : n. sea worm. : chiull a cheled el kiei a buut er a kereker el kall. from root chiull
mengiull : v.i. collect sea worms (by digging them out of sand). : mengiull a melai a chiull el cheled; remechas a mengiull er a kereker. from root chiull
ouchiull : v.i. have or sleep with pillow. : ouchiull a ousbech er a chiull. from root chiull
chiuoll : n. swelling under skin with visible bruising; often due to infection. : from root chiuoll
chiuongel : : chiuongel a chad el meringel el mesiik a soal; chetituokel a rengul, chelemekl, mengiuongel a tekoi, cheliuongel. from root chiuongel
chiuesecham : n.poss.1pe : from root chiuosech
chiueseched : n.poss.1pi : from root chiuosech
chiuesechek : n.poss.1s : from root chiuosech
chiuesechel : n.poss.3s : from root chiuosech
chiuesechel a mad : expr. tears. : from root chiuosech
chiuesechem : n.poss.2s : from root chiuosech
chiuesechir : n.poss.3p : from root chiuosech
chiuesechiu : n.poss.2p : from root chiuosech
chiuosech : n. tears (from eyes). : chiuosech a ralm el me tuobed er a mad; lmangel a tuobed a chiuosech er a medal, chiusechel a mad from root chiuosech
chiusechel : var. chiuesechel : chiusechel a chiuosech er ngii el mad. from root chiuosech
chiur : n. type of grouper fish. : chiur a ta er a bedengel a temekai from root chiur
chiuesel : n.poss.3s : chiuesel a chius er ngii; chiuesel a bobai. from root chius
chius : n. seed; kernel. : chius a ngar er a chelsel a rodech el mo duubech; chiuesel a iedel. from root chius
chiutekill : n.a.s. vine. : chiutekill a besebes er a oreomel el meklou. from root chiutekill
cho : interj. Oh!. : cho a ngesenges, olengesenges, cho ng uaisei, cho ng merang! from root cho
cho- : affix you (plural). : from root cho-
choais : n. grass which grows in swampy area. : from root choais
choalech : n. sea urchin. : from root choalech
choalech : v.s. (head) having bristly hair. : from root choalech
choas : n. type of black trepang. : from root choas
choas : n. black centipede. : from root choas
chobtanget : : chobtanget a beltanget, bereked, chobtanget a klalo e omes. from root chobtanget
chobu : baby drink. : from root chobu
chochchong : baby bathe. : from root chochchong
chochod : : chochod a kerrekar el bechochod a bul, ungil a bul. from root chochod
chochoi : interj. yes. : chochoi a kengei, chochoi ng ungil besul, choi ng uaisei. from root chochoi
chodechosong : var. chodochosong : chodechosong a mocha er bab a sils; chodechosong e ke dirke mechiuaiu? from root chodochosong
chodochosong : n. time approaching noon. : from root chodochosong
omekchodochosong : v.caus. make (oneself) late (to avoid working, etc.). : from root chodochosong
ungil el chodochosong : expr. good late morning (at a time approaching noon). : from root chodochosong
choes : n. tree in mango family. : from root choes
choidudur : n. day before full moon. : from root choidudur
choisal : n.poss.3s pectoral fin of fish. : from root choisal
choisii : v.s. tasty, delicious (commonly used). : from root choisii
cheklel : n.poss.3s : cheklel a oungeroel; omengokl er ngii; choklii er a omelim el rrom. from root chokl
chokl : n. scolding. : from root chokl
chokura : n. okra. : from root chokura
Chol : n. hamlet in Ngerard. : Chol a chimo er a rengedel a beluu er a Ngaraard. from root Chol
cheldam : n.poss.1pe : from root chold
chelded : n.poss.1pi : from root chold
cheldek : n.poss.1s : from root chold
cheldel : n.poss.3s : cheldel a chold er a chad, chemold. from root chold
cheldem : n.poss.2s : from root chold
cheldir : n.poss.3p : from root chold
cheldiu : n.poss.2p : from root chold
chold : n. fart. : chold a mekngit el eolt tuobed er a basingul a chad, chemold, choldii, cheldel. from root chold
cholitechel : : Omiongel ma lechub e ng klekakerous el omeruul. from root cholitechel
Chollel : n. hamlet in Ngerechelong. : from root Chollel
cholloi : n. conversation (esp., between old men in bai). : cholloi a cheldecheduch, meleb cholloi a di dobengii a mengedecheduch. from root cholloi
cholmesumech : : Udoud el melmesumech ra dil el merkong el bechiil. from root cholmesumech
cheleuam : n.poss.1pe : from root cholo
cheleued : n.poss.1pi : from root cholo
cheleuek : n.poss.1s : from root cholo
cheleuel : n.poss.3s : cheleuel a cholo er ngii el ngikel. from root cholo
cheleuem : n.poss.2s : from root cholo
cheleuir : n.poss.3p : from root cholo
cheleuiu : n.poss.2p : from root cholo
cholo : n. fish scales. : from root cholo
cholo : n. (sl.) money. : from root cholo
cholue : v.s. (person) possessing a large quantity or amount of something (typically money). : from root cholue
chome- : affix you. : from root chome-
chomeachel : n. : Ngklel sel ongdibel el obang a mlechell a losurech. from root chomeachel
chomo- : affix you. : from root chomo-
chomote nangio : var. chomotenangio : from root chomotenangio
chomotenangio : n. territory outside of Japanese Pacific mandate (only this term (not Pacific Island) is used). : from root chomotenangio
chomu- : affix you. : from root chomu-
chongebeldiil : v.s. (person) gullible or easy to trick or deceive. : A chongebeldiil a tekoi el mengai er a cheleblad. Me a rechad el chongebeldiil tireke el chad el beot a domulak er tir. from root chongebeldiil
chorall : n. : chorall a kot el chull er a uriul er a kemtimt. from root chorall
chorau : : Udoud el lomoket er ngii a re sechal el melisiich a deleuill ra chebechiil. from root chorau
choretech : : Udoud el cheral a debull. from root choretech
chos : v.s. holding tight (when dancing); making a play for; getting too close. : from root chos
chosarai : n. girls' game juggling cloth balls filled with seeds. : chosarai a klekool; klokolir a rengalek. from root chosarai
chosiruko : n. powdered sweet bean soup (known). : from root chosiruko
chosm : n. tree in Verbena family. : chosm a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A chosm a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou el kerrekar. Ng di ua a klungel a bedel. A redechel a mekekerei e mo mellemau a bo lemarek Ng kall a redechel. from root chosm
chosoi : n. time of night close to, but after, midnight. : from root chosoi
chosoroi : v.s. of same clothes, wearing the same cloth (very commonly used); of uniform appearance. : from root chosoroi
chotemba : v.s. flirtatious; loose or fast (woman); acting like a hussy. : from root chotemba
choto : n. noise or sound (usu. mechanical). : from root choto
chotobai : n. motorcycle. : from root chotobai
chou : interj. Oh. : from root chou
choues : n. : choues a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root choues
chemous : v.i. : chemous a chous; mechubel; mo chebuul, beluu a chemous a le mad a bdelul. from root chous
chilous : v.i.past : chilous a mlo er ngii a chous er a kerrior; dilubech a chelebuul, beluu er a Belau a chilous er a le mongkangk a did er a toachelmid. from root chous
chous : : chous a chemous; duubech a klou el kerrior me a chelebuul, telemellel a did er a toachelmid a kiou el chous er a Belau. from root chous
chuaremadaob : n. the first night after the full moon. : chuaremadaob a kot el kesus er a uriul er a orakiruu. from root chuaremadaob
chechuarm : v.s.redup. suffer to some extent. : chechuarm a telkib el chuarm. from root chuarm
choremang : var. chormang : choremang a mla mo chuarem; metemella er a urreor. from root chuarm
chormang : v.s.inch. is beginning to suffer. : from root chuarm
chuarm : v.i. suffer. : from root chuarm
chuarm : v.s. suffering. : chuarm a choremang, chuarm er a meringel el urreor. from root chuarm
chebul : n.poss.3s : chebul a chub er ngii el udoud; mengub a klalo er a soal. from root chub
chub : n. gift (esp., to woman, in hope of romantic relationship; bribe; inducement). : chub a klalo el bsa chad el omsau er a rengul, mengub er a soal; chubur a klok, chebul. from root chub
chubchub : v.s.redup. merciful; compassionate; feeling pity for others; sympathetic; emphathetic. : chubechub a mengebechub; melatk a rechad, chubechubechad; bekerurau from root chubchub
chubchubchad : n. compassionate person; one who always feels pity for others; one who is sympathetic or empathetic. : chubechubechad a chubur a chad, bekokuii, chubur, mengebechub. from root chubchub
chubechub : var. chubchub : from root chubchub
chubechubechad : var. chubchubchad : from root chubchub
chubel : : chubel a chui el mla mo diak le chedelekelek; becheleleu kung, cheball a bdelul, chebelel. from root chubel
chebsel : n.poss.3s stealing (ongraol from the garden). : chebsel a omengubs er ngii; mengubs; merechorech a sers me a mesei. from root chubs
chebsel : n.poss.3s : chebsel a mla mo mechubs, kltkat el uach a mla mo mechubs, from root chubs
chubs : n. : chubs a mengubs; merechorech a mesei, sers; chubsii, chuubs a kukau; chebsel. from root chubs
chubs : n. action of healing. : chubs a mechubs, mla mo diak a kltkat; chebsel. from root chubs
chubs : n. disease of taro or tapioca. : from root chubs
chuchab : n. tree in linden family. : chuchab a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root chuchab
chucheb : n. darkening rain cloud. : chucheb a milkolk el eabed el mengucheb, chuchebii a beluu, from root chucheb
chucher : n. tip of coconut frond. : Chucher a rsel a dui, chucherdui. from root chucher
Chucher : n. : Chucher a kereker er a Ngerechelong. from root Chucher
chude : n. bicep or muscle. : from root chude
chudech : n. emperor fish or snapper. : chudech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chudech
chedelam : n.poss.1pe : from root chudel
chedelang : v.s.inch. is getting grassy. : chedelang a mocha er ngii a chudel. from root chudel
chedeled : n.poss.1pi : from root chudel
chedelek : n.poss.1s : from root chudel
chedelel : n.poss.3s : chedelel a chudel er ngii. from root chudel
chedelem : n.poss.2s : from root chudel
chedelir : n.poss.3p : from root chudel
chedeliu : n.poss.2p : from root chudel
chudel : n. grass. : chudel a emull; emellel a rael. from root chudel
chudel : v.s. grassy. : from root chudel
chudel : n. green jobfish. : chudel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chudel
chudel : n. marijuana. : from root chudel
chudelei : n. term of address to male elders of male. : chudelei a omekedong er a klou er ngii el sechal. from root chudelei
chudelel : n.poss.3s older sister of female. : chudelel a klou er ngii el dil, klou el odos er ngii. from root chudelel
chudelel a delal : expr. aunt. : from root chudelel
rechudelel : n.poss.3s her older sisters. : from root chudelel
remchudelel : var. rechudelel : from root chudelel
chuemel : n.poss.3s : chuemel a chuum er ngii, chuemel a odoim, menguum. from root chuemel
cheiul : var. chiul : from root chui
chimam : n.poss.1pe : from root chui
chimiu : n.poss.2p : from root chui
chirir : n.poss.3p : from root chui
chiud : n.poss.1pi : from root chui
chiuk : n.poss.1s : from root chui
chiul : n.poss.3s : chiul a chui er ngii el dil; kerisebsub a chiul. from root chui
chium : n.poss.2s : from root chui
chui : n. hair. : chui a mekemanget el busech el di ngar er a bedul, kerisebsub el chui. from root chui
rsel a chui : expr. end of a hair. : from root chui
uchul a chui : expr. root of hair. : from root chui
chuib : v.i. (period of time) pass by. : from root chuib
bederechuis : v.s. (starchy food) spoiled (by water); decomposing or moldy. : bederechuis a mochu bekngiuk; A mengkengikem el ongraol a bederechuis. from root chuis
chuis : n. worm; maggot. : chuis a chiekl; chiechuis; lot er a diil, chuis er a bediu el beab. from root chuis
chietel : n.poss.3s : chietel a chuit er ngii; menguit. from root chuit
chietel a odoim : expr. coconut milk to be cooked with fish. : from root chuit
chietel a ongraol : expr. coconut milk to be cooked with tapioca, taro, etc. : from root chuit
chitel : var. chietel : from root chuit
chuit : n. miserliness; avarice. : from root chuit
chuit : n. coconut milk (usually added to other things when cooking). : chuit a disech er a lius; chuietii, chemuit, menguit a kall. from root chuit
chuki : n. life-preserver. : from root chuki
chulad : n. earth or tape worm. : chulad a mekemanget el cheremel a chutem el ko er a lot. from root chulad
chuleangel : n. goatfish. : from root chuleangel
chulekereoll : n. type of fish. : from root chulekereoll
ulekereoll : var. chulekereoll : ulekereoll a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chulekereoll
chellam : n.poss.1pe : from root chull
chellang : v.s.inch. is getting rainy. : chellang a mocha chull, robeta chull; merema chull. from root chull
chelled : n.poss.1pi : from root chull
chellek : n.poss.1s : from root chull
chellel : n.poss.3s : from root chull
chellel a meas : expr. rain which attracts large school of rabbit fish. : from root chull
chellel a ngebard : expr. rain coming on west wind. : from root chull
chellel a ongos : expr. rain coming on east wind. : from root chull
chellel a orakiruu : expr. rain at time of full moon. : from root chull
chellem : n.poss.2s : from root chull
chellir : n.poss.3p : from root chull
chelliu : n.poss.2p : from root chull
chull : v.s. rainy. : from root chull
chull : n. rain; rainy season. : chull a ralm el ngar er a eanged e ruebet; chellel. from root chull
menga er a chull : expr. get caught or drenched in the rain. : from root chull
chultuetech : n. type of clam. : from root chultuetech
chuluu : n. mullet. : from root chuluu
chum : n. unicorn fish. : chum a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chum
chum : n. hermit crab. : chum a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root chum
chundo : n. physical exercise. : from root chundo
chundon gutsu : var. chundongutsu : from root chundongutsu
chundongutsu : n. athletic shoe (not used by young people who use shoes, Palau word oachoer). : from root chundongutsu
chune : n. furrow; groove. : from root chune
chung : n. luck or fate. : from root chung
chungou : n. sea urchin. : from root chungou
chuntens : n. driver. : from root chuntens
chuob : v.s. (rocks, etc.) exposed about surface of water. : chuob a ulechob; ngar er a bebul a daob; diak el urresors, uldum. from root chuob
obngang : v.s.inch. : obngang a mla me chuob; mei er a bebul a daob; ochebngii a ert; olechob er ngii; ochebngel a ert. from root chuob
obngung : v.s.pred. : obngung a mochu chuob; uleiull a obngung. from root chuob
chudelang : v.s.inch. is getting old. : chudelang a mla mo chuodel; diak le ngeasek, mechesei, rubekengang. from root chuodel
chudelleklang : v.s.inch. is getting very old. : chudelleklang a kmal chuodel; kmal klou, chudellekla el chad. from root chuodel
chuodel : v.s. (person; village; house) old. : chuodel a kmal klou, betok el rak, chuodel el beluu, chuodel el chad. from root chuodel
chuodel el klalo : expr. old things. : from root chuodel
rechuodel : n. very ancient times. : from root chuodel
cherchur : n.redup. laughter. : from root chur
cheremam : n.poss.1pe our (exclusive) laughs. : from root chur
cheremiu : n.poss.2p your (plural) laughs. : from root chur
cherid : n.poss.1pi : from root chur
cherik : n.poss.1s : from root chur
cheril : n.poss.3s : from root chur
cherim : n.poss.2s : from root chur
cherrir : n.poss.3p their laughs. : from root chur
chur : n. laughter; laughing. : chur a dereuakl, ocherechur, rekebil a metemella er a chur. from root chur
chur : n. tongue. : chur a ngar er a chelsel a ngor el omeob a tekoi; chural a chad. from root chur
chur : n. subsidiary rib of coconut frond (with leaves attached. : chur a churul a dui, temikel. from root chur
churad : n.poss.1pi : from root chur
churak : n.poss.1s : from root chur
chural : n.poss.3s : from root chur
churam : n.poss.2s : from root chur
churemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chur
churemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chur
churerir : n.poss.3p : from root chur
churul : n.poss.3s : from root chur
churul a dul : expr. rib of coconut frond. : from root chur
kimir a cheril : expr. giggle; chuckle; small laugh; smirk. : from root chur
medal a chur : n. tongue tip. : from root chur
obult a chural : expr. change one's mind. : from root chur
teleuidel a chural : expr. have a forked tongue; say one thing on one occasion and something else the next. : from root chur
teluo a chural : expr. stick to what one has said; remain fixed in one's opinion; stubborn. : from root chur
uchul a chur : expr. back or root of tongue. : from root chur
cheremermengel : n.poss.3s : from root churemrum
churemrum : n. grumbling; complaining. : from root churemrum
churi : n. muskmelon. : from root churi
churur : n. surgeon fish; white cheeked. : churur a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root churur
churur : n. kind of mangrove tree. : churur a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a keburs. from root churur
chusangi : n. rabbit. : from root chusangi
chusechil : n.poss.3s tail (of kite). : from root chusechil
chesechesomel : v.s.redup. bearded and moustachioed. : chesechesomel a ngar ngii a chesemel; chusem. from root chusem
chesemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chusem
chesemed : n.poss.1pi : from root chusem
chesemek : n.poss.1s : from root chusem
chesemel : n.poss.3s : from root chusem
chesemem : n.poss.2s : from root chusem
chesemir : n.poss.3p : from root chusem
chesemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chusem
chusem : n. facial hair; beard; moustache. : chusem a mekekemanget el busech el ngar er a bebul a ngor, chesemel chesechesomel. from root chusem
chusem : n. a small weed found between taro plants in the taro patch. : chusem a mekekerei el emull el ngar er a delul a dait er a mesei. from root chusem
chusui : v.s. thin, weak, light (very common, used in the sense of mixing drinks or when ink or computer print is not dark enough to read, cannot be used in sense of thin boards, etc.); waning. : from root chusui
chusung : n. type of crab. : from root chusung
chetul : n.poss.3s old or worn out or decayed condition (of something). : chetul a chut er ngii, mechut el klalo; chetul a blai. from root chut
chut : n. disease that causes plants to rot; rot; decay; cancer. : chut a mechut; chutur a blai, diak le beches. from root chut
bechachutem : v.s.redup. covered/soiled with dirt. : bechachutem a di dechudech, beldebid er a chutem; cheltechetem. from root chutem
blingelel a chutem er a irechar : : A blingelel a chutem er a irechar a mla er ngii a chutem buai, chutem beluu, chutem er a kebliil, tungel me chetemir a redersta el chad. from root chutem
chetemam : n.poss.1pe : from root chutem
chetemed : n.poss.1pi : from root chutem
chetemek : n.poss.1s : from root chutem
chetemel : n.poss.3s : chetemel a chutem el kloklel ingii. from root chutem
chetemem : n.poss.2s : from root chutem
chetemir : n.poss.3p : from root chutem
chetemiu : n.poss.2p : from root chutem
chutem : n. land; earth; dirt; soil; mud. : chutem a beluulechad. A chutem er a Belau a ua tiakid a rolel, ng ngar er ngii a rois, ked, chereomel, ngeaol, omeklochel, dechel, omrekongel, mesei, lius, beluu me a beluu. from root chutem
chutem beluu : : A chutem beluu a rael, klubed, mekedecheraol bai, diangel, lius beluu, me a aike el kerengel el beluu er a irechar e mla mechoit el mo diak a rechad er ngii. A kerengel aike el mekekere el beluu el mesiungel se el klou el beluu. A chutem beluu a oumesingd el mle chetemir a derta el chad me a lechub e ng kebliil e a rechad er a beluu a ngilai el bo lousbech a beluu. Aika lullai a beluu el ousbech el mo rael, omekedecheraol er a bai, diangel, me a lechub e ng klubed. A lius beluu aike el chutem el dimlak a delengchokl er ngii e a beluu a mlo soal el ousbech me ng dualem a lius er ngii me ng lius beluu. from root chutem
chutem buai : : A irechar e ng mla er ngii a chutem buai. A chutem buai aike el chutem el klalo er a chimo el beluu. Aika el chutem a sebecherir a rebek el chad el ousbech. A merreder er a chutem buai a merreder er a beluu. Ngika a di ngar er ngii a klisichel a lsekum a ta er a rechad er a ngodech el beluu a soiseb er se el oliochel er a chutem buai, e ng ngar er ngii a klisichel a merreder er a beluu el lodikii. E ng di a lsekum te chad er se el beluu e ng di subed. A chutem buai se el oliochel er a beluu el mo lmuut er se el ngar er ngii a chutem beluu me a chutem er a kebliil me a chetemir a rechad. Aika el chutem a mlengai er a mekemad me a mlokoll me a mlengai er a ulecheracheb me a mlongit er a ulecheracheb me a mlongit me aike el mlo tiklel se el beluu. A uchul me ng chutem buai a ngar er a buai er a rechad er a beluu. Me ng sebecherir a rechad er se el beluu el diak losubed e mo melobech a kerrekar er a chelsel aika el chutem me ng kloklir. E ng di nguu a chutem el mo kloklel a bedengel a diak el sebechel. A mlokoll el chutem a lsekum a beluu a mlengai er a mekemad me te chiliis a rechad er ngii el mo er a chimo er a beluu e ngike el merreder er se el beluu el chiliis a rechad er ngii a mo meketii a udoud el mo er se el beluu el ua lomechar er a chutem el le bo lekiei er ngii tirke el chiliis el chad. Me a merreder er tia el beluu a otebedii a chutem el mesterir. Tiakid el chutem a doleker er ngii el kmo mlokoll el chutem. Chelecha aike el chutem el mle tiklel a beluu a ua tiakid a rolel. A lsekum ngar er ngii a beluu el soal el mo oumekemad er a chimo er a beluu el soal melai er ngii e diak el sebechel e ng mo olengit er a bebil er a beluu el mo olengeseu er tir el oumekemad el nguu se el beluu. E ngike el merreder a mo omoket a udoud el tiklel aike el beluu el ullengeseu er ngii. E a lsekum me a chimo er aika el beluu a mo diak a tiklel a udoud e ng otobedii a chutem me a lechub e ng omerreder el msa se el beluu el mlo diak a tiklel el udoud me ng tiklel. A tiklel a uia lomelsullel a beluu el ulengeseu er kid er a mekemad. A oliochel er a chutem buai a mloterkokl el okiu a siukang, me a mekemad mea cheldecheduch er a omerael er a uchelel a beluu. Me aika el dochel a di oltirakl aike el di da oliochel er ngii er a uchei er a lemengai. from root chutem
chutem er a kebliil : : A chutem er a kebliil a ua aike el bla desaod er a omesodel a kebliil el kmo ngike el chutem el blo lekerd er ngii tirke el chad el kot el mo dilbechii se el omesolel a blai er se el kebliil. A bebil er a chutem er a kebliil a mlengai er a omesiou me a lechub e ng mle chelebechiil me a dirrek a kuk di mlongit. Aike el mle chelebechiil a lsekum me ng dimlak el tobed er tirke el telungalek el ulsiseb e tir a mla nguemed e ng mo medechel el me lmuut er chelecha e ng mocha chutem er se el kebliil. A merreder a chutem er a kebliil ngike el merreder er a kebliil. Ngika el merreder a lsekum me ng ochell e ng sebechel lotobed a chutem el mo er a rechad. E ng di a lsekum me ng ulechell e ng diak. Ng kirel, a lsekum me ng soal el oltobed er a chutem e ng melai er a turk er ngike el klou el ochell me a ruurrot er se el blai. A blingelel a chutem er a kebliil a loungerachel a merreder er a kebliil. A lsekum ngar er ngii a ta er a rechad er a kebliil el soal el omekedechor er a blil e diak a chetemel e ng sebechel el olturk me a lechub e ng olengit er a merreder er a kebliil me lebsa ta er a chutem me lokedecherur a blil er ngii Me ngika el chad a di kiei er a chutem e ng di diak el sebechel el choderderii el msa ngelekel me lebo el chetemel. Ng dirrek el ngar er ngii a bebil er a rechad er a kebliil el ngar er ngii a chetemir el kloklel a bedengir el kmo ng locha mle chelebechielir a rederrir me a lechub e ng chetemir er a redemerir. Me a ta er a ngerchelel a merreder er a kebliil a omes er a bek el chad er a kebliil er a delengcheklir me a techerel beserir. A lengar er ngii a chad er a kebliil el ousbech er a telkib el chutem el mo sers me a lechub e ng mesei e ngar er ngii a chutem er a kebliil el mededaes e ng sebechel ngike el merreder el nguu el msa ngike el metacherbesul el chad me ng ousbech er ngii. Ng ngar er ngii a eru el meklou a ultutelel el chutem er a kebliil el diak el sebechel el tuobed el mo er a rechad. A kot a omesolel a blai. A omesolel a blai el chutem se el chutem el dechor er ngii a uchul a delengchokl er se el kebliil. Ongeru a Ikul a dui. A Ikul a dui a mesei el di ua rolel a omesolel a blai. Se el mesei el kirel ngike el rubak el meluchel er a dui er se el kebliil. Chelecha e ng ngar er ngii a chutem er a kebliil el ousbech a beluu. Aika el chutem a mlongoit er a rechad er a beluu me bo lousbech a beluu el mekedechor a bai, diangel me a lechub e ng mo rael. Me aika a ua lebla lebo el chutem er a beluu. from root chutem
oliochel er a chutem : : Chelecha e kede kuk mo imuul el mo er a oliochel er a chutem. A oliochel er a chutem er a irechar a mle ked, bad, kerrekar, teletelel a chutem, dellomel, cheliuis, euatel, omoachel me a lechub e ng diong. Chelecha el taem e kede ousbech a smengt. from root chutem
ormechel a chutem : expr. : Meruul ra budech; oldak a rengrir a rubekul a beluu. from root chutem
teletelel a chutem : : A kuk bebil er a rechad ousbech er a teletelel a chutem el oliochel. Se el teletelel a chutem a loltirakl er ngii me aike el tkul a lousbech el oliochel. from root chutem
chutsius : var. chutsus : from root chutsus
chutsus : v.t. take (photo); copy a picture (needs no affix to make it a verb, also used for transfer files from USB flash memory to hard disk). : from root chutsus
chungam : n.poss.1pe : from root chuu
chunged : n.poss.1pi : from root chuu
chungek : n.poss.1s : from root chuu
chungel : n.poss.3s : chungel a chuu er ngii, mechuu. from root chuu
chungem : n.poss.2s : from root chuu
chungir : n.poss.3p : from root chuu
chungiu : n.poss.2p : from root chuu
chuu : n. shadow; shade. : chuu a mechuu el diak a dichel a sils er ngii; chuu er a kerrekar, chungel. from root chuu
chuumel : v.s. sleeping at someone else's house. : from root chuumel
chuuml : : chuuml a mechiuaiu er a ngodech el blai, diak le bad er a blil. from root chuuml
chusel : n.poss.3s : chusel a chuus er ngii, kelel. chusel a omengaus er ngii, chusel a oruikl. from root chuus
chuus : n. meal/food (esp. ongraol=starchy food). : chuus a kall, ongraol, omechuus er a urreor, chusel a klechedaol. from root chuus
blil a dach : expr. sewage plant. : from root dach
dach : n. excrement; residue; secretion. : dach a kall el mo er a chelsel a diil e me tuobed; mekngit el diak bo elrasech me ng mechoit; mechert, dechil. from root dach
dechemam : n.poss.1pe : from root dach
dechemiu : n.poss.2p : from root dach
decherir : n.poss.3p : from root dach
dechid : n.poss.1pi : from root dach
dechik : n.poss.1s : from root dach
dechil : n.poss.3s : from root dach
dechil a cheramrou : expr. sand mound from digging of small mangrove crab. : from root dach
dechil a deel : expr. rust. : from root dach
dechil a iis : expr. mucus. : from root dach
dechil a mad : expr. secretion from eye. : from root dach
dechil a uingel : expr. tartar or scum on teeth. : from root dach
dechim : n.poss.2s : from root dach
dachelbai : v.s. skillful (in doing things with the hands); clever; dextrous. : dachelbai a meduch a uldasu me a urreor; sebechel el choituuk a meringel, dachelbil er a omengedecheduch. from root dachelbai
Dachelbai : n. name of legendary Palauan boy adopted into father's brother's family who was much less favored by wife than her real son. : dachelbai a meduch a uldasu me a urreor; sebechel el choituuk a meringel, dachelbil er a omengedecheduch. from root Dachelbai
dachelbil : n.poss.3s : dachelbil a kldachelbai er ngii, dachelbil er a urreor. from root dachelbai
dadait : n. [Avicennia alba]. : from root dadait
dadeb : n. : dadeb a sechal el mechelaol, metitur, medakd el melemiakl. from root dadeb
dai : n. sea area between two islands. : from root dai
dai : n. pull or tightness of a rope. : from root dai
dai : n. platform; support. : from root dai
dai er a mesil : expr. support or stand for machine. : from root dai
daia : n. diamond suit (in cards). : from root daia
daidesomel : n. rope from mast of canoe to (kemetal of) outrigger. : daidesomel a kerreel el omak er a orrakl me a desomel er a mlai er a daob. from root daidesomel
daigak : n. university (as with Palau Community College). : from root daigak
daingak : var. daigak : from root daigak
daikong : n. radish; turnip. : from root daikong
daiksang : n. carpenter. : from root daiksang
dailechei : n. : dailechei a delongelel a kereker me a chelmoll. A dailechei a se el delongelel a kereker me a chelemoll el bo el meched a chei e ng diak bo el meched. Aike el ouchelechol el beluu a dailechei er ngii a di meched el mo er a oreal me ng diak a ngeraol er ngii e ngar er ngii a bad me a merangd me kede ousbech el ngar er a chei er ngii. E aike el oukeburs a dailechei er ngii a toachel el mo er a ngeraol. from root dailechei
daimechesengel : n. shallow areas in open sea (mostly between Babeldaob and Kayangel). : daimechesengel a chelmoll el mo er a ikrel, toachel el rolel a diall. A daimechesengel a delongelel a chelmoll me a uchul a eanged. from root daimechesengel
dainamait : n. dynamite. : from root dainamait
dainamo : n. generator. : from root dainamo
dait : n. taro plant. : dait a dellomel el ongraol a techel; kukau a techel a dait, ditel. A dait a dellomel; ng di ua a bisech e ng di telkib el mekekerei Ng kall a techel me a chelebedel me a llel. from root dait
ditel : n.poss.3s : ditel a dait el ngii a oudait. from root dait
daitai : v.s. generally (used in sense of 'generally how many people are coming'); fine; all right; okay. : from root daitai
daitorio : var. daitoro : from root daitoro
daitoro : n. President. : from root daitoro
daiziob : v.s. fine; all right; OK. : from root daiziob
bedektall : v.s. fearful; shy. : bedektall a medakd; bedelkall, tulekdekudel, dakd, dekdel. from root dakt
dakd : var. dakt : dakd a diak leblekeu; medakd, chad a uleboes me ng diak leua dakd er a beluu, dekdel. from root dakt
dakt : n. fear; awe. : from root dakt
dekdel : var. dektel : from root dakt
dektel : n.poss.3s his/her/its fear or awe. : from root dakt
dektelel : n.poss.3s source of someone's fear. : from root dakt
mad el dakt : expr. expression of fear; face showing fear. : from root dakt
dalem : n. sapling; young tree. : dalem a beches el meldalem; dalem el lius a bekerredechel, delemel. from root dalem
delemel : n.poss.3s (action of) planting. : delemel a beches el meldalem; dalem el lius el ungil bekerredechel. from root dalem
damakual : n. wooden or pottery vessel (larger than kual). : damakual a ollumel el bleob el chutem; damakual el blil a ilaot. from root damakual
dandori : n. arrangements. : from root dandori
dangch : n. : dangch a chutem el melangch a dellomel; dongchii a kebui, locha chutem er a uchul, dmangch a bobai, dengchel. from root dangch
dangch : n. : dangch a melangch; osiik a belkul; dongchii a chad, dmangch a chaibebelau, dengchel a chad. from root dangch
dengchel : n.poss.3s : from root dangch
dengchel : n.poss.3s : from root dangch
dangeb : n. lid; cover. : dangeb a klekedall el melangeb; melekedek; duangeb a kall, dongebii a olekang, dengebel. from root dangeb
dengebel : n.poss.3s : dengebel a dangeb er ngii; omelangeb er ngii el olekang. from root dangeb
dengebel a belatong : expr. cover for a bowl. : from root dangeb
dengebel a butiliang : expr. bottle cap. : from root dangeb
dengebel a kahol : expr. cover of (wooden) box. Cover of coffin. : from root dangeb
dengebel a mad : expr. eyelid. : from root dangeb
dengebel a olekang : expr. lid of a pot. : from root dangeb
dangesbuadel : : dangesbuadel a kemanget el secher; mechiuaiu el melai a buil me a rak; dangsebuadel el rakd. from root dangesbuadel
chad er a dangs : expr. person who likes dancing. : from root dangs
dangs : n. dance; dancing style. : from root dangs
dengsam : n.poss.1pe : from root dangs
dengsed : n.poss.1pi : from root dangs
dengsek : n.poss.1s : from root dangs
dengsel : n.poss.3s his or her dancing style. : from root dangs
dengsem : n.poss.2s : from root dangs
dengsir : n.poss.3p : from root dangs
dengsiu : n.poss.2p : from root dangs
oudangs : v.i. dance . : oudangs a meloik, te oudangs er a bai a rengeasek from root dangs
oudangs : v.t. dance (particular dance). : oudangs a meloik, te oudangs er a bai a rengeasek from root dangs
daob : n. sea; ocean; salt water. : daob a ralm er a chei; beluu er a Belau a iliuekl er a daob, debel. from root daob
debel : n.poss.3s : from root daob
debel a klengoes : expr. salt water for cooking klengoes. : from root daob
debel a mekaeb : expr. the ocean between Angaur and Peliliu. : from root daob
debel a mlai : expr. boat's wake. : from root daob
debel a redil : expr. labor pains. : from root daob
meraeldaob : n. strong current in open sea (usually accompanied by swells). : meraeldaob a mesisiich el berius er a ikrel, dailechei. from root daob
dart : num. 100 [one hundred] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing). Large quantity. : dart a ochur 100; dart el chad, dart el babii. from root dart
ede el dart : expr. three hundreds. : from root dart
eru el dart : expr. two hundreds. : from root dart
dasech : n. money paid to carpenter for building house. : dasech a udoud el desechel a blai; mo er a merruul er a blai; desechel. from root dasech
desechel : n.poss.3s Palauan money paid to carpenter for building house. : from root dasech
datk : n. earth (as opposed to heaven - i.e., in spiritual sense). : datk a ngar eou el beluu, leko demad e kede mo er a datk. from root datk
datsio : n. disease of testicles aggravated by the cold; hernia. : from root datsio
dauch : n. step; cut part; stage (in life). : dauch a blechobech, beldukl; deludauch, Ibedul a ngar er a kot el dauch, Ngiraikelau a ongeru el dauch from root dauch
duchel : n.poss.3s : duchel a dauch er ngii, duchel a ochil, delauch. from root dauch
duchel a lius : expr. steps chopped out in coconut tree trunk for purpose of climbing. : from root dauch
dbekel : n.poss.3s : dbekel a eanged, medibek, mocha di kekerei a chull. from root dbekel
de : v.imp.3pi Let's (do something)!. : de a uldekial a mengedecheduch me a rurrenges, de bong, de kong, de rurt. from root de
deb : n. sugar cane. : deb a merekos el dellomel el tuobed a sukal er ngii, debengel. from root deb
debengel : n.poss.3s : from root deb
debar : n. grey duck; any type of duck. : debar a charm el ko er a malk e ng di klou. from root debar
debar er a mesei : expr. Australian grey duck. : from root debar
debeaot : n. deep water inside reef. : debeaot a emel er a chemechumel; debeaot a di dmolech er a chedil a chei. from root debeaot
debechel : n. wort lime; lemon. : debechel a ta er a bedengel a mekemim el meradel; kerrekar el ongerekur. Ng klel a klou el kliou el chelbakl ma miich ma uleld el reuikl er a rubak. A debechel a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou el kerrekar. Ng di kmeed el ua a klungel a cheluchau ng di mekekerei a redechel Ng mekemim a redechel le ng ongerekur. Ng kall. from root debechel
debechel : n. food prepared by person to show he has become legitimate title-holder. : debechel a kall er a mur er a klobak me a rubakldil; mechas a melobech me te merous er a debechelel. from root debechel
debechelel : n.poss.3s : from root debechel
debechelel : n.poss.3s : debechelel a debechel er ngii el rubak el melobech, merengel. from root debechel
debedebek : v.s.redup. having a good memory. : from root debedebek
debedebekel : n.poss.3s : debedebekel a omelebedebek er ngii; melatk er ngii; melebedebek er a urrereel. from root debedebekel
debedebel : n.poss.3s weighing; the action of weighing. : debedebel a omelebodeb er ngii, melebodeb, debedebel a babii. from root debedebel
debedebechel : n.poss.3s : debedebechel a debedobech er ngii el ouach. from root debedobech
debedobech : n. : debedobech a rakd; secherel a cherouel a ouach el di ngii el metutiud e obekerall a budel e mo meringel; debedebechel el ouach. from root debedobech
debes : n.r.s. ending; the end of something after it has ben cut (unintentionally) short. : debes a ullebongel; kodellel a telechull er a dui a ruoll a debes, kelel a debesel a rubak. Ng blengur el mo kedmekiil ra ullebongel er a omengeiung el di telungalek ra medei a oungerachel er ngii el kirel a medei el oba dui. from root debes
debes : n. fruit (esp., orange) that ripens too soon and falls to ground. : debes a rodech el smecher; diak le mark e ruebet; debes el iedel, debesel a iedel. from root debes
debes : n. The end of OMECHUR A TELIAKL when nominations for a new chief are submitted to the council of chiefs. : from root debes
debesel : n.poss.3s : from root debes
debesel : n.poss.3s : from root debes
deblechelech : v.s. : deblechelech a dekimes, bilek a deblechelech er a daob; diak le medirt. from root deblechelech
debochel : n. mangrove area in Ngetbang rich in crabs and rayfish. : debochel a dmolech el ngar er a tkul a keburs me a kereker, Ngerusar er a Ngchesar a debochel. from root debochel
deboes : n. : deboes a klekedellel a chelechad; bebul a uchul a uach, meklou a debosel, bekedeboes. from root deboes
debosel : n.poss.3s hip. : from root debosel
debretech : v.s. flat; flattened; squashed; thin. : from root debretech
debsechall : n.a.s. siren (for special occasions). : from root debsechall
debsechelang : v.s.inch. : from root debsochel
debsochel : v.s. unfriendly; nasty; embarrassed (after being rebuked); cold; aloof. : debsochel a isingel; olbechall, mekngit a ngerel, mekngit er a rechad, mekngit el meloik; diak el beruadel, diak le kladikm. from root debsochel
debubuatel : : debubuatel a kedelebuu; medemedemek a bedengel, diak lemesisiich, medingabet. from root debubuatel
debellel : n.poss.3s : from root debull
debull : n. grave; cemetery plot. : debull a chutem le delakl a chad er ngii, debull a ngar er a odesongel, debellel. from root debull
debuongel : n. : debuongel a cheled er a keburs; chedelekelek, kebliil er a ngduul; ng kall. A debuongel a cheled; ng meklou er a ngduul. A ulekngellel a okrokr e medecherecher. Ng mechedelekelek a ulekngellel. Kede metik er a keburs el kmeed er a klechutem. Ng kall. from root debuongel
debsechel : n.poss.3s : debsechel a ngerel a debusech, melebusech; debsechel a seseb. from root debusech
debusech : n. conch shell; sound of conch shell; horn; siren. : debusech a cheled el kall a techel; e a ulekngellel a usbechall er a omelebusech. from root debusech
dech : n. golden-banded or Samoan goatfish. : dech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root dech
dech : : dech, "mlia ngelekel a dech", tekoi er a klaiberebart er a rengalek, "mlia ngelekel a dech" e ngii a kmo, "chuch" tir a osiik. from root dech
dechal : n.poss.3s state of ripeness or maturity (of a fruit). : from root dechal
dechedachel : : dechedachel a beot e mereched el mo dechudech el chutem; tekiall, dechudech. from root dechedachel
dechedech : n. frog; toad; marine toad or Palau frog. : dechedech a charem el meridechedech a ralm me a dechel. from root dechedech
dechedechaol : : dechedechaol a dechudech el ngar er a kekul a ouach; mo lalech e meringel. from root dechedechaol
dechedechomel : n.a.s. : dechedechomel a kar el doringet, lolchedachem e melim a ralm obengkel a ngii el kar Ng ta era bedengel a kar el do olechedachem el obengkel a ralm. from root dechedechomel
dechel : n. land prepared for taro. : dechel a omeklochel; dekimes el chutem; dechel a ungil blil a dait, brak, dechelel. A dechel aike el mle mesei e mla mechoit me ng diak a dait me a lechub e ng brak el dellomel er ngii me ng di chudel. from root dechel
dechelel : n.poss.3s : from root dechel
dechelel : n.poss.3s addition; extension; something added to something else to increase the total amount, quantity, etc. : dechelel a mo obengkel a ngar, ngii, omdois, meruul el mo betok; a ika dechelel a ongraol. from root dechelel
dechoel : n. spine; backbone. : dechoel a chiuesel a ulk; meringel a decholel, decholel a babii a dikesem. from root dechoel
decholel : n.poss.3s : from root dechoel
decherong : v.s.inch. is just standing up. : decherong a mla mo dechor; ngalek a decherong. from root dechor
dechor : v.i. stand, standing; (flag) raised or flying. : dechor a ngar ngii a ochil; tebel a dechor, ngalek a decherong, blai a dechor from root dechor
kedekedechor : v.recip.redup. (group of objects, people) all standing up at once. : from root dechor
mededechor : v.redup. standing around doing nothing; loitering. : mededechor a di dechor el diak lodenge loruul, mengkekebelung, di merorael. from root dechor
dechersel : n.poss.3s his erection. : from root dechors
dechors : v.s. (penis) erect. : dechors a blolech; medecherecher el kirs a dechors. from root dechors
mededechors : v.erg.redup. keep getting erections. : mededechors a beot el medechors. from root dechors
dechedechang : v.s.inch. : from root dechudech
dechedechel : n.poss.3s : from root dechudech
dechudech : n. dirt; mud; patching material; filling (for cavity). : dechudech a chutem el ilus er a ralm, delechudech er a chutem, dechedechel a ulaol; dechudech a delechudech, klalo el melinget a chemars. from root dechudech
dechudech : v.s. dirty; muddy. : from root dechudech
dechus : n. wart; mole. : dechus a rekdel a buld, ngar ngii a dechus er a medal. from root dechus
dechus : n. plant in nettle family. : dechus a ta er a bedengel a emull. from root dechus
dechus : v.s. having warts. : from root dechus
dechungel : n.poss.3s : from root dechuu
dechuu : n. hen. : dechuu a redil el malk; dechungel. from root dechuu
dedabel : : dedabel a meringel el omeruul; te dedabel er a meringel el urreor; dadabel el osiik a blai el lengiil. from root dedabel
dedaes : n.redup. legendary girl (daughter of Tellebuu) named as such to represent role of woman in Palauan society. : from root dedaes
deel : n. nail; spike; any kind of steel or iron. : deel a klekedall er a omeleel;deel a meleel; orreked e oldak a kerrekar, delel. from root deel
deel : n. state of overflowing or being too much (used only in certain fixed expressions). : from root deel
delam : n.poss.1pe : from root deel
deled : n.poss.1pi : from root deel
delek : n.poss.1s : from root deel
delel : n.poss.3s : delel a deel er ngii; kloleklel el deel. from root deel
delem : n.poss.2s : from root deel
delir : n.poss.3p : from root deel
deliu : n.poss.2p : from root deel
dekdekemel : n.poss.3s puttering sound. : from root dekdekemel
melekedukem : v.i. make intermittent noise; putter. : from root dekdekemel
melekedukem a ulul : expr. heart beats or pounds. : from root dekdekemel
dekedek : n. head covering; veil; board used to protect or hold down or cover thatching at bottom of nglikliabed. : dekedek a klalo el melekedek; mamed a dekedek er a tebel; llel a tuu a dekedekel a mesei, dokedekii, dokedek; dekedekel. from root dekedek
dekedekel : n.poss.3s : from root dekedek
dekedekel a tebel : expr. table cloth. : from root dekedek
dekedekekliu : n. board used to protect or hold down or cover thatching at bottom of nglikliabed. : dekedekekliu a klalo el olsarech a nglikliabed; nglisekiabed er a blai, dekedek. from root dekedekekliu
dekel : n. pole for boat, canoe, raft, etc.; spare motor (for boat). : dekel a bambuu el usbechall er a omelikes; melikes el oba dekel, dekelel. from root dekel
dekelel : n.poss.3s : from root dekel
dekelel er a dmolech : expr. friend or mainstay in times of need. : from root dekel
dekemerat : n. [Soulamea amara]. : from root dekemerat
dekemerir : n. blue marble tree; blue fig. : dekemerir a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root dekemerir
dedekimes : v.s.redup. rather wet. : dedekimes a telkib el dekimes; kedemek; bilek a dedekimes. from root dekimes
dekimes : v.s. wet. : dekimes a diak lemedirt; ngar er ngii a ralm er ngii, delekimes, ulaol a dekimes; dekmesel. from root dekimes
dekmekimes : v.s.redup. (clothes) wet in places. : dekmekimes a telkib el dekimes; kedemek. from root dekimes
dekmesang : v.s.inch. : from root dekimes
deklel : n.poss.3s burial. : deklel a omelakl er ngii, doklii a ulekoad. from root deklel
dekllel : n.poss.3s : dekllel a udoud er Belau el mekreos, di omech a kodall; dengerenger a mla otobedii a dekllel a okdemelel. from root dekllel
dekmekimes : : dekmekimes a ochil a chad el beches el mlei er a beluu; locha diak chetemel. from root dekmekimes
dekolam : n.poss.1pe : from root dekool
dekoled : n.poss.1pi : from root dekool
dekolek : n.poss.1s : from root dekool
dekolel : n.poss.3s : from root dekool
dekolem : n.poss.2s : from root dekool
dekolir : n.poss.3p : from root dekool
dekoliu : n.poss.2p : from root dekool
dekool : n.a.s. cigarrette; tobacco. : dekool a ta er a bedengel a dellomel el chemachel. A dekool a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou. Ng di kmeed el mo ua a meklungel a diokang a lsekum ng kmal el mo meklou. Ng diak el kall. Ng di sebechir a remelamech a buuch el ousbech el mengeech. from root dekool
dekor : v.s. (leg) crippled. : dekor a kedeb a bita el ochil; dekor a melekor a omerolel, omitech a lorael. from root dekor
dekstenai : v.s. not (very) good. : from root dekster
dekster : v.s. (very) good. : from root dekster
delach : n.r.s. fish guts; intestine; bowels. : delach a diil; delechil; ta el delach a chimo el diil; ngeleketedelach, ngelekel a ta el dil. from root delach
delechemam : n.poss.1pe : from root delach
delechemiu : n.poss.2p : from root delach
delecherir : n.poss.3p : from root delach
delechid : n.poss.1pi : from root delach
delechik : n.poss.1s : from root delach
delechil : n.poss.3s : delechil a delach er ngii; delechil a chad, delechil a ngikel, delechil a blaol a ngimes. from root delach
delechim : n.poss.2s : from root delach
kekere el delach : expr. small intestine. : from root delach
klider a delechil : expr. worry; have butterflies in one's mouth. : from root delach
klou el delach : expr. large intestine. : from root delach
mekider a delechil : expr. get sudden feeling of fear, worry or excitement; get butterflies in one's stomach. : from root delach
delachel : n.r.s. good place for setting fishtrap; rocks surrounding fishtrap to hold it in place. : delachel a olsechall er a omelachel el bub; merau el delachel. from root delachel
delechelel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delechelel a delachel er ngii; olsechall er a omelachel el bub er ngii. from root delachel
delaibabil : v.s. effeminate. : from root delaibabil
delaibebil : : delaibebil a sechal e soal el redil; modil, ouredil er ngii; mengeterrek er a ngerel. from root delaibebil
delang : n.r.s. chant (that ridicules people). : delang a chelitakl el omtelub, melengdongch er a chad; delengil. from root delang
delengil : n.r.s.poss.3s : delengil a delang er ngii; delang el mo er ngii. from root delang
delangch : n.r.s. something set aside for one's own use; something claimed. : delangch a mla olechelii; mla medangch; mo kloleklel a di ngii, ekebil a delangch; delengchelel, dongchii. from root delangch
delengchelel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delengchelel a ngii a dilengchii, ngii a ngiltii, mla dongchii. delengchelel; delengchelel a chaibebelau el ngii a dilengchii , ng medengelii. from root delangch
delengechel : n.poss.3s : delengechel a delangch. from root delangch
delaol : n.a.s. fish for roasting. : from root delaol
delasech : n. tabbooed food; food forbidden to particular clan or to particular person (when sick). : delasech a kall el ukiil; omekiai; diak le kall; diak le rtuchel, ochaeo a delasech, delsechel. from root delasech
delasech : n.r.s. thing carved. : from root delasech
delsachel : var. delasech : from root delasech
delsechel : n.poss.3s : delsechel a blai el ngii a oudelasech; diak longang el kall; kitelel a delsechel. from root delasech
delsechelel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delsechelel a blai el ngii a dilsechii; rrellel el blai. from root delasech
delbaet : n.r.s. payment of food or money in exchange for not working (in community project, etc.). : delbaet a kall me a ilumel me a bebil, el motobed el mo er a urreor el beluu el delbetelel a dibus er a urreor. from root delbaet
delbetelel : n.poss.3s : delbetelel a delbaet er ngii; ngkedel a dibus er a urreor, melbaet. from root delbaet
delbard : n.r.s. crossbeam. : delbard a tochedesuch, dbard, mengedecheduch el diak el selmechokl a cheldechedechal, mekngit a delecherul a ngerel. from root delbard
delbedebes : n. : delbedebes a ta er a bedengel a dellomel er a oreomel. from root delbedebes
delbedul : n. puffer fish. : delbedul a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root delbedul
delebedul : var. : from root delbedul
delbekai : n. : delbekai a ta er a bedengel a cheled from root delbekai
delbekekl : n.r.s. : delbekekl a kekerei el blai el olengrull; olidiuul, delbekekl er a blai, delbekeklel. from root delbekekl
delbekeklel : n.poss.3s : delbekeklel a delbekekl er ngii el blai, delbekeklel a olengrull. from root delbekekl
delbekul : n.poss.3s stomach. : delbekul a klekedall er a chelsel a diil el blil a kall; delebekul a chad, delbekul a temekai. from root delbekul
delbelsols : v.s. (food) weak in flavor or tasteless. : from root delbelsols
delbesols : : Telekau ma lechub eng derrebokel el chad. from root delbesols
delbechelel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delbechelel a ngii a dilbechii; betok a chelitakl el delbechelel a lmesei, "sechou er a kereker" a tang. from root delbochel
delbochel : n.r.s. musical composition. : from root delbochel
deldalech : n. plant used for blackening teeth. : deldalech a dellomel el mengedelekelek a uingel; melamech a deldalech a mo chedelekelek a ungelel. Chedelekelek el burk el mengai ra chutem. from root deldalech
deldelel : n.poss.3s : deldelel a omellodel er ngii el kall; oltobed a ngar er a chelsel, duldelii, dulodel; mellodel. from root deldelel
delbengam : n.poss.1pe : from root deleb
delbenged : n.poss.1pi : from root deleb
delbengek : n.poss.1s : from root deleb
delbengel : n.poss.3s : from root deleb
delbengem : n.poss.2s : from root deleb
delbengir : n.poss.3p : from root deleb
delbengiu : n.poss.2p : from root deleb
deleb : n.r.s. ghost; spirit; soul. : deleb a delebengel a mla mad el chad, a le mad a chad e a deleb a tuobed er a bedengel el mo cheroid. from root deleb
idedeleb : n.redup. type of ghost. : from root deleb
ouidedeleb : v.i. act like a ghost. : from root deleb
tuobed a delbengel : expr. scared stiff; scared out of one's wits. : from root deleb
delebachel : n.r.s. opening in jetty for tide or boats to pass through. : delebachel a mla medobech; delobech er a kedorm, melobech, dobechii, duobech a ngikel, debechel. from root delebachel
delebaob : v.s. (person, typically a man) awkward, lazy or inefficient; (boat) impractical or not suitable for traveling in rough seas. : delebaob a mechitechut; mesaik; ngaiuchet, diak el sebechel a ngerang, delebaob a medakd a tekoi, chemiis a ngerachel, dellebobel. from root delebaob
delebdeb : n.r.s. drink made out of meat and juice of coconut. : delebdeb a techel a mengur el kles uldak er a osechel; ilumel, kall. from root delebdeb
delebechel : n. school of fish; herd; group (of people). : delebechel a cheldellel a betok, delebechel el ngikel; delebechel el ngalek a merael el meruu a besbas, delebechel el mekebud, delebechel el bilis. from root delebechel
delebechel el ngikel : expr. school of fish. : from root delebechel
delebechelel : n.poss.3s : from root delebechel
oudelebechel : v.i. (fish) move in a school. : oudelebechel a delebechel; cheldull, rekebil me a rebuik a belsiochel e oudelebechel mochang. from root delebechel
delebedabel : n.r.s. measured or properly apportioned quantity. : from root delebedabel
delebedebelel : n.r.s.poss.3s : from root delebedabel
delbedeb : var. delebedeb : delbedeb a tkul a rael; rolel a ralm er a bita me a bitang, delebedebel. from root delebedeb
delbedebel : n.poss.3s : delbedebel a delbedeb er a rael; tkul a rael from root delebedeb
delebedeb : v.s. incomplete; not well-connected. : delebedeb a diak el ungil el blech; betok a delebes er ngii; delebedeb a cheldechedechal. from root delebedeb
delebedeb : n. gutter; edge of the road; stone road or roadway. Also, a drink made from coconut meat and coconut milk. : delebedeb a tkul a rael; mlai a diak lorael er a delebedeb. from root delebedeb
delebekai : n. type of shellfish. : from root delebekai
delebekeongel : : delebekeongel a terrekakl el blekeu, meterekakl a bedengel; bekeu el mo er a omengechel. from root delebekeongel
delebekul : n.poss.3s gizzard (of chicken, etc.). : from root delebekul
delebelsols : : delebelsols a diak el ungil a telemtemul; betok a osechel, delebesols el klengoes. from root delebelsols
delebesakl : n. tattoo on legs. : delebesakl a mla medebesakl; delngod a rsel a ochil el mo lmuut er a uchul, delebeseklel. from root delebesakl
delebeseklel : n.poss.3s : delebeseklel a delebesakl er ngii. from root delebesakl
delebesel : n.poss.3s something of no use, utility or effectiveness. : from root delebesel
deleboes : n.r.s. vulgarity; curse word. : deleboes a berrotel er a chad; eoulbeluu er a chad; diak le meau a klou le chad le ng deleboes; delebosel. from root deleboes
deleboes el delengerenger : expr. sexual desire; lust. : from root deleboes
delebosel : n.poss.3s : delebosel a deleboes er ngii; berotel er a chad. from root deleboes
delebekelel : n.r.s.poss.3s : from root delebokel
delebokel : n.r.s. circular or square mound for planting. : from root delebokel
delebubuadel : v.s. (person) heavy, clumsy or uncoordinated; (person) with protruding stomach whose body shakes when walking. : from root delebubuadel
delechall : : delechall a di chelellakl; di kea louedikel; smecher a di delechall kung; kmal smecher. from root delechall
delecherecher : n.r.s. hardness; toughness (of meat); stubbornness. : delecherecher a delecherecherel; medecherecher el brak. from root delecherecher
delecherecherel : n.poss.3s : from root delecherecher
delecherul : n.poss.3s action of standing up; position (where person is standing). : delecherul a delechor er ngii; blai a di osisiu a delecherul ngii me a mla blai. from root delechor
delechor : n.r.s. action of standing up. : delechor a dechor; delecherul; delechor er a rael er a bek el sils. from root delechor
delechors : n.r.s. erection. : from root delechors
delechudech : v.r.s. : delechudech a mla medechudech, ngar ngii a dechudech er ngii, idokel, duchedechii a ulaol, duchudech, dechedechel a blai. from root delechudech
deledaes : n.r.s. free or unoccupied time. : from root deledaes
deledesam : n.poss.1pe : from root deledaes
deledesed : n.poss.1pi : from root deledaes
deledesek : n.poss.1s : from root deledaes
deledesel : n.r.s.poss.3s : deledesel a dedaes er ngii; diak chelsang; mededaes, ta el deledesem e kuk di mei. from root deledaes
deledesem : n.poss.2s : from root deledaes
deledesir : n.poss.3p : from root deledaes
deledesiu : n.poss.2p : from root deledaes
delekimes : n. (degree of wetness). : delekimes a mla medekimes; selubs er a ralm; diak le medirt; dikmesii a ulaol, dikimes, delekmesel. from root delekimes
delekmesam : n.poss.1pe : from root delekimes
delekmesed : n.poss.1pi : from root delekimes
delekmesek : n.poss.1s : from root delekimes
delekmesel : n.poss.3s : delekmsel a delekimes er ngii; dekimes. from root delekimes
delekmesel a eolt : expr. humidity. : from root delekimes
delekmesem : n.poss.2s : from root delekimes
delekmesir : n.poss.3p : from root delekimes
delekmesiu : n.poss.2p : from root delekimes
deleklel : n.r.s.poss.3s criticism of or about (someone); gossip about (someone). : deleklel a deleakl er ngii; chisel a kngtil; melaes, klou a deleklel er a rsechelil. from root deleklel
delekllel : n.r.s.poss.3s : from root delekull
delekull : n.r.s. (Palauan) money given at time of funeral. : delekull a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root delekull
delelualu : v.s. (liquid) motionless, still or collected in puddle, pool, container, etc. : delelualu a telekuau el ralm; diak el omaoch; delelualu el chad a mesaik. from root delelualu
delemdims : n. food prepared for special occasion. : delemdims a ileakl el ungil kall; klungiolel a kall; cheleoch a menga delemdims. from root delemdims
delemedemek : n.r.s. softness; gentleness. : from root delemedemek
delemedemekel : n.poss.3s his/her/its softness or gentleness. : delemedemekel a delemedemek er ngii; medemedemek. from root delemedemek
delemeklel : n.poss.3s : delemeklel a omellemakl er ngii; mellemakl. from root delemeklel
delememurei : : delememurei a diak el uldasu; diak le bleketakl, mekngit a tbil el urreor a delememurei. from root delememurei
delemerab : n. room. : delemerab a chalb; chelbelel a blai, betok a delemerab er a blai. from root delemerab
delmerab : var. delemerab : from root delemerab
delemeremer : : delemeremer a smecher me ng di mechiuaiu. from root delemeremer
delengcheklel : n.poss.3s : from root delengchokl
delengchokl : n.r.s. living conditions; way of life; settlement; residence. : delengchokl a blai; teletael er a rechad el kiei, delengchokl er a chelechang a bai meringel er a irechar. from root delengchokl
meruul er a delengcheklel : expr. make oneself comfortable; sit comfortably. : from root delengchokl
delengerenger : n.r.s. poor behavior; sin; crime. : delengerenger a mekngit el omeruul; oterebek me a osisebel a mekngit el kar a delengerenger, delengerenger a mengebuul a beluu, delengerengerel. from root delengerenger
delengerengerel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delengerengerel a delengerenger er ngii el chad. from root delengerenger
meruul a delengerenger : expr. commit mischief; break the law. : from root delengerenger
delengmes : n.r.s. act of respecting/honoring someone. : from root delengmes
delengmesil : n.r.s.poss.3s : delengmesil a omelengmes er ngii; melengmes. from root delengmes
delenguchel : n. exact target; vulnerable part of fish, animal, person which, if hit, results in instant death. : bruchel er a omengaidechedang a delenguchel; biskang a mla subechii er a delenguchel; bulis a omoes er a delenguchel. from root delenguchel
delenguchel : n. supports for a house. : delenguchel a tkakl; melkakl, meses a eolt me te melecha delenguchel er a blai. from root delenguchel
delengulel : n.r.s.poss.3s ridiculing. : from root delenguul
delenguul : n.r.s. ridiculing; incest. : delenguul a diak el ongull a klauchad; bechil a chedal, songel a chedal, melbedibech er a bechil a chedal a delenguul, dellenguul. from root delenguul
delenguul el blai : expr. group of related people committing incest. : from root delenguul
dellengulel : var. delengulel : dellengulel a dellenguul er ngii; delenguul. from root delenguul
dellenguul : var. delenguul : dellenguul a delenguul, dellengulel. from root delenguul
deleomel : v.r.s. (child) spoiled. : deleomel a mla medeomel; demal a meleomel er ngii; llemolem a di meruul a soal e diak lomekerreu a llechul a beluu, ulekeangel; deleomel a di mocha meleketek a delengerengerel. from root deleomel
deleongel : n. relationship (between people). : deleongel a deleuill; Belau me a Merikel a kmal moiuai a deleongel er tir; ungil el deleongel er a klausechelei. from root deleongel
delongelam : n.poss.1pe : from root deleongel
delongeled : n.poss.1pi : from root deleongel
delongelek : n.poss.1s : from root deleongel
delongelel : n.poss.3s relationship (between people); area or space between. : delongelel a deleongel er ngii. from root deleongel
delongelem : n.poss.2s : from root deleongel
delongelir : n.poss.3p : from root deleongel
delongeliu : n.poss.2p : from root deleongel
delesel : n.r.s.poss.3s someone's criticizing. : from root delesel
deleuill : n. relationship between people or groups of people. : deleuill a deleongel; delongelel a chad me a chad, deleuill er a Merikel me a Belau a free association. from root deleuill
deleuingel : : deleuingel a uingel el chedelekelek er a omeleuingel, omellamech el deldalech. from root deleuingel
delibechakl : n.r.s. intersection or fork in road. : from root delibechakl
delibecheklel : n.poss.3s : delibecheklel a delibechakl er ngii, melibechakl. from root delibechakl
delibkolel : var. delibkulel : delibkolel a delibuk er ngii, delibkulel. from root delibkulel
delibkulel : n.poss.3s knot. : delibkulel a delibuk er ngii; melibuk. from root delibkulel
delideul : n.poss.3s : delideul a delidai er ngii; deledesel; blai a medidai; diak el meseked, delideul a bilas a ungil. from root delideul
delideul : n.poss.3s : delideul a delidai er ngii; chui a delidai. from root delideul
delidingel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delidingel a omelidui er ngii; melidui from root delidui
delidui : n.r.s. small house in garden used for storage or as resthouse or kitchen. : delidui a blai er a sers me a cheliuis; mekekerei el blai. from root delidui
delikik : n. slow-working person prone to making mistakes or not finishing the work. : delikik a ngebengebotel, diak el mekekeam; betok a telemall me a teleu er ngii; dellikik, dellikikengel. from root delikik
delimes : n. epiphytic sword fern. : delimes a dellomel el duubech a metengal a kerrekar er a oreomel. from root delimes
deliobech : n. ravine; valley. : deliobech a eobech; dellas, delongelel a kedidai me kedidai el chutem. from root deliobech
delkadk : : delkadk a medal a tuangel er a bai me a blai. from root delkadk
delkakl : n. clap of thunder. : delkakl a ngerel a derumk me a besebasech; klou a delkakl er a eanged, delkeklel a derumk. from root delkakl
delkeklel : n.poss.3s : delkeklel a delkakl er ngii el derumk. from root delkakl
dellas : n. valley. : dellas a deliobech. from root dellas
dellesul : n.poss.3s : dellesul a dellas er ngii el beluu. from root dellas
dellebeakl : n.r.s. curse; punishment. : dellebeakl a delebeakl; kerior; oumekngit er a demal me a delal a mo ngmai a dellebeklel. from root dellebeakl
dellebeklel : n.r.s.poss.3s : dellebeklel a dellebeakl er ngii; keririel; delebeakl. from root dellebeakl
delikik : var. dellikik : delikik a betok el kall el diak le mekang, kall el medechel el di mo kelel a babii a delikik el kall; melikik a kall; dellikikengel. from root dellikik
dellikik : n.r.s. left-over food (on the table prepared but not eaten). : deilikik a delikik. from root dellikik
dellikikengel : n.poss.3s : dellikekengel a dellikik er ngii; delikik el dil from root dellikik
dellolel : : Blekeradel ma lechub eng omerellel a chad from root dellolel
dellemelam : n.poss.1pe : from root dellomel
dellemeled : n.poss.1pi : from root dellomel
dellemelek : n.poss.1s : from root dellomel
dellemelek el diokang : expr. my tapioca plant. : from root dellomel
dellemelel : n.poss.3s : dellemelel a dellomel el ngii a dilalem; dellemelel el lius. from root dellomel
dellemelem : n.poss.2s : from root dellomel
dellemelem el tuu : expr. your banana plant. : from root dellomel
dellemelir : n.poss.3p : from root dellomel
dellemeliu : n.poss.2p : from root dellomel
dellomel : n.r.s. plant (already growing). : dellomel a delalem; mla medalem, chetemek a dellomel a lius er ngii. A rebebil er a rechad a ousbech el melalem a tuu me a lechub a meduu me a lechub a lius el oliochel er a chutem. from root dellomel
dellechelam : n.poss.1pe : from root delluchel
dellecheled : n.poss.1pi : from root delluchel
dellechelek : n.poss.1s : from root delluchel
dellechelel : n.poss.3s : dellechelel a telkelel a delluchel er ngii; dellechelel a kliokl. from root delluchel
dellechelel a otengel : expr. hollow of the cheeks. : from root delluchel
dellechelem : n.poss.2s : from root delluchel
dellechelir : n.poss.3p : from root delluchel
dellecheliu : n.poss.2p : from root delluchel
delluchel : n. pit. : from root delluchel
delluchel : v.s. (bowl; etc.) deep/hollowed out. : delluchel a dmolech; diak le meched, kliokl a delluchel, dellechelel. from root delluchel
delngisech : n.r.s. underbelly of crab. : from root delngisech
delebechel : n.poss.3s injury from a cut; stripe; channel to the ocean. : delebechel a delobech er ngii; delobech el tebedellel a ralm el mo er a daob, delebechel er a Mechorei. from root delobech
delobech : n.r.s. injury from being cut; stripe. : delobech a mla medobech; mla metuk; delebes, dobechii a chimal, melobech, debechel a ngikel. from root delobech
delobech : n. Palauan money (half of kluk in value); fifty cents. : from root delobech
deloes : n.r.s. flat surface of log chipped off in preliminary stages of carving canoe. : from root deloes
delosel : n.poss.3s : delosel a deloes er ngii el mlai er a daob. from root deloes
delemelek el diokang : expr. my tapioca plant (set aside for planting. : from root delomel
delemelel : n.a.s.poss.3s : delemelel a delomel, delemelel el diokang. from root delomel
delomel : n.a.s. plant (not yet in the ground). : from root delomel
delsangel : n. type of a shellfish. : delsangel a cheled el bereked a bad; ungil el kall. from root delsangel
delsbai : n.r.s. spittle; splashed water. : from root delsbai
delsbil : n.r.s.poss.3s : delsbil a desbai er ngii, melsbai. from root delsbai
delsemiich : v.s. diamond-shaped. : delsemiich a ta er a teletelel a deliaches, diamond shape . from root delsemiich
delsemiich : n. diamond (in cards). : from root delsemiich
delsemiich : n. diamond. : from root delsemiich
delsengelel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delsengelel a deles el ngii a melles; desengelel el tekuu. from root delsongel
delsongel : n.r.s. sliced raw fish; sashimi. : delsongel a chemadech el ngikel el deles; chemadech el odoim. from root delsongel
deluchelel : n.poss.3s : deluchelel a delauch er ngii; ngemikiill, deluchelel a lius. from root deluchelel
deludauch : : deludauch a betok el dauch; kebekuul a deludauch, lbedul me a Reklai a kot el dauch e blechobech el me er eou. from root deludauch
deldekel : n.poss.3s : deldekel a deludek er ngii el mlai, ilobech er a kuteling er a bos; deludek er a bilas. from root deludek
deludek : n. bow/prow of boat (used for storage). : deludek a kuteling er a bos me a mlai er a daob; blil a klalo, deldekel. from root deludek
delui : n. small house outside of village used for practicing dances. : from root delui
deluill : n. relationship (between villages). : from root deluill
delul : n.r.s. injury from burn. : delul a mla medul er a ngau. from root delul
delul : n.poss.3s area within or among. : from root delul
delul a chudel : expr. bushy area; area within the grass. : from root delul
delul a kerrekar : expr. area under and between the trees; among the trees. : from root delul
delulel : n.a.s.poss.3s : delulel a delul el ngii a ouedoim er ngii, delulel el mesekuuk. from root delulel
delulsuld : n. a type of chicken. : delulsuld a ta er a bedengel a malk. from root delulsuld
deluoik : : deluoik a beluoik; bliukel, chebirukel kulkokl a ulkel, deluoik el ulk. from root deluoik
deluokl : : deluokl a ngar a delongelel a meklou; blik a deluokl er a chachisois el blai. from root deluokl
deluelel : n.poss.3s : deluelel a deleu er ngii el mamed, deluelel a chim. from root deluul
deluul : n.r.s. degree or angle of bend. : from root deluul
delsel : n.r.s.poss.3s : delsel a deluus el ngii a ouklalo er ngii, delsel er a chull. from root deluus
deluus : n.r.s. rain hat; raincoat. : deluus a dor er a chull; omderungel; rrasm el mengchongch. from root deluus
demado : n. enclosed sitting space which projects from window. : from root demado
demailei : n. tree in palm family; leaves of Palma brava (used for making fishing net). : demailei a dellomel el ko er a buuch el ngar er a oreomel. A demailei a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el ua a teletelel a buuch. Ng diak el sal mekedelebuu a chelechedal. Ng di ua a mekldelebungel a buuch. Ng diak el kall. from root demailei
demairuuch : n. job tears (type of grass whose seeds are used to make necklaces). : tauiir a ta er a bedengel a emull. from root demairuuch
demedemekel : n.poss.3s : demedemekel a omelemedemek er ngii; mo medemedemek. from root demedemekel
demetaoch : n. (natural) narrow mangrove channel (not used for transportation). : demetaoch a mekekerei el taoch, diak el klou a usbechel. A demetaoch aike el mekekere el taoch el diak lebo er a klechutem. Ng di mo er a chelsel a keburs me aike el mekekere el metucheklel a taoch. from root demetaoch
demiel : n.poss.3s his her or its sudden appearance after being absent. : demiel a me duum er ngii; me chemolt; dmeu a renguk er a demiel a ngelekek, klebokel a demiel a sils er a tutau. from root demiel
demok : n. soup made by boiling young taro leaves with coconut milk; cowardly. : demok a llel a dait el klengoes el medemedemek, demedemok. from root demok
dempo : n. telegram; long distance two way short wave, ham radio. : from root dempo
demul : n. dolphin; porpoise. : demul a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root demul
dengarech : v.s. lying face up; placed right side up. : dengarech a chemau bab; diak el chebecheb, olekang a dengarech. from root dengarech
dengarech a btil : expr. woman with easy-to-reach vagina. : from root dengarech
dengerchang : var. dengerechang : dengerchang a mla mo dengarech; diak el chebecheb; dongerechii, dongarech a kall, ngalek a dengerchang, dengerechel. from root dengarech
dengerechang : v.s.inch. start lying down with face up. : from root dengarech
tokedengarech : v.s. (bowl; plate; etc.) slightly rounded/nearly flat. : from root dengarech
tokedengarech a btil : expr. (woman) having well-positioned vagina. : from root dengarech
tukedengarech : var. tokedengarech : tukedengarech a kerik; diak el delluchel; tukedengarech el belatong. from root dengarech
Bo mdengchokl! : expr. Sit down!. : from root dengchokl
dengchekill : v.s. (house) hospitable or open to guests; (house) capable of seating many guests; (cleared land) on which a house can be built. : from root dengchokl
dengchokl : v.i. sit down. : dengchokl a kiei er a ulaol me a kingall, ulat er a ulaol a dengchokl, dengcheklel from root dengchokl
dengchokl : v.s. seated; sitting. : dengchokl a kiei er a ulaol me a kingall, ulat er a ulaol a dengchokl, dengcheklel from root dengchokl
dilengchokl : v.past : from root dengchokl
dengerengelchebud : : dengerengelchebud a meterekakl; diak longedmokl; melengerenger a kall me a klalo. from root dengerengelchebud
Dengerengelebud : n. legendary person known for his lack of obedience (to parents) and disrespect of law. : from root Dengerengelebud
dedengerenger : v.s.redup. rather naughty or mischievous. : dedengerenger a telkib el dengerenger; sebesabel; dedengerenger el buik. from root dengerenger
dengerenger : v.s. bad; evil; naughty;mischievous. : dengerenger a delengerenger; oleiit a llach; meruul a mekngit; dengerngerel a beluu. from root dengerenger
dengerenger el busech : expr. feathers of chicken under wing (whose removal is considered necessary in taming chicken). : from root dengerenger
kaudengerenger : v.recip. have sexual intercourse with each other. : kaudengerenger a dmak e meruul a delengerenger; te ngar a llaokreng. from root dengerenger
mededengerenger : v.s.redup. rather naughty/mischievous. : mededengerenger a telkib el dengerenger; mededeomel. from root dengerenger
dengerotk : : dengerotk a telkib el dengerenger; ko er a chellechelid el omeruul. from root dengerotk
denges : n. oriental mangrove. : denges a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a keburs. A denges a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou el kerrekar. Ng mekekemanget a redechel e mechetngaid. A denges a dechor er a keburs. Ng sebechel el kall a redechel Kede meliokl a redechel e melilech er a ralm el mo meketeket e mochu mengang. from root denges
Denges : n. passage in Beliliou. : Denges a toachel er a Beliliou. from root Denges
dengues : var. denges : from root denges
dengiil : n. topmost spar of sail on boat (sometimes connected to mast with pulleys). : dengiil a chetebtel a ears er a mlai er a daob. from root dengiil
dengitech : n. silt. : dengitech a chutem el mengai er a baoch el mo dmak er a telkib; dengtochel a rael. from root dengitech
dengtochel : : dengtochel a soal a dengitech el kiei er ngii; blil a dengitech, ngar eou el chutem a dengtochel. from root dengitech
dengki : n. electricity. : dengki a electricity . from root dengki
dengki basira : var. dengkibasira : from root dengkibasira
dengkibasira : n. telephone/electric pole. : from root dengkibasira
dengkibu : n. power plant. : from root dengkibu
dengki skongki : var. dengkiskongki : from root dengkiskongki
dengkiskongki : n. electric phonograph. : from root dengkiskongki
dengokl : n. fainting spell. : from root dengokl
dengu : n. dengue fever; rheumatism. : from root dengu
dengua : n. telephone. : dengua a telephone . from root dengua
oudengua : v.i. use the telephone; make a telephone call. : oudengua a ngar ngii a dengua er ngii. from root dengua
denguchel : n. pillars outside bai (or sometimes house) used as supports. : denguchel a delenguchel; tkakl; klalo el melkakl. from root denguchel
dents : var. dentsi : from root dentsi
dentsi : n. battery (interchangeable with battery, used by young people, only used for small dry cell batteries, but cars they used battery). : from root dentsi
der : n. remainder; leftover food (on someone's plate); change (from purchase). : der a mlo diak el mekang; derengel a blengur; medeel el kall; der a betok me molai a keliu, oumeder. from root der
derengam : n.poss.1pe : from root der
derenged : n.poss.1pi : from root der
derengek : n.poss.1s : from root der
derengel : n.poss.3s : derengel a der er ngii el blengur; derengel a udoud; oumeder. from root der
derengem : n.poss.2s : from root der
derengir : n.poss.3p : from root der
derengiu : n.poss.2p : from root der
derngel : var. derengel : from root der
derabahol : n. rectangle. : from root derabahol
derabuch : : derabuch a merir; derabuch el kebui, llel a dekool a mla mo derabuch. from root derabuch
derariik : n. lesser golden plover. : derariik a ta er a bedengel suebek el charm. A derariik a charm; ng ta er a suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng ko er a mengeriich a bedengel. Ng telkib el mekekerei er a terriid. Ng diak el kall. from root derariik
deratel : v.a.s. : deratel a kirel el medort, kirel el mengai, dortii a kebui, merort er a kebui, dertel. from root deratel
derau : n. (small) hand net (for fishing). : derau a klekedall er a omenged; omerrau, uked el ngar a chim e merrau a ngikel; melechiir a ngikel. from root derau
derul : n.poss.3s : derul a derau er ngii er a omenged. from root derau
ouderau : : ouderau a ngar ngii a derul, derau. from root derau
derbengais : n. oval (shape). : derbengais a ko er a blebelel a ngais, derbengais el belatong. from root derbengais
derbesekosek : n. triangle. : from root derbesekosek
derderiil : v.s.redup. (wound) sensitive or easily irritated; (person, esp., child) sensitive or prone to crying out when touched. : derderiil a bekelilangel, lmangel er a beot el ringel. from root derderiil
derebokel : : derebokel a teleteu me ng beot el soiseb a deribek er ngii; mekngit a chesimer me ng derebokel a blai. from root derebokel
dereberbel : var. dereberebel : dereberbel a teletelel a dereboreb er ngii el rubak, reboreb; kemanget a dereberebel a mesaik. from root dereborb
dereberebel : n.poss.3s also sitting position. : from root dereborb
dereborb : n. action of sitting like a man. : from root dereborb
dereboreb : var. dereborb : dereboreb a di dengchokl el diak loruul a ngerang; reboreb. from root dereborb
derechuall : n. step/ascent/large stone or log at entrance of bai; position; status; intonation; accent. : deruchall a deruchellel er a urreor; olsechall er a buai, ngar bab el deruchall. deruchall a oridekill el mo tmuu er a blai, mo dechor er a deruchall e tmuu. from root derechuall
deruchall : var. derechuall : from root derechuall
deruchellam : n.poss.1pe : from root derechuall
deruchelled : n.poss.1pi : from root derechuall
deruchellek : n.poss.1s : from root derechuall
deruchellel : n.poss.3s : deruchellel a deruchall er ngii. from root derechuall
deruchellem : n.poss.2s : from root derechuall
deruchellir : n.poss.3p : from root derechuall
deruchelliu : n.poss.2p : from root derechuall
derdellel : n.poss.3s : from root deredel
deredel : n. power; authority. : from root deredel
dereder : var. deredel : from root deredel
ngar er a eungel a derdellel a Droteo : expr. be under Droteo's leadership. : from root deredel
derek : n. type of fishnet. : derek a ta er a bedengel a uked er a ngikel. from root derek
deremel : n. water that grounded coconuts is dipped into for food or drink preparation. : deremel a bliochel disech el diak luldak er a ralm; deremel a disech. from root deremel
derengel : : Omderengel. from root derengel
dereuakl : n. loud laughter from a group of people. : dereuakl a doreuakl; cherechur; klou a dereuakl; kauoderouakl, ocherechur, kacherechur. from root dereuakl
deribek : n. rain sprinkling/spraying/blowing into house. : deribek a dertelkib er a chull el soiseb er a blai. from root deribek
derik : n. ceiling (of house). : derik a tekaukleald er a blai; melekau a kleald. from root derik
derikngel : n.poss.3s : from root derik
derikel : n. plant in coffee family. : derikel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el ou teriobs; mle osilek er a bail er a mekemad. from root derikel
derikl : n. plant in buckthorn family. : from root derikl
deril : n.poss.3s : deril a omerrai er ngii el kltkat, mla dorir a meringel el ochik, merrai er ngii. from root deril
deris : n. poisonous vine in Legume family. : deris a dellomel el dub; deris a usbechall er a omelub el ngikel. from root deris
deroech : n. little pied cormorant. : deroech a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root deroech
deromukang : n. drum for holding fuel or water. : deromukang a klou el chaibibeob el beached el blil a cheluch me a ralm. from root deromukang
derrau : n.r.s. catch of fish. : from root derrau
derrebokel : : Meterkakl el chad ma lechub eng telekuau. from root derrebokel
derrekarek : n.r.s. : derrekarek a telemall; chelebuul, terached, mle betok a derrekerekam er sera mekomad. from root derrekarek
derrekerekel : n.poss.3s : derrekerekel a derrekarek er ngii. from root derrekarek
derremkel : n.poss.3s : derremkel a derrumk er ngii el besebasech me a derumk. from root derremkel
derringel : n. snapper. : derringel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root derringel
derriu : v.s. unusually cold; may include shivering and chattering teeth. : from root derriu
dersesei : n. different (small) quantities (of something). : from root dersesei
derstang : var. dertang : from root dertang
derta el : expr. one each. : from root dertang
derta er a : expr. one each. : from root dertang
dertang : n. once in a while. : dertang a dersechimong; ta me a tang, ouderta er tir el mo er a skuul. from root dertang
dertel : n.poss.3s scrapings (e.g. from taro, etc.). : from root dertel
derstelkib : var. dertelkib : from root dertelkib
dertelkib : n. different or scattered parts or pieces (of something). : from root dertelkib
derudm : n. porcupine fish. : derudm a ta er a bedngel a ngikel el di tungd a bedengel el rokir. A derudm a charm; ng ta er a bedengel a ngikel er a daob. Ng diak el sal el meklou el charm; ng becheleleu a delel e chedelekelek a ulkel. A tengdel a di ultom er a ikrel a budel. A tengdel a ua a tengdel a sausab e ng di medecherecher. Ng kall. from root derudm
deremkel : n.poss.3s loud noise of (motor, machine, etc.). : from root derumk
deremkel a derumk : expr. boom of thunder. : from root derumk
derumk : n. thunder. : derumk a klou el ngor el merrumk; ngerel a bisebusech; orreek e melekoier a eanged, derremkel. from root derumk
chad er a desachel : expr. canoe builder. : from root desachel
desachel : n. spiny squirrelfish (Holocentrus spinifer or Adioryx spinifer). : desachel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root desachel
desachel : n.a.s. thing being or to be carved. : from root desachel
desechelel : n.a.s.poss.3s : desechelel a desachel el ngii a melasech er ngii el blai. from root desachel
tekoi er a desachel : expr. special words spoken to insure success in building a canoe. : from root desachel
desal : n.poss.3s fish eggs; roe. : desal a ngisel; desal a ngikel, meas a desaol. from root desal
desaol : v.s. (fish) pregnant or full of eggs. : desaol a meklou a desal; mla mo er ngii a ngisel; lak molai a meas a ldesoal e ng kirel el omechell. from root desal
Desbedall : n. east coast of Babeldaob. Includes the villages of Kayangel, Ngerchelong, Ngaraard, Ngiwal, Melekeok, Ngchesar. : Desbedall a ongos er a Babeldaob; Melekeok me a Ngchesar a beluu er a Desbedall. from root Desbedall
desbedall : n. doorway; entrance. : desbedall a siseball, tuangel, desbedellel. from root desbedall
desbedellel : n.poss.3s : from root desbedall
oudesbedall : v.i. go by way of east coast of Babeldaob. : oudesbedall a okiu; merael er a desbedall. from root Desbedall
desbil : n.poss.3s : desbil a omelsbai er ngii; melsbai. from root desbil
desbokl : n.a.s. sprinkle of rain; shower. : from root desbokl
desengel : n.poss.3s : desengel a omeles er ngii el ngikel. from root desengel
deser : n. diesel. : from root deser
desiil : n. last day of celebration, etc.. : desiil a ullebongel; mla mo merek; desiil er a klechedaol, desilel. from root desiil
desiil : interj. Got ya! (exclamation used by the children when touching someone and running away). : rengalek el kaiuetoir a kerutech el melai a desiil. from root desiil
desilel : n.poss.3s : desilel a desiil er ngii el klechedaol. from root desiil
desil : n.poss.3s (close) friend; sibling. [closer relationship than SECHELIL] : desil a odam; odos er ngii; Kebesei a desil a Dilbung. from root desil
desioll : v.s. (person) is to be befriended. : desioll a desil, kaudesioll. from root desil
desiu : n. earthquake; tremor; sexual encounter. : desiu a klisiich el simesmengii a chutem; mesisiich el desiu a tilemellii a Kobe er a Siabal. from root desiu
deskim : n. wire grass. : from root deskim
beches el desomel : expr. newly married woman; bride. : from root desomel
desemelel : n.poss.3s : desemelel a desomel er ngii el mlai. from root desomel
desomel : n. outrigger; woman of the house. : desomel a klekedall er a mlai er a daob; olengeseu el olechob er a mlai, desemelel. from root desomel
ongaidesomel : n. vine with leaves in shape of the canoe's outrigger. : ongaidesomel a ta er a bedengel a besebes. from root desomel
desui : n. rainbow runner. : desui a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root desui
desum : n. : desum a ta er a bedengel a emull. from root desum
detimel : n. vine in Hippocratea family. : detimel a ta er a bedengel a besebes er a oreomel el kall a rdechel. from root detimel
deuechel : : deuechel a cheled el ko er a kikoi. from root deuechel
deuil : n. happiness; joy. : deuil a deurreng; klou a deuil a rengrir a retilobed er a skuul. from root deuil
deukes : : deukes a bliongel; deleukes er a rubakldil a babii me a kukau, dikesel from root deukes
deulochadou : n. boomerang shape. : from root deulochadou
deulochadu : var. deulochadou : from root deulochadou
derengul : n.poss.3s also, used a as friendly expression of envy. : from root deurreng
Derengum! : expr. You're so lucky (and I'm envious)!. : from root deurreng
deurreng : n. happiness; joy; bliss. : deurreng a ungil e bloket el reng; klou a deurreng er a omelilt er a skuul; deuil a reng; mad er a deurreng. from root deurreng
dmeu a rengul : expr. happy; glad; joyful; appreciative. : from root deurreng
deuuerrakl : : Tekoi el kirel a btelul a beluu a le medei. from root deuuerrakl
di : mod. only; just; any. : di a olkael; di kau a mei e diak a ngodech; di tedei el buik a mong; se di kau, se di ngii. from root di
el di mle ngii : expr. all by himself; on his own. : from root di
ngii di lebong : expr. whatever it is; whatever there may be. : from root di
diabelong : var. diablong : from root diablong
diablong : n. devil. : diablong a mekngit el chelid; bellek, ongelemadech, dirrakemim. from root diablong
diablong : v.s. terrible; awful; (person) evil. : diablong a mekngit el chelid; bellek, ongelemadech, dirrakemim. from root diablong
omerellel a diablong : expr. work of the devil. : from root diablong
diaches : : diaches a chemadech el kukau el uldioll er a dait e chelilt er a reng el kelel a deleb er a sis. Kukau el telngoech ma lechub eng derratel e chelilt ra reng e uldioll ra ditel ma llel el rengul a medei el chad. from root diaches
diai : n. water sprouting from rocks in shore. : from root diai
di kea : var. dikeang : from root diak
di keang : var. dikeang : di keang a mla er ngii e mla mo diak, udoud a di keang. from root diak
diadiak : v.s.redup. : from root diak
diak : v.s. is/are not; does not exist; non-existent. : diak a bechachau; diak a kall, diak a udoud, diak a chad er a blai. from root diak
diak a rengul : expr. inconsiderate; impolite. : from root diak
dikea : var. dikeang : from root diak
dikeang : v.s.inch. no longer; no more; not... after all. : from root diak
dimlak : v.s.past were not; did not exist; was/were non-existent. : dimlak a di mla diak, dimlak le medung er a cheldecheduch, dimlak rengesii, dimlak lemei. from root diak
mo diak : expr. run out; stop; disappear; become non-existent. : from root diak
ng diak : mod. no. : from root diak
ngdiak : cont. ng diak : from root diak
diakon : n. deacon. : from root diakon
chad er a diall : expr. sailor. : from root diall
diall : n. ship. : diall a meklou el mlai er a daob el oltak a rechad me a uleklool; diall er a mekemad, diall er a usaso, dillel. from root diall
diall : n. money collected for a new widow. : diall a udoud el dillel a mad el redil el mesobil; melecha a diall, rukdemaol a mesuk a diall. Udoud e mo otobedall a le medei a mechas el diak el bechiil. from root diall
diall er a mekemad : expr. warship. : from root diall
dillam : n.poss.1pe : from root diall
dilled : n.poss.1pi : from root diall
dillek : n.poss.1s : from root diall
dillel : n.poss.3s : from root diall
dillel : n.poss.3s : dillel a diall er ngii; mesuk a dillel a mechas. from root diall
dillem : n.poss.2s : from root diall
dillir : n.poss.3p : from root diall
dilliu : n.poss.2p : from root diall
suebek el diall : expr. airplane. : from root diall
diangel : n. boathouse; canoe shed. : diangel a blil a mlai; kloi a mlai me a brer er ngii. from root diangel
diangel : n. : diangel a blil a mur, oilaol er a mur; redil a meloik er a diangel. from root diangel
dingelel : n.poss.3s : dingelel a diangel el ngii a ouklalo er ngii. from root diangel
dibard : n. small section of reef which is situated crosswise with main reef. : from root dibard
diberdel : n.poss.3s : deberdel a omelbard er ngii; melbard er a bambuu er a rael. from root dibard
dibisech : : dibisech a melebisech; metitur el orrenges a melebisech a tekoi; mla dibisech a cheldecheduch; mengerad a telbiil, ngii di lolekoi. from root dibisech
dibsechel : n.poss.3s : dibsechel a omelebisech er ngii, melebisech. from root dibsechel
dibus : v.s. absent; away from home; missing; lacking. : dibus a diak le ngar tiang; mla merael; rureulngau; dibus er tiei, dibusei. from root dibus
dibusei : v.s.inch. : dibusei a mla mo dibus. from root dibus
did : n. bridge; ladder. : did a omech a rael er a bita me a bitang; didil a omoachel. from root did
didall : n.a.s. name of causeway joining Meyuns and Koror. : didall a rael er a daob ei omech a beluu; didall a did el didil a omerael, didall er a Oreor el mo er a Meiungs. from root did
didelboi : n. ladder. : didelboi a did er a omelemiakl; melemiakl er a didelboi. from root did
didil : n.poss.3s : didil a did er ngii el omoachel. from root did
didil a charm : expr. beams or rafters at ends and sides of house (on which rats often run). : from root did
didilachaderbetei : n. milky way; any constellation. : from root did
didilachedbetei : var. didilachaderbetei : didilachedebetei a cheldellel a btuch er a eanged, betok el btuch el blechobech a didilachedbetei. from root did
didaichetang : n. type of eel. : didaichetang a uldekial a kesebekuu me a kitelel; mardingaol me a tukidolech. from root didaichetang
didebul : n.poss.3s : didebul a omelidab er ngii; melidab. from root didebul
chedidiich : v.s. (skin) smooth or shiny. : from root didiich
didichel : n.poss.3s : didichel a omelidiich er ngii, diak longull a llach me ng mla medidiich er a uchul a delengchokl. from root didiich
didichel a otoel : expr. beam of flashlight. : from root didiich
didiich : n.redup. ray (of light); act of insulting. : didiich a llomes; didichel a sils, didiich a melidiich a medad. from root didiich
didiim : n.redup. (continuous) spray or splashing. : from root didiim
didimel : n.poss.3s : didimel a didiim er ngii. from root didiim
didimel a bilas : expr. spray from moving boat. : from root didiim
didimel a chull : expr. spray from blowing rain. : from root didiim
didimel a daob : expr. salt spray; spray from breaking waves. : from root didiim
didimel a mlai : expr. spray from car (hitting puddle, etc.). : from root didiim
diditel : n.poss.3s : diditel a didirt er ngii; medidirt. from root diditel
didiul : n.poss.3s : didiul a omelidai er ngii; melidai. from root didiul
dichel : n.poss.3s : dichel a diich er ngii; dichel a sils. from root diich
dichel a buil : expr. moonbeam. : from root diich
dichel a sils : expr. sun ray. : from root diich
diich : n. ray (of light). : diich a dichel a kmard el klalo; diichel a sils, melidiich, medad medidech er a diich. from root diich
diiklel : n.poss.3s : diiklel a omeliekl er ngii; oldubech el orrebet. from root diiklel
delam : n.poss.1pe : from root diil
deled : n.poss.1pi : from root diil
delek : n.poss.1s : from root diil
delel : n.poss.3s : delel a diil er ngii; medud a delel el chad. from root diil
delem : n.poss.2s : from root diil
delir : n.poss.3p : from root diil
deliu : n.poss.2p : from root diil
diil : n. abdomen; womb; stomach. : diil a delach, delel a chad, ngalek a ngar er a chelsel a diil. from root diil
klou a delel : expr. have a pot belly; have a large belly (e.g., when pregnant). : from root diil
secherel a diil : expr. stomach or abdominal cancer. : from root diil
uchul a diil : expr. lower abdomen; gut; intestines. : from root diil
diim : n. : diim a uasech; osechel a klengoes; ko er a mechas er a Ngerang el "oudelasech er a chelechedal e melim a dimel". from root diim
diim : n. : diim a meliim, melidiim; didimel a ralm a melekimes. from root diim
dimel : n.poss.3s spray; splashing. : dimel a diim er ngii el klengoes; osechel. from root diim
dik : n. any support place beneath an object, usually large, to keep in a certain position; prop; wedge; place where something should be set. : dik a dkil; klalo el melik, chiull a dik el melik er a smecher, dkel; dik a ongedoel er a klalo, dikir a olekang er a dik. from root dik
dkel : n.poss.3s : dkel a dik er ngii; dkel a smecher a chiull; titechel, kongel. from root dik
dkil : var. dkel : dkil a dkel, chiull a dkill a smecher. from root dik
bechek el dil : expr. woman's title. : from root dil
dil : n. woman/female (esp. when referring to social roles). : dil a chad el redil; aki teim el ochad e di ta er kemam a dil. from root dil
tekoi el dil : expr. woman's work or affaires. : from root dil
dilech : n. mud eel. : dilech a kitelel; dilechkllaeb a dilech el kiei a bong me a kllaeb. from root dilech
Dilidechuu : n. (in Palauan legend) name given to Dirramellomes because she was a chicken at night and a woman by day. : from root Dilidechuu
Dilong : n. northern part of Kayangel. : Dilong a chimo er a beluu er a Ngcheangel. from root Dilong
diluches : n. north; north wind. : diluches a ta er a eua el uchul a eolt; Ngcheangel a diluches er a Belau from root diluches
merael el diluches : expr. (wind) is turning northerly. : from root diluches
diluchesngebard : n. northwest. : diluchesngebard a delongelel a ngebard me a diluches. from root diluchesngebard
diluchesungos : n. northeast. : from root diluchesungos
dilukai : n. monkeyman; carved wooden image of person or animal. : dilukai a delsachel kerrekar el okesiul a chad me a mongkii. from root dilukai
delmedimech : n.r.s.redup. large amount of dots or spots. : delmedimech a oudelmedimech; betok a dimech er ngii. from root dimech
dimech : n. dot; spot; period. : dimech a kekerei el ko er a medal a oluches; olangch; dimech a merekui a cheldecheduch. from root dimech
dimes : n. south; south wind; southern part of Kayangel. : dimes a ta er a eua el uchul a eolt; lrrai a dimes er a Ngchesar. from root dimes
merael el dimes : expr. (wind) is turning southerly. : from root dimes
dimesungos : n. southeast. : dimesungos a delongelel a dimes me a ongos. from root dimesungos
dimlerrek : v.s.past remained the same/unchanged. : from root dimlerrek
chelebedel a ding : expr. outer part of ear (including lobe). : from root ding
dechil a ding : n. ear wax. : from root ding
ding : n. ear. : ding a klekedellel a chad; ding a orrenges; dingal. from root ding
dingad : n.poss.1pi : from root ding
dingak : n.poss.1s : from root ding
dingal : n.poss.3s : dingal a ding er ngii el chad. from root ding
dingam : n.poss.2s : from root ding
dingemam : n.poss.1pe : from root ding
dingemiu : n.poss.2p : from root ding
dingerir : n.poss.3p : from root ding
dinges : n. state of being full. : dinges a medinges; diak el sengerenger, betok a kall; dinges a uchul a ungil el klechad, dngesel. from root dinges
dngesel : n.poss.3s : dngesel a dinges er ngii, medinges. from root dinges
dingesechel : n.poss.3s : dingesechel omelengisech er ngii, melngisech. from root dingesechel
dingesedeel : v.s. : dingesedeel a medelang; mla mo merur le ng kmo "ak medinges e a lechub e ng songerenger"; di kea lotkii a tekingel. from root dingesedeel
diod : n. dripping water; fishing with line in deep water. : diod a ralm el oldalech el mei er eou; ralm a meliod er a ulaol, olengimech er a ulaol, diidiel. from root diod
diokang : n. tapioca; tapioca plant; cassava; manioc. : diokang a dellomel er a sers el ongraol. A diokang a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel; ng kall a techel. from root diokang
diokelengel : n.poss.3s : diokelengel a diokang el ngii a oudellomel. from root diokang
rengul a diokang : expr. starch. : from root diokang
dillang : v.s.inch. has just become pregnant. : dillang a mla mocha dioll; bechik a ko el dillang. from root dioll
dioll : v.s. pregnant. : dioll a ngar er ngii a ngalek er a delel; kldiull, bechik a dioll. from root dioll
diong : n. bathing spot (e.g.; spring; well; outside shower). : diong a diosech; omoachel, olechelubel, rengalek a mengedub er a diong. from root diong
Dios : n. God. : Dios a Chelid; omebelel a rokui. from root Dios
krasia er a Dios : expr. grace of God. : from root Dios
diosech : n. bathing spot (e.g.; stream; well; outside shower). : diosech a diong. from root diosech
disecham : n.poss.1pe : from root diosech
diseched : n.poss.1pi : from root diosech
disechek : n.poss.1s : from root diosech
disechel : n.poss.3s : from root diosech
disechem : n.poss.2s : from root diosech
disechir : n.poss.3p : from root diosech
disechiu : n.poss.2p : from root diosech
direkorek : n. type of fishnet. : direkorek a uked er a omenged; oudirekorek; ouemenged. from root direkorek
direkorek : : direkorek a uldirekorek, imis, medeel, kmal klou, uldirekorek el kall a cheleberochel. from root direkorek
diremesmis : n. type of bird (similar to tutau). : from root diremesmis
dirimesmis : n. : dirimesmis a charm el suebek, melekoi el ua ngerel a tutau. from root dirimesmis
derkel : n.poss.3s : from root dirk
direk : var. dirk : direk a klalo el merirk; direkau; meskau a llechum el di ua ikau. from root dirk
dirk : mod. still. : from root dirk
dirk : n. mirror. : from root dirk
direkak : var. dirkak : direkak a kirel el mo er ngii e direkak; kirel el mekedmokl e direkak le mekedmokl. from root dirkak
dirkak : mod. not yet; not ever; never (dirk diak). : from root dirkak
dirra : n. title used for females; Mrs. : dirra a dui el dil; Dirrengerrach, Dirrauchulabkau. from root dirra
Dirrabakerus : n. (in Palauan legend) name of Miladeldil after she moved to Ngerdebotar and married Tkedelukl. : from root Dirrabakerus
Dirrabkau : n. (in Palauan legend) name of Iluochel when she lived in Ngerchebukl under a bkau tree. : from root Dirrabkau
Dirrachedebsungel : n. (in Palauan legend) name of Iluochel when she lived in Chedebsungel in Ngiual. : from root Dirrachedebsungel
Dirrakoranges : n. legendary woman of Ngeaur who lived under a koranges tree and who, lamenting her childlessness, discovered a baby girl in a magic flower. : from root Dirrakoranges
Dirramelkodk : n. (in Palauan legend) name given to Tellebuu after she moved to hamlet of Ngeriab in Beleliou. : from root Dirramelkodk
Dirramellomes : n. (in Palauan legend) woman in whose form Uab reappeared after he fell to earth; woman who brought light to earth. : from root Dirramellomes
dirrek : v.s. also; too; do .. Also; is still the same; remains the same/unchanged. : dirrek a di osisiu; tilecha a ungil me sei me ng dirrek el ungil; ua ingii. from root dirrek
Ngak a dirrek. : expr. Me too. : from root dirrek
Dirrengulbai : n. title of feminine counterpart or assistant to chief in Imeliik. : from root Dirrengulbai
dertam : n.poss.1pe : from root dirt
derted : n.poss.1pi : from root dirt
dertek : n.poss.1s : from root dirt
dertel : n.poss.3s its dryness; its degree of dryness (i.e. how dry is something). : from root dirt
dertem : n.poss.2s : from root dirt
dertir : n.poss.3p : from root dirt
dertiu : n.poss.2p : from root dirt
dirt : n. (degree of) dryness : dirt a didirt; medirt; medidirt; diak el dekimes; diak a chull me a chutem a medirt; diditel. from root dirt
dermel : var. dermel a disech : from root disech
dermel a disech : n. genuine coconut milk (obtained when coconut first squeezed). : from root disech
desechel : var. disechel : desechel a disech er ngii el lius. from root disech
disech : n. coconut milk. : disech a osechel a kles el lius; chuit, disech a usbechall er a omenguit, desechel. from root disech
disechel : n.poss.3s : from root disech
delal a diu : expr. very loud noise. : from root diu
didu : mod. (people) doing (something) together. : didu a dirrek; melekoi a betok; rebetok, kau me tir a didu el mei; kau me ngii a didu el merael; kau me ngii me tir a didu el mong. from root diu
diu : n. shout; yell. : diu a klou el ngor; oldiu, ngar er ngii a klou el diu, diul. from root diu
diu : mod. together; all together; at the same time. : from root diu
diul : n.poss.3s : from root diu
diul a mekemad : expr. war cry or call. : from root diu
du : var. diu : from root diu
ngelekel a diu : expr. small amount of shouting. : from root diu
dikesel : n.poss.3s : dikesel a deukes er ngii; rruklel, blingelel, dikesel a rubak a babii. from root diukes
diukes : n. share of food given in return for labor; inheritance. : from root diukes
diulareng : n. (someone's) happiness/joy. : from root diulareng
diularengul : n.poss.3s : from root diulareng
dmeu : v.s. happy; glad; joyful; appreciative. : dmeu a rengrir; ungil a tengrir; deurreng, mad er a deurreng, deuil a reng. from root diulareng
dkedkemel : n.poss.3s : dkedkemel a dkedukem er ngii el a ulaol, dkedkemel a uach; melkedukem. from root dkedukem
dkedukem : : dkedukem a melkedukem; dkedkemel a rurt er a rael, dkedkemel a ulul a mesel. from root dkedukem
dkisel : n.poss.3s slant, angle. : dkisel a omelkois er ngii; mo dkois. from root dkisel
dmaes : : dmaes a melaes; dmaes a betok el kall er a mechesang el di mo er a babii. from root dmaes
dilak : v.past : from root dmak
dmak : v.i. be together. : dmak a uldak; te uldak er a chimo el blai, te dmak el kiei; te dmak el skuul, chachelechel, kaukledem. from root dmak
dmak a rengrir : expr. have close relationship; feel the same about (things). : from root dmak
dokngei : v.i.inch. is getting together. : dokngei a mla mo dmak, Belau me a Merikel a dokngei. from root dmak
dmanges : : dmanges a merael el mo er a bab; omerael a bedul a diluches. from root dmanges
dongesang : v.i.inch. : dongesang a dmanges, merael el mo er a diluches, klechedaol a dongesang. from root dmanges
dmangesbab : : dmangesbab a omes er a bab. from root dmangesbab
dmedes : : dmedes a betok el deles; baklild a mla dmedes a chimak; dosengii, desengel a chim. from root dmedes
dmiich : v.i. (sun, moon, etc.) shine. : dmiich a melidiich; sils a dmiich er a bebul a daob. from root dmiich
bedul er a dmolech : expr. friend or mainstay in times of need. : from root dmolech
dilochel : n. very deep area of the ocean (inside the reef in a channel). : from root dmolech
dmolech : v.s. deep. : dmolech a dolech, diak le meched; dmolech a chei, klou a dolech. from root dmolech
dmolech a chei : n. high tide. : from root dmolech
dmolech a rengul : expr. wise; prudent; careful in planning ahead. : from root dmolech
dmolech a uldesuel : expr. wise; prudent; careful in planning ahead. : from root dmolech
dolechang : v.s.inch. becoming deep. : dolechang a mocha dmolech; merema a keriik, dolecha chei, delechel. from root dmolech
dmolk : v.s. (something) full or filled. : dmolk a omekeek, mla dmolk a tutuu er a semum, sochesech. from root dmolk
ak dmu : expr. I say. : from root dmung
dillii : : from root dmung
dilu : var. dilung : from root dmung
dilung : : from root dmung
dmu : var. dmung : from root dmung
dmu el kmo : expr. say that. : from root dmung
dmu el uai se : expr. say that. : from root dmung
dmung : say; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped. : dmung a melekoi, "a le mei a Siang e ke dmung er ngii me ng choielak". from root dmung
dmung : : dmung a melekoi, "a le mei a Siang e ke dmung er ngii me ng choielak". from root dmung
dulang : v.inch. begin to say. : dulang a mla dmung; melekoi; ngera el tekoi a diak ke dulang e!! from root dmung
dulii : : dulii a melekoi er ngii; mla dulii a tekoi. from root dmung
medung : v.erg. be or get said. : from root dmung
meldung : n. words or topics already discussed. : meldung a tekoi el mla chedcheduch; dilung, dmung, ak di melekoi a meldung. from root dmung
mildu el basio : expr. the said or planned place. : from root dmung
mildu el sils : expr. the said or planned day. : from root dmung
mung : var. dmung : from root dmung
dngedengam : n.poss.1pe : from root dngod
dngedenged : n.poss.1pi : from root dngod
dngedengek : n.poss.1s : from root dngod
dngedengel : n.poss.3s : from root dngod
dngedengem : n.poss.2s : from root dngod
dngedengir : n.poss.3p : from root dngod
dngedengiu : n.poss.2p : from root dngod
dngedngel : var. dngedengel : dngedngel a omelngod er ngii, melngod a rdechel a btaches. from root dngod
dngod : n. tatoo. : dngod a klekedall er a omelngod. from root dngod
do- : affix we (including you). : from root do-
doall : v.s. (skin) red, raw or black-and-blue (after a slap or blow); bruised; (face) showing extreme embarrassment. : doall a mengodech a bedengel, medal a kmard, diak le blekebek, doall le ng merur. from root doall
doall a medal : expr. have a black eye. : from root doall
doall er a chelebed : expr. bruise. : from root doall
douellang : v.s.inch. : douellang a mla mo doall; te merur mete douellang. from root doall
dobodeb : v.s. calm (after being angry); calmed down; mellow; mellowed. : dobodeb a dolechakl; dikea le kesib a rengul, chelellekla rengul. from root dobodeb
dobu : n. ditch (very commonly used). : from root dobu
dodes : n. : dodes a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root dodes
doiderekl : v.i. board (boat, etc.). : doiderekl a mla ngmasech; mla doiderekl er a bilas, didereklel. from root doiderekl
doidereklung : v.i.pred. : doidereklung a mochu doiderekl; di kmeed el mo ngmasech, doidereklu er a skoki. from root doiderekl
chad er a Dois : expr. German. : from root Dois
Dois : n. Germany. : from root Dois
rechidois : Germans. : from root Dois
rektir a rechad er a Dois : expr. German measles. : from root Dois
dok : n. poison. : from root dok
dokel : n.poss.3s : dokel a doko er ngii; dokel a ngikel, blil a telil. from root doko
doko : n. tree which grows in coral sand. : doko a kerrekar el soal duubech a kederang. from root doko
doko : n. swim bladder of fish. : doko a a klekedall er a bedengel a chad me a charm , dokel. from root doko
dokomademo : expr. under all circumstances; no matter how difficult; through thick and thin. : from root dokomademo
delecham : n.poss.1pe : from root dolech
deleched : n.poss.1pi : from root dolech
delechek : n.poss.1s : from root dolech
delechel : n.poss.3s : from root dolech
delechel a odis : expr. perigee tide in early spring and late summer. : from root dolech
delechem : n.poss.2s : from root dolech
delechir : n.poss.3p : from root dolech
delechiu : n.poss.2p : from root dolech
dolech : n. depth; tide. : dolech a delechel a ralm me a daob, klou a dolech; keriik, dmolech a chei, delechel. from root dolech
kekere a dolech : expr. tide is about half high. : from root dolech
klou a dolech : expr. tide is high. : from root dolech
klou el dolech : expr. (normal) high tide. : from root dolech
dolechakl : : dolechakl a mo chelellakl; dobodeb a rengul, dolechakl a rengul er a klsibelreng. from root dolechakl
dolmers : n. interpreter. : dolmers a chad el oleuid a tekoi; remechudel a dolmers a tekoi er a Siabal. from root dolmers
donats : n. doughnut. : from root donats
dongerngerii : : dongerngerii a melengerenger er ngii; rullii el mo delengerenger. from root dongerngerii
dongesang : v.t.inch. : dongesang a mla dmanges; melanges a buuch; dengesel. from root dongesang
blil a dongu : expr. toolshed. : from root dongu
dongu : n. tool. : from root dongu
dongu er a kldaiksang : expr. carpentry tools. : from root dongu
dongu bako : n. toolbox. : from root dongu bako
doraib : v.i. drive around (in car). : from root doraib
dorobo : n. robber; thief. : from root dorobo
dorouakl : v.i. laugh. : dorouakl a dereuakl; ocherechur, rekebil a dorouakl el mo er a bab, kaocherechur. from root dorouakl
kauoderouakl : v.recip. : from root dorouakl
dort : n. ironwood tree; ipil. : dort a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kmal mesisiich; blai el dort. from root dort
desebel : n.poss.3s : desebel a tiul; doseb er ngii; beches el duubech, desebel a bambuu, desebel a meradel. from root doseb
doseb : n. bamboo shoot. : doseb a desebel; tiul a kerrekar beches el duubech, desebel a bambuu; deb a mla meloseb. from root doseb
dosei : mod. anyway; at any rate; after all. : from root dosei
dotei : n. rampart; terrace. : from root dotei
du- : affix we (including you). : from root du-
duabel : : duabel a melabel; terrekakl el omesab el kukau, mla duabel a mesei. Terrekakl el omesab e ra kukau ma dait ra mesei. from root duabel
duadeb : n. type of clam (hippopus hippopus and hippopus porcellanus). : duadeb a ta er a bedengel a kim. from root duadeb
duadou : n. China giant clam (Hippopus Porcellanus). : from root duadou
dbad : n.poss.1pi : from root dub
dbak : n.poss.1s : from root dub
dbal : n.poss.3s : dbal a dub er ngii; kloleklel el dub. from root dub
dbam : n.poss.2s : from root dub
dbemam : n.poss.1pe : from root dub
dbemiu : n.poss.2p : from root dub
dberir : n.poss.3p : from root dub
dub : n. bomb; dynamite; tree in Legume family whose leaves and roots are used as poison to catch fish; vine in Legume family (whose roots are used as poison to catch fish). : dub a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el omekodall, dub a ngar ngii a rrsachel me a techetachel. from root dub
dbechel : n.poss.3s : dbechel a dubech er ngii el dait, ungil a dbechel el dellomel. from root dubech
dubech : n. coconut sprouting on ground. : dubech a metau er a lius el dubechang, dbechel a lius. from root dubech
dubech : n. a type of chicken. : dubech a ta er a bedengel a malk. from root dubech
dubechechutem : n. plant which grows by itself. : dubechechutem a dellomel di mle ngii el duubech; mesaik a melngot a dubechechutem el diokang. from root dubech
mad el dubech : expr. coconut which falls onto frond and begins to sprout there (but soon dies). : from root dubech
debsel : n.poss.3s : debsel a merat el uchul a kerrekar; debsel a lius. from root dubs
dubs : n. tree stump. : dubs a uchul a ulekoad el lius me a kerrekar, debsel a lius. from root dubs
dechal : n.poss.3s : dechal a duch er ngii; duch er a omeruul; meduch, dachelbai, chemolt a dechal er a urreor. from root duch
dechal a rengul : expr. perseverance; ambition; strong will. : from root duch
duch : n. ability; skill. : duch a meduch; dachelbai, chedechuul, duch er a omenged, ngar ngii a duch er ngii er a urreor; ngar ngii a dechal er a omerreder, meduch el merreder. from root duch
ducherreng : n. perseverance; ambition; strong will. : from root duch
uai a decham : expr. as good as you. : from root duch
duchauch : : duchauch a rekdel a uchauch el mengabek el ko er a besokel. from root duchauch
duchudech : : duchudech a melechudech; melinget a chemars. from root duchudech
dudalem : n. wrasse fish. : dudalem a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root dudalem
dudek : n. white-tailed tropic bird. : dudek a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm el becheleleu. A dudek a suebek el charm; ng ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng di becheleleu a bedengel e kemanget a kemril Ng diak el sal el mo meklou el charm; ng di ua a meklungel a sechosech. Ng kall. from root dudek
dudek : n. type of rayfish. : dudek a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root dudek
dudes : n. blister. : dudes a medudes; delul er a mekeald a medudes e ngar er ngii a ralm er ngii. from root dudes
dudeukeburs : n. nettle fish. : dudeukeburs a charm el diak a chiuesel me ng medemedemek; ko er a ongekad el ombibechakl. from root dudeukeburs
duduomel : n. type of clam. : duduomel a cheled el di ua ibuchel e ng di meklou. from root duduomel
dudurs : n. silver bush. : dudurs a besebes el meleksakt a kerrekar er a oreomel. from root dudurs
diad : n.poss.1pi : from root dui
diak : n.poss.1s : from root dui
dial : n.poss.3s : dial a dui el ngii a oudui er ngii, ng kirel el tuchelii a dial. from root dui
diam : n.poss.2s : from root dui
dimam : n.poss.1pe : from root dui
dimiu : n.poss.2p : from root dui
dirir : n.poss.3p : from root dui
diul : n.poss.3s : from root dui
dui : n. title (for village chief or family head). : dui a kebekuul; meluchel a dui, lbedul a dial a merreder er a Bitalianged, Reklai a kuk dial a oba Bitalianged. Deruchall. from root dui
dui : n. coconut frond; bunch of coconut fronds tied together as symbol of power. : dui a llel a lius. from root dui
meluchel er a dui : expr. hold title. : from root dui
duiduis : : duiduis a meluis; mla duiduis a delsangel el rokui; mla otobed a techel el oba oluis; dmuis, disel. from root duiduis
dukl : n. trigger fish. : dukl a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root dukl
dulleklel : n.poss.3s : dulleklel a dullokl er ngii el lius, diak le melemalt. from root dullokl
dullokl : v.s. standing on slant or at angle; tilting; (person) hunched over. : dullokl a diak el melemalt; telkib el ulukel; dullokl el lius, dulleklel. from root dullokl
dung : n. large taro. : dung a dellomel el okereull, dung a ungil el dait me ng kedmekill. from root dung
dobengang : v.i.inch. : dobengang a mla duob; meoud, dobenga er a skoki. from root duob
duob : v.i. fall through or into (hole); be late; miss. : duob a diak le bechir a taem; ruebet er a delluchel, duob er a skoki. from root duob
dosebang : v.s.inch. : dosebang a mla mo duoseb; uldoseb, sobelang; mla mo chuib er a ringel; beluu er a Belau a dosebang me ng di ngii el obang. from root duoseb
duoseb : v.s. relieved or freed (from pain, etc.). : from root duoseb
durech : n. leaking water; leak. : durech a ngimech er a ralm el oldalech er a bab el mei; ulaol a dekimes er a durech. from root durech
durengul : n.poss.3s intention. : from root durengul
durs : n. action of sleeping. : durs cheliuaiu er a delongelel a sechal me a dil, ileakl el omeruul er a deleongel. from root durs
dusel : n.poss.3s : dusel a durs er ngii el ngalek, cheliuaiu er ngii, mechiuaiu. from root durs
dusel a olik : expr. uncomfortable sleeping position. : from root durs
kedurs : v.recip. sleep together. : kedurs a bek el chad el mechiuaiu, durs, cheliuaiu. from root durs
dukllel : n.poss.3s : dukllel a dusall er ngii el ngalek. from root dusall
dusall : n. place for sleeping; bed. : dusall a blil a durs; olsechall er a cheliuaiu, smecher a ngar a dusall from root dusall
dilubech : v.i.past : from root duubech
dubechang : v.i.inch. : dubechang a mla duubech; dbechel from root duubech
dubechung : v.i.pred. : dubechung a kmedu el duubech. from root duubech
duubech : v.i. (plant) grow; start; originate; happen. : duubech a beches el mo er ngii; dellomel a mla duubech. from root duubech
duul : n.poss.3s mother (esp., when referring to matters of kinship). : from root duul
duul a delak : expr. my maternal grandmother. : from root duul
duul a demak : expr. my paternal gramdmother. : from root duul
dumdum : v.s.redup. prone to showing up/dropping by all the time. : dumdum a mekudem el me duum; blechoel el mei; dumdum el oldingel, demiel. from root duum
dumiang : v.i.inch. appearing; coming into view. : from root duum
duum : v.i. appear; show up; rise to surface. : duum a mle dibus e mei; sils a mla duum, demiel. from root duum
medmedum : v.i.redup. (ball, coconut, etc.) float or bob on surface of water; visit regularly (esp., to be helpful); keep appearing. : from root duum
delolakl : var. duus : delolakl a duus er a chado er a blai me a bai. from root duus
duesel : var. dusel : duesel a omeluus er ngii, meluus er a mechut el bail. from root duus
dusel : n.poss.3s : from root duus
duuesel : var. dusel : duuesel a duus er ngii. from root duus
duus : n. roof beams parallel to buadel and laid on top of seches. : duus a seches er a blai me a bai; duuesel. from root duus
duusuch : v.s. (tree) not growing well or stunted; (person) underdeveloped. : from root duusuch
e : conj. and; (and) then or consequently; (if...,) then; while; but. : e a omechoel; omuchel e omech a bebil er a tekoi, e sechelei, toktang echad er a chei; e ngerang? from root e
e : mod. contentless word (used with name when addressing someone). : from root e
eng : cont. e ng : from root e
e ng di : mod. but. : from root e ng di
engdi : cont. e ng di : from root e ng di
eab : : eab a mekekerei el cheldull el eolt from root eab
eabed : n. cloud. : eabed a ngar er a bab; melidiul, eabed a melenget a diich, merael el eabed, ulat el eabed, ebedel. from root eabed
ebedel : n.poss.3s : from root eabed
merael el eabed : expr. low, fast-moving clouds. : from root eabed
ulat el eabed : expr. high, stationary clouds. : from root eabed
cheach : var. each : from root each
each : interj. exclamation of surprise. : each a kibetiekl; each e ke mlei! each ng miting e diak a chad? from root each
eoch : var. each : eoch a each. from root each
eai : num. 8 [eight] (unit of time). : eai a ochur (8), eai el buil, eai el klebesei. from root eai
eai el buil : expr. eight months. : from root eai
eaiiud : var. eaiud : eaiiud a eai el iluodel, eaiiud el tuu. from root eaiud
eaiud : num. 8 [eight] (bunch of bananas). : from root eaiud
eang : interj. expression of surprise. : eang a ochotii a rrau el reng; eang ng mera el tekoi? eang tia ng ker? from root eang
beluu er a eanged : expr. heaven. : from root eanged
chelleanged : n. location in sky relatively close to earth. : from root eanged
eanged : n. sky; weather. : eanged a melidiul; mellaongel; bab; engedel. from root eanged
engedel : n.poss.3s sky; weather; eyebrow. : engedel a eanged er ngii, ungil engedel Belau e beches a eltel. from root eanged
engedel a mad : expr. eye brow. : from root eanged
engedel a medad : n.poss.1pi : from root eanged
engedel a medak : n.poss.1s : from root eanged
engedel a medal : n.poss.3s : from root eanged
engedel a medam : n.poss.2s : from root eanged
engedel a medemam : n.poss.1pe : from root eanged
engedel a medemiu : n.poss.2p : from root eanged
engedel a mederir : n.poss.3p : from root eanged
rubak er a eanged : expr. god. : from root eanged
beches el ears : expr. recent immigrants to village. : from root ears
ears : n. sail; type of giant taro. : ears a klalo el omuked a eolt e orrurt a bekall er a daob, ears a rruul er a mamed me a cheleuikl el such; resel a bos. from root ears
mechut el ears : expr. early immigrants to a village. : from root ears
resel : n.poss.3s : resel a ears er ngii; ears er a mlai er a daob. from root ears
ebakl : n. chopping instrument with narrow blade. Used for carving canoes. : ebakl a klekedall er a omelasech, me a omelobech, ebeklel. from root ebakl
ebeklam : n.poss.1pe : from root ebakl
ebekled : n.poss.1pi : from root ebakl
ebeklek : n.poss.1s : from root ebakl
ebeklel : n.poss.3s : ebeklel a ebakl el ngii el chad. from root ebakl
ebeklem : n.poss.2s : from root ebakl
ebeklir : n.poss.3p : from root ebakl
ebekliu : n.poss.2p : from root ebakl
ebangkelio : n. gospel. : from root ebangkelio
Ebil : n. : Ebil a dui el dil. from root Ebil
Ebilreklai : n. title given to the female counterpart to Reklai. Selected from the same matrilineal clan. : from root Ebilreklai
echetel : n.poss.3s : echetel a omeluchet er ngii el bail; meluchet. from root echetel
ede : num. 3 [three] (unit of time). : from root ede
ede el klebesei : expr. three nights. : from root ede
edei : var. ede : edei a ochur (3), edei el klebesei, edei el rak, edei el buil. from root ede
Edeaur : n. old name of Ngeaur. : Edeaur a mle ngklel a Ngeaur er sei er a di blo le kldei a rengedel. from root Edeaur
edechedong : n. three stripped-off pieces. : from root edechedong
edechid : n. breadth of three fingers. : from root edechid
edeichedong : : edeichedong a ochur , edeichedong el ngikel el ocherengel a chemadech me a marek. from root edeichedong
edeichem : : edeichem ulechem el ngikel, edeichem el ngikel. from root edeichem
edeichid : n. : edeichid a edei el cheldingel er a chim me a ouach. from root edeichid
edeingos : : edeingos a edei el selngos; klngos, edeingos el bobai. from root edeingos
edeisakd : : edeisakd a edei el selakd el brer. from root edeisakd
chimo er a edeitiud : expr. one third. : from root edeitiud
edeitiud : n. (one) third. : from root edeitiud
eru er a edeitiud : expr. two thirds. : from root edeitiud
ta er a edeitiud : expr. one third. : from root edeitiud
edeiiud : var. edeiud : edeiiud a edei el iluodel; edeiiud el tuu, iluedellel. from root edeiud
edeiud : num. 3 [three] (bunch of bananas). : from root edeiud
edekeremerem : n. 3rd day after full moon. : edekeremerem a ongedei el kesus er uriul er a orakiruu. from root edekeremerem
edesakt : num. 3 [three] (raft of logs tied together). : from root edesakt
edeiuong : var. edeuo : edeiuong a ochur ; ocherengel a mekemanget el klalo, edeiuong el deb, ediuong el diokang, ediuo el bambuu. from root edeuo
edeuo : num. 3 [three] (long object). : from root edeuo
edeuong : var. edeuo : from root edeuo
ediul : expr. exclamation of fright or surprise. : from root ediul
edumail : n. : edumail a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root edumail
eim : num. 5 [five] (unit of time). : from root eim
eimiud : num. 5 [five] (bunch of bananas). : from root eimiud
eimuo : num. 5 [five] (long object). : from root eimuo
eimuong : var. eimuo : from root eimuo
ekebil : n. girl. : ekebil a kekerei el dil. from root ekebil
ekil : n. thick braided rope. : ekil a klou el blubeu el besebes; ekil a ouak, okul a mlai me a bilas, eklil. from root ekil
eklil : n.poss.3s : eklil a ekil er ngii el chad. from root ekil
ekekel : n.poss.3s : ekekel a ekoek er ngii, semum. from root ekoek
ekoek : n. trochus. : ekoek a ta er a bedengel a cheled; semum; ekekel. A ekoek a ta er a ngklel a semum Ng charm er a daob; ng dirrek el cheled; ng okrokr e medecherecher a ulekngellel. Ng klalo a ulekngellel e kall a techel Ng oumesingd el ngar er a chelmoll me a lechub e ng dmolech el daob. from root ekoek
echikang : v.i.inch. is beginning to go (towards hearer). : echikang a merael el ekong, ngar er a omerolel, oderuchel a echikang. from root ekong
eko : var. ekong : from root ekong
ekong : v.i. go (towards location of hearer). : ekong a merael el mo bedul a orrenges. from root ekong
ileko : var. ilekong : from root ekong
ilekong : v.past : ilekong a mla eko er tilechang. from root ekong
el : conj. which; who; that (introduces various types of clauses); (appears between descriptive state verbs and the nouns that they describe). : el a olecholt e omeketakl er a tekeungel; omech a tekoi; ngii el chad a merael el mei, obengkel a omerael el mei. from root el
elangel : n. [Pouteria obovata]. : from root elangel
elbiob : n. root beer tree. : from root elbiob
elebdechukl : n. [Scarus ghobban]. : from root elebdechukl
elecha el kesus : expr. this evening (when it is evening at time of utterance). : from root elecha el kesus
chelecha : var. elechang : from root elechang
chelechang : var. elechang : from root elechang
elecha : var. elechang : from root elechang
elecha el mong : expr. from now on. : from root elechang
elecha el sils : expr. today; today's weather. : from root elechang
elechang : n. now; just now; today; these days. : elechang a chelecha el sils; elecha el dekasoues; chelecha el taem; chelecha el de katekoi. from root elechang
er a elecha el taem : expr. these days. : from root elechang
elii : n. yesterday. : elii a sils el uchei er a chelechang, ak mle er a elii. from root elii
er a tutau er a elii : expr. yesterday morning. : from root elii
elireuakl : v.s. hanging upside down; bending over; bent over; stooped over. : from root elireuakl
eliseb : n. yesterday. : eliseb a elii, ideliseb, idelsebel, eliseb a melekoi a mla memong el diak el cheroid. from root eliseb
elolem : num. 6 [six] (unit of time). : elolem a ochur (6), elolem el sils, elolem el buil, elolem el rak. from root elolem
elolem el rak : expr. six years. : from root elolem
elolemiiud : var. elolemiud : elolemiiud a elolem el iluodel; elolemiiud el tuu. from root elolemiud
elolemiud : num. 6 [six] (bunch of bananas). : from root elolemiud
eltelngebard : n. west wind. : eltelngebard a eolt er a ngebard; bekall a omtok er a eltelngebard. from root eltelngebard
eltelongos : n. east wind. : eltelongos a eolt er a ongos, mlai a blekall er a eltelongos. from root eltelongos
el mo er a emel : expr. in the direction of land. : from root emel
emel : n.poss.3s interior; rear of enclosed space; interior end of mangrove channel. : emel a chelsel; diak le ikrel; a mlai ulak er emel, blimam a ngar emel ng ulsechesech. from root emel
melai a ngar er a emel el tekoi : expr. try to find something out indirectly; try to find out what is really behind the situation. : from root emel
melim emel : expr. : melechesuar era chelsel a rengul. from root emel
emoi : n. grand Pisonia. : from root emoi
emellang : v.s.inch. : emellang a mla mo er ngii a emull; mla duubech a chudel er ngii. from root emull
emellel : n.poss.3s : emellel a emull er ngii el sers. from root emull
emull : n. weeds. : emull a chudel, mekesokes a di emull er rokir, emellel. from root emull
enchi : baby sit down. : from root enchi
engelakl : v.t. pass by/over/through. : engelakl a merael el imiu; diak el be ltab, mla engelakl er a skuul; diak el tuchakl. from root engelakl
engeleklang : v.t.inch. : engeleklang a mocha engelakl, engeleklel; mla imiu. from root engelakl
engeleklii : : engeleklii a nguu el engelakl; oiur el nguu a kall; melengelakl a chimal el nguu. from root engelakl
ilengeleklii : : from root engelakl
me engelakl : expr. come by. : from root engelakl
melengelakl : v.i. keep passing out or going back and forth. : melengelakl a engelakl; imiu el mo e mei; mekudem el melengelakl. from root engelakl
mo engelakl : expr. go by. : from root engelakl
engeleklel : n.poss.3s : engeleklel a omelengelakl er ngii; melengelakl;; di imiu from root engeleklel
engerang : pro. why. : from root engerang
ensok : n. picnic; outing. : from root ensok
eobech : : eobech a deliobech. from root eobech
eltel : n.poss.3s : eltel a eolt er ngii el beluu. from root eolt
eltel a ngebard : expr. west wind. : from root eolt
eolt : n. wind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon. : eolt a cheluut; ngebard a eolt, eolt er a ongos, meses a eolt, ses el eolt; eltel. from root eolt
meleolt : v.s. : meleolt a mededaes a rengul; melemalt a rengul, remenges a mekngit e obes, chemoit. from root eolt
meleolt a rengul : expr. (person) carefree or nonchalant; (person) not easily disturbed or content to let things happen as they may. : from root eolt
meraeleolt : n. strong; variable wind. : from root eolt
eong : n. white foam residue which forms when coconut syrup is cooked. : from root eong
eou : n. area/space below. : eou a diak el bab, eungel a blai a chemrungel, eoulbeluu a diak le kedidai, eungel a lius a mechuu. from root eou
er a uche er a cheldecheduch : expr. before the meeting. : from root eou
eungam : n.poss.1pe : from root eou
eunged : n.poss.1pi : from root eou
eungek : expr. space below or underneath me. : from root eou
eungel : n.poss.3s : eungel a eou er ngii; eungel a kingall; eungel a blai a chemrungel. from root eou
eungel a tebel : expr. space under(neath) the table. : from root eou
eungem : n.poss.2s : from root eou
eungir : n.poss.3p : from root eou
eungiu : n.poss.2p : from root eou
eoulbeluu : n. lower half of the body; private parts; section of a village at a lower elevation than the rest. : eoulbeluu a tedobech er a chad; uuk me a uchauch me a but a eoulbeluu; eoulbeluu a beluu; delengchokl el ngar eou el chutem; eoulbeluu a diak el ordomel er a beluu, osebek a eoulbeluu. from root eoulbeluu
Eouldaob : n. islands south of Babeldaob; including Koror. : Eouldaob a dimes, beluu er a Beliliou me a Ngeaur a Eouldaob er a Belau. from root Eouldaob
eoulmad : v.s. very fast; in the twinkling of an eye. : eoulmad a mereched el ues ua ta el obusechmad, bisebusech a kmard el ua eoulmad. from root eoulmad
eouluades : n. earth (as opposed to heaven; i.e. in spiritual sense). : eouluades a beluulechad, eouluades a tia el chutem. from root eouluades
er : prep. indicates specific (as opposed to non-specific) object noun phrase in certain constructions [similar to how 'the' is different from 'a']; used to precede the object of locational, directional, source, temporal, and causal phrases. : er a omeketakl a ilekelel a tekoi e dirrek el omech; chad er a Belau, ak merael er a chelechang. from root er
era : cont. er a : from root er
ra : cont. er a : from root er
erebached : n. : erebached eru el blached; eru el blechidel; mached a erebached el kukau, bechedel. from root erebached
erebechos : n. two thumb's lengths. : erebechos a eru el bechos er a chim, cheldingel, bechesengel. from root erebechos
ereberober : n. two hand's lengths. : ereberober a eru el berober er a chim, bereberel. from root ereberober
erebitang : n. : erebitang a eru el dersbitang; erebita el buuch a blisaos; erebita el lius, erebita el bobai. from root erebitang
erebus : n. : erebus a eru el blus; erebus el lius. from root erebus
erebuut : : erebuut a eru el bluut; bluotel el erung, erebuut el chelechol, erebuut el deb. from root erebuut
erechedong : n. two stripped off pieces. : erechedong a erung, erechedo el kebui, erechedo el ngikel. from root erechedong
erechem : n. two pieces of wrapped fish. : erechem a eru el ulechem; ngar er ngii a erechem el ngikel. from root erechem
erecheseb : n. : erecheseb a eru el selecheseb; erecheseb el ralm. from root erecheseb
erechid : n. breadth of two fingers. : erechid a eru el cheldingel; erechid er a chimak a delebes. from root erechid
ereitiud : : ereitiud a eru el dersbitang; teliud el erung; tiuedii a sangdiang el mo ereitiud. from root ereitiud
ereiud : num. 2 [two] (bunch of bananas). : from root ereiud
ereiutech : : ereiutech a eru el teliutech; kldeb a di ereiutech. from root ereiutech
erekom : n. : erekom a eru el klom; buuch a di mle erekom. from root erekom
Erengoll : n. reef in Ngerechelong. : Erengoll a chelmoll er a Ngerechelong. from root Erengoll
Erenguul : n. old name for Koror. : Erenguul a chuodel el ngklel a beluu er a Oreor. from root Erenguul
eresakd : n. : eresakd a eru el selakd, rengalek a ngar er a eresakd el brer. from root eresakd
eresakt : num. 2 [two] (raft of logs tied together). : from root eresakt
eresaod : n. two separate pieces (of long object). : eresaod a eru el omesaod, selaod el erung; te melekoi a eresaod el tekoi el diak el tang. from root eresaod
eresechem : n. : eresechem a eru el ilsechem; ilsechomel a eresechem el kar el llel a kerrekar. from root eresechem
eretelooch : n. two pieces of pre-chewed food. : eretelooch a eru el telooch; smecher a di kila eretelooch e merekong. from root eretelooch
eretiud : n. two cut pieces (of food). : from root eretiud
eri : n. shirt collar. : from root eri
ermal : n. sea hibiscus. : from root ermal
Ersoi : n. legendary male inhabitant of Ngeriab. : from root Ersoi
eru : num. 2 [two] (unit of time); a few (esp. when referring to small catch of fish). : from root eru
eru el sikang : expr. two hours. : from root eru
eru el sils : expr. two days. : from root eru
erung : var. eru : erung a ochur (2), eru el eru el bail babier, eru el kebui, eru el ngikel. from root eru
erukeremerem : n. second day after full moon. : erukeremerem a eru el kebesengil a keremerem. from root erukeremerem
erulbilel : n. second month of pregnancy. : erulbilel a dioll el eru el buil. from root erulbilel
eruo : num. 2 [two] (long object). : from root eruo
eruong : var. eruo : eruong a ochur el ocherngel a eru el mekemanget; eruo el kerrekar, eruo el bamboo, eruo el idungel, oluches a di eruong. from root eruo
eselel : : eselel a chad el ngar er a diak el kirel; eselel a omerael; tmak er a llel a omerael, eselel a takrallel. from root eselel
esemam : n.poss.1pe : from root esemel
esemed : n.poss.1pi : from root esemel
esemek : n.poss.1s : from root esemel
esemel : n.poss.3s action of trying out. : esemel a omelasem er ngii, mesa el mo ungil; esemii, ka bo er eseme e desang. from root esemel
esemem : n.poss.2s : from root esemel
esemir : n.poss.3p : from root esemel
esemiu : n.poss.2p : from root esemel
Esou : n. name of elder from Imeliik who (in Palauan legeng) bought a large bai built by Orachel and became high chief of Imeliik. : from root Esou
etiu : num. 9 [nine] (unit of time). : etiu a ochur (9), etiu el buil, etiu el klebesei, mla mo etiu el rak el kuurreor. from root etiu
etiu el rak : expr. nine years. : from root etiu
etiuiud : num. 9 [nine] (bunch of bananas). : etiuiud a etiu el iliudelel el tuu. from root etiuiud
eua : num. 4 [four] (unit of time). : from root eua
eua el buil : expr. four months. : from root eua
euang : var. eua : euang a ochur (4), eua el buil; eua el sils, eua el rak. from root eua
euachedong : n. four stripped-off pieces. : from root euachedong
euais : n. swamp grass. : from root euais
chimo er a euaitiud : expr. one fourth. : from root euaitiud
ede er a euaitiud : expr. three fourths. : from root euaitiud
euaitiud : n. (one) fourth. : from root euaitiud
ta er a euaitiud : expr. one fourth. : from root euaitiud
euaiud : num. 4 [four] (bunch of bananas). : from root euaiud
euaiuo : num. 4 [four] (long object). : euaiuong a eua el ochur, ocherengel a mekemanget, bambuu a euaiuong, deb a euaiuong; euiuo el diokang. from root euaiuo
euaiuong : var. euaiuo : from root euaiuo
euall : : euall a nglengael; debsochel; aki kiei el di diak a melekoi er kemam me aki euall kung. from root euall
Euchel : n. location in Ngeriab where, in Palauan legend, Adebetei and Ersoi went to carouse with fish-maidens; shallow area in ocean between Beliliou and Ngeaur. : from root Euchel
eues : n. sumac. : from root eues
euid : num. 7 [seven] (unit of time). : euid a ochur (7), euid el rak, euid el sils a ta el sandei, euid el bail. from root euid
euid el klok : expr. seven o'clock. : from root euid
euidiud : num. 7 [seven] (bunch of bananas). : from root euidiud
fenda : n. fender. : from root fenda
Furans : n. France. : from root Furans
chad er H.O. : expr. country rube (used pejoratively with reference to inhabitants of Babeldaob). : from root H.O.
H.O. : n. (abbrev.) Babeldaob (used pejoratively). : from root H.O.
H.O. : v.s. unexperienced in Western ways; ignorant of modern conveniences. : from root H.O.
haba : n. width. Typically used in carpentry. : from root haba
haburas : n. toothbrush. : from root haburas
haburasi : var. haburas : from root haburas
hadaka : v.s. bare-breasted; nude; naked. : from root hadaka
hadasi : v.s. bare-footed; barefoot. : from root hadasi
hai : interj. ho-hum (exclamation of boredom or annoyance). : hai a ochotii a checherd el reng; hai ng seselk a renguk! hai tia el omeleot! hai ng kuk ngerang! from root hai
haibio : n. tuberculosis; tubercular. : from root haibio
haisia : n. dentist. : from root haisia
haitsio : n. cabinet. : from root haitsio
haisara : var. haizara : from root haizara
haizara : n. ashtray. : from root haizara
hakase : n. professor. : from root hakase
hake : n. paintbrush. : from root hake
hall : interj. Halt!; Stop!; Wait!. : hall a mongiil el telkib, mhall, msall e kulekoi. from root hall
msall : interj. Stop!; Wait!. : msall e kdu a cheldechedechak, mhall el telkib, mongiil el telkib. from root hall
small : var. msall : small a msall; hall, te small e mengiil a tekoi; mengiil el telkib. from root hall
hambung : n. half. : from root hambung
hambung : v.s. half-witted; simple-minded. : from root hambung
hanabi : n. fireworks; firecracker. : from root hanabi
hanahuda : n. Japanese card game. : from root hanahuda
hang : n. hamlet; neighborhood; section of village or town. : from root hang
hang : interj. Oh! (exclamation of surprise). : hang a kibetiekl, hang kom ngar tiang! hang komlei! from root hang
hangkats : n. handkerchief. : from root hangkats
hang subong : var. hansubong : from root hansubong
hansubong : n. shorts; walking pants. : from root hansubong
hantai : v.s. opposite; opposed or disagreeing. : from root hantai
harau : v.i. pay. : from root harau
hasi : n. chopsticks. : from root hasi
hatoba : n. pier; dock. : from root hatoba
Hatohobei : n. Palauan state of Tobi far to the Southwest. : Hatohobei a ingsel a Belau el ngar er a mo bedul a dimes. from root Hatohobei
hats : n. bee; wasp. : from root hats
heia : n. room (interchangeable with rooms). : from root heia
hanzi : var. henzi : from root henzi
henzi : n. answer (to question). : from root henzi
Hereng : n. Helen reef (southwest of Koror). : Hereng a iungs er a Belau, ngar er a dimesngebard er a Belau. from root Hereng
hermet : n. helmet. : from root hermet
Hesus : n. Jesus. : from root Hesus
hidoi : v.s. too much, excessive, over exerted. : from root hidoi
himits : n. secret. : from root himits
himbiokai : var. hinbiokai : from root hinbiokai
hinbiokai : n. fair, exhibition (celebration with displays and games, a fair). : from root hinbiokai
hngob : interj. exclamation uttered to draw attention to unpleasant smell. : hngob a melungl er a mekngit el bau; hngobe; hngob a melngokl, melungl, hngob a bul. from root hngob
hngobe : var. hngob : hngobe a melungl er a mekngit el bau, hngobe ngera bediu? from root hngob
hngong : var. hngob : hngong a melungl er a ungil bau, hngong ngera ungil el bechochod? hngong a bul a bechetechet. from root hngob
hokori : n. dust. : from root hokori
homrang : n. home run (in baseball). : from root homrang
hong : n. book. : from root hong
chad er a honto : expr. inhabitant of Babeldaob. : from root honto
honto : n. Babeldaob. : honto a babeldaob, ochalechutem. from root honto
hos : n. hose (of automobile). : from root hos
hosengka : n. garden balsam. : A hosengka a dellomel; ng mekekerei el dellomel; ng bung. Ng mekekerei a bngal e bek el bedengel. Ng diak el kall. from root hosengka
hotai : n. bandage. : from root hotai
hoter : n. hotel. : from root hoter
huda : n. identification/name tag. : from root huda
huei : : huei a ua isei, onger a chesols, melecheech a tekoi er a chesols, from root huei
hui : : hui a orriik, hui el bilis, hui el iaes, mengelebed a iaes. from root hui
huiriping : n. Philippines (just for place name, not for people; pronouced [h], not [f]). : from root huiriping
huriping : var. huiriping : from root huiriping
Hurans : n. France. : from root Hurans
Huiribing : var. Huribing : from root Huribing
Huribing : n. Philippines. : from root Huribing
huseng : n. balloon. : from root huseng
huto : n. envelope. : from root huto
hutsu : v.s. common; usual. : from root hutsu
huu-huu : n. the barking of a dog. : huu huu a ngerel a bilis, oteb el bilis, tebul a bilis. from root huu-huu
huuhuu : n. sound of dog barking; bow-wow. : from root huuhuu
ouhuu : v.i. (dog) bark. : from root huuhuu
i- : affix used to add emphasis to a pronoun; ikid, ise, itia. : from root i-
iab : n. gold-spotted jack. : a iab ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root iab
iaech : : iaech a baoch; bochel a ralm el omaoch el mo er a bekai, melim a ralm er a iaech. from root iaech
debulliaes : var. iaesidebull : from root iaes
esel : n.poss.3s : from root iaes
eselel : n.poss.3s : eselel a iaes er ngii el beraom. from root iaes
iaes : n. fly. : iaes a mekekerei el charm el meklou er a rekas; iaes a sebechel muchel a secher; eselel. from root iaes
iaesidebull : n. horsefly. : iaesidebull a meklou el iaes; debulliaes, iaes er a debull. from root iaes
iai : num. 8 [eight] (counting). : iai a ochur (8), me a long , uid , iai. from root iai
iakiu : n. baseball. : iakiu a klekool el mengelebed a bduu, ouiakiu. from root iakiu
ouiakiu : v.i. play baseball. : ouiakiu a ousekool a iakiu. from root iakiu
iakkotsiang : n. parrots. : from root iakkotsiang
iakorang : n. tuberose; asucena. : from root iakorang
iaksok : v.t. promise. : from root iaksok
iama : v.i. raise hairdo at front of hair. : from root iama
iami : n. grass in snapdragon family. : from root iami
iaml : n. : iaml a emull er a mesei el bechochod a bul; a iaml a ilumel e dirrek el osurech. A iaml a dellomel; ng mekekerei e melekesako el di ua a kangkum. Ng oumesingd el duubech er a meselech me a lechub e ngar er ngii a ralm er ngii el chutem. Ng ko er a medemedemek a chelechedal Ng diak el kall. from root iaml
ianagi : n. Formosa koa tree; willow. : from root ianagi
ianangi : var. ianagi : from root ianagi
ias : n. dolphin fish. : ias a ta er a bedengel a demul el meklou el ngikel. from root ias
ias : n. milky mangrove tree; river poison tree. : ias a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root ias
iasai : n. vegetable. : from root iasai
iasai bune : var. iasaibune : from root iasaibune
iasaibune : n. boat for transporting vegetables (not used anymore, during Japanese time they used boats for bringing vegetables, etc.). : from root iasaibune
iasui : v.s. cheap. : from root iasui
iasumba : n. bench. : from root iasumba
iau : n. nakedness. : from root iau
iaus : n. convict fish. : iaus a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root iaus
Ibangellel : n. location in Imeliik. : from root Ibangellel
ibedei : : ibedei a chesbad er a lius el mekekerei er a kleu. from root ibedei
Ibedul : n. title of chiefs in Koror. : Ibedul a kebekuul el dial a bdelul a beluu er a Oreor; e menguteling er a bitalianged er a Belau. from root Ibedul
Ibeluu : n. name of clan in Ngchesar. : from root Ibeluu
Ibesang : n. location in Ollei. : from root Ibesang
Ibobang : n. hamlet in Ngetbang : Ibobang a beluu er a Ngatbang. from root Ibobang
ibokill : n. curve (in road). : ibokill a iueklel a rael, ng mlo ieuekl er a ibokill el obart. from root ibokill
ibokllel : n.poss.3s : ibokllel a ibokill er ngii el rael. from root ibokill
ibouch : n. : ibouch a klekedell a chad me a charm, blil a kall er a diil, ibuchel. from root ibouch
ibuchel : n.poss.3s : ibuchel a ibouch er ngii el belochel. from root ibouch
ibechelel : n.poss.3s : from root ibuchel
ibuchel : n. sea urchin. : ibuchel a ta er a bedengel a cheled el kall. A ibuchel a cheled; ng mechaibibeob e outoched. Ng di kmeed el ua a meklungel a redechel a cheluchau Kede meruu er a kereker. Ng kall. from root ibuchel
ibuchel : n. vagina. : from root ibuchel
ibuchel er a ngemai : expr. sea urchins found in great quantity in shallow; fortunate person who without any effort on his part gets showered with gifts or girlfriends. : from root ibuchel
ungelel a ibuchel : expr. hard membrane inside sea urchin. : from root ibuchel
idekel : n. buttocks; bottom; butt. : idekel a but er a uriul, meklou a idekel a btil. from root idekel
er a idelsebel : expr. three days ago. : from root ideliseb
er a uche er a idelsebel : expr. four or more days ago. : from root ideliseb
ideliseb : n. day before yesterday. : ideliseb a ta el sils er a uchei er a elii. from root ideliseb
idelsebam : n.poss.1pe : from root ideliseb
idelsebed : n.poss.1pi : from root ideliseb
idelsebek : n.poss.1s : from root ideliseb
idelsebel : n.poss.3s : from root ideliseb
idelsebem : n.poss.2s : from root ideliseb
idelsebir : n.poss.3p : from root ideliseb
idelsebiu : n.poss.2p : from root ideliseb
idelsebel : n. three days ago. : idelsebel a ta el sils er a uchei er a ideliseb. from root idelsebel
idenges : n. Palauan money: type of kldait. : idenges a udoud er a Belau el kldait. from root idenges
idesel : n.poss.3s : idesel a omelides er ngii el bobai, melides el mo mekekerei e meliliut. from root idesel
ideuekl : v.i. go around (corner of building); to hide or conceal oneself. : from root ideuekl
idekelel : n.poss.3s : idekelel a idek er ngii; idokel, kikingelel. from root idokel
idekelel a bilem : expr. the filthiness of your clothes. : from root idokel
idokel : n. dirtiness; filthiness. : from root idokel
idokel : v.s. dirty; filthy. : from root idokel
idengelel : n.poss.3s : idengelel a idungel er ngii el ngau. from root idungel
idungel : n. firewood. : idungel a merat el kerrekar el omekard a ngau, idengelel a ngeliokl. from root idungel
ebedel : n.poss.3s : ebedel a iebed er ngii; iebed er a malk. from root iebed
iebed : n. lasso; snare; contemporary fishing net (left in shallow water when tide goes out). : iebed a besebes el chaibibeob el melebed; iebed a melebed a malk. from root iebed
Iebukel : n. hamlet in Ngerechelong. : Iebukel a chimo er a rengedel a beluu er a Oreor me a dirrek el Ngerchelong. from root Iebukel
Iechad : n. legendary inhabitant of Ngriil who lent Palauan money to Remesechau. : from root Iechad
iechadedaob : n. waterspout. : iechadedaob a meringel el daob me a berius el uldak er a eolt. from root iechadedaob
usekerel a iechadedaob : expr. long, transparent sea snake. : from root iechadedaob
edelel : n.poss.3s : edelel a iedel el ngii a ouklalo er ngii. from root iedel
iedel : n. mango. : iedel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. from root iedel
iedelel : var. edelel : iedelel a iedel el ngii a oukerrekar er ngii. from root iedel
mesedel : n. hog plum (type of mango). : from root iedel
mesiedel : var. mesedel : A mesiedel a dellomel; ng mo klou el kerrekar el ua a titimel. A mesiedel a di ua a teletelel a titimel. Ng di meklou a redechel er a redechel a titimel. Ng merekos a redechel. Ng kall. from root iedel
iek : n. necklace of Palauan money. : iek a chelsuch el udoud er a Belau, diak le betok el chad a ouiek. from root iek
elebel : n.poss.3s : elebel a ieleb er ngii, berius el merael er a bebul a chutem, meleleb, beluu a ileleb er a dolech; delekedek. from root ieleb
ieleb : n. flood (of major proportions); tidal wave. : ieleb a klou el dolech el ralm me a daob el me elebii a beluu; a meselech a telemall er a ieleb. from root ieleb
iemoch : n. location that is far away; secluded; remote; etc. [Sometimes used to refer to people from Tobi and Sonsorol.] : from root iemoch
engelel : n.poss.3s : engelel a iengel er ngii er a omenged; engelel a mui er a meas. from root iengel
iengel : n. line for stringing fish. : iengel a ongesuch, klalo el mengesuch, iengel a mengesuch a ngikel; iengelel. from root iengel
Iengel : n. passage in Ngerechelong. : Iengel a toachel er a Ngerechelong. from root Iengel
iengelel : n.poss.3s : iengelel a iengel er ngii; ongesuch er a ngikel. from root iengel
Iesus : n. Jesus (protestant usage). : from root Iesus
ieteklel : n.poss.3s what one should do with something; how one should deal with something; (someone's) way of doing or using something. : ieteklel a cheldechulel; di kea kudengei a ieteklel a ngalek el di lmangel; diak le mesiik a ieteklel a ngelekek e le bo er a skuul. from root ieteklel
ietel : : ietel a obutek a medad; mechiuaiu; diak ietel a medad er a cherrodech. from root ietel
iengel : n.poss.3s : iengel a ii er ngii el chelebacheb. from root ii
ii : n. cave. : ii a kerriu er a chelebacheb el sebechel el blai; ii er a Metukerikull a klou. from root ii
idekel : n.poss.3s : idekel a idokel, idek er ngii. from root iidek
iidek : n. (accumulated) dirt (in clothes, on body, etc.). : iidek a chut; diak el bleches; idokel el bail, idekel. from root iidek
iikemuu : expr. it can move (slang). : iikemuu a ngerel a ongurs; iikemuu a serengelii. from root iikemuu
iikemuu serengelii : expr. it can move slowly (slang). : from root iikemuu
el mo er a ikrel : expr. in the direction beyond the reef. : from root iikr
iikl : var. iikr : from root iikr
iikr : n. area/space outside. : iikr a ikrel, diak le chelsel, ikrel a blai a mekesokes, ikrel a chelmoll. from root iikr
ikram : n.poss.1pe : from root iikr
ikred : n.poss.1pi : from root iikr
ikrek : n.poss.1s : from root iikr
ikrel : n.poss.3s : ikrel a iikr er ngii el blai. from root iikr
ikrel a blai : expr. outside of the house. : from root iikr
ikrem : n.poss.2s : from root iikr
ikrir : n.poss.3p : from root iikr
ikriu : n.poss.2p : from root iikr
rikl : var. iikr : from root iikr
rikr : var. iikr : from root iikr
iim : n. : Tekoi el kirel a mekekerei el udoud er Belau el kldait. from root iim
iings : n. inch. : from root iings
iings : n. hinge. : iings a klekedellel a chesimer el rullii me ng obok e mechesimer. from root iings
bita a isngel : expr. having only one nostril. : from root iis
iis : n. nose; curved board at entrance of bai laid on top of kuoku or chututem. : iis a klekedellel a klidm, urrereel a iis a melungl a bau, ungil a isngel a tmungl a bau. from root iis
isngam : n.poss.1pe : from root iis
isnged : n.poss.1pi : from root iis
isngek : n.poss.1s : from root iis
isngel : n.poss.3s : isngel a iis er ngii, chad er a Merikel a teterbius a isngel. from root iis
isngem : n.poss.2s : from root iis
isngir : n.poss.3p : from root iis
isngiu : n.poss.2p : from root iis
medulel a iis : expr. bridge of nose. : from root iis
iisb : n. cavern or grotto under rock or cliff at edge of water. : iisb a kerriu er a melengel a taoch el dmolech; iisb a blil a ius. from root iisb
A iit! : expr. You've missed!. : from root iit
diak liit : expr. without fail; definitely. : from root iit
ietel : n.poss.3s : ietel a iit er ngii, imiit er a rael. from root iit
ietel a sils : n. late afternoon. : from root iit
iit : n. miss; failure. : iit a mla imiit; uleiit a tekingel, "a kekerei a iit" diak el taut. from root iit
iit : v.s. past; over (with); finished; through. : iit a mla imiit; uleiit a tekingel, "a kekerei a iit" diak el taut. from root iit
ungil el iit a sils : expr. good (early) afternoon. : from root iit
iiud : n. : iiud a ta er a bedengel a cheled el bereked a bad. from root iiud
ikelesia : n. church. : ikelesia a blil a omeluluuch er a Chelid. from root ikelesia
ikesoul : n. Palauan money: type of kldait. : ikesoul a udoud er a Belau el kldait. from root ikesoul
iksid : n. Palauan money: type of kldait. : iksid a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root iksid
ikurs : n. : ikurs a klekedall er a omenged el mengesokes. from root ikurs
ilab : n. : ilab a belsibs er a ding; ekebil a ilab a dingal ng outelau; ilebengel a ding. from root ilab
ilebengel : n.poss.3s : ilebengel a ilab er ngii el ding. from root ilab
ilachetomel : n. mud (in mangroves). : ilachetomel a chetemel a keburs me a taoch el ngelengelotel. from root ilachetomel
ilad : n.r.s. pride. : ilad a mead; ngar bab a rengul; medengang, di melekoi el mochu er a eanged; ildengel a buik. from root ilad
ildengel : n.r.s.poss.3s : ildengel a ilad er ngii el buik, mead. from root ilad
ilalidel : v.s. having chills; shivering severely. : ilalidel a omritel er a kerrasem; kmal mekerasem; ouderiu. from root ilalidel
ilaot : n. coconut syrup (made by boiling chemadech = coconut sap); nectar; any sweet liquid. : ilaot a chemadech er a lius el mesengoes el mo smiich; ilotel a lius, ilaot a merkos. from root ilaot
ilotam : n.poss.1pe : from root ilaot
iloted : n.poss.1pi : from root ilaot
ilotek : n.poss.1s : from root ilaot
ilotel : n.poss.3s coconut syrup. : ilotel a ilaot el ngii a ouilaot, ilotel a chelatngikl. from root ilaot
ilotel a chilakngil : expr. honey. : from root ilaot
ilotem : n.poss.2s : from root ilaot
ilotir : n.poss.3p : from root ilaot
ilotiu : n.poss.2p : from root ilaot
ilasngesungel : n. the overhang of a roof. : uchul orengodel er a blai. from root ilasngesungel
ilbaib : : ilbaib a dengchokl el oltekau a chimal, cheloit a bedengel. from root ilbaib
ilbolb : n. fortress. : from root ilbolb
ildel : n.poss.3s : ildel a omelild er ngii, melild. from root ildel
ildellel : n.poss.3s : ildellel a ilild el ngii a mellild, ildellel el diokang. from root ildellel
diak lua ildisel a : expr. very many; not like any quantity of something imaginable. : from root ildois
ildisel : n.poss.3s : ildisel a ildois er ngii el udoud, beltok er ngii el belduchel. from root ildois
ildois : n. amount, quantity or number (especially, large). : ildois a ildisel; ulecherngelel; cherrengelel, beltok er a udoud. from root ildois
ilei : : ilei a melekoi a klalo el kmeed er a melekoi e cheroid er a orrenges, ilei el babier. from root ilei
ilekemellam : n.poss.1pe : from root ilekemellel
ilekemelled : n.poss.1pi : from root ilekemellel
ilekemellek : n.poss.1s : from root ilekemellel
ilekemellel : n.poss.3s his/her/its belongings. : from root ilekemellel
ilekemellem : n.poss.2s : from root ilekemellel
ilekemellir : n.poss.3p : from root ilekemellel
ilekemellui : n.poss.2p : from root ilekemellel
ilekum : n. type of clam found in Kayangel (looks similar to kdor). : ilekum a ta er a bedengel a suebek el kim. from root ilekum
ilel : n.poss.3s : ilel a omeluil er ngii; meluil; ilel a chedecholl. from root ilel
ilengel : n.r.s. large wooden water tank. : ilengel a ollumel el delasech el kerrekar, ilengel a mui er a ralm, klalo er a irechar. from root ilengel
ilengkai : v.s. (things) piled up. : from root ilengkai
ilideuekl : : ilideuekl a ngalek el merrodel me ng mlo diak el ngelekel a demal; ng mlo ochedal me a lechub e ng ochellel; osisiu el teletael a mo er a delal. from root ilideuekl
iliud : : iliud a cheldukl el bad el olengrull, iliud a oumesingd el ngar er a medal a rael. from root iliud
ilkaik : n. curved edge of bottom of canoe which remains above water. : ilkaik a chelsel a mlai; ilobech er a mlai er a daob. from root ilkaik
ilkelkel : n.poss.3s : ilkelkel a ilkolk er ngii el blai; milkolk. from root ilkolk
ilkelkel a btelum : expr. your stupidity. : from root ilkolk
ilkelkel a rengul : expr. his stupidity. : from root ilkolk
ilkelkel a rum : expr. darkness or gloominess of the room. : from root ilkolk
ilkolk : n. darkness; stupidity. : ilkolk a milkolk; keremerem, diak el mellomes. from root ilkolk
ilkolk : n. mosquito (term used only in Peliliu). : from root ilkolk
illitokl : n. whirlwind. : from root illitokl
ilmeklel : n.poss.3s : ilmeklel a ilmokl er ngii el beluu; mimokl. from root ilmokl
ilmokl : n.r.s. freedom; license; permission. : ilmokl a mimokl; mededaes, mimokl el deleuill, diak a ulecheracheb er a beluu. from root ilmokl
ilebechel : n.poss.3s : ilebechel a ilobech er ngii el mlai. from root ilobech
ilobech : n. hollowed-out hull of canoe or boat; hold. : ilobech a chelsel a mlai er a daob. from root ilobech
ilou : : ilou a klisichel; melailou er a chelebacheb, mengiil er a iusech. from root ilou
ilou : n. sheltered or protected area next to hill, mountain, etc. : from root ilou
ilteet : n. riches; power; majesty. : ilteet a meteet, mesiich, ngar bab el blai; ngalekilteet a ngaleksiich. from root ilteet
iltetam : n.poss.1pe : from root ilteet
ilteted : n.poss.1pi : from root ilteet
iltetek : n.poss.1s : from root ilteet
iltetel : n.poss.3s : iltetel a ilteet er ngii el chad; meteet. from root ilteet
iltetem : n.poss.2s : from root ilteet
iltetir : n.poss.3p : from root ilteet
iltetiu : n.poss.2p : from root ilteet
ngalek ilteet : expr. child of high family. : from root ilteet
iltekngam : n.poss.1pe : from root iltekngel
ilteknged : n.poss.1pi : from root iltekngel
iltekngek : n.poss.1s : from root iltekngel
iltekngel : n.poss.3s amount; quantity; number. : iltekngel a beltok er ngii; betok a udoud, ildisel; iltekngel a ngikel. from root iltekngel
iltekngem : n.poss.2s : from root iltekngel
iltekngil : var. iltekngel : iltekngil a iltekngel. from root iltekngel
iltekngir : n.poss.3p : from root iltekngel
iltekngiu : n.poss.2p : from root iltekngel
iltuchel : : iltuchel a ometiutech; meliutech. from root iltuchel
ilumel : n.a.s. drink; beverage. : ilumel a ralm me a mengur me a ngii di le ngera el dolim; melim a kar, ngilmii a mengur. from root ilumel
ilumel er a party : expr. party drink. : from root ilumel
imelam : n.poss.1pe : from root ilumel
imeled : n.poss.1pi : from root ilumel
imelek : n.poss.1s : from root ilumel
imelel : n.poss.3s : imelel a ilumel el ngii a ouilumel, imelel el mengur. from root ilumel
imelem : n.poss.2s : from root ilumel
imelem el kohi : expr. your drink or cup of coffee. : from root ilumel
imelir : n.poss.3p : from root ilumel
imeliu : n.poss.2p : from root ilumel
Iluochel : n.r.s. (in Palauan legend) name of Dilidechuu in Ngeaur after she began to prepare taro patches. : from root Iluochel
iliud : var. iluodel : iliud a rruul el chaibibeob; mla meiiuud a such, iuedii a ekil el mo iluodel. from root iluodel
iluodel : n. stones, coconut shells, or similar objects used as support for cooking pot during serving. : iluodel a iliud. from root iluodel
iluodel : v.s. (people) sitting, standing or arranged in a circle; (stone platform) built circular. : iluodel a iliud. from root iluodel
iluodellel : n.poss.3s. : iluodellel a iliud er ngii. from root iluodel
iudellel : n.poss.3s : from root iluodel
imamade : expr. up to now. : from root imamade
Imeiong : n. hamlet in Ngeremlengui. : from root Imeiong
imeklel : n.poss.3s : imeklel a omelimokl er ngii. from root imeklel
imekurs : n. Bilimbi fruit (sometimes used to flavor sea cucumber or to make drink similar to lemonade). : imekurs a kall; kerrekar el mekemim a redechel. A imekurs a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di kmeed el mo ua a meklungel a chersachel. A redechel a mekekerei el kuk mekekerei er a redechel a titimel. Ng kall a redechel. from root imekurs
Aimeliik : var. Imeliik : from root Imeliik
Imeliik : n. village in south-west Babeldaob, south of Ngatpang, north of Airai; the village in which Rengulbai is chief. : Imeliik a Ngerebungs, beluu er a Keiukl; Babeldaob. from root Imeliik
rechimeliik : inhabitants of Imeliik. : from root Imeliik
Imeong : n. : Imeong a lmeungs, ordomel er a beluu er a Ngeremlengui. from root Imeong
Imeungs : n. Another name for Ngeremlengui. : from root Imeungs
ieta : var. ietang : from root imiit
ietang : v.s.inch. finishing; passing by or over. : from root imiit
ietu : var. ietung : from root imiit
ietung : v.s.pred. is about to finish or be over. : from root imiit
imiit : v.i. miss; fail to hit; pass by or over; go from one state to another. : imiit a iit, diak el taut; imiit er a delenguchel, ometech e imiit, omurech e imiit, ietel, iit er ngii. from root imiit
imiit a medal : expr. asleep. : from root imiit
Ng ieta a chelsang. : expr. The work is over. : from root imiit
Ng ieta a sils. : expr. It's past the hottest part of the day. : from root imiit
ungil ieta sils : expr. good early afternoon (after chodochosong). : from root imiit
imis : v.s. excessive; too much; extreme; extremely. : imis a uliis, medeel er a usbechall; uldirekork, mla imis a kall, isong, imis el mui. from root imis
imis el chetngaid : expr. too thin; extremely thin. : from root imis
isong : v.s.inch. becoming excessive. : isong a mla imis, mla engelakl er a ungil telkelel, isong er a ngerroel. from root imis
iliu : v.t.past : iliu a mla imiu; dimlak el be ltab; mlai a mla imiu el merael. from root imiu
imiu : v.t. pass by or in front of. : imiu a engelakl e diak be ltab, eolt a mla imiu er a Belau, iul a eolt er a Beluad. from root imiu
Imiungs : n. old name of Ngeremlengui. : Imiungs a chuodel el ngklel a Ngeremlengui. from root Imiungs
imorech : v.s. too much; overflowing. : imorech a iorech, oleorech, imorech a klengoes a olsibes. from root imorech
imui : n. small flood; high crest of river. : imui a klou el baoch, klou a chull me ng tobeda imui, mla metengel a imui er a Ngeremeskang. from root imui
Imul : n. hamlet in Imeliik. : Imul a chimo er a rengedel a beluu er a lmeliik. from root Imul
imuul : n. crossbeam of bai on whose projecting ends buikorengodel is laid; crossbeam of house on whose projecting ends orengodel is laid. : imuul a klekedall er a blai; kerrekar el delbard er a bita el mo er a bita el reakl. from root imuul
imuul : v.i. cross over (to other side). : imuul a ngar a bitang el mo er a bitang; mo imuul er a omoachel el okiu a did. from root imuul
Ingas : n. name of house in Ngerubesang. : from root Ingas
Ingdonesia : n. Indonesia. : from root Ingdonesia
Ingklis : n. England. : from root Ingklis
ingeklam : n.poss.1pe : from root ingukl
ingekled : n.poss.1pi : from root ingukl
ingeklek : n.poss.1s : from root ingukl
ingeklel : n.poss.3s : ingeklel a ingukl er ngii. from root ingukl
ingeklem : n.poss.2s : from root ingukl
ingeklir : n.poss.3p : from root ingukl
ingekliu : n.poss.2p : from root ingukl
ingukl : n. stones on which cooking pot is placed; fire hearth; fire pit. : ingukl a kldei el bad el delalem er a chutem, ongedelel a olekang er a omeliokl. from root ingukl
ingul : n.poss.3s his/her/its anus. : ingul a basingul, ingul a charm me a chad; tebedellel a dach. from root ingul
iobech : n. ravine; valley. : from root iobech
ebsel : n.poss.3s : ebsel a eobs er ngii el klengoes, teriobs, ebsel a klengoes. from root iobs
iobs : n. scum/foam (from cooking food). : iobs a teriobs, ebsel a sob, iobs er a klengoes. from root iobs
iodes : n. Palauan money: type of kldait. : iodes a ta er a bedengel a bachel, udoud er a Belau. from root iodes
ioi : interj. Oh! (exclamation of surprise used by females). : ioi a medung a le kibetiekl a chad; ioi e ko mlei! ioi ng cheldecheduch e diak a chad er a bai! from root ioi
iellel : n.poss.3s. : iellel a ioll er ngii el buik, llach me a chelleoch a di mo kebais e ngii a di merechorech, diak le mesiik a iellel from root ioll
ioll : n. : ioll a cheldechuul, meduch er a ioll a dachelbai; chodechulii a dengerenger el el mo kedung; sebechel el mengedechuul a uldikel er a beluu el mo chelellakl. from root ioll
eor : var. ior : from root ior
ior : mod. depends; is up to; is the choice of. [modifier used in sentences to indicate that the choice is dependent on a particular person or group of people] : from root ior
ior er kau : expr. up to you; whatever you want. : from root ior
iorech : : iorech a imorech, brechorech er a klengoes a iorech el olsibes, klengoes a oleorech. from root iorech
iorech : n. high incoming tide resulting from strong current. : from root iorech
iorosku : n. regards; greetings; used as a parting greeting, also in sense of 'give my regards to (a third person)' or as in 'he sends his regards', but not used upon first meeting someone as in Jap. : from root iorosku
iosets : v.t. weld. : from root iosets
iosiharu : n. spring (season). : from root iosiharu
iosiuki : n. winter. : from root iosiuki
iotei : n. schedule; plan. : from root iotei
iotsieng : n. kindergarten. : from root iotsieng
eoud : var. ioud : eoud a meoud, diak le mereched, ngoall me ng mla mechit er a mlai, eudel from root ioud
eudam : n.poss.1pe : from root ioud
euded : n.poss.1pi : from root ioud
eudek : n.poss.1s : from root ioud
eudel : n.poss.3s : eudel a eoud er ngii, meoud, ua ngera eudel a omerael? from root ioud
eudem : n.poss.2s : from root ioud
eudir : n.poss.3p : from root ioud
eudiu : n.poss.2p : from root ioud
ioud : n. lateness; tardiness. : from root ioud
irebereb : n. darkness. : from root irebereb
mengirebereb : v.i. walk or grope in the dark. : mengirebereb a ngar a milkolk; mereb e le ng diak a olbidel; mengirebereb er a blai. from root irebereb
irechar : n. earlier times (at least ten years ago). : irechar a mla memong; ngar a mong el taem, rechuodel, tekoi er a irechar. from root irechar
rechedad er a irechar : expr. our ancestors. : from root irechar
irecherech : : irecherech a milkelkang, ke di ngar er a skuul el mo irecherech? from root irecherech
irimd : n. type of sea cucumber. : irimd a ta er a bedengel a cheled el kall; ko er a blaol. A irimd a cheled; ng kmeed el ua a teletelel a sekesakel e ng di mekekerei Ng ngar er ngii a ko er a dechus el berriid er ngii. Kede metik er a kereker. Ng kall. from root irimd
Airai : var. Irrai : from root Irrai
Irrai : n. village in south-east Babeldaob; most southern state in Babeldaob, south of Ngchesar; hamlet in that village; the state in which Ngiraked is chief. : Irrai a Blias; beluu er a Babeldaob. Desbedall. from root Irrai
rechirrai : inhabitants of Airai. : from root Irrai
irratel : : irratel a mla mo merat el ruul; llel a lius el usbechall er a kesokes. from root irratel
isal : n.poss.3s : isal a omeius er ngii; isal a mlai; meius a ilumel. from root isal
isechemel : n.poss.3s : isechemel a omelsechem er ngii el kall, melsechem, mekreos. from root isechemel
iseisech : : iseisech a soal el oleisech; ouchais a ngar ngii er ngii, oisechel. from root iseisech
chisiklechol : var. isiklechol : from root isiklechol
isiklechol : n. tarpon. : isiklechol a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root isiklechol
itait : : itait a meketeket; kelekall; meoud, ng mera el itait me a skoki a mla tuobed. Kelekall. from root itait
imitech : : imitech a melitech; remuteech a dertelkib, itechii a sorechii a telkib er a dach; imitech a kall; itechel. from root itechii
itechel : n.poss.3s : itechel a omelitech er ngii; rutechii a telkib. from root itechii
itechii : : itechii a melitech er ngii el dach. from root itechii
ititiumd : n. ancient times; former times; a long time ago. : ititiumd a irechar er a irechar; chad er a ititiumd. from root ititiumd
itiu : num. 9 [nine] (counting). : itiu a ochur el 9; oim, malong, uid, iai itiu. from root itiu
itotech : n. thumb-print emperor fish. : itotech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root itotech
iuaiu : n. : iuaiu a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root iuaiu
iuaiu : v.s. calm; peaceful. : from root iuaiu
sechiuaiu : v.s. sleep a lot/late. : sechiuaiu a soal el mechiuaiu; sechiuaiu a mla duob er a skoki. from root iuaiu
ibetel : n.poss.3s : ibetel a iubet er ngii; ibetel a ngas a ungil el idungel. from root iubet
iubet : n. : iubet a mlo medechel er a ulekoad el kerrekar el mesisiich; iubet a ungil el idungel. from root iubet
iiud : var. iud : iiud a iluodel er a tuu; teliiud. from root iud
iud : n. type of clam. : from root iud
iud : n. bunch of bananas. : from root iud
iudoraib : n. rent-a-car; U-drive car; loose woman. : from root iudoraib
iudoraibu : n. rent-a-car; U-drive car. : from root iudoraibu
iudoraibu : v.s. (woman) loose or fast. : from root iudoraibu
iuechel : n.poss.3s tears. : iuechel a chiuosech er ngii el mad, mla ruebet a iuechel a medal. from root iuechel
Iuekako : n. passage in Ngerdmau. : Iuekako a toachel er a Ngardmau. from root Iuekako
iueklel : n.poss.3s the action of circling (something); revolution (of the sun, moon, etc.). : iueklel a omeliuekl er ngii; meliuekl; iueklel a ieuekl el mertii, ieuekl el mo dibus. from root iueklel
Iuesang : n. location in Ngeriab. : from root Iuesang
iul : n. freycinetia tree. : iul a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root iul
Iuliti : n. Ulithi. : from root Iuliti
iull : n. wave in open ocean; swell. : from root iull
ouiull : v.i. (fish) swim near surface of water and make ripples; (submerged log, etc.) cause surface of water to ripple. : from root iull
imdel : n.poss.3s : from root iumd
iumd : n. algae. : iumd a dellomel el dubech er a klalo el meketeket el diak a usbechel; mlai a di ulak e ngosecha iumd er ngii, imdel a bad. from root iumd
chad er a iungs : expr. islander (way of referring to inhabitants of other Micronesian districts). : from root iungs
ingsel : n.poss.3s : ingsel a iungs er ngii el beluu. from root iungs
ingsel a Belau : expr. islands of Palau. : from root iungs
iungs : n. island. : iungs a kekerei el beluu el daob a iliuekl er ngii; Belau a iungs; ingsel. from root iungs
rechiungs : islanders. : from root iungs
ius : n. crocodile. : ius a charm el kiei a daob me a omoachel; bekeu el charm. from root ius
ius er a Belau : expr. Palauan crocodile (without webbed feet). : from root ius
ius er a chomote : expr. non-indigenous crocodile (with webbed feet). : from root ius
iusbeluu : n. scorpion . : iusbeluu a ta er a bedengel a charm er a beluu el ko er a ius. A iusbeluu a charm; ng kmal mekekerei el charm. Kede metik er a beluu. Ng ko er a mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng diak el kall. from root ius
isechel : n.poss.3s : isechel a iusech er ngii el daob; meiusech a beluu. from root iusech
iusech : n. calmness (usually of sea). : iusech a chelellakl, meiusech; diak el meses a eolt. from root iusech
iuud : n. type of oyster. : A iuud a cheled; ng di bita a ulekngellel e medecherecher. Ng chedelekelek a ulekngellel Ng bereked er a bad me a lechub e ng mechut el deel el ngar er a daob. Ng kall a techel. from root iuud
iuul : n. wave in open ocean; swell. : iuul a dertelkib el chedesaoch el obengkel a berius; ngar ngii a iuul me a ert a ometuat. from root iuul
ouiuul : v.i. : ouiuul a ngar ngii a iuul; ert a remurt el ouiuul. from root iuul
ka : : ka a uldak; kaiuedak; ngloi a kakub a rechedal; lius a klub; mengub a lius. from root ka
ka : mod. nor; not even. : ka a diak; kau a chetim el mong el ka mei; ngii a ka loker me a ka longer. from root ka
ka : mod. contentless word proceeding polite imperatives. : ka a kau; Bung ka mei, ka morael, ka bo ruchei. from root ka
Ka bong. : expr. Go ahead. : from root ka
Ka morael. : expr. Leave. : from root ka
Ka mosang. : expr. Look at this. : from root ka
kab : n. curve; curve-ball. : from root kab
kaba : n. armor; protective covering. : from root kaba
kabaiaki : n. broiled canned fish. : from root kabaiaki
bldebid : v.r.s.redup. : bldebid a mla obid, blid, kerrekar a beldebid er a besebes from root kabdebid
bldebid : v.s. covered all over with (e.g. mud). : bldebid a blid; bldebid er a rasech; telechelubel er a rasech., di rasech a bedengel. from root kabdebid
kabdebid : v.erg.recip.redup. get caught or twisted on each other. : kabdebid a di du el omid; ngalek me a demal di du el ngar ngii a longerechiir er ngii; didu el oumekngit; bldengel a chebechiil. from root kabdebid
obdebid : v.erg.redup. : from root kabdebid
kabebilulk : v.recip. : kabebilulk a kakoad; kaibedechakl el mo er bab e me er eou, kabebilulk el kausekool. from root kabebilulk
kabekel : n. large paddling canoe. : kabekel a meklou el mlai er a mekemad, kabekelel a Ngchesar me a lrrai a kaidesachel. from root kabekel
kabekelel : n.poss.3s : kabekelel a kabekel er ngii el beluu. from root kabekel
kabelment : n. government. : from root kabelment
kaberruuch : n. large war canoe. : kaberruuch a mlai er a mekemad; meklou el mlai. from root kaberruuch
kabitei : n. captain. : kabitei a merreder er a diall. from root kabitei
kabitel : var. kabitei : from root kabitei
oukabitei : v.t. behave as if one is a very important or influential person (by ordering people around etc.). : from root kabitei
kabs : n. anything used for hanging (e.g., rope, wire, etc); sling for arm. : kabs a klekedall el mengabs; besebes me a ekil a kabs; kobsii a tuu, kuabs a odoim; kebsel. from root kabs
kebsam : n.poss.1pe : from root kabs
kebsed : n.poss.1pi : from root kabs
kebsek : n.poss.1s : from root kabs
kebsel : n.poss.3s : kebsel a kabs er ngii el tuu. from root kabs
kebsem : n.poss.2s : from root kabs
kebsir : n.poss.3p : from root kabs
kebsiu : n.poss.2p : from root kabs
kabubouchechaus : v.recip. : kabubouchechaus a kaungeroel, rubak a kabubouchechaus er a bai e le telbiil a diak bo ltang. from root kabubouchechaus
kabur : v.t. flip someone over one's shoulder (when wrestling). : from root kabur
kabutang : v.s. (legs etc.) crossed. : kabutang a eru el klalo el blutang eruong el bambuu a kabutang. from root kabutang
kachesengsang : v.recip. : kachesengsang a chachidai; didu el mengesengsang; chachesengsang a bedengir. from root kachesengsang
kadenia : n. gardenia; carnation. : kadenia a ta er a bedengel a bung el becheleleu e ungil a bul. from root kadenia
kadiasang : n. large one-pronged spear with handle made of pipe. : from root kadiasang
kadekmam : n.poss.1pe : from root kadikm
kadekmed : n.poss.1pi : from root kadikm
kadekmek : n.poss.1s : from root kadikm
kadekmel : n.poss.3s : kadekmel a kadikm er ngii; morael er a kadekmel a rael; klisichel a chim a kadikm. from root kadikm
kadekmem : n.poss.2s : from root kadikm
kadekmir : n.poss.3p : from root kadikm
kadekmiu : n.poss.2p : from root kadikm
kadikm : n. right hand/arm; right side. : kadikm a klisichel a chim, mengladikm, kadekmel. from root kadikm
kaeb : n. large sailing canoe. : kaeb a melkou el mlai er a daob; kebel from root kaeb
kebel : n.poss.3s : kebel a kaeb er ngii el buik. from root kaeb
kaer : v.i. return. : from root kaer
kahol : n. wooden box; coffin. : kahol a rruul el kerrekar el blil a klalo me a ulekouad el chad, kaselengel. from root kahol
kaselengel : n.poss.3s : kaselengel a kahol er ngii. from root kahol
kai : n. shell. : from root kai
kaiberebart : v.recip.redup. play hide-and-go-seek. : kaiberebart a kaberebart. from root kaiberebart
klaiberebart : n. game of hide-and-seek. : klaiberebart a omart er tir; mertii, mo diak el meues; mart, kaiberebart, bertel. from root kaiberebart
kairs : n. : A kairs a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di ua a meklungel a koranges. Ng oumesingd el duubech er a tkul a klechutem el kmeed er a daob el diak el sal mecherocher a debel. Ng mechetngaid e mekemanget a redechel. Ng diak el kall a redechel e ng di sebechel el chemachel. from root kairs
kaisia : n. company; business. : from root kaisia
kaititengeriakl : : kaititengeriakl a diak el tabesul; ngar er ngii a kemanget me a kedeb. from root kaititengeriakl
kaiu : n. pole (such as that to which a knife is attached at the top and used to harvest betelnut, pepper leaf, etc.). : kaiu a ongaiu; klekedall el doba el mengaiu; kaiu el bambuu a kiuel a buuch. from root kaiu
kiuel : n.poss.3s : kiuel a kaiu er ngii. from root kaiu
kaiuechado : v.recip. : kaiuechado a didu el omechado; a remechas a kaiuechado a mamed, mecheduii, mechado, ocheduel. from root kaiuechado
kaiuecharou : : Omengull e kaingeseu er a uldasue ma omeruul. from root kaiuecharou
kaiuengader : v.recip. : kaiuengader a didu el olengader; orrebet, kaiuengader a klekool a omelibas, soibesengii a chad e mo nguu a kot a klaiuengader el mekngit er a klekool. from root kaiuengader
kak : n. rib. : kak a kekengel a chad me a charm, kak er a babii; kekengel a babii a dikesem. from root kak
kekengel : n.poss.3s : kekengel a kak er ngii, meringel a kekengel; kekengel a babii a kelem. from root kak
kakak : n. cackling of hen. : kakak a ngerel a malk, malk a oukakak. from root kakak
oukakak : v.i. cackle. : malk a oukakak a melekoi. from root kakak
kakar : v.s. having a seizure; shaking; rapidly moving back and forth. : from root kakar
kaker : v.i. to express, to complain. : from root kaker
kaker a monku : expr. to make a complaint. : from root kaker
kakerous : v.recip. different from each other in quality, color, appearance etc.; separate from each other. : kakerous a kakengodech. from root kakerous
kekerous : var. kakerous : kekerous a kakerous. from root kakerous
kerous : v.s. separate. : kerous a kakerous. from root kakerous
kakine : n. fence (used for metallic chain link fence or barbed wire fence, distinguished from wooden fence). : from root kakine
kakum : n. type of crab. : kakum a rekung; charm el melekesako. from root kakum
kalbasang : n. pumpkin. : kalbasang a bangkil; ta er a bedengel a dellomel el kall. from root kalbasang
kaldos : n. system of applying medication to opposite side from pain or injury. : kaldos a teletelel a ukeruul el ua tiang, oitii a telemall e omkar er a mechubs, delobech a katerul a ochil e ngii a omkar er a kadikm. from root kaldos
kalengder : n. calendar. : from root kalengder
kalengui : n. [Cynometra ramiflora]. : from root kalengui
kaliol : n. cannon; cannon ball. : kaliol a meklou el boes er a mekemad. from root kaliol
kall : n.a.s. food. : kall a rokui el dongang; ongraol me a odoim me a kliou; kukau, ngikel, tuu a kall, kelel. from root kall
kall er a mekemad : expr. C-rations. : from root kall
kall er a Sina : expr. Chinese food. : from root kall
kelam : n.poss.1pe : from root kall
keled : n.poss.1pi : from root kall
kelek : n.poss.1s : from root kall
kelek el udong : expr. my noodles. : from root kall
kelel : n.poss.3s : kelel a kall el ngii a oukall; kelel el iedel. from root kall
kelel a charm : expr. food or feed for animals. : from root kall
kelem : n.poss.2s : from root kall
kelem el tuu : expr. your banana. : from root kall
kelir : n.poss.3p : from root kall
keliu : n.poss.2p : from root kall
kalngebard : n. kapok; cotton tree (Ceiba pentandra). : kalngebard a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el sechesechel a chiull a rdechel. from root kalngebard
kalngebard er a Belau : expr. plant in Verbena family (Gmelina elliptica). : from root kalngebard
kamang : n. sickle. : kamang a klekedall er a omelaml; olaml, kamelengel. from root kamang
kamang : v.s. twisted, crippled. : from root kamang
kamelengel : n.poss.3s : from root kamang
kamanois : n. nedun tree. : from root kamanois
kamatsiri : n. tree name, place name (now this is also the name of a place, close to Eptison museum, so named because there was a store there named Kamachiri). : from root kamatsiri
kambalang : n. bell. : kambalang a ongesmoll el kirel a orenges; osmii a kambalang. from root kambalang
kameduangel : v.s. (animals, person) having large testicles or scrotum. : from root kameduangel
kaming : n. goat. : kaming a ta er a bedengel a charm. A kaming a charm; ng kloa a ochil e ngar er ngii a eruo el orsul. Ng di telkib el kekerei er a babii. Ng kedeb a kemril. Ng kall. from root kaming
kanadarai : n. small basin. : kanadarai a beached el omludel; blil a kall me a ralm. from root kanadarai
kanaria : n. gonorrhea. : from root kanaria
kanaria : n. chestnut manikin (Lonchura Malacca). : kanaria a klebokel el mekekerei el suebek el charm. from root kanaria
kangdalang : n. candle. : from root kangdalang
kangkei : n. relationship; connection. : from root kangkei
kangkeister : v.s. related to; connected with. : from root kangkeister
kangkodang : n. tourist. : from root kangkodang
klekangkodang : n. tour. : from root kangkodang
kangkum : n. swamp cabbage. : kangkum a dellomel er a mesei, sers el ungil el kall. A kangkum a dellomel; ng mekekerei e melekesako el di ua a chemutii. Ng mekekerei a llel. Ng duubech er a meselech me a lechub e ng klechutem Ng kall. from root kangkum
kangngob : n. nurse. : from root kangngob
kanibisket : n. Crab biscuit. : from root kanibisket
blai er a kansok : expr. weather station. : from root kansok
chad er a kansok : expr. weatherman. : from root kansok
kansok : n. meteorological survey. : from root kansok
kansoki : n. drought. : from root kansoki
kantang : v.s. simple; plain. : from root kantang
kanzia : n. patient. : from root kanzia
kansume : var. kanzume : kansume a kall el ngar er a beached; kansume a meoud el metemall el kall. from root kanzume
kanzume : n. canned goods. : from root kanzume
kaodekuil : : kaodekuil a teblo el kebliil el kaiuedars a babingel me a kelel a le kemeldiil; odekuil el kldelel a babii. from root kaodekuil
kaoterebek : v.recip. (animals) mate with each other; (persons) have sexual intercourse with each other noisily. : kaoterebek a didu el olterebek; oterebekii, oterebek, oterbekel. from root kaoterebek
kar : n. medicine; palliative; antidote. : kar a klalo el omekungil a secher; omkar a rakd, kerul a tereter, mkar a tellemal, ukerul. from root kar
kar : n. state of being awake. : kar a mekar er a cheliuaiu, kar a diak le mechiuaiu; kar er ngak a uchul a bingsbedul, kerengel. from root kar
kar : : kar a mengkar; klekar, kokerengii a blil a kelebus, kokar a stoang, kekerengel. from root kar
keremam : n.poss.1pe : from root kar
keremiu : n.poss.2p : from root kar
kerengel : var. kerngel : kerengel a kar er ngii; mekar el diak el ungil mechiuaiu; kerengel a mle uchul a secherel. from root kar
kererir : n.poss.3p : from root kar
kerngel : n.poss.3s also, married woman performing services for husband's family; servant. : from root kar
kerud : n.poss.1pi : from root kar
keruk : n.poss.1s : from root kar
kerul : n.poss.3s : kerul a kar er ngii el secher. from root kar
kerul a bingsbedul : expr. medicine from headache. : from root kar
kerum : n.poss.2s : from root kar
glas : var. karas : from root karas
karas : n. glass. : from root karas
kardina : n. cardinal. : from root kardina
kare : n. curry. : kare a odoim, raiskare. from root kare
karekimenai : var. karkimenai : from root karkimenai
karkimenai : n. name of a Palauan song and dance. : from root karkimenai
karmasuus : n. cowfish. : karmasuus a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root karmasuus
karmasuus : v.s. : karmasuus a mechut; keremechut el klalo; bilek a karmasuus. from root karmasuus
karmobol : n. phonograph. : karmobol a klekedall er a omengitakl. from root karmobol
karrong : n. push-cart; wagon. : karrong a klalo el ngar er ngii a ochil; karrong a odbechall el oltak a klalo. from root karrong
kartungs : n. cartoon. : from root kartungs
karui : v.s. light (weight); easy; minor. : from root karui
blil a kas : expr. gas station. : from root kas
kas : n. gas; gasoline. : from root kas
kasinoma : n. cancer. : kasinoma a ta er a bedengel a rakd; secher. from root kasinoma
kasorin : n. gasoline. : from root kasorin
kastera : n. yellow pound cake. : from root kastera
kat : n. playing cards. : kat a ta er a bedengel klekool; milil el oukat. from root kat
oukat : v.t. play(particular games of cards). : oukat a play card . from root kat
kata : n. shape; form; body form; frame for weaving. : kata a teletael; ungil a kata er ngii el ekebil, kata er a tet, katelengel. from root kata
katelengel : n.poss.3s : from root kata
kata er a keik : expr. cake pan. : from root kata er a keik
katai : v.s. stubborn, inflexible or unyielding. : from root katai
oukatai : v.t. to be stubborn; present (oneself) as inflexible; take inflexible position; stick to (one's) position. : from root katai
kataki : n. enemy; revenge. : from root kataki
melai er a kataki : expr. take revenge. : from root kataki
katalait : v.s. (sl.) one-eyed. : from root katalait
katangami : n. sewing pattern. : from root katangami
katate : v.s. dextrous; needing only one hand to do things. : from root katate
katatsumuri : n. African (land) snail. : katatsumuri a charm el merael er a chutem el menga dellomel. from root katatsumuri
katekismo : n. catechism. : katekismo a babier er a osisecheklel a Chelid. from root katekismo
kateng : n. curtain. : kateng a chebill; mamed el telechechakl er a blangeltuangel. from root kateng
katolik : n. Catholic. : katolik a ikelesia katolika. from root katolik
katori sengko : n. mosquito coil (used now shortened just to sengko, so young kids know). : from root katori sengko
kats : n. winner; win. : from root kats
kats : n. cutlet (only used in combinations like pork kats, not alone). : from root kats
katsudo : n. movie. : katsudo a movie . from root katsudo
katsudokang : n. movie theater. : from root katsudokang
katsukang : n. movie theatre. : from root katsukang
katsuo : n. bonito (fresh or dried); skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis). : katsuo a tekuu. from root katsuo
katsuobusi : n. dried bonito meat. : from root katsuo
katsuoseng : n. bonito-fishing boat. : from root katsuo
katerul : var. kitrul : from root katur
katremam : n.poss.1pe : from root katur
katremiu : n.poss.2p : from root katur
katrerir : n.poss.3p : from root katur
katrud : n.poss.1pi : from root katur
katruk : n.poss.1s : from root katur
katrul : var. kitrul : katrul a katur er ngii, kiterul. from root katur
katrum : n.poss.2s : from root katur
katur : n. left hand/arm; left side. : katur a klitechetul; diak le klisichel; kirel a chad el okiu a katur er a rael. from root katur
kiterul : var. kitrul : kiterul a katur er a chimal; katerul. from root katur
kitremam : var. katremam : from root katur
kitremiu : var. katremiu : from root katur
kitrerir : var. katrerir : from root katur
kitrud : var. katrud : from root katur
kitruk : var. katruk : from root katur
kitrul : n.poss.3s : from root katur
kitrum : var. katrum : from root katur
bekekatuu : v.s. smell of a cat. : bekekatuu a ko er a bul a katuu. from root katuu
chermek el katuu : expr. my pet cat. : from root katuu
katungel : n.poss.3s : from root katuu
katuu : n. cat. : katuu a ta er a bedengel a charm el ua bilis e ng di kekerei. from root katuu
katuureomel : n. wildcat. : katuureomel a katuu er a oreomel. from root katuu
kau : pro. you (emphatic, singular). : kau a chad el mongedecheduch er ngii; kau ke techang? kau me ngak me ngii. from root kau
kaua : n. leather shoes. : from root kaua
kauang : n. large cooking pot. : kauang a meklou el olekang; olisall. from root kauang
kauar : v.t. change (clothing). : from root kauar
kauar : v.i. (condition of wind, etc.) change. : from root kauar
kaubekel : v.recip. be related as man and wife. : kaubekel a obekel. from root kaubekel
kaubltikerreng : n.r.s. mutual concern or affection. : from root kaubetikerreng
kauchad : v.recip. related (to each other). : kauchad a klauchad, Calista me a Toni me a Tino a kauchad; chad er a chimo el blai, chimo el kebliil. from root kauchad
kaucheraro : v.recip. treat each other as enemies; hate each other. : kaucheraro a didu el oucheraro; mekngit a delongelir, klaucheraro, kaukelsib el reng, cherroel. from root kaucheraro
kaud : n. dam; end of menstruation. : kaud a klalo el melenget; kaud er a ralm; mengaud a ngikel, kudel a bong. from root kaud
kudel : n.poss.3s : kudel a kaud er ngii el bong. from root kaud
kaudesioll : v.recip. be friends with each other. : kaudesioll a klaudesioll; osisiu a rekrir e kausechelei a kaudesioll; rekauchad a kaudesioll, desil. from root kaudesioll
kaudiais : v.recip. : kaudiais a di du el oldanges; kaiuedanges, kaidesachel e diak le kaiuerebet; diak le kaiuengader, merael a klaudiais er a bekall, kaudiais a kaiuechit. Kaiuedanges er a omeruul el klungiaol. from root kaudiais
kaukerael : v.recip. : kaukerael a didu el omkerael; merous a ukerael el beras, ukerolel, kaukerael er a kemeldiil. from root kaukerael
kaukerreng : v.recip. take care of each other. : from root kaukerreng
kauklechedaol : v.recip. : kauklechedaol a didu el mengemedaol; Beliliou me a Ngaraard a kauklechedaol el beluu, klechedolel. from root kauklechedaol
kaukledem : v.recip. accompany/help each other. : kaukledem a klaingeseu; didu el kaingeseu; chad me a bechil a kaukledem, kldemel. from root kaukledem
kaukotai : v.recip. take turns. : from root kaukotai
kaukuak : v.recip. develop a mutual relationship. : kaukuak a didu el omak; mekur, mak a klauchad, deleuill; kaukuak a mlirir; okul a klausechelei. from root kaukuak
kausisiangel : v.recip.redup. touch or talk with each other playfully. : kausisiangel a didu el ousiangel, kaunged er a deuil a rengrir, ousiangel er a tolochoi; sisiangel a rengrir. from root kausisiangel
Kautechang : n. (in Palauan legend) son of Dirrabakerus. : from root Kautechang
kauterkokl : v.recip. : kauterkokl a kaiueturek a tekoi; didu el olturek a olterkokl, oterkeklii a bulak, oterekeklel, kauterkokl a blulekngir. from root kauterkokl
kautitengeriakl : v.recip. (long objects) lined up unevenly. : from root kautitengeriakl
kbekbam : n.poss.1pe : from root kboub
kbekbed : n.poss.1pi : from root kboub
kbekbek : n.poss.1s : from root kboub
kbekbel : n.poss.3s : kbekbel a kboub er ngii el blai. from root kboub
kbekbem : n.poss.2s : from root kboub
kbekbir : n.poss.3p : from root kboub
kbekbiu : n.poss.2p : from root kboub
kbokb : var. kboub : kbokb a kboub. from root kboub
kboub : n. wall. : kboub a kbokb; sersel a rrengodel el meliuekl, kibekbii, kiboub, kboub er a blai, kbekbel. from root kboub
kdekudel : v.s. dangerous; frightening; awe-inspiring. : kdekudel a kengaol; omengechel a kdekudel; mekomad a kdekudel. from root kdekudel
kdor : n. type of shellfish. : kdor a ta er a bedengel a cheled. from root kdor
mengdor : v.i. collect kdor. : mengdor a melai a kdor el cheled. from root kdor
ke : pro. you (nonempatic, singular). : from root ke
Ke ua ngarang? : expr. How are you? : from root Ke ua ngarang?
kaiul : n.poss.3s : from root keai
keai : n. moonfish. : keai a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root keai
keai : n. thick betel nut fiber used for wrapping food, making rain hat, etc.. : keai a mengchongch, mengchengchel a buuch. from root keai
koiul : var. kaiul : koiul a keai er ngii; mengchengchel. from root keai
mlodars er a keiai : expr. : Mlongit el ngalek el diak a deleuill ra klauchad er ngii. from root keai
oldars a keiai : n. child adopted into a family or a clan and acquires high status as a result. : from root keai
keam : n. pompano. : keam a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root keam
keam : n. Polynesian/Tahitian chestnut; nut of keam. : keam a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. A keam a dellomel; ng kmal el mo meklou el kerrekar. A redechel a mechaibibeob e ko er a debretech. Kede meliokl a redechel e ng kall. Ng dirrek el sebechel el klalo a chelechedal. from root keam
kebadk : v.recip. : kebadk a didu el omadk; medkii, loia telechull er a bdelul; bedkel a meluchel. from root kebadk
madk : : madk a omadk; medir, omadk er a meluchel, medkak, loia obreod el telechull er a bdeluk, bedkel a chad. from root kebadk
medkii : : from root kebadk
obadk : v.erg. : obadk a telechull el mekider el me er a bdelul a meluchel; omadk er ngii, bedkel. from root kebadk
kebai : : kebai a dil el diak el omechell. from root kebai
kebatilei : n. plumed egret. : kebatilei a ta er a bedengel a sechou. from root kebatilei
kebeas : n. yellow or white flower merremia (vine). : kebeas a ta er a bedengel a besebes er a oreomel el melemiakl a kerrekar. A kebeas a dellomel; ng mechetngaid e mekemanget. Ng meklou a llel e mechaibibeob. Ng melekesako el ua a kangkum. Ng diak el kall e ng di sebechel el besebes. from root kebeas
kebeaschol : n. beach morning glory. : kebeaschol a kebeas er a chelechol. from root kebeas
kebekakl : v.s. light in weight; (matter) simple or easy to deal with. : kebekakl a kekebekakl; diak lobereod, mesengaked el ngalek a kebekakl. from root kebekakl
kebekakl a klengit : expr. venial sin. : from root kebekakl
kekebekakl : v.s.redup. : from root kebekakl
mo kebekakl : expr. get better (from illness). : from root kebekakl
kebelngong : v.s.inch. becoming crazy or totally fed up with. : kebelngong a mla mo kebelung; mengebelung; mengesengsang. from root kebelung
kebelu el chad : expr. fool; idiot. : from root kebelung
kebelung : v.s. stupid; foolish; crazy; ignorant; young and unexperienced. : kebelung a mla mo ngodech a bdelul; mekngit el omdasu, klebelung; mengebelung a omerellel from root kebelung
kekebelung : v.s.redup. : from root kebelung
meseskebelung : v.s. really crazy. : meseskebelung a bebulong; kekebelung, meoud a bdelul el omdasu, ongebelung. from root kebelung
kebes : n. scorpion fish. : kebes a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kebes
kebesakl : : kebesakl a cheroid er a beluu; diak a kmal delengchokl er ngii; blik a ngar a kebesakl. from root kebesakl
er a euid el kebesengil a elecha el buil : expr. on the 7th of this month. : from root kebesengei
er a teruich me a eua el kebesengil a ongeru el buil : expr. on the 14th of February. : from root kebesengei
kebes : n. (sl.) evening. : from root kebesengei
kebesengei : n. evening; this evening. : kebesengei a mocha klebesei; milkelkang. from root kebesengei
kebesengil : n.poss.3s : kebesengil a sils er a buil; kot el kebesengil a ongeuid el buil. from root kebesengei
kebesesengei : n.redup. late afternoon. : from root kebesengei
omkekebesei : v.i.redup. wait until dark. : omkekebesei a omekchuu er a sils; mengiil el mo kebesesengei, omerael a omkekebesei. from root kebesengei
ungil kebesengei : expr. good evening. : from root kebesengei
kebetech : v.recip. : kebetech a mo kaisiuekl; mo kasoues, kid a mo kebetech er isei. from root kebetech
kebkab : n. ring. : kebkab a chaibibeob el klalo el mengebkab; besiichel a cheldingel, kolt el kebkab, kebkebil. from root kebkab
kebkebemam : n.poss.1pe : from root kebkab
kebkebemiu : n.poss.2p : from root kebkab
kebkeberir : n.poss.3p : from root kebkab
kebkebid : n.poss.1pi : from root kebkab
kebkebik : n.poss.1s : from root kebkab
kebkebil : n.poss.3s : kebkebil a kebkab er ngii el ekebil; kebkebil a ekebil el diamond. from root kebkab
kebkebim : n.poss.2s : from root kebkab
kebliil : n. clan. : kebliil a cheldellel a betok el telungalek el kauchad, kebliil er a Uudes, kleblil. A kebliil a klauchad el oltirakl er a rasech me a leua isei e a rengelekir a ruchad me a rudam me a renglekir a rengelekir tirkaikid a uldimukl er a keblii. A ngklel a kebliil a bo dosiik er ngii e ng oltirakl er a ngklel a uchelel a omesolel a blai. Tia se er a kmal irechar e a rechad er a Belau a milrael a beluu. A lsekum a ongalek a kiliei er ta er a beluu e melkl el mo er a ta er a beluu el kuk mo melibech er a beches el delengecheklir e se el chutem el bo el kiei er ngii a from root kebliil
Kebliil : n. (in Palauan legend) daughter of Tellebuu. : from root kebliil
uchelel a kebliil : : A kebliil a di ua cheldechedechal a uchelel a Belau el diak desa el medengei el kmo ng dilubech er a oingerang. Ng di ngar er ngii a cheldecheduch el chelid el mesaod er a uchelel a kebliil. Tia el cheldecheduch a dirrek el ulemuchel er a Ngeaur. from root kebliil
kebodel : v.s. (sky) cloudy or overcast. : kebodel a eanged el ngar er ngii a telkib el chull e mo diak e kuk mo er ngii; mechucheb el soal el mo chull. from root kebodel
kebekebel : n.poss.3s also band of spines on fish. : kebekebel a kebokeb er ngii delongelel a keburs me a chutem, rael kebokeb. from root kebokeb
kebokeb : n. area where land ends and mangrove swamp begins. : kebokeb a delongelel a keburs me a klechutem, raelkebokeb. A kebokeb se el ulebengelel a keburs me a klechutem. from root kebokeb
kebtot : n. twins (of same or opposite sex). : kebtot a teblong; terung; kebtot el ngalek a dmak el mechell el terung. from root kebtot
kebimam : n.poss.1pe : from root kebui
kebimiu : n.poss.2p : from root kebui
kebirir : n.poss.3p : from root kebui
kebiud : n.poss.1pi : from root kebui
kebiuk : n.poss.1s : from root kebui
kebiul : n.poss.3s : kebiul a dellemelel el kebui. from root kebui
kebium : n.poss.2s : from root kebui
kebui : n. betel pepper; pepper leaf (used with betel nut). : kebui a ta er a bedengel a besebes el dellomel e chemachel, kebiul. from root kebui
keburs : n. mangrove swamp. : keburs a okebong; oreomel er a delongelel a chutem me a daob. A keburs se el ngar er ngii a kebokeb me a demetaoch me a taoch me a lalou e ngelengelotel a dorael er ngii e ngar er ngii a bek el bedengel a kerrekar e diak el sebechel el dubech er aike el diak a daob er ngii. from root keburs
okeburs : var. keburs : okeburs a oreomel er a delongelel a klechutem me a uet; okebong. from root keburs
kechaus : v.recip. : kechaus a kakerous el mengaus; chousii a tet; chemaus a sualo; chusel a oruikl. from root kechaus
ked : n. field; open; grassy (unforested) area. : ked a chutem el diak a kerrekar er ngii, kedengel. A ked a dirrek e mekididai e ng di diak a meklou el kerrekar er ngii. Ng di chudel me a chitouch me a mekekerei el kerrekar a ngar er ngii. Se er a irechar e ng dimlak a omeluk el chutem me ng dimlak a omelalem el smengt. A chad a sebechel el ouchutem el mo tmurk er a ked, e se el ked a mocha oliochel er ngii me a ta er a chad. from root ked
ked : n. person who directs the dancers, workers, warriors, etc. Especially when the direction includes some sort of chanting. : ked a oked; merreder, mesmechokl, kedul a ngloik, oked a urreor. from root ked
kedengel : n.poss.3s : kedengel a ked er ngii; kedengel a Oreor. from root ked
kedul : n.poss.3s : kedul a ked er ngii; oked er a ngloik, meduch a kedul a urreor, kmed a urreor. from root ked
kedam : n. kite (child's toy). : kedam a rruul el klalo el osebekall; osebekii a kedam, rebuik a milil el olsebek a kedam er a ked. from root kedam
kedam : n. frigate bird. : kedam a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. A kedam a charm; ng suebek el charm e ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng mo meklou el charm el kuk meklou er a malk. Ng mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng diak el kall. from root kedam
okul a kedam : expr. pull or guide string for kite. : from root kedam
bekedangesmad : v.s. (person) always making sure to behave properly. : bekedangesmad a blechoel el melangesmad; medengei a reng, chad el omotech a reng. from root kedangesmad
kedangesmad : v.recip. respect each other; check not to annoy each other. : kedangesmad a di du el melangesmad; melengmes; mengull, remekedung a kedangesmad; meduch el mes a ungil me a mekngit el ues. from root kedangesmad
kedaol : n. squirrel fish. : kedaol a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kedaol
kedarem : n. : kedarem a ta er a bedengel a cheled. from root kedarem
kedarem : : kedarem a beketertord el chad; metord er a di beot el tekoi a kedarem. from root kedarem
kedarm : n. chambered nautilus. : from root kedarm
kedasech : v.recip. fight each other with adzes; (cats) claw at each other. : kedasech a didu el melasech; rubak a kedasech a mlai, dosechii a mlil, dmasech, desechel a mlai. from root kedasech
kede : pro. we/us (nonemphatic, includes listener). : kede a kid; kede merolung, kede mekerang?, kede omengur kung. from root kede
kerdi : cont. kede di : from root kede
kedeb : v.s. short (esp. compared with someon/something else). : kedeb a kekedeb; diak le kekemanget, diak le metongakl; kedeb el oluches. from root kedeb
kedeb a rengul : expr. short tempered; impatient. : from root kedeb
kedeb el tekoi : expr. abbreviation. : from root kedeb
kedebengang : v.s.inch. is getting short. : kedebengang a mla mo kedeb, kekedeb. from root kedeb
kekedeb : v.s.redup. short. : kekedeb a kedeb. from root kedeb
mekedeb : short (with plural object). : mekedeb a mekekedeb; diak el mekemanget; mekedeb el lius, kldebengel. from root kedeb
mekekedeb : var. mekedeb : mekekedeb a mekedeb; teliutech a kekedeb er a telmedeu. from root kedeb
kedebengel : n.poss.3s : kedebengel a omengedeb er ngii; rullii el mo kedeb. from root kedebengel
kedebisech : : kedebisech a ngii di lolekoi diak lolamet a tekingel; ngii di el tekoi me ldelii. from root kedebisech
A delal a biskang! : expr. That's a large spear!. : from root kedelal
delal : var. kedelal : from root kedelal
derrir : var. kedelal : from root kedelal
kedelal : n.poss.3s very large size or quantity of (according to speaker's judgement). : from root kedelal
kedelal a blai : expr. very large house. : from root kedelal
kedelal a ngikel : expr. very large fish. : from root kedelal
kederrir : var. kedelal : from root kedelal
kederrir a blai : expr. very large house. : from root kedelal
kederrir a ngikel : expr. very large fish. : from root kedelal
kededelebuu : v.s.redup. rather fat. : kededelebuu a telkib el kedelebuu. from root kedelebuu
kedelbungang : v.s.inch. : from root kedelebuu
kedelebuu : v.s. fat. : kedelebuu a meklou a bedengel; diak lemesengaked. from root kedelebuu
mekedelbungang : v.s.inch. (required with plural subject) : from root kedelebuu
mekedelebuu : fat (required with plural subject) : from root kedelebuu
kedemek : v.s. damp. : kedemek a diak el ungil el medirt; a bilek a kedemek, telkib el dekimes. from root kedemek
kedengelengel : v.s. sloping/steep (as seen from above); fall down. : kedengelengel a oldengelengel; metengel, a mlai a mla kedengelengel er a dellas. from root kedengelengel
kedeorech : : kedeorech a ta er a taem; ta er a ungil el belsechel, ta er a techall. from root kedeorech
kederang : n. beach. : kederang a tkul a daob er a chelechol; rriil, chelechol. from root kederang
kederaol : n. shore; side of canoe opposite outrigger. : from root kederaol
kederolel : n.poss.3s : from root kederaol
kedesau : n. porgy; mangrove snapper/red snapper. : kedesau a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kedesau
kedesau iengel : expr. [lutjanus argentimaculatus]. : from root kedesau
kedesauliengel : n. red snapper. : kedesauliengel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kedesauliengel
kedesemelel : n.poss.3s : kedesemelel a kedesomel er ngii el mlai er a daob. from root kedesomel
kedesomel : n. side of canoe facing outrigger. : kedesomel a bita er a mlai el bedul a desomel, mengedesomel, kedesemelel. from root kedesomel
kedeuul : : kedeuul a bosech er a udoud, kedeuul er a beluu a diak a ungil el rolel a omengereker; kesai a udoud klou a chelebuul from root kedeuul
kededidai : v.s.redup. : kededidai a telkib el kedidai. from root kedidai
kedidai : v.s. high; ample; plentiful; in large supply. : kedidai a ngar er a bab; kedidai el rois, kldidai, kedidiul a ked, kedidai a rengul. from root kedidai
kedidai a rengul : expr. stubborn; scornful; condescending. : from root kedidai
kekedidai : v.s.redup. rather high. : from root kedidai
kididai : var. kedidai : from root kedidai
kediim : v.recip. spray/splash each other. : from root kediim
kedekedil : var. kedkad : from root kedkad
kedkad : : Ulebongel ma lechub e ng orokiolel a tekoi. from root kedkad
kedkad : : kedkad a char er a remengol; ullebongel me a rubak a mengedkad er a remengol; omesterir a kedkad. from root kedkad
kedked : v.s. (wood) rotted. : kedked a merat; medirt el kerrekar, kedked el kerrekar a ungil el idungel. from root kedked
kedkedliliik : v.s. (wood) dry and rotted; (person) exhausted (e.g.; from too much work). : from root kedkedliliik
kedkedliliik : : kedkedliliik a bechachau; diak a ngera er ngii el chad, blil a kedkedliliik. from root kedkedliliik
kedngam : n.poss.1pe : from root kedngel
kednged : n.poss.1pi : from root kedngel
kedngek : n.poss.1s : from root kedngel
kedngel : n.poss.3s action of placing. : from root kedngel
kedngem : n.poss.2s : from root kedngel
kedngir : n.poss.3p : from root kedngel
kedngiu : n.poss.2p : from root kedngel
kedobel : n. jackfish. : kedobel a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kedobel
kedolsabtil : n. large black ant. : from root kedolsabtil
kedorem : v.s. sharp. : kedorem a derromel; diak le ketom, kedorem el kamang, kedorem el oles a ungil el melebes. from root kedorem
kedorem a medal : expr. look angry/proud/condescending. : from root kedorem
kedui : : Oked. from root kedui
kedung : v.s. well behaved; virtuous; law-abiding. : kedung a kldung; diak el dengerenger; kedung e beruadel el omudech; ungil a blekerdelel el chad; kedung a mengedmokl a tekoi er a buai me a blai. from root kedung
kekedung : v.s.redup. fairly well behaved. : kekedung a telkib el kedung. from root kedung
mekedung : well behaved (required with plural object). : mekedung a kldung; kedung a diak el dengerenger; mekedung el ngalek. from root kedung
kedungelchebud : : kedunglechebud a kekedmokl er a klalo el diak a le meterekakl. from root kedungelchebud
Kedungelebud : n. legendary person known for his obedience (to parents); conscientiousness; and respect for the law. : from root Kedungelebud
kedam : n.poss.1pe : from root keed
keded : n.poss.1pi : from root keed
kedek : n.poss.1s : from root keed
kedel : n.poss.3s his/her/its nearness; proximity. : kedel keed er ngii, kmeed, kedel a daob er a beluu. from root keed
kedem : n.poss.2s : from root keed
kedir : n.poss.3p : from root keed
kediu : n.poss.2p : from root keed
keed : n. nearness; proximity : keed a kmeed; be msesei el mei kmeed, okedii, okeed; diak le cheroid, kedel, olekeed er ngii. from root keed
kei : n. woman's term of address to younger woman or woman of same age. : kei a okedong er aklausechelei er a redil, e kei ka mei; dorael e kei. from root kei
keik : n. cake. : from root keik
keikak : n. (economic or political) plan. : from root keikak
keis : n. court or legal case. : from root keis
keisang : v.t. calculate. : from root keisang
keizai : n. economics. : from root keizai
kekech : baby spank. : from root kekech
kekedeel : n.poss.3s : kekedeel a omengkad er ngii el bled el udoud. from root kekedeel
kekedel : n.poss.3s : kekedel a kekeed, meketeketang; kekedel er a kulekoi. from root kekeed
kekeed : n. long duration of time. : kekeed a meketeket; kekeed er a kungiil er kau, kuk kekeed er a kmei, kekedel. from root kekeed
kekemanget : n.redup. : kekemanget a kemangel; metongakl, diak el kedeb, kekemanget el bambuu, kekemengetel. from root kekemanget
kekemengetel : n.poss.3s : kekemengetel a klemangetel; kekemengetel a deb. from root kekemanget
kekemelai : v.s. too long or tall. : from root kekemelai
kekerad : v.s.redup. (tree, plant) beautiful or attracted. : kekerad a beches; ungil el mellekulek, llel a kebui a kekerad, kekerad a medal el ekebil. from root kekerad
kekere a rengul : expr. uncomfortable; impatient. : from root kekerei
kekere el blai : expr. toilet. : from root kekerei
kekerei : v.s.redup. small; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded (as to appear smaller). : kekerei a diak leklou; Bung a kekerei er a Chesuch. from root kekerei
kekeremus : v.s. very small; tiny. : kekeremus a kmal kekerei; kekeremus el ngalek; tetengemud. kekerengel; kekerengel a omengkar er ngii; mengkar er a bangk. from root kekerei
kekeriei : var. kekerei : from root kekerei
mekekerei : small; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded. : mekekerei a kekeriei; bilas a mekekerei er a diall; diak le meklou. from root kekerei
mekekeriei : var. mekekerei : mekekeriei a mekekerei. from root kekerei
mekerei : var. mekekerei : from root kekerei
kekeringam : n.poss.1pe : from root kekeringel
kekeringed : n.poss.1pi : from root kekeringel
kekeringek : n.poss.1s : from root kekeringel
kekeringel : n.poss.3s smallness. : from root kekeringel
kekeringem : n.poss.2s : from root kekeringel
kekeringir : n.poss.3p : from root kekeringel
kekeringiu : n.poss.2p : from root kekeringel
kekeringil : n.poss.3s : kekeringil a omengkekerei er ngii, kot el kekeriei. from root kekeringil
kekesul : n.poss.3s scratch mark. : kekesul a omengkas er ngii; mengkas; kekesul a ulk. from root kekesul
kekeu : n. athlete's foot; tinea. : kekeu a cheremel a dechudech; mengetkat a buld; kekeu a ochil. from root kekeu
kekeu : v.s. having athlete's foot. : from root kekeu
kekeuii : : kekeuii a klou a sim; betok a udoud me a kall; ungil a dellomel, kekeuii er a buuch me a kebui. from root kekeuii
kekiram : n.poss.1pe : from root kekirel
kekired : n.poss.1pi : from root kekirel
kekirek : n.poss.1s : from root kekirel
kekirel : n.poss.3s he/she sort of has to. : kekirel a locha kirel; kekirel el me ourreor. from root kekirel
kekirem : n.poss.2s : from root kekirel
kekirir : n.poss.3p : from root kekirel
kekiriu : n.poss.2p : from root kekirel
kekka : n. result; outcome; consequence. : from root kekka
kekka er a sengkio : expr. election results. : from root kekka
kekemengel : n.poss.3s : from root kekom
kekemngel : var. kekemengel : kekemngel a kekom er ngii el rekung, kekom er a chemang, kokemngel. from root kekom
kekom : n. claw (of crustacean). : kekom a kokom; klemngel, chimal a chemang me a rekung; kekemngel. from root kekom
kokom : var. kekom : kokom a kekom; kekemngel a chemang; kokemngel a rekung. from root kekom
bekokuii : v.s. kind; generous. : bekokuii a bekerurau; soal el merous, ometechakl er a ngar omerael, mengebechub a chelebuul a bekokuii. from root kekuii
bekokuii a rengul : v.s. kind; generous. : from root kekuii
kekuii : v.s. (month, season) fruitful, abundant or productive; abundant in; abounding with. : from root kekuii
kelalk : n. [Macolor niger]. : from root kelalk
kelat : n. mullet. : kelat a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kelat
bung el kelau : expr. type of flower from the Geiger tree. : from root kelau
kelau : n. Geiger tree. : kelau a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kelau
kelchad : n. term of address to man when name unknown. : kelchad a okedongel a sechal el diak lodengelii a ngklel. from root kelchad
keldam : n.poss.1pe : from root keldel
kelded : n.poss.1pi : from root keldel
keldek : n.poss.1s : from root keldel
keldem : n.poss.2s : from root keldel
keldir : n.poss.3p : from root keldel
keldiu : n.poss.2p : from root keldel
keldelel : n. canavalia; vigna. : from root keldelel
keldermam : n.poss.1pe : from root keldermel
keldermed : n.poss.1pi : from root keldermel
keldermek : n.poss.1s : from root keldermel
keldermel : n.poss.3s sharpness. : from root keldermel
keldermem : n.poss.2s : from root keldermel
keldermir : n.poss.3p : from root keldermel
keldermiu : n.poss.2p : from root keldermel
keldil : n. term of address to woman when name unknown. : keldil a okedongel a dil el diak lodengelii a ngklel. from root keldil
E kele ng locha sebechek : expr. I could, maybe I could . . : from root kele
kele : mod. don't ... (because); I wonder if; maybe. : kele a tekoi el kirel a omengelechel; alii ng diak; kele bochu mongesuch; kele morutech er tilecha el kall. from root kele
kele bochung : expr. don't go there. : from root kele
kele locha : expr. maybe. : from root kele
kele mdung : expr. You don't say! (typically used as friendly reply to friendly teasing; lit. don't say that). : from root kele
kele morael : expr. don't go. : from root kele
kele moumulak : expr. don't lie. : from root kele
kele mrurt : expr. don't run. : from root kele
blil a kelebus : expr. jailhouse. : from root kelebus
kelebsengam : n.poss.1pe : from root kelebus
kelebsenged : n.poss.1pi : from root kelebus
kelebsengek : n.poss.1s : from root kelebus
kelebsengel : n.poss.3s : kelebsengel a kelebus er ngii el chad; meringel a belsel. from root kelebus
kelebsengem : n.poss.2s : from root kelebus
kelebsengir : n.poss.3p : from root kelebus
kelebsengiu : n.poss.2p : from root kelebus
kelebus : n. jail, prison. : kelebus a olsechall er a obals er a telmellel; kelebsengel. from root kelebus
kelebus : v.s. jailed; in jail; (child, etc.) undergoing punishment. : kelebus a olsechall er a obals er a telmellel; kelebsengel. from root kelebus
kelekeltam : n.poss.1pe : from root kelekolt
kelekelted : n.poss.1pi : from root kelekolt
kelekeltek : n.poss.1s : from root kelekolt
kelekeltel : n.poss.3s : kelekeltel a omengelekolt er ngii; kelekolt er a oreomel. from root kelekolt
kelekeltel a bedengel : expr. coolness of body (esp., extremities). : from root kelekolt
kelekeltem : n.poss.2s : from root kelekolt
kelekeltir : n.poss.3p : from root kelekolt
kelekeltiu : n.poss.2p : from root kelekolt
kelekolt : n. coldness. : kelekolt a mekelekolt; kerrasem; diak lemekeald; kelekeltel. from root kelekolt
kelekolt er a mochu tutau : expr. pre-dawn chill. : from root kelekolt
kelel a charm : n. tree in mango family. : kelel a charm a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kelel a charm
keleladeroech : n. sea horse. : from root keleladeroech
kelkal : n. : blellokl el llel a kerrekar ma lechub e ng mechut el cheriut. from root kelkal
kelkal : n. : kelkal a cheriut er a blai; diak le besiich er a omerael, kelkelil. from root kelkal
kelkelil : n.poss.3s : kelkelil a kelkal er ngii el mechas. from root kelkal
kellael : n. area in sky above. : kellael a mengellael; merael er a bab, skoki a mengellael. from root kellael
mengellael : v.i. float, hang or swing in the air; (outrigger) get lifted out of water. : mengellael a merael er a bab; skoki a mengellael er a melideul. kellael. from root kellael
kellebakl : n. high waves which flood the land. : kellebakl a labek; klou el berius me a daob el soiseb er a beluu. from root kellebakl
kellingel : n.poss.3s : kellingel a kelloi el ngii a oukelloi er ngii. Kelloi er ngii. from root kelloi
kelloi : n. dirge; funeral chant. : kelloi a ta er a bedengel a chelitakl; remechas a mengelloi a le kemeldiil, kellingel. from root kelloi
oukelloi : v.i. sing dirge or funeral chant. : oukelloi a ngar ngii a kellingel; mechas a mengelloi er a kemeldiil from root kelloi
kelmelemam : n.poss.1pe : from root kelmolm
kelmelemed : n.poss.1pi : from root kelmolm
kelmelemek : n.poss.1s : from root kelmolm
kelmelemel : n.poss.3s : kelmelemel a mekelmolm er ngii. from root kelmolm
kelmelemem : n.poss.2s : from root kelmolm
kelmelemir : n.poss.3p : from root kelmolm
kelmelemiu : n.poss.2p : from root kelmolm
kelmolm : n. action of tickling (lightly). : kelmolm a mengelmolm a bedengir; mekelmolm. from root kelmolm
kilmelmel : var. kelmelemel : kilmelmel a omengelmolm er ngii; mengelmolm, menglikl. from root kelmolm
mekelmolm : v.s. ticklish; tingling; sensitive. : mekelmolm a melemlim; chebesal a mekelmolm; menglikl er ngii me ng mo mekelmolm; mengelmolm er ngii. from root kelmolm
keloll : v.s. : keloll a mla mo kall; meduch, keloll el kukau, keloll el diokang. from root keloll
keloll : : keloll a ngalek el kesai a rekil e meduch el melekoi; kekerei e meruul a tekoi er a klloulechad. from root keloll
kelsimaml : n. a type of chicken. : kelsimaml a ta er a bedengel a malk. from root kelsimaml
keltang : pro. where (esp., when long distance is involved). : keltang a ker; ke mo er keltang? from root keltang
keltkad : n. ceremony in which mengol are escorted back to their village and payment is made for their services. : keltkad a mla meketkad; remengo a mla ngmai a kedkad el udoud. from root keltkad
keltkat : n.r.s. open wound. : keltkat a telemall; delobech, terechel, keltkat a ochil, ketketil a uach. from root keltkat
kltkat : var. keltkat : from root keltkat
kelulau : n. confidential/important (community) matter; whisper. : kelulau a llach, Olbiil Er a Kelulau a melib a kelulul a beluu. from root kelulau
kelulmam : n.poss.1pe : from root kelulau
kelulmiu : n.poss.2p : from root kelulau
kelulrir : n.poss.3p : from root kelulau
kelulud : n.poss.1pi : from root kelulau
keluluk : n.poss.1s : from root kelulau
kelulul : n.poss.3s : kelulul a kelulau er ngii el beluu; llechul, klobak a melib a kelulul a beluu. from root kelulau
kelulum : n.poss.2s : from root kelulau
tekoi er a kelulau : expr. secret language used for discussing confidential matters. : from root kelulau
kemadunglel : n.poss.3s : kemadungelel a medual. from root kemadunglel
kemairs : n. sea snake. : kemairs a ta er a bedengel a mekemenget el charm er a taoch me a omoachel. from root kemairs
kemam : pro. we/us (emphatic, excludes listener). : kemam a chad el melekoi me a rubengkel, kemam el rokui a mong. from root kemam
kekemanget : v.s.redup. tall; long. : kekemanget a kemangel; metongakl, diak el kedeb, kekemanget el bambuu, kekemengetel. from root kemanget
kemangel : var. kemanget : kemangel a kekemanget; kemangel el cheldecheduch a olturekreng. from root kemanget
kemanget : n. length (of string, etc.) which exceeds what is needed or expected. : from root kemanget
kemanget : v.s. tall; long (in time or dimension). : kemanget a kekemanget; diak le kekedeb; kemangel. from root kemanget
kemengetel : n.poss.3s : kemengetel a klemanget er ngii; kekemangel. from root kemanget
mekekemanget : var. mekemanget : mekekemanget a kemanget; tereu a mekekemanget er a telmedeu; diak el kedeb. from root kemanget
mekemanget : tall; long. : mekemanget a mekekemanget. from root kemanget
kemanget a chimal : expr. prone to stealing things. : from root kemanget a chimal
kembei : n. police. : from root kembei
kemedangel : n. person who serves food to chief. : kemedangel a oderechelel a klobak. Ngarngii a dirir el oderchelir a Klobak. from root kemedangel
kemedengelel : n.poss.3s : kemedengelel a kemedangel er ngii el klobak. from root kemedangel
kemedukl : n. humphead parrotfish. : kemedukl a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kemedukl
kemeldiil : n. funeral. : kemeldiil a oba ulekoad el chad el mo lmuut er a omelakl. from root kemeldiil
kemeldillam : n.poss.1pe : from root kemeldiil
kemeldilled : n.poss.1pi : from root kemeldiil
kemeldillek : n.poss.1s : from root kemeldiil
kemeldillel : n.poss.3s : kemeldillel a kemeldiil er ngii. from root kemeldiil
kemeldillem : n.poss.2s : from root kemeldiil
kemeldillir : n.poss.3p : from root kemeldiil
kemeldilliu : n.poss.2p : from root kemeldiil
kemetai : n. twins of the opposite sex. : from root kemetai
kemetal : n. curved crossbar of outrigger to which SOAES beams are tied and to which DAIDESOMEL is connected. : from root kemetal
kemikr : n. area behind someone. : kemikr a ikrel; ikrii, ngar er a kemikr er a rechad a diak el teloi er a rechad; diak a melatk er a ngar a kemikr; mengemikr er ngii; ng chetirir a rechad. from root kemikr
bekekemim : v.s.redup. have sour or rotting smell (e.g., of garbage). : from root kemim
kemim : n. starfruit. : kemim a kerrekar el kall a rdechel; ouderteboteb el kemim. from root kemim
mekekemim : v.s.redup. : mekekemim a telkib el mekemim. from root kemim
mekemim : v.s. sour; acidic; spoiled (from having turned sour). : mekemim a telemtam; telemtemul a ongerekur. from root kemim
kemiu : pro. you (emphatic, plural). : kemiu a melekoi er a rurrenges; kemiu el rokui ng somiu a skuul? from root kemiu
kemkom : v.s. having leprosy on limbs. : kemkom a rakd, kemkom a mengemkom a bedengel a chad. from root kemkom
kemokem : n. vine in Legume family; type of large seaweed. : kemokem a besebes el dubech er a tkul a keburs me a kederang. from root kemokem
kemtai : n. twins (of opposite sex). : kemtai a kebtot el sechal me a dil. from root kemtai
kemtall : n. : kemtall a klekedall er a mlai er a daob. from root kemtall
kemtimt : : kemtimt a mo medirt a beluu; kesai a chull me ng mo diak a ralm. from root kemtimt
kemungel : n.poss.3s : kimungel a omengemuu er ngii; mengemuu er a bdelul. from root kemungel
kemremam : n.poss.1pe : from root kemur
kemremiu : n.poss.2p : from root kemur
kemrerir : n.poss.3p : from root kemur
kemrid : n.poss.1pi : from root kemur
kemrik : n.poss.1s : from root kemur
kemril : n.poss.3s : kemril a kemur er ngii; kemril a bilis "beluu er a Ngetbong a kemril a rrull". from root kemur
kemril a mad : expr. outside corner of eye. : from root kemur
kemrim : n.poss.2s : from root kemur
kemur : n. tail. : kemur a kemril; kemur a ultobed er a uriul er a charem; kemril a bilis. from root kemur
kiuiderkemur : n. brown starling. : kiuiderkemur a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root kemur
klemur : n. dried tail of rayfish (used as sandpepper). : from root kemur
kengaol : v.s. dangerous. : kengaol a kdekudel; omengechel, blil a chedeng a kengaol. from root kengaol
kengaol : n. danger; dangerous situation. : kengaol a kdekudel; omengechel, blil a chedeng a kengaol. from root kengaol
kengei : n. permission; agreement; acceptance. : from root kengei
msa a kengei : expr. give or grant permission. : from root kengei
kenges : n. [Ormocarpum cochinchinense]. : from root kenges
kengkengui : v.s. : kengkengui a mechitechut a bedengel; sesmecher, kengkengui el chad. from root kengkengui
kengmellang : v.s.inch. : from root kengmoll
kengri : n. right; privilege. : from root kengri
kensa : n. inspection; medical examination. : from root kensa
kensa : v.t. inspect; examine. : from root kensa
keobel : n. path for walking in ocean. : keobel a meched el sebechel el rael er a kereker; raelkeobel. from root keobel
raelkeobel : var. keobel : raelkeobel a ulekrael er a kereker el rolel a mlai. from root keobel
kellel : n.poss.3s : kellel a keoll er ngii el mlai er a daob. from root keoll
keoll : n. rope tied from sail to KEMETAL of outrigger used to draw in sail when it's being lowered. : keoll a klekedall er a mlai er a daob; kerreel el ngar a ears el mo er a kemetall. from root keoll
ker : n. question. : ker a ousibai; ousbech er a chad el diak el uldoud a ouker er ngii; ouker er a rechad a di ousbech er tir e diak el ungil el omekang er tir. from root ker
ker : pro. where; which. : ker a oker; omding er a belsechel a omerael; oker er a ngakl, techa ng klem? keril a tekoi. from root ker
kerid : n.poss.1pi : from root ker
kerik : n.poss.1s : from root ker
keril : n.poss.3s : keril a ker er ngii; oker er a belsechel a omerael. from root ker
kerim : n.poss.2s : from root ker
kermam : n.poss.1pe : from root ker
kermiu : n.poss.2p : from root ker
kerrir : n.poss.3p : from root ker
kerad : v.s. (face) looking very angry; acting angrily. : from root kerad
kerad a medal : var. kerad : from root kerad
kerames : n. vise; clamp. : from root kerames
kerangel : n. type of vine. : kerangel a besebes er a oreomel; kerangel a sekdel a bub er a ngikel. from root kerangel
kerar : v.s. : kerar a merur; debsochel, kerar a diak le blekebek, kengmoll, deuall a medal a kerar. from root kerar
kerasus : n. chigger. : kerasus a cheremel a chelechol el mekekeriei e bekerkard e soal el kiei a buld. from root kerasus
kerasus : v.s. bitten by chiggers. : from root kerasus
oliul a kerasus : expr. plant in nettle family. : from root kerasus
keratel : n. giant clam. : keratel a ta er a bedengel a kim. from root keratel
kerdel : n.poss.3s his/her/its landing. : kerdel a kerd er ngii; kmerd er a bilas, kerdel er a skoki. from root kerdel
kerdel : n.poss.3s flame. : kerdel a kmard er ngii, kerdel a ngau from root kerdel
kerdeu : n. ixora plant. : kerdeu a kerrekar er a oreomel el bekerekard a bngal. from root kerdeu
kerdeu : n. Palauan money: type of bachel or kldait. : kerdeu a ngklel a udoud er a Belau. from root kerdeu
kerdekngel : n.poss.3s : from root kerdik
kerdik : n. yaws; framboesia. : kerdik a rekdel a buld; meketkat, kltkat, kerdekngel. from root kerdik
kerdik : v.s. suffering from yaws. : kerdik a rekdel a buld; meketkat, kltkat, kerdekngel. from root kerdik
kerdikes : n. type of grass (used for grass skirts). : kerdikes a emull er a mesei el loruul el mo cheriut. A kerdikes a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a chudel. Ng di duubech er a meselech. Ng mechetngaid e mekemanget. Ng sebeched el mengaus el mo lkou me a lechub e ng tet. Ng di kmeed el ua a kerengimes e ng di telkib el ngodech a bngal Ng diak el kall. from root kerdikes
kerebai : n. line. : kerebai a olkael; telkaek, omeklemalt, kerebai er a babier, oukerebai, kerebil a urreor. from root kerebai
kerebid : n.poss.1pi : from root kerebai
kerebik : n.poss.1s : from root kerebai
kerebil : n.poss.3s : kerebil a kerebai er ngii. from root kerebai
kerebim : n.poss.2s : from root kerebai
kerebmam : n.poss.1pe : from root kerebai
kerebmiu : n.poss.2p : from root kerebai
kerebrir : n.poss.3p : from root kerebai
kerebou : n. cow; carabao; water-buffalo; beef; corned beef. : kerbou a meklou el charm er a beluu el meklou er a babii, kmal ungil el odoim a techel. A kerebou a charm; ng kloa a ochil e kemanget a kemril. Ng mo meklou el charm el kuk meklou er a babii. Ng kall. from root kerebou
kereel : n. line (usually for fishing); cord. : kereel a klekedall er a omenged el dolab el mengereel a ngikel. from root kereel
kerelel : n.poss.3s : kerelel a kereel el ngii a ouklalo er ngii. from root kereel
tekoi er a kereel : expr. special words spoken to ensure succes in line fishing. : from root kereel
kerekard : n.redup. stinging gnat. : kerekard a mekekerei el charm el meringel a bengchel; kebliil el mo er a rekas. from root kerekard
kerkard : var. kerekard : from root kerekard
kereker : n. small, deep spot within shallow area inside reef. area of ocean good for fishing at low tide; shallow area inside reef. : kereker a chei el mo meched er a chedil a chei. A kereker se el delongelel a uet me a dailechei el se el bo el meched a chei e ng mo meched el mo diak a daob er ngii. from root kereker
kerekes : v.s. (stomach) full or bursting; (clothing) tight (because stomach has expanded); (person) gruff or harsh-sounding. : kerekes a meseked; kmes a bilel er a dinges, kerekes a delel. from root kerekes
kerekikl : v.s. careful; conscientious; cautious; responsible for. : kerekikl a bekelatk; bekengerachel, mengedmokl a tekoi; kedung a kerekikl a rechad. from root kerekikl
kerekirs : n. : kerekirs a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root kerekirs
kerekulchol : n. tallow nut. : from root kerekulchol
kerekullchol : var. kerekulchol : from root kerekulchol
kerekuriechol : var. kerekulchol : from root kerekulchol
kerekur : n. sweet orange; mandarin orange. : kerekur a ta er a bedengel a meradel; rdechel a merkos. A kerekur a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di ua a meklungel a cheluchau e ng di mekekerei a redechel. Ng mechaibibeob a redechel. Ng kall. from root kerekur
kerekur : n. type of shellfish. : from root kerekur
ongerekur : n. lime. : from root kerekur
kerekurlechol : n. : kerekurlechol a kerekur er a chelechol. from root kerekurlechol
kerellang : n. cicada; cricket. : kerellang a kekerei el charm el klou a ngerel el mengerrelang. from root kerellang
mengerellang : v.i. make chirping sound; (ears) ring. : mengerellang a ngerel a kerellang; kekerei el ngor e belils. from root kerellang
keremelel : n.poss.3s helper or advisor for pregnant woman. : from root keremelel
keremerem : n. period when moon is waning. : keremerem a lochedbuil; kmal milkolk; sechalsirukel, diak a buil; mengiremerem, diak a olbidel. from root keremerem
keremerem a rengul : expr. stupid; ignorant. : from root keremerem
keremeremingel : v.s. having rash or prickly heat. : keremeremingel a rekdel a buld el obdingel e mekekad. from root keremeremingel
keremlal : n. brown booby. : from root keremlal
keremlal : n. paddle tail snapper. : keremlal a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root keremlal
keremlal sechou : var. keremlal : from root keremlal
Kerengab : n. : Kerengab a cheldebechel el dil er a Oreor; rubakldil er a Oreor. from root Kerengab
kerengab : n. skipjack tuna. : kerengab a delebechelel a tekuu. from root kerengab
kerengob : var. kerengab : from root kerengab
kerengimes : n. swamp reed. : kerengimes a emull er a mesei me a dechel el usbechall er a omengaus el tet me a lkou. A kerengimes a dellomel; ng ta er a bedengel a chudel. Ng di duubech er a meselech. Ng mechetngaid e mekemanget. Ng sebechel el dongaus el mo lkou me a lechub e ng tet. Ng diak el kall. from root kerengimes
kerengimes el ked : expr. reed which grows on hillsides. : from root kerengimes
keremelel : n.poss.3s : keremelel a omengereomel er ngii, mengereomel, mengedmokl. from root kereomel
kereomel : v.s. thrifty; prudent; not wasteful. : kereomel a chad er a omengereomel; kekedmokl el diak le meterekakl, kereomel a betok a ungil er ngii. from root kereomel
kereubet : v.s. : kereubet a diak le beketitrechel; misaker el kukau a kereubet el ongraol; titimel a kereubet el idungel. from root kereubet
ched el keriik : expr. rising tide (in morning). : from root keriik
kerekam : n.poss.1pe : from root keriik
kerekang : v.s.inch. (tide) just beginning to rise. : kerekang a mla keriik, merema dolech. from root keriik
kereked : n.poss.1pi : from root keriik
kerekek : n.poss.1s : from root keriik
kerekel : n.poss.3s : from root keriik
kerekem : n.poss.2s : from root keriik
kerekir : n.poss.3p : from root keriik
kerekiu : n.poss.2p : from root keriik
kerekung : v.s.pred. (tide) is about to start rising. : kerekung a mochu keriik, kmeda el keriik. from root keriik
keriik : n. rising/incoming tide; abundance; good fortune. : keriik a merael a dolech el mo klou; ulturek dolech; omkeriik e omekall kung. from root keriik
kerik : n. (bowl, plate, etc.) shallow or flat. : kerik a meched el diak el delluchel, kerik el blatong a diak le blil a uasech. from root kerik
kerilel : n.poss.3s : kerilel a ker er ngii; keril; oker a tekoi; ng kerilel a ngerang? from root kerilel
delal a kerior : expr. disaster; calamity. : from root kerior
kerierengam : n.poss.1pe : from root kerior
kerierenged : n.poss.1pi : from root kerior
kerierengek : n.poss.1s : from root kerior
kerierengel : n.poss.3s : from root kerior
kerierengem : n.poss.2s : from root kerior
kerierengir : n.poss.3p : from root kerior
kerierengiu : n.poss.2p : from root kerior
kerior : n. misfortune; bad luck. : kerior a kerrior; mekerior; diak el lusech; duubech a chelebuul; kerior er ngii e a dita el ngelekel a mad, kerririel. from root kerior
metik a kerior : expr. die; have an accident. : from root kerior
keris : n. goiter. : keris a rakd el duubech er a cheukl; keris a chiklel, kersengel. from root keris
keris : v.s. (neck) swollen with goiter. : from root keris
kersengel : n.poss.3s : kersengel a keris er ngii. from root keris
kerisebsub : v.s. (hair) curly. : kerisebsub a chui el chelirocher; sikdoruer; diak le kesengam. from root kerisebsub
kerisebsub el chui : expr. curly hair. : from root kerisebsub
mekerisebsub : (hair) curly (required with a plural object) : mekerisebsub a kerisebsub el chui; diak el melemalt; chelirocher el chui. from root kerisebsub
mekerisebsub el chui : expr. curly hair. : from root kerisebsub
kerisil : n. kerosene. : from root kerisil
keristiano : n. Christian. : from root keristiano
keritbetbechel : v.s. (surface, skin) (of animal or object) rough or bumpy. : keritbetbechel a techetechibel; diak le meaiu; keritbetbechel el ulaol. from root keritbetbechel
kerkeriaol : v.s. (person) having a rough face; (person) have a scarred face. : from root kerkeriaol
kerkirs : n. black-naped tern. : kerkirs a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root kerkirs
kerdelel : n.poss.3s : kerdelel a kerodel er ngii; kerdelel a demak a chetemek. from root kerodel
kerodel : n. dock; landing place. : kerodel a olekerodel; Ngerkemais a kerodel er a Oreor; olsechall er a me kmerd me a mo ngmasech, kerdelel. from root kerodel
keroll : n. emperor fish; yellow tailed. : keroll a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root keroll
Kerradel : n. old name of Ngerard. : Kerradel a chuodel el ngklel a beluu er a Ngeraard. from root Kerradel
kerradel : v.s. : kerradel a blechoel; melemolem, ng di kerradel er a klsiberreng. from root kerradel
kerrak : n. child's toy in which young fruit of mesekerrak or rebotel is forced into bamboo stick and caused to explode. : kerrak a boes er a rengalek el oukall a bngal a meskerrak me a bngal a rebotel. from root kerrak
kerrasem : n. cold; chills; coldness (person). : kerrasem a kelekolt; mekerasem, ng mekelekolt me ng klou a kerrasem; diak le kesib; kersemel. from root kerrasem
kersemam : n.poss.1pe : from root kerrasem
kersemed : n.poss.1pi : from root kerrasem
kersemek : n.poss.1s : from root kerrasem
kersemel : n.poss.3s : kersemel a kerrasem er ngii; mekerasem. from root kerrasem
kersemem : n.poss.2s : from root kerrasem
kersemir : n.poss.3p : from root kerrasem
kersemiu : n.poss.2p : from root kerrasem
kerredakl : n. type of chant. : kerredakl a ta er a bedengel a chelitakl, mengerdakl, kerredeklel. from root kerredakl
kerredeklel : n.poss.3s : from root kerredakl
kerreel : n.r.s. rolled cord. : kerreel a suld el mla mekereel; kerrelel. from root kerreel
kerrelel : n.poss.3s : from root kerreel
rsel a kerreel : expr. (other) end of the string. : from root kerreel
bad el kerrekar : expr. crossbeams supporting floor of bai (including bad el umad). : from root kerrekar
kerrekar : n. tree; wood; log; board. : kerrekar a meklou el dellomel, iedel a kerrekar; ukall me a dort a kerrekar, kerrekerul. A rebebil a ousbech a kerrekar. Te uluusbech el melalem aike el mo meklou el kerrekar el ua ukall me a lechub e ng miich me a lechub e ngii di el kerrekar el dechor er a oliochel er a chutem el omii er a chetemel a ta me a ta er a rechad. from root kerrekar
kerrekerul : n.poss.3s : kerrekerul a kerrekar er ngii el blai; kerekerul a di meradel me a iedel. from root kerrekar
rengul a kerrekar : expr. center/core of tree. : from root kerrekar
bekerrekereongel : v.s. hard-working (with purpose of earning money). : from root kerreker
bekerrekerongel : var. bekerrekereongel : bekerrekerongel a mesisiich el mengereker; omsaso, bekerrekerongel a merau. from root kerreker
kerekerengel : n.poss.3s his or her wages; money earned; (action of) earning money or making a living; medicinal plants gathered for religious ceremony. : kerekerengel a omengereker er ngii, osisebellel el udoud. from root kerreker
kerreker : n.r.s. wages; money earned; (action of) earning money or making a living; medicinal plants gathered for religious ceremony. : kerreker a omengereker; usaso; skel a udoud, semum a kerreker er a Belau, korekerengii, koreker, kerrekerengel. from root kerreker
kerrekerengel : : kerrekerengel a ngii a kirreker; ng siliik, kerrekerengel el udoud me a chutem. from root kerreker
chad er a kerrekeriil : expr. judge; prosecutor. : from root kerrekeriil
kerrekeriil : n.a.s.redup. trial; judgement. : kerrekeriil a biich er a klemerang, oukerrekeriil el omiich a tekoi, kerilel. from root kerrekeriil
kerreng : v.s. careful; attentive. : from root kerreng
kerremelel : n.poss.3s : kerremelel a kerreomel er ngii; kerremelel a dioll e dirrek el kelel a mur. from root kerreomel
kerremelel a chelsang : expr. those preparing food for a ceremonious occasion. : from root kerreomel
kerreomel : n.r.s. (action of) saving; preservation; conservation; people who prepare food for special occasion. : kerreomel a ulechar el osiik a kelel a dioll er a ketengel; dirrek el osiik a kall er a mur, kerremelel. from root kerreomel
kerreos : n.r.s. hoarding; something precious; something treasured; something with large sentimental value. : kerreos a mekreos; diak le mimokl, chebirukel el chad a mekreos a rengul, kireos a chutem me a mesei, kerresel. from root kerreos
kerresel : n.poss.3s : kerresel a kerreos er ngii er a diak di le kloleklel ngii el tang; mekreos. from root kerreos
kerrikr : n. joint of sail protruding from chalech. : kerrikr a klekedall er a mlai er a daob; redil kerrikr me a sechal kerrikr. from root kerrikr
redil el kerrikr : expr. concave joint of sail into which hooked joint fits. : from root kerrikr
sechal el kerrikr : expr. hooked joint of sail which fits into concave joints. : from root kerrikr
kerrior : n.r.s. misfortune. : from root kerrior
kerririel : n.poss.3s : kerririel a kerrior er ngii; mekerior. from root kerrior
kerriu : v.r.s. : kerriu a kliok; selechosech el ngar er ngii a belsibs er ngii, bobai a kerriu er a beab. from root kerriu
kerrekrel : n.poss.3s : kerrekrel a kerrokr er ngii. from root kerrokr
kerrokr : n. thickness (of flat object). : kerrokr a kerrekrel; se el okrokr er ngii, diak le meliliut; kerrokr er a mamed. from root kerrokr
kerrui : n. cooing sound. : kerrui a mengerrui; melekoi; kerrui a ngerel a belochel. from root kerrui
mengerrui : v.i. (pigeon, person) make cooing sound. : mengerrui a ngerel a belochel; omengerrui. from root kerrui
kerruk : n. chicken. : kerruk a ta er a ngklel a malk. from root kerruk
kerruk : n. : kerruk a ngerel telengtengil a ngloik; oked er a ngloik a oukerruk from root kerruk
kerrukeblai : n. domesticated chicken. : from root kerruk
kerrukureomel : n. wild chicken. : from root kerruk
oukerruk : v.i. keep or raise chickens; (chicken) cluck; (person) make sounds to call chickens; wave arms when leading singing. : oukerruk a omekedong a malk. from root kerruk
kerruul : : kerruul a betok a udoud; ungil a rolel a omengereker me ng betok a udoud; a ungil a kerruul er ngii el beluu a kekerei a chelebuul er ngii. from root kerruul
kersiang : v.s. (plant, esp., betel nut) young. : kersiang a diak le berikd; kesai a rdechel, kersiang el buuch. from root kersiang
kersos : v.s. yearning; anxious (to see). : kersos a soal; semeriar, kersos a rengul er a ngelekel me a bechil. from root kersos
kersos a rengul : expr. yearning; anxious (to see). : from root kersos
kertaku : n. bush in myrtle family. : kertaku a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kertaku
kertel : n.poss.3s action of hurting someone's feeling; disdain. : kertel a kurt er a reng; mekurt a rengul, kertel a rengul er a ngelekel; omid. from root kertel
kertel : n.poss.3s action of scraping something. : kertel a omengort er ngii; kortii a rael; merael a kertel a rael. from root kertel
kerul : n.poss.3s stem of vine. : from root kerul
kerumes : n. plant in coffee family. : kerumes a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kerumes
kerurt : n. (children's game of) tag. : kerurt a betok el remurt, rurtii, klaikerurt. from root kerurt
kerus : n. cross; crucifix. : kerus a eru el klalo el ultang tiakid "+." from root kerus
kerusus : v.s. (tree, plant, etc.) stunted. : kerusus a dellomel el mekngit a dbechel; kerusus el diokang, dait. from root kerusus
kes : v.t. erase; obliterate. : from root kes
kesadel : v.s. arthritic. : kesadel a rakd er a omechoel er a chiuis; kesadel a bkul a chimal; kesedelel. from root kesadel
kekesai : v.s.redup. rather insufficient. : kekesai a telkib el kesai; diak le betok; ngesonges. from root kesai
kesai : n. insufficient quantity. : kesai a sesei; mekesai; diak le betok, kesai el udoud. from root kesai
kesai : v.s. insufficient; not enough; few. : from root kesai
kesai el malk : expr. a bit of chicken. : from root kesai
kesengil : n.poss.3s at most; at least; a small quantity of something; a large quantity of something (said sarcastically or in astonishment). : kesengil a klsai er ngii; kot er eou el ildois; ng soak a udoud el kesengil e ng $1,000.00. from root kesai
me a kuk kesengil : expr. so at least. : from root kesai
mekesai : insufficient; not enough; few (when describing multiple objects, people, etc.). : mekesai a kesai; sesei el kall, sesemuk el chemachel; mekesai el udoud. from root kesai
kesako : n. land or swamp crab. : kesako a charm el ua rekung. from root kesako
kesamborrau : : kesamborrau betok el chad el di ketokl; ouedikel e diak el rruul a urreor; te el di kesamborrau e diak a kall. from root kesamborrau
kesamd : n. gill. : kesamd a kesemdel a ngikel. from root kesamd
kesemdel : n.poss.3s : kesemdel a kesamd er ngii; kesemdel a ngikel. from root kesamd
Kesebekuu : n. passage in Koror. : kesebekuu a toachel er a Oreor. from root Kesebekuu
kesebekuu : n. vine in Legume family (used medicinally) (Thomas Bean; Entada phaseoloides). : kesebekuu a ta er a bedengel a besebes el melemiakl a kerrekar. from root kesebekuu
kesebekuu : n. moray eel. : kesebekuu a charm el ko er a kitelel e ng di ngar er a daob. from root kesebekuu
kesebibui : n. plant in pepper family. : kesebibui a besebes el ko er a kebui e ng di diak el chemachel; besebes er a oreomel. from root kesebibui
kesebii : n. snapper. : kesebii a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kesebii
kesebingel : : kesebingel a meses el ourreor e di telkib e mo mesaul; mekudem el olengull; mereched el tmurk a rengul. from root kesebingel
kesedelel : n.poss.3s : kesedelel a omengesadel er ngii; remuul el mo ngesonges er a kirel; mengesadel a udoud; kosadel. from root kesedelel
kakesekang : v.recip. make casual conversation or shoot the breeze with each other. : from root kesekang
kesekang : v.s. prone to making conversation or telling fibs. : kesekang a mengesekang; melekoi a mera el tekoi e loia cherechel el dechelel e besichel a cheldechedechal. from root kesekang
mengesekang : v.i. make conversation; fib; shoot off one's mouth. : mengesekang a kesekang; locha cherechel, dechelel a tekoi el me ng mo oltobedchur; mengesekang el mengelaod. from root kesekang
kesekes : n. hymn; chant; lullaby. : kesekes a chelitakl el mengesekes; omechiuaiu er a ngalek, kosekesengii, kesekesengel. from root kesekes
kesekesengel : var. kesekesngel : kesekesengel a kesekes er ngii; kesekesengel a omengesekes er ngii el ngalek. from root kesekes
kesekesngel : n.poss.3s : from root kesekes
kesemeduu : n. type of tree. : from root kesemeduu
kesemesemek : v.s. wet; soaked; drenched; unkempt. : kesemesemek a dedekimes; idekedokel, klsesechebuul, keremechut, kesemesemek el malk. from root kesemesemek
kesengam : v.s. (hair) straight. : kesengam a melemalt el chui; diak le kerisebsub. from root kesengam
mekesengam : (hair) straight (required with plural object). : mekesengam a kesengam; melemalt el chui. from root kesengam
mekesengam el chui : expr. straight hair. : from root kesengam
kesengam : n.poss.1pe : from root kesengel
kesenged : n.poss.1pi : from root kesengel
kesengek : n.poss.1s : from root kesengel
kesengel : n.poss.3s tightness. : kesengel a kes er ngii; kmes, ulekerreuil, kesengel a chebechiil, kesengel a klauchad a beltik el reng. from root kesengel
kesengel a klaubetikerreng : expr. strength of mutual affection. : from root kesengel
kesengem : n.poss.2s : from root kesengel
kesengir : n.poss.3p : from root kesengel
kesengiu : n.poss.2p : from root kesengel
kesengolem : n. : kesengolem a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kesengolem
kesengurd : v.s. very skinny. : kesengurd a ko er a di chiuesel me a budel; ko er a diak a techel a bedengel; kmal mesengaked; kesengerdel. from root kesengurd
kesiamel : n. tree in Panax family. : kesiamel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A kesiamel a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di ua a teletelel a bobai e ng di lmuut el meklou a llel er a bobai. Ng diak el kall. from root kesiamel
bekekesib : var. bekesbesib (a rengul) : bekekesib a ko er a bul a klsib. from root kesib
bekeskesib : var. bekesbesib (a rengul) : from root kesib
kekesib : v.s.redup. somewhat sweaty. : kekesib a telkib el kesib. from root kesib
kesbengang : v.s.inch. is getting sweaty. : kesbengang a mla mo kesib. from root kesib
kesib : v.s. sweaty; perspiring. : kesib a mengeald a bedengel e olechars a klsbengel; kesbongel. from root kesib
kesib a rengul : expr. angry. : from root kesib
kesiil : n. Eugenia tree. : kesiil a kerrekar er a chelebacheb me a tkul a daob. from root kesiil
kesiliou : v.s. (building, etc.) dilapidated or structurally damaged or out of kilter; (something) over-loaded and therefore overly low (e.g. a truck with a heavily loaded bed). : from root kesiliou
kesiokel : v.s. rare; precious. : kesiokel a meringel el mesiik; kesai el klalo a kesiokel; toluk a kesiokel, udoud er a Belau a kesiokel. from root kesiokel
keskas : n. tarpon or wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri). : keskas a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root keskas
keskelam : n.poss.1pe : from root keskelel
keskeled : n.poss.1pi : from root keskelel
keskelek : n.poss.1s : from root keskelel
keskelel : n.poss.3s which/what part of? : keskelel a ngera er ngii; ng keskelel a babii a odimek? ng keskelel a sers a ngemull? from root keskelel
keskelem : n.poss.2s : from root keskelel
keskelir : n.poss.3p : from root keskelel
keskeliu : n.poss.2p : from root keskelel
keskomu : n. pencil eraser. : from root keskomu
keskus : n. lemon grass. : keskus a ta er a bedengel a emuil el ungil a bul. from root keskus
keskus : n. : keskus a chelas el kall el ngar er a btil olekang; keskus er a beras, aki menga er a keskus. from root keskus
kesmedai : : kesmedai a bechachau a til; kesai a ududel; medai el chad. Kesai a ududel el chad. from root kesmedai
kesmeduu : n. : kesmeduu a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kesmeduu
kesekesel : n.poss.3s : kesekesel a omengesokes er ngii el kereker. from root kesokes
kesokes : n. long fishnet (kept stationary in order to trap fish on falling tide). : kesokes a ta er a bedengel a omenged; mengesokes, kosekesii a kereker, kosokes a ngikel, kesekesel. from root kesokes
ngikel el kesokes : expr. fish caught with long net. : from root kesokes
bkul a kesol : n. grandniece or grandnephew of male. : from root kesol
chebedel a kesol : n. nephew or niece of male (i.e. children of male's sister). : Ngelekel a ochedal el sechal ma lechub e ng redil. from root kesol
chebedelakesol : var. chebedel a kesol : chebedelakesol a ngelekel a redil el ochedal a chad. from root kesol
kesol : n. turmeric plant (used to make orange dye). : kesol a dellomel el tuobed a reng er ngii, kesol er a ngebard. from root kesol
kesol er a ngebard : n. ginger. : from root kesol
ochil a kesol : n. descendant. : from root kesol
kesuar : n. small sea crab. : kesuar a charm el kmeed er a rekung me a kesako; ungil el odoim. from root kesuar
kesuariroi : n. type of shellfish. : kesuariroi a ta er a bedengel a cheled. from root kesuar
mengesuar : v.i. collect small sea crabs. : mengesuar a melai a kesuar. from root kesuar
kesuch : v.recip. : kesuch a kebus; didu el mesuch; mesngii, omerober, kesuch a tet, suchar. from root kesuch
kesuk : n. croton tree. : kesuk a ta er a bedengel a bedengel a kerrekar el kakerous a bedengel. A kesuk a dellomel; ng mekekerei el diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di ua a meklungel a sis. Ng diak el kall e ng di sebechel el besiich. Ng dirrek el sebechel el kar. from root kesuk
kekesus : n.redup. early evening. : kekesus a olecholt er a taem; belsechel a belsoil a kekesus, klsus, di kekesus e ke mechiuaiu! from root kesus
kesus : n. night; last night. : kesus a klebesei er a uchei er chelechang me a chelechang el klebesei. from root kesus
ketat : n. coconut crab. : ketat a charm el menga lius; ungil el odoim. A ketat a charm; ng kmeed el mo ua a teletelel a chum e ng di meklou. Ng diak el ua a chum el ngar er ngii a blil A ketat a lorael e ng oubetetelluut. Ng eaiuong a kekemengel e eruong a techetechel. Ng kall. from root ketat
ketaut : v.recip. : ketaut a didu el ultaut; omuchel e melemolem el ourreor, ketaut er a cheldecheduch. from root ketaut
ketebibiel : n.poss.3s : ketebibiel a ketebiob er ngii. from root ketebibiel
ketebibingam : n.poss.1pe : from root ketebibingel
ketebibinged : n.poss.1pi : from root ketebibingel
ketebibingek : n.poss.1s : from root ketebibingel
ketebibingel : n.poss.3s his/her baldness. : from root ketebibingel
ketebibingem : n.poss.2s : from root ketebibingel
ketebibingir : n.poss.3p : from root ketebibingel
ketebibingiu : n.poss.2p : from root ketebibingel
ketekeakl : v.i. dash out from. : ketekeakl a mkerokl e kolekel; keberruul; ketekeakl el imiu me ng dimlak de dengchii. from root ketekeakl
keteketaremalk : n. : keteketaremalk a ta er a bedengel a emull. from root keteketaremalk
keteketil : n.poss.3s : ketketil a omengetkat er ngii; mengetkat. from root keteketil
ketengel : n.poss.3s first-born child; one's first time to do something. : ketengel a kot er ngii, ngalek er a kot el cheroll; kot el ngalek. from root ketengel
ketenguit : n. [Cynometra ramiflora]. : ketenguit a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root ketenguit
ketereklii : : ketereklii a di du el meterakl; obriid, merael el mo kairirei; mo ketereklii e a urreor a mekerang? tereklel. from root ketereklii
keterekokl : var. keterkokl : from root keterkokl
keterkokl : n. surprise; something surprising. : keterkokl a dimlak er a uldasu el tekoi e duubech; keterkokl el kodall; bkaischemrungel el omerael. from root keterkokl
keterkokl : v.i. stop abruptly or draw back suddenly (especially, when embarressed or unexpectedly interrupted); get bewildered or taken aback. : from root keterkokl
ketiaol : v.s. hateful; repulsive. : ketiaol a chetirir a rechad; ngar er a kemikr, kirel a ketui; diak el ungil el omeruul a ketiaol; mesaik el sechal a ketiaol. from root ketiaol
ketiit : v.s. thorough; conscientious; inquisitive. : ketiit a soal el mengetiit; oker el mo medengei, kititii, kitiit, kititel a klemerang. from root ketiit
ketiket : n. : ketiket a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root ketiket
ketked : : ketked a osebeseb; medirt, ketked el kerrekar a ungil el idungel. from root ketked
ketkedliliik : : ketkedliliik a chad el bechachau ngii me a blil; medai el chad me ng diak tiei me tiei er ngii. from root ketkedliliik
kets : v.s. stingy. : from root kets
kets er a bail : expr. fasitidious or possessive on one's clothes. : from root kets
kets er a kall : expr. stingy with food. : from root kets
Ketungd : n. : Ketungd a ked er a Ngerkebesang. from root Ketungd
ketut : v.s. full-breasted. : ketut a di du el tmut; retolochoi a ketut a tut, tutur a tul, tetul a tut. from root ketut
keu : n. : keu a charm el mengang a llel a dekool; melaitul me a kuk bebil er a charm a keu; melai a keu er a dekool. from root keu
keuert : n. type of tree. : keuert a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root keuert
keuii : v.s. bow-legged. : keuii a chebirukel el ouach. from root keuii
ki- : affix we (excluding you). : from root ki-
kia : n. gear. : from root kia
kiab : n. carburetor. : from root kiab
kiabets : n. head cabbage. : from root kiabets
charm el kiamo : var. kiamo : from root kiamo
kiamo : n. camel. : from root kiamo
kiande : n. candy. : from root kiande
kibekbel : n.poss.3s : kibekbel a omengboub er ngii; mengbokb. from root kibekbel
kibeteklel : n.poss.3s : kibeteklel a ngii a kibetiekl. from root kibeteklel
kibetiekl : v.i. get startled, scared or surprised. : kibetiekl a mengereuau er a dimlak lodengelii; kmurs a bedengel, olekibetiekl, kibeteklel. from root kibetiekl
ikakid : expression here they (things) are. : from root kid
kid : pro. we/us (emphatic, includes listener). : kid a rechad el uldak er a melekoi, kid el rokui, kid kede mekerang? from root kid
kid : mod. contentless word used for emphasis. : from root kid
sei kid : expr. there it is; that thing over there. : from root kid
tia kid : expr. here it is; this thing here. : from root kid
tiaikid : var. tia kid : from root kid
kidbengel : n.poss.3s : kidbengel a omengedib er ngii; mengedib; omekerall. from root kidbengel
kidebel : n.poss.3s : kidebel a omengideb er ngii; mo cheldull; kldibel. from root kidebel
kidel : n. crab. : kidel a ta er a bedengel a ksull, cheled el ungil el odoim. from root kidel
kidel : n. mountain apple; Malay apple. : kidel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. A kidel a dellomel; ng mo meklou el kerrekar el kmeed el ua a meklungel a chellabed. A redechel a ua a meklungel a redechel a chellabed e bekerekard. Ng kall. from root kidel
kiderel : n.poss.3s : kiderel a omengider er ngii; kiderii; mengider el mo er a bab. from root kiderel
kidetel : n.poss.3s : kidetel a omengidet er ngii; mengidet, melebes. from root kidetel
kie : var. kiei : from root kiei
kie a rengul : expr. calm down; stop worrying. : from root kiei
kiei : v.t. live; reside; stay; remain; exist; sit; sit on. : kiei a kiung; dengchokl; diak lorael, kiei er a Belau. from root kiei
kiengei : v.inch. begin to stay or live. : from root kiei
kiliei : v.t.past : from root kiei
kilingar : : kilingar a mle klingar; kilngar, mlo dengchokl a bebul, koingerir, koingar a klalo. from root kiei
kilingerir : : from root kiei
kilngar : v.r.s. sat upon. : kilngar a koingar; kiliei er a bebul. from root kiei
kingall : v.a.s. is to be sat upon. : from root kiei
kingar : var. koingar : from root kiei
kingerir : var. koingerir : from root kiei
kiung : v.pred. is about to sit. : kiung a kiei. from root kiei
klingar : v.r.s. : from root kiei
koiei : v.inch. has (miraculously) survived. : koiei a kiei; diak el lorael, kiung. from root kiei
koingar : : koingar a mengingar; dengchokl er a bebul; mla koingar a dellomel. from root kiei
koingerir : : koingerir a mengingar; dengchokl er ngii. from root kiei
kieu : n. halfbeak fish. : kieu a ta er a bedengel a ngikel el kiei a taoch. from root kieu
kigatsakani : v.i. be unaware of; miss import or implication. : from root kigatsakani
kiikiel : n.poss.3s : kiikiel a omengiok er ngii; mengard, mengiok. from root kiikiel
kiingil : n.poss.3s : kiingil a kliei er ngii; kiei, kiung er a blimam; kiingil er a blik. from root kiingil
kiis : n. key (for opening locks). : kiis a klekedall el mengiis e omkais; kisel a blai me a mlai. from root kiis
kisel : n.poss.3s : kisel a kiis er ngii el blai. from root kiis
kik : n. lifeboat. : kik a olidiuul er a diall el mo er a beluu. from root kik
kikaidechutem : : kikaidechutem a telengtengil a kemeldiil; omeluosu el mo er a omelakl; cherrengelel a kemeldiil, kelel a kikaidechutem. Seked era kemeldiil. from root kikaidechutem
kikanai : v.s. ineffective; unconvincing; (brakes of car) not in working state. : from root kikanai
kikaol : v.s. : kikaol a kereker el betok a kikoi el cheled er ngii. from root kikaol
kikidel : n.poss.3s confession; absolution; purification. : kikidel a omengikiid er ngii; mengikiid. from root kikidel
kekeungel : var. kikiongel : kekeungel a kikiongel; dekmekimes el mengelengalek, kekeu a soal el kiei er a kekeungel. from root kikiongel
kikengelang : v.s.inch. is getting dirty. : from root kikiongel
kikingelang : v.s.inch. : kikingelang a mla mo kikiongel; mengelengalek, a beluu a kikingelang. from root kikiongel
kikingelel : n.poss.3s : kikingelel a omengikiongel er ngii; mengikiongel. from root kikiongel
kikiongel : v.s. dirty; filthy. : kikiongel a mekngit; oltaksecher, mengelengalek, ongebitel a kikiongel, mekngit a bul. from root kikiongel
kikiongel a rengul : expr. (person is) obstinate/uncooperative; sullen. : from root kikiongel
mekikiongel : with plural objects. : mekikiongel a betok el kikiongel; mengelengalek; bediu el blil a besbas a mekikiongel; kikingelel. from root kikiongel
kikiul : n.poss.3s : kikiul a omengikai er ngii; mengikai, kikiul a toachel er a buik. from root kikiul
kikaol : v.s. having a large vagina. : from root kikoi
kikid : n.poss.1pi : from root kikoi
kikik : n.poss.1s : from root kikoi
kikil : n.poss.3s vagina. : kikil a ukil; uuk er ngii el dil. from root kikoi
kikil a delam : expr. Your mother's vagina (very offensive insult). : from root kikoi
kikil a deleb : n. a black slug with no shell. : from root kikoi
kikim : n.poss.2s : from root kikoi
kikmam : n.poss.1pe : from root kikoi
kikmiu : n.poss.2p : from root kikoi
kikoi : n. sea clam. : kikoi a cheled, ng kekerei er a kim e ng ko er a teletelel a ngduul. from root kikoi
kikoi : n. female genitals. : from root kikoi
kikrir : n.poss.3p : from root kikoi
merikikoi : v.s. wavy; bulging in places. : merikikoi a chebebirukel; ko er a medal a olecholech. from root kikoi
kileklel : n.poss.3s : kileklel a omenglikl er ngii; menglikl er a chebesal. from root kileklel
kilkuld : n. fern. : kilkuld a emull; kilkuld a lkil a chelais er a ngimes. A kilkuld a dellomel; ng di ua a meklungel a chudel. Ng sebeched el ousbech el melik a chelased a debo dolengimes. Ng diak el kall. from root kilkuld
kilmeklel : n.poss.3s : kilmeklel a omengelmekl er ngii; mengelmekl; outekangel. from root kilmeklel
kilo : mod. almost; nearly; what if? : kilo a omko; a kmo, kilo ke mlo er a skuul e ke mla mo merek, kilo ke kongei. from root kilo
kilo : n. kilogram. : from root kilo
kiloelo : v.s. (face, lips, etc.) pale. : kilouelo a deuall; diak le ngii a bedengel, kilouelo a medal er a dakd, kiloeleuel. from root kiloelo
kiloueleuel : n.poss.3s : kiloueleuel a kileuelo er a dekdel; kileueleuel er a kerrasem from root kiloueleuel
kilungel : n.poss.3s : kilungel a omenglou er ngii; rullii el mo klou; kilungel a rengmiu a ngosukemiu. from root kilungel
bekekim : v.s. smell of clams (after cleaning or cooking clams). : from root kim
berdel a kim : expr. inside surface of clam shell. : from root kim
kim : n. type of large clam; female genitals. : kim a ta er a bedengel a cheled, ng ko er a teletelel a kikoi e ng di kuk klou. from root kim
ngisel a kim : expr. meat of clam. : from root kim
kimdelam : n.poss.1pe : from root kimdelel
kimdeled : n.poss.1pi : from root kimdelel
kimdelek : n.poss.1s : from root kimdelel
kimdelel : n.poss.3s haircut. : from root kimdelel
kimdelem : n.poss.2s : from root kimdelel
kimdelir : n.poss.3p : from root kimdelel
kimdeliu : n.poss.2p : from root kimdelel
kimekmel : n.poss.3s : kimekmel a omengmokm er ngii; mengmokm. from root kimekmel
kimer : make rules or decision. : from root kimer
ki : affix second person plural exclusive affix. : ki a kemam; ki merolung, ki meremang from root kimo-
kimo- : affix we (excluding you). : from root kimo-
kimots : n. feeling. : from root kimots
kimtengel : n.poss.3s : kimtengel a omengimut er ngii; mengimut, omedechakl. from root kimtengel
kimu- : affix we (excluding you). : from root kimu-
kimut : n. : kimut a chelid el kemairs. from root kimut
king : n. king (also in cards). : from root king
ouking : v.t. act like a king; demand favors, services, etc. (unreasonably). : from root king
kingall : n.a.s. seat; chair; appointed position. : kingall a klekedall el denchekill; dengchokl er a kingall, kingellel. from root kingall
kingellam : n.poss.1pe : from root kingall
kingelled : n.poss.1pi : from root kingall
kingellek : n.poss.1s : from root kingall
kingellel : n.poss.3s : kingellel a kingall er ngii. from root kingall
kingellem : n.poss.2s : from root kingall
kingellir : n.poss.3p : from root kingall
kingelliu : n.poss.2p : from root kingall
kingall el ludoud : : Udoud el odiaol el cheledolel a kingellel a rubak el mo tuchelii a kebekuul. from root kingall el ludoud
kinga tskanai : var. kingatskanai : from root kingatskanai
kingatskanai : v.t. be unaware of; miss import or implication of (words, etc.). : from root kingatskanai
kigatsku : var. kingatsku : from root kingatsku
kingatsku : v.t. notice; be aware of; understand import of (words, etc.). : from root kingatsku
kingkang : n. calamondin (edible fruit). : kingkang a kerrekar el ongerekur a rdechel. from root kingkang
kingko : n. bank; safe; strongbox. : from root kingko
kingyo : n. guppy. : from root kingyo
kinneng : n. promise, reminder, souvenir. : from root kinneng
kinrohosi : n. call by chiefs of a village to residents to provide labor for a public works project. : from root kinrohosi
kintama : n. testicles; exclamation uttered when batter strikes out (baseball). : from root kintama
kippu : n. ticket [may be archaic and no longer used]. : from root kippu
kil : var. kir : from root kir
kir : n. keel. : from root kir
el kirel a : expr. about; concerning; for (someone's) benefit. : from root kirel
kiram : n.poss.1pe : from root kirel
kired : n.poss.1pi : from root kirel
kirek : n.poss.1s : from root kirel
kirel : n.poss.3s his/her obligation; duty; calling; he or she must or has to; one's business; what concerns one; level or height (reached by water, etc.). : kirel a ultebechel ua isei; kirel el ngii a mong, kau a kirem el melutk. from root kirel
kirem : n.poss.2s : from root kirel
kirir : n.poss.3p : from root kirel
kiriu : n.poss.2p : from root kirel
kiresel : n.poss.3s : kiresel a omengreos er ngii; mekreos er ngii. from root kiresel
kirioke : n. projecting eave of roof. : from root kirioke
kiro : n. kilogram. : from root kiro
kirrai : n. beach Naupaka plant. : kirrai a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar; korrai. from root kirrai
korrai : var. kirrai : korrai a kirrai. from root kirrai
kersam : n.poss.1pe : from root kirs
kersed : n.poss.1pi : from root kirs
kersek : n.poss.1s : from root kirs
kersel : n.poss.3s penis. : kersel a kirs er ngii. from root kirs
kersem : n.poss.2s : from root kirs
kersir : n.poss.3p : from root kirs
kersiu : n.poss.2p : from root kirs
kirs : n. penis. : kirs a molech; eoulbeluu er a sechal, kersel. from root kirs
kisaks : n. pongamia tree. : kisaks a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kisaks
kisbekl : n. interruption; deviation; cut. : from root kisbekl
kiseksel : n.poss.3s : kiseksel a omengsoks er ngii; mengsoks, mengsous. from root kiseksel
kisem : n. type of small clam (tridacna derasa). : kisem a ta er a bedengel a kim; cheled. from root kisem
kisem : n. ax made out of clam shell. : from root kisem
kisemel : n.poss.3s : kisemel a omengisem er ngii; mengeduib er ngii el mo blekord. from root kisemel
kisets : v.i. faint; lose consciousness. : from root kisets
kizets : var. kisets : from root kisets
kisu : n. scar. : from root kisu
kizu : var. kisu : from root kisu
kita : n. guitar. : kita a tumetum el ongokall. from root kita
kitalong : n. chalk line (carpenter's tool for marking lumber with a straight line). : kitalong a ngklel a chas er a desachel; omechas; omngamk, chesengel. from root kitalong
kitelel : n. freshwater eel. : kitelel a charm er a omoachel me a taoch; ko er a teletelel a kesebekuu. from root kitelel
kiter : v.s. effective or strong (words, medicine); convincing (argument); in working order. : from root kiter
kiterar : n. tar. : from root kiterar
kititel : n.poss.3s the action of asking many questions or picking at something or badgering someone for information. : kititel a omengetiit er ngii; mengetiit. from root kititel
kitngakl : : kitngakl a mesisiich el oltngakl; ngar er ngii a kitngakl er a rengul me ng chetil a kall; otngeklel. from root kitngakl
kitrar : n. : kitrar a klekedall el omekoad a charm, chesbereber el olechiis a ngal. from root kitrar
kitsingai : v.s. crazy; obsessed with. : from root kitsingai
kitte : n. postage stamp. : from root kitte
kiuar : n. wooden chest/box. : kiuar a kahol el omsangel; blil a udoud me a klalo, kiuerul. from root kiuar
kiuar : n. square. : from root kiuar
kiuerul : n.poss.3s : kiuerul a kiuar er ngii. from root kiuar
kiubio : n. heart attack. : from root kiubio
kiuesall : v.s. (drop from cliff; etc.) sheer. : kiuesall a kotengoll; ngesachel; merael er a kiuesall, mekngit el rael. from root kiuesall
kiuetel : n.poss.3s : kiuetel a omengiut er ngii; mengiut er a rael. from root kiuetel
kiuid : n. starling (bird which eats papaya; excrement; etc. and then begins to squak). : kiuid a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root kiuid
kiuidrekemur : n. : kiuidrekemur a ta er a bedengel a kiuid. from root kiuidrekemur
Keiukl : var. Kiukl : Keiukl a mo bedul a ngebard; se el ngmelt a sils er ngii; a Ngetbang a beluu er a keiukl. from root Kiukl
Kiukl : n. west coast of Babeldaob. Includes the villages of Ngardmau, Ngeremlengui, Ngatpang, Aimeliik, Airai, Koror, Peleliu, and Angaur. : from root Kiukl
oukeukl : var. oukiukl : oukeukl a okiu a Keiukl; merael er a Keukl. from root Kiukl
oukiukl : v.i. go by way of west coast of Babeldaob. : from root Kiukl
kiukuel : n.poss.3s the action of carrying (something) (close to the chest); the action of cradling (something, such as a baby). : kiukuel a omenguoku er ngii; kiukuel a ngalek; menguoku. from root kiukuel
Kiueluul : var. Kiuluul : Kiueluul a chuodel el ngklel a beluu er a Ngiual. from root Kiuluul
Kiuluul : n. old name for Ngiual. : Kiuluul a chuodel el ngklel a beluu er a Ngiual. from root Kiuluul
kiuri : n. cucumber. : kiuri a dellomel el melekesako e kall a rdechel. from root kiuri
klab : n. club or association. : from root klab
klab : n. harvested tubar of taro or tapioca. : klab a ta er a ngklel a kukau. from root klab
klebngam : n.poss.1pe : from root klab
klebngam : n.poss.1pe : from root klab
klebnged : n.poss.1pi : from root klab
klebnged : n.poss.1pi : from root klab
klebngek : n.poss.1s : from root klab
klebngek : n.poss.1s : from root klab
klebngel : n.poss.3s : from root klab
klebngel : n.poss.3s : klebngel a telngetngelel el kukau. from root klab
klebngel a beab : expr. type of grass in Amaryllis family. : from root klab
klebngem : n.poss.2s : from root klab
klebngem : n.poss.2s : from root klab
klebngir : n.poss.3p : from root klab
klebngir : n.poss.3p : from root klab
klebngiu : n.poss.2p : from root klab
klebngiu : n.poss.2p : from root klab
klaches : n. equilateral triangle. : from root klaches
klaeb : n. mud eel. : from root klaeb
klaibedechakl : n. wrestling. : from root klaibedechakl
klaiberober : n. grappling; melee. : klaiberober a kaiberober; kakoad a mesei, omerober a chutem, klaiuecheoch; mereberii a udoud, berberel. from root klaiberober
klaidebangel : n. : klaidebangel a kliis el chutem; kliokl el chutem; mla duob er a klaidebangel. from root klaidebangel
klaidelduleb : n. game/fight in water. : klaiueduleb a didu el olduleb; oldermerem, kaiueduleb, odelebii er a daob, odelebel. from root klaidelduleb
klaiderbangel : n. camouflaged pit used as trap. : from root klaiderbangel
klaidesachel : n. race; competition. : klaidesachel a kaidesachel; kaiuechit er a mo ruchei, klaidesachel er a chert; klaiudiais er a chert; klaidesachel a di du el olengeriakl. Klekakemeai ma lechub e ng klaiuerebet. from root klaidesachel
klaingeseu : n. mutual assistance. : klaingeseu a di du el olengeseu; kausisbech; kaukledem; kaingeseu, ngoseuir, ngoseu a urreor, ngeso. from root klaingeseu
klaiskurs : n. tug-of-war. : klaiskurs a klaiuetamet; didu el mengurs; klekool el kaiskurs er a ekil; klaidesachel. from root klaiskurs
klaititekangel : n.redup. argument. : from root klaititekangel
klaiuedanges : n. : klaiuedanges a klaudiais; didu el oldanges; odengesii a sechelil, odanges a cheldecheduch, odengesel. from root klaiuedanges
klaiuedik : n. : klaiuedik a di du el oldik; odikii er a blai; klaiuetobed; otebedii; odik, odikel er a blai. from root klaiuedik
klaiuedingel : n. : klaiuedingel a didu el oldingel; klasoues; omes, kaiuedingel, odngelii, odingel, odngelel a smecher. from root klaiuedingel
klaiuediu : n. : klaiuediu a didu el oldiu; melekoi el klou a ngerir; odiur a belduchel, odiu, odiul. from root klaiuediu
klaiuedubech : n. : klaiuedubech a klaiuerimel; di du el oldubech; orrimel er ngii el mong; kaiuedubech, odbechii el mo er uchei; odbechel. from root klaiuedubech
klaiuedurech : n. : klaiuedurech a di du el oldurech; dmu er ngii el mo meruul a soal; kaiuedubech el mo olengit a udoud; oderechii, oderechel. from root klaiuedurech
klaiuengader : n. saying goodbye; departure; farewell; the moment of departure. : klaiuengader a klaiuerebet; ketemall, di du el olengader; soibesengii a sechelil e mo ruchei; tomellii a chad mengengmanget e ngii a mo kot a chelechei; klaiuengader a mekngit el tekoi; klaidesachel me a klaudiais a ungil el tekoi. from root klaiuengader
klaiuengasech : n. : klaiuengasech a klaotutakl; di du el olengasech; ongesechii el kirel a chutem, ongesechel er a kort. from root klaiuengasech
klaiuengibes : n. : klaiuengibes a di du el olengibes; olengasesoi; ongbesii er a udoud, ongibes, ongbesel. from root klaiuengibes
klaiuengill : n. : klaiuengill a klaiuerebet; di du el olengill; kaiuerebet; orrebet; ongellii a meradel, ongill a iedel, ongellel. from root klaiuengill
klaiuengit : n. : klaiuengit a kaiuengit; di du el olengit; me ta er a buuch, ongtir, ongit, ongtil. from root klaiuengit
klaiuengukes : n. : klaiuengukes a kaiuedars; di du el olengukes, merous; ongkesii a buuch, ongukes a kall, ongkesel. from root klaiuengukes
klaiueribet : n. : klaiueribet a kaiuengill. from root klaiueribet
klaiuerirech : n. : klaiuerirech a kaiberober; di du el orrirech; klaiuetitech; oltitech; orribech, orirechii a chetemek, oribech, orbechel. from root klaiuerirech
klaiueseked : n. : klaiueseked a kaiuetitech; di du el olseked; otitechii; osekedii er a blil, oseked, osekedel. from root klaiueseked
klaiuesingch : n. : klaiuesingch a didu el olsingch; didu el mengiil, chachiil. from root klaiuesingch
klaiuesorech : n. : klaiuesorech a di du el olsorech; kaiuengamech; olengamech; rengeasek a kaiuesorech er a rael. from root klaiuesorech
klaiuetitech : n. : klaiuetitech a kaiueseked; di du el oltitech; olseked, otitechii er a blil, otitech, otitechel. from root klaiuetitech
klaiueturek : n. : klaiueturek a di du el olturek; ngmai a kengei; oterekii e mo milil oturek, oterekel a merredel. from root klaiueturek
klaiuetuub : n. : klaiuetuub a didu el oltuub; diak a oldanges; otubii a sechelil, otuub a cheldecheduch, otubel; melekoi a kngtil a tekoi. from root klaiuetuub
klaiueuul : n. : klaiueuul a di du el oliuul; kaiueuul a rakd, oiuul a tereter, oiuelii, oiuelel. from root klaiueuul
klaiuiuul : n. mutual contagion. : from root klaiuiuul
klakemiil : n. : klakemiil a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root klakemiil
klakerous : n. difference. : klakerous a kakerous er ngii; diak losisiu. from root klakerous
klekakerous : var. klakerous : klekakerous a kakerous; kakengodech, klekakengodech er ngii; diak losisiu. from root klakerous
klakesol : n. goby. : klakesol a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root klakesol
klakmiil : n. type of fish. : klakmiil a ta er a bedengel a ngikel from root klakmiil
klakoad : n. fight; brawl; battle. : klakoad a klaodechelakl; di du el okoad; ruchemoll a kakoad, oldechelakl; klakodil. from root klakoad
klakodil : n.poss.3s : klakodil a klakoad er ngii. from root klakoad
diak el klalo : expr. useless thing; coward. : from root klalo
klalo : n. thing; product; something; anything. : klalo a rokui el usbechall, bail a klalo, tet a klalo, chutem, mesei, blai aklalo; ouklalo. from root klalo
klalo er a Siabal : expr. Japanese product. : from root klalo
kloklam : n.poss.1pe : from root klalo
klokled : n.poss.1pi : from root klalo
kloklek : n.poss.1s : from root klalo
kloklek er a demak : expr. things handed down for me by my father. : from root klalo
kloklel : n.poss.3s : kloklel a klalo er ngii. from root klalo
kloklel a bedengel : expr. one's personal property. : from root klalo
kloklem : n.poss.2s : from root klalo
kloklir : n.poss.3p : from root klalo
klokliu : n.poss.2p : from root klalo
kloleklel : n.redup.poss.3s mostly synonymous with kloklel except might signify that the object contains value especially of a sentimental nature. : from root klalo
klalobuai : n. public property such as the BAI. : from root klalobuai
klamikellel : n.poss.3s : klamikellel a kllebkelel; klamiokel. from root klamiokel
klamiokel : v.s. beautiful; handsome; majestic. : klamiokel a klebokel e ungil; kllebokel, klamiokel el ekebil, klamiokel el buik, klamikellel. Kliou le chelid; Klebokel el chad. from root klamiokel
klaocheliu : n. : klaocheliu a klasebechakl; didu el omecheliu; kaocheliu, kelakt, klaocheliu er a deleongel; kaubeltikelreng. from root klaocheliu
klaoterau : n. action of selling things to each other. : klaoterau a di du el olterau; kaoterau, kaiuechar, kausaso, omsaso, oterau a kerrekar e mechar a ngikel, oterul. from root klaoterau
blil a klas : expr. eyeglasses case. : from root klas
kelsengel : n.poss.3s : from root klas
klas : n. class; classroom. : klas a madeldirek, blil a ilumel, kob; klsengel. from root klas
klas : n. (drinking) glass; eye-glasses; diving glass. : from root klas
klaskokl : v.s. clumsy; awkward. : klaskokl a klasekl; mekngit el meloik; metitur; olebechall er a cheldecheduch me a ngellakel. from root klaskokl
klasoes : n. seeing/being with each other; relationship. : klasoes a klaiuedingel; di du el kasoes; mesang, oldingel; kot el klasoues er tir. from root klasoes
klaubeltikerreng : n. : klaubeltikerreng a klaocheliu; di du el kaubeltikerreng; beltikelreng, kelatk; klaiuetoir. from root klaubeltikerreng
klaubetikerreng : n. mutual concern/affection. : from root klaubetikerreng
klaubuch : n. marriage. : from root klaubuch
klauchad : n. blood relationship. : klauchad a kauchad; ulak er a rasech; Calista a chedal a Toni, ulak el klauchad; klauchad er tir. from root klauchad
klauchedam : n. fatherhood. : klauchedam a kldemaol; ouchedam; chedam. from root klauchedam
klechedam : var. fatherhood : klechedam a kldemaol; chedam. from root klauchedam
klauchedil : n. motherhood. : klauchedil a kldelaol, ouchedil. chedil. from root klauchedil
klechedil : var. klauchedil : klechedil a kldelaol, chedil. from root klauchedil
klaucheraro : n. mutual hatred. : klaucheraro a klautok; didu el aucheraro; mekngit a delongelir, kauklsiberreng; cherrouel, cheraro. from root klaucheraro
kaudeleongel : v.recip. have a relationship with each other. : kaudeleongel a ngar ngii a delongelir; ngar ngii a ungil el deleongel; kaudeleongel el mekngit el deleongel, te kauklsib el reng. from root klaudeleongel
klaudeleongel : n. mutual relationship. : klaudeleongel a ngar er ngii a delongelir el ungil me a lechub e ng mekngit; kaudeleongel er a usaso. from root klaudeleongel
klaudelongelel : n. mutual relationship. : from root klaudelongelel
klaukdakd : var. klaukdakt : klaukdakd a did omekdadk; orrouk; rengalek a kaukdakd, mekdekdii, omekdakd, ukdekdel. from root klaukdakt
klaukdakt : n. (action) of frightening each other. : from root klaukdakt
klaukerreu : n. : klaukerreu a klaocheliu; didu el omecheliu; kaokerreu, kerekikl, kakedmokl; mekerreuir a delal, ulekerreu, omekerreu, ulekerreuil. from root klaukerreu
klauketui : n. : klauketui a di du el chetirir; ouketui; kltui er a chebechiil, kauketui a diak le kaiuetoir; diak a beltik el reng er a deleongel; ketui. from root klauketui
klaukledem : n. state of having companion (when fishing; etc.). : klaukledem a di du el kaukledem; klaingeseu; kldemel er a urreor, kledem. from root klaukledem
klaumekemad : n. war. : klaumekemad a klakoad; di du el oumekemad; klakodil a beluu me a beluu; mekemedil a beluu er a Iraq. from root klaumekemad
klaungalek : n. parent-child relationship. : klaungalek a kaungalek, chedam me a chedil me a rengelekir. from root klaungalek
klengelakel : var. klaungalek : klengelakel a klaungalek, oungalek. from root klaungalek
klausau : n. sexual intercourse. : klausau a kausau; omsau el olekeed; mseur a bung el okedii e dobesii; msau a rechelel a meradel; useul a rachel. from root klausau
klsau : var. klausau : klsau a klaiuetoir; kausau, cheliuaiu er a delongelel a sechal me a dil; songel, mengemull, ousau. from root klausau
klausechelei : n. friendship. : klausechelei a kausechelei; kltalrreng er a rdiak le kauchad, sechelil, sechelirir, sechelei. from root klausechelei
klausisaik : : klausisaik a olsisaik; ta er a blekerdelel a omellach; diak le melemalt el melekoi ng chemat er a ngodech e oureng me a ngelekel lengai a llechul; "ngikekid a kmal meses e kmal kedung el ngalek" from root klausisaik
klautelub : n. : klautelub a didu el omtelub; klaungelakel; mtelbar a sechelil, mtelub, utelbal a sechelil. from root klautelub
klautingaol : n. : klautingaol a kabulak; di du el outingaol; blulak; merael a telingaol er a cheldecheduch, mtingolii. from root klautingaol
klautkeu : n. mutual greeting. : klautkeu a di du el outkeu; kautkeu, kaunged, ounged, outkeu er a klechedolel; nguu er a dmuil. from root klautkeu
klautnged : n. : klautnged a didu el outnged; oumekngit; omdingel; diak el ungil el omelekoi. from root klautnged
klautoketok : n. quarreling; wrangling; brawl. : klautoketok a di du el outoketok; kaungeroel, kautoketok, kaiueribech er a dui, teloketekengel a chutem. from root klautoketok
Klbael : n. mountain in Ngetbang. : Klbael a rois er a Ngetbang. from root Klbael
klbochel : n.r.s. broken branch to mark trail; trail marker. : from root klbochel
klchukliars : n. equilateral triangle. : from root klchukliars
kldachelbai : n. skill; dexterity. : kldachelbai a cheldechuul; meduch a urreor me a tekoi; dachelbai er a cheldecheduch; kldachelbil. from root kldachelbai
kldachelbai er a chim : expr. handicraft. : from root kldachelbai
kldachelbid : n.poss.1pi : from root kldachelbai
kldachelbik : n.poss.1s : from root kldachelbai
kldachelbil : n.poss.3s : kldachelbil a kldachelbai er ngii, dachelbai. from root kldachelbai
kldachelbim : n.poss.2s : from root kldachelbai
kldachelbmam : n.poss.1pe : from root kldachelbai
kldachelbmiu : n.poss.2p : from root kldachelbai
kldachelbrir : n.poss.3p : from root kldachelbai
kldaiksang : n. being a carpenter. : kldaiksang a daiksang; chad er a desachel; omekedechor a blai. from root kldaiksang
kldait : n. small piece of Palauan money (made of same material as bachel). : kldait a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root kldait
klde : num. 3 [three] (animal; nonliving thing). : from root klde
klde el hong : expr. three books. : from root klde
kldei : var. klde : kldei a ochur el edei ; kldei el blai; kldei el lius; kldei el malk. . from root klde
kldeb : n. shortness (esp. compared with someone/something else). : kldeb a kldebengel; kedeb. from root kldeb
kldebengam : n.poss.1pe : from root kldeb
kldebenged : n.poss.1pi : from root kldeb
kldebengek : n.poss.1s : from root kldeb
kldebengel : n.poss.3s : kldebengel a kldeb er ngii el chad. from root kldeb
kldebengel a taem : expr. short period of time. : from root kldeb
kldebengem : n.poss.2s : from root kldeb
kldebengir : n.poss.3p : from root kldeb
kldebengiu : n.poss.2p : from root kldeb
mekldebengel : n.poss.3s (for plural objects). : mekldebengel a kldeb er ngii; kekedeb; kldebengel a chad. from root kldeb
kldekdelel : n.poss.3s. : from root kldekudel
kldekudel : v.s. (people) assembled in a group. : from root kldekudel
kldekudel : n.r.s. awe; respect. : kldekudel a omengull; omelengmes, kldekudel er a ilteet; meteet a kuoll, kldekdelel a ilteet. from root kldekudel
kldekudel : : kldekudel a dakd; kldekudel er a blil achedeng; mekomad a kdekudel el tekoi; kengaol a oterul a mekngit el kar; kldekdelel. from root kldekudel
kldekudel el mo er a Dios : expr. fear of God; respect for the Lord. : from root kldekudel
kldelebungam : n.poss.1pe : from root kldelebuu
kldelebunged : n.poss.1pi : from root kldelebuu
kldelebungek : n.poss.1s : from root kldelebuu
kldelebungel : n.poss.3s : kldelebungel a kldelebuu er ngii el chad; kedelebuu. from root kldelebuu
kldelebungem : n.poss.2s : from root kldelebuu
kldelebungir : n.poss.3p : from root kldelebuu
kldelebungiu : n.poss.2p : from root kldelebuu
kldelebuu : n. degree of fatness; obesity. : kldelebuu a kedelebuu; diak le mesengaked; kedelebuu a obereod; kldelebungel a uchul e ng mesaik from root kldelebuu
klderaol : n. female counterpart or assistant to chief. : klderaol a Rubakldil el klderolel a klobak; Bilung a klderolel a lbedul, Ebilreklai a klderolel a Reklai. from root klderaol
klderolel : n.poss.3s : klderolel a klderaol er ngii. from root klderaol
kldeu : n. thirty pieces of taro in one basket. : kldeu a teruich e chimong; teruich el sualo el kukau a chimo el kldeu. from root kldeu
kldibel : n.r.s. assembled group; association. : from root kldibel
kedidiul : var. kldidiul : kedidiul a kldidai er ngii el rois. from root kldidai
kldidai : n.r.s. height. : kldidai a kldidiul; kididaier ngii el ked; telongakl er ngii. from root kldidai
kldidiul : n.poss.3s : kldidiul a kldidai er ngii. from root kldidai
kldidaireng : n. : kldidaireng a kedidai a rengul; ngar er a bab el reng, kldidai el reng a omuchel a rokui el mekngit, kldidiul. from root kldidaireng
kldiull : n. pregnancy. : kldiull a dioll, kot el kldiull a ngar er ngii a kerremelel; chad el ulechar el osiik a rokui el ungil kall el kelel a dioll. from root kldiull
kedols : v.s. (round object) fat, thick or wide. Commonly used to describe betelnuts and coconuts. : kedols a klou, kedols el buuch, kedols el lius, kedelsel. from root kldols
kedolsabtil : n. large black ant. : from root kldols
kldelsel : n.poss.3s its largeness or fatness (betelnut or coconut). : kldelsel er ngii el buuch; kedols. from root kldols
kldols : n. fatness; thickness. : kldols a kllungel; kldelsel, kldols er a udoud el kldait; kedols. from root kldols
kldomel : v.s. : kldomel a oukledem; ngar ngii a kldemel; chad el olengeseu er ngii; kaukledem. from root kldomel
kldoraib : n. driving or riding around (for pleasure). : from root kldoraib
kledoraib : var. kldoraib : from root kldoraib
kldorolam : n.poss.1pe : from root kldorolel
kldoroled : n.poss.1pi : from root kldorolel
kldorolek : n.poss.1s : from root kldorolel
kldorolel : n.poss.3s female counterpart/assistant to chief. : from root kldorolel
kldorolem : n.poss.2s : from root kldorolel
kldorolir : n.poss.3p : from root kldorolel
kldoroliu : n.poss.2p : from root kldorolel
kldngid : n.poss.1pi : from root kldung
kldngik : n.poss.1s : from root kldung
kldngil : n.poss.3s : kldngil a kldung er ngii; kedung. from root kldung
kldngim : n.poss.2s : from root kldung
kldngmam : n.poss.1pe : from root kldung
kldngmiu : n.poss.2p : from root kldung
kldngrir : n.poss.3p : from root kldung
kldung : n. good/moral behavior. : kldung a kedung; ungil a omerrellel; bekongesenges a llach; mengull a tekoi. from root kldung
meruul a kldung : expr. perform one's obligations; uphold the law. : from root kldung
kleai : num. 8 [eight] (animal; nonliving thing). : kleai a eai el ochur (8), kleai el malk, kleai el blai; kleai el babii. from root kleai
kleai el malk : expr. eight chickens. : from root kleai
kleald : n. heat. : kleald a mla mekeald; ralm a kleald, klengoes a kleald, kmeldii, koeald, kmeald, diak le mekelekolt; keldel. from root kleald
kleldelam : n.poss.1pe : from root kleald
kleldeled : n.poss.1pi : from root kleald
kleldelek : n.poss.1s : from root kleald
kleldelel : n.poss.3s : kleldelel a kleald er ngii; mekeald. from root kleald
kleldelem : n.poss.2s : from root kleald
kleldelir : n.poss.3p : from root kleald
kleldeliu : n.poss.2p : from root kleald
kleam : n. coconut which has fallen to ground but has not yet sprouted. : kleam a metau el lius; direkak el dubech. from root kleam
klebau : n. type of tree (good for making outrigger of canoe). : klebau a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root klebau
klebekeklam : n.poss.1pe : from root klebekeklel
klebekekled : n.poss.1pi : from root klebekeklel
klebekeklek : n.poss.1s : from root klebekeklel
klebekeklel : n.poss.3s its degree of lightness of weight. : klebekeklel a klebekakl er ngii; kebekakl. from root klebekeklel
klebekeklem : n.poss.2s : from root klebekeklel
klebekeklir : n.poss.3p : from root klebekeklel
klebekekliu : n.poss.2p : from root klebekeklel
klebekoll : v.s. of equal age. : klebekoll a rechad el mlechell er a osisiu el rak me a lechub e te kaiuekeed a mekllungir; telbedebodes el chad. from root klebekoll
klebelau : n. : klebelau a teletael er a Belau; rechad er a Belau. Ng mla er ngii el teletael ma klechad er Belau er a ngara mong, el diak el uldimukl er ngii a di telkib el tekoi ma blekeradel ra klengebard ma lechub e ng ngodech el beluu. from root klebelau
klebelngul : n.poss.3s : klebelngul a klebelung er ngii; rrau a rengul; telitur er ngii, kebelung. from root klebelung
klebelung : n. nonsense; foolishness; ignorance. : klebelung a kebelung, teliturmgelsonges er a uldasu; diak el meduch. from root klebelung
a leklebesei : expr. at night; nights. : from root klebesei
a ta er a klebesei e : expr. once upon a time. : from root klebesei
er a bek el klebesei : expr. every day; daily. : from root klebesei
er a teruich me a eru el klok er a klebesei : expr. at twelve midnight. : from root klebesei
klebesei : n. night; tonight. : klebesei a ngeltel a sils el mo lmuut er a ngesechel a sils, milkolk. from root klebesei
klebesei : n. 24 hour period. : klebesei a sils er a buil; okedei el klebesei a ta el buil. from root klebesei
ng mla me mo el klebesei : expr. the days gone by; past. : from root klebesei
ngar er a medal a klebesei : expr. the days ahead; future. : from root klebesei
omeka a klebesei : expr. growing fast day by day. : from root klebesei
ungil el klebesei : expr. festive occasion. : from root klebesei
klebiskang : n. one-pronged spear. : klebiskang a teluo medal e nglemoel el biskang. from root klebiskang
klebkall : n.r.s. glory. : from root klebkall
klebkellel : n.poss.3s : klebkellel a klebkall er ngii; kebkall. from root klebkall
klebliil : n. related clan. : klebliil a betok el kebliil. from root klebliil
kleblillel : n.poss.3s : kleblillel a kebliil er ngii. from root klebliil
klebikel : n.poss.3s : from root klebuik
klebuik : n. boyhood. : klebuik a klengeasek el sechal; bikel a Oreor, ngeasek, klebuik er tir er a Oreor, from root klebuik
klechad : n. human life; way of life. : klechad a cherrengelel a chad; klengar; ungil klechad a mlukeroul er a chelleoch. from root klechad
tekoi er a klechad : expr. earthly or material things. : from root klechad
klechall : v.s. carrying with one; having at one's immediate disposal; occupied or involved with. : from root klechall
klechedaol : n. invited guest; group of travellers; tour group. : klechedaol a beluu me a rechedal el mokedong; mekemedaol, Beliliou a mle klechedolel a Ngeraard. from root klechedaol
klechedolel : n.poss.3s : klechedolel a klechedaol er ngii. from root klechedaol
klechelid : n. religion. : klechelid a tekoi er a chelid; meang, klemeang. from root klechelid
klechibelau : n. : klechibelau a klechad er a Belau; rechad er a Belau. from root klechibelau
klechubchub : n. compassion; pity. : klechubechub a omengubechub; melatk; bekokuii; mengebechub a rechad; chubechubechad. from root klechubchub
klechubchubchad : var. klechubchub : from root klechubchub
klechubechub : var. klechubchub : from root klechubchub
klechutem : n. slope; coast; land or earth (as opposed to water). : klechutem a chutembeluu; diak le chelechol me a diak el ilachetomel. from root klechutem
kldemel : n.poss.3s : kldemel a kledem er ngii er a urreor; olengeseu er ngii. from root kledem
kledem : n. companion/helper (esp. when going fishing, hunting, etc.). : kledem a kldemel; olengeseu er ngii; tukeklii, kaukledem, ngoseuir. from root kledem
kledes : v.s. sitting with legs outstretched. : from root kledes
klei : n. clay. : from root klei
kleim : num. 5 [five] (animal; nonliving thing). : kleim a ochur el eim (5); kleim el lius, kleim el bduu, kleim el blai. from root kleim
kleim : n. (war or land) claim. : from root kleim
kleim el kluk : expr. five dollars. : from root kleim
klekad : n.r.s. itch; lust. : klekad a mekekad; klekekedeel a buld; omsebisech. klekad a mekekad; klekad a duubech er a deleongel er a sechal me a redil; ngibes er a klausau, nglebokel er a omengemull; klekedeel. from root klekad
klekekedeel : n.poss.3s lust. : klekekedeel a klekad er ngii; mekekad. from root klekad
klekekedel : n.poss.3s itchiness. : from root klekad
klekebil : n. : klekebil a klengeasek er a ekebil; klekebil a meseked er a beluu er a Oreor el ourreor. from root klekebil
kdekdellel : var. klekedellel : kdekdellel a klekedall er ngii el blai el kingall. from root klekedall
klekedall : n. organ or part of body; equipment; parts; attachment (to machine, etc.); tools; materials; ingredients; rigging (of boat). : klekedall a klalo el usebechall; klekedall er a blai a kerrekar me a smengt me a deel me a beached; klekedellel. from root klekedall
klekedellel : n.poss.3s : klekedellel a klekedall er ngii. from root klekedall
klekedellel er a mekemad : expr. weapon; arms. : from root klekedall
klekekedeb : n. shortness. : klekekedeb a kldeb er ngii; kedeb; diak lekemanget. from root klekekedeb
klekekedel : : klekekedel a kekedel; meketeketang; klekekedel er a kungiil. from root klekekedel
klekekerei : n. smallness. : klekekerei a klekekeringil; klengalek, tetengemud; kekerei. from root klekekerei
klekekeringel : n.poss.3s : from root klekekerei
klekekeringil : var. klekekeringel : klekekeringil a klekekerei er ngii; ng soak a udoud er a Belau el klekekeringil e ng kldait. from root klekekerei
klekerengel : : klekerengel a mengkerengel; tebechelel a klalo er a kebliil; chad el mengkar. from root klekerengel
klekerngel : n.poss.3s action of guarding or watching over. : from root klekerngel
blil a klekool : expr. gymnasium; sports stadium. : from root klekool
chad er a klekool : expr. person skilled at games; player; team member; athlete; sportsman. : from root klekool
klekolam : n.poss.1pe : from root klekool
klekoled : n.poss.1pi : from root klekool
klekolek : n.poss.1s : from root klekool
klekolel : n.poss.3s : klekolel a klekool er ngii; ousekool. from root klekool
klekolem : n.poss.2s : from root klekool
klekolir : n.poss.3p : from root klekool
klekoliu : n.poss.2p : from root klekool
klekool : n. game. : klekool a omduu, omtar, rurt, omilil, klaiberebart a klekool, omeloik, outumetum, ouiakiu a klekool. from root klekool
klekosek : n.r.s. castrated pig. : klekosek a klekodek; selekosek from root klekosek
klekekemanget : n.redup. height; length. : klekekemanget a klemanget; klemangel; diak lekedeb. from root klemanget
klemangel : var. klemanget : from root klemanget
klemanget : n. height; length. : klemanget a klemengetel; klemangel. from root klemanget
klemengetam : n.poss.1pe : from root klemanget
klemengeted : n.poss.1pi : from root klemanget
klemengetek : n.poss.1s : from root klemanget
klemengetel : n.poss.3s his/her/its height or length. : klemengetel a klemanget er ngii. from root klemanget
klemengetem : n.poss.2s : from root klemanget
klemengetir : n.poss.3p : from root klemanget
klemengetiu : n.poss.2p : from root klemanget
cheloit a klemtengel : expr. (person) free or unrestricted. : from root klemat
klemat : n. rope for controlling sails of canoe (passing through hole in kemetal in large canoes). : klemat a ekil ngar er a kemtai el mo er a ears el oba rretel, klisichel a bekall. from root klemat
klemat : n. leadership; authority. : klemat a omerreder; bdelul a beluu a oba klemat er a beluu; merreder a oba klemtengel a urreor. from root klemat
klemat : : klemat a ta er a teletelel a klomengelungel; di ngii el ta me lechub e te terung el di tir el mo er a bai el mo mengol; diak le blolobel. from root klemat
klemat er a beluu : expr. village leadership. : from root klemat
klemtengam : n.poss.1pe : from root klemat
klemtenged : n.poss.1pi : from root klemat
klemtengek : n.poss.1s : from root klemat
klemtengel : n.poss.3s : klemtengel a klemat er ngii. from root klemat
klemtengel a beluu : expr. village leader. : from root klemat
klemtengem : n.poss.2s : from root klemat
klemtengir : n.poss.3p : from root klemat
klemtengiu : n.poss.2p : from root klemat
klemeau : n. nakedness. : klmeau a klengeasek; klebuik, ngeasek. from root klemeau
klemedaol : n. place for docking or landing boats. : klemedaol a medal a diangel el osiseball e otebadel a mlai er ngii. from root klemedaol
klaodengei : n. mutual knowledge (of one another); someone's knowledge (of something). : klaodengei a klemedengei er ngii; melechesuar, medengei, medengelii. from root klemedengei
klaodengei er ngak : expr. It is my understanding : from root klemedengei
klemedengei : n. knowledge (from study; etc.). : klemedengei a klaodengei; ngar ngii a klemedengei er kau er a omerael? from root klemedengei
klemengel : n.poss.3s legs or claws of crab; fingers or toes. : from root klemengel
klemengel a bokitang : expr. tentacle of octopus. : from root klemengel
klemengel a chim : expr. finger. : from root klemengel
klemengel a oach : expr. toe. : from root klemengel
klemerang : n. truth. : klemerang a mera el tekoi; diak le blulak, kirel el medung a klemerang. from root klemerang
klemeriar : n. interest (in). : klemeriar a semeriar; deurreng, sau, sorir a klekool, semeremeriang. from root klemeriar
klemeriarreng : n. sincere interest. : from root klemeriarreng
klemeteet : n. wealth; affluence; prosperity. : from root klemeteet
klemim : n.r.s. food made sour by kemim. : klemim a kengmil; mekemim er ngii, klemim er a kall me a ilumel a ungil er a bedenged. from root klemim
klmim : var. klemim : klmim a kengmil; mekemim er ngii, klmim er a kall me a ilumel. from root klemim
klemokem : v.s. (turtle) hiding or taking refuge on ocean floor; (person) hiding or cringing. : from root klemokem
klengabel : n.r.s. stick with point sharpened diagonally. : klengabel a kerrekar me a lild el delorem; bambuu a selang; songar smang, sers er a blai a klengabel. from root klengabel
klengaked : n. thinness. : klengaked a selengaked; mesengaked, selengkedel; diak le kedelebuu; chetngaid, kltngaid. from root klengaked
klengkedam : n.poss.1pe : from root klengaked
klengkeded : n.poss.1pi : from root klengaked
klengkedek : n.poss.1s : from root klengaked
klengkedel : n.poss.3s : klengkedel a cheltngaid; klengaked er ngii; mesengaked. from root klengaked
klengkedem : n.poss.2s : from root klengaked
klengkedir : n.poss.3p : from root klengaked
klengkediu : n.poss.2p : from root klengaked
kedeb a klengar : expr. have short life span. : from root klengar
kemanget a klengar : expr. have long life span. : from root klengar
klengar : n. existence; life. : klengar a ngar; ngar er ngii a telil; outeliil a chad; klengar a okedeldaol, kemanget a klengar er ngii. from root klengar
melai a klengar : v.t. take someone's life; kill. : from root klengar
klengeasek : n. youth. : klengeasek a ngeasek; klengalek; klengeasek er a chad a okedeldaol. from root klengeasek
klengeltengat : n. good fortune. : klengeltengat a ngeltengat; lusech, melusech; klungiaol, klengeltengat me a Belau a mlo ileakl el beluu. from root klengeltengat
klengeltengeteel : var. klengeltengetel : klengeltengeteel a lusech er ngii; klengeltengat er gii. from root klengeltengat
klengeltengetel : n.poss.3s : from root klengeltengat
klengerenger : n. hunger. : klengerenger a sengerenger; klou a klengerenger er a bebil er a beluu. from root klengerenger
klengerengeram : n.poss.1pe : from root klengerenger
klengerengered : n.poss.1pi : from root klengerenger
klengerengerek : n.poss.1s : from root klengerenger
klengerengerel : n.poss.3s : klengerengerel a sengerengerel; diak le blengur a songerenger. from root klengerenger
klengerengerem : n.poss.2s : from root klengerenger
klengerengerir : n.poss.3p : from root klengerenger
klengerengeriu : n.poss.2p : from root klengerenger
klsengerenger : var. klengerenger : from root klengerenger
klengit : n. sin; evil; bad result. : klengit a mekngit el omeruul; kngtil a tekoi; temellel a llach. from root klengit
klengitelreng : var. klengiterreng : klengitelrreng a mekngit a rengul; diak el ungil a rengul; kerrior a omuchel a klengitelreng; ringel me a chelebuul a uchul a klengitelreng. from root klengit
klengiterreng : n. sorrow; meanness. : from root klengit
kngtid : n.poss.1pi : from root klengit
kngtik : n.poss.1s : from root klengit
kngtil : n.poss.3s : kngtil a mekngit er ngii; chisingel a di mes a kngtil a tekoi, e mereched el mes a kngtil a chad. from root klengit
kngtil a rengul : expr. (someone's) being mean or feeling sad or frustrated. : from root klengit
kngtim : n.poss.2s : from root klengit
kngtmam : n.poss.1pe : from root klengit
kngtmiu : n.poss.2p : from root klengit
kngtrir : n.poss.3p : from root klengit
meruul a klengit : expr. commit a sin. : from root klengit
uchul a klengit : expr. cause of bad behavior; original sin. : from root klengit
klengoes : n. boiled fish or meat; fish or meat stew. : from root klengoes
klongosel : n.poss.3s : from root klengoes
omekiil klengoes : expr. second day after full moon (i.e., day when moon rises at time of cooking supper). : from root klengoes
klerdeu : n. Palauan money: type of kluk. : klerdeu a ta er a bedengel a kluk er a Belau. from root klerdeu
klerdeu : n. type of fish. : klerdeu a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root klerdeu
klertall : n. scratch. : klertall a klsemramr; mla mekertall; telabd er a kuk; ngalek a klertall er a katuu; kortellii a medal, kortall, kertellel. from root klertall
klertellel : n.poss.3s : klertellel a klertall er ngii. from root klertall
kles : n.r.s. : kles a kall er a klechedaol; kmes a kelir a rengalek er a skuul, kosir a kles, kesil. from root kles
klengel : n.poss.3s : klengel a kleu er ngii. from root kleu
kleu : n. coconut at young stage (between chesbad and ngebekebokel). When the nut has soft shell and very thin, transparent layer of meat. : kleu a rdechel a lius el mengerengur; kekerei er a ngebekebokel. from root kleu
kleuid : num. 7 [seven] (animal; nonliving thing). : kleuid a ochur el euid (7), kleuid el babii, kleuid el chemang, kleuid el beluu. from root kleuid
kleuid el kahol : expr. seven boxes. : from root kleuid
kliangel : n. : kliangel a tekoi el kirel a deurreng; ngloik me a chelitakl a tekingel a kliangel; klebokel el meloik e kladikm er a ngellakel a chad er a kliangel. from root kliangel
kliars : n. triangle. : from root kliars
kldmel : n.poss.3s : kldmel a klidm er ngii, ungil a kldmel a ungil a medal, klidmechur. from root klidm
klidm : n. face (of person); head. : klidm a uldekial a iis me a ngor me a otangel me a mad, ungil a kldmel el ekebil, ungil a medal, klidmechur. from root klidm
klikaid : : klikaid a chelellakl el di kiei; smau el diak el longesuch; di klikaid er a blai. from root klikaid
klikes : n. type of Palauan money, (synonymous with delobech). : klikes a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root klikes
klikingelel : : klikingelel a kngtil; kikiongel er ngii. from root klikingelel
klikl : n. action of tickling. : klikl a mengelikl; mengelmolm; kileklii me ng ocherechur. from root klikl
kliklel : n.poss.3s : from root klikl
kliklechol : n. tarpon. : kliklechol a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kliklechol
klidmechur : var. klikmechur : klidmechur a mad el chur; ocherechur; beruadel a di blechoel el klidmechur. Klidmechur a mad el chur; ocherchur, beruadel a belchoel el klidmechur. from root klikmechur
klikmechur : v.t. smile at. : from root klikmechur
klikmechur : v.i. smile. : from root klikmechur
mad el klikmechur : expr. smiling face. : from root klikmechur
klil : n.poss.3s parasitic sea animal living inside clam or sea cucumber. : from root klil
klil a kim : expr. parasitic (shrimp-like) sea animal living inside clam. : from root klil
klil a molech : expr. parasitic sea animal living inside sea cucumber. : from root klil
klilt : n. bracelet. : klilt a besichel a chim, kltel el olecholl; ng soak a klilt el kolt. from root klilt
klilt : n. Palauan money: type of bachel. : klilt a ngklel a udoud er a Belau. from root klilt
kltam : n.poss.1pe : from root klilt
klted : n.poss.1pi : from root klilt
kltek : n.poss.1s : from root klilt
kltel : n.poss.3s : kltel a klilt er ngii. from root klilt
kltem : n.poss.2s : from root klilt
kltir : n.poss.3p : from root klilt
kltiu : n.poss.2p : from root klilt
klimang : n. vanity. : klimang a simang; ousimang, omkord er ngii; soal el moes el ungil; oumead, lad, klimelengel. from root klimang
klimelengel : n.poss.3s : klimelengel a klimang er ngii, simang; ildingel; mead. from root klimang
klingall : n. : klingal a kingall, ongedoel; omecheli a klingall er a ulitech el dui; klingall er a olekang, klingellel. from root klingall
klingellel : n.poss.3s : klingellel a klingall er ngii. from root klingall
klingel : v.s. (person) dirty, unclean or unwashed. : klingel a kikiongel. from root klingel
ngelekel a klingel! : expr. son of a bitch!. : from root klingel
kliis : n.r.s. (used only in Ngchesar) landing place made from stones dug from deep water area. : from root kliokl
kliokl : n.r.s. hole [typically large]. : from root kliokl
kliou : n. sweet food or dessert (usually, prepared especially for guests); one's favorite child (usually, youngest). : kliou a olengel; kliou a umesingd el merekos el kall; delul; seboseb me a tuu a kliou. from root kliou
kliungek el tuu : expr. my banana (for dessert). : from root kliou
kliungel : n.poss.3s : kliungel a kliou er ngii. from root kliou
kliungel a beluu : expr. pretty girls of the village. : from root kliou
kliungel a kall : expr. dessert for (a particular) food. : from root kliou
kliriull : v.s. sick from inactivity after pregnancy. : kliriull a secherir a rebebil er a omechell. from root kliriull
klisicham : n.poss.1pe : from root klisiich
klisiched : n.poss.1pi : from root klisiich
klisichek : n.poss.1s : from root klisiich
klisichel : n.poss.3s : klisichel a klisiich er ngii. from root klisiich
klisichem : n.poss.2s : from root klisiich
klisichir : n.poss.3p : from root klisiich
klisichiu : n.poss.2p : from root klisiich
klisiich : n. strength; power; authority. : klisiich a mesisiich; ulsemuul, meses, meduch, rengeasek a olab a klisiich. from root klisiich
olab a klisiich : expr. have or hold power or authority. : from root klisiich
klisoks : v.s. lying or sleeping on the floor (without bedding). : klisoks a blengkank; diak el mera el cheliuaiu; ultuil, klisoks a telitai el diak loubar. from root klisoks
klitechetemam : n.poss.1pe : from root klitechetul
klitechetemiu : n.poss.2p : from root klitechetul
klitecheterir : n.poss.3p : from root klitechetul
klitechetud : n.poss.1pi : from root klitechetul
klitechetuk : n.poss.1s : from root klitechetul
klitechetul : n.poss.3s one's weaker hand or arm. : klitechetul a kiterul, klitechetul a chim a mechitechut; katur. from root klitechetul
klitechetum : n.poss.2s : from root klitechetul
klaitut : var. klitut : klaitut a klitut, blil a omeruul el kall me a omeliokl; olisall. from root klitut
klitut : n. cooking area of kitchen. : klitut a blil a omeruul el kall me a omeliokl; klaitut. from root klitut
kliu : n. land at either end of bai or house. : kliu a uchul me a rsel a orengodel er a blai me a bai; chebaod er a Lelia me a teliang; kliu a ikrel a blai. from root kliu
kliuar : n. rectangle. : kliuar a teletelel a kiuar; kleua bkul el klalo, kahol a kliuar. from root kliuar
kliung : : kliung a delengchokl; kiei, kiung, kliung er a rengebard er a Belau a osekedid, otitechid e chobulid. Kiliei er ngii el meketeket. from root kliung
kllaeb : n. path inside taro patch. : kllaeb a rael er a chelsel a mesei. from root kllaeb
klebekelam : n.poss.1pe : from root kllebokel
klebekeled : n.poss.1pi : from root kllebokel
klebekelek : n.poss.1s : from root kllebokel
klebekelel : n.poss.3s beauty. : klebekelel a kllebokel er ngii; klebokel, klebekelel a beluu a ungil er a ues. from root kllebokel
klebekelem : n.poss.2s : from root kllebokel
klebekelir : n.poss.3p : from root kllebokel
klebekeliu : n.poss.2p : from root kllebokel
kllebokel : n. beauty. : kllebokel a klebokel; kllebekelel a beluu; klungiolel, ungial, kllebokel er a ekebil. from root kllebokel
kllam : n.poss.1pe : from root kllel
klled : n.poss.1pi : from root kllel
kllek : n.poss.1s : from root kllel
kllel : n.poss.3s food that has been swallowed. : kllel a kall el bla le kang. from root kllel
kllel el chebiei : expr. his/her solar plexus. : from root kllel
kllem : n.poss.2s : from root kllel
kllir : n.poss.3p : from root kllel
klliu : n.poss.2p : from root kllel
kllolem : num. 6 [six] (animal; nonliving thing). : kllolem a ochur el elolem (6); kllolem el lius; kllolem el blai, kllolem el bduu. from root kllolem
kllolem el lius : expr. six coconuts. : from root kllolem
klloolel : n.poss.3s : klloolel a selalo er ngii; ngii a silleuii; kllool. from root klloolel
kllou : n. size; thickness. : kllou a kllungel; kllou er ngii; ng ua ngera a kllou er a blim? from root kllou
kllungel : var. klungel : kllungel a kllou er ngii, klou. from root kllou
klungam : n.poss.1pe : from root kllou
klunged : n.poss.1pi : from root kllou
klungek : n.poss.1s : from root kllou
klungel : n.poss.3s : from root kllou
klungem : n.poss.2s : from root kllou
klungir : n.poss.3p : from root kllou
klungiu : n.poss.2p : from root kllou
kllouerreng : n. patience. : from root kllouerreng
klloulreng : var. kllouerreng : klloulreng a kllungel a reng; diak el bechecherd a rengul; meoud el ngmasech a rengul, klloulreng er a Ngiraberuadel a omudech er a cheldebechel. from root kllouerreng
kllungiaol : : kllungiaol a klungiaol; lusech, ungial a tekoi; mekomad a mle uchul a betok el klungiaol er a Belau, klungiolel. from root kllungiaol
klngos : n.r.s. : klngos a ngklel a llel a dekool el selngos; melamech a klngos. from root klngos
kloa : num. 4 [four] (animal; nonliving thing). : from root kloa
kloa el ringngo : expr. four apples. : from root kloa
kloang : var. kloa : from root kloa
klouang : var. kloa : klouang a ochur el euang ; klouang el lius; babii a klouang. from root kloa
klobak : n. council of chiefs (usually containing 10 members). : klobak a cheldellir a rubak; cheldellel a omerreder; klobak a kldibel el melib a kelulau. from root klobak
klochad : n. : klochad a ruchad; klauchad; ochad, rudos me a ruchederir; beltik el reng a obengkel a klochad. from root klochad
kloi : n.r.s. corpse not yet buried. : kloi a blengkangk el diak a telil; mo er ker a beldokel? a bedengel a ulekoad a mo kloi er a bai. from root kloi
er a ede el klok me a tedobech : expr. at three thirty. : from root klok
er a eru el klok : expr. at two o'clock. : from root klok
er a ta el klok : expr. at one o'clock. : from root klok
kisel a klok : expr. winding mechanism of clock or watch. : from root klok
klok : n. clock. : klok a klalo el olecholt a taem. from root klok
medal a klok : expr. face of clock or watch. : from root klok
okul a klok : expr. watch band. : from root klok
techetel a klok : expr. hands of clock or watch. : from root klok
klemngel : n.poss.3s : klemngel a kokom er ngii, klemngel a chemang; kokemngel a rekung. from root klom
klom : n. finger; claw. : klom a cheldingel er a ouach me a chim; klemngel a chemang me a rekung. from root klom
klom : n.r.s. broken branch of tree submerged in water. : klom a klemngel a buuch el orreked a rodech; klom a teluk; mla mekom. from root klom
klomengeiung : : klomengeiung a omengeiung; mengeiung er a mlad; mengelim a chelebuul. from root klomengeiung
klongalek : n. : klongalek a ongalek. from root klongalek
kloranges : n. hexagon. : from root kloranges
kloruikl : n. Palauan money: type of kluk. : kloruikl a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root kloruikl
kiklou : v.s.redup. a little bigger. : kiklou a telkib el klou; kiklou el blai. from root klou
klou : v.s. big; large; great; old. : klou a diak le kekerei; babii a klou er a katuu. from root klou
klou a chull : expr. heavy rain. : from root klou
klou a rengul : expr. patient; confident. : from root klou
klou el chad : expr. adult. : from root klou
klou er a rengul : expr. determined. : from root klou
klungang : v.s.inch. is getting big/growing. : klungang a mla mo klou. from root klou
meklou : big; large; great; old (required with plural subject). : meklou a betok el klou; meklou el ngikel, meklou el blai, mekllungel; orekerekoang. from root klou
Kloulchutem : n. Babeldaob. : from root Kloulchutem
klsbeached : n. type of tree. : klsbeached ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root klsbeached
klsbeached : n. yellowtail scad. : from root klsbeached
klsebuul : n. rabbit fish. : klsebuul a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root klsebuul
klsechal : n. manhood. : klsechal a ulsemuul er a tekoi el sechal; meduch a rokui el ochotii a klsechal er ngii. from root klsechal
klsechediu : n. type of tree. : from root klsechediu
klsechedui : n. : klsechedui a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root klsechedui
klsekang : n.r.s. casual conversation; fibbing. : klsekang a kesekang; melecha cherchel a tekoi; mengesekang, omesiich a cheldecheduch. from root klsekang
klseksel : : klseksel a klsekselel; klsous el ngii a mlengsous. from root klseksel
klsengraol : v.s. : klsengraol a uldechuul el rodech; klsengraol el lius a mekngit el kall. from root klsengraol
klsengsei : var. klsensei : klsengsei a osisechakl; chad el olsisechakl; sensei . from root klsensei
klsensei : n. being a teacher. : from root klsensei
klsesechebuul : n. one who looks or acts as if he was miserable. : klsesechebuul a ko er a chebuul a teletelel; ngar er iou a rengul; ko er a tuboklnguches, ousesechebuul. from root klsesechebuul
klsbengam : n.poss.1pe : from root klsib
klsbenged : n.poss.1pi : from root klsib
klsbengek : n.poss.1s : from root klsib
klsbengel : n.poss.3s : klsbengel a klsib er ngii, kesib. from root klsib
klsbengel a rengul : expr. anger. : from root klsib
klsbengem : n.poss.2s : from root klsib
klsbengir : n.poss.3p : from root klsib
klsbengiu : n.poss.2p : from root klsib
klsib : n. sweat; perspiration. : klsib a ralm el tuobed er a chad el kesib; mengeald a bedengel, klsbengel. from root klsib
klsibelreng : var. klsiberreng : klsibelreng a ngasechereng; kesib a rengul; di kiei el di kerradel er a klsibelreng. from root klsib
klsiberreng : n. anger. : from root klsib
klsibai : n. slavery. : klsibai a chad el ousibai; ngar er ngii a mesiou er ngii; sibil. from root klsibai
klsobel : n. burned place. : klsobel a seleseb; mla meseseb; delul, sosebii a ked, sueseb a sers; sesebel. from root klsobel
klsobeliall : : klsobeliall a mesobil; diak le bechiil. from root klsobeliall
klsobiall : n. unmarried state. : from root klsobiall
ngalek er a klsobiall : expr. bastard; child born out of wedlock. : from root klsobiall
klsekesel : n.poss.3s : klsekesel a klsokes er ngii; mlai er a daob. from root klsokes
klsokes : n. structure which connects canoe with outrigger; raised platform in center of raft (used for storage or sitting). : klsokes a klekedall el oldak er a mlai me a desomel; kingall e blil a klalo er a mlai er a daob. from root klsokes
klsoldau : n. being a soldier. : klsoldau a soldau; rebuik a semeriar el mo er a klsoldau. from root klsoldau
klsuk : n. Palauan money: type of kldait of low value. : klsuk a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root klsuk
klsulaul : n. sleepiness. : from root klsulaul
klsululel : n.poss.3s : from root klsulaul
klsus : n. night. : klsus a kekesus; ngeltel a sils el mo er a belsechel a cheliuaiu. from root klsus
klsuul : n.r.s. falsehood; false story; misrepresentation. : klsuul a diak el merang, blulak, mengesuul, kosuul, omulak. from root klsuul
kltalbeab : n. rayfish. : kltalbeab a ta er a bedengel a rrull. from root kltalbeab
kltarreng : n. mutual good feelings. : kltarreng a ta rengrir, kausechelei. from root kltarreng
klteket : n. delay; duration of stay. : klteket a eoud; meoud; meketeket el mengiil; tia el klteket er kau. from root klteket
kltekotel : v.s. hanging. : kltekotel a cheltekill; bereked er ngii, chelidobel; kltekotel er a til, orreked, kltekotel er a demal. from root kltekotel
kltiu : num. 9 [nine] (animal; nonliving thing). : kltiu a ochur el etiu (9); kltiu el kluk, kltiu el meradel, kltiu el iedel. from root kltiu
kltiu el kluk : expr. nine dollars. : from root kltiu
kltoktang : n. being a doctor. : kltoktang a toktang; chad el omekungil e omkar a secher. from root kltoktang
ketom : v.s. (knife, etc) blunt or dull. : ketom a kltom; diak el kedorem; kotemengii a oles, kotom a kamang, ketemengel. from root kltom
ketom a ngerel : expr. have difficulty talking to someone; have no authority or right to talk to someone. : from root kltom
kltemengam : n.poss.1pe : from root kltom
kltemenged : n.poss.1pi : from root kltom
kltemengek : n.poss.1s : from root kltom
kltemengel : n.poss.3s its bluntness; dullness. : kltemengel a kltom er ngii; diak el kedorem; ketom. from root kltom
kltemengem : n.poss.2s : from root kltom
kltemengir : n.poss.3p : from root kltom
kltemengiu : n.poss.2p : from root kltom
kltom : n. bluntness; dullness. : kltom a ketom; kltemengel. from root kltom
kltomelbut : : kltomelbut a ngar a sar el mo tutau; ngar a kemeldiil el mo tutau kemanget el delengchokl; kelel a kltomebut. Delengchokl el kemanget el mengelim ra kemeldiil. from root kltomelbut
klbedel : n.poss.3s : klbedel a klubed er ngii, Charekemais a klbedel a Oreor. from root klubed
klubed : n. boat landing. : klubed a kederang; taoch, siseball e tebedall er a mlai; Charekemais a klubed er a Oreor. from root klubed
kludel : n. type of temekai. : kludel a ta er a bedengel a temekai. from root kludel
dart el kluk : expr. one hundred dollars. : from root kluk
klkul : n.poss.3s : klkul a kluk er ngii; udoud er a Belau. from root kluk
kluk : n. Palauan money in form of red or white beads with lines or hooks as designs; dollar. : kluk a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root kluk
medal a kluk : expr. type of Palauan money. : medal a kluk a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau. from root kluk
kleklel : n.poss.3s : kleklel a klukl er ngii; oklukl. from root klukl
klukl : n. cough; coughing. : klukl a secher; rakd el oklukl, kleklel a smecher. from root klukl
a lebocha lekukuk : expr. when the next day arrives. : from root klukuk
er a kebesenge er a klukuk : expr. tomorrow evening. : from root klukuk
er a klukuk er a kebesengei : expr. tomorrow evening. : from root klukuk
er a klukuk er a tutau : expr. tomorrow morning. : from root klukuk
klukuk : n. tomorrow; the next or following day. : klukuk a sils el uriul er a chelechang; klukuk a Sebadong. from root klukuk
klukuk : v.s. be tomorrow; be the next or following day. : from root klukuk
lekukuk : v.s.hypo. when tomorrow arrives. : from root klukuk
klulaul : n. sleepiness. : klulaul a mesulaul; olengellokl, mesululang, a leko di bo lemechiuaiu; klululel. from root klulaul
klululam : n.poss.1pe : from root klulaul
klululed : n.poss.1pi : from root klulaul
klululek : n.poss.1s : from root klulaul
klululel : n.poss.3s : klululel a klulaul er ngii; mesulaul. from root klulaul
klululem : n.poss.2s : from root klulaul
klululir : n.poss.3p : from root klulaul
klululiu : n.poss.2p : from root klulaul
kmal klululel : expr. extremely tired; exhausted. : from root klulaul
klum : n.r.s. hole in ground for baking. : from root klum
klmechel : n.poss.3s : klmechel a klumech er ngii, tekingel el lulsumech; mesumech a tekoi. from root klumech
klumech : n.r.s. message. : from root klumech
klungiaol : n. benefit; goodness; beauty; quality. : klungiaol a lusech; melusech; ungil el tekoi el duubech a klungiaol, klungiolel. from root klungiaol
klungiolam : n.poss.1pe : from root klungiaol
klungioled : n.poss.1pi : from root klungiaol
klungiolek : n.poss.1s : from root klungiaol
klungiolel : n.poss.3s : klungiolel a klungiaol er ngii; ungil el kirel. from root klungiaol
klungiolem : n.poss.2s : from root klungiaol
klungiolir : n.poss.3p : from root klungiaol
klungioliu : n.poss.2p : from root klungiaol
meruul a klungiaol : expr. do something good or helpful. : from root klungiaol
uchul a klungiaol : expr. (future) benefit or happiness. : from root klungiaol
klungiaolerreng : n. goodness; good feeling. : from root klungiaolerreng
klubelam : n.poss.1pe : from root kluobel
klubeled : n.poss.1pi : from root kluobel
klubelek : n.poss.1s : from root kluobel
klubelel : n.poss.3s : klubelel a subelel; osubedereng, mla ngmai a klubelel er a usbechel a mekngit el kar me ng chelsimer er a kelebus. from root kluobel
klubelem : n.poss.2s : from root kluobel
klubelir : n.poss.3p : from root kluobel
klubeliu : n.poss.2p : from root kluobel
kluobel : n.r.s. lesson; something learned. : from root kluobel
kluoku : n.r.s. chest; bossom. : from root kluoku
kluokuel : n.poss.3s : from root kluoku
klusall : : klusall a delongelel; delongelir; omelengmes a tekoi a de ngar a klusall er a buai. from root klusall
kmai : n. type of crab. : kmai a cheled el kebliil er a chemang. from root kmai
kmal : mod. very; often. : kmal a olsiich a tekoi; merang; kmal di ungil, kmal soak, kmal uaisei. from root kmal
kmal medal : expr. extremely tired; exhausted. : from root kmal
lsal : mod. not very; not often; not much. Only found in negative expressions. : lsal a kmal, e ng di diak el sal meses; mengitakl e diak el sal ungil a chiklel. from root kmal
sal : var. lsal : from root kmal
kmard : v.s. lighted; kindled; on fire. : kmard a mekerkard; ultaut el ngau a kmard, ngar er ngii a ngau, kerdel a ngau. from root kmard
kmard a medal : expr. eyes are bloodshot; face shows angry expression. : from root kmard
kaiuekeed : var. kakeed : kaiuekeed a didu el kmeed; diak le cheroid; blimam a kaiuekeed, kedel a blai er a rael. from root kmeed
kakeed : v.recip. near each other. : from root kmeed
kileed : v.s.past almost; nearly (past tense). : kileed a mle kmeed; a kileed el ruebet, kedel. from root kmeed
kmedang : v.s.inch. is getting near or close. : kmedang a mla mo kmeed; di kea le cheroid. from root kmeed
kmedung : v.s.pred. is about to get near or close. : kmedung a kmedang. from root kmeed
kmeed : v.s. near; close; approaching; basic. : kmeed a diak el cheroid; blik a kmeed er a skuul; kedel. from root kmeed
kmekumer : n. type of tree. : kmekumer a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kmekumer
kmerd : v.i. get off or out; disembark. : kmerd a metengel; kmerd er a skoki, kmerd er a bilas, kerdel er a skoki. from root kmerd
kordang : v.i.inch. : kordang a mla kmerd; korda er a skoki, mla metengel. from root kmerd
kordung : v.i.pred. : kordung a mochu imuul; kordu er a skoki. from root kmerd
kmes : v.s. (clothes, etc.) tight; (rope, etc.) taut; (relationship) close. : kmes a diak el mimokl; diak le medidai; kmes a bilel, okes, kmes el oeacher; kesengel. from root kmes
kmes a usekerel el chad : expr. person who is hard to coax or flatter; person who is firm or straight-laced. : from root kmes
kosekes : : kosekes a telkib el kmes; kekmes, diak el medidai, oecherel a kosekes, kesengel. from root kmes
el kmo : v.i. be like that; be as follows. : from root kmo
kmo : v.t. says; is like; is therefore. : kmo a dmung; ke kmo ngerang? ke kmo kede mong? kmo a omko; kilo, kmo ke mlo er a skuul e ke merekong; kilo ke mlong. from root kmo
kmo : v.t. to like someone dearly; express extra or preferential love, care, attention to one person; love; care for; take care of; favor; give preference to. [Unlike the English word 'love,' the usage of this word tends to imply favoritism.] : from root kmo
kmo kau : expr. : from root kmo
kmo kemam : expr. : from root kmo
kmo kemiu : expr. : from root kmo
kmo kid : expr. : from root kmo
kmo ngak : expr. (someone) cares for me. : from root kmo
kmo ngii : expr. (someone) cares for him. : from root kmo
kmo tir : expr. : from root kmo
kmong : var. kmung : from root kmung
kmong kilskelii : var. kmung kilskelii : from root kmung
kmong kusakl : var. kmung kusakl : from root kmung
kmong mekerang : var. kmung mekerang : from root kmung
kmong ngarang : var. kmung ngarang : from root kmung
kmong ngera uchul : var. kmung ngera uchul : from root kmung
kmong oingerang : var. kmung oingerang : from root kmung
kmong ongetelang : var. kmung ongetelang : from root kmung
kmong techang : var. kmung techang : from root kmung
kmong telang : var. kmung telang : from root kmung
kmung : v.i. used to introduce various expressions of imprecise knowledge in which an event is generally known to have occurred but some specifics are unknown. : from root kmung
kmung ker : expr. somewhere (I don't know where). : from root kmung
kmung kilskelii : expr. something happened to it (or him or her) (I don't know what). : from root kmung
kmung kusakl : expr. something bad happened (I don't know what). : from root kmung
kmung mekerang : expr. somehow (I don't know how). : from root kmung
kmung ngarang : expr. something (I don't know what). : from root kmung
kmung ngera uchul : expr. some reason (I don't know what). : from root kmung
kmung oingerang : expr. sometime (I don't know when). : from root kmung
kmung ongetelang : expr. some number (I don't know which). : from root kmung
kmung techang : expr. someone (I don't know who). : from root kmung
kmung telang : expr. some quantity (I don't know how many). : from root kmung
kngibech : interj. exclamation of vengeful satisfaction, karmic redistribution. Uttered when something bad happens to someone who deserves it. : from root kngibech
ko : mod. just; kind of; similar to; like. : ko a chelutel; ua ingii, chad er a Merikel e mengedecheduch el ko er a chad er a Belau. from root ko
ko er a : mod. kind of; like. : from root ko
kora : cont. ko er a : from root ko
chad er a koad : expr. person knowledgeable about fighting techniques; person good at shirking responsibility. : from root koad
koad : n. technique of fighting. : koad a klakoad, okoad, kerrekeriil er a koad el chad. from root koad
kodil : n.poss.3s : kodil a koad er ngii. from root koad
kebengam : n.poss.1pe : from root kob
kebenged : n.poss.1pi : from root kob
kebengek : n.poss.1s : from root kob
kebengel : n.poss.3s : kebengel a kob er ngii; chelebngelel; blil a imelel. from root kob
kebengem : n.poss.2s : from root kob
kebengir : n.poss.3p : from root kob
kebengiu : n.poss.2p : from root kob
kob : n. cup; glass; any drinking container; Panax tree. : from root kob
kobai : n. slope; angle. Commonly used in carpentry. : from root kobai
kobeklii : : kobeklii a mengebekakl er ngii; rullii el mo kebekakl. from root kobeklii
kobengodel : : kobengodel a kongesachel el chutem. from root kobengodel
kobengodel : n. very strong current. : kobengodel a blengodel a berius; kobengodel a daob, mesisiich a berius. from root kobengodel
kobengodel : v.s. (ocean) having very strong current. : from root kobengodel
kobesos : n. sea horse. : kobesos a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kobesos
kobesos : v.s. (head) long, narrow or pointed. : from root kobesos
kobito : n. little person. : from root kobito
diak a kodellel : v.s. eternal; everlasting. : from root kodall
kodall : n. death. : kodall a mo diak a klengar er ngii; mo diak a telil; mad, kodellel. from root kodall
kodellam : n.poss.1pe : from root kodall
kodelled : n.poss.1pi : from root kodall
kodellek : n.poss.1s : from root kodall
kodellel : n.poss.3s : kodellel a kodall er ngii; mad. from root kodall
kodellem : n.poss.2s : from root kodall
kodellir : n.poss.3p : from root kodall
kodelliu : n.poss.2p : from root kodall
kodebisech : n. : kodebisech a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kodebisech
kodenges : n. oriental mangrove. : kodenges a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a keburs. from root kodenges
kodengues : var. kodenges : from root kodenges
kildengii : : from root kodengii
kodengak : : from root kodengii
kodengerterir : : from root kodengii
kodengii : sit sideways (next to someone) (i.e. not facing each other nor back to back). : from root kodengii
kohei : v.i. go ahead or forward; advance. : from root kohei
kohi : n. coffee. : kohi a ilumel. from root kohi
kohosia : n. candidate. : from root kohosia
koi : v.s. thick or strong (liquid); dark in color. : from root koi
koi : n. log used as support for boat; log used to help in moving or pushing boat. : koi a ulach, kerrekar el kongel a mlai me a bos. from root koi
kongel : n.poss.3s : from root koi
koesengel : var. koisengel : koesengel a koeas er ngii; remekel. from root koias
koias : n. fertilizer; compost. : from root koias
koisengel : n.poss.3s : from root koias
koibito : n. sweetheart. : from root koibito
kok : n. flying fish. : kok a ta er a bedengel a ngikel el suebek. from root kok
kokedeii : : kokedeii a mengkad er ngii; kokedeii a belsel. from root kokedeii
kokedeir : : kokedir a kokedeii. from root kokedeir
kokelbetaot : n. flying gumard. : kokelbetaot a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kokelbetaot
kokil : var. kokir : kokil a mekekokil; diak el orreched; kokil el merael. from root kokir
kokir : slow (oneself) down; do (something) calmly in a relaxed manner. : from root kokir
mekekokil : var. mekekokir : mekekokil a diak lorreched; diak loumesisiich; mekekokil el merael. from root kokir
mekekokir : be slow or silent; do slowly or silently. : from root kokir
Mokokau! : expr. Calm down!. : from root kokir
kokong : n. stuttering; stammering. : kokong a oltebetab a cheldechedechal, oukokong a lolekoi. from root kokong
kokoro : n. heart; feeling. : from root kokoro
kokubang : n. blackboard. : from root kokubang
kolekel : v.t. run (in a manner typically more playful than remurt). : kolekel a remurt; rekebil a mla kolekel er a klaidesachel. from root kolekel
mekelekelii : go (walking) around as far as (particular place). : mekelekelii a roureur; berriid er ker me ker; rechad er a Philipine a di mekelekelii a Belau. from root kolekel
mengkekelekel : v.redup. continuously running or running to and fro. : from root kolekel
kolekelii : : kolekelii a diak el meterob; melemolem el meruul er a soal. from root kolekelii
kollil : n. acanthus; thistle. : kollil a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kollil
bedengel a kolt : expr. gold color. : from root kolt
kolt : n. gold. : kolt a mengeldoech el bad, kolt el klok. from root kolt
kolt : v.s. golden. : from root kolt
ko : var. kom : ko a kemiu; ko mekerang? ko mo er ker e sechelei? ko mla mei! from root kom
kom : pro. you (nonemphatic, plural). : from root kom
komakai : v.s. detailed; thorough; accurate; stingy. : from root komakai
komatter : v.s. inconvenienced or in trouble or hard-pressed financially. : from root komatter
kombalii : n. company; helpers in preparing food; food so prepared. : from root kombalii
kombalii er a Siabal : expr. Japanese company. : from root kombalii
kombas : n. compass. : from root kombas
komeng : interj. sorry; excuse me. : from root komeng
kometerkokl : : kometerkokl a keterekokl; di dilubech el mereched; bkaischemrungel; keterkokl el kodall. from root kometerkokl
blil a komi : expr. trash can. : from root komi
komi : n. trash, garbage. : from root komi
komibako : n. trash can. : from root komi
komisteba : n. trash dump. : from root komi
komisuteba : n. place for discarding trash; dumpsite. : from root komi
komu : n. rubber. : from root komu
komu er a oluches : expr. pencil eraser. : from root komu
komud : n. rudder fish. : komud a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root komud
komunion : n. Holy Communion. : komunion a Holy Comunion. from root komunion
komunoki : n. India rubber tree; banyan tree. : from root komunoki
komuteib : n. elastic band for clothing. : from root komuteib
kona : n. powdered soap; detergent. : from root kona
konasob : n. laundry detergent; powdered soap. : from root konasob
kongei : v.t. permit; allow; agree or consent to; admit (that one did something wrong); accept; go along with or obey (someone's words, command, etc.). : kongei a nglai a kengei; mla kongei. from root kongei
Kongkong : n. Hong Kong. : from root Kongkong
kongro : n. kerosene stove. : kongro a ingukl el ouidungel a kerisil. from root kongro
koranges : n. tree in Barringtonia family. : koranges a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A koranges a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng di ua a meklungel a chosm. Ng sebechir a rengalek el ousbech a redechel el meruul a teriobs e meloko. Ng diak el kall. from root koranges
korekarem : : korekarem a diak el medakd a omelekoi; chad el di meruul a ungil er a uldesuel. from root korekarem
koreuii : : koreuii a oungeroel e mengerar er ngii. from root koreuii
kori : n. shaved ice (more than ice cubes, ice is used for blocks of ice). : from root kori
korira : n. gorilla. : from root korira
korona : n. crown. : from root korona
korriu : n. : korriu a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root korriu
korriu : n. : korriu a rakd el duub er a uchul a ding el me bedul eou; korriu a chiklel. from root korriu
korriu : n. Celebes sweetlips. : from root korriu
kort : n. court of law. : from root kort
kesebeklel : n.poss.3s his/her/its sound of snapping, clucking, popping or tapping. : kesebeklel a kosebakl er ngii; ngerel, kesebeklel a uach er a ulaol. from root kosebakl
kosebakl : n. sound of snapping, clucking, popping, tapping, or thunder. : kosebakl a olekesebakl; ngar ngii a kesebeklel; ngar ngii a ngerel, kosebakl a belatong. from root kosebakl
kosebakl : v.i. make clicking/snapping/clucking/popping/tapping sound. : from root kosebakl
mekekesebakl : v.i.redup. keep making snapping, etc. noise. : from root kosebakl
mekeksebakl : var. mekekesebakl : mekeksebakl a mekudem el kosebakl; betok el olekesebakl; okesebeklii, kesebeklel. from root kosebakl
kesekedelang : v.s.inch. becoming too small, confined, etc. : from root kosekodel
kesekodel er a udoud : expr. (person) having little money or financial margin; (person) low in funds. : from root kosekodel
kosekedelang : var. kesekedelang : kosekedelang a mla mo kosekodel; skuul a mesekedang, mla mo meseked from root kosekodel
kosekodel : v.s. (room; etc.) too small/confined; (time) too short; (high tide) of short duration. : kosekodel a meseked; betok a rengalek me a delemerab er a skuul a kosekedelang. from root kosekodel
kosi : n. buttocks; hips (may be pronounced koshi). : from root kosi
Kosiil : n. The name of a specific part of the ocean near Koror. : Kosiil a ngklel a chei er a Oreor. from root kosiil
kosiil : n. name of area in sea where seaweeds get pulled in direction of incoming or outgoing tide. : from root kosiil
kosio : v.s. out of order; broken. : from root kosio
kosio : v.i. get stuck; stop working; have a fit. : from root kosio
kosokes : : kosokes a omerek; mla kosokes a chedecholl er a ulaol; merek a chedecholl. from root kosokes
kostang : v.i. go backwards; go in reverse. : from root kostang
bekekosui : v.s. smell strongly of perfume. : from root kosui
kosui : n. perfume. : kosui a ungil a bul el chilt. from root kosui
kot : num. 1 [first] (ordinal). : kot a ketengel; uchelel, kot el urreor, kot el sils er a rak; kot el buil. from root kot
kot : mod. most; do first; do before or ahead of (someone else). : from root kot
kot el buil : expr. January. : from root kot
kot el skuul : expr. first grade; first grader. : from root kot
kot el ureor : n. Monday. : from root kot
kotel : n.poss.3s village of one's birth; village of one's mother; one's first home. : kotel a uchul a delengcheklel a chedil; uchul a okedelokl; belual a delal a kotel; blil a delal a kotel. from root kot
kotai : n. answer (to math problem); (written) solution; [more generally can be used for any solution to any problem]. : from root kotai
kotai er a ochur : expr. answer to the math problem. : from root kotai
koteb : n. plant in Icacina family. : koteb a besebes er a oreomel; koteb a kebliil er a kebeas el ultuil a kerrekar. from root koteb
kotel : : kotel a ouach; meringel a kotel a ochik. from root kotel
kotel a oach : expr. heel. : from root kotel
kotengellakl : : kotengellakl a telkib el kotengoll; kongesachel, ngesachel. from root kotengoll
kotengellel : n.poss.3s : kotengellel a kotengoll er ngii. from root kotengoll
kotengoll : v.s. rather steep. : kotengoll a telkib el tengoll; kotengellakl a diak le melemalt; kotengoll el rael. from root kotengoll
kotiko : n. moharra (Gerres oblongus). : kotiko a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root kotiko
kotouar : v.t. refuse (commonly used). : from root kotouar
kotraol : n. small sailing canoe. : kotraol a ta er a bedengel a mlai er a daob. from root kotraol
kotsiosensei : n. high school teacher. : from root kotsiosensei
koziak : n. bald-headed person. From the American television character Kojak. : from root koziak
kozukai : n. spending money; pocket money. : from root kozukai
krasia : n. grace; girl's name. : krasia a ongreos el krasia a blebaol er a Dios el mo er a chad. from root krasia
ongreos a krasia : expr. sanctifying grace. : from root krasia
Kristo : n. Christ. : Kristo a Hesus el ngelekel a Dios. from root Kristo
Kristus : n. Christ. : from root Kristus
ksai : v.s. bad-smelling. : from root ksai
ksari : n. neck chain (for holding keys, medal, animals, etc.). : from root ksari
ksau : n. flower cod; carpet cod. : ksau a ta er a bedengel a temekai. from root ksau
kse : n. habit (commonly used for good habits (as well as bad) like getting children to brush their teeth everyday). : from root kse
meringel a kse : expr. to be strict. : from root kse
ksid : n. tree in Strychnine family. : ksid a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root ksid
kseksel : n.poss.3s : kseksel a ksous el ngii a ouksous er ngii. from root ksous
ksoks : var. ksous : ksoks a klekedall el usbechall er a omengsous; omengsoks; kseksel. from root ksous
ksous : n. file. : ksous a ksoks; klekedall el mengsous; ksous er a diokang, ksous er a deel. from root ksous
ksous : n. rayfish; stingray. : from root ksous
ksull : n. small (hairy) sea crab. : ksull a cheled; kebliil er a kidel me a chellabed me a kmai. from root ksull
ksull a ulul : expr. (have) hairy chest. : from root ksull
kduib : var. ktuib : kduib a ta er a bedengel a cheled el kall. from root ktuib
ktuib : n. type of shellfish. : from root ktuib
ku- : affix I. : from root ku-
kuabang : n. guava. : kuabang a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. from root kuabang
kuabes : : kuabes a kabes; dingeronger, chutem el ulekabes; kuabes el mo er a daob. from root kuabes
kuabes : v.s. unfinished; unpaid; pending. : from root kuabes
kual : n. crab trap; coconut shell used as vessel for carrying water. : kual a ollumel el ulekngall er a lius; kualul. from root kual
kualul : n.poss.3s : kualul a kual er ngii el melenges; blil a chemadech. from root kual
mengual : v.i. catch crabs with trap. : mengual a ta er a rolel a omengemang; olab a techiir el melai a chemang. from root kual
kuaol : n. small fish used as bait. : kuaol a mekekerei el ngikel el ko er a mekebud e ng di ngar er a ngoaol; ungil el uaol er a omengereel. from root kuaol
kuat : n. tree of coffee family. : kuat a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kuat
kubiang : n. chisel with curved blade (for carving canoe). May also be used as a digging tool. : kubiang a ebakl er a desachel; omelasech el mlai me a blai. from root kubiang
kdaol : v.s. infested with lice. : kdaol a betok a kud er a bdelul; kdul, kesall. from root kud
kdemam : n.poss.1pe : from root kud
kdemiu : n.poss.2p : from root kud
kderir : n.poss.3p : from root kud
kdud : n.poss.1pi : from root kud
kduk : n.poss.1s : from root kud
kdul : n.poss.3s : kdul a kud er ngii. from root kud
kdum : n.poss.2s : from root kud
kud : n. louse. : kud a mekekerei el charm el kiei a bedul, kdaol a betok a kdul. from root kud
kudamono : n. passion flower; grandilla. : from root kudamono
kdemel : n.poss.3s : kdemel a kudem er ngii el dait; mekudem a delemel. from root kudem
kudem : n. spacing; closeness; distance (between objects in a row); close interval of time (between events). : kudem a kdemel; mekudem el dellomel. from root kudem
kuel : n. red-footed or brown booby. : kuel a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root kuel
kui : n. tree in Melastoma family. : kui a kerrekar er a ked. from root kui
kui : n. stick, cement marker, or similar object used to mark boundary. : kui a klalo el dechor el omeketakl a oliochel er a chutem me a bebil. from root kui
Kuii : n. one of female counterparts to Chief in Imeliik. : from root Kuii
kekmam : n.poss.1pe : from root kuk
kekmiu : n.poss.2p : from root kuk
kekrir : n.poss.3p : from root kuk
kekud : n.poss.1pi : from root kuk
kekuk : n.poss.1s : from root kuk
kekul : n.poss.3s (finger, toe) nail. : kekul a kuk er ngii, a kekul a ekebil a bekerekard. from root kuk
kekul a chim : n. fingernail. : from root kuk
kekul a ius : expr. hanging club moss. : from root kuk
kekul a katuu : expr. cat's claw. : from root kuk
kekul a oach : expr. toenail. : from root kuk
kekum : n.poss.2s : from root kuk
kuk : mod. instead; by contrast; in addition; then; next; in turn; just. : kuk a omech a tekoi; ng kuk ker? ng kuk ngera soam? ng kuk ngii! from root kuk
kuk : n. (finger, toe) nail. : kuk a kekul a chim me a ouach; menguld el olab a kekul. from root kuk
kuk chimong : expr. a different one. : from root kuk
kuk tang : expr. another one. : from root kuk
kukau : n. taro (tuber). : kukau a techel a dait; kukungel. from root kukau
kukungel : n.poss.3s : kukungel a kukau er ngii; klebngel. from root kukau
kukobokang : n. aircraft carrier. : from root kukobokang
kukuk : n. tomorrow (in poetic sense). : kukuk a klukuk; kukuk me a bo le ngiaos e ng di ungil. from root kukuk
keldel : n.poss.3s his/her/its pinch mark (on body). : keldel a omenguld er ngii, menguld er ngii; kuldii. from root kuld
kuld : n. : kuld a omenguld; kuldii, osiu a kekul er ngii; kmuld, keldel a ngalek. from root kuld
kuling : n. type of eel. : kuling a ta er a bedengel a kitelel; ko er a kesebekuu. from root kuling
kull : n. cyst; tumor. : kull a rekdel a chelechad el tebull er a buld, kull a ulkel, kull a medal a bdelul; tebull. from root kull
kull : v.s. having a cyst or tumor. : from root kull
kulukel : v.s. hunchbacked; barrel-chested. : kulukel a rekdel a ulk; chebirukel a chiuis; omulk, kulukel a ulkel. from root kulukel
kulul : n. tree in Fig family. : kulul a besebes el melemiakl a kerrekar; kulul a mengetireuir, mengetelaol a rechad. from root kulul
kuma : n. bear. : from root kuma
kumade : n. rake. : from root kumade
kumer : n. type of tree. : kumer a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root kumer
kumi : n. rubber; elastic; stretchable waistband. : from root kumi
kumi : n. group. : from root kumi
kumi er a klausau : expr. condom. : from root kumi
kumereu : var. kumreu : Aikei el bek el mekemanget el charm el omor era ulul a lorael. from root kumreu
kumreu : n. : kumreu a bek el mekemanget el charm el omor a ulul a lorael. from root kumreu
ku : var. kung : from root kung
kung : mod. about to. : kung a tekoi el oumesingd el merekui a omengedecheduch; mechikung, becherei kung, dorael kung, de kasmesumech kung. from root kung
kungreng : n. military training. : from root kungreng
kuekuel : n.poss.3s : kuekuel a kuoku er a bdelul. from root kuoku
kuekuel : n.poss.3s : from root kuoku
kuoku : n. skin/membrane (of animal) which is shed; dried skin on scalp (of newborn baby); dandruff. : kuoku a chelecheloul er a budel a bedul, ngalek a kuoku a bdelul, kuekuel from root kuoku
kuoku : n. main floor beams at ends of bai or house. : kuoku a klekedall er a blai me a bai; menguoku a ulaol, kuekuel. from root kuoku
kurangd : n. playground. : kurangd a blil a klekool; oililaol. from root kurangd
kureiong : n. crayon. : from root kureiong
kurerengel : n.poss.3s : from root kureiong
Kurismas : n. Christmas. : from root Kurismas
kurebengel : n.poss.3s : from root kurob
kurob : n. baseball glove. : kurob a klalo el usbechall er a bedeel a bduu. from root kurob
ikurs : var. twitching (nervous disorder) : from root kurs
kurs : n. twitching (nervous disorder) . : kurs a secher el mengurs; kurs a ngerel, kurs a medal; mengeskurs. from root kurs
kurs : v.s. twitching. : kurs a secher el mengurs; kurs a ngerel, kurs a medal; mengeskurs. from root kurs
kurudok : n. frame or ribs of boat hull. : kurudok a klekedall el melekau er a orull er a bilas me a bos. from root kurudok
kuruma : n. wheelbarrow. : from root kuruma
kurusii : v.s. painful. Used frequently in song lyrics. : from root kurusii
Kusai : n. Kosrae. One of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia. : from root Kusai
kusarang : n. spoon. : kusarang a oliich; ongisb er a kall, kusarang er a blengur. from root kusarang
kusam : n.poss.1pe : from root kusel
kused : n.poss.1pi : from root kusel
kusek : n.poss.1s : from root kusel
kusem : n.poss.2s : from root kusel
kusir : n.poss.3p : from root kusel
kusiu : n.poss.2p : from root kusel
kutalchelbeab : n. type of rayfish. : from root kutalchelbeab
kuteling : n. bow of boat; either end of canoe. : kuteling a uchei, bedul, kuteling er a mlai me a bilas; kutelngal. from root kuteling
kutelngal : n.poss.3s : kutelngal a kuteling er ngii. from root kuteling
oba a kuteling : expr. pole boat at bow. : from root kuteling
kutsibeni : n. lipstick. : from root kutsibeni
kusel : n.poss.3s : kusel a kuus er ngii, kusel a tolechoi a er a diil. from root kuus
kuus : n. membrane protecting newborn child or animal. : kuus a blil a tolochoi er a diil; kusel. from root kuus
cheluchul a kuzira : expr. whale blubber. : from root kuzira
kuzira : n. whale. : from root kuzira
lekel a kuzira : expr. whale blubber. : from root kuzira
lab : n. bush in cocoa family (bark used for cord). : lab a kerrekar el besebes a budel e dirrek el usbechall er mo cheriut. from root lab
labek : n. time of large ocean swells and strong current; large ocean swells accompanied by strong current. : labek a ringel daob el obengkel a meses el eolt me a mesisiich el berius. from root labek
mad el labek : expr. expression feigning knowledge of something; (calculated) knowing look that makes others suspicious. : from root labek
lai : n. section of sugar cane/bamboo between nodes. : lai a delongelel a buk me a buk; lai er adeb, lengel a bambuu. from root lai
lengam : n.poss.1pe : from root lai
lenged : n.poss.1pi : from root lai
lengek : n.poss.1s : from root lai
lengel : n.poss.3s : lengel a lai er ngii el bambuu. from root lai
lengem : n.poss.2s : from root lai
lengir : n.poss.3p : from root lai
lengiu : n.poss.2p : from root lai
laib : n. : A laib a charm; ng suebek el charm e ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng di telkib el meklou er a belochel. Ng blechoel el melakl a kelel er a chutem me se el kuk bolak el betik a kelel e ng mo mengiis er a chutem e melai aike el delekull el mei me ng mengang. Ng kall. from root laib
laiib : n. Nicobar pigeon. : laiib a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. from root laiib
lak : mod. if one doesn't; (if) there weren't; don't. : lak a diak, a lak kau e a kmekerang; lak beskak a udoud e ng diak kurael. from root lak
bellachel : v.s. purulent; festering; (woman's genitals) unclean and smelly; (starchy food) too soft or slimy. : bellachel a lalech, telemall a omeklalech; ngar ngii a lalech, llechel a burek. from root lalech
lalech : n. pus. : lalech a osechel a burek me a kltkat; ngar ngii a lalech er a chimak el oburek; ochil el bduu a omeklalech, llechel a ouach el bduu. from root lalech
llecham : n.poss.1pe : from root lalech
lleched : n.poss.1pi : from root lalech
llechek : n.poss.1s : from root lalech
llechel : n.poss.3s : llechel a lalech er ngii el kltkat. from root lalech
llechem : n.poss.2s : from root lalech
llechir : n.poss.3p : from root lalech
llechiu : n.poss.2p : from root lalech
oulalech : v.i. (nose) having mucus dripping out. : oulalech a ngar er ngii a lalech er ngii; oburek a omeklalech. from root lalech
lalo : var. lalou : lalo a rachel el cheliraro el meriou; raod el mekebekabes a lalo, lloel. from root lalou
lalou : n. type of mangrove tree. : lalou a ikel cheliraro el rachel el meriou, ma lechub ng raod el ulekebkabes er a keburs. A lalou se el ulebengelel a kerrar er a keburs me a uet. from root lalou
lloel : n.poss.3s : from root lalou
lambang : n. telephone identification number. : lambang a ochur; olangch er a klalo; lambang er a telechull. from root lambang
lambei : n. lantern with handle for carrying. : lambei a olbidel el chetekill. from root lambei
langel : n. crying; noise of crying. : langel a lmangel; langel er a ringel; lmangel er a kodall; longelii a ulekoad; lengelel. from root langel
lengelam : n.poss.1pe : from root langel
lengeled : n.poss.1pi : from root langel
lengelek : n.poss.1s : from root langel
lengelel : n.poss.3s : lengelel a langel er ngii el ngalek. from root langel
lengelel a charm : expr. sound or cry of animal. : from root langel
lengelel a ngas : expr. whistling of wind in ironwood tree. : from root langel
lengelem : n.poss.2s : from root langel
lengelir : n.poss.3p : from root langel
lengeliu : n.poss.2p : from root langel
mad el langel : expr. crying face; tearful expression. : from root langel
langtana : n. plant in Verbena family. : from root langtana
laok : n. fat (of human, animal, or fish); fatty food (esp., animal fat). : laok a cheluch, melaok a babii laok er a babii a oumangtekang, lekel a bdelul a mesekuuk. from root laok
lekam : n.poss.1pe : from root laok
leked : n.poss.1pi : from root laok
lekek : n.poss.1s : from root laok
lekel : n.poss.3s : lekel a laok er ngii elbabii. from root laok
lekem : n.poss.2s : from root laok
lekir : n.poss.3p : from root laok
lekiu : n.poss.2p : from root laok
laokreng : n. adultery. : Bechiil el redil el mo obengkel a ta ra sechal. from root laokreng
llaokerreng : : llaokerreng a melaok a rengul bechiil e ousau er a ngodech el chad a ngar er a llaokerreng. from root laokreng
las : n. nara tree (good for lumber). : las a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root las
latael : n. script; handwriting. : latael a llechukl er a Latin from root latael
latk : n. memory; reminiscence; recollection; rememberance. : latk a omelebedebek; omelatk; melatk, lotkii a bechil, lmatk, ltkel a irechar. from root latk
letkel : n.poss.3s : from root latk
letkel a Droteo er a mekemad : expr. Droteo's remembrance of the war. : from root latk
ltkel : var. letkel : ltkel a omelatk er ngii; melatk. from root latk
Latmikaik : n. legendary woman born from a clam who gave birth to first Palauans. : from root Latmikaik
lbolb : n. wolf. : lbolb a meklou el charm; wolf. from root lbolb
ldesel : n.poss.3s : ldesel a omeledes er ngii, meledes, melamet er ngii. from root ldesel
ldu : conj. because. : ldu a uchul; a ldu ke dilung, a ldu ke kilengei. from root ldu
e le : var. le : from root le
e le ak : conj. because I. : from root le
e le ng : conj. because he/she/it. : from root le
eleng : cont. e le ng : from root le
le : mod. [contentless linking word]; because. : from root le
lek : cont. le ak : from root le
leki : cont. le aki : from root le
leng : cont. le ng : from root le
leb : n. fuzz (on leaf) of plant (e.g.; sugar cane; grass); plant in coffee family; shyness. : leb a lebleb; leblebul; melebleb; llel a deb a ngar ngii a leb er ngii; leb a rur; chad el merur ngar ngii a leb er a bedengel; molekoi er a ngii me le mengai a leb er a bedengel e bel tuu. from root leb
leblebmam : n.poss.1pe : from root leb
leblebmiu : n.poss.2p : from root leb
leblebrir : n.poss.3p : from root leb
leblebud : n.poss.1pi : from root leb
leblebuk : n.poss.1s : from root leb
leblebul : n.poss.3s : leblebul a leb er ngii; melebleb. from root leb
leblebum : n.poss.2s : from root leb
melebleb : v.s. itchy; prickly; covered with fuzz of plant. : melebleb a ngar ngii a leb er ngii; leblebul a deb; lab a melebleb. from root leb
lebelul : n.poss.3s : lebelul a omelebal er ngii; melebal. from root lebelul
lebleb : n. : lebleb a leb; leblebul a llel a deb. from root lebleb
lebuch : n. center of line in dancing. : from root lebuch
lebuchel : : lebuchel a medebechel a ngloik; bluu, meteet a ngar er a lebuchel er a ngloik. from root lebuchel
Lebuu : n. location of cave in Beliliou. : from root Lebuu
lechalech : n. deep forest. : lechalech a chelsel a klou el oreomel el cheroid er a beluu. from root lechalech
lechelechel : n.poss.3s : lechelechel a lechalech er ngii. from root lechalech
lechelechel : n.poss.3s : lechelechel a omelechalech er ngii; sobesii, tukur, from root lechelechel
lechet : n. bandage; something tied around. : lechet a besebes el melechet; merenged, mesaur, lochetii, lmechet a telechull. from root lechet
lechetel : n.poss.3s : from root lechet
lechetel a bdelul : expr. bandanna; scarf. : from root lechet
lechetel a chui : expr. hair tie. : from root lechet
lechemam : n.poss.1pe : from root lechul
lechemiu : n.poss.2p : from root lechul
lecherir : n.poss.3p : from root lechul
lechud : n.poss.1pi : from root lechul
lechuk : n.poss.1s : from root lechul
lechul : n.poss.3s scar; shadow. : from root lechul
lechul a delobech : n. scar from being cut. : from root lechul
lechul a delul : expr. scar from burn. : from root lechul
lechum : n.poss.2s : from root lechul
lechulkung : : lechulkung a urrenguul; oureng, lechulkung me a kmengai er a urreor. from root lechulkung
ledeledes : v.s.redup. (legs) sort of stretched out; (lumber) placed more or less lengthwise. : from root ledeledes
ledes : n. path from main road to house. : ledes a chelades el rael el mo er a blai. from root ledes
lei : n. coconut (fruit) (usually, when split in half). : from root lei
lekaol : : Diak el engelekill. from root lekaol
leldu : conj. because. : from root leldu
lemecherchero eabed : n. : Mererengang a uchul a eanged el mochu mellong. from root lemecherchero eabed
lemelemam : n.poss.1pe : from root lemelemel
lemelemed : n.poss.1pi : from root lemelemel
lemelemek : n.poss.1s : from root lemelemel
lemelemel : n.poss.3s length; continuation; addition; extension (in a straight line). : lemelemel a ua kllemengtel; metongakl el ngalek el di lemelemel a chedecholl; lemelemel a omelemolem er ngii; melemolem, lomelemii a omerolel. from root lemelemel
lemelemel a blai : expr. length of house. : from root lemelemel
lemelemem : n.poss.2s : from root lemelemel
lemelemir : n.poss.3p : from root lemelemel
lemelemiu : n.poss.2p : from root lemelemel
lemlak : mod. if one hadn't; if there hadn't been. : lemlak a okmo ng dimlak; lemlak kau e ak riros. from root lemlak
lengulel : n.a.s.poss.3s : lengulel a lenguul er ngii. from root lenguul
lenguul : n.a.s. penis. : lenguul a melang; tmelang. from root lenguul
liechel : n.poss.3s : liechel a omeliich er ngii el lius; meliich er a lius. from root liechel
lik : n. anything used to line the bottom of a cooking pot or the bottom of a basket. : lik a klalo el melik, ngar a eungel; kilkuld a lkil a ngimes; lik er a olekang, likir, lmik. from root lik
lkel : var. lkil : from root lik
lkel a olekang : expr. leaves put in bottom of pot so contents will not stick during cooking. : from root lik
lkel a sualo : expr. leaves, paper, etc. put in bottom of basket so that contents will not get dirty or fall through openings. : from root lik
lkil : n.poss.3s : lkil a omelik er ngii, melik. from root lik
lidam : n.poss.1pe : from root lild
lided : n.poss.1pi : from root lild
lidek : n.poss.1s : from root lild
lidel : n.poss.3s : lidel a biskelengel; biskang. from root lild
lidem : n.poss.2s : from root lild
lidir : n.poss.3p : from root lild
lidiu : n.poss.2p : from root lild
lild : n. thin bamboo (used for spear handle). : lild a uai a bambuu e ng di mekekerei el usbechall el ordemelel a biskang. A lild a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel; ng di mechetngaid e mekemangel. Ng kmeed el ua a teletelel a bambuu e ng di ng melebleb. Ng oumesingd el dullokl a ldechor el diak el melemalt. Ng diak el kall. Ng di sebeched el ousbech el ordemelel a biskang. from root lild
lilisam : n.poss.1pe : from root lilisel
lilised : n.poss.1pi : from root lilisel
lilisek : n.poss.1s : from root lilisel
lilisel : n.poss.3s white (of egg). : lilisel a bechelelu er a ngais. from root lilisel
lilisel a ngais : n. white of egg. : from root lilisel
lilisem : n.poss.2s : from root lilisel
lilisir : n.poss.3p : from root lilisel
lilisiu : n.poss.2p : from root lilisel
lilitam : n.poss.1pe : from root lilitel
lilited : n.poss.1pi : from root lilitel
lilitek : n.poss.1s : from root lilitel
lilitel : n.poss.3s thinness (of flat object). : from root lilitel
lilitem : n.poss.2s : from root lilitel
lilitir : n.poss.3p : from root lilitel
lilitiu : n.poss.2p : from root lilitel
limoll : v.i. dash out/up. : limoll a kolekel; ketekeakl e remurt, rengeasek a mla limoll el mo er a bai. from root limoll
lisam : n.poss.1pe : from root lius
lised : n.poss.1pi : from root lius
lisek : n.poss.1s : from root lius
lisel : n.poss.3s : lisel a lius el ngii.a oulius. from root lius
lisem : n.poss.2s : from root lius
lisir : n.poss.3p : from root lius
lisiu : n.poss.2p : from root lius
lius : n. coconut tree. : lius meklou el kerrekar el ourodech; lius a kall e ilumel a rdechel. A lius a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng ta er a kmal el klou a belkul el dellomel; ng sebechel el kall a redechel e dirrek el ilumel. A chelechedal me a llel a dirrek el sebechel el klalo. from root lius
lkes : n. sandbar. : lkes a belkes er a kereker. lkes a bluotel el bertakl. from root lkes
lkou : n. hat. : lkou a dekedekel a bedul; oulkou, lkungel. from root lkou
lkungam : n.poss.1pe : from root lkou
lkunged : n.poss.1pi : from root lkou
lkungek : n.poss.1s : from root lkou
lkungel : n.poss.3s : lkungel a lkou el ngii.a ouklalo er ngii. from root lkou
lkungem : n.poss.2s : from root lkou
lkungir : n.poss.3p : from root lkou
lkungiu : n.poss.2p : from root lkou
chad er a llach : expr. lawyer. : from root llach
llach : n. law; commandment; advice; rule; instruction. : llach a kelulau; llach a tekoi el kldung el mengedmokl a blai me a beluu; llach a rruul el ultutelir a rechad, rechad a kirir el orrenges a llach; llechul a bekall me a omerael er a rael. from root llach
llach : n. : llach a okedong el olab a chim ngau a lechub e ng mamed; telemall el bilas a melecha er a llach el omekedong; olab a chim el ouellach el omekedong. from root llach
llechul : n.poss.3s : llechul a llach er ngii el beluu. llechul; llechul a ultil; ngar ngii a llechul a ochil a chad er a chelechol; omdid a ultil a ochil a uel er a chelechol. from root llach
melechang a llechul a rengul : expr. teach (someone) a lesson. : from root llach
oleiit er a llach : expr. break or disobey law. : from root llach
oltirakl er a llach : expr. follow, obey or uphold law. : from root llach
omsa a llechul a rengul : expr. teach (someone) a lesson. : from root llach
llakel : n. a type of chicken. : llakel a ta er a bedengel a malk. from root llakel
llall : n.r.s. kind of chant (used to ridicule). : llall a delang; chelitakl el omtelub; e oungelakel; llellel a sechelid. from root llall
llellel : n.poss.3s : from root llall
llecheklam : n.poss.1pe : from root llechukl
llechekled : n.poss.1pi : from root llechukl
llecheklek : n.poss.1s : from root llechukl
llecheklel : n.poss.3s : llecheklel a ngii a liluches; melluches. from root llechukl
llecheklem : n.poss.2s : from root llechukl
llecheklir : n.poss.3p : from root llechukl
llechekliu : n.poss.2p : from root llechukl
llechukl : n. letter (of alphabet); handwriting; picture; photo; image. : llechukl a ikakid a e i o u, llechuk el ochur 1 2 3 4 5. llechukl a lluches; mla meluches, llach a llechukl er a babier, luchesii, lmuches, lechesel. from root llechukl
llechukl el tekoi : expr. written language. : from root llechukl
ungil el llechukl : expr. well-written. : from root llechukl
llechemam : n.poss.1pe : from root llechul
llechemiu : n.poss.2p : from root llechul
llecherir : n.poss.3p : from root llechul
llechud : n.poss.1pi : from root llechul
llechuk : n.poss.1s : from root llechul
llechul : n.poss.3s shadow; reflection. : from root llechul
llechum : n.poss.2s : from root llechul
lledeledes : v.r.s.redup. : lledeledes a melemalt a mla meledes; llemolem; llmedes a ochil, lodesii a chimal. from root lledeledes
llam : n.poss.1pe : from root llel
lled : n.poss.1pi : from root llel
llek : n.poss.1s : from root llel
llel : n.poss.3s leaf. : llel a llel a kerrekar; lius a ngar er ngii a llel; llel a babier, llel a tuu. from root llel
llel a babier : expr. piece/sheet of paper. : from root llel
llel a hong : expr. page of a book. : from root llel
llel a kerrekar : expr. leaves of the tree. : from root llel
llel a lius : expr. coconut leaves. : from root llel
llem : n.poss.2s : from root llel
llir : n.poss.3p : from root llel
lliu : n.poss.2p : from root llel
llemalt : n. justice; right (to do something). : llemalt a melemalt; diak le chebirukel; llemalt el omeruul er a buai a omudech er a beluu; llemeltel from root llemalt
llemeltam : n.poss.1pe : from root llemalt
llemelted : n.poss.1pi : from root llemalt
llemeltek : n.poss.1s : from root llemalt
llemeltel : n.poss.3s : llemeltel a llemalt er ngii; ungil el omerreder a msa llemeltel a ta me a tang. from root llemalt
llemeltem : n.poss.2s : from root llemalt
llemeltir : n.poss.3p : from root llemalt
llemeltiu : n.poss.2p : from root llemalt
llilitel : n.poss.3s : llilitel a lliliut er ngii; meliliut. from root lliliut
lliliut : n. : lliliut a kllungel a meleliut er ngii. from root lliliut
llitokl : : llitokl a meringel el daob el omtok er a berius. from root llitokl
llemesam : n.poss.1pe : from root llomes
llemesed : n.poss.1pi : from root llomes
llemesek : n.poss.1s : from root llomes
llemesel : n.poss.3s : llemesel a llomes er ngii; llemesel a reng, llemesel a sils; buil a omekllomes. from root llomes
llemesel a btelum : expr. your intelligence. : from root llomes
llemesel a rengul : expr. his/her/its intelligence. : from root llomes
llemesel a rum : expr. brightness of the room. : from root llomes
llemesem : n.poss.2s : from root llomes
llemesir : n.poss.3p : from root llomes
llemesiu : n.poss.2p : from root llomes
llomes : n. daylight; brightness; intelligence. : llomes a didiich el omekllomes; llemesel a sils me a buil. from root llomes
llomes me a klebesei : expr. day and night. : from root llomes
llomeserreng : n. intelligence; wisdom. : from root llomes
lomeserreng : var. llomeserreng : llomeserreng a mellomes a rengul; meduch, bekudasu, mellomes el chad; llemesel a reng. from root llomes
lechesel : n.poss.3s : lechesel a omeluches er ngii; meluches. from root lluches
lluches : n.r.s. written mark; sign; line; scrape. : lluches a mla meluches; llechukl, lmuches a cheldechedechal er a babier, luchesii, lechesel. from root lluches
lluich : num. 20 [twenty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing). : lluich a ochur (20), lluich el klebesei, lluich el ngalek. from root lluich
lletengel : var. lletul : lletengel a lletul er ngii el olbidel. from root llut
lletul : n.poss.3s : lletul a llut; lletengel a kmard. from root llut
llut : n. wick. : llut sel kmard er a olbidel, lletul. from root llut
lmall : n. The period when a number of species of parrotfish are said to spawn, that is, the sixth to the tenth day of the lunar month. : from root lmall
bekelilangel : v.s. cry a lot; prone to crying. : bekelilangel a di beot e ng lmangel; lengelel. from root lmangel
bekililangel : var. bekelilangel : from root lmangel
lilangel : v.i.past : from root lmangel
lilongelii : : from root lmangel
lmangel : v.i. cry; (cat; dog) whine; howl. : lmangel a langel, mekngit a rengul a lmangel, longelang, longelii, lengelel a ngalek. from root lmangel
lmangel : v.t. cry over (someone). : from root lmangel
longelang : v.i.inch. is starting to cry. : longelang a mocha lmangel; rengalek a longelang. from root lmangel
longelii : : longelii a lmangel er ngii. from root lmangel
longelung : v.i.pred. is about to cry. : longelung a mochu lmangel. from root lmangel
medidelangel : v.i.redup. cry lightly. : from root lmangel
cheklmuk : v.s. (person) quiet, silent or taciturn. : cheklmuk a chad el di lmuk; luk; chad el kesai a tekoi er a ngerel. from root lmuk
keluk : v.recip. : keluk a didu el lmuk; diak el katekoi, luk er tir. from root lmuk
liluk : v.i.past : from root lmuk
lmuk : v.i. be silent. : lmuk a luk; mtekii a ngerel; diak lolekoi. from root lmuk
lukong : v.i.inch. become silent. : from root lmuk
el mo lmuut er a : expr. going all the way to. : from root lmuut
Ke mluut? : expr. Can you repeat yourself please? / Excuse me? : from root lmuut
liluut : v.i.past : from root lmuut
lmuut : v.i. return; come back; do again. : lmuut a mo e mei; chuieuii a babier e lmuut el menguiu er ngii. from root lmuut
lmuut el : expr. even more. : from root lmuut
luuetang : v.i.inch. is beginning to return or do again. : from root lmuut
luuetung : v.i.pred. is about to return or do again. : from root lmuut
me a lmuut : expr. also; in addition. : from root lmuut
mluut : v.imp. (you) go again. : from root lmuut
lob : n. type of tall coral. : lob a meklou e chuodel merangd merangd. from root lob
locha : mod. perhaps; maybe. : locha a oumededenger; ng locha mo er a skuul er a Oreor; diak el sal medengei. from root locha
lochedbuil : v.s. moonless. : lochedbuil a diak a buil; milkolk, keremerem. from root lochedbuil
lok : n. lock. : from root lok
lolo : n. type of small bamboo. : lolo a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root lolo
loloi : n. : loloi a dellomel er a dechel el ko er a such. from root loloi
longkar : n. (action of) guarding or watching. : from root longkar
lot : n. tapeworm. : lot a chulad er a diil. from root lot
lot : v.s. having a tapeworm. : from root lot
louterrai : : Tekoi el mo ra rurt ma lechub eng chiis el omoch a ked. from root louterrai
luchel : n.poss.3s goose pimples. : luchel a kerasem el duubech er a rur me a dakd me a kerrasem; ngmasech a luchel er a rrengel, ngmasech a luchel er a dekdel. from root luchel
luchelechesii : : luchelechesii a mekekokil el meluches; melelecheluches er ngii. from root luchelechesii
luiil : n. old name for hamlet in Beliliou. : luiil a chuodel el ngklel a beluu er Beliliou. from root luiil
luiil : n. dead coral. : luiil a ulekoad el merangd. from root luiil
Obakraluiil : n. name of elder from Luiil. : from root luiil
luk : n. silence. : luk a lmuk; diak a tekingel. from root luk
mla mengchii a luk : expr. (person) gone silent [lit. has bitten silence] : from root luk
lukes : n. area of ocean of moderate depth (in Palauan legend, place of origin of clam that eventually gave rise to Palauan people). : from root lukes
Lukilei : n. New Guinea. : Lukilei a beluu (Papua New Guinea) from root Lukilei
luleu : n. moray eel. : luleu a kebliil er a kesebekuu el kiei a delul a bad me a merangd. from root luleu
lulk : n. tree in fig family (similar to banyan tree). : lulk a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. A lulk a dellomel; ng kmal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng mo ua a meklungel a iedel Ng diak el kall. from root lulk
lung : n. file fish (moves slowly and silently). : lung a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root lung
lungeribtall : var. lung. : from root lung
lungribtal : n. : lungribtal a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root lungribtal
lsecham : n.poss.1pe : from root lusech
lseched : n.poss.1pi : from root lusech
lsechek : n.poss.1s : from root lusech
lsechel : n.poss.3s : lsechel a lusech er ngii; melusech. from root lusech
lsechem : n.poss.2s : from root lusech
lsechir : n.poss.3p : from root lusech
lsechiu : n.poss.2p : from root lusech
lusech : n. luck. : lusech a melusech; klengeltengat, beluu er a Belau a melusech el meakl. from root lusech
melusech : v.s. always lucky. : melusech a metik a klungiaol; klengaltengat; lusech, lsechel. from root lusech
lukam : n.poss.1pe : from root luuk
luked : n.poss.1pi : from root luuk
lukek : n.poss.1s : from root luuk
lukel : n.poss.3s : lukel a luuk er ngii; lukel a charm. from root luuk
lukem : n.poss.2s : from root luuk
lukir : n.poss.3p : from root luuk
lukiu : n.poss.2p : from root luuk
luuk : n. nest; ovaries; uterus. : luuk a klalo el blil e omekeroul er a okedeldaol; lukel a charm a mengedmokl er a ngar; lukel a ngalek er a delel a delal. from root luuk
luukengar : : luukengar a olsechall er a ngii di el ngar; chelsel me a meleliuekl e klikiid el chutem me a beches el eolt, mechellings el daob, ralm a ungil el lukel a outeliil; mekdubech e mekeroul a klengar er a chad, charm, ngikel, kerrekar me a rokui el ngar a kiei er ngii. from root luukengar
ltel : n.poss.3s : ltel a luut er ngii; mo lmuut el mei from root luut
lutel : var. ltel : from root luut
luut : v.i. return. : luut a mong e lmuut el mei. from root luut
luut : n. squid (In Palauan legend; a squid returned to bottom of sea to get ashes for measuring bai). : A luut a charm; ng ta er a bedengel a charm er a daob; ng ko er a medemedemek el mo ua a chedead. A lorael e ng oubetetelluut. Ng kall. from root luut
luut er a rengul : expr. anything causing one to lose one's resolve. : from root luut
m- : affix you. : from root m-
ma : mod. first. : from root ma
machod : num. 10 [ten] (counting). : machod a ochur; iai, itiu, machod. from root machod
machod me a orung : expr. twelve. : from root machod
machod me a tang : expr. eleven. : from root machod
el mo er a medad : expr. in the future. : from root mad
mad : v.i. die; (electricity, etc.) go out; go numb. : mad a mo diak a telil; kodall, medei, mla mad, diak el outeliil, kodellel. from root mad
mad : n. eye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers. : mad a klekedellel a chad el omes; olab a ues; klidm, chelsul a mad, bsechel a mad, medal. from root mad
mad el chur : expr. laughing or smiling face. : from root mad
mad el kekerei : expr. expression of a child. : from root mad
mad el ngalek : expr. expression of a child. : from root mad
mad er a kall : expr. die of hunger. : from root mad
medad : n.poss.1pi : from root mad
medak : n.poss.1s : from root mad
medal : n.poss.3s : medal a mad er ngii. from root mad
medal a bedul : expr. forehead. : from root mad
medal a beluu : expr. representative of the village; center of village. : from root mad
medal a blik : expr. in front of my house. : from root mad
medam : n.poss.2s : from root mad
medei : v.inch. is starting to die or go out. : medei a mla mad, mla mo smecher. from root mad
medemam : n.poss.1pe : from root mad
medemiu : n.poss.2p : from root mad
mederir : n.poss.3p : from root mad
medkung : v.pred. is about to die or go out. : medkung a kmeed el mad; mochu er a kodall; kmal smecher. from root mad
mlad er a rrom : expr. drunk. : from root mad
madedok : n. spring; gushing water. : madedok a ralm el omiis el me tuobed er a chutem; risois. from root madedok
madelchad : n. personal effects of deceased person kept as momento; cherished objects; inheritance. : madelchad a kloleklel a mlad; oumadelechad a kloleklel a demak. from root madelchad
madelcharm : n. snapper fish. : madelcharm a ta er a bedengel a ngikel er a ngeuaol. from root madelcharm
madeldirk : n. eyeglasses. : madeldirk a dirk er a iko, meiko a oumadeldirk. from root madeldirk
madeldmuil : : madeldmuil a meringel mengiil; di omes er a dmuil el mengiil er a recheldebechel. from root madeldmuil
Maderngebuked : n. title of chiefs in Ngerard. : from root Maderngebuked
Madrengebuked : var. Maderngebuked : Madrengebuked a kebekuul; dial a bdelul a beluu er a Ngaraard. from root Maderngebuked
madelengel : n.poss.3s : from root mado
mado : n. window. : from root mado
madudiu : n. [Klienhovia hospita]. : from root madudiu
mael : n. mile; measure of distance. : from root mael
mahobing : n. thermos. : mahobing a blil a mekeald. from root mahobing
mahongani : n. mahogany. : mahongani a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar. from root mahongani
mahura : n. muffler; scarf. : from root mahura
maikake : n. apron. : from root maikake
Maikronesia : n. Micronesia. : from root Maikronesia
maingami : n. bangs. : from root maingami
maiis : var. : maiis a ta er a bedengel a dellomel; kall a rdechel. from root mais
mais : n. corn. : A mais a dellomel; ng diak bo lemeklou el dellomel; ng ua a teletelel a deb. Ng di ourodech a chebaod er ngii. Ng kall a redechel. from root mais
mais : v.s. blond. : from root mais
maisengel : n.poss.3s : from root mais
chimo el mak : expr. fifty cents. : from root mak
klde el mak : expr. one dollar and fifty cents. : from root mak
mak : n. fifty cents. : mak a tedobech er a chimo el kluk $1.00; mak a okeim el sengs. from root mak
teblo el mak : expr. one dollar. : from root mak
make : v.i. lose. : from root make
make : n. loser. : from root make
makit : n. market. : from root makit
Malaia : n. Malaya. : from root Malaia
malechianged : n. lime. : malechianged a ta er a bedengel a ongerekur; kerrekar. from root malechianged
malikeluu : : malikeluu a diak el uldasu a omerellel el chad; klebelung el blekeradel; di oumalikeluu er a beluu e diak lourreor. from root malikeluu
malk : n. chicken. : malk a ta er a meklou el suebek el charm; malkeblai, malkureong. from root malk
malk : n. person who reaches sexual climax rapidly. : from root malk
malkebedikl : n. decoy chicken used to attract other chickens to trap. : from root malk
malkeblai : n. domesticated chicken. : malkeblai a ulekeroul er a blai el malk. from root malk
melkel : n.poss.3s : melkel a malk er ngii. from root malk
sechal el malk : expr. rooster. : from root malk
malkeblil : v.s. (rooster) brave or tough in his roost; (person) tough at home but meek elsewhere. : from root malkeblil
malkureomel : n. wild chicken; red junglefowl. : malkureomel a malk er a oreomel. from root malkureomel
malo : num. 6 [six] (counting). : from root malo
malong : var. malo : malong a ochur ; elolem, kllolem. from root malo
mamach : baby betelnut chew. : from root mamach
mame : n. beans. : from root mame
mamed : n. cloth. : mamed a klalo el mo bail; usbechall er a bebil er a klalo, memedel. from root mamed
memedel : n.poss.3s : memedel a mamed er ngii. from root mamed
mames : n. type of fish (silvery in color and larger than sardine). : from root mames
maml : n. wrasse fish. : maml a ta er a bedengel a ngikel el meklou e melaok. from root maml
mammam : baby eat. : from root mammam
mams : n. : mams a mekekerei el ngikel el mekekerei er a mekebud. from root mams
manaita : n. cutting board; chopping block. : from root manaita
eru el mang : expr. twenty thousand. : from root mang
mang : num. 10000 [ten thousand] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing). : from root mang
ta el mang : expr. ten thousand. : from root mang
teruich el mang : expr. one hundred thousand. : from root mang
mangidab : n. spider; spider web. : mangidab a ta er a bedengel a bubuu. from root mangidab
mengidab : var. mangidab : A mengidab a charm; ng diak el bo lemeklou el charm; ng di telkib el meklou er a bubuu. Ng di ua a teletelel a bubuu. A ochil me ng di ua a ildisel a ochil a bubuu el eaiuong. A bedengel a ko er a chedelekelek. Ng diak el kall. from root mangidab
mangnga : n. cartoon. : from root mangnga
mangosti : n. mangosteen. : from root mangosti
mangtang : n. black cloth. : from root mangtang
mangtekang : n. lard; coagulated animal fat. : mangtekang a cheluchul a charm; a lekel a babii a oumangtekang me ng medecherecher. from root mangtekang
manguro : n. yellowfin tuna. : from root manguro
manneng : n. fountain pen. : from root manneng
mar : n. conger eel (Congridae). : mar a ta er a bedengel a mardingaol. from root mar
mardingaol : n. type of eel. : mardingaol a ta er a bedengel a kesebekuu. from root mardingaol
Marialas : n. Marianas; Marianas pineapple. : from root Marialas
chad er a Marsial : expr. Marshallese. : from root Marsial
Marsial : n. Marshall Islands. : Marsial a chimo er a beluu er a Pacific. from root Marsial
martebetabek : n. blue-barred parrotfish (Scarus ghobban). : martebetabek a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root martebetabek
martilengam : n.poss.1pe : from root martiliong
martilenged : n.poss.1pi : from root martiliong
martilengek : n.poss.1s : from root martiliong
martilengel : n.poss.3s : martilingel a martiliong er ngii. from root martiliong
martilengem : n.poss.2s : from root martiliong
martilengir : n.poss.3p : from root martiliong
martilengiu : n.poss.2p : from root martiliong
martiliong : n. hammer. : martiliong a klekedall er a omeleot; orot er a deel, martilengel. from root martiliong
martiliong : v.s. clumsy; ungraceful; untalented; (person) blunt or hard-hitting (in his words). : from root martiliong
masech : n. type of fish. : masech a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root masech
mases : n. matches. : mases a seuis; klekedall el omekard a ngau, masesengel. from root mases
masesengel : n.poss.3s : masesengel a mases er ngii. from root mases
masku : n. mask; sanitary mask; protecting covering over mouth and nose to prevent spread of germs. : from root masku
mastang : n. master; leader. : from root mastang
matakui : n. tree in Melastoma family; Indian rhododendron. : matakui a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar er a ked. A matakui a dellomel; ng diak bo lemeklou el kerrekar. Ng di ua a meklungel a kadenia. A redechel a mekekerei e mechaibibeob. Ng ko er a oumellemau a bedengel. Ng kall. from root matakui
matamatong : n. type of Palauan dance. : from root matamatong
matang : n. underpants. : matang a sarumata; matelengel. from root matang
matelengam : n.poss.1pe : from root matang
matelenged : n.poss.1pi : from root matang
matelengek : n.poss.1s : from root matang
matelengel : n.poss.3s : matelengel a matang er ngii. from root matang
matelengem : n.poss.2s : from root matang
matelengir : n.poss.3p : from root matang
matelengiu : n.poss.2p : from root matang
matib : n. velvet apple. : matib a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. from root matib
matik : v.s. (slang) O.K.; fine. : from root matik
matmatong : n. : matmatong a ta er a bedengel a ngloik; oumatmatong. from root matmatong
matsi : n. capital; main town. : from root matsi
matukeoll : n. small shark (very dangerous). : matukeoll a ta er a bedengel a chedeng. from root matukeoll
mauar : n. turn. : from root mauar
mauas : v.t. turn (something). : from root mauas
maze kohang : var. mazekohang : from root mazekohang
mazegohang : var. mazekohang : from root mazekohang
mazekohang : n. rice mixed with vegetables, meat, etc. : from root mazekohang
mazui : v.s. bad-tasting; unskilled or unsuccessful (in persuasion). : from root mazui
mbesaol : n. drool; spittle. : from root mbesaol
mbesaol : v.s. (person) drooling (a lot). : from root mbesaol
mbesel : n.poss.3s : from root mbesaol
ma : cont. me a : from root me a
mak : cont. me ak : from root me a
maki : cont. me aki : from root me a
me : conj. and. : me a omech a tekoi; kau me ngak me ngii, Calista me tir a mong. from root me a
me a : conj. and. : from root me a
meng : cont. me ng : from root me a
a lechub : var. me a lechub : from root me a lechub
lechub : var. me a lechub : lechub a melekoi er a mengodech me a mlengodech; renguk ke mla mo ourreor e a lechub e ke mechiuaiu; ke mo ourreor a lechub e ng diak? from root me a lechub
malechub : cont. me a lechub : from root me a lechub
me a lechub : conj. or. : from root me a lechub
me- : affix used to modify a state verb to indicate that it is describing more than one thing. : from root me-
edengel : n.poss.3s : edengel a ilad er ngii el chad, mead. from root mead
mead : v.s. conceited; proud of oneself; boastful. : mead a ulekeangel; mengedidai er e ngii; mead a cheldechedechal, ilad, Idengel from root mead
medengang : v.s.inch. is getting too conceited/proud; is getting swelled head. : from root mead
medngang : var. medengang : medngang a mla mo mead; ulekeangel; ilad, ildengel. from root mead
oumead : v.t. boast about (oneself). : from root mead
meaech : v.s. unclean; tabooed. : meaech a kikiongel; delasech, diak le kall; delsechel. from root meaech
meai : n. short-jawed sea pike; dingofish; dark-finned barracuda. : meai a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root meai
Meaiu : n. name of reef of Ngerdmau on west coast of Babeldaob. : Meaiu a cheleched, chei er a beluu er a Ngerdmau. from root Meaiu
meaiu : v.s. flat and smooth. : meaiu a diak le bechebuchel; ulaol a meaiu e mengeldoech, meaiu a medal el ekebil. from root meaiu
meang : v.s. miraculous; marvellous; awesome; unexpected. : meang a chedaol; melekingel a chelid; meteet a meang, meang el chais. from root meang
meang el chad : expr. strange looking person. : from root meang
meang el chais : expr. fantastic news. : from root meang
meang el tekoi : expr. miraculous event. : from root meang
meanges : v.s. nimble; spry. : meanges a meduch; mekereker, mereched; meanges a rukui a urrerel e me ngosukid. from root meanges
meaot : : meaot a diak; meaot a uchei me a uriul er ngii; ngemed chad er ngii. from root meaot
meas : n. rabbit fish. : meas a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; "usangi". from root meas
di meau : expr. naked. : from root meau
meau : v.s. naked; nude; bare; (young people) untitled. : meau a blechetoel; diak le blail, rengalek a di meau e mengedub. from root meau
mebeabed : v.s. cloudy; misty; (view; etc.) obscured/blurry. : mebeabed a diak lemellomes el ues; mebeabed a osengek; oueabed. from root mebeabed
mech : n. bleating. : mech a lengelel a kaming; ng chellang me a kaming a oumech. from root mech
mechab : v.s. (atmosphere; view) dim/blurred; grayish. : mechab a mebeabed a osengel; diak lungil a osengel; ko er a ngar ngii a chab. from root mechab
mechad : v.s. deaf. : mechad a mekngit el orrenges; diak lorrenges; mechad a dingal, mechedengel, mechedengoel. from root mechad
mechad : n. type of banana particularly good for eating raw. : mechad a ta er a bedengel a tuu. from root mechad
mechad a ding : expr. deaf. : from root mechad
oumechad : v.t. act or make (oneself) appear to be deaf; ignore. : from root mechad
delal el mechas : expr. (someone's) grandmother. : from root mechas
mechas : n. old woman; titled woman; foreign woman; male's father's sisters; girlfriend; wife. : mechas a chuodel dil, mechesei, mechesil a beluu. from root mechas
mechas : n. coconut at later stage (between medecheduch and metau) when shell blackens and husk turns yellowish brown. : from root mechas
mechas : v.s. having the qualities of an old woman. : from root mechas
mechas er kemam : expr. wife of one of my relatives; mother-in-law. : from root mechas
mechas er ngak : expr. my girlfriend or wife. : from root mechas
mechesei : v.s.inch. becoming an old woman. : from root mechas
mechesil : var. mesechil : from root mechas
mesechil : n.poss.3s : from root mechas
mesechil a ding : expr. inner part of ear. : from root mechas
mechebechebong : : mechebechebong a kmal mechesang; mechas a mechebechebong el meruul a kles. from root mechebechebong
mechebechib : : mechebechib a ungil e meduch el mengib; rekebil a mechebechib a sengchir se el loukarkimenai. from root mechebechib
Mechebechubel : n. recent name for Ngetbang. : Mechebechubel a rengedel a beluu er a Ngetbang. from root Mechebechubel
mechechei : v.s. jealous; envious. : mechechei a chelechei; chetil a lungil a tang, bechelechelingaol; chelechingil. from root mechechei
mechechingang : v.s.inch. is getting jealous. : from root mechechei
mechechuid : v.erg.redup. keep making mistakes. : mechechuid a blechoel e mekudem el mecheuid, choudur, chouid a tekoi, chudul. from root mechechuid
ched : : ched a ched el reng, meched a rengul, soal melim a ralm. from root meched
meched : v.s. shallow; (tide) low. : meched a diak el dolech; chedil a chei, meched el mesei. from root meched
meched : v.s. : meched a chedelreng, meched a renguk, soak el melim. from root meched
meched a chei : expr. tide is low. : from root meched
meched a rengul : expr. thirsty; impatient; prone to overreact; (deprived and) having strong desire for. : from root meched
mechedei : v.s.inch. (tide) is getting low. : mechedei a mla mo meched. from root meched
mechederengais : v.s. (dog's bark, person's voice) high-pitched or whining. : from root mechederengais
mecheel : Choked (with something stuck in the throat). : mecheel a cheleel; medecherecher el kall a chemelii a chad, mecheel er a techel a babii; ngar er a omerekaol e diak el bong el ka ltobeb. from root mecheel
mechelaol : v.s. afraid of heights; acrophobic. : mechelaol a medakd; suebek a rengul, mechelaol el melemiakl, chelolel. from root mechelaol
mecheld : v.s. (water for cooking) close to boiling out. : from root mecheld
mechell : v.i. have a baby; be born. : mechell a mechellii a ngalek; cheroll, mle dioll e mla mechell; omechell, cherellel. from root mechell
mlechell : v.past : from root mechell
kellechakl : v.s. (village, wind) calm. : kellechakl a kmal chelellakl; diak a mengitektik, diak a mengerodech; metuda klebesei me a beluu a kehechakl from root mechellakl
mechellakl : v.s. (village, etc) quiet or peaceful. : mechellakl a chollakl; cholleklii, dachelbai, beruadel a mengellakl a rechad. from root mechellakl
tellechakl : var. kellechakl : from root mechellakl
cheleokl : v.r.s. having something stuck in throat; (machine) broken. : cheleokl a mla mecheokl; merekeklii a tungd, ngar er ngii a tungd er a omerkolel; cheleokl a telemall el mesil; bilas a cheleokl. from root mecheokl
chemeklii : : from root mecheokl
mecheokl : v.i. get something stuck in throat. : mecheokl a cheleokl; chelemekl a tungd er a omerkolel, chemeklii, cheokl, cheklel. from root mecheokl
mengeokl er a rengul : expr. burden; bother; cause concern; weigh on. : from root mecheokl
Mecherchar : n. island in Koror. : from root Mecherchar
Mecherechar : n. : Mecherechar a chelebacheb er a Oreor. from root Mecherechar
cherroakl : v.r.s. (ankle) twisted or sprained. : cherroakl a mla mocheroakl; ulechoid a ulengeruaol er a ochil, ulecheroakl. from root mecheroakl
mechereuakl : var. mecheroakl : mechereuakl a mesim; mechesoim a bereberel a ouach, mechereuakl a ochil. from root mecheroakl
mecheroakl : v.t. (ankle) get twisted or sprained. : from root mecheroakl
mochereuakl : v.erg. : mochereuakl a ulechereuakl; mloiit a bereberel ochil; ouach el mekngit a delecherul e mochereuakl; mechiud. from root mecheroakl
ulechereuakl : v.r.s. : from root mecheroakl
mechecherocher : v.s.redup. rather salty. : mechecherocher a telkib el mecherocher; bekedaob. from root mecherocher
mechercherang : var. mecherecherang : mechercherang a mla mo mecherocher; klou a sar, daob er ngii. from root mecherocher
mecherecherang : v.s.inch. is getting salty. : from root mecherocher
mecherocher : v.s. salty; salty food. : mecherocher a cherrocher; telemtemul a daob me a sar; cherrecherel. from root mecherocher
mengarm a mecherocher : take risk; bite off more than one can chew; overextend oneself. : from root mecherocher
mechechesang : v.s.redup. rather busy. : mechechesang a telkib el mechesang; diak lemededaes. from root mechesang
mechesang : v.s. busy; occupied. : mechesang diak lemededaes; ngar er ngii a loruul; chelsang. from root mechesang
mechesang : n. any cultural ceremony. : mechesang a ocheraol; cheldecheduch, chelsang. from root mechesang
mechetel : v.s. hoarse. : mechetel a telaod a omelekingel, mechetechetel a secherel a omerekaol. from root mechetel
mechetiteblong : v.s. very busy (doing something); in a flurry of activity (over something). : from root mechetiteblong
mechiechab : v.s. (teeth) full of cavities. : mechiechab a chiechab; ochab a mechiechab; kliis el delluchel. from root mechiechab
mechiechab : n. hole. : from root mechiechab
mechikang : v.s.inch. goodbye (said to someone in the process of leaving). : mechikang a melmesumech; morael kung, morolung, mechikung. from root mechikang
mechikung : v.s.pred. goodbye (said to someone preparing to leave). : mechikung a mechikang. from root mechikung
mechilekelek : : mechilkelek a merat; osebeseb, emull a mla mechilkelek er a sils. from root mechilekelek
mechilkelek : : mechilekelek a klou el ocherechur; mechilkelek er a deroakl; metitai er a chur; chelilkelek. from root mechilkelek
mechiloil : v.i. get swollen all over. : from root mechiloil
mechilou : v.s. sheltered/protected (from wind; rain; sun; etc.). : mechilou a meusech; eungel a chelebacheb a mechilou. from root mechilou
mechitechetong : v.s.inch. getting weak; weakening. : from root mechitechut
mechitechut : v.s. weak; aged; frail; defeated. : mechitechut a diak lemesisiich, mechas a mechitechut, chelitechut, chelitechetul. from root mechitechut
mechitechut a rengul : expr. weak willed; unmotivated; easily discouraged. : from root mechitechut
chachiuaiu : v.recip. be (all) asleep together. : chachiuaiu a di du el mechiuaiu; kebedebad a rechad, rechad el di ulekedurs; cheliuel, kachiuaiu. from root mechiuaiu
mechiuaiu : v.i. sleep; lie down to rest. : ngalek a mechiuaiu, mechiuiuang, cheliuel from root mechiuaiu
mechiuaiu : v.s. (arm; leg) numb. : from root mechiuaiu
mechiuaiu : n. sensitive plant (contracts when touched). : from root mechiuaiu
mechiuiuang : v.i.inch. : from root mechiuaiu
mo mechiuaiu : expr. go to sleep. : from root mechiuaiu
Mechorei : n. causeway in Airai that traditionally served as the boundary for jurisdiction under Rekali and Ibedul, the two highest chiefs in Palau. : from root Mechorei
mechuached : v.s. bitter. : mechuached a ta er a bedengel a telemtam; cheluached, muau; osul a ngikel a mechuached, cheluchedel. from root mechuached
mechuached a rengul : expr. evil; mean; stubborn. : from root mechuached
mechebsang : v.s.inch. is getting healed. : mechebsang a mla mo mechubs; mla mo ungil. from root mechubs
mechechubs : v.s.redup. sort of healed. : mechechubs a telkib el ungil, mechubs. from root mechubs
mechubs : v.s. healed. : mechubs a mla mo diak el kltkat, chubs from root mechubs
mechechucheb : v.s.redup. (sky) rather cloudy. : from root mechucheb
mechucheb : v.s. (sky) cloudy/threatening. : mechucheb a chelucheb; ngar ngii a chucheb, a eanged a mechucheb me ng soal el mo chull, chuchebii, chuucheb,chechebel from root mechucheb
mechudoud : v.t. lose track of; forget about. : from root mechudoud
mechuid : v.erg. confused; lost (in forest; etc.). : mechuid a cheleuid; choudur, chouid a klumech, chudul. from root mechuid
mechuit : v.s. miserly; (meat) tough; (wood) hard. : mechuit a diak lebeot el mesuud, meringet, cheremrum a mechuit el kall, chuit. from root mechuit
mechuit : : mechuit a mengedmokl; diak el deleberuou; meterekakl, mechuit e bekerurau a le kirel, chiut er ngii, from root mechuit
mechur : n. porgy; small-tooth emperor fish. : from root mechur
mechurars : v.s. reparably cracked. : from root mechurars
mechurars : v.s. (penis) flaccid after having prematurely lost erection. : from root mechurars
bechetemlemla : v.s. very old; aged; rusted; used up. : from root mechut
bechetemlemlang : var. bechetemlemla : from root mechut
mechetemlemlang : var. bechetemlemla : from root mechut
mechetong : v.s.inch. is getting old, worn out, etc. : from root mechut
mechut : v.s. old; worn out; decayed; spoiled; stagnant; (skin) broken out or having allergic reaction or irritated (with rash). : mechut a chut; diak lebeches. mechut el mlai, chetul, chut. from root mechut
mechechuchuu : : mechechuchuu a telkib el mechuu, chuu,chungel from root mechuu
mechechuu : v.s.redup. fairly shady. : from root mechuu
mechuu : v.s. shady. : mechuu a chuu; diak a dichel a sils er ngii, eungel a kerrekar a mechuu, chungel. from root mechuu
Okiu a Mechuu : expr. name of female ghost who walks shady areas of rock islands. : from root mechuu
medai : v.s. poor/needy (i.e.; have no financial resources). : medal a diak a ududel; kedeuul. from root medai
medai el buil : expr. unfavorable months for ceremonious events (even numbered months). : from root medai
kadekdakd : var. kadekdakt : kadekdakd a didu el medakd; kedakd, kadekdakd el terung, dekdel from root medakt
kadekdakt : v.recip.redup. be afraid of each other. : from root medakt
kedakd : var. kedakt : kedakd a didu el medakd; medakd er a sechelil me a sechelil a medakd er ngii; te didu el kedakd e diak le kaodengei, dakd, dekdel. from root medakt
kedakt : v.recip. be afraid of each other. : from root medakt
medakd : var. medakt : medakd a dakd; diak le bekeu, medakd a milkolk; deleb, dekdel. from root medakt
medakt : v.s.t. fear; be afraid of. : from root medakt
mededekdakd : var. mededekdakt : mededekdakd a telkib el medakd. from root medakt
mededekdakt : v.s.redup. be somewhat afraid of. : from root medakt
medekdang : var. medektang : medekdang a mla mo medakd; dekdel from root medakt
medektang : v.s.t.inch. is becoming frightened. : from root medakt
medalia : n. religious medal. : from root medalia
medau : : medau a medal a merur; cheleleu a medal er a seked; diak le blekebek. from root medau
medau a medal : v.s. (face) having embarrassed expression. : from root medau a medal
medbedbekang : : medbedbekang mocha medbedibek a eanged; mla mo kekerei a chull. from root medbedibek
medbedibek : : medbedibek a mocha kekerei a chull, medbedibek a eanged. from root medbedibek
medbedibek a chull : expr. rain is intermittent. : from root medbedibek
mededbedibek : : mededbedibek a telkib el kekerei a chull; medbedibek a eanged. from root medbedibek
medebdobd : : medebdobd a telil er a sengerenger; ngesonges a klisichel. from root medebdobd
medebedob : v.redup. keep falling into holes; keep being late. : medebedob a mekudem el duob, mesaik a medebedob er a skuul. from root medebedob
delebusech : v.r.s. : delebusech a betok a ralm er a bedengel; belsuus, klou el omengelel; delebusech el chad a tekiall secher. from root medebusech
medebusech : v.erg. : medebusech a delebusech; mui er a ralm; mla medebusech a bedengel er a omelim. from root medebusech
medecheduch : n. coconut at later stage (between odimalmekebud and mechas) when juice turns acidic and meat hardens. : medecheduch a rodech el lius el ngar a delongelel a metau me a mengur. from root medecheduch
medecheduch a rengul : n. : Metetoech a medal chad; medecheduch a rengul a kedidai a rengul; diak el omekerreu; diak le betik a rengul; medecheduch a rengul e kiei er a diak el blil. from root medecheduch a rengul
medechel : v.s. (thing) left aside or behind; remaining; left over; in storage. : medechel a mechei; diak el nglai; kingall a nglai e a tebel a medechel. from root medechel
medecherecher : v.s. hard; tough; firm; (body) tense; (blood) clotted; committing adultery. : medecherecher a delecherecher; diak el medemedemek, brak a medecherecher el kall, delecherecherel. from root medecherecher
medecherecher a rengul : v.s. stubborn; adamant; not easily swayed. : from root medecherecher
oumedecherecher : v.i. act tough. : oumedecherecher a melekoi a mesisiich el tekoi el oubekeu er ngii. from root medecherecher
dedaes : v.s. : dedaes a diak a chelsang; mededaes, deledaes; a lebo er ngii a deledesek e a kikong, dedesel. from root mededaes
mededaes : v.s. (person, room, etc.) unoccupied; idle; available. : mededaes a diak lemechesang; dedaes, deledesel. from root mededaes
mededesang : v.s.inch. is getting to have free time. : mededesang a mla mo mededaes; diak el mechesang. from root mededaes
mededebedob : : mededebedob a blechoel el duob; duob er a skuul, mo meoud er a urreor. from root mededebedob
mededebedob : : mededebedob a blechoel el duob er a delluchel. from root mededebedob
mededreboreb : : mededreboreb a reboreb. from root mededreboreb
medeel : v.s. overflowing; too big or too much. : medeel a suibes; kall a medeel er a rechad; uldirkork a ildisel a kall. from root medeel
medeel me a derengel : expr. have more than enough (lit. have plenty and then more); can well afford. : from root medeel
medelang : v.s.inch. has become too big or much. : medelang a mla mo medeel. from root medeel
medei : v.i. be unexpectedly the case. : from root medei
medelbeot : v.s. unexpectedly easy/cheap. : from root medei
medekum : v.s. (person) having a good appetite. : from root medekum
medeldelechel : n.poss.3s. : medeldelechel a dmolech er ngii el ngoaol; medeldelechel a dailechei. from root medeldelechel
medemedemek : v.s. soft; tender; gentle; quiet. : medemedemek a delemedemek diak elmedecherecher, demok a medemedemek; delemedemekel. from root medemedemek
medemedemek a rengul : expr. kind; generous. : from root medemedemek
diak lodengelii a rengul : expr. (person) unaware of his limitations or overestimates his abilities or overextends himself with committments. : from root medengei
kaodengei : v.recip. know each other; know each other's whereabouts; keep track of each other. : kaodengei a didu el medengei; klaodengei er a delongelir el di terung; kaodengei el tekoi. from root medengei
mededengei : v.s.t.redup. be somewhat familiar with. : mededengei a telkib el medengei. from root medengei
medenge : var. medengei : from root medengei
medengei : v.s.t. know (person or thing); understand; memorize. : medengei a ngar er ngii a klaodengei er ngii; medengelii a tekoi. from root medengei
medengei : : medengei a ngar er ngii a klaodengei er ngii; medengelii a tekoi. from root medengei
medengei : v.s.t. have sexual knowledge of. : medengei a ngar er ngii a klaodengei er ngii; medengelii a tekoi. from root medengei
medengelii : : medengelii a medengei; medengelii a telemall; melechesuar. from root medengei
medengelii a rengul : expr. regain consciousness (after a faint or stroke); (person) self-confident or self-assured; (person) knowing his abilities or capacities. : from root medengei
medengelkak : : from root medengei
medengelkau : : from root medengei
medengelkid : : from root medengei
medengelterir : : from root medengei
mildengelterir : : from root medengei
mle medengei : : from root medengei
mle medengelii : : from root medengei
oumededengei : v.redup. wonder if one knows or recognizes (someone, something). : from root medengei
oumededenger : var. oumededengei : from root medengei
mededeomel : v.s.redup. rather spoiled/over-protected. : mededeomel a telkib el medeomel; telkib el ulekeangel. from root medeomel
medemelang : v.s.inch. : from root medeomel
medeomel : v.s. (child) spoiled or over-protected; (person) impolite or ill-mannered or prone to doing things wildly. : medeomel a metekeel; diak lodengelii a rengul; musii a klou el blai e bechachau a til, medemelang. from root medeomel
mederark : n. gray reef shark. : from root mederark
medesii : staying up until morning; (almost) exclusively followed by 'a llomes.'. : medesii a dengchokl el mo tutau; te di mle mekar er a sar el medesii a llomes. from root medesii
medeues : v.s. have an appetite/taste for. : medeues a deleues; sengerenger er a cheled me a ngikel; medesengang. from root medeues
medeul : n.poss.3s : medeul a medeu er ngii, medeul a rael; medeul a chimal. from root medeul
medibs : : medibs a duubech er a buld el medecherecher; tebull, chiklek a medibs e meringel. from root medibs
medidai : v.s. loose; loose-fitting; partly filled; uncrowded; (speech, etc.) natural/effortless. : medidai a diak le meseked; kesai a rengalek me a skuul a medidai. from root medidai
medidecheduches : v.redup. wander around. : medidecheduches a meses el merael a beluu. from root medidecheduches
medideklokl : v.i. weep. : from root medideklokl
medideriik : v.s.redup. (yard, etc.) cleaned out/stripped of things (because of wind, etc.); (house) empty (of persons); (persons) broke or out of money. : medideriik a mededaes; diak a besbas; medideriik el blai di bechachau. from root medideriik
Medideriik : n. A bai in Chol. : Medideriik a ngklel a bai er a Chol. from root Medideriik
medideuekl : v.i. : medideuekl a mekudem el mo dibus e kuk me duum; idedeuekl a kuk dibusei. from root medideuekl
mededengedinges : v.s.redup. rather full. : from root medinges
mededngedinges : var. mededengedinges : mededngedinges telkib el medinges; dngesel. from root medinges
medinges : v.s. full (with food); satisfied; possessing plenty of. : medinges a dinges; diak el sengerenger; uleka el medinges; dngesel. from root medinges
medinges er a tekoi : expr. fed up with the matter or affair. : from root medinges
medngesang : v.s.inch. is getting full. : medngesang a mla mo medinges. from root medinges
mededidirt : : mededidirt a telkib el medirt; bail a kedemek. from root medirt
medidirt : v.s.redup. almost dry. : medidirt a medirt; didirt, bail a medidirt; diak el dekimes; diditel. from root medirt
mediditang : v.s.inch.redup is just getting dry. : mediditang a mla mo medidirt. from root medirt
medirt : v.s. dry. : medirt a medidirt; diak el dekimes. from root medirt
meditang : v.s.inch. is beginning to dry. : meditang a mla mo medirt. from root medirt
medob : n. whale. : medob a meklou el ngikel er a ngoaol. from root medob
Medorem : n. hamlet in Imeliik. : Medorem a chimo er a rengedel a beluu er a lmeliik. from root Medorem
medechang : v.s.t.inch. is getting to know how (to); is becoming skilled. : dioll a medechang; betok a bilel; kmeed el mechell. medechang a mocha meduch el meloik. from root meduch
medecheduch : v.s.t.redup. : medecheduch a telkib el meduch; medecheduch el mengereomel a udoud me a kall, duch er ngii. from root meduch
mededecheduch : v.s.t.redup. : mededecheduch a meduch; telkib el meduch; mededecheduch el mengisemuk er a delengcheklel. from root meduch
meduch : v.s.t. know how (to); be skilled at; (wood, metal, etc.) strong or durable; half-ripe (i.e. ready to pick); (pregnant woman) at full-term. : meduch a medengei; sebechel el meruul; meduch er a ngloik, duch er a urreor; dechal er a omenged; meduch a dioll el betok a bilel el kmeed el mechell. from root meduch
meduch a ngerel : expr. good at explaining things clearly; glib; prone to finding excuses; name of Ngcheangel banana. : from root meduch
meduch a rengul : expr. hard-working; conscientious; strong-willed; persevering. : from root meduch
meduch el mengang : expr. be a glutton. : from root meduch
medud : v.s. (person) having distended belly; (tree) having abnormal bulge. : medud a klou a delel e mesengaked a bedengel; mekngit a omengelel a medud. from root medud
medudes : v.s. having blister (from burn; etc.). : medudes a rekdel a buld el ngar ngii a ralm er ngii me ng medudes from root medudes
meduis : v.s. good at climbing; not afraid of heights. : meduis a diak le mechelaol; bekeu el melemiakl; meduis el melemiakl; diak el dadeb. from root meduis
meduis er a bekall : expr. good at maneuvering around in moving canoe. : from root meduis
meduis er a mlai : expr. good at maneuvering around in moving canoe. : from root meduis
medulam : n.poss.1pe : from root medulel
meduled : n.poss.1pi : from root medulel
medulek : n.poss.1s : from root medulel
medulel : n.poss.3s (its/his/her) crook (of arm or leg). : from root medulel
medulel a chim : expr. crook of arm. : from root medulel
medulel a oach : expr. crook or bend of leg. : from root medulel
medulem : n.poss.2s : from root medulel
medulir : n.poss.3p : from root medulel
meduliu : n.poss.2p : from root medulel
meduuelel : var. medulel : meduuelel a medeu er ngii; meduuelel a ouach me a chim. from root medulel
meduliou : n. type of breadfruit. : from root meduliou
medulukur : n. peacemaker. : medulukur a rechad el omudech a tekoi; chad er a budech; chad el melemalt a omerellir. from root medulukur
kie er a medual : expr. live or stay in wife's family's village. : from root meduu
meduad : n.poss.1pi : from root meduu
meduak : n.poss.1s : from root meduu
medual : n.poss.3s male genitals. : medual a meduu er ngii. from root meduu
medual a kambalang : expr. bell-clapper. : from root meduu
medual a klok : expr. pendulum. : from root meduu
medual a olebedabel : expr. hanging weight of scale. : from root meduu
meduam : n.poss.2s : from root meduu
medumam : n.poss.1pe : from root meduu
medumiu : n.poss.2p : from root meduu
medungam : n.poss.1pe : from root meduu
medunged : n.poss.1pi : from root meduu
medungek : n.poss.1s : from root meduu
medungel : n.poss.3s : medungel a medual, meduu er ngii. from root meduu
medungem : n.poss.2s : from root meduu
medungir : n.poss.3p : from root meduu
medungiu : n.poss.2p : from root meduu
medurir : n.poss.3p : from root meduu
meduu : n. breadfruit. : meduu a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. from root meduu
meduu : n. male genitals (large). : meduu a chadngais; klekedall er a sechal, medual, medungel. from root meduu
meduu : v.s. (testicles) swollen; (pig) having testicles/uncastrated. : meduu a chadngais; klekedall er a sechal, medual, medungel. from root meduu
meduuk : v.s. (plant fiber, mat, etc.) mildewed. : meduuk a chut er a kelekolt; meduuk el chesbocheb; meduuk el such; chedecholl a meduuk. from root meduuk
meduuliei : n. : meduuliei a ta er a bedengel a meduu el ouchebiei a rdechel; kerrekar. from root meduuliei
be : v.imp. : be a ta er a telengtengil a tekoi el mengai er a tekoi el mei; be bong, be metengel. from root mei
be kbong : expr. goodbye; I'm leaving. : from root mei
ble : v.past.hypothetical : from root mei
me : var. mei : from root mei
me e mong : expr. pass by; go on; "(in a direction) towards me and then keep going (past me)." : from root mei
mei : v.i. come; arrive. : mei a okedongel a chad; mei er tiei, mei me kulekoi, ka mei. from root mei
mera : cont. mei er a : from root mei
merekung : v.i.pred. is about to come or arrive. : from root mei
meremang : var. mermang : meremang a merael mei; ngar er a omerolel el mei; dumiang er a dmuil. from root mei
merkung : var. merekung : from root mei
mermang : v.inch. : from root mei
mle : var. mlei : mle a melekoi er a rrekui; Bung a mle tmuu; ng mle mekerang? from root mei
mlei : v.past came; arrived. : mlei a mla mei me ngar tiang; skoki a mlei er a tutau. from root mei
mlera : cont. mlei er a : from root mei
nguu el mei : expr. bring. : from root mei
ta el buil er mla me e mong : expr. one month ago. : from root mei
imiud : : from root meiud
iuedii : : from root meiud
iuodel : v.a.s. : from root meiud
meiud : v.t. : meiud a iuodel; iuedii, imiud a such; mla meiud, iuedel. from root meiud
ilisar : : from root meius
ilus : : ilus a mla meius; imus a mlai el merael; isal a mlai. from root meius
ilus : v.r.s. rowed; paddled; stirred. : ilus a mla meius; imus a mlai el merael; isal a mlai. from root meius
imus : : imus a meius, meius a betok el mlai; dirrek el meius a ilumel. from root meius
isall : v.a.s. is to be rowed, paddled or stirred. : isall a kirel el meius; isar a mlai, imus a ilumel, isal. from root meius
isar : : isar a omeius er ngii; meius a mlai; isar a ilumel from root meius
meius : v.t. row; paddle; stir. : meius a oba oius er ngii; isar a ilumel; meius a mlai; imus, isal a mlai. from root meius
meius : v.erg. : from root meius
omeius : n.act. action of paddling. : omeius a meius a omerael er a daob, omeius er a rubekul Belau a metengel me a dmanges (mo er a Oreor). from root meius
meiusech : v.s. (sea, weather) calm; (village, house, etc.) tranquil or peaceful. : meiusech a kellechakl; diak a ringel daob; diak a eolt; chelellakl, meiusech a beluu, isechel a daob. from root meiusech
mesesiusech : var. misiusech : mesesiusech a telkib el meiusech a eolt. from root meiusech
misiusech : v.s.redup. (sea) rather calm. : misiusech a meiusech e chelellak; diak le meringel a daob. from root meiusech
mede : cont. 'me de-' : from root mek
mek : cont. 'me k-' : from root mek
meki : cont. 'me ki-' : from root mek
mele : cont. 'me le-' : from root mek
mete : cont. 'me te-' : from root mek
chad er a mekaeb : expr. inhabitant of Peleliu. : from root Mekaeb
debel a mekaeb : expr. the ocean between Angaur and Peleliu. : from root Mekaeb
Mekaeb : n. the area between Angaur and Peleliu. : Mekaeb a chei el delongelel a Ngeaur me a Beliliou. from root Mekaeb
mekar : v.i. wake up; (limb) regain feeling or lose numbness. : mekar a diak el uleiit a medal; diak el mechiuaiu; okerengii, okar a medal, olekar er tir, okerengel. from root mekar
mekar : v.s. awake. : mekar a diak el uleiit a medal; diak el mechiuaiu; okerengii, okar a medal, olekar er tir, okerengel. from root mekar
mekekerekar : var. mekekerkar : mekekerekar a mekudem el mekar; diak el ungil el imiit a medal. from root mekar
mekekerkar : v.i.redup. keep waking up. : from root mekar
mekekerkar : v.s.redup. half awake. : from root mekar
mekerekar : v.i.redup. : mekerekar a mekekerekar; diak lungil el imiit a medal. from root mekar
mekerengang : v.i.inch. is just waking up. : mekerengang a mla mekar. from root mekar
mekerkar : v.i.redup. keep waking up. : from root mekar
mekeald : v.s. warm; hot. : mekeald a kleald; diak le mekelekolt; mekeald el ralm; smecher a mekeald; ngar er ngii a kleldelel. from root mekeald
mekeald : n. hot water; hot drink (esp., coffee). : from root mekeald
mekeald a rengul : expr. feel hot inside. : from root mekeald
mekekeald : v.s.redup. rather warm. : mekekeald a telkib el mekeald. from root mekeald
mekeldang : v.s.inch. is getting warm. : mekeldang a mocha mekeald. from root mekeald
mekeldel : n.poss.3s : mekeldel a mekeald er ngii. from root mekeald
mekebud : n. herring. : mekebud a mekekerei el ngikel (herring); ungil el uaol er a omengereel. from root mekebud
mekedad : n. [Lumnitzera littorea]. : from root mekedad
mekedelial : v.s. unkempt (hair); messy (hair). : sulkolk from root mekedelial
mekekad : v.s.redup. itchy; promiscuous; horny. : from root mekekad
mekekad : n.redup. mangrove tree whose bark causes itching. : mekekad a kerekar er a keburs. from root mekekad
mekekedeang : v.s.redup.inch. becoming itchy or horny. : from root mekekad
mekekedeoel : v.s. horny. : mekekedeoel a mekekad el chad. from root mekekad
mekekekad : v.s.redup. rather itchy or horny. : from root mekekad
mekekeam : v.s. fast working (usually, with hands). : mekekeam a mereched; meklekilt, klekeam, mekekeam er a urreor, klekemengel. from root mekekeam
mekekemangel : v.s. : mekekemangel a mekekemanget. from root mekekemangel
mekekirenguul : var. mekekirnguul : from root mekekirnguul
mekekirnguul : v.s. : mekekirnguul a mechechei a rengul; bechelechelingaol, mekekirenguul a rengul; chetil a lungil a chad. from root mekekirnguul
mekelekeltang : v.s.inch. is getting cold. : mekelekeltang a mocha mekelekolt. from root mekelekolt
mekelekolt : v.s. cold, cool. : mekelekolt a kelekolt; diak le mekeald; kolekeltii a blai, kolekolt a kall, mengelekolt, kelkeltel. from root mekelekolt
mekelekolt : n. cold drink. : mekelekolt a kelekolt; diak le mekeald; kolekeltii a blai, kolekolt a kall, mengelekolt, kelkeltel. from root mekelekolt
benged el mekemad : expr. full-scale war between villages. : from root mekemad
chad er a mekemad : expr. warrior. : from root mekemad
er se er a mekemad : expr. during the war. : from root mekemad
er se er a taem er a mekemad : expr. during the war. : from root mekemad
kaumekemad : v.recip. fight or make war against each other. : kaumekemad a didu el oumekemad; kakoad, Merikel me a Siabal a mle kaumekemad, mekemedil. from root mekemad
mekemad : n. war. : mekemad a klakoad er a delongelel a beluu me a beluu. from root mekemad
mekemedei : v.i.inch. war is starting to break out. : from root mekemad
mekemedil : n.poss.3s : mekemedil a mekemad er ngii. from root mekemad
merechorech el mekemad : expr. small war or incident in which group of warriors sneaks into rival village; decapitates someone and returns home with head. : from root mekemad
mekemedaol : : mekemedaol a ulekedong; Rubekul a Belau a mla mekemedaol er a cheldecheduch er a U.N. from root mekemedaol
mekekemediil : : mekekemdiil a merael a klautok er a delongelel a beluu me a beluu; ngar er ngii a mekekerei el klakoad; soal el mo mekomad. from root mekemediil
mekemediil : : mekemediil a taem el ngar er ngii a klautok me a klaumekemad. from root mekemediil
kede mekerang : expr. what shall we do (now)? : from root mekerang
mekerang : v.i. do what? : mekerang a ker; oker, Calista ng mekerang? kau ke mekerang? from root mekerang
mekerasem : v.s. (person) cold or chilly; embarrassed or ashamed (esp., because of someone else's behavior, etc.). : mekerasem a ilalidel; diak lekesib; mekerasem er a kelekolt, kersemel. from root mekerasem
mekereker : v.s. (fish, meat, vegetables, leaves) fresh; (person) robust; lively; in good health or condition. : mekereker a beches; mekereker el ngikel, mekereker el kebui; mekereker el kall; mekereker a mesisiich a bedengel; meses er a urreor, usbechall er a buai; diak le mesaik el chad. from root mekereker
mekereker a medal : expr. have alert or robust face. : from root mekereker
mekerior : v.s. unfortunate; unlucky; ill-fated. : mekerior a duubech a chelebuul; kerrior me a did a mlecham. from root mekerior
mekerekard : var. mekerkard : mekerkard a kmard; ngeuil a ngeliokl a mekerekard; mekerdii, mekard a olbidel; melemolem el kmard. from root mekerkard
mekerkard : v.s.redup. glowing. : from root mekerkard
mekerokl : v.i. get up or take off or begin suddenly. : from root mekerokl
mekerokl el mekiis : expr. get up or wake up suddenly. : from root mekerokl
mekerokl el remurt : expr. run (away) suddenly. : from root mekerokl
milekerokl : v.i.past : from root mekerokl
mekers : v.s. (fruit) puckery or cloying. : mekers a ta er a bedengel telemtam; techel a buuch a mekers. from root mekers
klsakl : v.r.s. (something) wrong/the matter. : klsakl a ngar er ngii a telemall; mla mekesakl? ke klsakl? tia ng klsakl? from root mekesakl
kusakl : do what with them? how does it affect (other things)? : kusakl a ngmodech; metemall, mla kusakl a babier? from root mekesakl
kuseklii : var. kuskelii : kuseklii a mekera er ngii; ke mla kuseklii a ngalek me ng lmangel? from root mekesakl
kuskelid : : from root mekesakl
kuskelii : do what with it/to it? : from root mekesakl
mekesakl : v.t. go wrong. : mekesakl a metemall; mla mekesakl ngalek? mla kuskelii? ke mla kusakl a udoud? from root mekesakl
mekesakl : pro. what is wrong. : from root mekesakl
mekesekesel : n.poss.3s : mekesekesel a mekesokes er ngii. from root mekesokes
mekesokes : n. environs of house; yard. : mekesokes a mekesong; chutem el meliuekl er a blai; mekesekesel. from root mekesokes
mekesong : var. mekesokes : mekesong a mekesokes. from root mekesokes
mekii : v.s.t. be disgusted, sickened or repelled by. : mekii a chetil a kikiongel; mekii a merecherached a rengul er ngii; kingel. from root mekii
sekikii : v.s. always getting disgusted. : sekikii a bekikii; mekii, chetil a kikiongel. from root mekii
mekiis : v.i. wake up or get up (naturally, intentionally). : mekiis a mo dechor; mekiis el merael; mekar, kisel er a cheliuaiu. from root mekiis
mekisang : v.i.inch. : from root mekiis
mekisung : v.i.pred. : from root mekiis
milkiis : v.i.past : from root mekiis
mekikiid : v.s. pure; blameless; absolved (from blame, etc.); (house) empty. : mekikiid a bechachau; diak a kall, diak a udoud. from root mekikiid
mekikiid a rengul : v.s. unsympathetic; uncaring; uninvolved; emotionless. : from root mekikiid
ulekidakl : v.s. innocent; free of blame. : from root mekikiid
mekelekilt : v.s.redup. quite agile or dexterous. : from root mekilt
mekilt : v.s. agile; dexterous. : mekilt a meklekilt; mekekeam el dil; mekereker, mereched el rokir a urrereel. from root mekilt
meklekilt : : meklekilt a mekekeam; diak le ngeuall; merechereched. from root meklekilt
mekllam : n.poss.1pe : from root mekllel
meklled : n.poss.1pi : from root mekllel
mekllek : n.poss.1s : from root mekllel
mekllel : n.poss.3s something forbidden/tabooed (to him/her). : mekllel a mekull er ngii; delal, rudos, ruchedal me a rechedal a delal a mekllel; diak lokesiaol a chad er a mekllel. from root mekllel
mekllem : n.poss.2s : from root mekllel
mekllir : n.poss.3p : from root mekllel
meklliu : n.poss.2p : from root mekllel
mekllungel : n.poss.3s : mekllungel a mekllou er ngii; kllou. from root mekllungel
mekltengeteii : : mekltengeteii a omekltengat er ngii, rullii el mo ngeltengat; mo ungil besul. from root mekltengeteii
kakngit : v.recip. be on bad terms with each other. : from root mekngit
mekikngit : v.s.redup. rather bad. : mekikngit a telkib el mekngit; urreor a telkib el telemall; mekikngit a rengul; soal el lmangel from root mekngit
mekikngit a rengul : expr. feel rather sad or sorry about; rather mean or inconsiderate. : from root mekngit
mekngit : v.s. bad; evil; sinful; disadvantageous; (words, etc.) harsh. : mekngit a diak el ungil; omelamech a mekngit e le ngmuchel a secher. from root mekngit
mekngit a eanged : expr. weather is bad. : from root mekngit
mekngit a medal : expr. have a sad face; look distressed. : from root mekngit
mekngit a rengul : expr. feel sorry/sad about; mean; inconsiderate. : from root mekngit
mekngit el kar : n. illegal drugs. : from root mekngit
mekngit er a rengul : expr. not good for; not all right with. : from root mekngit
mekngte : var. mekngtei : from root mekngit
mekngtei : v.s.inch. is getting bad or worsening. : mekngtei a mocha mekngit; ngalek el melamech a mariuana a mekngtei a klechad er ngii. from root mekngit
oumekngit : v.i. : oumekngit a kesib a rengul; omid, lmangel, meruul a diak el ungil. from root mekngit
mekngitebesul : v.s. uncomfortable; not fitting well. : from root mekngitebesul
mekoar : v.s. well-built; husky; strong; big-boned; muscular; able-bodied. : mekoar a metongakl e meklou a bedengel el chad; merdau. from root mekoar
mekokil : var. mekekokir : from root mekokil
mekoll : v.s. scratchy (throat). As often precedes a cold or flu. Also, the feeling in the throat after eating various foods such as cheremrum. : from root mekoll
mekreos : v.s. hoarded; precious; dear; valuable. : mekreos a mengreos; olekemekem; diak el mimokl el merous; kiresii a chutem; kireos a kall, keresel. from root mekreos
mekreos : v.s.t. be miserly/over-possessive about; hold on to. : mekreos a mengreos; olekemekem; diak el mimokl el merous; kiresii a chutem; kireos a kall, keresel. from root mekreos
mekreos a rengul : expr. miserly; avaricious; selfish. : from root mekreos
mekull : v.s. forbidden; taboo; off limits. : mekull a diak el subed; diak el ruoll; usbechel a boes a mekull; mariuana a mekull; mekllel. from root mekull
melab : v.t. pierce (ear, nose) for ring. : melab a omsibs a ding; dingal a ilab. Omsibs a ding el mo blil a telau. from root melab
telab : v.r.s. (ear, nose) pierced for ring etc. : from root melab
ketabd : v.recip. scratch each other; scrape off each other's skin. : from root melabd
melabd : v.t. skin (animal, fish); remove bark or outer fiber (of plant); husk (coconut); scrape skin (of body); scrape inside off (molech = trepang) . : melabd a melai a buld; omkobk, melabd a buuch, tobdii, tuabd a budel, tebdel. from root melabd
metabd : v.erg. : from root melabd
tbidel : var. tebudel : from root melabd
tebdall : var. tebudel : from root melabd
tebudel : v.a.s. is to be skinned/scraped. : from root melabd
telabd : v.r.s. skinned; scraped : telabd a telebudel; mla metabd; nglai budel; telabd el malk. from root melabd
telebudel : var. telabd : from root melabd
tilabd : : from root melabd
tilebdii : : from root melabd
tobdii : : tobdii a melabd er ngii. from root melabd
tuabd : : tuabd a melabd; melai a buld; tuabd a budel a kerrekar, tobdii a telebudel; tebdel a kerrekar. from root melabd
melabek : v.t. patch (clothes, roof, etc.); pay (fine). : melabek a locha tabek er a selodel el bail; melinget a chemars el chado; tobekii, tuabek, tebekel. from root melabek
melabek : v.t. iron (clothes); plane (wood); rub surface of (face, skin, etc.); scrape (papaya). : melabek a meruul el mo meaiu a kerrekar; nguabek a bobai el ousbech a olabek; ngebekel. from root melabek
melbetabek : v.t.redup. : from root melabek
mengabek : v.erg. : from root melabek
metabek : v.erg. : from root melabek
ngebakel : v.a.s. is to be ironed/planed. : ngebakel a kirel el mengabek; ngobekii a bail; nguabek a kerrekar; ngebekel. from root melabek
ngilabek : : from root melabek
ngilebekii : : from root melabek
nglabek : v.r.s. ironed; planed. : nglabek a mla mengabek; nglabek a bedengel el meringel; nglabek a bail, ngobekii. from root melabek
nglebakel : var. nglabek : nglebakel a omichoech a rengul; kesib a rengul; mei me mngai a nglebakel er a rengum e dorael; mousubes a telemall. from root melabek
nglebengabek : v.r.s.redup. (skin) scraped all over. : nglebengabek a betok el nglabek; nglebengabek a bedengel. from root melabek
ngobekii : : ngobekii a melabek er ngii; ngobekii a ulkel el meringel; nguabek a kerrekar me a bail. from root melabek
nguabek : : nguabek a melabek; nguabek a bail me a kerrekar. from root melabek
tebakel : v.a.s. is to be patched; (fine) is to be paid. : tebakel a kirel el metabek; tuabek a selodel el bail; tobekii, tebekel. from root melabek
telabek : var. telebakel : telabek a mla metabek; telebakel, bail a telabek; tebekel. from root melabek
telebakel : v.r.s. patched; (fine) paid. : telebakel a telabek. from root melabek
tilabek : : from root melabek
tilebekii : : from root melabek
tobekii : : tobekii a melabek er ngii; tebekel. from root melabek
tuabek : : tuabek a melabek; mla tuabek a mechut el bilel me a bilek; tebekel. from root melabek
melacheb : v.t. (fish) wound or prick with spine. : techebel a ngikel a melacheb; mesumes; tochebii a ochil; tacheb. from root melacheb
meritechetacheb : v.s.redup. (surface) rough, coarse or spiny. : meritechetacheb a betok a techebel; diak el meaiu; tacheb er a meritechetacheb. from root melacheb
meritechetacheb a medal : expr. eyes hurt from lack of sleep. : from root melacheb
metacheb : v.erg. : from root melacheb
telacheb : v.r.s. wounded/pricked with spine of fish. : telacheb a mla metacheb; telacheb er a ngikel. from root melacheb
tilacheb : : from root melacheb
tilechebii : : from root melacheb
tochebii : : tochebii a melacheb er ngii; ngikel a mla tochebii a ochik; techebel. from root melacheb
tuacheb : : tuacheb a melacheb; meas a mla tuacheb a chimal; tochebii a ochik; techebel. from root melacheb
dechall : v.a.s. (trap) is to be set. : dechall a kirel el medachel; melachel er a bub, dochelii a bedikl, dmachel, dechelel. from root melachel
delachel : v.r.s. (trap) set. : delachel a mla medachel; bub a delachel, delechall, melachel a bedikel er a beab, dochelii. from root melachel
delechall : var. delachel : delechall a mla medachel; bub a delachell er a merau el delachel, bedikl a delechall er a sers; dechelel. from root melachel
dilachel : : from root melachel
dilechelii : : from root melachel
dmachel : : dmachel a melachel; dmachel a betok el bedikl er a beab me a malk, ochau er a merau el delachel. from root melachel
dochelang : v.inch. : dochelang a ko el mocha dmachel a bub; melachel, dochelii; docheliang. from root melachel
dochelii : : dochelii a melachel er ngii; dochelii a bub er a chemang. from root melachel
kedachel : v.recip. lie in wait for each other; set (trap) together. : kedachel a didu el melachel; melechang, rebuik a kedachel a bedikl, dochelii, dmachel a bub er a merau el delachel. from root melachel
medachel : v.erg. : medachel a delachel; dochelii, melachel; dmachel, bub a mla medachel; dmachel a bedikl. from root melachel
melachel : v.t. lie in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap). : melachel a dochelii; dmachel, melachel a bedikl er a malk; melachel a bub er a ngikel; dechelel. from root melachel
edengelterir : : from root melad
edengii : : edengii a melad er ngii; olekeangel, ousbech a diak el mera el chetengakl el rullii el mo mead. from root melad
edongel : v.a.s. is to be coaxed into doing something; is to be flattered/whetted/sharpened; easily flattered. : edongel a chad el di beot el mo oumera a diak le mera el chetengakl; edengii, edengel. from root melad
ilad : v.r.s. coaxed into doing something; flattered; whetted; sharpened. : from root melad
ildengelterir : : from root melad
ildengii : : from root melad
melad : v.t. needle/coax (someone) to do something (esp. challing his ability to do it); make someone feel proud about (doing something); flatter; whet/sharpen (something) against stone. : melad a olekeangel; edengii; rullii el mo mead; ng melad er kid, edengel. from root melad
meldelad : v.t.redup. keep needling or coaxing (someone); keep flattering. : meldelad a ko er a melad er ngii; ng meldelad er kid; olekeangel. from root melad
deakl : v.a.s. is to be criticized. : deakl a blil a deleakl; omelaes, dmesii a sikel; melaes er ngii, mesaik a deakl er a urreor, deleklel. from root melaes
delaes : v.r.s. criticized. : delaes a mla medaes; te mla melaes er ngii, dmesii er a blulekngel, deleklel. from root melaes
deleakl : var. delaes : deleakl a omelaes; melaes; ouchais a kngtil a rengul el kirel, melekoi a kngtil a chad me a tekoi, dmesii, deleklel. from root melaes
dilaes : : from root melaes
dilesii : : from root melaes
dmaes : : from root melaes
dmesii : : dmesii a melaes er ngii, melekoi a chetirir er ngii; ker di dmesii e ngoseuir le ng chebuul; mesaod er a sikel, melbedebes er ngii. from root melaes
kedaes : v.recip. criticize each other. : kedaes a didu el melaes; melekoi a kngtil a rengrir; melekoi a terechedir a rechad; dmesii, dmaes a urribech er a klalo, deleklel er a desil. from root melaes
medaes : v.erg. : from root melaes
melaes : v.t. speak ill of; criticize. : melaes a berrotel el melekoi a kngtil a chad, rengul; melekoi a bertelel a chad; dmesii a desil, deleakl, deleklel. from root melaes
kangingai : v.recip.redup. bring or take (things) together. : kangingai a kakerous el melai; kengai, didu el melai a ududir, nguu, ngeul a ududel. from root melai
kengai : v.recip. : kengai a kangingai; di du el melai, nguu; ngmai, te kengai a kelir er a tebel. from root melai
melai : v.t. bring; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove. : melai a ngmai; nguu; ngeiul. from root melai
melai er a rengul : expr. persuade. : from root melai
mengai : v.erg. get brought/taken; lose baby; have miscarriage. : mengai a nguu; nglai; ngmai a kles; kles a mla mengai el mo er a bai. from root melai
mengingai : v.erg.redup. easy to take or take away or remove. : from root melai
mngai : v.imp. Go get some (things). : from root melai
ngei : v.imp. here it is; take it. : ngei a msang; oldars a ngerang; msang, ngei tia udoud me mnguu. from root melai
ngeiul : var. ngiuul : from root melai
ngeuul : var. ngiuul : from root melai
ngilai : : from root melai
ngilititerir : : from root melai
ngiluu : : from root melai
ngiuul : v.a.s. is to be brought/taken/received. : ngiuul a kirel el mengai; nguu, ngmai, udoud a ngiuul er a bank. from root melai
nglai : v.r.s. brought; taken; received; obtained. : nglai a mla mengai; nglai a chutem; mla nguu; ngmai; ngeul. from root melai
ngliuul : var. nglai : ngliuul a nglai; mla mengai; kengei er a usbechel a chutem a ngliuul. from root melai
ngmai : : ngmai a melai; mla ngmai a babier; nguu a udoud, ngeiul. from root melai
ngoikid : : from root melai
ngoiong : v.inch. is beginning to get or receive (multiple objects). : ngoiong a ko el mla ngmai. from root melai
ngoiteterir : var. ngoititerir : ngoiteterir a melai er tir; mla ngoiteterir el merael. from root melai
ngoititerir : : from root melai
ngoura : var. ngourang : from root melai
ngourang : v.inch. is beginning to get or receive (a single object). : from root melai
nguu : : nguu a melai er ngii; ngiul. from root melai
melailou : v.i. stand/be located in particular place/position to protect oneself (from wind, rain, sun, etc.). : melailou a mo er a mechilou; meiusech; diak a eolt er ngii; melailou er a chelebacheb. from root melailou
kesais : v.recip. delouse each other. : kesais a didu el melais; osiik a kud er a bedul, soisii, smais, sisel. from root melais
melais : v.t. delouse. : melais a omiis e osiik a kud; melais a chudel el osiik a kukau; sisel. from root melais
mesais : v.erg. : from root melais
selais : v.r.s. deloused. : selais a mla mesais; mla mesiik e mengai; selais a bdelul; mesei a selais me ng diak a kukau. from root melais
silais : : from root melais
silisii : : from root melais
sisall : v.a.s. is to be deloused. : sisall a kirel el mesais a bdelul; mengai a kud er ngii. from root melais
smais : : smais a melais; osiik e melai a omiis a chudel el melai a kukau. from root melais
soisii : : soisii a melais er ngii; melai a kud. from root melais
melaitul : n. caterpillar. : melaitul a charm el menga llel a chemutii, dait; ngelekel a bangikoi. from root melaitul
ketaiu : v.recip. massage or stroke each other. : ketaiu a didu el melaiu; toiuii a medal, tmaiu a bedengel, tiuel a soal. from root melaiu
melaiu : v.t. rub; massage; smooth over; pet; stroke. : melaiu a oba chim el melam; toiuii; merutech, tmaiu, melaiu er a soal el ngelekel, tiuel. from root melaiu
metaiu : v.s. rounded and smooth. : metaiu a melemalt; bebul a ked a metaiu. from root melaiu
telaiu : v.r.s. rubbed; smoothed over; petted. : telaiu a mla metaiu; mla toiuii a bdelul; mla tmaiu a bedengel, melaiu er ngii; tiuel a smecher. from root melaiu
tilaiu : : from root melaiu
tiliuii : : from root melaiu
tiuall : v.a.s. is to be rubbed or smoothed over or petted. : tiuall a kirel el metaiu; melaiu er ngii; toiuii a chimal; tmaiu a bedengel; tiuel. from root melaiu
tmaiu : : tmaiu a melaiu; tmaiu a bedengel; toiuii a medal; tiuel. from root melaiu
toiuii : : toiuii a melaiu er ngii; tiuel a bdelul el meringel. from root melaiu
melak : v.t. pull down foreskin of (penis). : melak a melang; teketak; meleketak. from root melak
telekoel : n.a.s. penis. : telekoel a kirs el melak. from root melak
melakel : : melakel a ta er a bedengel a omeruul; melengoes; meruul a cheluch; melakel a kelel a mur. from root melakel
dekull : v.a.s. is to be buried. : dekull a kirel el medakl; doklii, dmakl, ulekoad a dekull, melakl er ngii er a chutem; deklel. from root melakl
delakl : v.r.s. buried. : delakl a delekull; mla medakl, doklii, melakl; soldau a delakl er tiang; deklel. from root melakl
delekull : v.r.s. buried. : delekull a mla medakl er a chutem, doklii, dmakl, deklel a beldokel. from root melakl
dilakl : : from root melakl
dileklii : : from root melakl
dmakl : : dmakl a melakl; locha er a chelsel a chutem; dmakl a besbas, doklii, deklel. from root melakl
doklang : v.inch. : doklang a ko el mocha dmakl; melakl from root melakl
doklii : : doklii a melakl er ngii; sukur er a kliokl el chutem; deklel. from root melakl
kedakl : v.recip. one spouse suffers the death of the other. : kedakl a kodall a ullebengelel chebechiil; doklii, dmakl, melakl, deklel. from root melakl
medakl : v.erg. : medakl a delakl; doklii a ulekoad; dmakl a ulengall, ngar er a chelsel a chutem; deklel. from root melakl
melakl : v.t. bury; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse. : melakl a loia er a chelsel a chutem; doklii a ulekoad, dmakl a besbas, deklel. from root melakl
melakl el dil : expr. widow. : from root melakl
melakl el sechal : expr. widower. : from root melakl
melaku : v.t. skim off or remove. : from root melaku
tilaku : : from root melaku
tmaku : : from root melaku
delalem : v.r.s. planted. : delalem a mla medalem; dait a delalem, dellomel, dolemii, dualem, delemel. from root melalem
dellomel : v.r.s. planted. : from root melalem
delomel : v.a.s. : delomel a kirel el medalem; dualem a delomel el diokang, dolemii a delomel el lius, delemel. from root melalem
dilalem : : from root melalem
dillemii : : from root melalem
dolemiang : v.inch. : dolemiang a ko el mocha dolemii; keed er a dechad e lak dolalem. from root melalem
dolemii : : dolemii a melalem er ngii; dolemii a kebui. from root melalem
dualem : : dualem a melalem; mla dualem a lius me a buuch me a tuu. from root melalem
medalem : v.erg. : medalem a delalem; dellomel, dolemii, dualem a dait, mla medalem, melalem, delemel. from root melalem
melalem : v.t. plant; stay/spin in a fixed spot. : melalem a dolemii; dualem, oltuu er a chutem; melalem a diokang, dualem a lius, delemel. from root melalem
lollii : : from root melall
melall : v.t. sing chant in order to ridicule (person). : melall a melibech a delang; mengerar; chelitakl el omtelub, lollii a sechelil, llellel a sechelil, from root melall
kengam : v.recip. rub or stroke each other. : kengam a ketaiu; di du el melam; ngomir a chimal, nguam a bedengel; melaiu a bedengir. from root melam
melam : v.t. smooth or stroke with hand; roll (clothing) off. : melam a mesumech; omet, melaiu a bedengel a chad, ngomir a chiklel, nguam, ngemil. melam a medal a mesulaul; mla er a sar el mo tutau me ng melam a medal. from root melam
melam a medal : expr. rub one's eyes or face; be sleepy. : from root melam
mengam : v.erg. : from root melam
ngemall : v.a.s. is to be smoothed or stroked. : from root melam
ngemoel : var. ngemall : ngemoel a kirel el mengam; omad a bedengel a smecher; ngomir a bdelul; nguam a meringel. from root melam
ngilam : : from root melam
ngilemir : : from root melam
nglam : v.r.s. smoothed; stroked. : nglam a mla mengam; nglam a meringel er a bedengel, ngomir, nguam a meringel. from root melam
nglam a medal : expr. face stroked (by ghost) (so that ghost can be seen). : from root melam
ngomir : : ngomir a melam er ngii; ngomir a bdelul el meringel. from root melam
nguam : : nguam a melam; mla nguam a chimal me a ulkel a smecher; mesumech a meringel; ngomir, melaiu. from root melam
chelamech : v.r.s. (betel nut) chewed; (tobacco) smoked. : chelamech a mla mechamech; chomechii, chuamech a buuch, chemelel a chelamech meng dikeang. from root melamech
chemachel : v.a.s. (betel nut) is to be chewed; (tobacco) is to be smoked. : chemachel a redil el ourrot er a blil el motobed er a ocheraolbai me a klomengelungel, oungerachel a udoud me a rokui el tekoi. from root melamech
chilamech : : from root melamech
chilmechii : : from root melamech
chomechii : : chomechii a melamech er ngii. from root melamech
chuamech : : chuamech a melamech a chemachel. from root melamech
kengamech : v.recip. (each person) chew his own share of betel nut. : kengamech a di du el melamech. from root melamech
mechamech : v.erg. : mechamech a mla chuamech a buuch; dikeang, melamech, chemechel. from root melamech
melamech : v.t. chew (betel nut); smoke (tobacco). : melamech a meringet a buuch; meloko a dekool, mengemechii, omngamech, omelemechel. from root melamech
melelemelamech : var. melemelamech : from root melamech
melemelamech : v.t.redup. chew (betel nut) or smoke (tobacco) constantly. : melemelamech a melamech from root melamech
nglemachel : v.r.s. in a state of having chewed betel. : nglemachel a melamech; diak a buuch me ng diak de nglemachel. from root melamech
ketamet : v.recip. : from root melamet
melamet : v.t. straighten (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight. : melamet a tometii; meruul el mo melemalt e ungil; tuamet, beruadel a dachelbai el melamet a omengebirukel, temetel. from root melamet
melamet er a rengul : expr. do things as one pleases. : from root melamet
metamet : v.erg. : from root melamet
telamet : v.r.s. straightened out. : telamet a mla metamet; telematel, tometii a rengul; tuamet a chebirukel; temetel a reng. from root melamet
telematel : var. telamet : telematel a telamet. from root melamet
telematel a rengul : expr. pleased; happy. : from root melamet
tematel : v.a.s. is to be straightened up. : tematel a smechekill; kirel el metamet; tometii a rengul; tuamet a chebirukel; temetel a cheldecheduch. from root melamet
tilamet : : from root melamet
tilemetii : : from root melamet
tometii : : tometii a melamet er ngii; temetel. from root melamet
tuamet : : tuamet a melamet; omeklemalt; ekebil a mla tuamet a chiul; tometii a rengul; temetel a reng. from root melamet
melamioi : n. : melamioi a dachelbai el chad el oungerachel a omenged er a beluu. from root melamioi
ketamk : v.recip. shave each other. : ketamk a didu el melamk; tuamk a chesemel, tomkii a bdelul, temkel a chusem. from root melamk
melamk : v.t. shave; scrape; remove bristles. : melamk a tomkii; melai a busech; melamk a chesemel, tuamk a engedel a medal, temkel. from root melamk
melamk a oriik : expr. make broom out of chur (=subsidiary ribs of coconut frond) by stripping of leaves. : from root melamk
metamk : v.erg. : metamk a remiid a mera el ngii; bail a telamk; mo diak a cheiul, tomkii, tuamk, metamk a bdelul; temkel. from root melamk
metetemtamk : v.erg.redup. easy to shave; (bristles) easy to remove. : metetemtamk a beot el metamk. from root melamk
telamk : v.r.s. (beard; bristles; etc.) shaved; (broom) made out of stripped coconut ribs. : telamk a mla metamk; telemikel; tuamk a chesemel; tomkii a bdelul; temkel. from root melamk
telemikel : var. telamk : telemikel a telamk. from root melamk
telemtamk : v.r.s.redup. shaved in places; (animal's fur) fallen out in places. : telemtamk a telamk, mla remiid a mera el bedengel; mla metemtamk; mla ngmill a chiul, telamk a chesbereberel. from root melamk
temikel : v.a.s. is to be shaved or scraped. : temikel a kirel el mengai; kirel el metamk; tomkii; tuamk a chesemel. from root melamk
temkel : n.poss.3s. : temkel a omelamk er ngii; melamk. from root melamk
tilamk : : from root melamk
tilemkii : : from root melamk
tomkii : : tomkii a melamk er ngii; tuamk a chesemel; tomkii a babii; temkel. from root melamk
tuamk : : tuamk a melamk; melai a busech; tomkii, tuamek a chesemel; temkel. from root melamk
kengaml : v.recip. cut each other (with sickles when doing yard work). : kengaml a di du el melaml; mengiut, ngomlii, nguaml a sers, remechas a kengaml a sersir, ngemlel. from root melaml
melaml : v.t. cut (grass, garden, yard, etc.). : from root melaml
mengaml : v.erg. : from root melaml
ngemull : v.a.s. (grass; garden; yard; etc.) is to be cut. : ngemull a kirel el mengaml; ngomlii a mekesokes, nguaml a rael, melaml; ngemlel. from root melaml
ngenglemull : v.r.s.redup. not well cut. : ngenglemull a telkib el nglaml. from root melaml
ngilaml : : from root melaml
ngilemlii : : from root melaml
nglaml : v.r.s. (grass, garden, yard etc.) cut. : nglaml a nglemull; mla mengaml; ngomlii a rael; nguaml, melaml, ngemlel. from root melaml
nglemull : var. nglaml : nglemull a nglaml; mla mengaml. from root melaml
ngomlii : : ngomlii a melaml er ngii. from root melaml
nguaml : : nguaml a melaml; nguaml a mesei me a sers; ngomlii, melaml, ngemlel. from root melaml
melang : v.t. suck or fellate (person, penis). : melang a tmelang, melak. from root melang
tmelang : v.s. prone to fellating; be homosexual. : tmelang a melang. from root melang
delangch : v.r.s. set aside; recognized; mounded. : delangch mla medangch er a chutem; beluut er a chutem; rullii el mo mengerengird, dongchii a tuu; dmangch, dengchel. from root melangch
dengchel : n.poss.3s : from root melangch
dengechel : v.a.s. is to be set aside, recognized, distinguished or to be mounded. : dengechel a kirel el medangch; omuut a chutem er a uchul a iedel; dongchii a tuu er a chutem. from root melangch
dilangch : : from root melangch
dilengchii : : from root melangch
dmangch : : dmangch a melangch; mla dmangch a rokui el chaibebelau, dongchii a chad, dengchel; dmangch a kebui; locha chutem er a uchul a dellomel. from root melangch
dongchiang : v.t.inch. begin to recognize or identify. : from root melangch
dongchii : : dongchii a melangch er ngii; dongchii e mo medengelii; ke dongchii ng diak? dongchii a melangch er ngii el delemellel el kebui. dongchii a melangch er ngii el kirel ngii, delengchelel. from root melangch
medangch : v.erg. : medangch a delangch; locha chutem er dellomel; dongchii, dmangch a kebui; mla medangch er a chutem, dengchel; medangch a delangch; mes e mo medengei; dongchii a chad, dmangch a chaibebelau, mla medangch. from root melangch
melangch : v.t. set (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant). : melangch a melecha chutem er a uchul a dellomel; dongchii a kebui, dmangch a sebulias; dengchel. from root melangch
Molangch! : v.imp. Guess!. : from root melangch
delangeb : v.r.s. covered. : delangeb a mla medangeb; ngar ngii a dangeb er a bebul, delengobel; duangeb a kall; dongebii a klengoes. from root melangeb
delengedangeb : v.r.s.redup. completely covered (with taro leaves, etc.). : delengedangeb a betok el delangeb; chemur a dengebel; dongebii a kall; duangeb a udoud. from root melangeb
delengobel : var. delangeb : delengobel a delangeb. from root melangeb
dengeball : v.a.s. is to be covered. : dengeball a dengobel, kirel el medangeb; melangeb er ngii, dongebii, duangeb a olekang; dengebel from root melangeb
dengobel : var. dengeball : from root melangeb
dilangeb : : from root melangeb
dilengebii : : from root melangeb
dongebii : : dongebii a melangeb er ngii; loia dengebel; dongebii a klengoes. from root melangeb
duangeb : : duangeb a melangeb, mla duangeb a klengoes me a ongraol el olb a dengeb. from root melangeb
kedangeb : v.recip. : from root melangeb
medangeb : v.erg. : medangeb a delangeb; locha dangeb er ngii; delengobel, dongebii, duangeb a kall, mla medangeb, dengebel. from root melangeb
mededengedangeb : v.erg.redup. easy to cover. : mededengedangeb a beot el medangeb. from root melangeb
melangeb : v.t. cover; slap (face). : melangeb a loia dangeb; dongebii, duangeb, dengebel. from root melangeb
delanges : v.r.s. looked up at. : delanges a mla medanges; moues er a bab; dongesii a buuch, dmanges a kebui; melanges, dengesel. from root melanges
dengesall : v.a.s. is to be looked up at. : dengesall a omes er a bab; kirei el medanges; dongesii, dmanges a berikd el buuch, melanges er a sils; dengesel a buuch. from root melanges
dengesel : n.poss.3s the action of looking up. : dengesel a omelanges er ngii; melanges. from root melanges
dilanges : : from root melanges
dilengesii : : from root melanges
dmanges : : dmanges a melanges; omes er bab, mla dmanges a buuch, dongesii a kebui, dengesel. from root melanges
dongesii : : dongesii a melanges er ngii; mla dongesii a buuch. from root melanges
medanges : v.erg. : medanges a delanges; mes a ngar er bab; dongesii, dmanges a buuch, mla medanges, dengesel. from root melanges
melanges : v.t. look up at. : melanges a omes er a bab; dongesii, dmanges a buuch, dengesel. from root melanges
melanges a mad : expr. make sure that one's behaving properly (i.e., look up at someone else's face to see whether or not he is angry). : from root melanges
melangmud : n. porgy (with long mouth); long-nosed emperor fish. : melangmud a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. from root melangmud
katotaod : v.recip.redup. (people, things) going in all directions; (people) going from one to another in disorganized fashion or milling around or running around (e.g., in panic); (things) scattered or in a mess. : from root melaod
melaod : v.t. catch (sardines) between prongs of spear; spear (fish); comb out (lice); place (legs) astraddle. : melaod a melai el oba taod; tmodii, tmaod a mekebud, todel. from root melaod
metaod : v.erg. : from root melaod
telaod : v.r.s. (sardines) caught between prongs of spear; (fish) speared; (lice) combed out; (legs) placed astraddle. : telaod a mla metaod; tmodii a kelel; tmaod a meas; telaod a rengul a betok a uldesuel; todel. from root melaod
teloadel : v.r.s. (sardines) caught between prongs of spear; split or divided (naturally); (tongue) forked. : teloadel a telaod; telaod a rengul a betok a uldesuel. from root melaod
teloadel a rengul : expr. indecisive. : from root melaod
tilaod : : from root melaod
tilodii : : from root melaod
tmaod : : tmaod a melaod el oba taod; tmodii a kelel; tmaod a mekebud; todel. from root melaod
tmodii : : tmodii a melaod er ngii. from root melaod
toadel : v.a.s. (sardines) are to be caught between prongs of a spear. : taodel a kirel el metaod; tmaod a mekebud, tmodii a kall, melaod, todel. from root melaod
melaok : v.s. greasy; fatty. : melaok a klou a laok er ngii; cheluch; mangtekang; melaok el kall a olsecher, lekel. from root melaok
melaok a cheldechedechal : expr. good at speaking; eloquent. : from root melaok
melaok a ngerel : expr. good at speaking; eloquent. : from root melaok
melaok a rengul : expr. adulterous; acquisitive. : from root melaok
melelolaok : var. melolaok : melelolaok a ungil; ko er a melaok; melelolaok a blengur, melelolaok a cheldechedechal. from root melaok
melolaok : v.s.redup. rather greasy. : from root melaok
melareng : v.s. (melai a reng) charming; engaging; attractive. : from root melareng
melas : v.t. reduce in number; subtract; remove/extract (something) from. : melas a melai; mengesai; kosai, ngmas a udoud, ngosur a oluches. from root melas
melselas : v.t.redup. keep removing or extracting something from. : melselas a mekokil e mekudem el melas, melai; ngesul a udoud. from root melas
mengas : v.erg. : from root melas
ngesuul : v.a.s. is to be reduced in number/subtracted. : ngesuul a kirel el mengas; melas; diak lengesuul a ulechucher el udoud, ngosur, ngmai, ngesul. from root melas
ngilas : : from root melas
ngilsur : : from root melas
nglas : v.r.s. reduced in number; subtracted. : nglas a mla mengas; mla mengai a bebil; ngmas a udoud, ngosur, ngesul. from root melas
ngmas : : ngmas a mla melas; ngmai a bebil; ng mla ngmas a ulechucher el udoud, ngosur; ngesul. from root melas
ngosur : : ngosur a melas er ngii; mla nguu a $10.00; ngesul a udoud from root melas
delasech : v.r.s. carved; built. : delasech a mla medasech; blai a delsachel, melasech, dosechii, dmasech, desechel. from root melasech
delsachel : var. delasech : delsachel a delasech; mla medasech, mla meruul, dosechii, dmasech a mlai, desechel a dilukai. from root melasech
desachel : v.a.s. : desachel a kirel el medasech; chad er a desachel a meruul a blai, melasech a blai, desechel. from root melasech
dilasech : : from root melasech
dilsechii : : from root melasech
dmasech : : from root melasech
dosechii : : dosechii a melasech er ngii; desechel. from root melasech
kesasech : v.recip. spread (legs) in unison (in exercise, game, etc.). : kesasech a di du el melasech; menglou, sosechii a bail, smasech a oacher el mo meklou, seschel. from root melasech
medasech : v.erg. : medasech a delasech; dosechii, meruul; dmasech a itabori, desechel. from root melasech
melasech : v.t. chop/whittle/carve (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at. : melasech a melobech; dosechii a mlai, dmasech a dilukai, desechel. from root melasech
melasech : v.t. spread widely apart. : melasech a menglou; kilungii; sosechii a bail; smasech a oeacher; mesasech, sesechel. from root melasech
mesasech : v.erg. : from root melasech
selasech : v.r.s. spread widely apart. : selasech a mla mesasech; mo klou, oecherek a selasech; sosechii, smasech a oeacher; sesechel. from root melasech
sesechii : : from root melasech
silasech : : from root melasech
silsechii : : from root melasech
smasech : : smasech a melasech; smasech a bail el mo kilou; sosechii a bilek; sesechel. from root melasech
sosechii : var. sesechii : from root melasech
esemall : v.a.s. is to be tried out/challenged. : esemall a kirel el measem; meues el mo ungil, kirel mo er a omelasem er a uchei er a bo ltobed; esemii, esemel a ngloik. from root melasem
esemii : : esemii a omelasem er ngii; melasem. from root melasem
esomel : var. esemall : from root melasem
ilasem : : ilasem a mla measem; ulsemuul, esemii a ngloik, melasem. from root melasem
ilasem : v.r.s. tried out; challenged. : ilasem a mla measem; ulsemuul, esemii a ngloik, melasem. from root melasem
ilsemii : : from root melasem
imasem : : from root melasem
keasem : v.recip. challenge each other. : keasem a didu el melasem; esemii, te keasem a nglikir, iuasem a beches el mlai, esemel. from root melasem
measem : v.erg. : measem a ilasem; esemii a nglikel, mla measem a ngloik, melasem er ngii, esemel. from root melasem
melasem : v.t. try (out); practice; check; challenge; imitate. . : melasem a mesuub; suub, esemii a kladikm el meloik; esemel. from root melasem
melselasem : v.redup. keep trying or challenging. : melselasem a mekekokil el melasem. from root melasem
millasem : v.past : from root melasem
ketat : v.recip. tear off (each other's clothes). : ketat a kesodel; di du el melat; totengii a bilel, tmat a babier, mesodel, tetengel a bail. from root melat
melat : v.t. tear (cloth; paper; etc.); shred. : melat a mesodel; totengii a biiel, tmat a babier, tetengel. from root melat
metat : v.erg. : from root melat
telat : v.r.s. torn; shredded. : telat a selodel; mla metat; totengii a bilel; tmat a babier, tetengel a bilel. from root melat
teletat : v.r.s.redup. torn in many places; in shreds. : teletat a betok el telat; selodel, totengii, tmat a bail, teletat a bilel; tetengel. from root melat
tetongel : v.a.s. is to be torn or shredded. : tetongel a tetengall. from root melat
tilat : : from root melat
tiltengii : : from root melat
tmat : : tmat a melat; smodel, totengii a bail; tetengel. from root melat
totengii : : totengii a melat er ngii. from root melat
kengatech : v.recip. wash (something) together or in group. : kengatech a di du el melatech; ngotechii, ngmatech, meriso, kengatech a olekang, ngetechel. from root melatech
melatech : v.t. clean; scrub; wash (thoroughly). : melatech a meruul el mo beches, ngotechii a ulaol, mellib; ngmatech a mlai, ngetechel. from root melatech
mengatech : v.erg. : from root melatech
ngeltachel : var. nglatech : ngeltachel a nglatech, mla mengatech; blai a ngeltachel me ng beches; ngmatech, ngetechel. from root melatech
ngetachel : v.a.s. is to be cleaned, scrubbed or washed. : ngetachel a kirel el mengatech; ngotechii; ngmatech a mlai; ngetechel. from root melatech
ngetechall : var. ngetachel : from root melatech
ngilatech : : from root melatech
ngiltechii : : from root melatech
nglatech : v.r.s. : nglatech a ngeltachel; mla mengatech el mo beches. from root melatech
ngmatech : : ngmatech a melatech; ngmatech a belatong. from root melatech
ngotechii : : ngotechii a melatech er ngii. from root melatech
melatemudes : n. brown tree lizard (thought to suck at people's navels). : melatemudes a charm el ko er a sechesech e ng di meklou. A melatemudes a charm; ng diak el meklou el charm; ng di ua a teletelel a sechesech e ng di meklou. Ng ko er a bedengel a chutem a bedengel. Ng diak el kall. from root melatemudes
meletemudes : var. melatemudes : meletemudes a charm el ko er a sechesech. from root melatemudes
kelatk : v.recip. remember/think about each other. : kelatk a didu el melatk; kadebedebek; rekaiuetoir a di du el kelatk; lotkii, lmatk a cheldechedechal, ltkel. from root melatk
lilatk : : from root melatk
liletkii : : from root melatk
llatk : v.r.s. remembered. : llatk a mla lmatk; mla dobedebek. from root melatk
lmatk : : lmatk a dobedebek; lotkang; diak lobes, ak mla lmatk a klumech, lotkii, ltkel. from root melatk
lotkang : v.t.inch. begin to remember. : from root melatk
lotkii : : lotkii a melatk er ngii; kulebes er ngii e kuk lotkii. from root melatk
ltukel : v.a.s. (someone) is to be remembered (because he will be a titled person). : ltukel a kirel a omelatk; ungil a omerellel el chad a ltukel; klou a omelatk el kirel; kedung el chad a ltukel, ltkel. from root melatk
melatk : v.t. remember; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for. : melatk a omdasu; lotkii, lmatk, ngar er a skoki e melatk er a Belau, ltkel. from root melatk
melatk a rengul : expr. consider someone's feelings. : from root melatk
meltelatk : v.t.redup. think about continually. : meltelatk a blechoel el melatk; telkib el melatk. from root melatk
ketau : v.recip. rub or massage each other. : ketau a di du el melau; tour a lild, tmau a such, teul a bakelungal. from root melau
melau : v.t. heat or cook (food) lightly; heat to make it bendable; rub or massage; beckon to (person, animal). : melau a tour; meruul el mo medemedemek er a ngau, mekeald; tmau a baklungal; teul; melau a omekodong el oba chimal, olechau er ngii el oba chimal. from root melau
metau : v.erg. get heated; (plant) get wilted from heat. : metau a mechebus er a mekeald, metau er ngau; tour a bakelungal; tmau a such, teul a such. from root melau
telau : v.r.s. heated/cooked lightly; heated so as to become bendable; rubbed; massaged. : telau a mla metau; melau a cheled tmau a such; teul er a mekeald. from root melau
teleuul : var. telau : teleuul a telau. from root melau
teluul : var. telau : from root melau
tilau : : from root melau
tilur : : from root melau
tmau : : tmau a melau; tour; tmau er a mekeald; teul a such. from root melau
tour : : tour a melau er ngii; teul a such. from root melau
tuul : v.a.s. is to be heated or cooked lightly; is to be heated so as to become bendable; is to be rubbed or massaged. : from root melau
delauch : v.r.s. cut; wounded. : delauch a mla medauch; mla medobech; ochil a deleuechel, melauch, douchii, dmauch, duchel. from root melauch
deloechel : var. delauch : deloechel a delauch, douchii, dmauch a keam, melauch, duchel a keam. from root melauch
delouechel : var. delauch : delouechel a delauch, melemiakl er a delouechel el lius; deluchelel a lius a ngimekill. from root melauch
deludauch : v.s.redup. cut or wounded in many places. : deludauch a betok el delauch, mla medudauch, betok a deludauch er a bedengel, duchel. from root melauch
deuechel : var. doechel : deuechel a kirel el medauch; dmauch a keam, douchii, melauch a miich, duchel. from root melauch
dilauch : : from root melauch
diluchii : : from root melauch
dmauch : : dmauch a melauch, dmauch a delouechel er a chelechedal a lius; dmauch a betok el keam; douchii a miich; duchel. from root melauch
doechel : v.a.s. is to be cut or wounded. : from root melauch
douchii : var. duchii : from root melauch
duchii : : from root melauch
kedauch : v.recip. cut each other. : kedauch a di du el melauch; kedauch a kelir el keam, douchii, dmauch a miich; duchel. from root melauch
medauch : v.erg. : medauch a delauch; douchii, dmauch a keam, mla medauch, melauch, duchel. from root melauch
medudauch : v.erg.redup. : medudauch a beot el medauch; betok el delauch; bedengel a deludauch, douduchii a kerrekar, duduchel from root melauch
melauch : v.t. cut (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument. : melauch a meliud; melobech; melauch a keam; douchii; dmauch; duchel. from root melauch
eulii : : eulii a melaul er ngii, omakes el ongeur a klalo; eulii a kingall. from root melaul
ililii : : from root melaul
imaul : : from root melaul
iuelii : var. eulii : iuelii a melaul er ngii el kingall; iuelel a kingall. from root melaul
iulii : var. eulii : from root melaul
melaul : v.t. walk or step over something. : melaul a oleong; eulii a ubeng, imaul a klalo, iuelel. from root melaul
debetall : v.a.s. is to be asked to pay for non-participation in work. : debetall a kirel el medbaet; mengai a delbaet er ngii, dibetii a diak lengar a urreor el beluu, melbaet er ngii, dibetel. from root melbaet
delbaet : v.r.s. (person) asked to pay for non-participation in work. : from root melbaet
dilbetii : : from root melbaet
dobetii : : dobetii a melbaet er ngii; mla medbaet e le ng chemiis a urreor el beluu, dibetel. from root melbaet
medbaet : v.erg. : medbaet a delbaet; mengai a delbaet er ngii; dibetii a dibus er a urreor, mla medbaet er a kall, delbetelel, debetel. from root melbaet
melbaet : v.t. demand payment from (person) for non-participation in work. : melbaet a melai a delbaet el kall, ilumel, udoud; dibetii a dibus er a urreor el beluu, dibetel. from root melbaet
delbard : v.r.s. laid crosswise; perpendicular; (speech, behavior) inappropriate. : delbard a diak el llemolem; ka el melemalt, tochedesuch, tbard, kerrekar a delbard er a rael, diberdel. from root melbard
dibard : var. doibard : dibard a melbard; delbard; diak el llemolem; diberdii, dibard a brer er a taoch, diberdel. from root melbard
diberdall : v.a.s. is to be laid crosswise. : diberdall kirel el medbard; diak le llemolem; mo delbard, diberdii a bambuu er a rael el melenget. from root melbard
diberdii : var. doiberdii : diberdii a melbard er ngii. from root melbard
dilebard : : from root melbard
dileberdii : : from root melbard
doibard : : doibard a melebard; remuul el mo delbard; diak le llemolem. from root melbard
doiberdii : : doiberdii a melbard er ngii; delbard, doiberdii a kerrekar. from root melbard
kedbard : v.recip. (long objects; sleeping people; etc.) lying at various angles to each other. : kedbard a betok el delbard, mechiuaiu el kedbard e le ng meseked a blai, diak lungil el blechobech; diberdel. from root melbard
medbard : v.erg. : from root melbard
mededbard : v.t.redup. (animal; fish) move (itself) at angles. : mededbard a delbard; diak le ngar a urrebetellel, diberdii a mlil; doibard, diberdel, diak le melemalt. from root melbard
melbard : v.i. misbehave. : from root melbard
melbard : v.t. lay something crosswise; move crosswise to (wind); (person, animal, fish) deflect (himself or itself) from original (straight) path; lay (oneself) down crosswise (on bamboo floor, etc.). : melbard a delbard; diak el llemolem; dbard, diberdel. from root melbard
metbard : var. medbard : metbard a mo delbard; diberdii a oluches; dibard a bambuu; a mlai a mla metbard er a rael; diberdel. from root melbard
delbedebes : var. delebedebes : delbedebes a betok el delebes; teluk; telektuk, kemanget el ngikel a delbedebes; dobesii, duebes, debesel. from root melbedebes
delebedebes : v.r.s.redup. cut or snipped in many places. : from root melbedebes
medebedebes : v.erg. : from root melbedebes
melbedebes : v.t.redup. : melebedebes a meluk; melektuk; melebes el betok. from root melbedebes
melbedibech : v.i. : melbedibech a mesedem a klsau; outingaol er a redil; melekoi a betok. from root melbedibech
delebekekl : v.r.s. (house) having had roof or overhang lengthened. : from root melbekekl
melbekekl : v.t. lengthen rood or overhang (of house). : melbekekl a meruul a delbekekl; ultebetobed er a blai. from root melbekekl
melberall : v.t. raise (eyebrows). : melberall a melebiall; meruul el mo meklou a medal; melebek a medal, toberall a medal. from root melberall
meteberall : v.erg. also, (meat, fish) separate from bones. : meteberall a tobiall a medal; toberall. from root melberall
teleberall : v.r.s. (eyebrows) raised. : teleberall a telebek; mla meteberall a medal; toberall; teberellel. from root melberall
tilberall : : from root melberall
tilberellii : : from root melberall
toberall : : toberall a tobek a medal; tobiall. from root melberall
toberellii : : from root melberall
melberechel : v.t. pretend (oneself) to be brave; act tough. : from root melberechel
meleberechel : var. melberechel : meleberechel a toberechelii; melekoi el klou a ngerel, teleberechel. from root melberechel
meteberechel : v.erg. : meteberechel a toberechelii; melekoi el klou a ngerel e oungeroel; ng mla meteberechel a mechas; teberchelel. from root melberechel
meteteberechel : v.erg.redup. easily provoked into acting tough. : from root melberechel
telberechel : v.r.s. having acted tough. : teleberechel a mekekeam; odikel; merechereched e klou a ngerel; teleberechelel. from root melberechel
tilberechelii : : from root melberechel
toberechelii : : toberechelii a meleberechel er ngii el oungeroel; teberechelel. from root melberechel
melboech : v.t. touch (person) lightly (to get attention). : melboech a oba kekul el merumes; tibechii, tiboech; tibechel. from root melboech
metboech : v.erg. : from root melboech
metetboech : v.t.redup. keep touching lightly. : metetboech a melboech a kekul; nglengael er a kerrekeriil a meteboech a kekul a chimal. from root melboech
telboech : v.r.s. touched or cooked lightly. : telboech a mla metboech; tibechii a sechelil; melboech er ngii. from root melboech
tibechall : v.a.s. is to be touched lightly. : tibechall a kirel el metboech; tibechii a sechelil; tiboech; melboech er ngii; tibechel. from root melboech
tibechii : : tibechii a melboech er ngii. from root melboech
tiboech : : tiboech a melboech; tibechel a sechelil; tibechel. from root melboech
tilbechii : : from root melboech
tilboech : : from root melboech
melboid : v.t. pull/press trigger of (gun; etc.); turn on/turn knob of (lantern; etc.); turn up volume of. : melboid a tibidii a olboid; tiboid a boes; tibidel a boes. from root melboid
metboid : v.erg. : from root melboid
metetboid : v.erg.redup. (gun, etc.) go off too easily. : metetboid a beot el metboid; tibidii, tiboid a boes, tibidel, metetboid el boes. from root melboid
tbidall : var. tebidall : tbidall a kirel el metboid; tibidii, melboid, tiboid a boes, tbidel a boes. from root melboid
tebidall : v.a.s. (lantern, etc.) is to be turned on. : from root melboid
telboid : v.r.s. (lantern etc.) turned on. : telboid a mla metboid; dengki a telboid, tibidii a boes, tiboid a bosir, melboid; tbidel. from root melboid
tibidii : : tibidii a melboid er ngii. from root melboid
tiboid : : tiboid a meiboid; resoldau a mla tiboid a bosir; tibidii a bosel, tibidel a boes. from root melboid
tilbidii : : from root melboid
tilboid : : from root melboid
ibelbii : : from root melbolb
ilbolb : : ilbolb a melbolb; meliuekl, er ngii, rebulis a ilbolb er a blil a oudellomel a mariuana. from root melbolb
melbolb : v.t. encircle; encompass. : melbolb a ilbolb; iliuekl er ngii; ibelbii a blil a chad er a chat; ibelbel. from root melbolb
melbotb : v.t. divide or split (long object) into small pieces, strips. : melbotb a meliud a mekemanget; tibotb a oluus, tibetbii olukl, tibetbel. from root melbotb
metbetbang : v.erg.inch. : metbetbang a mla metib; urreor a telib; mla metbotb a urrereel a rael; urreor a metbetbang. from root melbotb
metbotb : v.erg. : from root melbotb
tbetball : var. tebetball : tbetball a kirel el metbotb; tibetbii a besebes; tibotb a olukl; tbetbel. from root melbotb
tebetball : v.a.s. (long object) is to be divided or split into small pieces, strips, etc. : from root melbotb
telbotb : v.r.s. (long object) divided or split into small pieces, strips. : telbotb a mla metbotb; tibetbii a olukl, melbotb a besebes; tibotb, tbetbel. from root melbotb
tibetbii : : tibetbii a melbotb er ngii el bambuu. from root melbotb
tibotb : : tibotb a melbotb; tibotb a oluus; tibetbii a ngais; tibetbel. from root melbotb
tilebetbii : : from root melbotb
tilebotb : : from root melbotb
melcherakl : v.t. hang. : from root melcherakl
telcherakl : v.s. : from root melcherakl
turcheklii : : from root melcherakl
melcheseb : v.t. scoop or ladle out (and keep for further use). : from root melcheseb
melecheseb : var. melcheseb : melecheseb a socheseb; mengisb, melecheseb a uasech, ralm; sochesebii. melecheseb a mengisb; melai a ralm el oba ongisb; sochesebii; socheseb; sechesebel. from root melcheseb
mesecheseb : v.erg. : from root melcheseb
secheseball : v.a.s. is to be ladled out. : secheseball a kirel mesecheseb; mengisb a ralm; sochesebii, socheseb a ralm, melecheseb; sechesebel. from root melcheseb
sechesobel : var. secheseball : sechesobel a secheseball. from root melcheseb
selcheseb : v.r.s. ladled out. : from root melcheseb
selecheseb : var. selcheseb : selecheseb a mla mesecheseb; nglai, sochesebii, socheseb, ralm a chelisb; beltkou a ralm. from root melcheseb
silcheseb : : from root melcheseb
silchesebii : : from root melcheseb
socheseb : : socheseb a melecheseb; mengisb, socheseb a ralm; sochesebii; sechesebel. from root melcheseb
sochesebii : : sochesebii a melecheseb er ngii. from root melcheseb
melchesech : v.t. stuff (mouth, stomach) with food; stuff (inside of turkey, etc.) with stuffing; stuff (pillow, etc.); stuff (clothing, etc.) into box, etc.; cock or set (gun); pump air into airgun; (fish) nibble at (fishing line, etc.). : melchesech a mesuk; sochesechii a ngerel er a kall, sochesech a chiull; sechesechel. from root melchesech
melchesech a eolt er a ding : expr. slap or box someone's ears. : from root melchesech
melchesech el keriik : expr. fast incoming tide. (the tide is very quickly "stuffing" the ocean into the reef). : from root melchesech
melechesech : var. melchesech : melechesech a omekek er ngii; melechesech er a ngerel er a kall; melechesech a ngikel el menga er a uaol; a kerelek a melechesech. from root melchesech
mesechesech : v.erg. : from root melchesech
sechesechall : v.a.s. is to be stuffed; (gun) is to be cocked or set. : sechesechall a kirel mesechesech; locha kelel a boes; melechesech, sochesech a bosir, sechesechel. from root melchesech
selchesech : v.r.s. stuffed; (gun) cocked or set. : from root melchesech
selechesech : var. selchesech : selechesech a mla mesechesech; boes a selechesech, sochesechii, locha kelel; sechesechel. from root melchesech
silchesech : : from root melchesech
silchesechii : : from root melchesech
sochesech : : sochesech a melechesech; sochesech a chiull; sochesechii, sechesechel a boes. from root melchesech
sochesechii : : sochesechii a melechesech er ngii. from root melchesech
tmeleches : interj. stuff it. (refers to when the foreskin is pulled back behind the head of the penis). : from root melchesech
melchotechachau : n. [Scarus altipinnis]. : from root melchotechachau
meldechel : : meldechel a mlo medechel; merriim a rokui el klalo e meldechel a olekang me a belatong. from root meldechel
meldechel : : meldechel a mlo er ngii a dechelel; dochelir, dochel, meldechel er a udoud er a $ 50.00. from root meldechel
meldelodech : v.t.redup. keep changing. : meldelodech a mekudem el melodech a teletelel; ko er a melodech er ngii; mo diak el ua ngii; ngedechel. from root meldelodech
mengedengodech : v.s.redup. changeable. : mengedengodech a mo diak losisiu; mekudem el mo ngodech; ngodechii, ngmodech, mengedengodech a tekoi; ngedechel. from root meldelodech
ngeldengodech : v.r.s.redup. various; miscellaneous. : ngeldengodech a betok a ngodech er ngii; diak le bleketakl a tekingel; di mengedengodech; ngeldengedechel a omerellel. from root meldelodech
meldoim : v.t. eat something as non-starchy food. : meldoim a ouedoim; meldoim er a ngikel. from root meldoim
ekill : v.a.s. is to be separated/disassociated (from). : from root meleakl
eklii : : eklii a meleakl er ngii, ileakl, diak el ultuil er a chad; di ngii; meduch a rengul a mla eklii a blil; ileklel a delengcheklel. from root meleakl
ilakl : : from root meleakl
ileakl : var. ilakl : ileakl a mla meakl; diak luldak; meleakl, ileakl a beches er a mechut, ileklel. from root meleakl
ileakl : v.r.s. separated; separate; set apart; removed; disassociated; special. : ileakl a mla meakl; diak luldak; meleakl, ileakl a beches er a mechut, ileklel. from root meleakl
ileklii : : from root meleakl
imakl : : imakl a meleakl, meruul el mo diak el luldak; imakl a kall er a ulengall. from root meleakl
imeakl : var. imakl : from root meleakl
kakeakl : v.recip. (lives, purposes, etc.) separate or divergent from each other; (objects) physically separated from each other. : kakeakl a kakerous; ileakl a chetemel a chad me a chad; diak luldak, kakeakl a bai er a remeau me a beil a klobak. from root meleakl
meakl : v.erg. get separated. : from root meleakl
meleakl : v.t. separate or differentiate (something) from; set apart; put aside; remove; disassociate (oneself) from. : meleakl a imakl; eklii; diak luldak; mo kakerous; meleakl a kukau er a brak; eklel. from root meleakl
debongel : v.a.s. is to be interrupted or killed. : debongel a kirel el medeb; meterob; dobengii a kemanget e . blelekl el cheldecheduch, dueb a klautok er a blai. from root meleb
deleb : v.r.s. interrupted; killed. : deleb a mla medeb, mo diak lolemolem, ngalek a deleb a medal ng dimlak el lemelemii a cheliuaiu. from root meleb
delebongel : v.r.s. interrupted; killed. : delebongel a diak el llemolem; mla medeb; dobengii a cheliuaiu; delebongel a klengar er ngii a mlokoad, debengel a medal. from root meleb
dileb : : from root meleb
dilebengii : : from root meleb
dobengii : : dobengii a meleb er ngii, torebengii, mla dobengii a kemanget e blelekl el cheldecheduch. from root meleb
dueb : : dueb a torob; meleb a olloi, dueb a cheldecheduch, mekemad a dueb a betok el klengar; kodeb, duebes from root meleb
medeb : v.erg. : medeb a deleb; a diak lellemolem, dobengii, dueb, mla medeb a cheldecheduch; debengel. from root meleb
meleb : v.t. interrupt (conversation, life); kill; stop (blood). : meleb a dobengii; meruul el mo diak lorael; dueb a mekemanget el cheldecheduch; meleb olloi; debengel a olloi. from root meleb
melebecholloi : v.s. have a habit of interrupting. : from root meleb
lebeluul : v.a.s. (hands) are to be washed/dunked in water. : lebeluul a kirel el melebal; mellib; ngalek a lebeluul a chimal, lobelur, lobal, meriso, lebelul a chimal. from root melebal
lilebal : : from root melebal
lilebelur : : from root melebal
llebal : v.r.s. (hands) washed/dunked in water. : llebal a mla melebal; telellib a chimal; lobal a chimal, lobelur, meleball. from root melebal
lobal : : lobal a melebal; meriso a chimal, mla lobal a chimal. from root melebal
lobelur : : lobelur a melebal er ngii. from root melebal
melebal : v.t. cast spell on (food). : melebal a ouelai; omokoad, olsecher a rechad, tebal, tobal, tebelengel. from root melebal
melebal : v.t. wash/dunk (hands) in water (usually after eating). : melebal a meriso a chimal er a ralm; mellib; lobal a chimal; lebul a chim. from root melebal
metebal : v.erg. : from root melebal
telbal : v.r.s. (food) has magic spell cast on it. : from root melebal
telebal : var. telbal : telebal a mla metebal; telemall er a olai me a tebal; telebal me ng smecher tobelengii, tebelengel. from root melebal
tilbal : : from root melebal
tobal : : tobal a melebal; melemall, tobelengii a chad el ousbech a olai; ouelai; tobal a klalo, tebelengel. from root melebal
tobelengii : : from root melebal
melebaob : n. Rufous night heron (not particularly skilled in catching food). : melebaob a ta er a bedengel a sechou. from root melebaob
melebaob : v.i. do things awkwardly or lazily or inefficiently. : from root melebaob
melebasech : v.t. mess up (things) by scuffing feet on floor. : from root melebasech
debdeb : v.s. always interrupting; always spending money irresponsibly. : debdeb a meterekakl; metitur el mengereomel, diak longereomel, debdeb a udoud; diak lekereomel. from root melebdeb
debdeball : v.a.s. is to be made into a drink of coconut meat and juice. : from root melebdeb
dilebdeb : : from root melebdeb
dilebdebur : : from root melebdeb
dobdeb : : dobdeb a meruul a delebdeb el mengur. from root melebdeb
dobdebur : : dobdebur a melebdeb er ngii; meruul a delebdeb el mengur. from root melebdeb
melebdeb : v.t.redup. keep interrupting or confusing (conversation); spend (money) irresponsibly (i.e. for something other than what was intended); eat up (food) intended for special occasion; make drink out of meat and juice of (coconut). : melebdeb a meruul a delebdeb el mengur er a lius, dobdebur, dobdeb a ilumel, debdebul a mengur. from root melebdeb
debdebsall : v.a.s. is to be objected to. : debdebsall a kirel el medebdobs; meterob, torebengii, dobdebsii a omerael e le ng meringel a daob e meses a eolt; debdebsel. from root melebdobs
delebdobs : v.r.s. objected to. : delebdobs a mla medebdobs; meterob, obosech a telbiil; melebdobs er a urreor, dobdebsii a omerael, debsebsel. from root melebdobs
dilebdebsii : : from root melebdobs
dilebdobs : : from root melebdobs
dobdebsii : : dobdebsii a melebdobs er ngii; mla dobdebsii a omerael el mo diak, omsebosech. from root melebdobs
dobdobs : : dobdobs a merrob; melebdobs; mla torob a omerael e dobdobs a urreor e mekerang? from root melebdobs
medebdobs : v.erg. : medebdobs a delebdobs; omosech; dobdebsii a omerael, mla dobdobs a urreor; meterob, debdebsel. from root melebdobs
melebdobs : v.t.redup. keep objecting to; keep being negative about; be pessimistic. : melebdobs a omsebosech; melemall; melobs a telbiil, dobdebsii, dobdobs, debsebsel. melebdotengeleaes, melebdotengelaiaes a chad el onger er a dirkak le merekui el cheldecheduch; metitur el orrenges. from root melebdobs
debekill : v.a.s. is to be cursed. : debekill a kirel el medebeakl; melebeakl er ngii; kmal mekull el diak el debekill a chad, rechad. from root melebeakl
delebeakl : v.r.s. cursed; damned. : delebeakl a diak le ngeltengat, mla medebeakl er a chelid, diak el ungil besul, dellebeakl, mekerior, dellebeklel. from root melebeakl
dilebeakl : : from root melebeakl
dilebeklii : : from root melebeakl
dobeakl : : dobeakl a melebeakl; olengit er a chelid me lolebeakl er tir; mo delebeakl. from root melebeakl
dobeklii : : dobeklii a melebeakl er ngii; melengesakl er ngii, dongeseklii. from root melebeakl
medebeakl : v.erg. : medebeakl a delebeakl; dobeklii, mla medebeakl er a chelid, mla mc diak el ngeltengat; debeklel. from root melebeakl
melebeakl : v.t. put curse on (someone). : melebeakl a melengesakl; dobeklii a chad; dobeakl; olengit a mekngit el kirel a chad, debeklel. from root melebeakl
ebedall : v.a.s. : ebedall a kirel meebed; ebedii a malk, iuebed a bilis, malk a ebedall; ebedel. from root melebed
ebedii : : ebedii a melebed er ngii, ebedii a malk, omdechem er ngii el ousbech er a iebed. from root melebed
ilebed : : ilebed a ulak; mla meebed, ilebodel er a iebed, malk a ilebed. from root melebed
ilebed : v.r.s. : ilebed a ulak; mla meebed, ilebodel er a iebed, malk a ilebed. from root melebed
ilebedii : : from root melebed
ilebodel : var. ilebed : ilebodel a ilebed. from root melebed
iuebed : : iuebed a melebed, mdechem, iebedii a malk, iuebed a ngikel. from root melebed
keebed : v.recip. lasso/ensnare each other. : keebed a didu el melebed; keebed a malk, iebedii, iuebed a cheremel, iebedel a malk. from root melebed
meebed : v.erg. : meebed a ilebd; ebedii a babii, iuebed a malk, iebedel. from root melebed
melebed : v.t. lasso; ensnare; catch (fish) with iebed. : melebed a ebedii; iuebed a charm ousbech a iebed; ebedel a malk. from root melebed
debedebekall : var. debedebokel : debedebekall a debedebokel. from root melebedebek
debedebokel : v.a.s. is to be thought about or remembered. : debedebokel a kirel el mudasu, kirel el medebedebek a meldung el tekoi; dobedebekii, dobedebek a urreor el kirel a klengeasek. from root melebedebek
delbedebek : var. delebedebek : delbedebek a mla medebedebek; lotkiang; dobedebekii, dobedebek a meldung; lmatk, debedebekel. from root melebedebek
delebedebek : v.r.s. thought about; remembered. : from root melebedebek
dilebedebek : : from root melebedebek
dilebedebekii : : from root melebedebek
dobedebek : : dobedebek a mla lmatk; ak mla dobedebek a meldu el tekoi; dobedebekii, debedebekel. from root melebedebek
dobedebekang : v.t.inch. : dobedebekang a mla dobedebek; a kulebes e lotkang. from root melebedebek
dobedebekii : : dobedebekii a melebedebek er ngii, lotkii. from root melebedebek
medebedebek : v.erg. : from root melebedebek
melbedebekang : v.t.inch. beginning to think. : from root melebedebek
melebedebek : v.t. think or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind. : melebedebek a melatk; omdasu; dobedebekii; dobedebek a mla omilil er tir, debedebekel. from root melebedebek
delbedobech : var. delebedobech : delebedobech a betok el delobech, betok el delebes, ngikel a delebedobech, ngikel a mla medebedobech. from root melebedobech
delebedobech : v.r.s.redup. chopped into many pieces; cut all over. : delebedobech a betok el delobech; telektuk; ngikel a delebededebes, dobechii, duobech, debedebechel. from root melebedobech
dobedebechii : : dobedebechii a betok el delebes, melebedobech er ngii; melobech, debedebechel a ngikel. from root melebedobech
medebedobech : v.erg. : from root melebedobech
melbedobech : var. melebedobech : melbedobech a mekekokil el melobech. from root melebedobech
melebedobech : v.t.redup. : from root melebedobech
melebekai : v.i. collect delebekai (=type of shellfish). : melebekai a melai a delebekai. from root melebekai
melebeklakl : : melebeklakl a melisebekl er a oreomel. from root melebeklakl
meleber : v.t. clear brush or other overgrown vegetation with a machete or similar tool. : from root meleber
meteber : v.erg. : from root meleber
teberul : n.poss.3s : from root meleber
teleber : v.r.s. : teleber a delebokl; mla meteber; toberur a bung, tober a dellomel; teberul a bung. from root meleber
tober : : from root meleber
toberur : : from root meleber
deleberuou : v.r.s. : deleberuou a meterekakl, terrekakl a kelel me a ududel; meleberuou a bol secher e ng diak a udoud el mechar a kerul. from root meleberuou
meleberuou : v.t. manage or deal (with something) carelessly or ineptly; mismanage; bungle. : from root meleberuou
debesall : v.a.s. is to be cut or snipped. : from root melebes
debokl : v.a.s. : debokl a kirel el medebes; meluk er ngii, dobesii, duebes a keai, melebes a ngikel, mamed a debokl. from root melebes
delebes : v.r.s. cut; snipped. : delebes a mla medebes; teluk; delebokl, teluk a ochil, dobesii, duebes, debesel. from root melebes
delebokl : var. delebes : from root melebes
dilebes : : from root melebes
dilebesii : : from root melebes
dobesiang : v.inch. : dobesiang a ko el mocha melebes er ngii; medebesang; dobesii, tukur. from root melebes
dobesii : : dobesii a melebes er ngii; tukur, toktang a mla dobesii a ochil a smecher. from root melebes
duebes : : duebes a melebes; meluk, te mla duebes a seng er a dengki er a blik, debesel. from root melebes
kedebes : v.recip. cut (logs; etc.) together. : kedebes a didu el melebes; dobesii, duebes a llel a tuu, meluk a ngikel, debesel. from root melebes
medebes : v.erg. to be cut (unintentionally) short. : medebes a metuk; delebes a llel a tuu, dobesii, duebes, mla medebes a kereel, debesel. from root melebes
medebesang : v.erg.inch. : from root melebes
melebes : v.t. cut or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.). : melebes a dobesii; meluk; dortii a ungil el deleongel, duebes a besebes, debesel. from root melebes
delbeseaol : v.s. aimless; idle; foolish. : from root melebeseaol
delbeseaol a rengul : expr. aimless; idle; foolish. : from root melebeseaol
delebeseaol : var. delbeseaol : delebeseaol a melebeseaol; mengebelung; diak el ultebechel a cheldechedechal me a rengul. from root melebeseaol
melebeseaol : v.i. wander around aimlessly; act or speak foolishly. : melebeseaol a mengebelung; delbeseaol; melechetech el diak a uldesuel; mengesengsang. from root melebeseaol
melebeseb : : melebeseb a odak a betok e melebes mechas a melebeseb a ramek el chudel. from root melebeseb
melbetubech : var. melebetubech : melbetubech a melubech. from root melebetubech
melebetubech : v.redup. keep masturbating. : from root melebetubech
metbetubech : v.erg.redup. easily masturbated. : from root melebetubech
melebiall : v.t. raise (eyebrows) at. : melebiall a kedeb a telil, tobiall a medal; mo klou a medal. from root melebiall
metebiall : v.erg. : from root melebiall
tebiall : v.s. (eyebrows) raised and (eyes) wide open. : tebiall a ngerrodel el chelsul a mad; klou el chelsul a mad; tebiall a medal, melebiall, tobiall a medal. from root melebiall
telebiall : v.r.s. gestured to with raised eyebrows. : telebiall a toberall; mla metebiall; tobiall a medal; menglou a medal. from root melebiall
tilbiall : : from root melebiall
tobiall : : tobiall a melebiall a medal. from root melebiall
melebibii : spread or open up (wound, etc.) for examination. : from root melebibii
telebii : v.s. (nose) raised or having open or flared nostrils. : from root melebibii
debsechall : v.a.s. is to be speared. : debsechall a kirel medebusech; dubsechii a debusech, melebusech a debusech, debsechel a seseb. from root melebisech
delebisech : v.r.s. speared. : delebisech a mla medebisech; blurech, dibsechii a ngikel; dibisech, dibsechel. from root melebisech
dibisech : : dibisech a melebisech el oba biskang; mla dibisech a ngikel. from root melebisech
dibsechii : : dibsechii a melebisech er ngii. from root melebisech
dilbisech : : from root melebisech
dilebsechii : : from root melebisech
kedebisech : v.recip. spear each other (by accident). : kedebisech a di du el melebisech; ngii di le lomurech, dibisech a ngikel, diak lomektaut er a biskang. from root melebisech
medebisech : v.erg. : from root melebisech
melebisech : v.t. pierce (fish) with downward thrust of spear; pierce or cut into (earth); thrust at (with long object). : melebisech a ngii di lomurech; dibsechii a ngikel, dibisech a tekoi a meterekakl a ngerel; ngii di lolekoi; dibsechel. from root melebisech
debedabel : var. debedeball : debedabel a kirel el medebodeb; mesiik a berredel, dobedebii, dobodeb a ngikel, melebodeb, debedebel. from root melebodeb
debedeball : v.a.s. is to be weighed. : debedeball a debedabel from root melebodeb
delebedabel : v.r.s. weighed; apportioned; limited. : from root melebodeb
delebodeb : var. delebedabel : delebodeb a mla medebodeb; mla mesiik a berredel; ngikel a delebedabel, dobedebii, dobodeb, debedebel. from root melebodeb
dilebedebii : : from root melebodeb
dilebodeb : : from root melebodeb
dobedebang : v.inch. : dobedebang a ko el mocha dobodeb; melebodeb a ngikel, dobedebii, debedebel. from root melebodeb
dobedebii : : dobedebii a melebodeb er ngii, mla dobedebii a babii. from root melebodeb
dobodeb : : dobodeb a melebodeb a kukau. from root melebodeb
kedebodeb : v.recip. do weighing together. : kedebodeb a rebetok el chad el melebodeb; dobedebii a babii, dobodeb a ngikel, debedebel. from root melebodeb
medebodeb : v.erg. : from root melebodeb
mededebodeb : v.erg.redup. : mededebodeb a mekudem el melebodeb; beot el medebodeb; dobedebii a babii, smiik a berredel a babii; debedebel. from root melebodeb
melebodeb : v.t. weigh (exactly or approximately); apportion; limit (e.g., one's eating). : melebodeb a osiik a berraod; dobedebii; dobodeb; debedebel. from root melebodeb
doboes : : from root meleboes
meleboes : v.t. speak vulgarly; curse. : meleboes a melekoi a berrotel er a chad; merrekarek er a ngerel, melekoi a mekngit el tekoi, deleboes; doboes. from root meleboes
melebokel : v.t. make circular or square mound in (garden) when planting. : from root melebokel
melebolloi : : melebcholloi a di duobech a cheldecheduch; dueb a cheldecheduch, diak el ongull er a mengedecheduch. from root melebolloi
meleboteb : v.t. travel around between (villages, countries, etc.). : meleboteb a merael el mesarech a betok el beluu; tebetebel. from root meleboteb
dobsechelii : : from root melebsochel
melebsochel : v.t. act in an unfriendly or nasty fashion with smb : melebsochel a debsochel; oudebsochel; diak le beruadel, dobsechelii a ngalek, chedesongel, olebechall, delebsechelel. from root melebsochel
melebtakl : v.t. open (one's) eyes to prevent falling asleep. : omechit, omok from root melebtakl
melebtib : v.t. break up into small pieces (usually with fingers). : melebtib a mengerad; meruul er a cherrungel el mo mekekerei; tibtib, tebtebil, tbetbil. from root melebtib
metebtib : v.erg.redup. easy to break up into pieces. : metebtib a beot el metib; chemutii a metebtib el kall; tbetbil, tebtib. from root melebtib
tebteball : v.a.s. is to be broken up in small pieces. : from root melebtib
telebtib : v.r.s. broken up into small pieces. : telebtib a mla metebtib; tibtib a kall; meruul el mo mekekerei; melebtib, tebtib, tbetbil. from root melebtib
tilebtebur : : from root melebtib
tilebtib : : from root melebtib
tobtebur : : tobtebur a melebtib er ngii; tebtib. from root melebtib
tobtib : : tobtib a melebtib, tbetbil. from root melebtib
melebtub : v.redup. keep spitting . : melebtub a mekudem el melub; tubar, tuub, tbal. from root melebtub
metebtub : v.erg. : from root melebtub
telebtub : v.r.s.redup. covered with spit (in several places). : telebtub a mla metebtub; betok el telub; tubar a tuangel, tuub a smengt; melelebtub. from root melebtub
debsechall : v.a.s. (conch shell or horn) is to be blown. : from root melebusech
debsechii : : from root melebusech
debusech : : from root melebusech
delebusech : v.r.s. (conch shell or horn) blown. : delebusech a mla medebusech; debusech; melebusech el mesubed er a eolt, dubsechii, debsechel a eolt. from root melebusech
dilebsechii : : from root melebusech
dilebusech : : from root melebusech
medebusech : v.erg. : medebusech a delebusech; dubsechii a debsechel a seseb; mla medebusech. from root melebusech
melebusech : v.t. blow (conch shell or horn). : melebusech a meloko er a debusech; melebusech el omekedong er a beluu; dubsechii a debusech, debsechel. from root melebusech
melech : n. roof area at both ends of bai (=ngklikliabed); legendary figure who flew out of ngklikliabed of bai as fireball. : melech a chelid e chad; kdekudel e ongerior, rubak a olsebek er a melech er a bai. from root melech
melech : n. type of temekai (grouper fish). : melech a ta er a bedengel a temekai; ngikel. from root melech
melech : n. shooting star; beautiful girl. : melech a ngklel a btuch. from root melech
olengasech er a melech : expr. ceremony after bai is finished to get rid of melech and free bai of evil spirits. : from root melech
melechakl : v.t. be in the way; crowd; hinder (someone's) movement by being too close, in the wrong place, etc. : from root melechakl
lechengaol : v.a.s. is to be put/taken. : lechengaol a kirel el modars; kles a lechengaol er a bai; loiang, lochang. from root melechang
lilechang : : from root melechang
liliang : : from root melechang
llechang : v.r.s. put; taken. : llechang a mla melechang; mla mo mechei; lochang, kles er aklechedaol a llechang; mla mong. from root melechang
lochang : : lochang a melechang; lochang, omechei, mesuk a udoud er a olsechelel. from root melechang
loia a ochil e nguu : expr. walk really fast; half-walk or half-run; hardly put one's feet on the ground. : from root melechang
loiang : : loiang a melechar ngii; loiang a ududel, ak mla loiang. from root melechang
melecha : var. melechang : from root melechang
melechang : v.t. put (into particular position); take (to particular place). : melechang a lochang; ngmai el mechei; loiang, lechengel. from root melechang
melechang : v.erg. : from root melechang
melechaol : v.s. having a large penis. : melechaol a klou a melechel, kersel. from root melechaol
melecheb : v.t. remove something from wherever it is attached or stuck; scrape up (food, gum etc); cut out (appendix); perform abortion on; uproot (plant); cut close to roots; flow towards and soak into or seep under. : melecheb a nguu er a ngot; tochebii a belsiich; tuecheb. from root melecheb
metecheb : v.erg. : from root melecheb
techeball : v.a.s. is to be removed/scraped up/cut out/uprooted. : techeball a techibel; kirel el metecheb; nguu a belsiich er a ngot, tochebii a nguu el rokir, nguu er a uchul. from root melecheb
techibel : var. techeball : techibel a techeball. from root melecheb
telecheb : v.r.s. removed; scraped up; cut out; uprooted. : telecheb a nglai el cheroid; mla metecheb a belsiich; tuecheb a chetermall; tochebii a debsel a lius. from root melecheb
tilecheb : : from root melecheb
tilechebii : : from root melecheb
tochebii : : tochebii a melecheb er ngii el belsiich from root melecheb
tuecheb : : tuecheb a melecheb; tuecheb a belsiich; techebel. from root melecheb
melechebekl : v.t. hinder; obstruct; be in the way of. : from root melechebekl
dochedachem : : from root melechedachem
dochedechemii : : from root melechedachem
melechedachem : v.t. chew (with a mouth closed); munch / nibble on : melechedachem a telkib el meringet; mekekokil el meringet; dochedechemii, dochedachem a kar. Melemtam ma lechub e ng meringet. from root melechedachem
dilechedechii : : from root melechedech
dochedechii : : from root melechedech
melechedech : v.t. speculate, wonder or be suspicious about (someone). : melechedech a melekoi; rrau a rengul el kirel, ilengelakl ng techang e morker? from root melechedech
melechedoi : v.i. limp in pain. : melechedoi a diak le melemalt a omerolel; melingoi; meringel a ochil. from root melechedoi
melecheduch : v.t. persuade. : melecheduch a meluchel; olechoid; melecheduch er a ngalek el mo chetil a merrodel; bribe from root melecheduch
melecheech : v.t. agree; support. : melecheech a olecheech; melisiich; oumerang, melecheech a meldung. from root melecheech
melechekl : v.t. put something aside; hold (betel nut, etc.) in cheek while talking. : from root melechekl
melechekl : v.t. cramp movement of; get in way of. : melechekl a mengesang; ak melechekl er a cheldecheduch. from root melechekl
tellechekl : v.r.s. put aside; cringing; inconspicuous. : tellechekl a chebecheb el chelellakl; tellechekl el meluluuch. from root melechekl
dechall : v.a.s. is to be increased or raised in amount. : from root melechel
dechelall : var. dechall : from root melechel
dechelaol : var. dechall : dechelaol a kirel el medechel; kirel lmuut el mo betok; mo er ngii a dechelel; udoud a dechelaol. from root melechel
dechioll : var. dechall : from root melechel
delechel : v.r.s. increased or raised in amount. : from root melechel
dilechel : : from root melechel
dilechelii : : from root melechel
dilechelir : var. dilechelii : from root melechel
dochel : : dochel a mdois; locha dechelel; remuul el mo betok, mla dochel a udoud. from root melechel
dochelii : var. dochelir : from root melechel
dochelir : : dochelir a loia dechelel; mo klou; betok; dochel. from root melechel
medechel : v.erg. : from root melechel
melechel : v.t. increase or raise amount of (esp., when previous amount insufficient). : melechel a locha dechelel; mdois, dochel a udoud, dochelir a kall. from root melechel
melechelbakl : v.t. dive into. : melechelbakl a tuchelbakl; mo riou er a ralm, daob; tuchelbeklii; techelbeklel. from root melechelbakl
melechelbakl : v.i. dive when fishing. : from root melechelbakl
melechelbakl el diall : expr. submarine. : from root melechelbakl
metechelbakl : v.erg. : from root melechelbakl
techebekill : v.a.s. is to be dived into. : techebekill a sebechel el metechelbakl; diak el sal dmolech; melechelbakl. from root melechelbakl
telechelbakl : v.r.s. dived into. : telechelbakl a mla metechelbakl; te mla melechelbakl er ngii; Ngeremechiuch a techelbeklel. from root melechelbakl
tilechelbakl : : from root melechelbakl
tilechelbeklii : : from root melechelbakl
tuchelbakl : : tuchelbakl a melechelbakl er a daob; tuchelbakl er a ralm; techelbeklel. from root melechelbakl
tuchelbeklii : : tuchelbeklii a melechelbakl er ngii. from root melechelbakl
lecheloched : v.s.redup. (string, cord, wire, etc.) broken in many places. : from root melecheloched
llecheloched : v.r.s.redup. : llecheloched a mla melecheloched; betok el lloched. from root melecheloched
melecheloched : v.t.redup. keep breaking (string, etc.); (string, etc.) easily broken. : melecheloched a beot el meloched; lmoched a semosem; lochedii a uak, lechedel. from root melecheloched
melechelokl : v.t. move or push up and away; clear way through (trees, jungle etc) (by hand, with bulldozer etc); (wind) blow (clothes, roof, etc.) up. : melechelokl a tucheleklii; meluchel a chutem; tuchelokl; omkais; omechiib; techeleklel. from root melechelokl
metechelokl : v.erg. : from root melechelokl
techelekill : v.a.s. is to be moved or pushed up and away; is to be cleared. : techelekill a kirel el metechelokl; kirel el metemotem a oreomel; melechelokl er a kedidai; rullii el mo moded; tucheleklii a chutem; techeleklel. from root melechelokl
telechelokl : v.r.s. moved or push up and away; cleared; blown up by wind. : telechelokl a blkais; mla metechelokl, mla metukouk; tucheleklii a chutem; tuchelokl a chesimer; techeleklel. from root melechelokl
tilecheleklii : : from root melechelokl
tilechelokl : : from root melechelokl
tucheleklii : : tucheleklii a melechelokl er ngii. from root melechelokl
tuchelokl : : tuchelokl a melechelokl; techeleklel a chutem me a oreomel. from root melechelokl
lilchelchesii : : from root melecheluches
lilcheluches : : from root melecheluches
llecheluches : v.r.s.redup. scribbled or written all over. : llecheluches a mla melecheluches; betok a llechukl er ngii. from root melecheluches
luchelchesii : : from root melecheluches
luchelechesii : var. luchelchesii : luchelechesii a melecheluches er ngii; ko er a di omes ku er ngii. from root melecheluches
lucheluches : : lucheluches a melecheluches a betok el babier. from root melecheluches
melecheluches : v.redup. keep writing or drawing; scribble or write all over; (image) keep appearing in one's mind. : melecheluches a meses, blechoel el meluches; luchesii, lmuches a babier, lechelechesel. from root melecheluches
melecheluches : v.s. (body) feeling cold in a way suggestive of pending illness. : melecheluches a bedengel a mekekerasem; soal mo smecher er a tereter. from root melecheluches
melelecheluches : v.erg.redup. easy to write on. : melelecheluches a mekekokil el meluches. from root melecheluches
meleleluches : var. melelecheluches : from root melecheluches
melechemakl : v.t. stuff or cram (esp., mouth with food); (dirt, etc.) get into (eye). : melechemakl a omekeek er ngii; Lerrekakl el tekoi; tuchemakl a ngerir er a kall; techemeklel. from root melechemakl
metechemakl : v.erg. : from root melechemakl
techemekill : v.a.s. is to be stuffed or crammed. : techemekill a okekael; kirel el mo mui; metechemakl; mekekii, mekeek, techemekill a kliokl el chutem. from root melechemakl
telechemakl : v.r.s. stuffed; crammed. : telechemakl a mla metechemakl; mla mo mui; tuchemakl a ngerel er a kall; tuchemeklii a butiliang er a chutem; techemeklel. from root melechemakl
tilchemakl : : from root melechemakl
tilchemeklii : : from root melechemakl
tuchemakl : : tuchemakl a melechemakl; omekeek a ngerir; techemeklel a ngor. from root melechemakl
tuchemeklii : : tuchemeklii a melechemakl er ngii. from root melechemakl
katecherakl : v.recip. hooked together. : katecherakl a didu el melecherakl; kerelir a katecherakl, tuchereklii, tucherakl a bail, techereklel. from root melecherakl
katecherakl : v.recip. (dogs) joined together in sexual intercourse. : from root melecherakl
melecherakl : v.t. pick up with a hook; hang on a hook; unload (cargo) with a winch; (snake, etc.) attach or wind (tail) around. : melecherakl a locha er a techerakl; tuchereklii, tucherakl a bail, techereklel. from root melecherakl
metecherakl : v.erg. get stuck or caught on. : from root melecherakl
techerekill : v.a.s. is to be hung on a hook or unloaded with a winch. : techerekill a kirel el metecherakl; melecherakl er ngii. from root melecherakl
telecherakl : v.r.s. hooked; hung. : telecherakl a ngar er a techerakl; tuchereklii a bilel, tucherakl, techereklel. from root melecherakl
telecherakl a rengul : expr. stubborn; obsessed; determined. : from root melecherakl
tilchereklii : : from root melecherakl
tilecherakl : : from root melecherakl
tucherakl : : tucherakl a melecherakl. from root melecherakl
tuchereklii : : tuchereklii a melecherakl er ngii. techereklel. from root melecherakl
dilecherecher : : from root melecherecher
dilecherecherii : : from root melecherecher
docherecher : : docherecher a melcherecher; remuul el mo mesisiich; smisiich, docherecher a rengmiu e mesuub, dechercherel. from root melecherecher
docherecherii : : docherecherii a melcherecher er a rengul; sisichii, docherecherii a rengum e mesuub. from root melecherecher
melecherecher : v.t. harden; clench (fist); tense (muscles, body); flex (biceps); harden (sea cucumber) by adding lemon. : from root melecherecher
keseches : v.recip. (chickens) peck at each other. : keseches a kesechosech; didu el meleches; melechosech, malk a keseches a kelel; sichesii, smeches. from root meleches
meleches : n. grouper fish (fish with long nose). : from root meleches
meleches : v.t. (bird, chicken) peck at. : meleches a telkib el melechosech; a malk a mla smeches a diokang, sichesii; sechesel. from root meleches
meleches a longang : expr. pick at one's food when eating; eat like a bird. : from root meleches
sechesall : v.a.s. is to be pecked at. : from root meleches
seleches : v.r.s. pecked at. : seleches a kerriu; kliok; bobai a seleches er a kiuid, sichesii; smeches. from root meleches
sichesii : : sichesii a meleches er ngii. from root meleches
sileches : : from root meleches
silechesii : : from root meleches
smeches : : smeches a meleches; mesab; malk a meleches a kelel. from root meleches
melechesel : n.poss.3s secretary; clerk. : from root melechesel
kasechesokl : v.recip. jump together. : kasechesokl a didu el melechesokl; merdekekl, mla suchesokl, sucheseklii a cheroid, secheseklel. from root melechesokl
melechesokl : v.t. jump (particular distance) [typically playful jumping such as children jumping around for fun]. : melechesokl a suchesokl; ridekekl el mo er a bab, rebuik a melechesokl, suchesokl, secheseklel. from root melechesokl
melechesokl : v.i. jump; leap. : from root melechesokl
mesechesokl : v.erg. : from root melechesokl
sechesekill : v.a.s. (distance) is to be jumped. : sechesekill a beot el mesechesokl; suchesokl er ngii; merdekekl er ngii. from root melechesokl
selechesokl : v.r.s. (distance) jumped. : selechesokl a mla mesechesokl; mla sucheseklii; mla ridekeklii; silchesokl er ngii; melechesokl. from root melechesokl
silecheseklii : : from root melechesokl
silechesokl : : from root melechesokl
sucheseklii : : sucheseklii a melechesokl er ngii; suchesokl. from root melechesokl
suchesokl : : suchesokl a melechesokl; merdekekl. from root melechesokl
melechesulik : : melechesulik a keriik el soisebang; melechesech el obengkel a ringel el eolt me a daob. from root melechesulik
kelechet : v.recip. tie (each other's arm or legs) (as a joke). : kelechet a di du el melechet; kerenged, merenged, lochetii, lmechet a biskang, lechetel. from root melechet
lechetall : var. lechotel : lechetall a kirel el melechet; lochetii, lmechet a klalo. from root melechet
lechotel : v.a.s. is to be tied or wrapped. : lechotel a lechetall. from root melechet
lilechet : : from root melechet
lilechetii : : from root melechet
llechet : v.r.s. tied; wrapped; kept occupied or busy. : llechet a selaur; mla melechet; llechotel, rrengodel, lochetii, lmechet, lechetel. from root melechet
llechotel : var. llechet : llechotel a llechet. from root melechet
lmechet : : lmechet a melechet; mesaur a billum; lechetel a chimal. from root melechet
lochetii : : lochetii a melechet er ngii. from root melechet
melechet : v.t. tie; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy. : melechet a lochetii; sourii, mla lmechet a sualo; lechetel. from root melechet
melelchelechet : var. melelechelechet : melelchelechet a beot el melechet; lochetii; beot el modak e mesaur. from root melechet
melelechelechet : v.erg.redup. easy to tie. : from root melechet
melechetech : v.t. distract; pull (someone) away from what he is doing. : melechetech a mengesengsang; techetech; diak el ultebechel a uldasu. from root melechetech
melechetech : v.i. run (distractedly); walk (taking shortcuts); catch reef fish by running from place to place with net. : from root melechetech
techetechall : v.a.s. is to be distracted. : from root melechetech
telechetech : v.r.s. distracted. : telechetech a delibech el rael er a ikrel a beluu, oreomel a outelechetech. from root melechetech
tilechetech : : from root melechetech
tilechetechii : : from root melechetech
tochetech : : tochetech a melechetech; misii a beluu; tochetechii a beluu. from root melechetech
tochetechii : : tochetechii a omelechetech er ngii; roitechetechii, misii a oreomel; tochetechii a beluu. from root melechetech
melechiir : v.t. catch (falling fruit, jumping fish etc., usually with handnet); heed (words etc.). : melechiir a ticherii el oba techiir; tichiir a rdechel a iedel, techerel. from root melechiir
metechiir : v.erg. : from root melechiir
telechiir : v.r.s. caught with a handnet. : telechiir a nglai; mla metechiir; mla obed; ticherii a iedel, tichiir a meradel, techerel. from root melechiir
ticherii : : from root melechiir
tichiir : : tichiir a melechiir; tichirii a meradel; tichiir a iedel; oba sualo el omed. from root melechiir
tilechiir : : from root melechiir
dechedechall : v.a.s. (person) is to be speared or clubbed. : from root melechodech
delechodech : v.r.s. (person) speared or clubbed. : delechodech a mla medechodech; chellebed er a olechodech, chelebed er a mekemad. from root melechodech
dilechedechii : : from root melechodech
dochedechii : : from root melechodech
kedechodech : v.recip. spear/club each other. : kedechodech a di du el melechodech; mengelebed, melebes, duchedechii a cheraro el oba dechodech. from root melechodech
medechodech : v.erg. : from root melechodech
melechodech : v.t. spear or club (person). : melechodech a mengelebed, melobech el oba dechodech; dechedechel from root melechodech
ketecholb : v.recip. bathe each other; bathe together. : ketecholb a di du el melecholb; melechong, tochelbii a ngalek. from root melecholb
melechelbang : v.t.inch. : from root melecholb
melechelbung : v.t.pred. : from root melecholb
melecholb : v.t. bathe; wash; baptize; get rid of evil spirits by ritual washing. : melecholb a melechong; tochelbii a ngalek, tocholb, techelbel. from root melecholb
melecholb : v.i. (plant) shed leaves. : from root melecholb
metecholb : v.erg. get bathed, washed or baptized. : from root melecholb
techelball : v.a.s. is to be bathed or baptized. : techelball a techelubel; kirel el metechong; melechong, tochelbii, techelbel. from root melecholb
techelubel : var. techelball : techelubel a techelball. from root melecholb
telechelubel : var. telecholb : telechelubel a telecholb; mla metecholb;mia melecholb; tochelbii a smecher, tocholb a mederir, techelbel. from root melecholb
telecholb : v.r.s. bathed, baptized. : telecholb a telechelubel. from root melecholb
tilchelbii : : from root melecholb
tilcholb : : from root melecholb
tochelbii : : tochelbii a melecholb er ngii; techelbel. from root melecholb
tocholb : : tocholb a melecholb el okngemed a ralm; techelbel. from root melecholb
melecholbchelid : v.t. baptize. : from root melecholbchelid
melecholbechelid : var. melecholbchelid : from root melecholbchelid
kelecholech : v.recip. injure each other (accidentally) with saws. : kelecholech a didu el melecholech; lucholech a idungel, melebes, meliud, luchelechii a kerrekar, lechelechel. from root melecholech
lechelechall : var. lecheluchel : lechelechall a kirel el melecholech; lecheluchel, luchelechii a kerrekar, tukur, dobesii, lechelechel. from root melecholech
lecheluchel : v.a.s. is to be sawed. : lecheluchel a lechelechall. from root melecholech
lilechelechii : : from root melecholech
lilecholech : : from root melecholech
llecholech : v.r.s. sawed. : llecholech a mla melecholech; teluk, delebes, luchelechii, lucholech a kerrekar. from root melecholech
luchelechii : : luchelechii a melecholech er ngii. from root melecholech
lucholech : : lucholech a melecholech; lucholechii a kerrekar. from root melecholech
melecholech : v.t. saw; cut with a saw. : melecholech a melebes el oba olecholech; luchelechii, lucholech a kerrekar, lechelechel. from root melecholech
melecholech : v.erg. : from root melecholech
melechong : v.t. bathe. : melechong a melecholb. from root melechong
melechong : v.i. go bathing (as an activity). : from root melechong
dechersall : v.a.s. (penis) is to be made erect. : from root melechors
dechors : : dechors a blolech; medecherecher el kirs a dechors. from root melechors
dechorsii : : from root melechors
delechors : v.r.s. (penis) made erect; stimulated. : delechors a dechors. from root melechors
dilechersii : : from root melechors
dilechors : : from root melechors
melechors : v.t. make (penis) erect; stimulate. : from root melechors
kesechosech : v.recip. (everyone) take bite of his own food. : kesechosech a di du el melechosech; suchesechii a ongraol, suchosech a kall. from root melechosech
melechosech : v.t. take a bite of (solid food); cut too much hair off (head). : melechosech a mengiok a kall; suchesechii; suchosech a bobai, sechesechel. from root melechosech
mesechosech : v.erg. : from root melechosech
mesesechosech : v.redup. munch on. : mesesechosech a mekekokil e mekudem el melechosech a kall; oudertelkib; suchesechii, sechesechel. from root melechosech
sechesechall : v.a.s. (solid food) is to be bitten into. : from root melechosech
sechesechuchel : var. sechesechall : from root melechosech
sechesuchel : var. sechesechall : sechesuchel a sechesechall; melechosech a kall. from root melechosech
sechuchel : var. sechesechall : from root melechosech
selechosech : v.r.s. (solid food) bitten into; (head) to closely shorn. : selechosech a kliok; mla mesechosech; kukau a selechosech; suchesechii; klard, sechesechel a kukau. from root melechosech
silechesechii : : from root melechosech
silechosech : : from root melechosech
suchesechii : : suchesechii a mengiok; melechosech er ngii; suchesechii a ongraol. from root melechosech
suchosech : : suchosech a mengiok; melechosech a ongraol; suchesechii. from root melechosech
ketechotech : v.recip. pound at (each other's backs, etc.). : ketechotech a di du el melechotech; omeu; tuchetechii a chemang, tuchotech, techetechel. from root melechotech
melechotech : v.t. pound with fist, stone, hammer; (clock) strike hour; (engine, valve) knock. : melechotech a mesisiich el merusech, mengelebed; tuchetechii; tuchotech a suld, melechotech a chemang, techetechel. from root melechotech
Melechotech a Chau : n. legendary figure who spent most of his time making coconut cord; was said to have had an extremely long penis. : from root melechotech
metechotech : v.erg. : from root melechotech
techetechall : v.a.s. is to be pounded. : techetechall a kirel el metechotech; melechotech er a chemang; omeu er ngii. from root melechotech
techetuchel : var. techetechall : techetuchel a techetechall. from root melechotech
telechotech : v.r.s. pounded. : telechotech a mla metechotech; tuchetechii a chemang, tuchotech a suld; techetechel. from root melechotech
tilechetechii : : from root melechotech
tilechotech : : from root melechotech
tuchetechii : : tuchetechii a melechotech er ngii. from root melechotech
tuchotech : : tuchotech a melechotech; techetechel from root melechotech
dechedechall : v.a.s. is to be patched. : dechedechall a kirel el metenget; medechudech; melechudech a chemars; duchedechii a chemars; duchudech, dechedechel. from root melechudech
decheduchel : var. dechedechall : from root melechudech
delechudech : v.r.s. soiled (with dirt or mud); patched; tar; pitch; asphalt. : delechudech a mla medechudech; delechudech a chemars er a chado duchedechii, duchudech. from root melechudech
dilechedechii : : from root melechudech
diluchudech : : from root melechudech
duchedechii : : duchedechii a melechudech er a blai. from root melechudech
duchudech : : duchudech a melechudech a ulaol, remuul el mo dechudech. from root melechudech
medechudech : v.erg. : from root melechudech
melechudech : v.t. soil; put dirt on; patch holes in; fill (teeth). : melechudech a rulli el mo dechudech; duchedechii a ulaol, bail; dechedechel; melechudech a melinget a chemars; duchedechii; dechedechel. from root melechudech
melechui : v.t. wipe (anus) after defecating. : melechui a mesuld er a btil; tuchiur, tuchui; tichiul. from root melechui
metechui : v.erg. : from root melechui
techiall : v.a.s. (anus) is to be wiped. : techiall a kirel el metechui; mesuld a but; tuchiur, tuchui, melechui, techiall a btil a ngalek. from root melechui
telechui : v.r.s. (anus) wiped. : telechui a seluld; mla metechui a btil a ngalek, tuchui, melechui, techiul. from root melechui
tilechiur : : from root melechui
tilechui : : from root melechui
tuchiur : : tuchiur a melechui er ngii. from root melechui
tuchui : : tuchui a melechui. from root melechui
dedesall : v.a.s. (place) is to be cleared. : dedesall a kirel el mo mededaes; dmedesii, blai a dedesall diak le chelimeluk, dmedaes. from root meledaes
deledaes : v.r.s. (place) cleared. : deledaes a mla mededaes; medideriik; dmedesii er a mechesang, diak a chelsang, deledesel. from root meledaes
diledaes : : from root meledaes
diledesii : : from root meledaes
dmedaes : : dmedaes a meledaes; remuul el mo mededaes, mla dmedaes a rengrir, dmedesii a rengul, dmedaes a rael; dedesel. from root meledaes
dmedesii : : dmedesii a meledaes er ngii; dmedesii a blai. from root meledaes
kledaes : v.r.s. (matter) explained. : kledaes a deledaes; mla mededaes; diak le cheliseksikd; kledesel from root meledaes
mededaes : v.erg. get cleared or explained. : mededaes a diak lemechesang; dedaes, deledesel. from root meledaes
meledaes : v.t. clear out (yard, etc.); clear off (floor, etc.); explain; clarify. : meledaes a rullii el mo diak el chelimkeluk; dmedesii a rael; dmedaes; meledaes er a cheldecheduch; dedesel. from root meledaes
keledes : v.recip. : keledes a didu el meledes; ketamet, melamet, lodesii, lmedes a ocherir; ldesel a ouach. from root meledes
ledesall : var. ledokel : ledesall a kirel el meledes; kirel el metamet; lodesii a chimal, lmedes a ochil, ldesel. from root meledes
ledokel : v.a.s. is to be stretched out or placed lengthwise. : from root meledes
ledokl : var. ledokel : ledokl a ledesall. from root meledes
lildesii : : from root meledes
liledes : : from root meledes
lledes : v.r.s. stretched; placed lengthwise. : lledes a telamet; melemalt, lledokl, mla meledes, llemolem, lodesii; lmedes, lledes a ochil, from root meledes
lledokl : var. lledes : lledokl a lledes. from root meledes
lmedes : : lmedes a meledes; melamet, tuamet, lmedes a chimal me a ochil; ldesel. from root meledes
lodesii : : lodesii a meledes er ngii. from root meledes
meledes : v.t. stretch out (legs); stretch (oneself); stretch (arm) to reach for something; place (long object) lengthwise in relation to something else. : meledes a tuamet; odersii el mong lmedes a ochil, lodesii a chimal; ldesel. from root meledes
meledes : v.erg. : from root meledes
deledeel : v.r.s.redup. nailed all over. : deledeel a betok el deleel; meleel, blai a deledeel, dmelii, dmeel, delel a blai. from root meleel
deleel : v.r.s. nailed. : deleel a mla medeel; mla obetuut er a deel; deleoll, dmelii a kahol er a ulekoad, dmeel, delel. from root meleel
deleoll : var. deleel : deleoll a deleel. from root meleel
deoll : v.a.s. is to be nailed. : deoll a kirel el medeel; dmelii a chesimer, dmeel, meleel, blai a deoll, delel. from root meleel
dileel : : from root meleel
dilelii : : from root meleel
dmeel : : dmeel a mla meleel; metuut a deel, mla dmeel a betok el klekedall er a blai, dmelii. from root meleel
dmelii : : dmelii a meleel er ngii. from root meleel
medeel : v.erg. : from root meleel
meleel : v.t. nail. : meleel a dmelii; ometuut a deel; dmeel, oba martiliong el meleel a deel, delel. from root meleel
melekau : v.t. guard; protect; support; catch/hold (water; etc.) as protective measure. : melekau a meliko; oltekau; mesisiich a melekau a delengchokl, tokau, tekul a tolechoi. from root melekau
tokau : : from root melekau
melekaurad : n. young coconut fronds which surround and protect cheberdil. : from root melekaurad
dekedokel : v.a.s. is to be covered. : dekedokel a kirel el medekedek; kelel a meteet a dekedokel, dokedekii er a keai, dokedek. from root melekedek
delekedek : v.r.s. covered. : delekedek a delekedokel; mla medekedek, mla medangeb; dokedek, dokedekii a kall er a keai. from root melekedek
delekedokel : var. delekedek : delekedokel a delekedek; klemeamel el kall. from root melekedek
dilekedek : : from root melekedek
dilekedekii : : from root melekedek
dokedek : : dokedek a duangeb er a dekedek; melekedek; rengalek a dokedek a mederir e remurt; mart a mad. from root melekedek
dokedekang : v.inch. : dokedekang a ko el mocha dokedek; omart, melekedek. from root melekedek
dokedekii : : dokedekii a melekedek er ngii; dokedekii a bita el medal, dekedekel from root melekedek
kedekedek : v.recip. : from root melekedek
medekedek : v.erg. : from root melekedek
melekedek : v.t. cover (with cloth, leaves, paper, etc.). : melekedek a locha dekedekel; dokedekii a tebel, dokedek a kall. from root melekedek
Melekeok : n. village in East Babeldaob, north of Ngchesar, south of Ngiual, east of Ngeremlengui; the village in which Reklai is chief. : Melekeok a Ngetelngal; beluu er a desbedall. from root Melekeok
Melekeok : n. in Palauan legend, second son of Miladeldil. : Melekeok a Ngetelngal; beluu er a desbedall. from root Melekeok
rechimelekeok : inhabitants of Melekeok. : from root Melekeok
blil a kesako : expr. burrow; small hole in ground. : from root melekesako
melekesako : v.t. crawl or creep on or over (floor, particular distance, etc.). : melekesako a merael a chimal me a ochil; sokesekeuii a blai, sokesako, sekesekeuel. from root melekesako
mesekesako : v.erg. : from root melekesako
sekesekoall : v.a.s. is to be crawled or crept over. : sekesekoall a kirel el mesekesako; melekesako er ngii; kongesachel el rael a sekesekoall. from root melekesako
sekesekool : var. sekesekoall : from root melekesako
selekesako : v.r.s. crawled; crept over. : selekesako a mla mesekesako; mla melekesako er ngii; sokesekeuii a blai; sekesekoel a blai. from root melekesako
silekesekuii : : from root melekesako
sokesako : : from root melekesako
sokesekeuii : var. sokesekuii : sokesekeuii a melekesako er ngii; ngalek a mla sokesekeuii a blai; melekesako el mo e mei; sekesekeuel. from root melekesako
sokesekuii : : from root melekesako
meleketak : v.t. (male) masturbate. : meleketak a teketak; outeketak. from root meleketak
outeketak : v.i. : from root meleketak
teketak : v.s.redup. prone to masturbation. : teketak a melak; meleketak. from root meleketak
keteketek : v.recip. put together food baskets in a group; edify each other. : keteketek a kakerous el meleketek; mengisois el mo er a bab; toketek a kall, toketekii a blai, teketekel. from root meleketek
meleketek : v.t. construct; build; assemble; put together; edify; pile up, accumulate, increase. : meleketek a mengisois el mo er a bab; toketekii a blai, toketek a kall; teketekel. from root meleketek
meteketek : v.erg. : from root meleketek
teketokel : v.a.s. is to be constructed, assembled or put together. : teketokel a kirel el meteketek meleketek er ngii; teketokel a kall; toketekii a blai; teketekel. from root meleketek
teleketek : v.r.s. constructed; assembled; put together. : teleketek a teleketokel; mla meteketek; teleketek a blil; blil a chachisois. toketek a kall, teketekel. from root meleketek
teleketokel : v.r.s. constructed; assembled. : teleketokel a teleketek. from root meleketek
tileketek : : from root meleketek
tileketekii : : from root meleketek
toketek : : toketek a meleketek; toketekii a blai; teketekel a kall. from root meleketek
toketekii : : toketekii a meleketek er ngii; teketekel. from root meleketek
dikimes : : dikimes a melekimes; dikimes a ulaol me a bail, mla mo dekimes. from root melekimes
dikmesii : : dikmesii a melekimes er ngii; dikmesii er a daob, dekmesel. from root melekimes
dilekimes : : from root melekimes
dilekmesii : : from root melekimes
medekimes : v.erg. : from root melekimes
melekimes : v.t. make or get (someone, something) wet. : melekimes a meruul el mo dekimes; dikmesii, dikimes a bail, dekmesel. from root melekimes
melekingel : n.poss.3s representative; person who speaks for someone else. : melekingel a merolel; oderechelel el melekoi a tekingel; betok a remelekingel a chelid er a Belau. from root melekingel
melekingel a chais : expr. news reporter. : from root melekingel
melekingel a chelid : expr. missionary; representative of or speaking for the gods. : from root melekingel
meleklas : v.i. look for rekung by removing rocks. : from root meleklas
melekoakl : v.t. (animal) gulp down (food, prey) without chewing. : from root melekoakl
melekoakl : v.i. swallow hard; gulp. : from root melekoakl
melekouakl : var. melekoakl : melekouakl a diak loringet e omerekakl; soal el mecheel. from root melekoakl
dekedakel : v.a.s. is to be cut or sliced. : dekedakel a kirel el medekodek; mesekosek, dokodek a ngikel, sokosek, melebes. from root melekodek
delekodek : v.r.s. cut; sliced. : delekodek a mla medekodek; selekosek, babii a delekodek. from root melekodek
dilekedekii : : from root melekodek
dilekodek : : from root melekodek
dokedekii : : from root melekodek
dokodek : : dokodek a melekodek; melekosek, dokodek a babii. from root melekodek
kedekodek : v.recip. cut each other (by accident). : kedekodek a didu el melekodek; melekosek, dokedekii, dokodek, sokesekii. from root melekodek
klekodek : var. delekodek : klekodek a selekosek; babii a klekodek, blodk, nglai a ngisel, mla mesekosek. from root melekodek
medekodek : v.erg. : medekodek a delekodek; selekosek, mla medekodek a babii, dokedekii, dokodek, sokosek. from root melekodek
melekodek : v.t. cut or slice (odoim, non-starchy food, sea cucumber, etc.) vertically (all the way through). : melekodek a melekosek; melebes, melekodek a babii; dekedekel a ngikel. from root melekodek
melekingang : v.t.inch. is starting to talk. : melekingang a mocha melekoi; smecher a melekingang. from root melekoi
melekingung : v.t.pred. is about to talk. : melekingung a mochu melekoi. from root melekoi
melekoi : v.t. speak; talk. : melekoi a mengedecheduch; dmu a tekoi el meldung. from root melekoi
melekoi : v.i. make a sound; sound or ring out. : from root melekoi
melekoi a rengul : expr. determined; well-motivated; make rasping or humming sound in the lungs; make humming moise while sleeping; (cat) purr. : from root melekoi
melekoi kesuk : expr. talk to oneself about (something). : from root melekoi
metekoi : v.erg. : from root melekoi
tekingall : var. tekiungel : from root melekoi
tekiungel : v.a.s. needs to be talked to; (person) is being talked about (because of bad behavior, etc.). : tekiungel a kirel el mo er ngii a tekoi; soadel er a beluu, tekiungel er a beluu er a omengubs.el sers. from root melekoi
tokingii : talk to someone for purpose of discipline or persuasion. : tokingii a melekoi er ngii; tokingii tiei me tiei; smodii tiei me tiei; soal el melekoi. from root melekoi
tokingiterir : talk to people for purpose of discipline or persuasion. : from root melekoi
kesekosek : v.recip. cut each other (by accident); flatter each other. : kesekosek a didu el melekosek; melebes, sokosek a cheremrum, sokesekii a babii, sekesekel. from root melekosek
klekosek : v.r.s. cut; sliced; (pig) castrated; flattered. : klekosek a klekodek; selekosek from root melekosek
klekosek a ngerel : expr. talk too much; have no control over one's mouth. : from root melekosek
melekosek : v.t. cut/slice (odoim = non-starchy food) vertically (partially or all the way through); cut (leaves; paper; finger; etc.); castrate (pig); flatter. : melekosek a melekodek; meluk; melebes, from root melekosek
mesekosek : v.erg. : from root melekosek
sekesakel : v.a.s. is to be cut, sliced or flattered; (pig) is to be castrated. : sekesakel a kirel mesekosek; babii a sekesakel; sokesekii, sokosek, sekesekel; omodk. from root melekosek
sekesokel : var. sekesakel : from root melekosek
selekosek : var. klekosek : selekosek a mla mesekosek; mla metuk; delebes, babii a selekosek; sokesekii, sokosek, sekesekel. from root melekosek
silekesekii : : from root melekosek
silekosek : : from root melekosek
sokesekii : : sokesekii a melekosek, melobech er ngii el oba oles. from root melekosek
sokosek : : sokosek a melekosek; mla melebes; sokosek a ngikel. from root melekosek
melektuk : v.redup. chop into small pieces. : melektuk a meluk el betok; tuktuk a kerrekar, tuketkur, tkul a kerrekar. from root melektuk
telektuk : v.r.s.redup. chopped into small pieces. : telektuk a mla metektuk; medebedobech, medebedebes, betok el teluk; tkul a bambuu. from root melektuk
tileketkur : : from root melektuk
tilektuk : : from root melektuk
tuketkur : : tukektkur a melektuk er ngii; betok el teluk; delebedebes; tketkul. from root melektuk
tuktuk : : from root melektuk
melekuau : v.t. hold (food; liquid; etc.) in cupped hands; leave/carry (food; liquid) etc. in open container. : melekuau a telekuau; kall el diak a dekedekel; metitur el melekuau a urreor; diak el ungil meruul. from root melekuau
tekuall : v.a.s. is to be carried in cupped hands. : tekuall a kirel el metaku; tekiul; melaku, tmaku a uasech; tokuar a sub, tekuel. from root melekuau
telekuau : v.r.s. carried in cupped hands. : telekuau a kall el diak el delekedek; melekuau a betok el kall a mengeberochel. from root melekuau
tilekuau : : from root melekuau
tilekuir : : from root melekuau
tokuau : : tokuau a melekuau; telekuau; tokuau a kall e merael. from root melekuau
tokuir : : tokuir a melekuau er ngii; telekuau. from root melekuau
eleball : v.a.s. is to be covered (with blanket, etc.). : eleball a kirel el meeleb; mengeleb er ngii, elebii er a bar; dokedekii; smecher a eleball er a bar. from root meleleb
elebeterir : : from root meleleb
elebid : : from root meleleb
elebii : : elebii a meleleb er ngii; dokedekii er a bar e le ng mekerasem. from root meleleb
ileleb : v.r.s. overgrown (with foliage); flooded; under water; covered (with blanket, etc.). : ileleb a delekedek; mla meeleb; ralm iueleb a dait er a mesei; rael a ileleb er a ralm. from root meleleb
illebii : : from root meleleb
illeleb : : from root meleleb
iueleb : : iueleb a meleleb; ralm a mla iueleb a rael, mart a rael; ielebel. from root meleleb
keeleb : v.recip. cover each other (with blanket; etc.). : keeleb a didu el meleleb; melekedek, omart, ielebii a medal er a bar, iueleb a bderrir. from root meleleb
meeleb : v.erg. : meeleb a medekedek; beluu a ileleb er a ralm; ielebii a medal er a mamed, iueleb a mederir; rael a mla meeleb er a ralm, ielebel. from root meleleb
meleleb : v.t. cover; submerge; flood over; cover (person) (with blanket; etc.). : meleleb a ileleb; suibes; baoch a meleleb er a did; elebii er a bare le ng mekerasem; dokedekii; elebel. from root meleleb
melelebedobech : : melelebedobech a mekekokil el melobech. from root melelebedobech
melelem : v.t. make (oneself) attentive. : from root melelem
ngilelmii : : from root melelem
ngolemii : var. ngolmii : ngolemii a melelem er ngii; rongesii e suubii; ngelem a rengul. from root melelem
ngolmii : : from root melelem
meleltelatech : v.t.redup. clean compulsively. : meleltelatech a telkib e blechoel el melatech. from root meleltelatech
ngeltengatech : v.r.s.redup. (face etc.) bruised or scrapped all over. : ngeltengatech a blechoel e ungil el nglatech; beches. from root meleltelatech
ngengeltachel : v.r.s.redup. not well cleaned. : ngengeltachel a telkib el ngeltachel; ulaol a ngengeltachel. from root meleltelatech
meleluluut : v.redup. keep returning. : meleluluut a telkib el lmuut a rengul; soal el lmuut. from root meleluluut
meluluut : var. meleluluut : meluluut a soal el lmuut; ngar er a skoki e meluluut a rengul; melatk er a kotel. from root meleluluut
ketemall : v.recip. : ketemall a di du el melemall; tomellii, tomall, recheldebechel a ketemall er a ultelub me a ngellakel from root melemall
melemall : v.t. break; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm. : melemall a tomall; merruud; toruud; a dengerenger a melemall er a rechad me a klalo; tomellii, tomall, temellel. from root melemall
metemall : v.erg. : metemall a metemellang; tomellii a telbiil a diak el lemelemii, tomall a mlai; temellel. from root melemall
metemellang : v.erg.inch. : from root melemall
metemellung : v.erg.pred. : from root melemall
metetemall : v.erg.redup. : metetemall a beot e mekudem el metemall; metetemall el mlai from root melemall
miltemall : v.erg.past : from root melemall
telemall : v.r.s. broken; out of order; (relationship) strained. : telemall a telerruud; mla metemall; tomall a klalo; melemall, temellel. from root melemall
tilemall : : from root melemall
tilemellii : : from root melemall
tomall : : tomall a melemall; toruud, mla tomellii a blai; tomall a udoud er a beluu; temellel. from root melemall
tomellii : : tomellii a melemall er ngii; temellel. from root melemall
melemalt : v.s. straight; exact; honest; just; fair. : melemalt a diak le chebirukel; kesemeltakl; llemeltel a rengul a beruadel, tometii; tuamet; temetel. from root melemalt
melemalt a rengul : expr. fair; just; understanding; good-hearted. : from root melemalt
melemed : v.t. wash off (table; etc.); mop (floor). : melemed a mesuld, melatech el oba olemed; ngomedii a ulaol e nguemed a tebel, ngemedel a ulaol. from root melemed
melemed : v.t. catch a large amount of (fish). : melemed a ngomedii a ngikel; ngmai a betok; ngemedel. from root melemed
melemed a rengul : expr. cool down one's anger. : from root melemed
mengemed : v.erg. : from root melemed
ngemodel : v.a.s. is to be washed off or mopped. : ngemodel a kirel el mengemed; ngomedii a ulaol; nguemed a tebel, melemed; ngemedel. from root melemed
ngilemed : : ngilemed a melsuld, mellatech, ngilemed a mlai me a ulaol. from root melemed
ngilemed : : ngilemed a ngemedel; ngilemed a ngikel er a kesokes; mlengai, mlad a kmal betok el ngikel. from root melemed
ngilemedii : : from root melemed
ngilemedii : : from root melemed
nglemed : v.r.s. : nglemed a mla mengemed; nglatech, nglemodel, mla ngomedii, suldii, nguemed. from root melemed
nglemodel : var. nglemed : nglemodel a nglemed. from root melemed
ngomedii : : from root melemed
ngomedii : : ngomedii a melemed er ngii el ngikel; betok a cheldil. from root melemed
nguemed : : nguemed a melemed; nguemed a ulaol me a tebel. from root melemed
nguemed : : from root melemed
delemedamel : var. delemedem : delemedalem a delemedem. from root melemedem
delemedem : v.r.s. levelled; equalized. : delemedem a mla medemedem; tabesul, chutem a delemedamel. from root melemedem
demedamel : var. demedomel : demedamel a kirel el medemedem; ruoll el mo tabesul, domedemii a chutem, omekedecheraol a demedamel, melemedem er ngii; demedemel. from root melemedem
demedemall : var. demedomel : demedemall a demedamel. from root melemedem
demedomel : v.a.s. is to be levelled or equalized. : from root melemedem
dilemedem : : from root melemedem
dilemedemii : : from root melemedem
domedem : : domedem a melemedem; remuul el mo tabesul, domedem a chutem, demedemel, domedemii. from root melemedem
domedemiang : v.inch. : domedemiang a ko el mocha domedemii; keed er a dolekoi. from root melemedem
domedemii : : domedemii a melemedem er ngii, a rullii el mo delmedem. from root melemedem
medemedem : v.erg. : medemedem a delemedem; mo diak el tebtebull; domedemii, domedem a chutem, demdemel. from root melemedem
melemedem : v.t. level (road); equalize; make up (amount); roll out (dough); hold or press down (clothing, etc.) (out of modesty); calm (sea). : melemedem a rullii el mo tabesul; domedemii a chutem; beruadel a meduch el domedem a uldikel; demedemel. from root melemedem
melemedem er a rengul : expr. cool down one's anger. : from root melemedem
delemedemek : v.r.s. softened; weakened; tenderized; calmed. : delemedemek a rruul el medemedemek; mechitechut; diak el medecherecher; domedemekii a kall, delemedemekel. from root melemedemek
demedemekall : v.a.s. is to be softened, weakened, tenderized or calmed. : demedemakall a ruoll el mo medemedemek; ngeliokl el brak a demedemekall, domedemekii, domedemek, demedemekel. from root melemedemek
dilemedemek : : from root melemedemek
dilemedemekii : : from root melemedemek
domedemek : : domedemek a melemedemek; remuul el mo medemedemek, domedemekii, demedemekel. from root melemedemek
domedemekii : : domedemekii a melemedemek er ngii; rullii el mo medemedemek. from root melemedemek
medemedemek : v.erg. : from root melemedemek
melemedemek : v.t. soften; weaken; tenderize (meat); calm (anger). : melemedemek a meruul el mo medemedemek; domedemekii a ongraol, domedemek a reng, demedemekel. from root melemedemek
olemedemek : n.instr. anything used for softening or tenderizing; palliative. : olemedemek a melemedemek; ralm a olemedemek er a kall; domedemekii, domedemek, demedemekel. from root melemedemek
melemelemed : v.t.redup. wash off (table)/mop (floor) leisurely. : melemelemed a mekekokil el melemed. from root melemelemed
ngenglemodel : v.r.s.redup. not well washed off or mopped. : ngenglemodel a telkib el nglemed. from root melemelemed
melemiakl : v.t. climb on. : melemiakl a ngmasech; ngomiakl a buuch; ngimiklii a lius, ngimeklel. from root melemiakl
mengemiakl : v.erg. : from root melemiakl
ngemekill : v.a.s. is to be climbed on. : from root melemiakl
ngemikill : var. ngemekill : ngemikill a beot el mengemiakl; ngimikill el buuch a kekedeb. from root melemiakl
ngilemeklii : : from root melemiakl
ngilemiakl : : from root melemiakl
ngimekill : var. ngemekill : ngimekill a beot el mengemiakl; ngimeklii, kekedeb el buuch a ngimekill, melemiakl, ngimeklel. from root melemiakl
ngimeklii : var. ngoimeklii : ngimeklii a melemiakl er ngii. from root melemiakl
nglemiakl : v.r.s. climbed on. : nglemiakl a mla mengemiakl; mla melemiakl er ngii; buuch a ngimeklel. from root melemiakl
ngoimeklii : : from root melemiakl
ngomiakl : : ngomiakl a melemiakl; ngomiakl a lius me a buuch. from root melemiakl
sekengemiakl : v.s. always wanting to climb on things. : sekengemiakl a meduis; soal e meduch el melemiakl; ngimeklii a buuch; ngomiakl a metongakl el lius. from root melemiakl
melemlim : v.s. Curious, prying, snoopy, inquisitive, nosy. : from root melemlim
melemlim a rengul : expr. Curious, prying, snoopy, inquisitive, nosy. : from root melemlim
kelemolem : v.recip. follow each other's wishes/suggestions. : kelemolem a di du el melemolem; lomelemii a rengul, lomolem, ketamet a rengrir; kaiuetoir a kelemolem a reng. from root melemolem
lemelemall : v.a.s. (long object) is to be laid down lengthwise; (work, schooling, etc.) is to be completed; is to be accomplished; (path, stream, etc.) is to be followed. : lemelemall a kirel melemolem; diak lemeterob, urreor a lemelemall, lomelemii a urreor; lomolem, lemelemel. from root melemolem
lilemelemii : : from root melemolem
lilemolem : : from root melemolem
llemolem : v.r.s. (long object) laid down lengthwise; (work, schooling, etc.) completed; accomplished; (path, stream, etc.) followed; parallel. : llemolem a telamet; mla melemolem; lemelemel, lilemelemii a skuul a mlo er a ullebongel; llemolem a skulel, bambuu a llemolem er a rael. from root melemolem
lomelemii : : lomelemii a melemolem er ngii; lomelemii a omerolel. from root melemolem
lomolem : : lomolem a melemolem; ngalek a mla lomolem a soal, lemelemel. from root melemolem
melemolem : v.t. lay down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children). : melemolem a diak el ullebongel; lomelemii a skulel, lomolem a cheldecheduch, omekekedelad; lemelemel. from root melemolem
melemolem : v.erg. : from root melemolem
melemosem : v.t. tie shut to keep contents in; confine. : melemosem a mesaur; somesemii; somosem a kall; semsemel. from root melemosem
mesmosem : v.erg. : from root melemosem
selemesamel : var. selemosem : from root melemosem
selemosem : v.r.s. tied shut. : selemosem a selemesamel; mla mesmosem, oruikl a selemosem, somesemii, somosem, semesemel; meuak, merenged. from root melemosem
semesamel : var. semesemall : semesamel a kirel el mesemosem; kukau a semesamel er a oruikl; somesemii, somosem, melemosem a kall; semesemel from root melemosem
semesemall : v.a.s. is to be tied shut. : semesemall a semesamel. from root melemosem
silemesemii : : from root melemosem
silemosem : : from root melemosem
somesemii : : somesemii a melemosem er ngii; merenged. from root melemosem
somosem : : from root melemosem
el di ta temetemir : expr. in one stroke or blow; all at once. : from root melemotem
ketemotem : v.recip. cut each other (with machetes when clearing land). : ketemotem a di du el melemotem; melobech, omukel a kerrekar; tometemii, tomotem, ketemotem a oliochel er a chutem, temetemel. from root melemotem
melemotem : v.t. clear (trees, land); clear land (for garden). : melemotem a omukel; meledaes; tomotem a kerrekar, tometemii a rael; temetemel. from root melemotem
telemetamel : v.r.s. (trees; land; etc.) cleared. : telemetamel a telemotem; mededaes, mla metemotem; tometemii a rael; tomotem a oreomel, temetemel. from root melemotem
telemotem : v.r.s. (trees, land etc.) cleared. : telemotem a oreomel el meukel a kerrekar er ngii me ng mededaes. from root melemotem
temetamel : v.a.s. (land etc.) is to be cleared. : temetamel a ukelall a kerrekar ngii; kirel el metemotem; tometemii, tomotem a oreomel. from root melemotem
tilemetemii : : from root melemotem
tilemotem : : from root melemotem
tometemii : : tometemii a melemotem er ngii; temetemel. from root melemotem
tomotem : : tomotem a melemotem; temetemel a kerrekar. from root melemotem
melelemtam : v.t.redup. chew continually. : melelemtam a mekudem el meringet; soal el melemtam. from root melemtam
melemetam : var. melemtam : from root melemtam
melemtam : v.t.redup. chew; taste. : melemtam a meringet; tomtemur; tomtam a kall, temtemul. from root melemtam
metemtam : v.erg. : from root melemtam
telemtam : v.r.s. chewed. : telemtam a mla metemtam; tomtemur a odoim; tomtam a kelel; melemtam, temtemul a kall. from root melemtam
temetemuul : v.a.s. is to be chewed. : from root melemtam
temtemuul : var. temetemuul : temtemuul a kirel el metemtam; tomtemur, melemtam er ngii; kall a temtemuul. from root melemtam
tilemetemur : : from root melemtam
tilemtam : : from root melemtam
tometemur : : from root melemtam
tomtam : : tomtam a melemtam; temtemul a kall. from root melemtam
tomtemur : var. tometemur : tomtemur a melemtam er ngii; temtemul a kelel. from root melemtam
delemumuu : v.r.s. sex-crazy; lustful. : delemumuu a deleberuou. from root melemumuu
delemumuu el blai : expr. incestuous household. : from root melemumuu
doimumuu : : from root melemumuu
melemumuu : v.t. desire (person) sexually; lust after. : melemumuu a doimumuu; delenguul, melemumuu a klauchad; dongerenger, tomall klauchad. from root melemumuu
kalengleng : v.recip.redup. borrow (each other's things). : kalengleng a didu el meleng; kabedbed a udoud; omed a udoud; longir, lmeng kalengleng a olekang. from root meleng
keleng : v.recip. borrow (each other's things). : keleng a kalengleng, kebed a udoud; meleng a udoud, omed a ududel from root meleng
kleng : var. lleng : from root meleng
lengiil : v.a.s. is to be borrowed. : lengiil a bedoel; kirel el meleng; kirel obed a udoud el mo cheral a mlai; lengiil a udoud er a bank. from root meleng
lengiil a blai : expr. house for rent; hotel. : from root meleng
lileng : : from root meleng
lilengir : : from root meleng
lleng : v.r.s. borrowed. : lleng a bled; beldoel; mla meleng; ududel a lleng, longir, lmeng, lengil a udoud. from root meleng
lmeng : : lmeng a meleng; omed, mla lmeng a udoud er a bank, lengil. from root meleng
longir : : longir a meleng er ngii. from root meleng
meleng : v.t. borrow; rent; hire. : meleng a omed; longir; lmeng a udoud, meleng er a oles, lengil a udoud. from root meleng
meleng : v.erg. : from root meleng
melengleng : v.t.redup. borrow (things) continually. : melengleng a smau e blechoel meleng; ousbech a kloklir a rechad; melengleng el mo e mei. from root meleng
dengerechall : v.a.s. is to be laid down face up. : from root melengarech
dilengarech : : from root melengarech
dilengerechii : : from root melengarech
dongarech : : dongarech a melengarech; dengarech; dongarech a kall e tuobed, dengerechel. from root melengarech
dongerechii : : dongerechii a melengarech er ngii; mo dengarech, dongerechii a belatong. from root melengarech
kedengarech : v.recip. lie together face up. : from root melengarech
melengarech : v.t. lay (oneself) down face up; leave (dirty plates) on table after eating. : melengarech a dongerechii; dongarech; chemau bab; olekall a dengarech, dengerchel. from root melengarech
melengdang : v.t.redup. tease. : melengdang a melibech a delang; melengdang er a rsechelil; delengil. from root melengdang
dengdengechel : v.a.s.redup. (someone's status) is to be pointed out/questioned. : dengdengechel a diak a kmal el medengelii; melangch er ngii, dengdengechel er a beluu; dengchel from root melengdangch
melengdangch : v.t.redup. look at casually in order to identify; keep building up mounds around the plants. : melengdangch a ko er a melangch; dongchii a chad, dmangch a llecheklel, dengchel. from root melengdangch
melengdongch : v.t. look at (someone) as if something is funny or as if person is a stranger; snicker at. : melengdongch a mededenguul; olekeangel; melengdongch a rechad from root melengdongch
belelengel : v.s.redup. very long/tall. : belelengel a mekemanget; kekemanget. from root melengel
engelii : : engelii a melengel er ngii, melenget er ngii; merechorech a chemiis me a bulis a engelii. from root melengel
ilengel : v.r.s. halted or stopped from the side; headed off. : ilengel a ollumel el delasech el kerrekar, ilengel a mui er a ralm, klalo er a irechar. from root melengel
ilengel : : from root melengel
ilengelii : : from root melengel
imengel : : imengel a melengel; osiuekl a mlai e olengit a ngikel, imengel a ngikel e omurech; bulis a mla iengelii a merechorech. from root melengel
keengel : v.recip. : keengel a didu el melengel; engelii a mlai, imengel a udoud, kauretakl a keengel e chachedecheduch. from root melengel
keiengel : var. kelengel : from root melengel
kelengel : v.recip. stop or block each other. : from root melengel
melengam : n.poss.1pe : from root melengel
melenged : n.poss.1pi : from root melengel
melengek : n.poss.1s : from root melengel
melengel : n.poss.3s any section of road; tree; etc. between beginning and end; top and bottom; etc. : melengel a lengel; ngii di le ker er a rael. from root melengel
melengel : v.t. halt or stop from the side; head off; attack; surround; ensnare; trap (oneself); get oneself into trouble or hot water. : melengel a merrob; torob; dengerenger a melengel a mlai e melai a udoud. from root melengel
melengel a omerael : expr. middle of journey; on the way. : from root melengel
melengel a skuul : expr. middle of school day or year. : from root melengel
melengem : n.poss.2s : from root melengel
melengir : n.poss.3p : from root melengel
melengiu : n.poss.2p : from root melengel
delengerenger : v.r.s. (food, money) wasted. : from root melengerenger
dilengerenger : : from root melengerenger
dilengerengerii : : from root melengerenger
dongerenger : : dongerenger a melengerenger; torekakl; mla dongerenger a cheral a chetemel, "runguus a tiel". from root melengerenger
dongerengereterir : : from root melengerenger
dongerengerid : : from root melengerenger
dongerengerii : : from root melengerenger
dongerngerii : var. dongerengerii : dongerngerii a torekeklii, meterekakl er ngii. from root melengerenger
melengerenger : v.t. encourage; allow (someone) to pursue bad behavior; squander/waste (food; money); waste (someone's) time; not make proper use of. : melengerenger a kall; merrekakl; mengeberochel. from root melengerenger
melenges : v.t. collect sap from or tap (coconut tree); (bee) collect nectar. : melenges a melai a chemadech er a lius el mo ilaot; songesengii, songes a ilaot, sengesengel. from root melenges
melenges : n. one who makes coconut syrup. : from root melenges
mesenges : v.erg. : from root melenges
selenges : v.r.s. (coconut tree) tapped for sap. : selenges a mla mesenges; ilaot a selenges; songesengii; songes, sengesengel. from root melenges
silenges : : from root melenges
silengesengii : : from root melenges
songes : : songes a melenges a betok el lius. from root melenges
songesengii : : songesengii a melenges er ngii. from root melenges
songesongel : v.a.s. (coconut tree) is to be tapped for sap. : from root melenges
delengesakl : v.r.s. (person or thing) under a spell. : delengesakl a mla medengesakl; chad a mla melengesakl er ngii; olengit a mekngit el kirel; dongeseklii er a chelid. from root melengesakl
dengesekill : v.a.s. (person or thing) is to be put under a spell. : dengesekill a kirel el medengesakl; kirel medebeakl; dongeseklii er a chelid, omelengesakl a rechad a mekull; dengeseklel. from root melengesakl
dilengesakl : : from root melengesakl
dilengeseklii : : from root melengesakl
dongesakl : : dongesakl a melengesakl a rechad; dengeseklel. from root melengesakl
dongeseklii : : dongeseklii a melengesakl er ngii; melebeakl, tiakl. from root melengesakl
kadengesakl : v.recip. put a spell on each other. : kadengesakl a didu el melengesakl; kaiueturek chelid; dongeseklii er a chelid, dengeseklel. from root melengesakl
medengesakl : v.erg. : medengesakl a delengesakl; dongeseklii er a chelid, dongesakl a kloleklel, melengesakl er ngii, dengeseklel. from root melengesakl
melengesakl : v.t. seek practitioner of black magic in order to put spell on (person or thing). : melengesakl a olengit a kodellel me a temellel a chad er a chelid; dongeseklii, dongesakl, dengeseklel. from root melengesakl
ketenget : v.recip. make sacrifices or offerings together; block or hinder each other. : ketenget a di du el melenget; merers; tonget a mekesokes; smers, tongetengii a rael, tengetengel. from root melenget
melenget : v.t. offer or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle. : melenget a ngmai a soal el msa chedul; tonget a udoud el mo er a chelid; tengetengel; melenget a chosmerii; tongetengii; tonget a rael, telenget, tengetengel. from root melenget
metenget : v.erg. : from root melenget
telenget : v.r.s. made sacrifice to; hindered; obstructed. : telenget a chelsimer; mla metenget; tongetengii a rael; tonget a metetoech; melenget, tengetengel. from root melenget
telengetongel : var. telenget : telengetongel a telenget. from root melenget
tengetongel : v.a.s. is to be made sacrifice to; is to be hindered or obstructed. : tengetongel a kirel el metenget; melai a tenget; tongetengii a kall; tonget a udoud; chelid a tengetongel; tengetongel a sersall; kirel el metenget; tongetengii a butiliang; tongetengii a ruoll el rael; tengetengel. from root melenget
tilenget : : from root melenget
tilengetengii : : from root melenget
tonget : : from root melenget
tongetengii : : tongetengii a melenget er ngii. from root melenget
delengmes : v.r.s. respected; honored. : delengmes a mla medengmes; mla ngmai a chetengakl; mla morenges e modanges, dengmesioll a delengmes from root melengmes
dengmesall : v.a.s. is to be respected/honored. : from root melengmes
dengmesioll : var. dengmesall : dengmesioll a kirel a omelengmes; melengmes er ngii; omotech er a rengul; mengull, mesisiich er a buai a dengmesioll. from root melengmes
dilengmeseterir : : from root melengmes
dilengmesii : : from root melengmes
dongmeseterir : : from root melengmes
dongmesid : : from root melengmes
dongmesii : : from root melengmes
kadengmes : v.recip. respect/honor each other. : kadengmes a didu el melengmes; kaiuerenges; kaiuedanges; kakerousel mengull; kakull, delengmesil. from root melengmes
kadidengmes : v.recip.redup. : from root melengmes
medengmes : v.erg. : from root melengmes
melengmes : v.t. be polite to; respect; honor; refuse (someone's) kind offer out of politeness or consideration. : melengmes a mengull; oldanges, omotech a reng; delengmes a osiik a chioll. from root melengmes
klengoes : v.r.s. (odoim or rice) cooked/boiled in water. : klengoes a ulekmark el odoim; mla mesengoes a klengoes, smongoes, melengoes, sengosel. from root melengoes
melengoes : v.t. cook/boil (odoim or rice) in water. : melengoes a meliokl; omodes, smongosii a beras, smongoes a odoim; songosel. from root melengoes
selengoes : v.r.s. (odoim or rice) cooked/boiled in the water. : selengoes a marek; mla mesengoes; ngikel a klengoes, songosii; smongoes, sengosel a odoim. from root melengoes
sengeakl : v.a.s. (odoim or rice) is to be cooked or boiled in water. : sengeakl a kirel el mesengoes; odoim a sengeakl; smongosii, songoes, melengoes, sengosel. from root melengoes
sengosall : var. sengeakl : sengosall a sengeakl. from root melengoes
silengoes : : from root melengoes
silengosii : : from root melengoes
smongoes : var. songoes : smongoes a melengoes; omekmarek, mla smongoes a odoim; smongosii a klengoes; sengosel. from root melengoes
smongosii : var. songosii : smongosii a melengoes er ngii. from root melengoes
songesall : var. sengeakl : from root melengoes
songoes : : songoes a omekmarek; melengoes; songoes a odoim; sengosel. from root melengoes
songosall : var. sengeakl : songosall a ukmerekall; kirel el mesengoes; songosii a rrull; melengoes. from root melengoes
songosii : : songosii a melengoes er ngii. from root melengoes
klengok : v.i. look out (from). : from root melengok
melekikngok : v.redup. go snooping around at. : melekikngok a melengok; omart er ngii e omditm; oldmedum e omes; melekikngok a blai me a diong. from root melengok
melengok : v.t. peep at; snoop around at; sneak a look at (someone) (esp. when person is undressed). : melengok a omdidm a olechelubel, diong; omart er ngii e omes er a remeau. from root melengok
sekengok : v.s. be a peeping Tom; be curious. : sekengok a soal el melengok, melui; mererd er ngii el omes; omdidm a uchauch. from root melengok
melengsongd : v.t.redup. cut branches (of tree) (to remove obstruction, clear land, etc.); cut branches (of tree) for firewood. : melengsongd a omngar el melai a sengsongd, songsengdii, songsongd, sengsengdel. from root melengsongd
songsengdii : : from root melengsongd
songsongd : : songsongd a melengsongd; melai a mekekerei el rachel er a kerrekar. from root melengsongd
delenguul : v.r.s. ridiculed; scoffed at. : from root melenguul
denguoll : v.a.s. is to be ridiculed (usually for incest). : from root melenguul
dilengulii : : from root melenguul
dilenguul : : from root melenguul
dongulii : : dongulii a melenguul er ngii, dengulel. from root melenguul
donguul : : from root melenguul
mededenguul : v.t.redup. ridicule continually. : mededenguul a telkib el melenguul; dongulii. from root melenguul
melenguul : v.t. ridicule; not take seriously; scoff at (usually, inwardly). : melenguul a di omulak el chemat er a chad, oltuub; dongulii, donguul, dengulel. from root melenguul
sekedenguul : v.s. constantly ridiculing. : sekedenguul a bekedenguul; soal el melmert; beketelemtumk; soal el melenguul; dongulii a chad. from root melenguul
dilemelii : : from root meleomel
dilemelterir : : from root meleomel
doemelii : var. domelii : doemelii a meleomel er ngii; rullii el mo medeomel, smau el meruul a mekngit e ka lemedakd, diak lomekerreu a tekoi. from root meleomel
domelii : : from root meleomel
domelterir : : from root meleomel
meleomel : v.t. spoil (child). : meleomel a rullii a chad el mo imis; mo sebesabel e medeomel; doemelii. from root meleomel
keteot : v.recip. : keteot a di du el meleot; toetii a blai, mechesang el keteot a kerrekar, teteel a kerrekar. from root meleot
meleot : v.t. hammer; pound or bang; remove bark from tree by pounding. : from root meleot
meteot : v.erg. : from root meleot
teleot : v.r.s. : teleot a mla meteot; toetii, toeot a kerrekar, meleot a deel, teteel a deel. from root meleot
tetael : v.a.s. is to be pounded. : tetael a kirel el meteot; toetii a deel; toeot a kerrekar; meleot er a blai. from root meleot
tileot : : from root meleot
tiletii : : from root meleot
toeot : var. toiot : toeot a meleot; toetii a blai, toeot a kerrekar; teteel. from root meleot
toetii : var. toietii : toetii a meleot er ngii. from root meleot
toietii : : from root meleot
toiot : : from root meleot
deledes : v.r.s.redup. cut all over. : deledes a betok el deles; mekekeriei ei delobech; chimak a deledes er a bakllild. from root meles
deles : v.r.s. cut; sliced; slit (open). : deles a mla medes; mekekerei el delobech, dosengii, dmes a ngikel, s. meles, desengel. from root meles
delsongel : var. deles : from root meles
desongel : v.a.s. is to be cut, sliced or slit (open). : desongel a kirel el mesekosek; dosengii, dmes a ngikel, meles, desengel. from root meles
diles : : from root meles
dilsengii : : from root meles
dmes : : dmes a meles, dmes a ngikel. from root meles
dosengii : : dosengii a meles; melekosek er ngii, mla dosengii a ngikel. from root meles
kedes : v.recip. cut each other (accidentally). : kedes a didu el meles; melebes, dosengii, dmes a ngikel, kedes a desengelir. from root meles
medes : v.erg. : medes a deles; mekekerei el delobech, mla medes er a bakllild; dosengii, dmes, desengel. from root meles
meles : v.t. cut or slice (fish, meat); slit (open); eat (fish) raw. : meles a melekosek; meles a ngikel, baklild a meles a buld; dosengii, dmes, desengel. from root meles
meleseb : v.t. burn; set on fire. : meleseb a oltaut a ngau; sosebii a ked; omekard a ngau; sueseb a oreomel; sesebel. from root meleseb
meseb : v.i. get warm; warm up. : from root meleseb
meseseb : v.erg.redup. flammable. : from root meleseb
meseseseb : var. meseseb : meseseseb a beot el tmaut a ngau er ngii; medirt el ked a meseseseb; sesebel. from root meleseb
seleseb : v.r.s. burned. : seleseb a delul; mla meseseb; mla medul a ked; blai a seleseb, sosebii, sueseb, sesebel. from root meleseb
seseball : var. sesobel : seseball a sesobel; kirel el meseseb; ulenguotel a seseball. from root meleseb
sesobel : v.a.s. is to be burned. : sesobel a seseball. from root meleseb
sileseb : : from root meleseb
silsebii : : from root meleseb
sosebii : : sosebii a meleseb er ngii; sesebel. from root meleseb
sueseb : : sueseb a meleseb; sueseb a ulenguotel; melul a emull. from root meleseb
kengetem : v.recip. lick each other. : kengetem a di du el meletem; ngotemii, nguetem a sar, meletem a urrekerek el uasech, ngetemel. from root meletem
meletem : v.t. lick. : meletem a oba a chural el mengarem; meletem a sukal, uasech; ngotemii, nguetem; ngetemel. from root meletem
mengetem : v.erg. to be licked. : from root meletem
mengetemang : v.erg.inch. : from root meletem
mengetemung : v.erg.pred. : from root meletem
ngeltomel : var. ngletem : from root meletem
ngemetall : v.a.s. is to be licked. : from root meletem
ngetemongel : var. ngemetall : from root meletem
ngiltemii : : from root meletem
ngletem : v.r.s. licked. : ngletem a ngeltomel; mla mengetem a urrekerek el uasech; ngotemii a sukal; meletem a chimal; ngetemel. from root meletem
nglletem : : from root meletem
ngotemii : : ngotemii a meletem er ngii. from root meletem
nguetem : : nguetem a meletem; mla nguetem a uasech me a sukal; ngetemel. from root meletem
meleteu : v.redup. widen; open (mouth; basket; etc.) wide; spread (legs). : meleteu a tmetengii el mo klou; tmeteu a ngerir; omok el mo klou; tetengel a ngor. from root meleteu
meleteu a ngerel : expr. talk big; talk through one's hat. : from root meleteu
teleteu : v.r.s.redup. opened rather wide; unfinished. : teleteu a teleu, diak el rrekui; blai a teleteu a urrereel; cheldecheduch a teleteu e mengiil a rechad; diak el ulsiu el chesimer a teleteu. from root meleteu
teleu : v.r.s. widened; opened wide; (legs) spread; unfinished. : teleu a blok; teleu a chesimer; tmengii a ngerel, diak el blutek; tengel. from root meleteu
tetengall : v.a.s. is to be widened or opened wide. : tetengall a kirel mo meteteu; tmetengii a ngerel; tmeteu a ngerir, tengel. from root meleteu
tiletengii : : from root meleteu
tileteu : : from root meleteu
tmetengii : : tmetengii a meleteu er ngii; rullii el mo meteteu. from root meleteu
tmeteu : : tmeteu a meleteu; tmeteu a ngerir. from root meleteu
deleu : v.r.s. folded; creased; bent. : deleu a mla medeu; deleuul; diak el melemalt; llemolem, dour a chimal, dmeu a babier, meleu, deul. from root meleu
deleuul : var. deleu : deleuul a deleu. from root meleu
deluul : var. deleu : from root meleu
dileu : : from root meleu
dilur : : from root meleu
dmeu : : dmeu a meleu; dmeu a betok el babier, dour a bail, meleu a bambuu el ochado er a ngau; deuil. from root meleu
Doleu! : expr. Let's go!. : from root meleu
dour : : dour a meleu er ngii, mla dour a chimal. from root meleu
duul : v.a.s. is to be folded/creased/bent. : from root meleu
medeu : v.erg. get folded, creased or bent. : medeu a deleu; dour, dmeu a chimal; medeu a diak le melemalt, deul a chim. from root meleu
meleu : v.t. fold; crease; bend; make (string) double or triple strength before tying. : meleu a dour a babier, dmeu a chimal; diak le melemalt; deul a babier. from root meleu
meleu a ngerel : expr. open one's mouth; make claim. : from root meleu
deleodo : v.r.s. patted; calmed. : deleodo a chelellakl, mla medeodo; mengellakl; beluu a deleodo el mengiil er a merreder, meleuodo er a ngalek. from root meleuodo
dileuedeuii : : from root meleuodo
diluodo : : from root meleuodo
doedeuii : : from root meleuodo
doudoall : v.a.s. is to be patted or calmed. : doudoall a kirel el medeuodo; mokebai, douedeuii a beluu el chelellak; cholleklii, meleuodo er a rebuik a er a utekengel a ta er a beluu. from root meleuodo
douedeuii : var. doedeuii : douedeuii a meleuodo er ngii. from root meleuodo
douodo : : douodo a meleuodo, mla douodo a ulkir a rtolechoi. from root meleuodo
kedeuodo : var. keduodo : kedeuodo a didu el meleuodo; douedeuii, douodo, kedeuodo er a rengelekir, douodeuel. from root meleuodo
keduodo : v.recip. pat each other; calm each other. : from root meleuodo
medeodo : v.erg. : medeodo a deleodo; doedeuii a beluu, meleodo er a rechad el mo chelellakl, deuedeuel a beluu. from root meleuodo
meleuodo : v.t. pat (lightly); calm (something or someone); (rayfish) settle on ocean floor. : meleuodo a mekekokil el omrotech, mengelebed; douedeuii a tolechoi meleuodo er a ulkel; deuedoel; meleuodo a meruul er a beluu me lak louedikel; meleuodo er kid me lak doldiu; deuedoel. from root meleuodo
deliaches : v.r.s. : deliaches a llechukl el okesiu; olangch er a O.E.K. a deliaches el bai me a teblo el btanch me a tacher me a kllolem el bad. from root meliaches
meliaches : v.t. : meliaches a meruul a deliaches; deliaches er a Surech; meluches er a llecheklel a Surech. from root meliaches
meliakl : v.t. tie knot in (cord, etc.) to record date; tie onto or affix with knot. : meliakl a melibuk a teliakl el omechur a klsel a kodall, omechur a sils era ngesechel a uel; tiiklii, tiakl, tiiklel. from root meliakl
metiakl : v.erg. : from root meliakl
telekill : v.a.s. (cord etc.) is to be knotted to record date. : from root meliakl
teliakl : v.r.s. (cord, etc.) knotted to record date. : from root meliakl
tiakl : : from root meliakl
tiklii : : tiiklii a meliakl; melibuk er ngii; tiiklel. from root meliakl
tiliakl : : from root meliakl
tiliklii : : from root meliakl
melias : v.i. jump forward (especially during a race). : from root melias
kaketib : var. ketib : from root melib
ketib : v.recip. plan together. : ketib a kaudasu; di du el melib; tuib a tekingir, tibir a urreor, tbil a llach. from root melib
melib : v.t. plan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc). : melib a tibir, tuib, meruul; Olbiil er a Kelulau a melib a llach, tbil a llach. from root melib
melib er a rengul : expr. decide; make up one's mind. : from root melib
metib : v.erg. : from root melib
tbetball : v.redup.a.s. : tbetball a tbiil; kirel el metib; melib a llach; tbetball a llach el kirel a ungil el osisechakl; tbil. from root melib
tbiil : var. tebiil : tbiil a kirel el metib; tuib a llechul a buai; tibir a urreor, tbil. from root melib
tbil : n.poss.3s : tbil a omelib er ngii; melib a llach; tbil a llach. from root melib
tebiil : v.a.s. is to be planned, arranged or decided on or determined. : from root melib
telbiil : var. telib : from root melib
telib : v.r.s. planned; arranged; decided on; determined. : telbiil a ultebechel; mla metib; tibir a urreor; tuib a omenged, melib a tekoi. from root melib
tibetbii : : tibetbii a melib er a mo ungil el llach; oterkeklii a telbiil. from root melib
tibir : : tibir a melib er ngii; rullii el mo ta uldasu; tbil. from root melib
tilbir : : from root melib
tilib : : from root melib
tuib : : tuib a meruul; melib a llach; tibir a urreor, tbil. from root melib
kasibas : v.recip. trip each other. : kasibas a kakerous el melibas; kasibas er a klaiuengader, ketemall, sibesengii, soibas a ochil, sibesengel a chad. from root melibas
melibas : v.t. trip; put obstacles on way of; hinder (matter); interfere in. : melibas a melemall; soibesengii me ng moubuu; soibas a klalo el olab a ochil; sibesengel a chad a mekngit. from root melibas
mesibas : v.erg. trip or stumble on. : from root melibas
selibas : v.r.s. tripped; hindered. : selibas a mla mesibas; selibas er a urrutel; soibesengii, soibas a ochil; sibesengel. from root melibas
sibesongel : v.a.s. is to be tripped or hindered. : sibesongel a olibesongel; ngii di le ngera el melibas; tetuk el kerrekar a sibesongel er a rael; mesaik el chad a sibesongel er a urreor. from root melibas
silebas : : from root melibas
silebesengii : : from root melibas
soibas : : soibas a melibas; meruul er ngii el moubuu; soibesengii a sechelil; sibesengel. from root melibas
soibesengii : : soibesengii a melibas er ngii. from root melibas
dbochel : var. debochel : dbochel a kirel medibech; rullii a beches, dibechii a chesols, duibech a chelitakl, melibech. from root melibech
debochel : v.a.s. is to be invented, introduced or composed. : from root melibech
delbedibech : v.r.s.redup. (blade of tool) chipped in several places. : delbedibech a betok a mekekerei el delibech er ngii; blais; delbedibech a medal el oles. from root melibech
delbochel : v.r.s. invented; introduced; composed; (blade of tool) chipped. : delbochel a delibech; beches el merruul; ngloik a le kemeldiil a delbochel. from root melibech
delibech : var. delbochel : delibech a beches el rruul; delbochel, melibech, delibech el rael a beches. from root melibech
delibechebeab : : delibechebeab a rael el diak le rruul er a rechad. from root melibech
delibechebeab el rael : expr. rough path used as a short cut. : from root melibech
dibech : : dibech a delibech; beches el omeruul, dibechii, melibech, dibech el delengchokl. from root melibech
dibechii : : dibechii a melibech er ngii; dibechii omekedecheraol er a blai. from root melibech
dilebechii : : from root melibech
dilibech : : from root melibech
duibech : : duibech a melibech; remuul a beches, duibech a beches el llach; meob a beches. from root melibech
medibech : v.erg. : from root melibech
melibech : v.t. invent; introduce; start (something new, independent life, etc.); compose (song, etc.); make up or fabricate (story, etc.); chip off part of blade of (tool). : melibech a meruul a beches; dibechii, duibech a chelitakl, di ngii el meruul; delbechelel. from root melibech
melibech a tekoi : expr. change one's mind. : from root melibech
delibechakl : v.r.s. (road, etc.) crossed. : delibechakl a mla medibechakl; rael el diak le melemalt; touchakl er a teballungel; melibechakl el osiiker a kmeed; delibechakl el rael. from root melibechakl
dilebecheklii : : from root melibechakl
dilibechakl : : from root melibechakl
doibechakl : : doibechakl a melibechakl; diak lolemolem er a rael; touchaki er a kmeed; tmuu er a teballungel. from root melibechakl
doibecheklii : : doibecheklii a doibechakl er ngii; melibechakl, doibecheklii a rael. from root melibechakl
medibechakl : v.erg. : from root melibechakl
melibechakl : v.t. cross (road, etc.). : melibechakl a dobechii; okiu a diak el rael; doibechakl er a rael. from root melibechakl
dbokel : v.a.s. is to be kicked (away) or swept away or fended off. : dbokel a kirel el medibek; dibekii a bduu, duibek, melibek a bduu el olab a uach, dbekel. from root melibek
delibek : v.r.s. kicked (away); swept away; fended off. : delibek a mla medibek; melibek a bduu, dibekii, duibek a bduu el olab a uach, dbekel. from root melibek
dibekall : var. dbokel : dibekall a kidbengii; mengedib er ngii; kirel el medibek; dibekii a bduu; melibek, bduu a dibekall, dbekel a bduu. from root melibek
dibekii : : dibekii a melibek er ngii. from root melibek
dilebekii : : from root melibek
dilibek : : from root melibek
duibek : : duibek a melibek; kidib, duibek a klalo el otobed; odubech el oba terrekakl el teletael. from root melibek
kedibek : v.recip. push each other away. : kedibek a di du el melibek; kedibek er a bduu, dibekii, duibek. from root melibek
medbedibek : v.erg.redup. easy to kick. : from root melibek
medibek : v.erg. : medibek a delibek; selebek a bduu; dibekii, duibek a klalo; mla medibek, melibek er ngii el olab a ochil, dbekel. from root melibek
melibek : v.t. kick away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off. : melibek a dibekii; dibekii a bduu; duibek. from root melibek
medal a melibes : expr. space between opened shells of clam. : from root melibes
melibes : n. type of clam (tridacna maxima). : melibes a ta er a bedengel a kim. from root melibes
melebitutk : var. melibitutk : from root melibitutk
melibitutk : v.i. walk or stand on one's toes. : melibitutk a merael; dechor a rsel a ochil. from root melibitutk
kibkebkii : var. tibekbii : from root melibkibk
melibkibk : v.t. picking (something such as a scab) with one's fingers. : from root melibkibk
melobkobk : var. melibkibk : from root melibkibk
tibekbii : : from root melibkibk
delibkaol : var. delibuk : from root melibuk
delibuk : v.r.s. tied into knot. : delibuk a mla medibuk; omech a eru el klalo; melibuk a odak a erung e doibuk el mo tang el blech, delibkolel. from root melibuk
dibkall : var. dibkaol : from root melibuk
dibkaol : v.a.s. is to be tied into knot. : from root melibuk
dilibkur : : from root melibuk
dilibuk : : from root melibuk
doibkur : : doibkur a melibuk er ngii; doibkur a besebes; doibuk. from root melibuk
doibuk : : doibuk a melibuk; delibuk; doibuk a betok el besebes. from root melibuk
kadibuk : v.recip. (pieces of string, legs) get tangled; sleep with legs entangled. : kadibuk a didu el melibuk; doibkur, doibuk a besebes, dibkul, delibuk. from root melibuk
kadibuk : v.recip. (dogs) locked in sexual intercourse. : from root melibuk
medibuk : v.erg. : from root melibuk
melibuk : v.t. tie (cord, string, hair, etc.) into knot. : melibuk a odak a klalo e doibuk el mo tang; doibkur; mesaur; doibuk a chiul; dibkul. from root melibuk
melichekl : v.t. insert something into narrow or tight space; punch (person). : melichekl a ticheklii; olsiseb; toichekl a oles, melichekl a osengdir; ticheklel. from root melichekl
metichekl : v.erg. : from root melichekl
techekill : v.a.s. is to be inserted (and held firmly). : techekill a kirel el metichekl; ticheklii, melichekl er ngii, ko er a delibuk; ticheklel a chui. from root melichekl
telichekl : v.r.s. inserted (and held firmly); (food) stuck between teeth. : telichekl a mla metichekl; ticheklii a oles, tichekl a bung er a bderrir; ticheklel. from root melichekl
tichekl : : from root melichekl
ticheklii : : ticheklii a melichekl er ngii; ticheklel. from root melichekl
tiichekl : var. tichekl : tiichekl a melichekl. from root melichekl
tilechekl : : from root melichekl
tilecheklii : : from root melichekl
melid : v.t. cross over (log, stone(s) being used as bridge). : melid a merael er a bebul a did; okiu a did; didil. from root melid
delidab : v.r.s. climbed on. : delidab a mla medidab; ngmasech er ngii; doidebur a lius, doidab a buuch, ngomiakl. from root melidab
dilidab : : from root melidab
dilidebur : : from root melidab
doidab : : doidab a melidab; melemiakl; mla doidab a betok el buuch, doidebur a lius, didebul. from root melidab
doidebur : : doidebur a melidab er ngii; melemiakl. from root melidab
medidab : v.erg. : from root melidab
melidab : v.t. climb (tree, ladder); (vine) climb (tree), etc.; (spider) crawl on (web). : melidab a melemiakl; ng doidab a iedel; doidebur a meradel; didebul. from root melidab
delidai : v.r.s. accompanied; braided. : delidai a mla medidai; melidai a odak a edei el kakeakl e doidai el mo tang, chui a delidai. from root melidai
delidall : v.a.s. is to be accompanied or braided. : from root melidai
didiuul : var. delidall : didiuul a kirel el medidai; doideur, doidai a chiul a ekebil, delidai, didiul. from root melidai
dilidai : : from root melidai
dilidiur : : from root melidai
doidai : : doidai a melidai; mla doidai a cheul ngii me a sechelil; delidai, didiul. from root melidai
doideur : var. doidiur : doideur a melidai er ngii, mla doideur a bdelul. from root melidai
doidiur : : from root melidai
medidai : v.erg. : from root melidai
melidai : v.t. go with or accompany (someone) in vehicle; take a ride with; braid (hair, string, etc.). : melidai a meruul a delidai; doidai a chiul, doidiur a besebes, didiul. from root melidai
delidech : v.r.s. blinded or dazzled by a strong light. : delidech a mla medidech; dichel a sils a mo er a medal, delidech a medal er a dichel a sils from root melidech
didichii : : from root melidech
dilidech : : from root melidech
dilidichii : : from root melidech
dmidech : : dmidech a melidech; didech, didichel a sils a dmidech a medad, medidech er a sils. from root melidech
medidech : v.erg. blind; dazzled. : medidech a mekngit el omes e le klou el llomes a melidech; meiko a diak el medidech a medal. from root melidech
medidech : v.s. sensitive to light. : medidech a mekngit el omes e le klou el llomes a melidech; meiko a diak el medidech a medal. from root melidech
melidech : v.t. blind or dazzle (eyes) with a strong light. : melidech a msa didech; sils a melidiich er a medak; didichel a sils. from root melidech
melidel : v.t. lift (food, fishtrap, etc.) out of water. : melidel a ngmai el choroid er a daob, uasech; ngidelii a ngikel, ngmidel a bub; ngdelel. from root melidel
mengidel : v.erg. : from root melidel
ngidall : v.a.s. is to be lifted out of water. : from root melidel
ngidelii : : ngidelii a melidel er ngii; otobedii er a chelsel a ralm; melidel. from root melidel
ngildelii : : from root melidel
ngilidel : : from root melidel
nglidel : v.r.s. lifted out of water. : nglidel a mla mengidel; odoim a nglidel; ngidelii a ngikel; bub a nglidel. from root melidel
ngmidel : : ngmidel a melidel; mla ngmidel a odoim, ngidelii a ngalek er a daob; ngdelel. from root melidel
idesall : v.a.s. (fruit) is to be pared or shredded. : idesall a kirel el meiides; bobai a idesall, idesii a bobai, melides er ngii, idesel. from root melides
idesii : : idesii a melides er ngii. from root melides
ildesall : v.r.s. (fruit) pared or shredded. : from root melides
ildesii : : from root melides
ilides : var. ildesall : ilides a mla meides, selngos el mekekeriei, melides a bobai, idesel a bobai. from root melides
ilides : : from root melides
imides : : imides a melides el meliliut, imides a bobai, idesii, idesel. from root melides
meides : v.erg. : meides a mesngos el meleliut; ilides, idesii, imides a bobai, mla meides, idesel a bobai. from root melides
melides : v.t. pare or shred (fruit). : melides a melebes; melngos el mo meliliut; imides a bobai, idesii a iedel, idesel. from root melides
delidiich : v.r.s. shined upon; lighted up. : delidiich a mla medidiich; mocholt a kotel me a chelebulel; delidiich er a meteet, melidiich er ngii; didichel. from root melidiich
didichall : v.a.s. : didichall a chad el diak longull a tekoi; kirel el medidiich; mocholt a uchul; meteet a mla didichii; chad el odiaol a delal; didichel. from root melidiich
didichii : : didichii a melidiich er ngii; msa mera el tekoi; ochotii a kotel. from root melidiich
dilidichii : : from root melidiich
dilldiich : : from root melidiich
dmidiich : : dmidiich a melidiich; sils a mla dmidiich a rael; mekllomes. from root melidiich
kadidiich : v.recip. insult each other. : kadidiich a didu el melidiich; kakediich a kotir; didichii; kaiuecholt a kotir; didichel. from root melidiich
medidiich : v.erg. (eyes) affected by glare or squinting. : from root melidiich
melidiich : v.t. shine brightly on or into; glare into; light up; insult (visitor or person of lower clan); offensive insulting using mother's side references. : melidiich a didiich er a sils; ngar er ngii a dichel, dmiich, didichel. from root melidiich
delidiim : v.r.s. sprayed or splashed all over. : delidiim a mla medidiim; didiim er a daob, delidiim er a daob, dekimes er dersesei el daob; didimel. from root melidiim
didiim : : didiim a dersesei er a daob; ralm el melekimes; melidiim; dekimes er a didiim; didimel. from root melidiim
didimall : v.a.s. is to be sprayed or splashed all over. : didimall a kirel el medidiim; mesubs; dellomel a didimall, duiim er a ralm, melidiim er a ralm; didimel. from root melidiim
didimii : : didimii a melidiim er ngii. from root melidiim
dilidiim : : from root melidiim
dilidimii : : from root melidiim
medidiim : v.erg. : medidiim a mediim er a daob. from root melidiim
melidiim : v.t. spray, sprinkle, splash or throw water on (someone) continually. : melidiim a telkib e melemolem el meliim; diemii, duiim a klalo, dimel. from root melidiim
melidimam : n.poss.1pe : from root melidiul
melidimiu : n.poss.2p : from root melidiul
melidirir : n.poss.3p : from root melidiul
melidiud : n.poss.1pi : from root melidiul
melidiuk : n.poss.1s : from root melidiul
melidiul : n.poss.3s location high up in sky. : melidiul a mellaongel; skoki a suebek er a melidiul. from root melidiul
melidium : n.poss.2s : from root melidiul
melidoid : : melidoid a meldoid; melibuk; meldoid a chiul; omelebel er a chui; ididel. from root melidoid
melidoid : v.t. use (things belonging to someone else); borrow. : from root melidoid
delidui : v.r.s. peeped at; looked for. : from root melidui
didingar : : from root melidui
didingii : var. didingar : from root melidui
dilidingar : : from root melidui
dilidingii : var. dilidingar : from root melidui
dilidui : : from root melidui
dmidui : : dmidui a melidui, omes, dmidui a blai, dmidui a blil a kall. from root melidui
dmidui : : dmidui a meruul a delidui. from root melidui
duidingar : var. didingar : duidingar a melidui; omdidm er ngii, omdidm a berrotel; ouerabek a mla duidingar a beluu el mes a berotel. from root melidui
duidingar : : from root melidui
duidui : var. dmidui : duidui a melidui; berrotel e omes, duidui a blai me a olengrull, didingal. from root melidui
melidui : v.t. : melidui a meruul a delidui; blai er a sers, duidingar, doidui a mekekerei el blai. from root melidui
melidui : v.t. peep at; look for (something hidden or obscured). : melidui a omdidm; berrotel e omes; doidui a olechelubel, diong. from root melidui
deliekl : v.r.s. pushed down. : deliekl a mla mediekl; mla odbechii el orbetii; sechelik a deliekl; diklii er a daob, diiklel, meliekl er ngii. from root meliekl
diiklii : var. diklii : diiklii a meliekl er ngii; tukeklii. from root meliekl
diklii : : from root meliekl
diliekl : : from root meliekl
diliklii : : from root meliekl
dmiekl : : from root meliekl
kediekl : v.recip. push each other down. : kediekl a di du el meliekl; kaiuedubech el kiuerebet; diklii, kediekl er a daob; diiklel. from root meliekl
mediekl : v.erg. : from root meliekl
meliekl : v.t. push down or over; make fall. : meliekl a odbechii me ng moubuu; diiklii a ngalek; diekl a tebel; diiklel. from root meliekl
dilisech : : from root meliesech
dilsechii : : from root meliesech
disechii : : from root meliesech
dmisech : : from root meliesech
meliesech : v.t. (clam, fish, etc.) squirt or spurt out liquid onto or into. : from root meliesech
keliich : v.recip. make copra together or at the same time. : keliich a didu el meliich; liechii a lius, lmiich, lichel a lius. from root meliich
lichall : var. liochel : from root meliich
liechii : var. liiechii : liechii a meliich er ngii; nguu er a ulekngall. from root meliich
liiechii : : from root meliich
lilichii : : from root meliich
liliich : : from root meliich
liochel : v.a.s. is to have meat removed fromit. : liochel a kirel el meliich; mengai a techel er a ulekngall; lius a liochel, liechii, lmiich, lichel. from root meliich
lliich : v.r.s. (coconut) has meat removed from it. : lliich a mla meliich; nglai er a ulekngall, lius a lliich, liechii, lmiich. from root meliich
lliich el lius : expr. cut strips of coconut meat. : from root meliich
lmiich : : lmiich a meliich el oba oles el ometikel a techel, lmiiich a lius. from root meliich
meliich : v.t. remove meat from coconut (with knife); make copra. : meliich a eklii a tech er a ulekngall; liechii a lius, lmiich a mengur; liechel from root meliich
meliich : v.erg. : from root meliich
meliik : v.t. remove (excrement) with showel. : meliik a ngiekii; ngmiik a dach; ngikel a dach. from root meliik
meliik : n. type of climbing vine; pitcher's plant. : meliik a ta er a klebokel el dellomel er a ked. A meliik a dellomel; ng diak bo lemeklou el dellomel; ng di kmeed el ua a teletelel a kebeas. Ng ngar er ngii a ko er a olmelel el melechiir a chull. Tia a melechiir a chull me ng mo sebechel el lerebet er ngii a charm e ng mad. Se el bo lemechut e ng kelel tia el meliik A meliik a diak lolai a kelel er a chutem. Ng di melai er tia el olmelel. A meliik a diak el kall. from root meliik
mengiik : v.erg. : from root meliik
ngiekii : var. ngikii : ngikii a meliik er ngii; meliik a dach. from root meliik
ngikall : v.a.s. (excrement) is to be removed. : from root meliik
ngikii : : from root meliik
ngiliik : : from root meliik
ngilikii : : from root meliik
ngliik : v.r.s. (excrement) removed. : ngliik a mla mengiik; nglai a dach er ngii, ngikel a dach. from root meliik
ngmiik : : ngmiik a meliik a dach; melai el mengoit. from root meliik
deliim : v.r.s. sprayed or splashed (in one spot). : deliim a mla mediim; mla dikmesii er a daob; duiim a dellomel er a ralm, meliim, melekimes, dimel. from root meliim
diemii : var. dimii : diemii a meliim er ngii er a ralm. from root meliim
diliim : : from root meliim
dilimii : : from root meliim
dimall : v.a.s. is to be sprayed/splashed. : dimall a kirel el mediim; duiim a dellomel, dellomel a dimall, diemii, dimel. from root meliim
dimii : : from root meliim
duiim : : duiim a meliim, ak mla duiim a dellomel er a ralm; olab a ralm el melekimes. from root meliim
kediim : v.recip. spray or splash each other. : kediim a betok el meliim; melekimes er a rebebil, diemii, duim a mederir; dimel. from root meliim
mediim : v.erg. : mediim a medekimes; dikimes, duiim a dellomel, mla mediim, dimel. from root meliim
meliim : v.t. spray; sprinkle; splash. : meliim a melubs; melekimes el olab a ralm, daob; diemii, duiim a bung, dimel. from root meliim
delik : v.r.s. supported; propped up; placed in a particular location. : delik a mla medik; loia chiull e a smecher a ultuil er ngii, dikir, dmik, smecher a delik er a dik, dkel; delik a kldoel, kled, kall a delik er a tebel, dikir a tet er a ulaol, melik er a til er a ulaol. from root melik
delkoel : var. delik : delkoel a delik. from root melik
dikir : : dikir a melik er ngii; kmedii, dikir a til, dmik a kall, delik, omechei; dkil from root melik
dilekir : : from root melik
dilik : : from root melik
dkiil : var. dkoel : dkiil a kirel el medik; dikir a smecher, melik er ngii; smecher a dkiil from root melik
dkoel : v.a.s. is to be supported or propped up. : dkoel a kirel el medik; dikir, kmedii, klok a dkoel er a tebel. from root melik
dmik : : dmik a melik; menged, dikir a kall er a tebel, mla dmik a babier me a til er a tebel, dkil. from root melik
ketik : v.recip. strike each other with the fists; box with each other. : ketik a didu el melik; chad er a klekool a mesisiich el melik, tikir, tmik a uchul a dingal, Lkil a mad. from root melik
likir : : likir a melik er ngii. from root melik
lilekir : : from root melik
lilik : : from root melik
lkiil : v.a.s. (bottom of pot; basket) is to be lined with leaves; etc. : lkiil a kirel el melik; loia lkil; likir a chelais er a ngimes, lmik, lkil. from root melik
llik : v.r.s. (bottom of pot, basket) lined with leaves. : llik a ngar er ngii a lkil; mla melik; likir a chelais, lmik a blil a kall. from root melik
lmik : : lmik a melik; locha lkil el kilkuld; lmik a sualo, lkil a sualo. from root melik
medik : v.erg. : medik a delik; dikir a smecher, mla medik er a chiull, dkel el chiull; medik a dmik; dikir a olekang, mla medik er a tebel; kldoel er tebel; dkil. from root melik
melik : v.t. strike with the fist; box with. : melik a oimetemet a chimal e merusech; tikir a kboub; tmik a mlai, tkil. from root melik
melik : v.t. support (object; usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down. : from root melik
melik : v.t. line bottom of (pot) with leaves so that contents will not stick during cooking; line bottom of (basket) with leaves, paper, etc. so that contents will not get dirty or fall through openings. : melik a loia a dik; dikir a olekang; dmik a ollumel; dkil, dkel. from root melik
metik : v.erg. : metik a telik; mla tikir a medal; melik er ngii el chesimer. from root melik
telik : v.r.s. struck with the fist. : telik a mla metik; tikir a kboub, tmik, melik, tkil a kboub. from root melik
tikir : : tikir a melik er ngii. chelimetemet chimal e tikir. from root melik
tilik : : from root melik
tilkir : : from root melik
tkiil : v.a.s. is to be struck with fist. : tkiil a kirel el metik; tikir, tmik; diak el tkiil a chad. from root melik
tmik : : from root melik
melikak : v.i. walk with legs abnormally spread apart. : from root melikak
metetikak : v.i.redup. walk or stand awkwardly to maintain balance; balance oneself while walking. : from root melikak
telikak : v.r.s. (legs) spread apart. : from root melikak
melekdik : var. melikdik : melekdik a diak a blil; melik; merael a blai el diak lultekokl a delengcheklel; melekdik a delengchokl. from root melikdik
melekdik a delengchokl : expr. keep changing one's residence; not have a fixed abode. : from root melikdik
melikdik : v.t.redup. keep setting (something) down in one place after another. : from root melikdik
kengiked : v.recip. make fishnets together. : kengiked a di du el meliked; ngikedii a uuked, ngmiked, ngkedel a uuked; meruul a uuked. from root meliked
melekeliked : v.t.redup. sit around making a fishnet. : from root meliked
melekeliked : v.i.redup. (crab, spider etc.) crawl around. : from root meliked
meliked : v.t. make (fishnet); move around in cramped quarters. : meliked a meleboteb; orrurt a urreor el chad er a usaso. from root meliked
mengiked : v.erg. : from root meliked
ngelkodel : var. ngliked : ngelkodel a selakd; ngliked, mla mengiked; ngelkodel el uked, ngikedii, mla mengiked a uked; ngkedel from root meliked
ngikedii : : ngikedii a meliked er ngii; meliked er a uked. from root meliked
ngilekedii : : from root meliked
ngiliked : : from root meliked
ngkodel : v.a.s. (fishnet) is to be made. : ngkodel a kirel el mengiked; uked er a mekebud a ngkodel; ngikedii, ngmiked a uked. from root meliked
ngliked : v.r.s. (fishnet) made. : ngliked a ngelkodel; mla mengiked, ngikedii, ngmiked, uked a ngliked. from root meliked
ngmiked : : ngmiked a meliked; ngmiked a uked er a mekebud, ngikedii; ngikedel. from root meliked
melekelikes : v.redup. go around fishing (with spear) while poling boat. : from root melikes
melekesang : v.inch. is beginning to pole (raft, canoe, etc.). : from root melikes
melikes : v.t. pole (raft, canoe, etc.); (leader) speak (words of song which others will sing in response). : melikes oba dekel el orrurt er a mlai; sikesii, smikes a brer. from root melikes
mesikes : v.erg. : from root melikes
selikes : v.r.s. (raft, canoe, etc.) poled. : selikes a mla mesikes; mlai a selikes; sikesii, smikes, melikes. from root melikes
sikesall : v.a.s. (raft, canoe, etc.) is to be poled. : sikesall a kirel el mesikes; sikesii a mlai; smikes, melikes a brer; sikesel a brer. from root melikes
sikesii : : sikesii a melikes er ngii. from root melikes
silekesii : : from root melikes
silikes : : from root melikes
skesall : var. sikesall : from root melikes
smikes : : smikes a melikes, smikes a brer me a mlai; sikesii, sikesel. from root melikes
delikiik : v.r.s. given more than one can handle; overburdened. : from root melikiik
dilikiik : : from root melikiik
dilikikengii : : from root melikiik
doikekengii : : doikekengii a rullii el mo kikiongel, chetelaol er a rrom a mla omudech el doikekengii a blai. from root melikiik
doikekengii : var. doikikengii : doikekengii a melikik er ngii; delikik, doikekengii a blai er a kall; medeel me ng cherrad. from root melikiik
doikiik : : from root melikiik
doikik : var. doikiik : doikik a melikik; medeel; cherrad, mla doikik a kall. from root melikiik
doikikengii : : from root melikiik
melikiik : v.t. give (person) more than he can handle; overburden; waste (food). : melikiik a melengerenger, doikiik a kall, udoud; meterkakl; metitur el mengereomel a melikiik. from root melikiik
melikiik : v.t. : melikiik a mengikiongel; doikekengii a blai, delikiik a ulaol. from root melikiik
melikm : v.t. stuff (mouth, container, etc.) forcibly; overstuff : melikm a omekeek; tikmii a ngerel er a kall; tuikm; tekmel a ngor. from root melikm
melikm : v.i. become crowded. : from root melikm
metikm : v.erg. : from root melikm
telikm : v.r.s. (mouth) stuffed. : telikm a mui; ulekeek, mla metikm; tikmii a ngerel er a kall; tuikm a ngerir; melikm, tekmel. from root melikm
tikmii : : tikmii a melikm; melechesech er ngii; tikmii a ngerel er a kall. from root melikm
tilekmii : : from root melikm
tilikm : : from root melikm
tuikm : : tuikm a melikm; mekeek a tutungir, sochesech a boes; tuikm a ngerir. from root melikm
meliko : v.t. hold in (open) palm of hand. : meliko a obang; olab er a chim; tikeuii a ngalek; tmiko a bilel, tkeuel a ngalek. from root meliko
metiko : v.erg. : from root meliko
teliko : v.r.s. held in palm of hand. : teliko a kluoku; mla metiko; tikouii a ngelekel; tmiko a kles, meliko a babier; tekouel a ngalek. from root meliko
telkool : v.r.s. (person) holding something in open palms. : telkool a teliko; beldoel. from root meliko
tikuii : : tikuii a meliko er ngii. from root meliko
tiliko : : from root meliko
tilkuii : : from root meliko
tkoall : v.a.s. is to be held in palm of hand. : from root meliko
tkool : var. tkoall : tkool a kirel el metiko; tikoueii a ngalek; tmiko a kall; meliko, tkeuel. from root meliko
tmiko : : tmiko a meliko; tikouii a ngalek; tmiko a dait, tkil a babier. from root meliko
ildall : v.a.s. (fruit, tapioca, taro, etc.) is to be peeled. : ildall a kirel meild; kirel mengai a budel; ildii a brak, imild a diokang, ildel a kukau. from root melild
ildii : : ildii a melild er ngii. from root melild
ilild : : from root melild
ilild : v.r.s. (fruit, tapioca, taro, etc.) peeled. : ilild a nglai a budel; mla meild, ildii a diokang, imild a diokang, ildel. from root melild
ilild el bobai : expr. (person) with pale skin. : from root melild
ilildii : : from root melild
imild : : imild a melild; melai a budel, imild a diokang. from root melild
meild : v.erg. : meild a ilild; kirel el mengai a budel; ildii, imild, diokang a kirel el meild, ildall, ildel. from root melild
melild : v.t. peel or remove skin of (fruit, tapioca, taro, etc.). : melild a melai a budel; omkobk; imild a diokang; ildii a meradel; ildel. from root melild
dechall : v.a.s. is to be dipped or dunked. : from root melilech
delilech : v.r.s. dipped (and removed from water). : delilech a mla medilech; ngar er a ralm; dellochel, selokel a delilech , dilechii, dmilech, delechel a selokel. from root melilech
dellochel : v.r.s. dipped (and soaking in water). : dellochel a delilech. from root melilech
delochel : var. dechall : delochel a kirel el medilech; locha er a ralm, dmilech a selekelel, dilechii, delechel. from root melilech
dilecheterir : : from root melilech
dilechid : : from root melilech
dilechii : : dilechii a melilech er ngii; loia er a ralm me a daob; delechel. from root melilech
dililech : : from root melilech
dillechii : : from root melilech
dmilech : : dmilech a melilech; oduleb er a ralm, dmilech a chimal, delechel. from root melilech
kedilech : v.recip. dip (hands, etc.) into water together. : kedilech a di du el melilech; melekimes; locha er a ralm, dmilech a selokel, dilechii a chimal, delechel a selekelel. from root melilech
ketilech : v.recip. throw each other down. : ketilech a kabedechakl; di du el omedechakl; melilech, tmilech a dubech, tilechii a ochil; telechel. from root melilech
medilech : v.erg. : medilech a delilech; dilechii, obarech er a ralm; dmilech a bail er a ralm, locha er a ralm. from root melilech
melilech : v.t. dip or dunk (person, thing) into water. : melilech a locha er a ralm; dilechii a ngikel, dmilech a belatong; dellochel, delechel. from root melilech
melilech : v.t. throw (person) down (in wrestling, etc.); smash open (young coconut); hit (head) against; (bird) drop (itself) to surface of water. : from root melilech
meteltilech : v.erg.redup. (young coconut) easily smashed open; (fruits, coconuts, etc.) keep falling. : meteltilech a mereberebet el ngar er ngii a teltelechel, mengur a meteltilech; telechel. from root melilech
metilech : v.erg. : from root melilech
telilech : v.r.s. thrown down; smashed open. : telilech a beldechakl; mla metilech; tmilech a ochil el kesib a rengul; tilechii a sechelil; melilech, telechel; blengkangk er a ulaol. from root melilech
tilechii : : tilechii a melilech er ngii; nguu el mengkengkii. from root melilech
tililech : : from root melilech
tiltechii : : from root melilech
tmilech : : tmilech a melilech; tilechii a dubech; tmilech a ochil er a ulaol; telechel. from root melilech
melililt : v.t.redup. choose carefully. : melililt a osisiik a soal; nglenglitel a omengelel; ngiltii a ungil; ngmilt a klungiaol. from root melililt
nglenglitel : v.erg.redup. : nglenglitel a melililt a soal; meringel el mesiik a soal; nglenglitel a rengul er a kall. from root melililt
meleliliut : v.s.redup. fairly thin and flat. : meleliliut a telkib el meliliut. from root meliliut
meliliut : v.s. thin and flat; slender. : meliliut a diak lokrokr; meliliut el mamed a sebechel moues el tmoech er a bitang; llilitel. from root meliliut
meliliut a berdel a ngerel : expr. have a tendency to gossip; reveal confidential information. : from root meliliut
kengilt : v.recip. choose together. : kengilt a di du el melilt; ngiltii, ngmai a sorir, te kengilt a bail me a oeacher, ngeltel a bail. from root melilt
melilt : v.t. choose; elect. : melilt a melililt; osiik a soal. from root melilt
mengilt : v.erg. : mengilt a nglilt; seliik er a buai; ngiltii el mo merreder; ngmilt a soal. from root melilt
ngellitel : v.r.s. chosen; elected. : ngellitel a nglilt; mla mengilt; rechad er a klaidesachel a ngellitel; ileakl el bekerurt; seliik el kirel a rurt. from root melilt
ngellitel a rengul : expr. choosy. : from root melilt
ngellitel el chad : expr. person chosen specifically because of particular skills, qualities etc.; consultant; specialist. : from root melilt
ngetall : v.a.s. is to be chosen or elected. : from root melilt
ngileltii : : from root melilt
ngililt : : from root melilt
ngiltii : : ngiltii a melilt er ngii. from root melilt
nglilt : var. ngellitel : nglilt a ngellitel; te mla mengilt a remo er a skuul; ngmilt a soal. from root melilt
nglitel : var. ngetall : nglitel a kirel el mengilt; ngmilt a mechut el chemoit. from root melilt
ngmilt : : ngmilt a melilt; ngmilt, smiik a soal, ng di ulellitel kung. from root melilt
melelmelim : var. melemelim : melelmelim a mekekokil el melim; diak lorreched el melim. from root melim
melemelim : v.t.redup. drink slowly; sip. : from root melim
melim : v.t. drink. : melim a omerkakl a ralm; soak el melim a mengur; ngilmii, nguim a rrom. from root melim
mengim : v.erg. : mengim a nglim el mla mengim el mo diak; nguim, ngelmel a mengur. from root melim
ngilelmii : : from root melim
ngilim : : from root melim
ngilmii : : ngilmii a melim er ngii. from root melim
nglim : v.r.s. (beverage) drunk. : nglim a mla mengim; mengur a nglim; mla mo diak; te mla nguim from root melim
nguim : : nguim a melim; mla nguim a kar. from root melim
melimd : v.t. sip. : melimd a tuimd a ilumel; locha er a ngerel; melechemochem. from root melimd
telimd : v.r.s. : from root melimd
tuimd : : from root melimd
melimdelebdeb : n. Palau fantail (bird). : melimdelebdeb a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. A melimdelebdeb a charm; ng ta er a suebek el charm; ng ngar er ngii a bsechel e ko er a bekekerekard a bedengel. Ng di ua a klungel a chesisebangiau. Ng diak el kall. from root melimdelebdeb
melelemelimet : v.t.redup. keep bailing. : from root melimet
melimet : v.t. bail; bail out and discard; scoop dirt out of. : melimet a mengoit a ralm, daob; ngimetii, nguimet a mlai me a chert; ngmetel. from root melimet
mengimet : v.erg. (house) empty (of persons). : mengimet a mla mo diak; nglai a ralm er a chelsel; nglimet a mlai; rechad a mla mengimet el mo er a bai; mla mo diak a chad er a blai. from root melimet
ngemetall : v.a.s. is to be bailed. : from root melimet
ngilemetii : : from root melimet
ngilimet : : from root melimet
ngimetii : : ngimetii a melimet er ngii, melai a ngmatel. from root melimet
nglimet : v.r.s. bailed. : nglimet a mla mengimet; mlai a nglimet; diak a ngmatel er ngii. from root melimet
ngmatel : var. ngemetall : from root melimet
ngmetall : var. ngemetall : ngmetall a ngmatel. from root melimet
nguimet : : nguimet a melimet; meses el mla nguimet a mlai me a bilas. from root melimet
ilemeklii : : from root melimokl