In early 2016, we went through all of the Palauan text we had digitized and made a list of the most frequently used words. We went through all of the entries and combined many forms of the same words as follows:

For English speakers trying to learn Palauan as a second language, this list has been transformed into a memrise course. Please leave comments about that course either on this page or in the memrise forums.

Unfortunately, this list is surely inaccurate because we only had access to a small corpus of Palauan text. Our entire corpus contained only approximately 300,000 words selected from only a few sources and therefore disproportionaly skewed. For example, according to our corpus the Palauan word RAIONG meaning 'lion' is one of the most frequently used Palauan words. Clearly this is not accurate but this happens because one of our sources is a translation of Ernest Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea in which the main character often dreams of lions.

Here is the list of sources and the total number of words from each:

The distribution appears to follow a zipf curve: .

For a automatically updated list of words drawn from a larger corpus but not cleaned, please see our other Palauan Word Frequency page.

Without further ado, the words themselves:

PercentWordPart of SpeechEnglishBelkul
22.279amod.if; when. Also, used as a contentless word which precedes nouns and verbs under various conditions.a a omuchel a cheldecheduch; a le ko skoki mla mei; bai a klalobuai.
8.117elconj.which; who; that (introduces various types of clauses); (appears between descriptive state verbs and the nouns that they describe).el a olecholt e omeketakl er a tekeungel; omech a tekoi; ngii el chad a merael el mei, obengkel a omerael el mei.
6.677erprep.indicates specific (as opposed to non-specific) object noun phrase in certain constructions [similar to how 'the' is different from 'a']; used to precede the object of locational, directional, source, temporal, and causal a omeketakl a ilekelel a tekoi e dirrek el omech; chad er a Belau, ak merael er a chelechang.
2.199econj.and; (and) then or consequently; (if...,) then; while; but.e a omechoel; omuchel e omech a bebil er a tekoi, e sechelei, toktang echad er a chei; e ngerang?
1.961ngiipro.he/she/it (emphatic).ngii a melekoi el kirel a chad me a klalo; ngii el dil, ngii el kall, ngii el beluu; ngii el urreor; ngii el udoud. a omech a tekoi; kau me ngak me ngii, Calista me tir a mong.
1.563ngpro.he/she/it (nonemphatic).ng a ngii; ngii el chad; ngii el kall; ngii el blai; ng melim a ralm; ng kall; ng blimiu?
1.393moaux.will; shall; become; a melekoi er a ngar medad; mo er a klukuk; ng mo el merekong? ng mo e mei.
0.876mlav.s.was/were (located); existed.mla a melekoi er a rrekui el tekoi; mla mong; mla er ker; mla er a skuul. not; does not exist; non-existent.diak a bechachau; diak a kall, diak a udoud, diak a chad er a blai.
0.655dimod.only; just; any.di a olkael; di kau a mei e diak a ngodech; di tedei el buik a mong; se di kau, se di ngii.; person; human being; living being; someone; somebody; anyone; anybody.chad a rokui el diak lulekoad el klaol; chad el dait; chad el babii; chad el ngikel; chad el lius. chad a sechal, dil, redil, ngalek, chad er a Belau, chad er a Merikel.
0.513kireln.poss.3shis/her obligation; duty; calling; he or she must or has to; one's business; what concerns one; level or height (reached by water, etc.).kirel a ultebechel ua isei; kirel el ngii a mong, kau a kirem el melutk.
0.489tiangpro.this object near speaker and near listener .tiang a olsechall er a melekoi er a klalo el kmeed er ngii; tia el babier, tia el udoud, tia el kall.
0.445lemod.[contentless linking word]; because.
0.405tangnum.1 [one] (unit of time; human; counting).tang a ochur el chimong , ta el buil, ta el tekoi, ta el chad.
0.379kmalmod.very; often.kmal a olsiich a tekoi; merang; kmal di ungil, kmal soak, kmal uaisei.
0.346ungilv.s.good; nice; satisfactory; advantageous.ungil a meringelechad, ungil el ues; beruadel a ungil omerellel; klebokel; diak le mekngit; ungial. (located); exist; be alive.ngar a outeliil; chad a ngar; ngar er ngii a klengar er ngii; charm a ngar.
0.335renguln.poss.3shis/her/its heart; spirit; feeling; soul; seat of emotions.rengul a reng er ngii.
0.319bedengeln.poss.3sbody; corpse; skin; color; type; kind; appearance; physique.bedengel a chesbereberel, mamed a mellemau a bedengel. bedengel a chelechedal, ungil okerulel el ngalek a ungil a bedengel.; village; place; territory; property; land; ace (in cards).beluu a olsechall er a delengchokl; rechad a uchul me ng beluu a beluu. A beluu aike el chutem el ngar er ngii a delengchokl er a rechad er ngii. Me ng ngar er ngii a chades me a blai me a bai me a diangel er ngii.
0.293kmov.t.says; is like; is therefore.kmo a dmung; ke kmo ngerang? ke kmo kede mong? kmo a omko; kilo, kmo ke mlo er a skuul e ke merekong; kilo ke mlong.
0.291mleiv.pastcame; arrived.mlei a mla mei me ngar tiang; skoki a mlei er a tutau.
0.285tekoin.word; speech; language; action; deed; matter; custom; advice (given verbally); issue; case; event.tekoi a cheldecheduch; tekoi el lolekoi a rechad; omelekoi, tekingel. a charm er daob me a ralm el kall; temekai me a meas a ngikel.
0.252akpro.I/me (nonemphatic).ak a ngak. ak melekoi. ak mong. ak mei. ak mekerang?
0.237seipro.that object far from speaker and far from listener.sei a melutk er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch; ngar sei; diak el tiang; sei er a mong a skuul.
0.226sebecheln.poss.3shis/her/its ability; capability; fitness; permission; he/she/it can/is able/may.
0.222bliln.poss.3shouse; household; family; members of family; enclosure; container.blil a blai el ngii a oublai er ngii. a rokui el dongang; ongraol me a odoim me a kliou; kukau, ngikel, tuu a kall, kelel.
0.207bongv.s.hypo.go (in a direction not towards either the speaker or listener).
0.202komod.kind of; like.
0.197soaln.poss.3shis/her/its liking; desire; he/she likes/wants; it seems/appears; feel (as if).soal a sau er ngii; soal el chad, soal el beluu; soal a ues.
0.19aikangpro.these objects/animals near speaker and near listener.
0.188betokv.s.many; numerous; plenty; abundant.betok a obdois; betekngang, betok a kall, diak le kesai, iltekngel a kall.
0.185melekoiv.t.speak; talk.melekoi a mengedecheduch; dmu a tekoi el meldung.; household; family; members of family; enclosure; container.blai a teleketek e cheldool le kiei er ngii a rechad; blai a osechelel a delengchokl.
0.178Belaun.Palau.Belau a Beluu er a Belau
0.175medaln.poss.3seye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers.medal a mad er ngii.
0.175meiv.i.come; arrive.mei a okedongel a chad; mei er tiei, mei me kulekoi, ka mei.
0.166tepro.they/them (nonemphatic).te a tir, te ngar ker? te mor ker? te ngerang? (nonempatic, singular).
0.16mloaux.past.became; got.mlo a melekoi er a taem el tekoi a dilubech; mlo kot er a rurt; mlo smecher; mlo er a omerael.; cash.udoud a klalo el usbechall er a klaiuechar; udoud a omechar a kar; udoud er a Belau; bekerrekerongel a merau; udoud a kedmekill el omech a bkaischemrungel; ududel
0.158ngalekn.child; baby; anyone younger than speaker; sweetheart; fiance(e); pinkie; small finger.ngalek a ngelekel a sechal er a delengchokl; ulechell a ngalek er a delengchokl el ngii a ulechell er ngii; mla mo chuodel e ng di ngalek er isei el delengchokl; ngar ngii a ngelsonges er a klisichel el ng ngalek. ngalek a kekerei el chad; ngelekel a demal, ngalektang, ngalekukeruu; ngalek er a skuul.
0.148meraelv.t.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.merael a omekebakes, omakes; merael el mong; omerolel.
0.147klouv.s.big; large; great; old.klou a diak le kekerei; babii a klou er a katuu.
0.143daobn.sea; ocean; salt water.daob a ralm er a chei; beluu er a Belau a iliuekl er a daob, debel.
0.142kerrekarn.tree; wood; log; board.kerrekar a meklou el dellomel, iedel a kerrekar; ukall me a dort a kerrekar, kerrekerul. A rebebil a ousbech a kerrekar. Te uluusbech el melalem aike el mo meklou el kerrekar el ua ukall me a lechub e ng miich me a lechub e ngii di el kerrekar el dechor er a oliochel er a chutem el omii er a chetemel a ta me a ta er a rechad.
0.136chimaln.poss.3shand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help. (emphatic, singular).kau a chad el mongedecheduch er ngii; kau ke techang? kau me ngak me ngii.
0.135rubakn.elder; old man; chief; foreign man; boyfriend; husband.rubak a chuodel el sechal; telechull a kebekuul a rubak; ngeasek e telechull a dui a rubak.; commandment; advice; rule; instruction.llach a kelulau; llach a tekoi el kldung el mengedmokl a blai me a beluu; llach a rruul el ultutelir a rechad, rechad a kirir el orrenges a llach; llechul a bekall me a omerael er a rael.
0.132omesv.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.omes a ues, mes, mesang, omes a klekool, meiko a diak el omes, osengel.
0.125meruulv.t.make; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).meruul a mengedmokl; rullii a odoim; remuul a ungil el urreor; rellel.
0.125ngerangpro.what; which; what kind of; anything (but or except).ngerang a ker; ngera ke melekoi? tia ng ngerang? ngera soam?; job; task.urreor a ngar ngii a klalo el ruoll; urreor el meruul er a rael; urreor a olel a udoud; meses er a urreor a ungil besul; urrereel.
0.12mlain.canoe; car; automobile; transportation.mlai a olidiuul er a beluu me a daob; mlai a oltak a rechad me a uleklool.
0.119e ng dimod.but.
0.117lechubconj.or.lechub a melekoi er a mengodech me a mlengodech; renguk ke mla mo ourreor e a lechub e ke mechiuaiu; ke mo ourreor a lechub e ng diak?
0.117ngakpro.I/me (emphatic).ngak a melutk er a mengedecheduch; ngak a chad er a Belau; ngak a sechelimiu.
0.117ralmn.fresh water; level (carpenter's tool); easy or simple matter.ralm a ilumel; ralmchull, ralm er a omoachel; lmel a ngeliokl.
0.117telkibv.s.a little; a bit; part of piece of.telkib a diak le klou; kekerei; telkib el kall.
0.116klalon.thing; product; something; anything.klalo a rokui el usbechall, bail a klalo, tet a klalo, chutem, mesei, blai aklalo; ouklalo.
0.116ngkangpro.this animal/person near speaker and near listener.; earth; dirt; soil; mud.chutem a beluulechad. A chutem er a Belau a ua tiakid a rolel, ng ngar er ngii a rois, ked, chereomel, ngeaol, omeklochel, dechel, omrekongel, mesei, lius, beluu me a beluu.
0.111omdasuv.t.think about; take into consideration; believe/think (that); wonder (if).omdasu a melebedebek; melatk, omdasu e meruul, mdesuii, udesuel a mo er a chei.
0.109chelseln.poss.3sinside; within.chelsel a diak el ikr; chelsel a rengul, chelsel a blai.
0.108charmn.animal.charm a babii, katuu, bilis me a malk; cheremel.
0.107lochamod.perhaps; maybe.locha a oumededenger; ng locha mo er a skuul er a Oreor; diak el sal medengei.
0.106mekngitv.s.bad; evil; sinful; disadvantageous; (words, etc.) harsh.mekngit a diak el ungil; omelamech a mekngit e le ngmuchel a secher. beginning to arrive; is just arriving.mochang a omerolel el mong; locha mochang.
0.105silsn.sun; day.sils a merreder er a llomes, mla ngmasech a sils; ngeltel a sils a milkelkang; meringel a sils.
0.103didumod.(people) doing (something) together.didu a dirrek; melekoi a betok; rebetok, kau me tir a didu el mei; kau me ngii a didu el merael; kau me ngii me tir a didu el mong.; a ko er a; ua medal a demal; chad er a Belau e ua bedengel a chad er a ngebard.; hold; take.obang a beldoel er ngii; oba oles.
0.098kotmod.most; do first; do before or ahead of (someone else).
0.098medengeiv.s.t.know (person or thing); understand; memorize.medengei a ngar er ngii a klaodengei er ngii; medengelii a tekoi.
0.095klekedalln.organ or part of body; equipment; parts; attachment (to machine, etc.); tools; materials; ingredients; rigging (of boat).klekedall a klalo el usebechall; klekedall er a blai a kerrekar me a smengt me a deel me a beached; klekedellel.
0.094dimlakv.s.pastwere not; did not exist; was/were non-existent.dimlak a di mla diak, dimlak le medung er a cheldecheduch, dimlak rengesii, dimlak lemei.
0.094rokuipro.all of them.rokui a rebek el chad; rokui el ngalek; ngerachel el rokui a skulir.
0.09ngereln.poss.3smouth; voice; sound; bill (of bird); beak.ngerel a ngor er ngii.
0.089mongv.i.go (in a direction not towards either the speaker or listener).mong a merael mo cheroid; skuul a ngar a mong.
0.087babiin.pig.babii a charm er a beluu el mekekerei er a kerebou e ng ungil el odoim.
0.087aikeipro.those objects/animals far from speaker and far from listener.
0.085dirrekv.s.also; too; do .. Also; is still the same; remains the same/unchanged.dirrek a di osisiu; tilecha a ungil me sei me ng dirrek el ungil; ua ingii.
0.085melaiv.t.bring; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.melai a ngmai; nguu; ngeiul.; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).rullii a meruul er ngii.
0.083kukmod.instead; by contrast; in addition; then; next; in turn; just.kuk a omech a tekoi; ng kuk ker? ng kuk ngera soam? ng kuk ngii!; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.nguu a melai er ngii; ngiul.
0.082meringelv.s.hard; difficult; painful; sore; (liquor; etc.) potent; peppery; expensive; (matter) serious/grave.meringel a ringel; meringel a bedengel; chuarm a rengul; meringel el urreor.
0.082tirpro.they/them (emphatic).tir a melekoi er a rebetok el chad; kau me ngak me tir a mong.
0.08liusn.coconut tree.lius meklou el kerrekar el ourodech; lius a kall e ilumel a rdechel. A lius a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng ta er a kmal el klou a belkul el dellomel; ng sebechel el kall a redechel e dirrek el ilumel. A chelechedal me a llel a dirrek el sebechel el klalo.
0.075raeln.road; path; way; canal; means; solution; way out (of); way to someone's heart; connection (between families, etc.).rael a ulekrael el usbechall er a omerael; ledes a rael el mo er a blai; rolel a mlai; ngar ngii a ungil rolel a omengedecheduch, rolel a tekoi.
0.075ochiln.poss.3sfoot; leg; back paws (of animal).ochil a ouach er ngii; ochil a buik.
0.074kern.question.ker a ousibai; ousbech er a chad el diak el uldoud a ouker er ngii; ouker er a rechad a di ousbech er tir e diak el ungil el omekang er tir.
0.074kerpro.where; which.ker a oker; omding er a belsechel a omerael; oker er a ngakl, techa ng klem? keril a tekoi.
0.073babn.area/space above; top; surface.bab a bebul, melidiul, a sils a ngar bab. skoki a merael er a bab.
0.073lmuutv.i.return; come back; do again.lmuut a mo e mei; chuieuii a babier e lmuut el menguiu er ngii.; just now; today; these days.
0.071bain.village meeting house; guest house; community house.bai a ongdboll; tbiil a llach er ngii; bai er a klobak; a bai a ongdboll er a beluu, orekuul, blil a kldibel, bailbeluu; bai er a remeau; oremuul, bai er a rengeasek, merael a kakerous el omeruul er a chelsel a ngellakel me a sius, me a klautok me a ngloik er a chesel.
0.071baimod.comparatively; by comparison, instead; rather. Also used in conditional sentences to contrast two events.bai a omuchel a bebil er a omengedecheduch, bai ungil me ko mlei; bai ba morael, bai molekoi e kuleki kung; bai de kasmesumech er tiang e bo de kebii.
0.07babiern.paper; letter; book.a babier a klalo llechukl e chieuall; luchesii a babier; ng menguiu er a babier.
0.07uchuln.poss.3sbase (of tree); cause; reason; basis.uchul a uchelel; uchul a kerrekar omuchel a klakoad; uchul a eanged, uchul a lius, uchul a secher a terrekakl.
0.068bebiln.a little; a few; some; other.bebil a sesei; bebil er a kall, bebil er a udoud.
0.068eoun.area/space below.eou a diak el bab, eungel a blai a chemrungel, eoulbeluu a diak le kedidai, eungel a lius a mechuu.; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.mesang a omes; ues er a mad; ka mesang; kemesang ng diak?
0.068rengn.heart; spirit; feeling; soul; seat of emotions; will; desire; decision.reng a tebechelel a chad; reng a omesiur er a chad; rengul, rengelngalek.
0.066bdeluln.poss.3shead; leader.bdelul a bedul er ngii; bdelul a chad bdelul a beluu, bdelul a cheldebechel; bdelulachang.
0.066dumod.together; all together; at the same time.
0.066lakmod.if one doesn't; (if) there weren't; don't.lak a diak, a lak kau e a kmekerang; lak beskak a udoud e ng diak kurael.
0.066ngelekeln.poss.3shis/her its child or baby; relatively small size or quantity of.ngelekel a ngalek er ngii el ilteet.
0.065smecherv.s.sick; ill; dead (euphemistic).smecher a ngar ngii a rakd; smecher er a tereter; secherel.
0.063madv.i.die; (electricity, etc.) go out; go numb.mad a mo diak a telil; kodall, medei, mla mad, diak el outeliil, kodellel.
0.061bilasn.boat.bilas a mlai er a daob el oumesil, bilsengel. a olsechall er a omesuub; blil a osisechakl, skuul a omekrael a rechad el mo meduch el di tir.
0.06kidpro.we/us (emphatic, includes listener).kid a rechad el uldak er a melekoi, kid el rokui, kid kede mekerang?
0.06secheliln.poss.3sfriend; companion; boyfriend; girlfriend; lover; term of address from a woman to a group of people.sechelil a sechelei er ngii.
0.059chimongnum.1 [one] (animal; nonliving thing).chimong a tang a (1); chimo el bad; chimo el kluk, udoud a di chimong.
0.059ousbechv.t.need; use.ousbech a ngar ngii a ultutelel er ngii; ngar ngii a belkul er ngii, ousbech a udoud, usbechel.
0.058beduln.poss.3sdirection; area/space facing onto; upstream.
0.058buikn.boy; any male younger than another male.buik a ngalek el sechal, bikel. half (of split coconut; betel nut; etc.); one of a pair (e.g. one leg; one eye; etc.); neighboring house; adjoining building; next door to; across the street from any area adjacent to.bitang a tedobech er a cherrungel; bita el lius, bita el uach, bita el buuch.
0.057delaln.poss.3smother (used as term of address).delal a chedil er ngii; dil el oungalek er ngii a delal. by way of; walk or go through; pass or go by; with; according to.okiu a merael; ng okiu rael; ng okiu a telechetech.
0.056kelulaun.confidential/important (community) matter; whisper.kelulau a llach, Olbiil Er a Kelulau a melib a kelulul a beluu.
0.056mesisiichv.s.strong; healthy.mesisiich a diak a rekdel; meduch a rengul; chad er a klekool a mesisiich; a bedengel; klisichel. a mla mekang; klang me ng diak, kolii a odoim, kelel.; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).remuul a meruul; mla remuul a kall, rullii, siungii a kall; rellel.; large; great; old (required with plural subject).meklou a betok el klou; meklou el ngikel, meklou el blai, mekllungel; orekerekoang.
0.054mekudemv.s.close together (in space or time); (face) small or narrow; (something) happen repeatedly or frequently.mekudem a kaiuekeed; diak lechacheroid; mekudem a ocheraol, kludem, kudemii, kdemel. a omengur; kolii a kliou; kmang.
0.054ngkleln.poss.3sname.ngklel a ngakl er ngii.
0.053kereeln.line (usually for fishing); cord.kereel a klekedall er a omenged el dolab el mengereel a ngikel.; reside; stay; remain; exist; sit; sit on.kiei a kiung; dengchokl; diak lorael, kiei er a Belau.
0.053kidmod.contentless word used for emphasis.
0.053mesangv.t.cut diagonally; hold (neck) at angle.mesang a duobech el selang, delebes el kedorem; smang a bambuu el sers; sengal a bambuu.
0.052charn.price; cost; amount of money for purchase.char a udoud el omechar, cheral a blai, melai a char.; clean.beches a kmal ungil, klikiid; bleches, beches el uldasu, beches el blai. bechesul
0.052tuobedv.i.come/go out of; emerge; go out fishing.tuobed a mo er a ikrel; merael el mo cheroid; tebedel.
0.051bailn.article of clothing; clothes; wrapping material.bail a mamed me a klalo el omail, bilel a klalo, bilel a billum, ekebil a oubail.
0.051merangv.s.true; real; actual; legitimate; authentic.merang a klemerang; diak le blulak; kedung a melekoi a merang.
0.051okerv.t.ask; inquire.oker a ker; omding, ng tela rekim? ng techang ngklem? ke mo er ker?
0.051madn.eye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers.mad a klekedellel a chad el omes; olab a ues; klidm, chelsul a mad, bsechel a mad, medal.
0.05dellomeln.r.s.plant (already growing).dellomel a delalem; mla medalem, chetemek a dellomel a lius er ngii. A rebebil er a rechad a ousbech el melalem a tuu me a lechub a meduu me a lechub a lius el oliochel er a chutem.
0.05techangpro.who; whom.techang a ker er a diak lodengelii; ngilecha ng techang? techang a ngklel?
0.049badesn.things (carefully arranged or organized).bades a beldukl, blechobech, mades a tekoi, medesii a ngloik, bedesel.; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped.
0.049klebesein.night; tonight.klebesei a ngeltel a sils el mo lmuut er a ngesechel a sils, milkolk.; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.ngmai a melai; mla ngmai a babier; nguu a udoud, ngeiul. (out from).suebek a sebekreng; suebek a rengul; ng bekikl, ng medakd.
0.048eoltn.wind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon.eolt a cheluut; ngebard a eolt, eolt er a ongos, meses a eolt, ses el eolt; eltel.
0.048taemn.time; occasion.
0.047kekereiv.s.redup.small; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded (as to appear smaller).kekerei a diak leklou; Bung a kekerei er a Chesuch.
0.047klisicheln.poss.3sstrength; power; authority.klisichel a klisiich er ngii.; hold; take.olab a ngar er ngii; merau a olab a udoud; obang.
0.046bekmod.each; every.bek a rokui; bek el chad, bek el klalo, bek el bedengel.
0.046cheldecheduchn.r.s.conversation; speech; meeting; story; folktale; conference about one month after death of spouse to settle estate.cheldecheduch a tekoi el medung, mengedecheduch el mesaod a chutem; omengedecheduch, chedechedechal
0.046demaln.poss.3sfather (used as term of address).demal a chedam er ngii el ngalek; kldemaol; demal a sechelik.
0.046ngodechv.s.different; strange.ngodech a diak el osisiu; lius a ngodech er a buuch; mla mo ngodech rengul; ngodechii, ngmodech a llach; ngedechang, ngedechel
0.044builn.moon; month.buil a klou el chaibibeob el btuch el kmard a le klebesei er a eanged; tab el buil, orakiruu, oidudur.; male; jack (in cards).sechal a chad me a charem; buik a sechal, chedam a sechal, rubak a sechal, sechelengel.
0.043badn.stone; rock; coral; crossbeams supporting floor or house.bad a medecherecher el klalo, risois, baderitech, badelchei, mlus, basech, badumoachel. A rebebil er a rechad uluusbech a bad. Aika el bad a meklou el ngai el mo locha er a ulebengelel a ta me a ta er a rechad el oliochel.
0.043meduchv.s.t.know how (to); be skilled at; (wood, metal, etc.) strong or durable; half-ripe (i.e. ready to pick); (pregnant woman) at full-term.meduch a medengei; sebechel el meruul; meduch er a ngloik, duch er a urreor; dechal er a omenged; meduch a dioll el betok a bilel el kmeed el mechell. about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.mengedecheduch a melekoi; ouchais, chudecheduch a melung el tekoi, chudechedechar; chedechedechal.
0.043rakn.year; age; a long while ago (Each Palauan year contains 6 months and corresponds to a period of continuing easterly or westerly winds).rak a uldekial a 12 el buil; ngar er ngii a 360 el klebesei er a chelsel a ta el rak; kot el rak el ngalek a ta rekil.
0.043rengedeln.poss.3sanything used to tie long objects together; group; union; hamlet belonging to a particular municipality; reign; authority.rengedel a renged er ngii.
0.043tekingeln.poss.3sword; speech; language; action; deed; matter; custom; advice (given verbally); issue; case; event.tekingel a tekoi el ngii a outekoi; tekingel a merreder.
0.043uchein.area/space (generally) in front/ahead of; before; previous to; ahead of (in time).uchei a medal; ngar er a medal a omerael; ngar uchei er a rurt.
0.043uriuln.area or space (generally) in back of or behind; after; later; following.
0.042beotv.s.easy; simple; cheap; (matter) small, trivial or not worth to worry about.beot a diak le meringel me a ka le mesisiich, beot el urreor, beot el chad.
0.042lsekummod.if [with neutral implications].lsekum a oumededenger; locha,lsekum e ng mo chull e ng diak bo er a mesei.
0.042osiikv.t.look for, seek.osiik a merrau; siekii a mlo dibus el buik, osiik a udoud, smiik a kall; skel a dibus.
0.042roleln.poss.3sroad; path; way; canal; means; solution; way out (of); way to someone's heart; connection (between families, etc.).rolel a rael er ngii.
0.041delongeleln.poss.3srelationship (between people); area or space between.delongelel a deleongel er ngii.
0.041kmeedv.s.near; close; approaching; basic.kmeed a diak el cheroid; blik a kmeed er a skuul; kedel.
0.041mengaiv.erg.get brought/taken; lose baby; have miscarriage.mengai a nguu; nglai; ngmai a kles; kles a mla mengai el mo er a bai. where plans or decisions are made.olbiil a olsechall er a omelib el tekoi me a llach; Olbiil er a Kelulau; tibir, tuib, tbil a kelulau.
0.04bechiln.poss.3sspouse; husband or wife.bechil a chad el le kaubuch, buch, ombil, kldemel.
0.04blechoelv.r.s.connected with a joint; always; do habitually; invariably do.blechoel a blech; mla obech, di ngar er ngii er a bek el taem; mechir, mech, blechelel.
0.04diln.woman/female (esp. when referring to social roles).dil a chad el redil; aki teim el ochad e di ta er kemam a dil.
0.04diosn.God.Dios a Chelid; omebelel a rokui.
0.04keleln.poss.3sfood.kelel a kall el ngii a oukall; kelel el iedel.
0.04kukaun.taro (tuber).kukau a techel a dait; kukungel.
0.04buln.regulation; restriction.bul a omul el belkul a omekeroul a kerruul er a beluu, omul a buuch; bul er a uel, blul er a temekai me lomechell el mo betok.
0.039bebuln.poss.3sarea/space above; top; surface.bebul a ngar er a bab er ngii, bebul a tebel.
0.039cheroidv.s.far; distant; deaf.cheroid a diak le keed; skuul a cheroid er a blik, cherridel.
0.039kamod.nor; not even.ka a diak; kau a chetim el mong el ka mei; ngii a ka loker me a ka longer.; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded.mekekerei a kekeriei; bilas a mekekerei er a diall; diak le meklou.
0.038dechorv.i.stand, standing; (flag) raised or flying.dechor a ngar ngii a ochil; tebel a dechor, ngalek a decherong, blai a dechor
0.038malkn.chicken.malk a ta er a meklou el suebek el charm; malkeblai, malkureong.
0.036mechiuaiuv.i.sleep; lie down to rest.ngalek a mechiuaiu, mechiuiuang, cheliuel
0.036mesein.taro patch.mesei a meselech; blil a dellomel el dait; kukau a ngeuul er a mesei. A mesei aike el chutem el blechoel el klou el ralm er ngii me ng medemedemk e dellomel a dait er ngii.
0.036orrengesv.t.hear; listen to; obey.orrenges a remenges; orrenges e dirrek el meruul.
0.035ongerv.t.answer (question, person).
0.035belkuln.poss.3smeaning.belkul a ultutelel; skuul a klou a belkul, omesuub a ngar ngii a belkul.
0.035kedepro.we/us (nonemphatic, includes listener).kede a kid; kede merolung, kede mekerang?, kede omengur kung.
0.035mechasn.old woman; titled woman; foreign woman; male's father's sisters; girlfriend; wife.mechas a chuodel dil, mechesei, mechesil a beluu.
0.035ulaoln.floor; friendly relationship between two families or clans.ulaol a klekedellel a blai el dengchekill; dengchokl er a ulaol; ulolel a blik a bambuu.
0.035kamod.contentless word proceeding polite imperatives.ka a kau; Bung ka mei, ka morael, ka bo ruchei. (oneself) down; do (something) calmly in a relaxed manner.mekekokil a diak lorreched; diak loumesisiich; mekekokil el merael.
0.034melemolemv.t.lay down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children).melemolem a diak el ullebongel; lomelemii a skulel, lomolem a cheldecheduch, omekekedelad; lemelemel.
0.034omeraeln.travelling; trip; journey; process; group of travellers; parade; procession.omerael a merael; omerael el mo er a buil, omerollel el mo er a Merikel.
0.034rediln.woman; women; queen (in cards).redil a chad el diak el sechal; redil er a Belau a meduch el mengitakl e meloik
0.034teblongnum.2 [two] (animal; nonliving thing).teblong a ochur ; bduu a teblong. mengur a teblong; teblong el blai.
0.033erungnum.2 [two] (unit of time); a few (esp. when referring to small catch of fish).erung a ochur (2), eru el eru el bail babier, eru el kebui, eru el ngikel.
0.033chedaln.poss.3shis or her person or relative.chedal a kmeed er ngii el chad, kauchad, Calista a chedal a Toni.
0.033dengchoklv.i.sit down.dengchokl a kiei er a ulaol me a kingall, ulat er a ulaol a dengchokl, dengcheklel
0.033mesaodv.t.separate; explain; solve.mesaod a imakl el mo kakerous; bebil er sei me a bebil er tiang, sodel.
0.033oreorn.the city of Koror; the most populated state in Palau, on its own island south of Babeldaob and connected to it by a bridge; the state in which Ibedul is chief.Oreor a belual a Klibedul; beluu er a Oreor.
0.033re-prefixused to indicate a plurality of a melekoi el kirir a rebetok; rechad, rebuik, rekebil, rebeluu a kldibel.
0.033tuun.banana.tuu a kmod; dellomel el kall a rdechel.
0.032oachn.foot; leg; back paws (of animal).
0.032buuchn.betel nut.buuch a dellomel el chemachel a rdechel.
0.032chein.ocean; sea; place for fishing.chei a klou el daob; cheleched, chei a belual a rokui el cheled. Chelecha kede kuk mo er a chei. Me a chei a ngar er ngii a kebokeb, keburs, taoch, demetaoch, lalou, uet, lemau, kereker, chis dailechei, melekesokl, ngeraol, oreall, chiloil, chelemoll, me a daimechesengel.
0.032chimn.hand; arm; front paws (of animal); help; assistance; manual labor; person sent to help.chim a klekedellel a chad el uldeod er a cheiechad, chim a orreked a klalo; chimal.
0.032debarn.grey duck; any type of duck.debar a charm el ko er a malk e ng di klou.
0.032karn.medicine; palliative; antidote.kar a klalo el omekungil a secher; omkar a rakd, kerul a tereter, mkar a tellemal, ukerul.
0.032klengarn.existence; life.klengar a ngar; ngar er ngii a telil; outeliil a chad; klengar a okedeldaol, kemanget a klengar er ngii.
0.032kungmod.about to.kung a tekoi el oumesingd el merekui a omengedecheduch; mechikung, becherei kung, dorael kung, de kasmesumech kung.
0.032melemaltv.s.straight; exact; honest; just; fair.melemalt a diak le chebirukel; kesemeltakl; llemeltel a rengul a beruadel, tometii; tuamet; temetel.
0.032merechedv.s.early; fast.mereched a diak le meoud; mekekeam, meklekilt, orechedii a blai; oreched a urreor, rechedel. fire; labor pains.ngau a mekeald el diich; ngau er a ngeliokl; chelum el ngau, ngeuil a olbidel.
0.032uldesueln.poss.3sthought; idea.uldesuel a uldasu er ngii el chad; mdesuii, omdasu.
0.032karn.state of being awake.kar a mekar er a cheliuaiu, kar a diak le mechiuaiu; kar er ngak a uchul a bingsbedul, kerengel.
0.031cheledn.r.s.any product of the sea (or, sometimes, pigeons) caught but not yet cooked; shell.cheled a rokui el mengai er a daob el ua ngikel, kim, ngimes, bukitang me a kuk bebil. not; does not exist; non-existent.di keang a mla er ngii e mla mo diak, udoud a di keang.
0.03amtn.government; administration.
0.03chetiln.poss.3shis/her disliking; he/she dislikes; he/she doesn't want/like.chetil a diak el soal; chetil el ngar er a skuul, chetikol.
0.03diokangn.tapioca; tapioca plant; cassava; manioc.diokang a dellomel er a sers el ongraol. A diokang a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel; ng kall a techel.
0.03merekv.t.end; finish.merek a rrekui; merekong; ng mla mo merek a urreor; rekil a urreor.
0.03ngmasechv.t.climb (tree, etc.); get onto (vehicle).ngmasech a mo er a bab; mla ngmasech a sils; ngmasech er a lius; ngesechel.
0.03odoimn.non-starchy food (e.g., meat, fish, sometimes papaya, coconut, eggs) eaten to complement ongraol (=starchy food). [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].odoim a ngikel; tech, cheled; odimel a kles, odimir.
0.029dirkakmod.not yet; not ever; never (dirk diak).
0.029duin.title (for village chief or family head).dui a kebekuul; meluchel a dui, lbedul a dial a merreder er a Bitalianged, Reklai a kuk dial a oba Bitalianged. Deruchall.
0.029ngar er ngiiexpr.there is.; farm; fence.sers a ngeaol; blil a dellomel; sers er a diokang; sersel.
0.029uchetemeln.poss.3sfoundation (of house; etc.); main floor beam along sides of bai or house; basis (of living).uchetemel a uchutem er ngii; uchetemel a blai; uchetemel a llach.
0.028iungsn.island.iungs a kekerei el beluu el daob a iliuekl er ngii; Belau a iungs; ingsel.
0.028kengein.permission; agreement; acceptance. a oldars er ngii; omsang.
0.028omuchelv.t.start; begin; cause; form; establish.omuchel a oltaut; muchel a urreor, mechelii a uldikel; omuchel a klakoad, uchelel.
0.028techeln.poss.3smeat; flesh; muscles; genitals (esp. female); core; essence; root or tuber (of starchy food). about to go.mochung a kmeed el mong; ke mochung? ak mochung.
0.027blav.s.hypo.was/were (located); existed.
0.027chelidn.god; deity; spirit; sacred object (about which some prohibition is made); center.chelid a bladek, betok el kakerous, ochao a chelid er a Ngchesar, Ngirabeliliou a chelid er a Beliliou, oumesingd el beluu a di ngar er ngii a chedul.
0.027chulln.rain; rainy season.chull a ralm el ngar er a eanged e ruebet; chellel.
0.027eungeln.poss.3sarea/space below.eungel a eou er ngii; eungel a kingall; eungel a blai a chemrungel. a kerrekar el kall a rdechel.
0.027kakerousv.recip.different from each other in quality, color, appearance etc.; separate from each other.kakerous a kakengodech.
0.027lleln.poss.3sleaf.llel a llel a kerrekar; lius a ngar er ngii a llel; llel a babier, llel a tuu.
0.027obengkeln.poss.3scompanion. [although a noun, typically translated to English as 'with']obengkel a dmak; te dmak el kiei; obengkel a delal me a demal el kiei.
0.027ochurn.mathematics; number; amount; (action of) counting off.ochur a olecholt a ildois, eim el sils, $10.00 a ochur; ocherengel. pot.olekang a klekedall el meliokl e melengoes a kall; olekolel.; someone's characteristic way of fishing.omenged a ngar er a chei; omenged el omuked, omub, omelebed.
0.027osisiuv.s.redup.equal the height of; become as tall as; compare to; pretend as if.osisiu a kaisisiu; osisiu el klalo, osisiu el tekoi a meldung er a O.E.K; dimlak el kakerous el tekoi.
0.026bubuun.spider.bubuu a ta er a bedengel a charm; mengidab.
0.026daitn.taro plant.dait a dellomel el ongraol a techel; kukau a techel a dait, ditel. A dait a dellomel; ng di ua a bisech e ng di telkib el mekekerei Ng kall a techel me a chelebedel me a llel.
0.026ilumeln.a.s.drink; beverage.ilumel a ralm me a mengur me a ngii di le ngera el dolim; melim a kar, ngilmii a mengur.
0.026klengoesv.r.s.(odoim or rice) cooked/boiled in water.klengoes a ulekmark el odoim; mla mesengoes a klengoes, smongoes, melengoes, sengosel. (into particular position); take (to particular place).loiang a melechar ngii; loiang a ududel, ak mla loiang.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).olecholt a oleisech; diak lomart; ochotii, ocholt a klemerang; ochotel.
0.026ouchaisv.t.inform; announce/report/tell (news about something).ouchais a melekoi a chais, ouchais er a desiu er a Kobe, chisel.
0.026ududeln.poss.3smoney; cash.ududel a udoud el ngii a oudoud.
0.026uldasuv.r.s.thought about; taken into consideration.uldasu a omdasu, omelebedebek; urrereel a rael a ngar a uldasu; udesuel a beches el skuul.
0.026urereln.poss.3swork; job; task. many; how much; to what degree?telang a keril a ildois; tela rekim? tela ududem? mla mo telang?
0.025bambuun.bamboo.bambuu a chesel; bambuu er a ked, cheselked, bambungel. A bambuu a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng diak el meklou a rechelel. A bambuu a sebechel el mo ulaol me a lechub e ng reakl me a lak e ng brer. Ng kall aike e dirk mekekerei el desebel.
0.025mechutv.s.old; worn out; decayed; spoiled; stagnant; (skin) broken out or having allergic reaction or irritated (with rash).mechut a chut; diak lebeches. mechut el mlai, chetul, chut.
0.025meluchesv.t.write; draw.meluches a luchesii; lmuches a babier; lechesel.
0.025tirkangpro.these people near speaker and near listener.tirkang a kirir a rechad el kmeed er ngii el melekoi; tirka te rua techang?
0.025tutaun.morning; this morning.tutau a ngesechel a sils el mo sueleb; ungil tutau; tutungang.
0.024aliiinterj.Hey!; Look Out!; Hello.alii a sus; alii, kom ua ngerang?; alii, ngar er ngii a rechad? a ta er a bedengel a eua a ochil el charm e ng kekerei er a babii e ng klou er a katuu. fishing spear.biskang a klekedall er a omenged, usbechall er a burech, oba biskang el omurech a ngikel; biskelengel.
0.024buain.public; community.buai a beluu; rebeluu, chad er a beluu el rokui a buai. Cheldellir a re bek el chad era beluu.
0.024chesimern.door; cage; enclosure.chesimer a melenget; tengetengel a tuangel, chosmerii, chosimer a blai, chesmerel.
0.024dev.imp.3piLet's (do something)!.de a uldekial a mengedecheduch me a rurrenges, de bong, de kong, de rurt.; weather.eanged a melidiul; mellaongel; bab; engedel.
0.024liluutv.i.pastreturn; come back; do again.
0.024llechukln.letter (of alphabet); handwriting; picture; photo; image.llechukl a ikakid a e i o u, llechuk el ochur 1 2 3 4 5. llechukl a lluches; mla meluches, llach a llechukl er a babier, luchesii, lmuches, lechesel.
0.024mengedmoklv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.
0.024olesn.knife.oles a klekedall el melebes; melobech, meluk, meles, olesengel er a ngikel.
0.024omeruuln.behavior; way of doing things; act; action.omeruul a meruul, omerellel, klemerang a mocholt er a omeruul, rullii a blai, remuul a kall, rellel.; (fish) move/swim.remurt a kolekel; kaikerurt; rengalek a remurt er a rael; kaiderurt; rurt.
0.024ruamod.those people like/with (someone else).
0.024sukaln.sugar.sukal a merekos; sukelengel. se
0.024ueln.turtle.uel a ta er a bedengel a charm er a daob; a chelibel uel a mo toluk. A uel a charm er a daob; ng mo meklou. Ng ngar er ngii a chimal me a ochil. Ng dirrek el ngar er ngii a ukebel el bereked a chelibel er ngii. A uel a kall. Ng dirrek el klalo a chelibel Kede ousbech el mo toluk.; sight; view.ues a odingel; kedung e kerekikl a meses el omes a rechad; ues el kemeldiil a kall el mo omes er a remengeung.
0.024chiseln.poss.3sescape; flight.
0.023chertn.boat.chert a bekerurt el mlai er a daob.
0.023besebesn.bark of tree used for tying; rope; cord.besebes a semosem, ochull, cheremall me a bekobek a besebes, mesebesii, mesebes, merenged a klalo, besebesel.
0.023biblian.Bible.biblia a chedaol el lechukl; tekingel a Chelid.
0.023cheldechedechaln.poss.3sconversation; speech; meeting; story; folktale; conference about one month after death of spouse to settle estate.cheldechedechal a cheldecheduch er a mlad el chad. what?mekerang a ker; oker, Calista ng mekerang? kau ke mekerang?
0.023merechorechv.t.steal (including wife; girlfriend; etc.); rob; capture; kidnap.merechorech a melai a diak le kloleklel el diak el olturk; rucherii a bail, ruchorech a udoud; recherechel.
0.023merredern.leader; ruler; chief; person in charge.merreder a kebekuul; oungerachel; menguteling a beluu; oba klemat er a urreor; bdelul a cheldebechel a merreder.
0.023mesesv.s.strong; industrious; diligent; active.meses a bekurreor; diak a ulengellel er a urreor; sesengel er a omenged; diak le mesaik.
0.023nglaiv.r.s.brought; taken; received; obtained.nglai a mla mengai; nglai a chutem; mla nguu; ngmai; ngeul.
0.023soisebv.i.enter (often with difficulty).soiseb a tmuu; mo er a chelsel; soiseb er a blai; skuul a soiseb er a klukuk; sisebel a skuul; smecher a mla soiseb, kmal meringel; smecher a bdelul a mla soiseb; di mengebelung kung.
0.023tebeln.table.tebel a klekedall el kedoel a klalo er ngii; tebelel.
0.023temeln.poss.3stime; occasion.temel a taem er ngii; belsechel a riid.
0.022chedengn.shark.chedeng a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; metal el chedeng, metmut el chedeng.
0.022klebokelv.s.pretty; beautiful; handsome.
0.022ngorn.mouth; voice; sound; bill (of bird); beak.ngor a klekedall er a chad me a charm el mengang e melim; ngor a melekoi.
0.022omengurv.i.dine; have a meal.omengur a mengang, blengur er a tutau, blengrul.
0.022ringeln.pain; suffering; high cost; spiciness; strength (of wind); turbulence or roughness (of ocean).ringel a meringel; oberaod el tekoi; ringel er a urreor; ringelel a uldasu.
0.022salmod.very; often.
0.022sechern.sickness; illness; disease.secher a rakd; rekdel; klou a secher er a beluu; tereter a secher.
0.022sengkion.election; vote.
0.022teleteleln.poss.3smanner; style; form; method; approach (to something); action; behavior; event; appearance; circumstances; situation.teletelel a teletael er ngii.
0.021baun.smell; odor; scent.bau a bul a ngii di le ngerang; ungil el bau me a mekngit el bau; bediu a bau, bechochod a bau.
0.021budeln.poss.3sskin (of person, fruit, etc.); hide; rind; bark; shell.
0.021dmeuv.s.happy; glad; joyful; appreciative.dmeu a rengrir; ungil a tengrir; deurreng, mad er a deurreng, deuil a reng.
0.021idungeln.firewood.idungel a merat el kerrekar el omekard a ngau, idengelel a ngeliokl.
0.021klechadn.human life; way of life.klechad a cherrengelel a chad; klengar; ungil klechad a mlukeroul er a chelleoch.
0.021a lekoconj.intended to; apparently.
0.021mesaulv.s.tired; weary.mesaul a mechitechut; olengoech a bedengel, mesaul a rengul; saul, sulel; mesaul a mereng a saul; ke kmal mesulang, ng mesaul er ngak; sulel.
0.021oreomeln.forest; woods.oreomel a chereomel; chutem elmeklou a kerrekar er ngii; diak a delengchokl er a oreomel; meklou a oreomel er a Babeldaob.
0.021usbechallv.a.s. having a purpose; is to be used.usbechall a ngar ngii a belkul; ngar ngii a ultutelel; kall a usbechall er a blengur; oles a usbechall er a omelebes; oluches a usbechall er a omeluches, usbechel.
0.02ngikeipro.that animal/person far from speaker and far from listener.ngikei a melekoi er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch me a orrenges; ngikei a Bung; ngikei a Endo.
0.02besbasn.trash; rubbish; litter; debris.besbas a diak a ultutelel klalo el chiitel besbesil a omengaus, omekesbas.
0.02dertangn.once in a while.dertang a dersechimong; ta me a tang, ouderta er tir el mo er a skuul.
0.02ildiseln.poss.3samount, quantity or number (especially, large).ildisel a ildois er ngii el udoud, beltok er ngii el belduchel.
0.02klokn.clock.klok a klalo el olecholt a taem.
0.02mamedn.cloth.mamed a klalo el mo bail; usbechall er a bebil er a klalo, memedel.
0.02mechedv.s.shallow; (tide) low.meched a diak el dolech; chedil a chei, meched el mesei.
0.02mekemadn.war.mekemad a klakoad er a delongelel a beluu me a beluu.
0.02melasemv.t.try (out); practice; check; challenge; imitate. .melasem a mesuub; suub, esemii a kladikm el meloik; esemel.
0.02mengiilv.t.wait for; expect.mengiil a olsingch; choielii; chemiil; chielel.
0.02mengurn.coconut at middle stage (between Ngebekebokel and Odimalmekebud) when juice is best for drinking and meat is soft enough to be easily removed with finger.mengur a rdechel a lius el ilumel.
0.02metikv.i.find.metik a seliik; mla smiik; mla siekii; mla metik a ririid el kiis.
0.02muiv.s.full; complete; (person) filled with (sorrow, etc.); (person) having had enough of.mui a ulekeek; baket a mui er a ralm; tet a mui er a chemachel; iul a tet.
0.02oltiraklv.t.follow (person, idea; advice; etc.); pursue; obey; listen to; acquiesce; go along with; catch up with; inherit title, etc. through (mother's side, etc.).oltirakl a oltoir, okiuriul, otireklii a omerael, otirakl a telbiil, otireklel. (car); drive (canoe) with raised sails; (shark, etc.) swim near surface of water with fin showing.omekall a orrael er a mlai; mekellii a a mlai er a ked, mekall a ert, bekellel a rrat. up (on telephone); call out for; call by name.omekedong a oleker; mekedong a sius; mekedongii a sechelil, okedongel.
0.02rdecheln.fruit; seed pod.rdechel a rodech er ngii el iedel.
0.02tirkeipro.those people far from speaker and far from listener.tirkei a tekoi el mo er a rechad el cheroid el ngii el melekoi e dirrek el cheroid er a orrenges; tirkei te mo er ker?
0.02ultuilv.r.s.laid down; lying down; dependent on.ultuil a mla motuiil; otilii a bdelul er a tebel e olengull; ulsirs; otilel.
0.02bungn.flower.bung a bngal a kerrekar, dellomel; a chelilai a bung.
0.02mengurv.s.(fruit) not yet ripe; (pregnant womand) not yet at full-term.mengur a diak le meduch; mengul el tuu, bobai; mengur a dioll; dirkak le kirel el mechell; kesai a bilel.
0.019bduun.ball; boil; abscess.bduu a rakd; oburek e ngar er ngii a lalech er ngii; bdungel a ochil. bduu a klekedall er a klekool; ngalek a oba bduu el omduu, bdungel
0.019blengurn.meal, or feast often associated with a cultural ceremony.blengur a belsoil, blengrul a tutau me a sueleb a blengur.
0.019dartnum.100 [one hundred] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing). Large quantity.dart a ochur 100; dart el chad, dart el babii. conditions; way of life; settlement; residence.delengchokl a blai; teletael er a rechad el kiei, delengchokl er a chelechang a bai meringel er a irechar.
0.019kebuin.betel pepper; pepper leaf (used with betel nut).kebui a ta er a bedengel a besebes el dellomel e chemachel, kebiul.
0.019kerrekeriiln.a.s.redup.trial; judgement.kerrekeriil a biich er a klemerang, oukerrekeriil el omiich a tekoi, kerilel.
0.019kesibv.s.sweaty; perspiring.kesib a mengeald a bedengel e olechars a klsbengel; kesbongel.; chair; appointed position.kingall a klekedall el denchekill; dengchokl er a kingall, kingellel.
0.019klukukn.tomorrow; the next or following day.klukuk a sils el uriul er a chelechang; klukuk a Sebadong.
0.019mechesangv.s.busy; occupied.mechesang diak lemededaes; ngar er ngii a loruul; chelsang.
0.019mechitechutv.s.weak; aged; frail; defeated.mechitechut a diak lemesisiich, mechas a mechitechut, chelitechut, chelitechetul.
0.019merurv.s.t.ashamed of; shy; bashful or timid about; afraid of.merur a ngar er ngii a leb er a bedengel; merur el mengedecheduch er a seked merur el meloik, rur, rrengel.
0.019oltobedv.t.take out.oltobed a otobed, ngmai er a chelsel el locha er a ikr, otebedii a chad e delengchokl, otebedel.
0.019rokirpro.all of it.rokir a merekui er ngii; churrengelii; beluu el rokir a mong.
0.019skokin.airplane.skoki a suebek el diall.
0.019telemallv.r.s.broken; out of order; (relationship) strained.telemall a telerruud; mla metemall; tomall a klalo; melemall, temellel.
0.018akipro.we/us (nonemphatic, excludes listener).aki a kemam, ngak el uldimukl er a rubengkek, aki mlei ngak me a delak me a demak, aki merolung.
0.018belatongn.plate; dish; bowl.belatong a blil a kall; belatingel
0.018brakn.giant yellow swamp taro.brak a dellomel el kall el meklou er a dait, brekengel. A brak a dellomel; ng di ua a teletelel a bisech ng di kuk meklou. Ng kall.
0.018dialln.ship.diall a meklou el mlai er a daob el oltak a rechad me a uleklool; diall er a mekemad, diall er a usaso, dillel.
0.018duubechv.i.(plant) grow; start; originate; happen.duubech a beches el mo er ngii; dellomel a mla duubech.
0.018kboubn.wall.kboub a kbokb; sersel a rrengodel el meliuekl, kibekbii, kiboub, kboub er a blai, kbekbel.
0.018klekedelleln.poss.3sorgan or part of body; equipment; parts; attachment (to machine, etc.); tools; materials; ingredients; rigging (of boat).klekedellel a klekedall er ngii.
0.018klungioleln.poss.3sbenefit; goodness; beauty; quality.klungiolel a klungiaol er ngii; ungil el kirel. (nonemphatic, plural).
0.018medechelv.s.(thing) left aside or behind; remaining; left over; in storage.medechel a mechei; diak el nglai; kingall a nglai e a tebel a medechel.
0.018melechangv.t.put (into particular position); take (to particular place).melechang a lochang; ngmai el mechei; loiang, lechengel.
0.018ngaisn.egg; testicles.ngais a uchelel a klengar; ngisel a malk a mo malk; ngisel a uel a omeu el uel.
0.018olsechalln.the proper place for something; place for keeping valuables (e.g. strong box, cabinet, tabernacle, etc).olsechall a olsechelel; Olbiil er a Kelulau a olsechall er a tbil a llach; a skuul a olsechall er a omesuub.
0.018osengeln.poss.3svision; sight; view.osengel a ues er ngii; omes.
0.018teruichnum.10 [ten] (unit of time; human).teruich a ochur (10), teruich el buil; teruich el klebesei, teruich el ekebil. collected for a new widow.diall a udoud el dillel a mad el redil el mesobil; melecha a diall, rukdemaol a mesuk a diall. Udoud e mo otobedall a le medei a mechas el diak el bechiil.
0.017belualn.poss.3scountry; village; place; territory; property; land; ace (in cards).
0.017ngeasekv.s.young (usually referring to person); teen-aged.ngeasek a kekerei; merengur el dellomel; ngeasek el chad a mesisiich e mellomes; ngeasek el babii ungil el kall.; world; generation; era; period of time.
0.017besuln.poss.3ssituation; circumstances; position; affairs.besul a urrebetellel; ta besul el omeruul, ungil besul a omerael, techerelbesud er a ralm.
0.017bkuln.poss.3sits corner; angle; joint; node.bkul a ongemulel a chim me a uach; bkul a uach, bkul a chim, bkul a beluu.
0.017boesn.gun; blowgun.boes a klekedall el omoes,mosii a ngikel, moes a belochel, bosel.
0.017chelecholn.beach; sand.chelechol a chetemel a kederang el becheleleu.
0.017deeln.nail; spike; any kind of steel or iron.deel a klekedall er a omeleel;deel a meleel; orreked e oldak a kerrekar, delel. together.dmak a uldak; te uldak er a chimo el blai, te dmak el kiei; te dmak el skuul, chachelechel, kaukledem.
0.017eimnum.5 [five] (unit of time).
0.017klesv.r.s.(coconut or taro) grated or scraped.kles a mla mekes; lius a kles; menges, kosir, kmes a lius, kesil.
0.017llechuln.poss.3sshadow; reflection.
0.017mellomesv.s.light; smart; intelligent.mellomes a cheos; diak le klebesei; llomes, llemesel a olbidel.
0.017merikeln.America.Merikel a beluu el America; mesuub a tekoi er a Merikel.; learn; imitate; copy.mesuub a melasem el mo meduch; suebii a chelitakl; suub a tekoi er a belual, subel.; fool around; relax; celebrate.milil a diak el ourreor; merau a merael el milil a beluu; rebuik a milil er a tebetab.
0.017mliln.poss.3scanoe; car; automobile; transportation.mlil a mlai er ngii el chad.; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.
0.017ngiseln.poss.3segg; testicles.ngisel a ngais er ngii. a olechotel a kliangel me a deurreng; meloik, diak el ua ngloik er a bai; nglikel.
0.017omekoadv.t.kill; extinguish; put out.omekoad a ngmai klengar; okngemed a telil a chad, mekoad a reng, mekodir a babii; okodil.
0.017tkuln.poss.3sedge.tkul a ulebongel; tkul a daob; tkul a rael; tkul a mekesokes.
0.017ulkeln.poss.3sback (of body).ulkel a ulk er ngii; kulukel a ulkel.
0.017deeln.state of overflowing or being too much (used only in certain fixed expressions).; be aware of; feel (oneself) (becoming...); notice (something); realize; perceive.melechesuar a omelechesiu er ngii; ngar ngii er a bedengel; melchesuar a ringel er a ulul. (just) finishing; at last; finally.
0.016beabn.rodent; rat; mouse.beab a ta er a bedengel a melekesako el charm; omuchel a rakd e dirrek el menga dellomel.
0.016berasn.rice.rrodel beras a kall el ongraol.
0.016bobain.papaya tree (including fruit).bobai a chebingel, ta er a bedengel a dellomel el kall a rdechel, bobongel. a ongasireng el tekoi; merael el tekoi, "chad a milengchii a bilis" a chais; chisel a desiu, chisel mekomad.
0.016chiuln.poss.3shair.chiul a chui er ngii el dil; kerisebsub a chiul.
0.016chochoiinterj.yes.chochoi a kengei, chochoi ng ungil besul, choi ng uaisei.
0.016dekooln.a.s.cigarrette; tobacco.dekool a ta er a bedengel a dellomel el chemachel. A dekool a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo klou. Ng di kmeed el mo ua a meklungel a diokang a lsekum ng kmal el mo meklou. Ng diak el kall. Ng di sebechir a remelamech a buuch el ousbech el mengeech.
0.016delulv.r.s.broiled; roasted; sunburned.delul a mla medul er a ngau.
0.016dibusv.s.absent; away from home; missing; lacking.dibus a diak le ngar tiang; mla merael; rureulngau; dibus er tiei, dibusei.
0.016kesain.insufficient quantity.kesai a sesei; mekesai; diak le betok, kesai el udoud.
0.016kimn.type of large clam; female a ta er a bedengel a cheled, ng ko er a teletelel a kikoi e ng di kuk klou.
0.016medakdv.s.t.fear; be afraid of.medakd a dakd; diak le bekeu, medakd a milkolk; deleb, dekdel. (person or thing); understand; memorize.medengelii a medengei; medengelii a telemall; melechesuar.
0.016melebesv.t.cut or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).melebes a dobesii; meluk; dortii a ungil el deleongel, duebes a besebes, debesel.
0.016melimv.t.drink.melim a omerkakl a ralm; soak el melim a mengur; ngilmii, nguim a rrom.
0.016meliueklv.t.go around; circle/revolve around; surround.meliuekl a ieuekl; iueklii; meliud; iliuekl er a rechad; iueklel. meliuekl a meliud; iueklii a kurangd, ieuekl, merael, remurt el mengaibibeob; iueklel.
0.016mengiltv.t.put oil on; grease; anoint.mengilt a locha chilt er a bedengel; chiltii a medal er a becheleleu; chemilt a bedengel er a cheluch; chiltel. to be bought.ocheraol a kirel el mochar; omechar a kall; skuul a ocheraol; ralm a ocheraol; mecherar, mechar, ocheral.
0.016rruulv.r.s.made; done; prepared; (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something); (person) born to or made for; (person) trained or conditioned (to do something).
0.016ruebetv.i.fall (from).ruebet a ngar er a bab e mei metilech er a eou; ruebet er a kerrekar.
0.016tedobechv.s.half-filled; crazy; irrational.tedobech a bita er a cherrungel; tedobech el bobai; tedebechel a ngikel; kekebelung el chad a tedobech.
0.016terungnum.two (of animal objects).terung a ochur (2) el mo er a rechad; teru el buik; ekebil a terung; teru el mechas; teru el chad.
0.016cheluchn.coconut oil; fuel (e.g. gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.); grease (from meat being cooked).cheluch a laok, cheluchul a lius, kerisil, mangtekang er a babii.
0.016meradelv.t.send or see (person) off; return; send back; bring (bride) to prospective husband's family.
0.016metikv.erg.strike with the fist; box with.metik a telik; mla tikir a medal; melik er ngii el chesimer. or mosquito net.
0.015chelellaklv.r.s.quieted; pacified; held or made steady; (person) quiet or unassuming.chelellakl a kellechakl; diak el odikel, diak a uldikel er a beluu; chelellakl a belual el budech.
0.015chemangn.large sea or mangrove crab; Samoan crab.chemang a meklou el charm el odoim el ua teletelel a rekung.
0.015chuodelv.s.(person; village; house) old.chuodel a kmal klou, betok el rak, chuodel el beluu, chuodel el chad.
0.015didn.bridge; ladder.did a omech a rael er a bita me a bitang; didil a omoachel.
0.015ekebiln.girl.ekebil a kekerei el dil.
0.015himbiokain.fair, exhibition (celebration with displays and games, a fair).
0.015kemangetv.s.tall; long (in time or dimension).kemanget a kekemanget; diak le kekedeb; kemangel. (emphatic, plural).kemiu a melekoi er a rurrenges; kemiu el rokui ng somiu a skuul?
0.015kerekiklv.s.careful; conscientious; cautious; responsible for.kerekikl a bekelatk; bekengerachel, mengedmokl a tekoi; kedung a kerekikl a rechad.
0.015kesusn.night; last night.kesus a klebesei er a uchei er chelechang me a chelechang el klebesei.
0.015klisiichn.strength; power; authority.klisiich a mesisiich; ulsemuul, meses, meduch, rengeasek a olab a klisiich.
0.015mekealdv.s. warm; hot.mekeald a kleald; diak le mekelekolt; mekeald el ralm; smecher a mekeald; ngar er ngii a kleldelel.
0.015mengelebedv.t.hit; strike; bat.mengelebed a cholebed; oldechelakl; cholebedii a chetelaol, chelebedel.; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.mes a omes; ng mla mes a betok el beluu; ues er a beluu, osengel a smecher.
0.015metengelv.i.descend; come/climb down; land.metengel a mei er eou; metengel er a mlai; oldengelengel er a ked; metengel er a lius; tengelel.
0.015olengitv.t.beg (for); ask (for); appeal to.olengit a melai el diak a cheral; ongit a udoud, kall; ongtir; "metara".
0.015ollumeln.covered pitcher or small well for holding drinking water.ollumel a blil a ilumel; omoachel el ilumel a lmel; olmelel, olmelek.
0.015orrekedv.caus.hold (oneself) onto; take hold of; attach (oneself) to; grasp; ask or convince (someone) to stay; keep; catch; arrest.orreked a olab, beldoel er a chimal, orreked a chetemel a okdemelel mekreos, orekedii, orkedel.
0.015ourengv.i.wish/hope for; have hopes about.oureng a ngar ngii a urrengulel; melebedebek, oureng er a soal, urrenguul.
0.015suchn.type of pandanus; leaf of pandanus.such a ta er a bedengel a ongor; llel a ongor a usbechall er a omengaus. a chad el omes e omkar a secher. a kekerei el ngalek; dirke mlechell el ngalek; tolchingel.
0.015uasechn.aged juice or gravy (from food). Other fluids. Broth.uasech a osechel a kall; uasech er a ngikel, osechel a odoim, osechel a klengoes el babii; urrekerk el uasech.
0.015usbecheln.poss.3shis/her/its use, purpose, or function (of something).usbechel a usbechall er ngii; belkul, ultutelel, bail er a kelekolt a diak a usbechel er a Belau.
0.014bngeln.poss.3shis/her/its trap (usually for fish).
0.014meremangv.i.come; arrive.meremang a merael mei; ngar er a omerolel el mei; dumiang er a dmuil.
0.014rakdn.sickness; disease.rakd a secher, kemkom a kdekudel el rakd; ourakd er a ngul, rekdel.
0.014berekedv.s.leaning/touching against; sticking/stuck to; have an intimate relationship with; be close to.bereked a omereked a eru el mo dmak, babier a bereked er a kboub, ngalek a bereked er a delal. merekedii, mereked, berekedel.
0.014bliongelv.r.s.divided; distributed; separated; separate.bliongel a blii; mla obii, bliongel er a kall, blingelel a udoud, rusel, bingel.
0.014btiln.poss.3sgenitals; anus; vagina; bottom (surface).btil a but er ngii; uriul, btil a lius, btil a chad. a chesols; kelloi, rebetii, derebechesiil, choiteklii, choitakl, mengitakl, chiteklel. a mekemanget el busech el di ngar er a bedul, kerisebsub el chui.
0.014debn.sugar cane.deb a merekos el dellomel el tuobed a sukal er ngii, debengel.
0.014ikreln.poss.3sarea/space outside.ikrel a iikr er ngii el blai.
0.014kedn.field; open; grassy (unforested) area.ked a chutem el diak a kerrekar er ngii, kedengel. A ked a dirrek e mekididai e ng di diak a meklou el kerrekar er ngii. Ng di chudel me a chitouch me a mekekerei el kerrekar a ngar er ngii. Se er a irechar e ng dimlak a omeluk el chutem me ng dimlak a omelalem el smengt. A chad a sebechel el ouchutem el mo tmurk er a ked, e se el ked a mocha oliochel er ngii me a ta er a chad.
0.014kemriln.poss.3stail.kemril a kemur er ngii; kemril a bilis "beluu er a Ngetbong a kemril a rrull".
0.014klemerangn.truth.klemerang a mera el tekoi; diak le blulak, kirel el medung a klemerang.
0.014klobakn.council of chiefs (usually containing 10 members).klobak a cheldellir a rubak; cheldellel a omerreder; klobak a kldibel el melib a kelulau.
0.014kngtiln.poss.3ssin; evil; bad result.kngtil a mekngit er ngii; chisingel a di mes a kngtil a tekoi, e mereched el mes a kngtil a chad.
0.014kodalln.death.kodall a mo diak a klengar er ngii; mo diak a telil; mad, kodellel.
0.014kongeiv.t.permit; allow; agree or consent to; admit (that one did something wrong); accept; go along with or obey (someone's words, command, etc.).kongei a nglai a kengei; mla kongei.; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).menguiu a omes; melelem; chemuiu a mederir; chuieuii a babier; chiuel.
0.014meoudv.s.late.meoud a eoud; diak le mereched; eudel a omerael; meudang.
0.014mesekedv.s.crowded; well-attended; filled; (clothing) too tight to put on.meseked a kosekodel; diak le medidai; sokedii a skuul, smeked a blai, sekedel.
0.014mesiln.machine; motor; engine.mesil a klalo el merasm a mamed; klekedall el usbechall er a meruul el klalo; mesil er a dengki; mesil el mesib; meselengel.; assist.olengengeseu a ongeseu; ourreor el obengkel; ngoseuir; ngoseu a urreor; msa ngeso.
0.014omerelleln.poss.3sbehavior; way of doing things; act; action.omerellel a omeruul er ngii el chad.
0.014omoacheln.river; stream.omoachel a diosech; diong, omoachel er a Ngerdorech; omochelel.
0.014ongraoln.starch; starchy food. [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].ongraol a renguul el kall; diokang me a brak, ongraol, ongulel.
0.014smauv.s.comfortable with; used/accustomed to.smau a uleksau; smau er ngii; mla mo blekerdelel; smau el meruul er ngii; soal el kiei e le ng smau er a beluu.
0.014telechulln.r.s.basket/bundle (of goods); goods exchanged as favor or obligation.
0.014ulekoadv.r.s.killed.ulekoad a uleldechelakl; okoad.
0.014mekiisv.erg.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).lok er a chesimer a mla mekiis er a kiis.
0.014ngeliokln.r.s.(ongraol) being cooked.ngeliokl a kall el mla mengiokl; mengiong; marek el ongraol; ngiokl a kukau; ngiiklel.; assist.ngosuir a olengeseu er ngii; msa ngeso.
0.013bechachauv.s.redup.empty.bechachau a diak a ngera er a chelsel, bechachau el ollumel, bechachau el chidib, bechachongel
0.013berrotelv.t.hide.berrotel a mla obart; mla mertii a udoud, bertel.
0.013betikv.erg.find.betik a ngar er a omeltkel; beltik el reng, betik er a rengul
0.013chetemeln.poss.3sland; earth; dirt; soil; mud.chetemel a chutem el kloklel ingii.
0.013dingaln.poss.3sear.dingal a ding er ngii el chad.
0.013edeinum.3 [three] (unit of time).edei a ochur (3), edei el klebesei, edei el rak, edei el buil.
0.013ileaklv.r.s.separated; separate; set apart; removed; disassociated; special.ileakl a mla meakl; diak luldak; meleakl, ileakl a beches er a mechut, ileklel.
0.013kemampro.we/us (emphatic, excludes listener).kemam a chad el melekoi me a rubengkel, kemam el rokui a mong.
0.013kesengiln.poss.3sat most; at least; a small quantity of something; a large quantity of something (said sarcastically or in astonishment).kesengil a klsai er ngii; kot er eou el ildois; ng soak a udoud el kesengil e ng $1,000.00.
0.013kldibelv.r.s.(persons) called together or assembled (typically for the purpose of a meeting or sermon).kldibel a klideb; cheldull; chelludel.
0.013klungeln.poss.3ssize; thickness.
0.013mekebudn.herring; sardine.mekebud a mekekerei el ngikel (herring); ungil el uaol er a omengereel.
0.013mengausv.t.sprinkle lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).mengaus a locha chaus er a chemachel; chousii a chemelel.
0.013metemallv.erg.break; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.metemall a metemellang; tomellii a telbiil a diak el lemelemii, tomall a mlai; temellel.
0.013milkolkv.s.dark; stupid.milkolk a sirukel; diak le mellomes; klebesei a milkolk; ilkelkel.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).ochotii a olecholt er ngii.
0.013oldingelv.t.visit.oldingel a mo duum; omes a rechad, odngelii, odingel a secher; odngelel.
0.013oldiuv.t.shout out; yell to. out.otebedii a oltobed er ngii.
0.013rasechn.blood.rasech a bekerekard el lmel a bdengel a outeliil; osechel a klengar; rasech a usbechall er a klengar; merserasech; rsechel.
0.013teliln.poss.3sbreath.telil a eolt el tmuu e tuobed el okil a isngel me a ngerel a chad me a charm; ngar el chad a outeliil; ulekoad a diak a telil. to be thought about or taken into consideration.udesuall a kirel el mudasu; mesiik a rolel el mo ungil; mdesuii a smecher; mdasu, smecher a udesuall a ukeruul er ngii.
0.013chetemeln.poss.3ssmear; act of smearing.chetemel a omengetoem er ngii, mengetoem er a medal er a chas.
0.013deleln.poss.3sabdomen; womb; stomach.delel a diil er ngii; medud a delel el chad.; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped.dmung a melekoi, "a le mei a Siang e ke dmung er ngii me ng choielak".
0.012earsn.sail; type of giant taro.ears a klalo el omuked a eolt e orrurt a bekall er a daob, ears a rruul er a mamed me a cheleuikl el such; resel a bos.
0.012irrain.village in south-east Babeldaob; most southern state in Babeldaob, south of Ngchesar; hamlet in that village; the state in which Ngiraked is chief.Irrai a Blias; beluu er a Babeldaob. Desbedall.
0.012sikangn.hour.sikang a olkael er a taem; eru el sikang; ngar ngii a lluich me a eua el sikang er a ta el sils.
0.012tilechangpro.that object far from speaker and near listener.tilechang a melekoi er a cheroid er ngii el mengedecheduch e kmeed er a orrenges; beskak tilicha el babier; tilecha el blai.
0.012adanginterj.Please; won't you?; it's true (isn't it?).adang a oterkeklel a kengei me a tekoi. adang ua isei? adang mekerang?
0.012becheleleuv.s.redup.white.becheleleu a chelleleu, becheleleu el mamed.
0.012bleketaklv.r.s.(made) clear/obvious; explained; clarified; visible; distinct; clearly audible.bleketakl a ungil el ulecholt; meketeklii, meketakl, bleketakl a tekoi, beketeklel.
0.012chelebuuln.poverty; misery; pitifulness.chelebuul a kerrior el duubech; metacherebesul, betok a ngesonges er ngii; chelebulel.
0.012chemachelv.a.s.(betel nut) is to be chewed; (tobacco) is to be smoked.chemachel a redil el ourrot er a blil el motobed er a ocheraolbai me a klomengelungel, oungerachel a udoud me a rokui el tekoi. a ta er a bedengel a charm el ua bilis e ng di kekerei.
0.012kebliiln.clan.kebliil a cheldellel a betok el telungalek el kauchad, kebliil er a Uudes, kleblil. A kebliil a klauchad el oltirakl er a rasech me a leua isei e a rengelekir a ruchad me a rudam me a renglekir a rengelekir tirkaikid a uldimukl er a keblii.
A ngklel a kebliil a bo dosiik er ngii e ng oltirakl er a ngklel a uchelel a omesolel a blai. Tia se er a kmal irechar e a rechad er a Belau a milrael a beluu. A lsekum a ongalek a kiliei er ta er a beluu e melkl el mo er a ta er a beluu el kuk mo melibech er a beches el delengecheklir e se el chutem el bo el kiei er ngii a
0.012kedungv.s.well behaved; virtuous; law-abiding.kedung a kldung; diak el dengerenger; kedung e beruadel el omudech; ungil a blekerdelel el chad; kedung a mengedmokl a tekoi er a buai me a blai.
0.012kerreelv.r.s.rolled; (fish) caught with line.kerreel a suld el mla mekereel; kerrelel. a omduu, omtar, rurt, omilil, klaiberebart a klekool, omeloik, outumetum, ouiakiu a klekool.
0.012llomesn.daylight; brightness; intelligence.llomes a didiich el omekllomes; llemesel a sils me a buil.
0.012lmangelv.i.cry; (cat; dog) whine; howl.lmangel a langel, mekngit a rengul a lmangel, longelang, longelii, lengelel a ngalek.
0.012luutv.i.return.luut a mong e lmuut el mei.
0.012medirtv.s.dry.medirt a medidirt; diak el dekimes.
0.012mekesokesv.erg.catch (fish) with (long) net; lurk around environs of house; block (e.g., road, entrance, etc.); surround.mekesokes a kosokes; ngmai a betok el ngikel er kesokes; kosekesii, kesekesel.
0.012meketeketv.erg.get delayed; spend a protracted period of time.meketeket a klteket; mla memong; tekoi er a meketeketang, klteketel. a meruul er a ngloik; oukarkimenai; oumatmatong; nglikel.
0.012mesaikv.s.lazy.mesaik a kesibor; diak le meses el ourreor a mesaik; mesaik a diak a sersel me ng songerenger.
0.012miichn.tropical almond (tree; nut or meat inside nut).miich a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel; michel. A miich a dellomel; ng kmal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng kmeed el ua a keam. A redechel a mekekerei el di ua a meklungel a redechel a titimel. Kede ometech e melai a techel le ng kall.
0.012ngeiulv.t.bring; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.
0.012ongelngeleln.poss.3sshoulder; pole for shoulder carrying.ongelngelel a ongelungel er ngii.
0.012rodechn.fruit; seed pod. made mangrove channel.taoch a rolel a mlai, brer, mlai a merael er a taoch; tochel. A taoch a oumesingd el uriur er a omoachel me ng ko er a omoachel el merael er a chelsel a keburs. E ng di meklou e dmolech me ng sebechel a bilas me a mlai el merael er ngii. Me aika el taoch a mo er a beluu el ngar er ngii a delengchokl er ngii me a kuk bebil a di mo er a klechutem el mla er ngii a delengchokl er ngii er a irechar.
0.012telbiiln.r.s.oath; promise; plan; decision.telib a rruul; mla metib; llach a telib er a Olbiil Er a Kelulau; tibir a omenged, tuib a urreor, melib, tbil a urrereel a ungil el buai.
0.012tetn.bag for holding betel nut; handbag; small woven basket.tet a blil a klalo; tet er a chemachel, udoud, outet, til.
0.012tuangeln.entrance; door.tuangel a siseball er a blai; tungelel.
0.012ucheleln.poss.3sbeginning; start; origin; ancestors.uchelel a uchul er ngii; ulemechell; uchelel a rael, uchelel a urreor.
0.012chemacheln.titled persons in a village (usually, ten in number).
0.012chiuln.poisonous centipede.chiul a kekerei el charm el meringel a bengchel; betok a ochil.
0.012chiuln.kind of grass which produces stickers.chiul a emull er a mekesokes.
0.012mekesokesn.environs of house; yard.mekesokes a mekesong; chutem el meliuekl er a blai; mekesekesel.; filter; get at the truth of (some matter).miich a omiich; imakl a ungil er a mekngit; kerrekeriil a miich a klemerang; miich a cheluch; bichel.
0.011marekv.s.ripe; ready to eat; cooked; be in a half standing position (with legs bent) when dancing.marek a ngeliokl; diak lechemadech; marek el kukau, marek el bobai, tuu; rekel.
0.011mouesv.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.moues a ules; mes; mesang, smecher a mla moues er a toktang, osengel; moues a ules; ius a mla moues er a taoch; miles er a medal; milsang.
0.011ngerecheleln.poss.3sduty; responsibility.ngerechelel a ngerachel er ngii; oungerachel; ngalek a ngerechelel a chedam me a chedil.
0.011obereodv.s.heavy; (matter) difficult/hard to deal with.obereod a oberaod.
0.011telemelleln.poss.3scrime; destructive deed; violation (of custom, etc.); responsibility or fault for something broken, etc.telemellel a ngii a tilemall.
0.011ulebongeln.forever; end; completion.
0.011barn.blanket; a klekedall er a cheliuaiu, blangket; balbelau a bar, berul.
0.011bekiklv.s.worried; insecure.bekikl a suebek a rengul; sebekreng, bekikl er a smecher.
0.011belsecheln.poss.3s(the) time (for an event; when something happens).belsechel a temel; belsechel a ocheraol, belsechel a riid, belsechel a blengur.
0.011belseln.poss.3spunishment; fine; fee.
0.011blauangn.bread.blauang a kall el lruul er a merikengko
0.011bokson.elephant grass (used as animal feed).bokso a ta er a bedengel a chudel el kelel a kerbou.
0.011chadon.roof.chado a chedouel a blai, chodeuii a bai, chemado a blai.
0.011chebechiiln.marriage.chebechiil a sechal me a dil el dmak, talechad, teru el kaubuch.
0.011chebirukelv.s.crooked; bent; (limbs) deformed.chebirukel a diak le melemalt, mengebirukel, chebirukel el rael; choibirekelii, chebirkelel.
0.011chebuulv.s.poor; pitiful; miserable; of low family; unfortunate; pitiable.chebuul a olengesonges a lousbech; kesai a kelel me a ududel, diak a ngera er ngii; chelebulel, diak a mekerreuir.
0.011cheldukln.r.s.jetty; stone wall; mound or platform of stones on which bai is built.cheldukl a chelades er a bad; a odesongel a cheldukl; rael a cheldukl; mla mechades.
0.011chelebachebn.rock island; promontory.chelebacheb a mekekerei el iungs; Ngerechong me a Ngemelis a chelebacheb, chelebechebel.
0.011demuln.dolphin; porpoise.demul a ta er a bedengel a ngikel.
0.011dolechn.depth; tide.dolech a delechel a ralm me a daob, klou a dolech; keriik, dmolech a chei, delechel.
0.011ekiln.thick braided rope.ekil a klou el blubeu el besebes; ekil a ouak, okul a mlai me a bilas, eklil.
0.011emulln.weeds.emull a chudel, mekesokes a di emull er rokir, emellel.
0.011etiunum.9 [nine] (unit of time).etiu a ochur (9), etiu el buil, etiu el klebesei, mla mo etiu el rak el kuurreor.
0.011imiitv.i.miss; fail to hit; pass by or over; go from one state to another.imiit a iit, diak el taut; imiit er a delenguchel, ometech e imiit, omurech e imiit, ietel, iit er ngii.
0.011kedebv.s.short (esp. compared with someon/something else).kedeb a kekedeb; diak le kekemanget, diak le metongakl; kedeb el oluches.
0.011kemeldiiln.funeral.kemeldiil a oba ulekoad el chad el mo lmuut er a omelakl.
0.011kldmoklv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kldmokl a mla mekedmokl; rruul el kmal ungil; kudmeklii a ngalek, kudmokl a kall, remuul.
0.011klechedaoln.invited guest; group of travellers; tour group.klechedaol a beluu me a rechedal el mokedong; mekemedaol, Beliliou a mle klechedolel a Ngeraard.
0.011mededaesv.s. (person, room, etc.) unoccupied; idle; available.mededaes a diak lemechesang; dedaes, deledesel.
0.011melatkv.t.remember; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.melatk a omdasu; lotkii, lmatk, ngar er a skoki e melatk er a Belau, ltkel.
0.011melechetv.t.tie; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.melechet a lochetii; sourii, mla lmechet a sualo; lechetel.
0.011melemiaklv.t.climb on.melemiakl a ngmasech; ngomiakl a buuch; ngimiklii a lius, ngimeklel.
0.011mengodechv.erg.change; make (something) different.
0.011merrobv.t.turn (person) face down; turn (object) top down; stop; halt; adjourn (meeting); cancel.merrob a omechebecheb; merrob a belatong; torob a olekng; terbengel. merrob a omosech; merrob a ngeul a uel el telkib; torebengii a urreor; torob a bekall er a daob; terbengel.
0.011mesumechv.t.spread out (blanket; clothing; etc.); send (message); massage (body); set/readjust (bones); restore.mesumech a suumech a meringel, sumechii a chelam el chim; smechel a ringel.
0.011metiturv.s.t.not know how to; be incapable of; cannot (do something).metitur a diak le meduch; metitur el meloik; telitur er a urreor; metitur er a odekial a reng; telitur.
0.011ngerechelongn.village in north Babeldaob; the Northern most state on Babeldaob; the state in which Uong er Etei is chief.Ngerechelong a beluu er a diluches er a Babeldaob; oubeluu er a keiukl me a desbedall; Mengellakl a ordemelel.
0.011oldakv.caus.put or add together; unify; join; include.oldak a odak; mo dmak, odekiar; oldak a reng, odekial.
0.011omaisv.t.blunt (knife).
0.011omartv.t.hide.omart a ocheuekl; remuul el mo diak le moues, mertii, mart a kelel, bertel.
0.011ouedikelv.i.move around; make someone active; overstimulate; make someone run around in a rush.ouedikel a diak le chelellakl, ouedikel a ourreor el kirel a blil; ouedikel el soal ungil el delengchokl.
0.011rebekmod.each or every (referring to human beings only).rebek a melekoi er a toklechad; rebek el chad, rebek el ngalek, rebeluu, rebebil. crab.rekung a charm el mekekerei er a chemang; kakum. A rekung a charm; a ta er a ngklel a rekung a kakum. Ng mekekerei el ua a meklungel a kesako. Ng eaiuong a kekemengel e eruong a techetechel. Ng sebechel el kie er a beluu e ng di ng omechell er a daob. Ng kall.
0.011remeiv.i.go or come home.remei a lmuut el mo er a blil; remei er a blirir.
0.011rromn.alcoholic drink.rrom a ta er a bedengel a ilumel el mengetelaol; rrom a omolim e ng chotelolau; ongetelaol el ilumel.
0.011sekedn.crowd.seked a meseked; diak le medidai; seked er a beluu er a Oreor, sokedii, smeked a chutem, sekedel.
0.011semeriarv.s.anxious to see or do (something); interested in (something); excited about (something).semeriar a sisiangel a rengul; kmal sokol; semeriar el meloik; semeriar er a klechedaol.
0.011songerengerv.s.hungry.songerenger a bechachau a delebekul; soal el omengur; diak el medinges; sengerengerel.
0.011telaelnum.1000 [one thousand] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).telael a ochur 1,000; ta el telael el chad.
0.011tmuuv.i.enter.tmuu a soiseb; tmuu er a blai; otungii er a chelsel; otuu, otungel. (for); ask (for); appeal to.ulengit a mla mongit; mla ongtir a udoud; ongit a kall, ongtil.
0.011ulterekoklv.r.s.entrusted to someone; given for safekeeping; (specific time) set; sincere, real; genuine; really; surely; for sure; definitely.ulterekokl a mla moterekokl; ultebechel el kmal ngii; mloterekokl el mengkar a chutem; oterekeklii a omerolel, oterekokl a okelel a babii er ngii; ulterekeklel.
0.011ultuteleln.importance; significance; function; meaning; purpose; reason; value.ultutelel a usbechall er ngii; ngar ngii a belkul, usbechel; skuul ngar er ngii a ultutelel.?
0.011omaisv.t.wander; walk around; go back and forth; travel frequently.omais a blechoel el merael; meses el omais a obliil, bais, bisel.
0.011omesodeln.poss.3sexplanation.omesodel a omesaod er ngii, mesaod er a urreor; omesodel a mlil a klechedaol.
0.01born.ball (in baseball).bor a bduu el imiit er a kerbai.
0.01mekelekoltv.s.cold, cool.mekelekolt a kelekolt; diak le mekeald; kolekeltii a blai, kolekolt a kall, mengelekolt, kelkeltel.
0.01obesv.t.forget.obes a bles; diak el latk; ak mla obes er a tik, bes, besbes.
0.01rekdel a buldexpr.infection, or other sickness or irregularity, of the skin.
0.01bulisn.police; policeman.bulis a chad el oltaut a llach e mengkar er a buai.
0.01chelechadn.association; political party.
0.01chelechedaln.poss.3strunk (of tree; plant; etc.); torso; basic part or principle of.chelechedal a chelechad er ngii.
0.01cheraln.poss.3sprice; cost; amount of money for purchase.cheral a char er ngii, cheral a mlai.
0.01chetengaklv.s.praiseworthy; showing honor (towards).chetengakl a ungil el kirel a chad; odanges; chotengii, "ulekoad er a chetengakl"; chemat er ngii, chetengel.
0.01ilaotn.coconut syrup (made by boiling chemadech = coconut sap); nectar; any sweet liquid.ilaot a chemadech er a lius el mesengoes el mo smiich; ilotel a lius, ilaot a merkos.
0.01kebesengein.evening; this evening.kebesengei a mocha klebesei; milkelkang.
0.01kebursn.mangrove swamp.keburs a okebong; oreomel er a delongelel a chutem me a daob. A keburs se el ngar er ngii a kebokeb me a demetaoch me a taoch me a lalou e ngelengelotel a dorael er ngii e ngar er ngii a bek el bedengel a kerrekar e diak el sebechel el dubech er aike el diak a daob er ngii.
0.01kederangn.beach.kederang a tkul a daob er a chelechol; rriil, chelechol.
0.01kelebusn.jail, prison.kelebus a olsechall er a obals er a telmellel; kelebsengel.
0.01medemedemekv.s.soft; tender; gentle; quiet.medemedemek a delemedemek diak elmedecherecher, demok a medemedemek; delemedemekel.
0.01meduun.breadfruit.meduu a kerrekar el kall a rdechel.
0.01mekreosv.s.hoarded; precious; dear; valuable.mekreos a mengreos; olekemekem; diak el mimokl el merous; kiresii a chutem; kireos a kall, keresel.
0.01melobechv.t.chop down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.melobech a dobechii; dobesii; duobech, melobech a ngikel, kerrekar; debechel.
0.01merousv.t.divide up; distribute.merous a omii; rousii a babii; remous a beras, rusel a kall.
0.01meteetv.s.of high family; rich/wealth (i.e.; having a large amount of Palauan money); possessing a lot of (money, food, etc.); abundant in (resources); (family, etc.) characteristically wealthy in; well-to-do; affluent.meteet a ngar bab e kebkall; ldid me a Udes a meteet el blai; meteet a lemedai me ngii a di meteet, iltetel. a olechotel a chad me a klalo me a beluu; Oreor a ngakl, Dilbung a ngakl, kerrekar a ngakl; ngklel.
0.01ngebardn.west; west wind; (non-indigenous) pineapple.ngebard a meklou el beluu el diak el iungs; chad er a ngebard; klalo er a ngebard.
0.01ngerirv.s.(eyes) looking sideways.ngerir a olengerir; ngerir a osengel.
0.01ngesongesv.s.insufficient; not enough.ngesonges a olengesonges; kesai, ududek a ngesonges er kemam me a siotai me a ocheraol; diak lungil besul; ngelsengesel.
0.01ngukedn.fine; reward; prize.nguked a omeksaul el lolai a mo kot me a rullii a ungil; ngkedel. or add together; unify; join; include.odak a oldak; mo dmak, odekiar; odak a 2 er a 3 el mo 5, odekial.
0.01oluchesn.pencil; pen.oluches a klekedall el meluches, olechesel.
0.01omechellv.t.give birth to; assist (woman) in delivery.omechell a cheroll, mechell el betok a rengelekel, mechellii a tolechoi, cherellel.
0.01omeroleln.poss.3stravelling; trip; journey; process; group of travellers; parade; procession.omerolel a omerael er ngii; merael.
0.01omtokv.caus.oppose; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).omtok a ultok; diak le kengei; mtok a llach, utekengel a llach a mengebuul er a beluu, mtekengii a ringeldaob.
0.01ongosn.east; east wind.ongos a ta er a euang el uchul a eolt; desbedall a ongos er a Babeldaob.
0.01oruikln.basket (typically woven with care).oruikl a sualo; chelaus el dui.
0.01osecheln.poss.3saged juice or gravy (from food). Other fluids. Broth.osechel a uasech er ngii.
0.01oumesingdpro.mostly.oumesingd a smingd; betok er ngii; oumesingd el ududel a nguemed er a rrom.
0.01rekdeln.sickness; disease.rekdel a secherel; meringel el rakd.; listen to; obey.remenges a orrenges; oderengesel a tekoi; remenges a derremkel a mlai; remenges e mo medengei.
0.01sechereln.poss.3ssickness; illness; disease.
0.01serseln.poss.3sgarden; farm; fence.
0.01tabesulv.s.consistent; fitting same pattern.tabesul a osisiu; tabesul a blingelel a udoud, tabesul el omeruul; sngoselild.
0.01teletaeln.manner; style; form; method; approach (to something); action; behavior; event; appearance; circumstances; situation.teletael a blekeradel; ulekdubs el omeruul; teletael er a delengchokl a mla mengodech, teletelel.
0.01uldimuklv.s.including (someone; something).uldimukl a uldekdak; delengchokl er a Belau a uldimukl a rechad er a kmal betok el beluu.
0.01ululn.poss.3schest (of human being).ulul a klekedall er a chad; ulul a bebul a diil e eou er a cheiukl to be shot with a slingshot.belochel a kirel el obalech; belechall, melechii, omalech, malech, belechel.
0.01bileln.poss.3sarticle of clothing; clothes; wrapping material.bilel a bail el ngii a ouklalo er ngii.
0.01chedilinterj.Uh-Oh! (exclamation uttered when accident occurs). Alas!.chedil a okedongel a ngalek el mo er a delal, chedil a kubengkem.
0.01chediln.poss.3slow tide.
0.01omecharv.caus.fill (container) with liquid.omechar a locha er a chelsel; smuk a ralm; mechar a ollumel er a ralm, ocherul a olmelel.; any storage place for money; safe; strongbox.bangk a omsangel er a udoud.
0.009dulangv.inch.begin to say.dulang a mla dmung; melekoi; ngera el tekoi a diak ke dulang e!!
0.009engelaklv.t.pass by/over/through.engelakl a merael el imiu; diak el be ltab, mla engelakl er a skuul; diak el tuchakl.
0.009melebedebekv.t.think or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.melebedebek a melatk; omdasu; dobedebekii; dobedebek a mla omilil er tir, debedebekel.
0.009ochedaln.poss.3sopposite sex sibling.ochedal a ochad er ngii. ochedecheraol ochedecheraol a okedecheraol; kirel el mo dechor; skuul a ochedecheraol.
0.009olsisechaklv.t.teach (particular subject) to; teach/instruct (person) in; set example for; train (animal).olsisechakl a olecholt; osisechakl, mengedereder; osisecheklii a ngalek; osisecheklel.
0.009omeuv.t.break or crack; hatch.omeu a omuu, mengii a ngais, meu a belatong, omeu a lius, bengel.
0.009ongerungnum.2 [second] (ordinal).ongerung a ochur (2), Ongeru el buil, Ongeru el urreor, ongeru el ngalek.
0.009orrechedv.caus.hurry or rush (someone).orreched a diak lokokil; mereched el merael; diak le meoud; orreched er a dolech, orechedii el mong, orchedel.
0.009ouakn.anchor chain or rope; anything used for fastening; handle; pull or guide string for kite.
0.009babeldaobn.Largest island of Palau; literally; upper sea.Babeldaob a ochallechutem er a Belau. Melekeok a beluu er a Babeldaob.
0.009bechiilv.s.married.bechiil a ngar ngii a bechil. a bengungau; bekerkard el mamed.
0.009bekerurtv.s.good in running; fast; prone to going around looking for girls.bekerurt a mereched e mesisiich el remurt; rurt, rretel, rurtii.
0.009belsiichn.poi; pounded taro.belsiich a rrusech el ongraol; belsiich el kukau, belsiich el diokang, belsichel.
0.009beruadelv.s.positive, happy, optimistic (person).beruadel a chad el kladikm el chad e diak le ues a kngtil a tekoi, melemalt a rengul, uldeu a rengul me ng di oldanges e meruul a ungil
0.009blekerdeleln.poss.3smanner; condition; character; personality; behavior; experience; method; style.
0.009bubn.trap (usually for fish).bub a klekedall er a omenged; omub a ngikel, chemang; bub a mengesimer a ngikel me a chemang, omub, bngel,.
0.009chematv.t.praise; admire.chemat a oldanges; melekoi a klungiolel a chad; chemat a tekoi.
0.009chemoltv.s.well-known; known for something.chemolt a diak le berrotel; kebekuul er a Belau a chemolt.
0.009chesemeln.poss.3sfacial hair; beard; moustache.
0.009delebesv.r.s.cut; snipped.delebes a mla medebes; teluk; delebokl, teluk a ochil, dobesii, duebes, debesel.
0.009delengchekleln.poss.3sliving conditions; way of life; settlement; residence.
0.009deleongeln.relationship (between people).deleongel a deleuill; Belau me a Merikel a kmal moiuai a deleongel er tir; ungil el deleongel er a klausechelei.
0.009dengerengerv.s.bad; evil; naughty;mischievous.dengerenger a delengerenger; oleiit a llach; meruul a mekngit; dengerngerel a beluu.
0.009dicheln.poss.3sray (of light).dichel a diich er ngii; dichel a sils.
0.009diollv.s.pregnant.dioll a ngar er ngii a ngalek er a delel; kldiull, bechik a dioll.
0.009dubn.bomb; dynamite; tree in Legume family whose leaves and roots are used as poison to catch fish; vine in Legume family (whose roots are used as poison to catch fish).dub a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el omekodall, dub a ngar ngii a rrsachel me a techetachel.
0.009kadekmeln.poss.3sright hand/arm; right side.kadekmel a kadikm er ngii; morael er a kadekmel a rael; klisichel a chim a kadikm.
0.009kereboun.cow; carabao; water-buffalo; beef; corned beef.kerbou a meklou el charm er a beluu el meklou er a babii, kmal ungil el odoim a techel. A kerebou a charm; ng kloa a ochil e kemanget a kemril. Ng mo meklou el charm el kuk meklou er a babii. Ng kall.
0.009klaidesacheln.race; competition.klaidesachel a kaidesachel; kaiuechit er a mo ruchei, klaidesachel er a chert; klaiudiais er a chert; klaidesachel a di du el olengeriakl. Klekakemeai ma lechub e ng klaiuerebet.
0.009klakoadn.fight; brawl; battle.klakoad a klaodechelakl; di du el okoad; ruchemoll a kakoad, oldechelakl; klakodil.
0.009klealdn.heat.kleald a mla mekeald; ralm a kleald, klengoes a kleald, kmeldii, koeald, kmeald, diak le mekelekolt; keldel.
0.009kmesv.s.(clothes, etc.) tight; (rope, etc.) taut; (relationship) close.kmes a diak el mimokl; diak le medidai; kmes a bilel, okes, kmes el oeacher; kesengel.
0.009lluichnum.20 [twenty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).lluich a ochur (20), lluich el klebesei, lluich el ngalek. (someone) in the face; slap (face).mar a omar; mengelebed; mengesuar, mar a mederir, merengii, berengel.
0.009measn.rabbit fish.meas a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; "usangi".
0.009mekedmoklv.erg.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.
0.009mekekadv.s.redup.itchy; promiscuous; horny.
0.009melengetv.t.offer or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.melenget a ngmai a soal el msa chedul; tonget a udoud el mo er a chelid; tengetengel; melenget a chosmerii; tongetengii; tonget a rael, telenget, tengetengel.
0.009meluchelv.t.carry on the head; fold (hands) on the head; hit against; bump head against; push against and knock down; reach; hold (title); exchange favors; carry out an obligation (especially, to give food or services to one's relatives); be responsible for.meluchel a telechull; klalo a kldoel er a bdelul; tmuchel a kall, tuchelii, techelel.
0.009melukv.t.cut according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure.meluk a tukur; tmuk a bambuu; meluk a ngikel; tkul a bambuu.
0.009melutkv.t.point at; pick (fruit, etc.) with pole; appoint; assign; allocate (land, goods, etc.).melutk a oba chimal bedul a chad, klalo; tutkii a demal, tetkel
0.009mengiisv.t.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).mengiis a kiesii; kmiis a chutem el oba osib; kliis, kisel a chutem; mengiis a melai a chesimer el oba kiis; kiesii, kmiis; kisel a chesimer. (i.e.; having large financial resources).merau a betok a ududel.
0.009ngchesarn.village in east Babeldaob; hamlet in Ngchesar, south of Melekeok, north of Airai; the state in which Ngirakebou is chief.Ngchesar a chimo er a beluu er a Babeldaob el beluu er a Desbedall; Oldiais.
0.009ngern.answer (to question).nger a onger er a ker; oingera a klileakl er a Belau? nger a kmo, ng kot el kebesengil a Ongeteruich el buil. a blil a urreor.
0.009olbideln.lantern; any source of light in house (including electricity).olbidel a klekedall el omekard; omekllomes; olbdelel.
0.009oldubechv.caus.push (in any direction).oldubech a odbechii; odubech el mo er uchei; oldubech er a mlai, odbechel.
0.009olengullv.i.take things easy; do things leisurely; rest; relax.olengull a torebengii a urreor; ongellii, ongull a bedengel; ulengellel er a skuul.
0.009oltautv.t.aim (spear; gun; etc.) at; enforce (law); light (fire); start (particular job); hook (one vehicle to another; etc.); stick to/stay with apply (skill); put (skill) to use; support.oltaut a omuchel; otutii a urreor; otaut a ngau, otutel.
0.009omechv.t.connect; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.omech a odak erung el mo tang, omech a mamed, udoud a mech ocheraol, did a omech a beluu.
0.009omudechv.t.bind (coconut fronds) into sheaves; pacify (relationship between people; villages; etc.).omudech a meruul a budech, oldak a rengrir a rechad; dachelbai el merreder a omudech a deleongel, mdechii a beluu, bdechel. omudech a oldak; odak a betok el dui e mudech el mo ta el bludech; omudech a dui; bdechel.
0.009omurechv.t.spear; pierce.omurech a oba biskang, mrechii a ngikel; mengaidechedang el omurech; murech a ngikel.
0.009ongasirengv.s.surprising; astonishing.ongasireng a mengasireng; omal a reng, ongasireng a omerael er a buil.
0.009ongedeinum.3 [third] (ordinal).ongedei a ochur , Ongedei el urreor, Ongedei el buil, ongedei el skuul.
0.009orrebetv.t.drop; let (something) fall; drop/remove (person; name) from list.orrebet a orebet; omidokl er eou; orrebet a lius, orebetel. out.otobed a oltobed; otobedii a ngelekel er a skuul, otobed a udoud, otebedel.
0.009racheln.branch; bough; branch of government.rachel a oltekau a llel a kerrekar; rechelel a titimel; rechel a uldeod er a chelechedal a kerrekar.
0.009remiidv.i.get lost; wander off; leave; go astray.remiid a mla mo dibus; riiedang, merael mo cheroid, mla remiid a udoud, oridii, oriid, rureulngau.
0.009rurtn.running; race.rurt a remurt; diak lorael, kolekel; klaidesachel er a rurt, rurtii, rretel.
0.009sauln.tiredness; trouble; thanks; gratitude.saul a mesaul; mesengird er a urreor; olengoech a bedengel; mesaul a rengul, mesaul a bedengel; mad er a saul; saul a ungil el omeruul; mesaul, mesulang; omereng el saul, sulel.
0.009sei kidexpr.there it is; that thing over there.
0.009seseiv.s.a few; a little; some; not enough.sesei a diak le betok; di kesai; sesei el udoud; sesei el kall. a blil a oteruul. open (dam; earth; etc.); open passageway/drain in; gather (large taro) (by breaking earth around base); hit or strike against.subechii a mesubech er ngii; nguu er a chutem; subechii a brak; subechii a rolel a ralm. (particular distance) [typically playful jumping such as children jumping around for fun].suchesokl a melechesokl; merdekekl.
0.009toacheln.area of deep water; passage.toachel a dmolech el chei el oumellemau; Toachelmid.
0.009uaoln.bait.uaol a klalo me a kall el olechau e olengibes; uaol a omaol a ngikel; urreor a uaol er a udoud; olel.
0.009ultutaklv.r.s.told on; accused.ultutakl a mla motutakl; merechorech a ultutakl; ulecholt a recherechel er a bulis; ultuteklel a ngar a omiochel.
0.009bangkv.s.(tire) flat/punctured.bangk a mo diak a eolt er ngii; ochil a mlai a mla bangk. or scrape (usually, coconut, sometimes, taro).kmes a menges, kmes a lius, kesil a ius. kmes a menges; meruul a kelel a klechedaol; kosir a kelel a cheldebechellek.
0.009subechiiv.i.touch or hit (against).subechii a tmurk er ngii; mngii er ngii, bduu a mla subechii er a bdelul.
0.008bangderangn.flag; banner.bangderang olangch er a beluu, me a cheldebechel; Belau a oubangderang.
0.008chuseln.poss.3slime for betel nut.chusel a chaus er ngii.
0.008euangnum.4 [four] (unit of time). a derromel; diak le ketom, kedorem el kamang, kedorem el oles a ungil el melebes.
0.008mechereiv.t.leave around; leave alone; let.mecherei a diak lolai er ngii; kmedii; mecherei a ngelekel e merael.
0.008merolangv.inch.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.merolang a tobeda el merael; skoki a merolang.
0.008merritelv.t.hunt; investigate; check out carefully; appraise; evaluate; monitor; find out.
0.008omekangv.t.feed; make (someone) eat.omekang a mesterir a kall; medinges a omeka a rechad, omeka a ketat, okelel.
0.008omeldecheln.poss.3schange; make (something) different.
0.008techelleln.poss.3sopening; space; room; opportunity; clearing in forest.techellel a techall er ngii.
0.008tobedv.s.hypo.come/go out of; emerge; go out fishing. (person) face down; turn (object) top down; stop; halt; adjourn (meeting); cancel.torebengii a omosech er ngii; merrob er ngii; rullii el mo diak; terebengel.
0.008bev.imp.come; a ta er a telengtengil a tekoi el mengai er a tekoi el mei; be bong, be metengel.
0.008beachedn.tin; tin roofing; tin can.beached a ta er a bedengel a deel el sebechel mo chado er a blai, blil a kall me a ilumel, bechedel.
0.008bekalln.sail; canoe which is sailing; (action of) driving or sailing.bekall a omekall a mlai, bekall er a daob, beluu, bekellel.
0.008bekordv.s.about; approximately.bekord a locha; bekord el eim el klok e ak merael, bekord el teai el chad a mei.
0.008beriusn.current (in ocean; river; etc.).berius a mesisiich el omerolel a ralm me a daob, metengel a berius, omtok er a berius, berusel.
0.008berredeln.poss.3sdegree of heaviness. debt; punished.blals a ngar ngii a belsel; blals er a bangk.
0.008bochangv.i.go (in a direction not towards either the speaker or listener).
0.008brern.raft (usually made of bamboo).
0.008budechn.action of binding coconut fronts into sheaves; peace; harmony.budech a chelellakl el diak a uldikel, budech a beluu, diak a mekemad, bdechel
0.008butiliangn.bottle; glass.butiliang a blil a ralm, sos, cheluch, butilengel.
0.008chedaolv.s.holy; sacred; (woman's private parts) not to be touched.chedaol a meang; chengal a beluu; chedaol el ralm, blil a chelid a chedaol, chedolel.
0.008chedecholln.woven mat.chedecholl a chelaus el such el usbechall er a cheliuaiu. a ilkolk; ko er a bedengel a chas, chedelekelek a diak le bechachas.
0.008cheldingeln.finger; appendage (of hand, foot, etc.).cheldingel a cheldngelel a chim me a ouach; cheldingel a eim er a bitang; cheldngelel a tuu.
0.008cheliuaiun.sleep; (action of) sleeping.cheliuaiu a mechiuaiu; bad, klebesei a chosul a cheliuaiu, imiit a medal, cheliuel.
0.008chelmolln.reef (general area).chelmoll a chei; omedeklel a daob. A chelmoll a ikrel a oreall el omodees a daob er ngii.
0.008chelsul a medaln.poss.3spupil of eye.
0.008chemiisv.i.escape; flee; run away.chemiis a chiis; remurt el mo cheroid, chemiis er a bulis. away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).chemoit a mengoit, mides, mla chemoit a kall er a daob, choitii a besbas, chitel.
0.008cheremrumn.type of sea cucumber; trepang.cheremrum a cheled el mekekerei er a bakelungal.
0.008cherolln.birth; birthday.cheroll a omechell; mechell, mechellii a ngalek, cherellel.
0.008cherrengeleln.poss.3swholeness; totality.cherrengelel a cherrungel; uldekial, tela cherrengelel a udoud?
0.008cherrungelv.s.whole; complete; entire.cherrungel a chelerrungel, mui; diak el tedobech, diak el ngesonges, temek a cherrungel el eai el sikang.
0.008chudeln.grass.chudel a emull; emellel a rael.
0.008dachelbaiv.s.skillful (in doing things with the hands); clever; dextrous.dachelbai a meduch a uldasu me a urreor; sebechel el choituuk a meringel, dachelbil er a omengedecheduch.
0.008dekimesv.s.wet.dekimes a diak lemedirt; ngar er ngii a ralm er ngii, delekimes, ulaol a dekimes; dekmesel.
0.008delobechv.r.s.(tree) chopped down; (hand; finger; etc.) cut.
0.008dengarechv.s.lying face up; supine; placed right side up.dengarech a chemau bab; diak el chebecheb, olekang a dengarech.
0.008derengeln.poss.3sremainder; leftover food (on someone's plate); change (from purchase).derengel a der er ngii el blengur; derengel a udoud; oumeder.
0.008deurrengn.happiness; joy; bliss.deurreng a ungil e bloket el reng; klou a deurreng er a omelilt er a skuul; deuil a reng; mad er a deurreng.
0.008diiln.abdomen; womb; stomach.diil a delach, delel a chad, ngalek a ngar er a chelsel a diil.
0.008dmolechv.s.deep.dmolech a dolech, diak le meched; dmolech a chei, klou a dolech. or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).dobesii a melebes er ngii; tukur, toktang a mla dobesii a ochil a smecher.
0.008duumv.i.appear; show up; rise to surface.duum a mle dibus e mei; sils a mla duum, demiel.
0.008eliin.yesterday.elii a sils el uchei er a chelechang, ak mle er a elii.
0.008euidnum.7 [seven] (unit of time).euid a ochur (7), euid el rak, euid el sils a ta el sandei, euid el bail. a mekekerei el charm el meklou er a rekas; iaes a sebechel muchel a secher; eselel.
0.008ildoisn.amount, quantity or number (especially, large).ildois a ildisel; ulecherngelel; cherrengelel, beltok er a udoud.
0.008irecharn.earlier times (at least ten years ago).irechar a mla memong; ngar a mong el taem, rechuodel, tekoi er a irechar.
0.008isngeln.poss.3snose; curved board at entrance of bai laid on top of kuoku or chututem.isngel a iis er ngii, chad er a Merikel a teterbius a isngel.
0.008kateruln.left hand/arm; left side.
0.008katsuon.bonito (fresh or dried); skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis).katsuo a tekuu.
0.008kebekuulv.recip.redup.respect; honor.kebekuul a omerreder; klebkall el chad a ulebang er a cherool; ilteet, Gibbons a telechull er a kebekuul el lbedul. Ileakl el derechuall el mo er a ikei el obekul a euang el saus er a chelsel a klobak.
0.008kedidaiv.s.high; ample; plentiful; in large supply.kedidai a ngar er a bab; kedidai el rois, kldidai, kedidiul a ked, kedidai a rengul.
0.008kelekoltn.coldness.kelekolt a mekelekolt; kerrasem; diak lemekeald; kelekeltel.
0.008kelululn.poss.3sconfidential/important (community) matter; whisper.kelulul a kelulau er ngii el beluu; llechul, klobak a melib a kelulul a beluu.
0.008kiprefixwe (excluding you) (second person plural exclusive affix).ki a kemam; ki merolung, ki meremang
0.008kingelleln.poss.3sseat; chair; appointed position.kingellel a kingall er ngii.
0.008klauchadn.blood relationship.klauchad a kauchad; ulak er a rasech; Calista a chedal a Toni, ulak el klauchad; klauchad er tir.
0.008klolekleln.redup.poss.3smostly synonymous with kloklel except might signify that the object contains value especially of a sentimental nature. wound.
0.008kmongv.i.used to introduce various expressions of imprecise knowledge in which an event is generally known to have occurred but some specifics are unknown.
0.008kobn.cup; glass; any drinking container; Panax tree.
0.008kodelleln.poss.3sdeath.kodellel a kodall er ngii; mad. a mengang er ngii; mla kolii a kall el rokir.
0.008kutelingn.bow of boat; either end of canoe.kuteling a uchei, bedul, kuteling er a mlai me a bilas; kutelngal.
0.008llemelteln.poss.3sjustice; right (to do something).llemeltel a llemalt er ngii; ungil el omerreder a msa llemeltel a ta me a tang.
0.008llemolemv.r.s.(long object) laid down lengthwise; (work, schooling, etc.) completed; accomplished; (path, stream, etc.) followed; parallel.llemolem a telamet; mla melemolem; lemelemel, lilemelemii a skuul a mlo er a ullebongel; llemolem a skulel, bambuu a llemolem er a rael.
0.008medecherecherv.s.hard; tough; firm; (body) tense; (blood) clotted; committing adultery.medecherecher a delecherecher; diak el medemedemek, brak a medecherecher el kall, delecherecherel.
0.008medeelv.s.overflowing; too big or too much.medeel a suibes; kall a medeel er a rechad; uldirkork a ildisel a kall.
0.008medingesv.s.full (with food); satisfied; possessing plenty of.medinges a dinges; diak el sengerenger; uleka el medinges; dngesel.
0.008meiusv.t.row; paddle; stir.meius a oba oius er ngii; isar a ilumel; meius a mlai; imus, isal a mlai.; long.mekemanget a mekekemanget.
0.008melamechv.t.chew (betel nut); smoke (tobacco).melamech a meringet a buuch; meloko a dekool, mengemechii, omngamech, omelemechel.
0.008melecholbv.t.bathe; wash; baptize; get rid of evil spirits by ritual washing.melecholb a melechong; tochelbii a ngalek, tocholb, techelbel.
0.008melemallv.t.break; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.melemall a tomall; merruud; toruud; a dengerenger a melemall er a rechad me a klalo; tomellii, tomall, temellel.
0.008melikv.t.strike with the fist; box with.melik a oimetemet a chimal e merusech; tikir a kboub; tmik a mlai, tkil.
0.008meliudv.t.cut (fruit; log; board; pandanus leaf; etc.) lengthwise/down the middle.meliud a mengaibibeob; meliuekl, remurt el iuedii a kurangd, imiud a such, iuedel. meliud a melobech el llemolem, tiuedii a bobai, tmiud a sangdiang; tmiud a idungel; tudel.; green; black and blue; bruised.mellemau a bedengel a toachel; a blai a melelemau, oumellemau.
0.008melubetv.t.take off (clothes, watch, ring, etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame or accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.melubet a ngubetii; chad er a llach a melubet er a ultelechakl; nguubet, ngbetel.
0.008meluisv.t.remove (usually, something dirty) with foot, stick, etc.; extract (meat of trochus or shellfish); remove (sliver, thorn, etc.) from body.meluis a duiseii; oba oliuis, dmuis a techel a semum; otobed; diesel.
0.008mengikaiv.t.swim (particular distance or course).mengikai a olab a chimal me a ochil el meius er a daob; koikiur a cheroid, kikiul a toachel.
0.008mengitaklv.t.sing; (insect) buzz.mengitakl a chad el mengoit er a chiklel; choiteklii, choitakl a chesols, chiteklel a derebechesiil.
0.008mengursv.t.pull; tow; drag.mengurs a kursii; oltamet; kmurs a kerrekar; otamet.
0.008meratv.s.(tree) dry or withered.merat a rat; diak le chemadech; merat el kerrekar; rtul.
0.008merekosv.s.sweet; sweet food.merekos a ngar er ngii rekos er ngii; sukal a merkos; rekesengel.
0.008meringetv.t.chew (food); crush (rock, sugar cane, etc.).meringet a klekedall el meringet; ringetii; reminget a kall; uingel a meringet; chesubech a diak loringet.
0.008meselv.s.out of breath; panting; gasping.mesel a diak le beot el outeliil; smecher el ngul a mesel; kedeb a telil; sel.
0.008mesubedv.t.tell; announce to; inform.mesubed a ouchais; subedii er a secher; subedeterir er a kodall; sbedel.
0.008mesuldv.t.erase; remove (name) from list; dry (someone, oneself) off (with towel, etc.); wipe off (mouth, nose, private parts, etc.).mesuld a ngmai el mo diak; suldii er a rengul; smuld a llechukl, seldel a llechukl.
0.008meterobv.erg.fall face down (when walking, etc); get cancelled or postponed.meterob a obosech; mo diak; meterob a omerael e le eolt a meses; torebengii a urreor e mo er a kemeldiil; terbengel. meterob a mo chebecheb; chemau eou; mo terrob; torbengii a chad; terbengel.
0.008metongaklv.s.tall; high.metongakl a kekemangel; diak le kedeb; metongakl el chad; telongklel.
0.008mlechelln.r.s.woman who has just given birth.
0.008murn.feast; banquet; ceremony; celebration.mur a klou el blengur; deurreng, merengel a chebechiil, mur era klobak. Ngklel a klou el blengur ma ungil klebesei.
0.008ngeracheln.duty; responsibility.ngerachel a tekoi el kirel el meruul; chedam me a chedil a oungerachel er a rengelekir; ngerechelel a ngalek a orrenges er a chedam me a chedil. (in any form except labor).ngeso a ngelseu; olengeseu; ngeso el kall me a udoud.
0.008ngkedeln.poss.3sfine; reward; prize.ngkedel a nguked er ngii; ngkedel er a klaidesachel.; make (something) different.ngodechii a melodech er ngii; mo ngodech el diak le uaingii.
0.008oingerangpro.when.oingerang a oker a taem, sils, buil, rak, ocheraol ng oingerang? ko mei er a oingerang?
0.008oiusn.instr.oar; paddle; food stirrer.oius a klekedall el meius; besos, oius er a kall; oisal. something down (with hand, body etc.); pin onto.olsarech a osarech el olab a chim; oserechii a smecher; osarech a bedengel, oserechel.
0.008oltakv.t.pick up (person); carry something aboard; jump into (net etc.).oltak a olengasech; locha er a bab, otekir a chad, otak a beras, otekil.; run after; love; join; get or invite oneself into (group, etc.).oltoir a ultoir, otoir, sau, beltik el reng, oltoir er ngii, ultirel.
0.008omelekoin.act.(way of) speaking; accent; dialect; utterance; what is expressed by (someone's) action of speaking.omelekoi a teletelel a cheldecheduch; ungil el omelekoi a mak a ungil el klauchad me a klausechelei.; squeeze.omet a omeseos, metir a chimal, met a tul a kerebou.
0.008omtecheiv.i.change; replace; substitute; return (favor); succeed (someone); take (someone's) place.omtechei a kaitutechei; msa babier e nguu a oluches, nguu a klok e msa kebkab; omtechei a saul, techil.; sue; ascend.
0.008ongitn.act of asking for something.
0.008ongoleln.poss.3slarge platter (orig. wooden) used for odoim.ongolel a ongall er ngii, (oneself) onto; take hold of; attach (oneself) to; grasp; ask or convince (someone) to stay; keep; catch; arrest.orekedii a orreked er ngii.
0.008oungerachelv.i.perform one's duty.oungerachel a meluchel a ngerachel; oba dereder, techa oungerachel er a ngalek? ngerechelel.
0.008oungeroelv.t.scold; reprimand.oungeroel a mengokl; choklii a chad, mechesang er a ngerroel, sekengeroel, ngerrelel. (game, etc.); play around with (person); make fun of; make joke of.ousekool a rechad er a klekool, ousekool el ouiakiu, outenis; oubasket me a outumetum.
0.008recheleln.poss.3sbranch; bough; branch of government.rechelel a rachel er ngii el kerrekar.
0.008remongprefixused to indicate a plurality of people.
0.008rrauv.i.confuse; puzzle.rrau a mechedeng a rengul; rrau a rengul a diak ludesuii a ngerang.
0.008rreteln.poss.3shis/her/its running speed.rretel a klisichel a rurt er ngii; medakd a rretel a mlai.
0.008rsecheln.poss.3sblood.rsechel a rasech er ngii.
0.008sandein.week; Sunday.
0.008siabaln.Japan.Siabal a beluu er a Asia.
0.008skeln.poss.3ssearch (for something lost).skel a siik er ngii; skel a ulebechakl, skel a ririid el udoud.
0.008sualon.basket (typically woven hastily for temporary use).sualo a oruikl; cheluikl el dui el blil a kall me a klalo.
0.008suelebn.noon; this noon/afternoon; noon meal.sueleb a 12 el klok; a metuda klebesei; sueleb a blengur er a sueleb. out (blanket; clothing; etc.); send (message); massage (body); set/readjust (bones); restore.suumech a mesumech; suumech a uldechuul er a bedengel; smechel.
0.008telemtemuln.poss.3staste; flavor.telemtemul a telemtam er ngii; ungil a telemtemul a kall.
0.008teleuv.r.s.widened; opened wide; (legs) spread; unfinished.teleu a blok; teleu a chesimer; tmengii a ngerel, diak el blutek; tengel.
0.008tia it is; this thing here.
0.008tieipro.this object near speaker and far from listener.tiei a olsechall er a melekoi; mei er tiei, tiei a blik, ak ngar er tiei?
0.008tiln.poss.3sbag for holding betel nut; handbag; small woven basket.
0.008tilobedv.pastcome/go out of; emerge; go out fishing.
0.008tmautv.i.(spear, gun etc.) get aimed at and hit target; (fire) get lighted; (job) get started; (vehicle etc.) get hooked; (fishing line, anchor etc.) get stuck; (shouting) arise; get seduced into adultery.tmaut a taut; telburech e tmaut; tutel er a burech; subechii er ngii.
0.008uldakv.r.s.added together; unified; joined.uldak a diak le kakerous; udoud a dmak; uldak er a chimo el chidib, odak, odekial.
0.008ultebechelv.r.s.held steady; controlled; confirmed; moored; (person) certain or sure to; (person) serious or responsible.ultebechel a mla mutebechel; ulterekokl; diak el beot el mesim; mtebechelii a taem, mtebechel a tekoi, utebechelel.
0.008chikleln.poss.3s(singing) voice.
0.008chuseln.poss.3smeal/food (esp. ongraol=starchy food).chusel a chuus er ngii, kelel. chusel a omengaus er ngii, chusel a oruikl.
0.008klukv.r.s.pinched.kluk a mla mekuk; menguk a bedengel, kukur a otengel; mla kmuk a chimal.
0.008kmardv.s.lighted; kindled; on fire.kmard a mekerkard; ultaut el ngau a kmard, ngar er ngii a ngau, kerdel a ngau. (object, usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down.
0.008melikv.t.line bottom of (pot) with leaves so that contents will not stick during cooking; line bottom of (basket) with leaves, paper, etc. so that contents will not get dirty or fall through openings.melik a loia a dik; dikir a olekang; dmik a ollumel; dkil, dkel.
0.008meluisn.broadbill swordfish.meluis a ta er a bedengel a ngikel. or crack; hatch.mengii a omeu er ngii; bengel a lius.
0.008meratv.t.hurt someone's feelings. (Followed by a noun form of the word reng). before cooking; pre-cook; parboil; clean (food - especially, clams) by rinsing in hot water before actual cooking.mur a omur; melengoes el diak bo le lmarek, mur a kim, breel.; munch; bite.kmard a mengard; mengiok, klechosech, mla kmard a kall; beab a mla kmard a kall; kordii, kerdel a bobai.
0.007bediuv.s.putrid; foul-smelling.bediu a mekngit el bau; beraom, bediu el beab; bediong, bediul.
0.007beroeln.large one-pronged fish spear.beroel a meklou el biskang; omeroel a meklou el ngikel.
0.007bibrurekv.s.yellow; yellow-orange.bibrurek a mellil, merir el llel a riamel a bibrurek.
0.007billumn.wrapped and grated tapioca (or taro).billum a klsous el diokang el blail e ngeliokl; el ongraol.; military star (on hat or clothing).btuch a klalo el kmard er a eanged a le klebesei, btuch er a ongos.
0.007bukn.plate; bowl.buk a meklou el blil a kall el delasech el kerrekar, bkul. Blil a kall el delsachel el kerrekar.
0.007chedamn.father (used as term of address).chedam a sechal el oungalek; chedam a okedongel a ngalek el mo er demal.
0.007chelaisv.r.s.(leaves) plucked or stripped off plant.chelais a nglai; mla mechais; choisii, mengais a kebui, chemais a kebui, chisel a kebui.
0.007cheldullv.r.s.collected; assembled.cheldull a chelludel; uldak el rokui; mla mechudel; mengudel, chedelel. breeze; (action of) slapping.cheluut a eolt, cholutii, melai a cheluut; choluut a blai, chelutel.
0.007chemadechn.coconut sap.chemadech a osechel a bngal a lius el direkak le mesengoes el mo ilaot.
0.007chemarsn.leak (in something like a boat or a bucket).chemars a ngar er ngii a metetoech me a lechub e ngelling, bilas a chemars, blai a chemars, chemersel.
0.007chetelaolv.s.drunk; dizzy.chetelaol a mengetelaol; ko er a mengeterbis a bdelul; smecher a chetelaol, chetelolel a rrom.
0.007chiueseln.poss.3sbone (of human being or animal).chiuesel a chiuis er ngii; chiuesel a ulkel a chad.
0.007chiulln.pillow.chiull a klekedall er a cheliuaiu, chiellel a ngalek, ouchiull. away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).choitii a mengoit er ngii. out; risk; dare; taste; check flavor of.
0.007dechiln.poss.3sexcrement; residue; secretion.
0.007delebn.r.s.ghost; spirit; soul.deleb a delebengel a mla mad el chad, a le mad a chad e a deleb a tuobed er a bedengel el mo cheroid.
0.007delibukv.r.s.tied into knot.delibuk a mla medibuk; omech a eru el klalo; melibuk a odak a erung e doibuk el mo tang el blech, delibkolel.
0.007dengkin.electricity.dengki a electricity .
0.007deruchalln.step/ascent/large stone or log at entrance of bai; position; status; intonation; accent.
0.007dialn.poss.3stitle (for village chief or family head).dial a dui el ngii a oudui er ngii, ng kirel el tuchelii a dial. a ngar er a bab; melidiul, eabed a melenget a diich, merael el eabed, ulat el eabed, ebedel.
0.007elolemnum.6 [six] (unit of time).elolem a ochur (6), elolem el sils, elolem el buil, elolem el rak.
0.007imisv.s.excessive; too much; extreme; extremely.imis a uliis, medeel er a usbechall; uldirekork, mla imis a kall, isong, imis el mui.
0.007keriln.poss.3squestion.keril a ker er ngii; oker er a belsechel a omerael.
0.007kilieiv.t.pastlive; reside; stay; remain; exist; sit; sit on.
0.007klengitn.sin; evil; bad result.klengit a mekngit el omeruul; kngtil a tekoi; temellel a llach.
0.007klseln.poss.3ssun; day.klsel a sils er ngii; belsechel, temel, Sangdei a klsel a Rubak.
0.007kudmekliiv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kudmeklii a mengedmokl er ngii e ngalek.
0.007kudmoklv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kudmokl a mengedmokl; meruul, kudmokl a kelir a rengalek; kedmeklel a kall.
0.007lildn.thin bamboo (used for spear handle).lild a uai a bambuu e ng di mekekerei el usbechall el ordemelel a biskang. A lild a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel; ng di mechetngaid e mekemangel. Ng kmeed el ua a teletelel a bambuu e ng di ng melebleb. Ng oumesingd el dullokl a ldechor el diak el melemalt. Ng diak el kall. Ng di sebeched el ousbech el ordemelel a biskang.
0.007llemaltn.justice; right (to do something).llemalt a melemalt; diak le chebirukel; llemalt el omeruul er a buai a omudech er a beluu; llemeltel
0.007lusechn.luck.lusech a melusech; klengeltengat, beluu er a Belau a melusech el meakl.
0.007mechellv.i.have a baby; be born.mechell a mechellii a ngalek; cheroll, mle dioll e mla mechell; omechell, cherellel.; extinguish; put out.mekodir a omekoad er ngii.
0.007melabekv.t.patch (clothes, roof, etc.); pay (fine).melabek a locha tabek er a selodel el bail; melinget a chemars el chado; tobekii, tuabek, tebekel.
0.007melchesechv.t.stuff (mouth, stomach) with food; stuff (inside of turkey, etc.) with stuffing; stuff (pillow, etc.); stuff (clothing, etc.) into box, etc.; cock or set (gun); pump air into airgun; (fish) nibble at (fishing line, etc.).melchesech a mesuk; sochesechii a ngerel er a kall, sochesech a chiull; sechesechel.
0.007meldungn.words or topics already discussed.meldung a tekoi el mla chedcheduch; dilung, dmung, ak di melekoi a meldung.
0.007melekeokn.village in East Babeldaob, north of Ngchesar, south of Ngiual, east of Ngeremlengui; the village in which Reklai is chief.Melekeok a Ngetelngal; beluu er a desbedall.
0.007melisiichv.t.strengthen; pull (oneself) together; be strong, resolved or patient.melisiich a smisiich; remuul el mo mesisiich; mengedecheduch el smisichii a reng; sisichii; sisichel.
0.007mengetaklv.t.troll for (fish); hold or lead (someone) by the hand; carry (something) in the hand at one's side; lead (animal, etc.); tow (boat, etc.); persuade; convince; string (person) along (without paying debt, etc.); attract; lure.mengetakl a ngar a chei el ousbech a chetakl; chotakl a ngikel; cheteklel. mengetakl a olab er a chimal; choteklii a til; cheteklel. over, guard .mengkar a kokerngii; kokar a blil a kelebus; omtebechel; omes me lak le metemall; kekerengel.
0.007mengullv.t.respect; honor.mengull a oldanges; melengmes, orrenges, kmull a llach, kullii a chelid; mengull a ilteet me a omerreder.
0.007merumesv.t.poke at; test (food).merumes a suumes; oba sumes el merumes a ngeliokl; merumes a kukau, remesel a kukau.
0.007mesabv.t.(animal) move in on / snap at / peck at (food; prey); swallow up; harvest.mesab a klebungel; sobngii; suab a kelel; bedaoch a mesab a ngikel, sebngel a ngikel.
0.007mesaurv.t.tie together; tie into a bunch.mesaur a chosengur a chad el orrenges; becheldechedechaol a mesaur a rechad; ak melsaur er a cheldecheduch. mesaur a melechet; sourii a cheluomel, smaur a billum, surel. getting tired.mesulang a mla mo mesaul el ourreor mla tmurk a rengul; sulel er a omelaml.
0.007meterekaklv.s.careless; reckless.meterekakl a diak longedmokl; torekakl a udoud; torekeklii a bedengel, terrekeklel.
0.007mudechn.vomit.mudech a omudech; otobed a kllel a merecherached a rengul; mdechel.
0.007ngcheangeln.Kayangel Island (north of Babeldaob); village name; the state in which Rdechor is chief.Ngcheangel a chimo er a iungs er a Belau el ngar er a diluches; Ngedebuul.; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.
0.007ngoaoln.deep blue area of the ocean outside of the reef; the part of the ocean that meets the horizon.ngoaol a ikrel a chelmoll; tekuu a ngikel er a ngoaol, oungeuaol. off (clothes, watch, ring, etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame or accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.ngubetii a melubet er ngii; msa ngubet.
0.007obokv.erg.get opened/spread apart; (flower) open/bloom.obok a blok; teleu; mekengii a chesimer; mok a medal, bekengel a chesimer; blkais.
0.007ocherechurv.t.redup.laugh at.ocherechur a doreuakl; ocherechur er a sechelil; cheril. (in any direction).odubech a oldubech, Olbiil er a Kelulau a mla odubech a uldesuel a buai; odbechii, odbechel.
0.007okedeinum.30 [thirty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okedei a ochur (30), edei el teruich; okedei a rechad, okedei el kles.
0.007okuln.poss.3sanchor chain or rope; anything used for fastening; handle; pull or guide string for kite.okul a ouak er ngii; okul a bilis.
0.007olengasechv.t.raise; sue; ascend.olengasech a ngmai el mo er a bab; ongesechii; olengasech er a ked; ongesechel.
0.007oltametv.t.pull at (rope, hand etc.); draw tight or taut.oltamet a mengurs; otemetii a chimal; otamet a cheul, otemetel.
0.007omdaiv.caus.pull in (rope, anchor line, fishing line, etc.).omdai a mengurs; mdeir a ouak, mdai a chetakl, udeil.
0.007omedv.t.catch; grab; pick up; borrow (money).omed a meleng; omed a udoud, bedeel a udoud er a bangk.
0.007omekdakdv.caus.frighten; scare; threaten.omekdakd a rulleterir el mo medakd deleb a omekdakd; mekdekdii a ngalek, ukdekdel.
0.007ometechv.t.throw; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.ometech a metech, metechii a blai; uetech el bad, dengerenger a ometech a blai, mengaikedabel a blai el olab a bad; otechel; ometech a omech; a udoud el kldmokl el omech a bkaischemrungel el secher me a bebil er a usbechall a udoud er ngii el tekoi.
0.007omkarv.caus.give medicine to; salt (raw); fish (for preservation).omkar a locha kar; mkerur, toktang a omkar er a cheltechat, mkar a secher; ukerul.a kltkat. (eyes; mouth; book; door; etc.); spread (legs; etc.) apart.omok a omkais; mok a babier, mekengii a medal, omok er a ngerel el melekoi; bekengel a ngor.
0.007omtabv.t.fix upon (moon; stars; etc.) to find one's way; find (landmark); focus on/understand implications of (words; behavior; etc.); take (words, etc.) seriously; commit to memory; recognize as.omtab a mes e mo medengei; remenges e ngmai; mtab a tekoi, mtebengii a rael, utebengel.
0.007ongdibeln.meeting place.ongdibel a kldibel; ongdibel a mo er a bai.
0.007otengeln.poss.3scheek.otengel a otangel er ngii, meklou a otengel el tolechoi. to be sold or given away; for sale. to be made/done/prepared/repaired.ruoll a kedmekill; kirel el meruul; kles a ruoll, rullii, remuul.
0.007selokeln.a.s.laundry.selokel a idokel; kirel mesilek; bail a selokel; silekii, smilek a ulech.
0.007sengerengern.hunger; starvation.
0.007smiichv.s.enthusiastic; motivated to do things in the extreme; dark in color; (food) well cooked/well done; (nut; screw) tight.smiich a uleis; smiich el chedlekelek; smiich el bekerkard; imis el mellemau.
0.007terrobv.s.bowed down; prostrate; stopped; postponed.terrob a chemau eou; terrob el ourreor; chebecheb, terebengel.
0.007tolukn.Palauan money in form of plate or tray of turtle shell.toluk a cheluib er a uel el belatong.
0.007ungeleln.poss.3stooth.ungelel a uingel er ngii.
0.007baketn.bucket; pail.baket a blil a ralm, melekau a ralm; baketengel.
0.007belilioun.Peleliu island; the state in which Obak el delolk is chief.Beliliou a chimo er a beluu er a Belau el ngar er a Eou el daob; Odesangel. to be hidden.berotel a kirel el obart, omart, diak el tekiungel, kngtil a chad a berotel, mertii, bertel.
0.007bsecheln.poss.3shis/her/its body hair, feathers, fur.
0.007chebechebv.s.lying face down; placed upside down; bent over.chebecheb a terrob; diak el dengarech, chemau eou, mechebechebii, mechebecheb, ochebechebel; society; association.cheldebechel a cheldellir a rechad el oba ta el uldasu, Ngarametal a cheldebechel er a Oreor. (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).dongchii a melangch er ngii; dongchii e mo medengelii; ke dongchii ng diak? dongchii a melangch er ngii el delemellel el kebui. dongchii a melangch er ngii el kirel ngii, delengchelel.
0.007kelemod.don't ... (because); I wonder if; maybe.kele a tekoi el kirel a omengelechel; alii ng diak; kele bochu mongesuch; kele morutech er tilecha el kall.; tow; drag.kursii a mengurs er ngii; otemetii, kursii a telemall el mlai.
0.007meaiuv.s.flat and smooth.meaiu a diak le bechebuchel; ulaol a meaiu e mengeldoech, meaiu a medal el ekebil. or get said.
0.007mekullv.s.forbidden; taboo; off limits.mekull a diak el subed; diak el ruoll; usbechel a boes a mekull; mariuana a mekull; mekllel.
0.007melidiuln.poss.3slocation high up in sky.melidiul a mellaongel; skoki a suebek er a melidiul.
0.007mesengakedv.s.(person) thin/slimmed down.mesengaked a klengaked; diak le kedelebuu; klengkedel, selengaked.
0.007otecheln.poss.3sany object to be thrown; missile; act of throwing, ray (of light); act of pounding.otechel a otoech er ngii, otechii, oltoech.
0.007sarn.salt.sar a mecherocher el meruul a telemtam; omsar a kall; mserengii a klengoes. Redil el kiei el meliuekl ra beldokel el kot el kmeed ra bedengel a medei.
0.007tellemalln.r.s.crime; destructive deed; violation (of custom, etc.); responsibility or fault for something broken, etc.tellemall a mla mo mekngit; mla metemall; tomellii a tekoi, tomall a klalo; temellel.; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.tomall a melemall; toruud, mla tomellii a blai; tomall a udoud er a beluu; temellel.
0.007ulekummod.if (only).
0.007charn.seaweed.char a emull er a kereker, dellomel er a kereker.
0.007chetuln.poss.3sold or worn out or decayed condition (of something).chetul a chut er ngii, mechut el klalo; chetul a blai.
0.007mengeldoechv.i.shine; glow; sparkle.mengeldoech a ngar ngii a cheldechel; kolt a mengeldoech; cheldoech.
0.007merumesv.t.stick; prick.
0.007mesulangexpr.thank you.mesulang a mereng a saul; ke kmal mesaul, ke mesulang. (coconut fronds) into sheaves; pacify (relationship between people; villages; etc.).mudech a omudech; remuul a ungil deleongel er a rechad; mudech a beluu; bdechel a beluu.
0.007odubechn.instr.current (in ocean); pressure; (political, etc.) support.odubech a oldubech, Olbiil er a Kelulau a mla odubech a uldesuel a buai; odbechii, odbechel.
0.007olain.magic.olai a klekedall el melemall, omekoad; temall; tebal; olsecher, oleiul; ouelai. down (from above).
0.007outekangelv.t.argue with; argue down; endure or put up with pain; perservere; exert oneself; persist in (undesirable activity); take the trouble to do something; make special effort to do something.outekangel a olseked er a rengul; outekangel el ourreor e ngar a skuul, telekengelel.
0.007ukeruuln.a.s.(medical) treatment.ukeruul a kirel el mukar; omkar; osbitar a blil a ukeruul el omkar a secher; toktang a omkar a secher.; extinguish; put out.
0.006beldoelv.t.catch; grab; pick up; borrow (money).
0.006bengeln.poss.3ssomething covering the top of something else such as the calyx of a betelnut.bengel a klalo el omeng er a ta er a klalo; melenget, bengel a bekai, bengel a buuch.
0.006besecheln.poss.3sflint for starting fire; fuse; white film over eye; cataract; the hardened meat of an overgrown betelnut; direction in which canoe is sailed against the wind (requiring zigzag movement of canoe); tack.besechel a seuis er ngii el dub.
0.006bingeln.poss.3shis/her/its action of dividing/distributing.
0.006blechobechv.r.s.put into straight line or row.blechobech a mla obechobech beldukl, mechebechii, mechobech, blechebechel a klobak.
0.006blekeradeln.manner; condition; character; personality; behavior; experience; method; style.blekeradel a teletael; omeruul, blekeradel er a beluu.; spread apart.blok a mla obok; blkais, chesimer a teleu, blok a medal, mok, bekengel.
0.006blsoiln.supper; dinner; meal at evening.
0.006blutekn.canoe race.blutek a omlutek; klaidesachel er a bekall er a daob, keblutek a mlai.
0.006chabn.ashes; fireplace; hearth.chab a mo er ngii a le medul a idungel, chebul a idungel.
0.006chasn.soot; ink; lead of pencil.chas a chesengel a oluches, chas er a desachel el llecheklel a blai; kitalong.
0.006cheleuidv.r.s.confused; mistaken; erred.cheleuid a diak le ngii a merang; ngodech el diak lemera el rolel, mecheuid er a belsechel a skuul, cheludul.
0.006chemauv.t.face towards; face or confront (problem, difficulty, etc.).chemau a medal a bedul ngii, skuul a chemau a rael.
0.006cherecharn.particles/residue suspended in water.cherechar a cherrecheruul el ralm, chorecherur, ngar ngii a cherechar er a daob, chercherul, mengerechar.
0.006chesmereln.poss.3sdoor; cage; enclosure.chesmerel a chesimer er ngii. (long object) in two; fracture.chomur a mengam er ngii; meritech.
0.006dachn.excrement; residue; secretion.dach a kall el mo er a chelsel a diil e me tuobed; mekngit el diak bo elrasech me ng mechoit; mechert, dechil.
0.006debeln.poss.3ssea; ocean; salt water.
0.006dechedechn.frog; toad; marine toad or Palau frog.dechedech a charem el meridechedech a ralm me a dechel.
0.006dechudechn.dirt; mud; patching material; filling (for cavity).dechudech a chutem el ilus er a ralm, delechudech er a chutem, dechedechel a ulaol; dechudech a delechudech, klalo el melinget a chemars.
0.006dekedekeln.poss.3shead covering; veil; board used to protect or hold down or cover thatching at bottom of nglikliabed.
0.006deuiln.poss.3s.its happiness; joy.deuil a deurreng; klou a deuil a rengrir a retilobed er a skuul.
0.006dimesn.south; south wind; southern part of Kayangel.dimes a ta er a eua el uchul a eolt; lrrai a dimes er a Ngchesar.
0.006dingn.ear.ding a klekedellel a chad; ding a orrenges; dingal.
0.006disechn.coconut milk.disech a osechel a kles el lius; chuit, disech a usbechall er a omenguit, desechel.
0.006doraelv.imp.3pilet's go.
0.006dubechn.coconut sprouting on ground.dubech a metau er a lius el dubechang, dbechel a lius.
0.006duchn.ability; skill.duch a meduch; dachelbai, chedechuul, duch er a omenged, ngar ngii a duch er ngii er a urreor; ngar ngii a dechal er a omerreder, meduch el merreder.
0.006eainum.8 [eight] (unit of time).eai a ochur (8), eai el buil, eai el klebesei. dirty) make (clothes, body, etc.) dirty.idokel a ngar ngii a idek, idokel el a bail; diak el selilek, diak le klikiid.
0.006ilkolkn.darkness; stupidity.ilkolk a milkolk; keremerem, diak el mellomes.
0.006kakoadv.recip.fight with each other.kakoad a didu el okoad; kaodechelakl, oldechelakl, rengalek a kakoad, klakoad, klakodil.
0.006kamangn.sickle.kamang a klekedall er a omelaml; olaml, kamelengel.
0.006kdekudelv.s.dangerous; frightening; awe-inspiring.kdekudel a kengaol; omengechel a kdekudel; mekomad a kdekudel.
0.006kebesengiln.poss.3sevening; this evening.kebesengil a sils er a buil; kot el kebesengil a ongeuid el buil.
0.006kedelebuuv.s.fat.kedelebuu a meklou a bedengel; diak lemesengaked.
0.006kekuln.poss.3s(finger, toe) nail.kekul a kuk er ngii, a kekul a ekebil a bekerekard.
0.006kellechaklv.s.(village, wind) calm.kellechakl a kmal chelellakl; diak a mengitektik, diak a mengerodech; metuda klebesei me a beluu a kehechakl
0.006kibetieklv.i.get startled, scared or surprised.kibetiekl a mengereuau er a dimlak lodengelii; kmurs a bedengel, olekibetiekl, kibeteklel.
0.006kikiongelv.s.dirty; filthy.kikiongel a mekngit; oltaksecher, mengelengalek, ongebitel a kikiongel, mekngit a bul.
0.006klausechelein.friendship.klausechelei a kausechelei; kltalrreng er a rdiak le kauchad, sechelil, sechelirir, sechelei.
0.006klebiklv.t.hang with rope, etc.; commit suicide by hanging; defeat (someone) by getting special hand in hanahuda (card game).klebikl a klabs.
0.006klokleln.poss.3sthing; product; something; anything.kloklel a klalo er ngii.
0.006klungiaoln.benefit; goodness; beauty; quality.klungiaol a lusech; melusech; ungil el tekoi el duubech a klungiaol, klungiolel.
0.006kudn.louse.kud a mekekerei el charm el kiei a bedul, kdaol a betok a kdul.
0.006ou-prefixused to signify owning, possessing, or using something.; amaze; impress; cause admiration.mal a omal; mengas a reng, duch er ngii er a urreor a mal a rengmam, melengii, belengel a rengul. a omechar; mecherar a blai, mechar a mlai, msa udoud e nguu a klalo, ocheral.
0.006mekerasemv.s.(person) cold or chilly; embarrassed or ashamed (esp., because of someone else's behavior, etc.).mekerasem a ilalidel; diak lekesib; mekerasem er a kelekolt, kersemel.; not enough; few (when describing multiple objects, people, etc.).mekesai a kesai; sesei el kall, sesemuk el chemachel; mekesai el udoud.
0.006melechesoklv.i.jump; leap.
0.006meledaesv.t.clear out (yard, etc.); clear off (floor, etc.); explain; clarify.meledaes a rullii el mo diak el chelimkeluk; dmedesii a rael; dmedaes; meledaes er a cheldecheduch; dedesel.
0.006melkesokln.small, shallow spot found within deep water area inside reef.melkesokl a meched el urrebet er a toachel.
0.006meleketekv.t.construct; build; assemble; put together; edify; pile up, accumulate, increase.meleketek a mengisois el mo er a bab; toketekii a blai, toketek a kall; teketekel.
0.006melengv.t.borrow; rent; hire.meleng a omed; longir; lmeng a udoud, meleng er a oles, lengil a udoud.
0.006melengoesv.t.cook/boil (odoim or rice) in water.melengoes a meliokl; omodes, smongosii a beras, smongoes a odoim; songosel.
0.006melibv.t.plan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).melib a tibir, tuib, meruul; Olbiil er a Kelulau a melib a llach, tbil a llach.
0.006meliikv.t.remove (excrement) with showel.meliik a ngiekii; ngmiik a dach; ngikel a dach.
0.006mengasv.t.blacken with soot or ink.mengas a chosengii; chemas a mederir el mo bechachas; chesil.
0.006mengedv.t.put or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.menged a kmedii; loia er a bebul; menged a belatong er a tebel; kedil a belatong.
0.006mengedechuulv.t.find/devise way to do (something); arrange; fix; save (sick person, person in distress); help; rescue.mengedechuul a chodechulii; smiik a rolel, osiik a iellel; chodechuul a udoud el ngmai; chedechulel.
0.006mengederederv.t.head; rule; govern.mengedereder a merreder; olsisechakl; choderderii a blai; odereder a beluu, omekrael, chederderel.
0.006mengesangv.t.make busy; occupy; disturb; bother.mengesang a ongesang; mengikikd; diak a belkul el chad a mengesang.
0.006mengesuchv.t.make or sew (wreath; lei; etc.); string/thread (fish; beads; shells; etc.); wander from house to house (gossiping; etc.).
0.006mengiokv.t.gnaw at.mengiok a mengard; ta er a bedengel a omelechosech el kall; beab a mengiok a chemutii, kikii a diokang, kiikiel.
0.006mengisbv.t.scoop or spoon out.mengisb a melai el oba oliich me a ongisb; chesbel.
0.006mengisoisv.t.pile (things) up one on top of the other; repeat (something) for confirmation.mengisois a meleketek; choisois a babier el mo er a bab; choisisii a blil; chelisois, chisisel.
0.006mengoitv.t.throw away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).mengoit a chemoit; ongkangk, diak lolai; chemoit a tekoi, choitii a skuul; chemoit a besbas; chitel. (cloth or thatching).merasm a rosmii; ruasm; oba rasm el meruul a bail; merasm a bail; resmel.
0.006merortv.t.scrape (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.merort a mengort; kortii, kmort a kukau, dortii; dertel a kukau; merort a dobesii; duebes; mesaod; merort er a chebechiil; dmort a besebes, dertel a chebechiil.
0.006merutechv.t.touch; try out.merutech a mo bereked a chimal; rutechii, toktang a merutech a bedengel a smecher; rtechel. open (something such as a crab shell); postpone; contradict; oppose.mesechii a merrob er ngii; melemall er a telbiil.
0.006mesiikv.erg.look for, seek.
0.006mesiouv.t.serve (person); dress (oneself) up.mesiou a ourreor el kirel; mesiungel a buai, mesiou a meses el ourreor; mesiou a mengedmokl.
0.006mesodelv.t.tear (cloth, paper, etc.); dismember (slaughtered animal).mesodel a met; kesib a rengul a mesodel a bilel; sodelii; smodel a bail, sedelel.
0.006mesukv.t.put (something) into; pack; stuff (food; etc.) into mouth; etc.
0.006mesulaulv.s.sleepy; drowsy.mesulaul a mesululang; soal el imiit a medal; olengellokl.
0.006meteuv.s.wide; broad (describing multiple objects).meteu a klou a delongelel; klou a chelsel; meteu a meteteu; meteu el rael, tengel.
0.006mimoklv.s.(knot; etc.) loosened; (person) free/unrestricted; (matter) simple.mimokl a diak le mekreos; ilmokl er a kall a blekerurau; mimokl a delibuk el diak le kes.
0.006mluutv.imp.(you) go again.
0.006mngaiv.imp.Go get some (things).
0.006moraelv.imp.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.
0.006motobedv.erg.take out.motobed a ultobed; mo cheroid; otebedii er a cheldebechel; otobed a kall, otebedel. up (sand, earth, leaves, etc.).muut a omuut; mengedidai; mla muut a besbas er a mekesokes; bekai a mla mutii a lukel; butel a besbas.
0.006ngain.splinter/sliver (which enters skin).ngai a ngeal; diak le kirel e ngar ngii; ngai er a ochil el tungd.
0.006ngimesn.type of trepang; (edible) intestine of trepang.ngimes a delechil a blaol el kall; olengimes, ongmesii a blaol el nguu a ngimes.; make (something) different.ngmodech a melodech; omekbeches, te mla ngmodech a teletelel a ocheraol.
0.006obultv.erg.turn over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.obult a ulechero; blult; meltii; mult a ngikel; mechero; beltel a ngikel.
0.006ochabn.mound in which a crab might live.
0.006oderucheln.a.s.errand; message.oderuchel a olab a tekoi me a klalo el mo e mei; oderechelel.
0.006oiueleln.poss.3sthe action of moving or transporting something from one place to another.oiuelel a oiuul er ngii; oleuul; ngodechii a olsechelel.
0.006okainum.80 [eighty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okai a ochur (80), okai el chad a klechedaol.
0.006okesiuln.poss.3ssomething to be copied/imitated; example.okesiul a okesiu er ngii.
0.006okoadv.t.fight (someone); pick fight with.okoad a oldechelakl; odecheleklii; odechelakl, odecheleklel.
0.006oldangesv.t.praise; honor.oldanges a chemat; odengesii, odanges a tekoi; oldanges a rechad; odengesel.
0.006oldechelaklv.t.fight (someone); pick at wound (in some part of body).oldechelakl a odechelakl; okoad; mengelebed; omekringel a rechad; odecheleklel.; summon.oleker a omekedong; okerir; oleker er ngii.
0.006olengcheleln.instr.poss.3ssign; distinguishing mark; signal; indication; anything functioning to give directions (e.g., lighthouse); marker.olengchelel a olangch er ngii; olechotel.
0.006olkaeln.any object for measuring; boundary (between land, villages, etc.).olkael a oliochel, olkael er a Ngchesar me a lrrai a Skesaur.
0.006olsisebv.t.put/push/force into; put (thread) into needle.olsiseb a osiseb; otuu, smuk, osiseb a udoud; osisebii; osisebel.
0.006oltekauv.t.hold in lap; hold/keep family together; (foundation; etc.) support (house).oltekau a dengchokl; mechiuaiu er a ochil; otekur a ngalek, otekau a delengchokl, otekul.
0.006olterauv.t.sell; sell (oneself) as prostitute; give away; betray.olterau a omsaso; oterau a ngikel, oterul a mariuana a melechet a chimal; oterau a diokang.
0.006olterekoklv.t.entrust (something e.g., house; message) to someone; give for safekeeping; set (specific time); prove something or someone to be false.olterekokl a msa ngerachel, klisiich, oterekokl a chutem, oterekeklii a blai, oterekeklel; olterekokl a oterekii er a blulekngel, mekerrengii, subedii el kmo kau a bulak me ng mo nglengael.
0.006olturekv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.olturek a oturek a mlai er a cheldukl; oterekii a ert er a Charekemais; oterekel.
0.006omakv.t.anchor, tie up; make (relationship between people) closer, (plant) send out (roots) into soil.omak a loia okul; orebetii a ouak, mekur a bilis; omak a ert.
0.006omdidmv.t.spy on; watch for carefully.omdidm a berrotel e omes; melangch, mdedmii a merechorech, mdidm a berotel el klalo; udedmel.
0.006omechaklv.i.float; drift.
0.006omechurv.t.count; include.omechur a omasech; osiik er a ildois, mechur a udoud, mecherengar, ocherengel a udoud.
0.006omekerreuv.t.take care of/protect (person or animal); obey.omekerreu a kerekikl; ulekerreuil el mengedmokl a rechad; mekerreu a chutem, mekerreuir a delal, omecheliu er a ngii di le mechitechut e dmeu a rengul, ulekerreu.
0.006omekllomesv.t.cast light on; brighten; enlighten.omekllomes a mengiil er a llomes; olbidel a mekllomes a blai, mo mellomes; ukllemesel. omekllomes a mekllomes; mesaod el meledaes a tekoi, mekllemesii, omekllomes a reng, olsisechakl.
0.006omelimn.act.(action of) drinking (door, cabinet, book, etc.); lift open (cover); lift up (clothing, etc.) .omkais a omok; ngmai a dangeb, mkisii a chesimer, mkais aklengoes, bkisel.
0.006omritelv.t.shake (something); shake; shiver; totter; lose one's balance.omritel a ouderiu; melmesim a bedengel; diak le chelellakl; omritel er a kerrasem, bertelel a dadk.
0.006omrotechv.i.clap (hands); slap (face; body; mosquito; etc.).omrotech a okesebakl a chimal; omrotech er a deurreng, oldanges; mrotech a chimal, domrotech! bertechii! bertechel
0.006omtarv.i.swing.omtar a dengchokl er a btar e omtar el mo e mei; rengalek a omtar; bterul.
0.006omukedv.t.catch (fish) by casting net; (antenna, etc.) receive (broadcast, etc.).omuked a omdechem; melai el ousbech a uked, muked a ngikel, omuked a rekas, mkedii a ngalek, ukedel.
0.006ongtiln.poss.3sact of asking for something.ongtil a ongit er ngii, "metara"; olengit.
0.006ordomeln.handle; principal village in district.ordomel a beluu el merreder a rengedel; Oreor a ordomel er a Ngerekldeu.
0.006oriikn.broom.oriik a klekedall el meriik, skobang a oriik, riekii, remiik, orikel.
0.006orribechv.t.take or snatch (before someone else has a chance).orribech a oribech; orrirech, orribech a chutem, orbechii a dui; orbechel a blil a kebliil. a olsechall er a ukeruul, blil a ukeruul; omkar a secher.
0.006osebekeln.poss.3swing (of bird, plane).osebekel a osebek er ngii.
0.006otebedeln.poss.3saction of exiting; graduation (from school); dismissal (from club etc.); giving or issuing (of order etc.).otebedel a otobed er ngii; oltobed.
0.006otilechn.axe.otilech a klekedall el omachel; melebes, otilech a meluk a idungel.
0.006otuteln.poss.3schisel; cock's spur.otutel a otuut er ngii.
0.006oumerangv.i.believe; trust.oumerang a ngar er ngii a klaumerang er ngii, oumerang er a chelid.
0.006outeliilv.i.breathe.outeliil a ngar ngii a telil, ngar el chad a outeliil; ulekoad a diak el outeliil; telil.
0.006ramekn.compost.ramek a llel a kerrekar el mo er a chutem el olengird a dellomel; remekel.
0.006roisn.mountain.rois a metongakl e kedidai el chutem me a risois; Roisersuul. A rois aike el mekididai el chereomel el oumesingd el di bad.
0.006rrulln.rayfish.rrull a ta er a bedengel a charm er a chei; ng ko er a ouklemedaol e ng di kekerei.
0.006rseln.poss.3send.rsel a ullebongel er ngii; rsel a bambuu; rsel a dui. (not for cooking).seseb a klou el ngau; ngau el melul; klou el ngau el meleseb, sosebii a blai, sueseb a ked, sesebel.
0.006siukangn.custom; (bad) habit; idiosyncrasy.siukang a ulekdubs el omeruul; teletael er a delengchokl; smau er ngii el tekoi; uleksau el omeruul; dimlak el siukang a meloik a le kemeldiil. for, seek.smiik a osiik; osiik a rolel el mo ungil; siekii; smiik a udoud.; explain; solve.smodii a mesaod er ngii; smodii a uchul a omerolel; omeketakl er ngii.
0.006sobn.soap.sob a klalo el usbechall er a omelechong me a omesilek.
0.006techalln.opening; space; room; opportunity; clearing in forest.techall a kedeorech; ungil el belsechel; ungil el temel; techall er a omeruul el ocheraol; techellel el dmu a soal; ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul.
0.006teloiv.r.s.included in; among.teloi a uldimukl; obengterir, oltoi er ngii er a seked; otongii er a omerael; otongel.
0.006temekain.grouper.temekai a ta er a bedengel a ngikel.
0.006terrekaklv.r.s.abused; not taken care of; carelessness.terrekakl a diak el ulekedmokl; terrekakl el ngalek a diak le cheleoch; meterekakl er ngii; terrekeklel.
0.006titimeln.a dessert made with tapioca prepared in round balls with sugar.
0.006tmoechv.i.emerge or come out from (forest, field, etc.).tmoech a ngmoech er a bitang; tmoech er a metetoech; techel. er a rebai.; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.tomellii a melemall er ngii; temellel. (person) face down; turn (object) top down; stop; halt; adjourn (meeting); cancel.torob a omosech; merrob, torbengii er a mo er a skuul; torob a mlai; terebengel.
0.006tuln.poss.3sbreast; baby bottle; bosom.tul a tut er ngii el ngalek; tmut.
0.006uetechn.any object to be thrown; missile; act of throwing.uetech a klekedall el ometech; uetech el bad, uetech a diak el kirel el mo er a blai, otechel.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).ulecholt a mla mocholt; chemolt; ules el diak le berrotel; duch er ngii er a urreor a ulecholt.
0.006ullebengeleln.poss.3sforever; end; completion.ullebengelel a ullebongel er ngii; orekiolel; ullebengelel a skulel e ng me remei. becoming good; improving.ungiang a mla mo ungil besul; cheldecheduch a ungiang.
0.006blutekv.r.s.shut; closed.blutek a mla obutek; ulsiu, mutek, mtekii, blutek a medal, btekel.
0.006cherecharn.the future.cherechar a ngar medad el taem, cherechar a diak a ullebengelel; chelecha el mo cherechar.
0.006dechudechv.s. dirty; muddy. or slice (odoim, non-starchy food, sea cucumber, etc.) vertically (all the way through).
0.006idokeln.dirtiness; filthiness. (container) with liquid.mechar a omekeek; mesuk, mechar ollumel er a ralm, mecherur a butiliang, ocherul.
0.006melemedv.t.catch a large amount of (fish).melemed a ngomedii a ngikel; ngmai a betok; ngemedel.
0.006mengasv.t.let (pot) get burned/discolored.mengas a durur; chosir a ngeliokl, chemas a kall er a ringelngau; chesil.
0.006mengasv.erg.reduce in number; subtract; remove/extract (something) from.
0.006mengederederv.t.explain (esp., in detail or step by step); direct; lead; guide; give instructions or directions to; interpret (e.g., dream). or name (a group of related persons or things); mention (someone's name); move in zigzag fashion (when sailing canoe against wind); tack; (chickens) move/jockey into position for fighting.mesechii a omasech er ngii; ngar a belsachel el mong; besechel.
0.006nguemedv.i.finish; die out; run out; get used up; get depleted.nguemed a mo diak; mla nguemed a remechuodel el chad.
0.006odikeln.activity; excitement; clamor; riot.odikel a ouedikel; sureor; oueses; odikel el ngalek; mesisiich a bedengel; uldkelel.
0.006omailv.t.clothe (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).omail a mail; locha bilel, mail a uldurokl, milii a ngalek, bilel.
0.006otuteln.poss.3saiming (of spear, etc.); enforcement (of law); lighting (of fire); starting (of job); hooking.otutel a otaut er ngii, oltaut a llach, otutel a llach a ngerchelel a buai.
0.006subedv.s.allowed; permitted.
0.005bechereiv.t.leave around; leave alone; let.
0.005bechochodv.s.fragrant; aromatic.bechochod a ungil el bau; ungil a bul; chochod, bechochod el bung.
0.005bedikln.any trap used to catch animals on land; snare.bedikl a klekedall el omedikl, bedikl er a malk, bedikl er a beab.
0.005bekeuv.s.brave; courageous.bekeu a diak le medakd, blekengel, bekeu el chad.
0.005belducheln.payment at OCHERAOL.belduchel a udoud el bekatel er a ocheraol, $100.00 a beldechelel.
0.005belngeln.poss.3scenter or middle (esp., of hull of canoe); large central section of taro patch; aisle (of church, etc.).
0.005beruln.poss.3sblanket; bedding.
0.005bleobn.r.s.something that has been formed; shaped; created.bleob a mla obeob; bleob el blauang, meob, bebeel a blauang.
0.005blingeleln.poss.3sshare; portion; chapter of book (usually Bible).blingelel a rruklel, bliongel el kirel.
0.005bluuv.r.s.(round object) broken, smashed or shuttered; (bomb) exploded; blistered.
0.005boseln.poss.3sgun; blowgun.
0.005btarn.swing.btar a chekil me a lechub e ng besebes el klabs e a rengalek a dengchokl er ngii e omtar; bterengel.
0.005chebodeln.poss.3sside (of house, etc.).chebodel a chebaod er ngii el ked.
0.005cheldelleln.poss.3sgathering; assembly.cheldellel a cheldull er ngii; cheldellel a klobak, cheldellel a udoud a $5,000.
0.005cheldiln.poss.3sany product of the sea (or, sometimes, pigeons) caught but not yet cooked; shell.cheldil a cheled er ngii el sechal.
0.005chelebedn.hitting object; whip, club, bat.chelebed a klalo el usbechall er a omengelebed, cholebedii a chetelaol, cholebed, chelebedel.
0.005cheleochv.s.favored; spoiled.cheleoch a iliuekl er a ultoir me a beltik el reng.; job; customary task; errand; cultural obligation; cultural custom.chelsang a urreor; mechesang; omengereker, kemeldiil, ocheraol, cheldecheduch.
0.005chelsimerv.r.s.closed; confined; locked in (e.g., as punishment).chelsimer a telengetongel, diak le belkais, diak le nglai a chesmerel; blutek, mla mechesimer; chosmerii er a kelebus, chesmerel.
0.005chemeiv.i.evacuate the bowels; defecate.chemei a tuobed a dechil; tuong, chemert, chortii, ngalek a chemei.
0.005cherrodechn.r.s.noise (usually from people); complaint; clamor.cherrodech a nglemuu; mengerodech, ultok, cherdechel a chutem, klou a cherrodech er a usbechel a mekngit el kar. (usually sung by old men).chesols a cheldecheduch el delecherul a chelitakl; choselsii, chosols, mengesols, cheselsel.
0.005chetakln.trolling line. hook.chirocher a techerakl; melecherakl a ngikel; chelirocher el ngar er a medal a kereel me a chetakl. (something) to a distance; move (oneself) away from.choroid a mengeroid. (esp. woman) with gifts; bribe; induce; pity.chubur a mengebechub; mekngit a rengul er ngii.
0.005chukleln.a.s.poss.3sweaving work.
0.005chuobv.s.(rocks, etc.) exposed about surface of water.chuob a ulechob; ngar er a bebul a daob; diak el urresors, uldum.
0.005debsochelv.s.unfriendly; nasty; embarrassed (after being rebuked); cold; aloof.debsochel a isingel; olbechall, mekngit a ngerel, mekngit er a rechad, mekngit el meloik; diak el beruadel, diak le kladikm.
0.005decheleln.poss.3sland prepared for taro.
0.005delbardv.r.s.laid crosswise; perpendicular; (speech, behavior) inappropriate.delbard a diak el llemolem; ka el melemalt, tochedesuch, tbard, kerrekar a delbard er a rael, diberdel.
0.005delecheln.poss.3sdepth; tide.
0.005delesv.r.s.cut; sliced; slit (open).deles a mla medes; mekekerei el delobech, dosengii, dmes a ngikel, s. meles, desengel.
0.005delluchelv.s.(bowl; etc.) deep/hollowed out.delluchel a dmolech; diak le meched, kliokl a delluchel, dellechelel.
0.005denguan.telephone.dengua a telephone .
0.005deruchelleln.poss.3sstep/ascent/large stone or log at entrance of bai; position; status; intonation; accent.deruchellel a deruchall er ngii.
0.005dilubechv.i.past(plant) grow; start; originate; happen.
0.005diluchesn.north; north wind.diluches a ta er a eua el uchul a eolt; Ngcheangel a diluches er a Belau
0.005diongn.bathing spot (e.g., spring; well; outside shower).diong a diosech; omoachel, olechelubel, rengalek a mengedub er a diong.
0.005dkoisv.s.slanted; (seated) at an angle.dkois a diak lemelemalt; omitech, melkois, olekang a dkois. down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.dobechii a melobech er ngii; mla dobechii a kerrekar, debechel. (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.dortii a merort er ngii; dobesii, mla dortii a deleongel, dertel. or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).duebes a melebes; meluk, te mla duebes a seng er a dengki er a blik, debesel. for sleeping; bed.dusall a blil a durs; olsechall er a cheliuaiu, smecher a ngar a dusall a klekool el mengelebed a bduu, ouiakiu.
0.005chidibn.wallet; pouch for keeping pepper leaf.chidib a blil a udoud; chidbengel a mui er a udoud; olbedabel er a udoud.
0.005iliueklv.r.s.surrounded by; encircled by.iliuekl a ilbolb; mla iueklii; meliuekl er ngii, rengeasek a mla remurt el iueklii a oililaol el rokir; iliuekl a kldibel, remechas a iliuekl er a beldokel el "ngarasar"
0.005ilteetn.riches; power; majesty.ilteet a meteet, mesiich, ngar bab el blai; ngalekilteet a ngaleksiich.
0.005kauchadv.recip.related (to each other).kauchad a klauchad, Calista me a Toni me a Tino a kauchad; chad er a chimo el blai, chimo el kebliil.
0.005keain.thick betel nut fiber used for wrapping food, making rain hat, etc..keai a mengchongch, mengchengchel a buuch.
0.005kekedebv.s.redup.short.kekedeb a kedeb.
0.005kesemdeln.poss.3sgill.kesemdel a kesamd er ngii; kesemdel a ngikel. (with hands, machine, etc.); start or lead off (chant).kiderii a mengider er ngii; nguu el mo er a bab; kiderel.
0.005kileedv.s.pastalmost; nearly (past tense).kileed a mle kmeed; a kileed el ruebet, kedel.
0.005kladikmv.r.s.right-handed; graceful (esp., in dance).kladikm a meduch e klebokel; ungil el meloik e oungelakel, kladikm er a tekoi me a cheldecheduch. trust.klaumerang a di du el oumerang; kaongesenges; kauteliakl; ngar er ngii a klaumerang er a delongelir.
0.005kldeinum.3 [three] (animal; nonliving thing).kldei a ochur el edei ; kldei el blai; kldei el lius; kldei el malk. .
0.005klechelidn.religion.klechelid a tekoi er a chelid; meang, klemeang.
0.005klemengeteln.poss.3shis/her/its height or length.klemengetel a klemanget er ngii.
0.005klengeltengatn.good fortune.klengeltengat a ngeltengat; lusech, melusech; klungiaol, klengeltengat me a Belau a mlo ileakl el beluu.
0.005klioun.sweet food or dessert (usually, prepared especially for guests); one's favorite child (usually, youngest).kliou a olengel; kliou a umesingd el merekos el kall; delul; seboseb me a tuu a kliou. or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.kmedii a menged er ngii; nguu el loia er a bebul.
0.005lalechn.pus.lalech a osechel a burek me a kltkat; ngar ngii a lalech er a chimak el oburek; ochil el bduu a omeklalech, llechel a ouach el bduu.
0.005lecheteln.poss.3sbandage; something tied around.
0.005lemlakmod.if one hadn't; if there hadn't been.lemlak a okmo ng dimlak; lemlak kau e ak riros.
0.005lengeleln.poss.3scrying; noise of crying.lengelel a langel er ngii el ngalek.; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.lochetii a melechet er ngii.; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.lotkii a melatk er ngii; kulebes er ngii e kuk lotkii.
0.005meangv.s.miraculous; marvellous; awesome; unexpected.meang a chedaol; melekingel a chelid; meteet a meang, meang el chais.
0.005mechamv.erg.break (long object) in two; fracture.mecham a chelam; chomur a rachel, chuam a bambuu, mengam, chemul.; begin; cause; form; establish.mechelii a omuchel er ngii; chetelaol a mla mechelii a klakoad, uchelel.
0.005mechirv.t.connect; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.
0.005mechoitv.erg.throw away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).mechoit a cheloit; choitii; mesaod; mo cheroid; chemoit, chitel.
0.005mechubsv.s.healed.mechubs a mla mo diak el kltkat, chubs be cut (unintentionally) short.medebes a metuk; delebes a llel a tuu, dobesii, duebes, mla medebes a kereel, debesel.; grab; pick up; borrow (money).medir a omed er ngii, mla medir a bduu, bedil.
0.005mekarv.s.awake.mekar a diak el uleiit a medal; diak el mechiuaiu; okerengii, okar a medal, olekar er tir, okerengel.; make (someone) eat.mekelii a omekang er ngii; msa kelel.
0.005melaiuv.t.rub; massage; smooth over; pet; stroke.melaiu a oba chim el melam; toiuii; merutech, tmaiu, melaiu er a soal el ngelekel, tiuel.
0.005melakv.t.pull down foreskin of (penis).melak a melang; teketak; meleketak.
0.005melametv.t.straighten (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.melamet a tometii; meruul el mo melemalt e ungil; tuamet, beruadel a dachelbai el melamet a omengebirukel, temetel.
0.005melasechv.t.chop/whittle/carve (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at.melasech a melobech; dosechii a mlai, dmasech a dilukai, desechel.
0.005melatechv.t.clean; scrub; wash (thoroughly).melatech a meruul el mo beches, ngotechii a ulaol, mellib; ngmatech a mlai, ngetechel.
0.005melechongv.t.bathe.melechong a melecholb.
0.005melekedekv.t.cover (with cloth, leaves, paper, etc.).melekedek a locha dekedekel; dokedekii a tebel, dokedek a kall.
0.005melekimesv.t.make or get (someone, something) wet.melekimes a meruul el mo dekimes; dikmesii, dikimes a bail, dekmesel.
0.005melibukv.t.tie (cord, string, hair, etc.) into knot.melibuk a odak a klalo e doibuk el mo tang; doibkur; mesaur; doibuk a chiul; dibkul.
0.005meliliutv.s.thin and flat; slender.meliliut a diak lokrokr; meliliut el mamed a sebechel moues el tmoech er a bitang; llilitel.
0.005meliltv.t.choose; elect.melilt a melililt; osiik a soal.
0.005melingetv.t.stop up; plug; cork; seal off; block (intentionally).melinget a loia, locha a tinget; tingetii, tminget a chemars; tngetel.
0.005melitechv.t.wedge; put wedge under (something) to open it or make it move.melitech a oba a cheldngelel a chimal el mengibs; merutech er a telkib; kekerei, itechii, melitech er a urrekerek el uasech.
0.005melmesumechv.t.say goodbye or farewell to; give (wife) payment at time of divorce; refuse (person) gracefully.melmesumech a merort er a chebechiil; olmesumech; sumesmechii e le merekong; olmesmechel a udoud; melmesumech a sumesmechii; sumesumech a klechedaol; merael; ak merolung; kiei; mechikung.
0.005melubv.t.bomb; bombard; dynamite; poison (with drugs, etc.).melub a ousbech a dub el omekoad a rechad, ngikel; dub a mekoad a merangd me a bad; dbal a ngikel.
0.005melunglv.t.smell; kiss (with nose).melungl a turengur; tmungl a ungil el bau tenglel.
0.005mengaetv.t.wind (rope; wire; fishing line; etc.); cuddle (baby) when sleeping; (hen) sit on/hatch (eggs).mengaet a chemetii; chemaet a kerreel; chelaet; meliud er ngii; chetel.
0.005mengamv.t.break (long object) in two; fracture.mengam a chomur; chuam a kerrekar; chomur el mo erung; chemul a bambuu.
0.005mengealdv.t.warm or heat up.mengeald a meruul el mo mekeald a ralm; mengeald a rengul a kesib; keldel.
0.005mengebechubv.i.cry mildly with humming sound (esp. when feeling sadness or pity).mengebechub a mekngit a rengul; lmangel el mengebechub.
0.005mengebelungv.i.act foolishly or crazily.mengebelung a kebelung; mengesengsang; meruul a klebelung.
0.005mengedubv.i.swim; play in water.mengedub milil er a daob, mengikai, melechelbakl, rengalek a mengedub.
0.005mengeduibv.t.carve; whittle; seduce by flattery.mengeduib a kekerei el omelasech; omekord, chodibii; choduib a toluk; chedibel.
0.005mengellaklv.t.quiet; pacify; hold or make (something) steady; (bird) glide quietly in sky.mengellakl a chollakl; ungil kelulau a cholleklii a beluu; meruul er ngii el mo chelellakl; chelleklel a beluu.
0.005mengereomelv.t.keep; preserve; conserve; economize on.mengereomel a diak el meterekakl; koremelii; koreomel a udoud; meduch el mengedmokl; keremelel
0.005mengerodechv.t.(people) make noise; complain about; talk too much about.mengerodech a klou a ngerel; chordechii a beluu; chorodech a chutem; cherdechel a dui.
0.005mengesengsangv.t.redup.bother; do something nonsensical; talk nonsense; be in the way.mengesengsang a diak el ultebechel; mengedecheduch el mengesengsang; chelsengsang; melebeseaol.
0.005mengetiitv.t.pick out (seeds; fishbones; etc.); pick at (scab; etc.); badger (person) to get information; seek truth from; seek out (truth).mengetiit a omiich; meleakl; kitiit a klemerang; kitiit a chiuesel a meradel; kititel.
0.005mengiderv.t.lift (with hands, machine, etc.); start or lead off (chant).mengider a omuchel; kmider a urreor; kiderii a chelitakl; kderel.
0.005mengituukv.i.move while asleep; maneuver (around) in order to reach.
0.005mengolv.t.carry on the shoulder; carry away; pick up; steal.mengol a chemol; olab er a ongolngelel; mengol a kerrekar; chelngel.
0.005mengubetv.erg.take off (clothes, watch, ring, etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame or accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.
0.005meramesv.s.far apart (in space or time).merames a diak le mekudem; chacheroid; remesel a dellomel el dait.
0.005merangdn.coral.merangd a ta er a bedengel a bad er a chei.
0.005merekuiv.t.finish (completely; entirely); consume; accomplish.merekui a mochu merek; merekui er a urrereel a blai; kmedu el mo merek.
0.005merersv.t.fence in; pen up; enclose.merers a melenget a sers; sorsii a blil; smers a rael; sersel a babii.
0.005meriikv.t.sweep; look around for (someone).meriik a mengiut; remiik a besbas el oba oriik; remiik a mekesokes.
0.005merotv.t.pound; smash or crush something against solid surface; pound out (spearhead).merot a remot; martiliong a merot rotengii a deel; rtengel a deel. a omart er ngii; bertel.
0.005merusechv.t.pound (food; betel nut; medicine); pound/punch at (someone).merusech a remusech a belsiich el oba chai; rusechii a chemelel; merusech e meleot; rsechel a chemachel.
0.005mesarechv.t.step on; tour/visit (place).mesarech a merael el omes; sorechii a skuul; smarech a betok el beluu; serechel a beluu.
0.005mesauchv.t.break off (branch of tree, etc.) at base or node; break (someone's limb) at joint; open (someone's mouth) wide by force; carry (child) with (child's) legs straddling one's side; handle (child) roughly; spread (legs, etc.) apart.mesauch a ngmai el choroid; souchii a buuch; smauch a diak el buchel; suchel.
0.005mesebekv.t.kick (with forward movement of leg); press against firmly with feet.mesebek a melolk; sobekii a bduu; suebek a tebel; uach a diak le kirel mesebek a klalo; sebekel a bduu.
0.005mesmechoklv.t.put (things) in order; correct (person) for mistaken statement; put (someone; oneself) in correct position (in dancing; sports; etc. or when sitting among elders); improve; instruct or direct (person) about right way of doing something.mesmechokl a remuul el mo er a urrebetellel; sumecheklii a omekedecheraol; sumechokl a tekoi, smecheklel. (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.mesngii a omus er ngii; omail er ngii er a mamed; besngel a kall.
0.005metetoechn.redup.opening of hole, pit, etc.metetoech a belsibs el tmoech er a bitang; otechii; otoech a medal er a metetoech.
0.005metomv.t.lose; miss; fail to catch (fish, etc.); drop accidentally.metom a telom; tomir, tuom el diak a lengai; diak a cheldil; temeel.; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.
0.005mkeliiv.t.cut down; push (person) down.mkelii a omukel er ngii; ukelel.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).
0.005mondain.problem; difficulty; dispute.
0.005msallinterj.Stop!; Wait!.msall e kdu a cheldechedechak, mhall el telkib, mongiil el telkib. upon (moon; stars; etc.) to find one's way; find (landmark); focus on/understand implications of (words; behavior; etc.); take (words, etc.) seriously; commit to memory; recognize as.mtab a omtab; mtebengii, mtab e nguelem e mo medengei; lotkii; utebengel.; replace; substitute; return (favor); succeed (someone); take (someone's) place.mtechir a omtechei er ngii, techil.
0.005ngasechn.rising; ceremony for mother and new-born child (usually; the first child).ngasech a deurreng er a kot el cheroll er a bechiil el dil; olengasech er a mlechell; ongesechel
0.005ngatbangn.village in West Babeldaob south of Ngeremlengui, north of Aimeliik, and to the west of Ngchesar; village in which Rebelkuul is chief.Ngatbang a beluu er a keiukl er a Babeldaob.
0.005ngeaurn.Angaur Island; the state in which Ucherbelau is chief.Ngeaur a chimo er a iungs er a Belau el ngar er a dimes; Eouldaob; Edeaur.
0.005ngeltengatv.s.fortunate; blessed; rewarded; successful.ngeltengat a klengeltengat; melusech, olab a klungiaol a ngeltengat, ngeltengeteel.
0.005ngesacheln.upward slope; ascent.ngesachel a diak le melemalt; kongesachel, ngesachel a rael; ngar eou el mo er a bab; ngesechelel.
0.005ngesecheln.poss.3srising; ceremony for mother and new-born child (usually; the first child).ngesechel a ngasech er ngii; ngmasech, ngesechel a sils, ngesechel a uel er a chelechol.
0.005ngmangedv.i.slip or slide down (and fall); get seduced or titillated by; become infatuated with.ngmanged a olenganged; oldengelengel; mlai a mla ngmanged er a ngesachel el mei er eou.
0.005ngmeltv.i.(sun; moon) set; sink (in soft ground).ngmelt a mo er eou; mo soiseb er a chelsel a chutem; sils a mla ngmelt, ngmelt a ochil er a mesei, ngmelt er a ilachetomel, ngeltel.
0.005nguibesv.i.have desires for; lust after.nguibes a ngibes; sorir a klekool; semeriar a ngkloik; rengeasek a nguibes er a ungil el meloik. off (clothes, watch, ring, etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame or accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.nguubet a melubet; ngubetii er a rengul a meltemall; ngbetel.
0.005obriidv.erg.get scattered; fall out; overflow; (unkempt hair) fly around.obriid a berriid; diak el cheldull; mridii, mriid, mla obriid a delengchokl, bridel.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).ocholt a olecholt; oliisech; ochotii a berrotel; ochotel. (in any direction).odbechii a oldubech er ngii; odbechel.
0.005oideln.poss.3saction of translating or transferring.oidel a oiuid er ngii; oleuid. near; move (onself) close to.okedii a olekeed er ngii; nguu el mo kmeed.
0.005okedongeln.poss.3scall; message; request to come.okedongel a okedong er ngii el bdelul a beluu.
0.005olangchn.instr.sign; distinguishing mark; signal; indication; anything functioning to give directions (e.g., lighthouse); marker.olangch a olecholt; omeketakl; olengchelel a eolt; ouelangch.
0.005oldulebv.t.dip into water.olduleb a oduleb; olderemerem, odelebii, olduleb er a daob me a ralm, odelebel.
0.005oldurechv.caus.tell, ask or encourage someone to do something; send someone with a message or on an errand; order; request.oldurech a odurech; dmu er a chad el mo meruul er a tekoi; oderechii el meliokl, oderechel.
0.005olechauv.caus.attract (person's, someone's glance or attention); call out to.olechau a omekedong el melau el oba chimal; ocheuir, ochau a ues; ocheuil.
0.005olechoidv.t.mess up; put into disarray; meddle in; gossip about.olechoid a ochoid; olechetekl; chelimeluk; ochidii; ochoid a tekoi, ochidel a klalo.
0.005olechoteln.poss.3sexample; precedent.olechotel a ocholt er ngii; olecholt.
0.005olechubelv.caus.spill; pour out; pour (drink) into (glass, etc.).olechubel a oleitel; mengubel; ochubel a ilumel, ochebelii, ochebelel.
0.005olekeedv.caus.bring near; move (onself) close to.
0.005olekeungeln.bullhorn.olekeungel a klekedall el menglou a ngor; mengedecheduch er a olekeungel.
0.005olengengv.t.stare at.olengeng a omes; ngellomel; mesaik a olengeng e diak loruul; ongengii; ongeng.
0.005olsecheleln.the proper place for something; place for keeping valuables (e.g. strong box, cabinet, tabernacle, etc).olsechelel a olsechall er ngii.
0.005olseseiv.caus.move (something) a little bit/ways; (persons) move a little bit/ways.olsesei a telkib el mei, mong; osesei a babier el mong; smesei, osesengii a tebel el mei.
0.005oltitechv.caus.push or wedge oneself in between.oltitech a melitech, soiseb er a meseked, otitech el osiik er a techall, otitechii a kingall, otitechel.
0.005oltutaklv.t.tell on; accuse.oltutakl a olecholt, olengasech a kngtil, telemellel a chad, otuteklii, otutakl, otuteklel er a kort.
0.005omadesv.t.arrange; line up; display.omades a omechobech, mades a blai, omades er a rengalek; bedesel a terekill el kall.
0.005omecheliuv.t.look after (person) (to make sure he is behaving well).omecheliu a mengedmokl, omekerreu, sensei a omecheliu a omesubir a rengalek.
0.005omekeekv.t.fill up (container) with; charge battery.omekeek a remuul el mo mui, mekeek a ollumel, mekekii a chidib, kob; okekel.
0.005omeketaklv.t.make (things) clear/obvious; explain; clarify; make (oneself) visible/prominent; remove obstacle to (vision).omeketakl a olecholt el mo bleketakl, meketakl a cheldecheduch, meketeklii a soal, beketeklel a tekoi.
0.005omeklatkv.caus.remind (someone) to do something.omeklatk a meklatk; mekltkii er a urreor, omeklatk er ngii er a klumech.
0.005omekringelv.caus.make suffer; hurt; make difficult.omekringel a mekringel; remuul el mo meringel; mekrengelii a llechul a boes, ukrengelel.
0.005omelatkn.act.action of remembering.omelatk a melatk, beltikerreng, lotkii a delal, demal, lmatk a ungil el deleongel, ltkel.
0.005omengeleln.poss.3saction of eating.
0.005omerekv.t.spread (blanket, clothes, news, etc.); stretch out (arms, legs); propogate (religion, belief, etc.); cast or toss (e.g. fishnet); flatten and spread out (e.g. earth).omerek a merek, merekii a bail, merek a babier, berekel.
0.005omeroberv.t.snatch; grab; seize; capture (land).omerober a merober; melai el oba blekeu, chelbirukel; merberii a dui, bereberel a chutem.
0.005omeseosv.t.squeeze; press; choke (neck).omeseos a omet; meseos a lius, mesesii a chiklel a malk.
0.005omesiurv.t.steer (canoe, car, etc.); advise; lead towards (good way of life, etc.); influence (e.g. politically).omesiur a omesiul.
0.005omesuubn.act.(action of) learning; studying
0.005omidv.t.twist (hair, cord etc.); twist (fingers) in hair; manipulate (person); wheedle things out of (person); bother oneself about something.omid a mid, choiseksid, omid a chimal er a chiul, blid.
0.005omirv.t.swing (arm) with circular motion (as when turning skip-rope); twirl (rope, etc.) and throw.omir a mir; omir er a bir, omir er a til el bechachau; brengel.
0.005omoesv.t.shoot at.omoes a oba boes el mengetkat; mosii a babii, moes a belochel; bosel a malk.
0.005omosechv.t.break open (something such as a crab shell); postpone; contradict; oppose.omosech a omekesangch; omok a rekung; mosech a chemang.
0.005omtebechelv.t.hold steady; hold in position; control (something; someone; oneself); confirm; moor (boat); watch over (child, etc.); act as guardian for; fix; standardize.
0.005omulakv.t.(tell) lie to.omulak a outingaol; melekoi a klsuul; mulekngii a beluu, blulekngel, bulekngel.
0.005omultv.t.turn over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.omult a mult a chebecheb a mo dengarech; mult a chutem, meltii a smecher, beltel a reng.
0.005ongeimnum.5 [fifth] (ordinal).ongeim a ochur (5), Ongeim el buil, ongeim el ngalek, ongeim er a rak.
0.005ongingiln.poss.3sperson or thing which follows; the next one.ongingil a okiullel; ongeuang a ongingil a ongedei; ongerung a ongingil a kot.
0.005orraelv.caus.lead (animal etc.); drive (boat, car etc.); start (engine).orrael a orael; ochotii a rael; bulis a orrael a mlai er a metang a rael.
0.005orrurtv.caus.make (someone) run; keep (someone) busy going from place to place.orrurt a orurt; remuul el mo ungil el remurt; dachelbai a ungil el orrurt a urreor; orretel.
0.005osebekn.wing (of bird, plane).osebek a olsebek, merreder a mla osebek a skoki, osebekii, osebekel. something down (with hand, body etc.); pin onto.oserechii a olsarech er ngii.
0.005osibn.any instrument for breaking the ground (e.g., plow, pickaxe, pitchfork, etc.).osib a klekedall er a omesib; osib er a sers.
0.005osisebeln.poss.3saction of entering; going into.osisebel a osiseb er ngii; olsiseb.
0.005osisechakln.act.teaching; instruction; training; way of teaching; doctrine. (drawer; suitcase; etc.); sew seam in (clothes); feed (fire); incite (people) to fight.osiu a odak, kodall a osiu a medal a klauchad, ulechoid a osiu a klakoad.
0.005oterekeln.poss.3sthe action of asking for permission; the action of arguing someone down or proving someone or something to be false.oterekel a oturek er ngii; melai er a kengei; oterekel a oturek er ngii; olturek a blulekngel. (something e.g., house; message) to someone; give for safekeeping; set (specific time); prove something or someone to be false.oterekeklii a olterekokl er ngii.
0.005oturekv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.oturek a olturek, nguu a kengei, oterekii; oturek a olterekokl, olturek, ak mla oturek a blulekngel, oterekel; oturek a oldak; oturek a idungel. (someone) enter; put into.otuu a olsiseb; oltuu, aki mla otuu a kles er a bai; otungel.
0.005oubailv.t.wear clothing.oubail a bleiull, blail.
0.005ouklalov.i.own things; take things easy.
0.005oumekngitv.i.bad; evil; sinful; disadvantageous; (words, etc.) harsh.oumekngit a kesib a rengul; omid, lmangel, meruul a diak el ungil.
0.005oungelakelv.t.joke or jest with; kid.oungelakel a melekoi a ngellakel; beruadel a oungelakel e sumechokl a chetituokel; ngellekelel
0.005rebain.backyard; area or space in back (of a building).rebai a diak le medal; diak le ngelong er a blai; rebai er a blai.
0.005rekeln.poss.3srustling sound (of leaves, footsteps, etc.); sound of moving water.rekel a merereek; rerekel a beab.; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).
0.005risoisn.redup.large flat rock; rocky ledge or outcropping.risois a meklou el cherrungel el bad.
0.005ruuln.type of fishnet made of palm leaves.ruul a klekedall er a omengesokes; merart a ruul el llel a lius.
0.005semkeln.poss.3sdead roots and outer skin on plants such as taro that must be scraped off before consuming.
0.005semumn.trochus.semum a ekoek; ta er a bedengel a cheled; semungel.
0.005seselkv.s.bored; impatient.seselk a checherd; seselk a rengul; smecher a checherd a rengul er a cherrodech; seselkel.
0.005siseballn.main entrance.siseball a rael mo soiseb; siseball er a beluu; tuangel a siseball er a blai; sisebellel.; explain; solve.smaod a mesaod; omeketakl; mengedereder, smaod a urreor; sodel
0.005smecheln.poss.3sspreading out (of blanket, clothing, etc.); sending (of message); massaging (of body); restoration (of something to original state); returning (of someone to original home, etc.).smechel a luut er ngii; omesumech er ngii; smechel a ngalek er a milechellii; lmuut el mo ua ingii er a kot; sumechii, suumech.
0.005suldn.coconut fiber used for cord (orig. used for wiping).suld a mengai er a ulengchidel er a lius; sudel.
0.005suleln.poss.3stiredness; trouble; thanks; gratitude.sulel a saul er ngii; mesulang el kired; sulel a saul er ngii er a urreor. out (blanket; clothing; etc.); send (message); massage (body); set/readjust (bones); restore.sumechii a mesumech er ngii; ngoderii a lleng el klalo.
0.005tautn.aim; action of shooting at target; adulterer.taut a tmaut; taut er a burech er a ngikel; beketaut, tutel.
0.005tebedeln.poss.3sbeginning; outbreak; exit; passageway by which something exits.tebedel a tobed er ngii; mo tuobed, tebedel a omechell.
0.005techn.meat; flesh; muscles; genitals (esp. female); core; essence; root or tuber (of starchy food).tech a chelsel a chad, charm; techel a babii, techel a malk, techel a ngikel.
0.005techedeln.poss.3sthorn or pricker (of plant).techedel a toched er ngii el biskang.
0.005techerakln.hook for picking up fish, turtle etc.; place for hanging.techerakl a klekedall el melecherakl; techereklel a bail.
0.005tedeinum.3 [three] (human).tedei a ochur (3) el mo er a rechad, tedei el ekebil; tedei el rubak, tedei el buik.
0.005teliangn.other end (of house; village; etc.); location on the other side or over there.teliang a tedobech er ngii; cheldeng a telia er a blai, teliang el mekesokes; telia el beluu.
0.005telungalekn.extended family.telungalek a delengchokl. A chelsel a telungalek a ngar er ngii a chedam, chedil, rengelekir me a rengelekir a rengelekir. A telungalek a ua loldak a eru el ongalek. Aika el ongalek a kakerous. A merreder er a telungalek a chedam me a chedil. Tirke el ngelekir a rengelekir el redil a kuk ngar er ngii a demerir el merreder er tir. Ngika el demerir a di merreder a delengchokl me a chelebechielir me a kerrekerngir el udoud me aike el rokui el dubech el kirel tirka el nglekel. A kmal klou a klisichel er a omerreder a ngike el chedil er se el kot el onglaek.
0.005temelleln.poss.3sblack magic (cast onto any person or thing); damage; destruction.temellel a temall el ngii a tilemellii.
0.005tengetengeln.poss.3soffering (including money given in church); sacrifice; tax or due money; barrier; dam; anything used to block access.tengetengel a tenget er ngii; melenget.
0.005teretern.cold (sickness).tereter a secher; rakd el bekoiueuul.
0.005tiei it is (near me but far from you).
0.005tmurkv.t.(boat) hit into/against; get argued down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); lose argument; run into obstacle and fail to move further; do as much as possible but still fail.tmurk a mo subechii er ngii; mlai a mla tmurk er a cheldukl; ert a tureka er a beluu. (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.tometii a melamet er ngii; temetel. or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread.toreklii a merrakl er ngii; tereklel. (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.tuamet a melamet; omeklemalt; ekebil a mla tuamet a chiul; tometii a rengul; temetel a reng. according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure.tukur a meluk er ngii; melebes.
0.005tutn.breast; baby bottle; bosom.tut a klekedellel a chelechad; tut a kelir a retolechoi; otutur a ngalek; tul.
0.005udeln.poss.3sglue; resin; fuel for lamp.udel a uuid er ngii; udel a meduu; udel a babier.
0.005uidnum.7 [seven] (counting).uid a ochur el (7), oim; malong, uid.
0.005uingeln.tooth.uingel a klekedellel a ngor el meringet; ungelel.
0.005ulakv.r.s.anchored.ulak a urrebet a okul; diak lorael; bilas a ulak me ng diak lobechakl; llechotel; okul.
0.005uldechuulv.r.s.burdened with heavy work; strained; (appetite, sleep, etc.) spoiled.uldechuul a telemall a bedengel; uldechuul er a klakoad, mlotilech a uldechuul, oberaod el urreor a mla mdechur; uchul a secherel a uldechuul er a klakoad.
0.005uldikeln.r.s.trouble in household or community; restlessness; social disorder or disruption.
0.005ulleln.poss.3sback; area or space (directly) in back of.ullel a uriul er ngii; ng techa ngar ullel a Calista?
0.005uloleln.poss.3sfloor; friendly relationship between two families or clans.ulolel a ulaol er ngii.
0.005ulsirsv.r.s.(money) pawned or pledged; leaned against.ulsirs a mla mosirs; mla osisii, osirs a chutem; chetemek a ulsirs er a bank; ulsisel.
0.005ultelechaklv.r.s.accused; suspected.ultelechakl a mla ngmai mekngit el diak le bleketakl; mla motelechakl er a rechorech; ultelechakl a mekngit; ultelecheklel.; cookhouse.uum a blil a blengur, blil a omeliokl me a omeruul el kall; uum a ileakl er a blai, umengel.
0.005bengtn.purple colored sweet potato.bengt a bedengel burek; ko er a bedengel a bsechel a biib. or middle (esp., of hull of canoe); large central section of taro patch; aisle (of church, etc.).bluu a blngel, bluu er a mlai, bluu er a brer, bluu er a mesei.
0.005bngeln.bngel a ngerel a dub me a boes.
0.005chelechedv.s.ambidextrous.cheleched a chad el osisiu a klisichel a katrul me a kadekmel a chimal.
0.005chelechedn.redup.area of shallow water (usually exposed at low tide and good for fishing).cheleched a chei, daob, kereker.
0.005chelechedv.r.s.husked.cheleched a chelechidel; lius el mla mecheched; chechedel.
0.005dechaln.poss.3sstate of ripeness or maturity (of a fruit).
0.005decheleln.poss.3saddition; extension; something added to something else to increase the total amount, quantity, etc.dechelel a mo obengkel a ngar, ngii, omdois, meruul el mo betok; a ika dechelel a ongraol.
0.005kerdeln.poss.3sflame.kerdel a kmard er ngii, kerdel a ngau
0.005mechubsv.erg.steal ongraol from garden, etc.mechubs a mla merechorech; chuubs a kukau, chubsii a sers, chebsel.
0.005medidaiv.erg.go with or accompany (someone) in vehicle; take a ride with; braid (hair, string, etc.).
0.005melangchv.t.set (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).melangch a melecha chutem er a uchul a dellomel; dongchii a kebui, dmangch a sebulias; dengchel.
0.005melasechv.t.spread widely apart.melasech a menglou; kilungii; sosechii a bail; smasech a oeacher; mesasech, sesechel.
0.005melochedv.t.break (string, cord, wire, etc.) by pulling.meloched a medebes; dobesii, lochedii a kereel; lmoched a uak, lloched, lechedel.
0.005melochedn.stroke (cerebrovascular accident (CVA); cerebrovascular insult (CVI); brain attack).meloched a obitelek; ta er a a rakd, secher.
0.005melubv.t.spit on.melub a mengoit a tbal; diak a melub er a tuangel, tubar, tuub a dellomel. (object which is stuck) by inserting lever and prying; throw or trip (someone) by putting lever (e.g. stick, leg) between his or her legs; twist (arm, finger, etc.); be in early stage of pregnancy; bear grudge against someone.mengemekl a chelemimiil; chomeklii a rengul e diak lomengur; chomekl, chemeklel. with wide mesh for trapping turtles. at.moes a omoes; mla moes a betok el belochel; mosii a olik; bosel. a large amount of (fish).ngomedii a melemed er ngii el ngikel; betok a cheldil.
0.005omasechv.t.count or name (a group of related persons or things); mention (someone's name); move in zigzag fashion (when sailing canoe against wind); tack; (chickens) move/jockey into position for fighting.omasech a omechur; melekoi a ildisel, masech a sulel, mesechii a ta el sils, besechel; omasech a diak le melemalt; meliud el mo e mei; mlai a omasech er a ikrel.; make a bid.
0.005omoketv.t.unwrap; unravel; unwind; comb out/undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell); (chicken, etc.) fall back or hesitate when fighting; pay dues, money at ocheraol, etc.omoket a oltobed; moket a udoud, meketii a uldurokl, beketel.
0.005omuitv.t.boil (starchy food) several times to make soft.omuit a meliokl el mo meketeket; melecha betok el ralm; uluit el brak.
0.005osiuv.s.blocked or clogged.
0.005oterekiiv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.oterekii a olturek a blulekngel; oterekeklii; oterekii a olturek er ngii; nguu a kengei.
0.005rekeln.poss.3sripe stage (of fruit when fruit is suitable to eat); cooked stage (of food).rekel a mark; rekel a tuu; mark el bobai; merekang.
0.005semumv.s. having deformed fingers or toes.
0.005suchesn.stomach cramps.suches a secher el mui a eolt er a bedengel; suches a kekengel; sechesel a kak.
0.005telengetv.r.s.made sacrifice to; hindered; obstructed.telenget a chelsimer; mla metenget; tongetengii a rael; tonget a metetoech; melenget, tengetengel.
0.005tengetengeln.poss.3sbarrier; anything used to block or hinder.
0.005tongetn.poisonous tree in mango family.tonget a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el ongut; mechut er a tonget.
0.005uldikelv.r.s.made to move/shake; (person) made active.uldikel a ouedikel; mengidebtib; mengitengtik; uldikel er a rengalek cholechotel a bedengir el mesisiich
0.005rekilv.t.end; finish.
0.004bacheln.collarbone; Palauan money in form of curved prisms.bachel a meklou el udoud er a Belau.
0.004bakesn.step (in walking).bakes a blekeklel a uach; omakes, omekebakes, mekesii a ochil; bekesel.
0.004bdecheln.vomit.bdechel a mudech er ngii, smecher a omudech, mdechel.
0.004bedecheln.poss.3scurved configuration/shape of boat.
0.004bedkeln.poss.3s(surgical) operation.
0.004bekelleln.poss.3ssail; canoe which is sailing; (action of) driving or sailing.bekellel a teletelel bekall; omekall, bekellel a ngikel,bekellel a mlai.
0.004bldekleln.poss.3sarrangement; table of contents; order; sequence.bldeklel a blechebechel, bldukl; bldeklel a klobak.
0.004beldokelv.r.s.bring/send mat (or similar object) to house of deceased.beldokel a bladek er a bar; mla obail; ulekoad a blail er a bedekel. Bedengel a medei el chad el mla obadek.
0.004belsibsv.i.bore hole in; drill; pierce (ear).belsibs a mla obsibs; ngar ngii a metetoech er ngii, misebsii a kerrekar, msibs, bsebsel.
0.004belteln.poss.3shis/her/its action of turning over.beltel a mla obult, meltii, beltel a reng.
0.004beltik el; affection.
0.004beraomv.s. (fish) slightly spoiled.beraom a mla mo mekngit a bul; bediu, beremel a ngikel.
0.004berdeln.poss.3slip.berdel a berd er ngii el kim, berdel a ngor, berdel a otkang.
0.004berebereln.poss.3snarrow part of limb.bereberel a berober er ngii el chim me a bereberel a uach. of heaviness.berraod a kllungel a berredel a klalo.
0.004berriidv.r.s.scattered; spread; sown; dismantled.berriid a diak le chelludel; mriid, rechad a berrid. snake.bersoech a mekemangel el charm el ko er a kesebekuu e ng di ngar er a beluu. A bersoech a charm; ng diak a ochil me a chimal. Ng dirrek el diak a bsechel. Ng di ua a teletelel a nguis el chetngaid e kekemanget. Ng diak el kall.
0.004berteln.poss.3sthe action of hiding.bertel a omart a buuch.
0.004bideln.poss.3smistake, error. also, chant which mentions people traveling to many places.
0.004bledv.r.s.(ball; etc.) caught; grabbed; (money) borrowed.bled a mla obed; medir a bduu, bedeel
0.004bluksv.r.s.(spearhead) pounded and flattened; (lips = ngor) pursed.bluks a mla obuks; bluks a ngerel, chelisngull, meksii, beksel a ngerel.
0.004bosn.(motorless) boat.bos a mlai er a daob, besengel.
0.004bucheln.poss.3sbetel nut.buchel a buuch er ngii el chad.
0.004burechn.(action of) spearing.burech a omurech, mrechii a ngikel el oba biskang, brechel.
0.004busn.marriage payment given by husband's family.Ta ra okul a chebechiil el udoud; bus a udoud el rengedel a chebechiil el lomoket a sechal el mo er a blil a redil, bsengel.
0.004butn.genitals; anus; vagina; bottom (surface).but a eoulbeluu er a chad me a uriul, idekel a but, uchauch a btil a chad, btil a omerael, btil a lius.
0.004chacheroidv.recip.far from each other.chacheroid a kakengesakl; di du el cheroid, choridii, choroid, cherroid, cherridel. about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.
0.004chatn.smoke; a chetul a ngau, mengchat a seseb.
0.004chebuln.poss.3sashes; fireplace; hearth.chebul a chab er ngii el idungel.
0.004chedesaochn.coconut frond just before beginning to turn brown; (white-capped) waves; old pepper leaves (used for chewing with betel nut).chedesaoch a ouiuul el daob; meklou el daob; daob a ouchedesaoch.
0.004chelamv.r.s.broken in two.chelam a chelemuul; mla mecham; chomur, chuam a rachel, mengam, ochil a chelam, chemul a uach.
0.004chelausv.r.s.sprinkled with lime; woven.chelaus a mla mechaus; chemelel a chelaus, mengaus, chusel a chemachel; chousii a oruikl, chemaus a tet, chusel.
0.004cheledaolv.r.s.blessed; sanctified.cheledaol a chedaol; meang, mla mechedaol; cheledolel.
0.004cheleedv.r.s.sewn, stitched or fixed temporarily; pushed.cheleed a mla mecheed; chemedii a mlai, chemeed a bail, mengeed, chedel a mechut el bail.
0.004cheliin.yesterday.chelii a sils er uchei er a chelechang.
0.004cheliseksikdv.t.tangle up (string, line, etc.); get someone involved or mixed up in; complicate or confuse (matters).cheliseksikd a chelikikd, diak le mededaes.
0.004chelleochv.r.s.take good or special care of; favor or spoil (usually, child).
0.004cheloitv.r.s.thrown away; abandoned; discarded; (money) spent unnecessarily.cheloit a blides; mla mechoit; choitii a mechut el mlai, chemoit a besbas.
0.004chelsengsangv.r.s.redup.busy in bothering people; bothersome; nonsensical; trivial.chelsengsang a diak lultebechel; diak lodengei a mera el tekoi mengesengsang;
0.004chemeleln.poss.3singredients for betel nut chewing (i.e. betel nut, pepper leaf, lime, etc.). (rope; wire; fishing line; etc.); cuddle (baby) when sleeping; (hen) sit on/hatch (eggs).chemetii a mengaet er ngii.
0.004chemochemn.urine.chemochem a ralm el diak a usbechel er a chad me ng tuobed; chemechemel. between ground and floor of bai or house.chemrungel a delongelel a ulaol me a chutem, eungel a blai.
0.004chemutiin.sweet potato.chemutii a ta er a bedengel a dellomel el kall a techel.
0.004cherachesn.falling or outgoing tide; misfortune; scarcity. .cheraches a omerolel el mo meched a chei; merael el mo mekesai, cheraches er a udoud, cherchesel.
0.004cheriutn.grass skirt.cheriut a baildil el ngar a uudes el me er eou, oucheriut, cheritel.
0.004chesbochebn.board (for building); prickly pear cactus (used as medicine for burns).chesbocheb a llecholech el meliliut el kerrekar, chesbechebel.
0.004chesiln.poss.3sburning or discoloration of pot (after water has boiled out).chesil a chelas er ngii; chosir, chemas, chesil a beras.
0.004chetngaidv.s.(person, long object) thin/slender; skinny.chetngaid a chetekl; diak le mekoar; chetngidel; mekekerei a bedengel.
0.004chiltn.oil; ointment; grease; chrism.chilt a ngii di le ngerang el usbechall er a omengilt, reng a chilt, cheluch a chilt, mengilt a reng. oil on; grease; anoint.chiltii a mengilt er ngii er a chilt.
0.004chisngeklv.i.turn head to look.chisngekl a mesim a chiklel el bedul a bitang; chisngekl el mo e mei; mengesngekl. (object which is stuck) by inserting lever and prying; throw or trip (someone) by putting lever (e.g. stick, leg) between his or her legs; twist (arm, finger, etc.); be in early stage of pregnancy; bear grudge against someone.mengemekl a chelemimiil; chomeklii a rengul e diak lomengur; chomekl, chemeklel. (something) to a distance; move (oneself) away from.choridii a mengeroid er ngii. lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).chousii a mengaus er ngii; chemachel. (fruit); extract (tooth); wean (baby); sway (hips) when dancing; ignore; avoid eye contact.chuib a mengib a rodech; chuib a oleiit; olechib a medal.
0.004churn.laughter; laughing.chur a dereuakl, ocherechur, rekebil a metemella er a chur.
0.004dakdn.fear; awe.dakd a diak leblekeu; medakd, chad a uleboes me ng diak leua dakd er a beluu, dekdel.
0.004debulln.grave; cemetery plot.debull a chutem le delakl a chad er ngii, debull a ngar er a odesongel, debellel.
0.004dekdeln.fear; awe.
0.004delasechn.tabbooed food; food forbidden to particular clan or to particular person (when sick).delasech a kall el ukiil; omekiai; diak le kall; diak le rtuchel, ochaeo a delasech, delsechel. of fish; herd; group (of people).delebechel a cheldellel a betok, delebechel el ngikel; delebechel el ngalek a merael el meruu a besbas, delebechel el mekebud, delebechel el bilis.
0.004delemeln.poss.3s(action of) planting.delemel a beches el meldalem; dalem el lius el ungil bekerredechel.
0.004deleuilln.relationship between people or groups of people.deleuill a deleongel; delongelel a chad me a chad, deleuill er a Merikel me a Belau a free association.
0.004delikikn.r.s.left-over food (on the table prepared but not eaten).delikik a betok el kall el diak le mekang, kall el medechel el di mo kelel a babii a delikik el kall; melikik a kall; dellikikengel.
0.004dengebeln.poss.3slid; cover.dengebel a dangeb er ngii; omelangeb er ngii el olekang.
0.004derteln.poss.3sits dryness; its degree of dryness (i.e. how dry is something).
0.004desbedalln.east coast of Babeldaob. Includes the villages of Kayangel, Ngerchelong, Ngaraard, Ngiwal, Melekeok, Ngchesar.Desbedall a ongos er a Babeldaob; Melekeok me a Ngchesar a beluu er a Desbedall.
0.004desecheln.poss.3sPalauan money paid to carpenter for building house.
0.004didicheln.poss.3sray (of light); act of insulting.didichel a omelidiich er ngii, diak longull a llach me ng mla medidiich er a uchul a delengchokl. (object, usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down.dikir a melik er ngii; kmedii, dikir a til, dmik a kall, delik, omechei; dkil
0.004dilocheln.very deep area of the ocean (inside the reef in a channel).
0.004dimeln.poss.3sspray; splashing.dimel a diim er ngii el klengoes; osechel.
0.004dingesn.state of being full.dinges a medinges; diak el sengerenger, betok a kall; dinges a uchul a ungil el klechad, dngesel. (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).dmangch a melangch; mla dmangch a rokui el chaibebelau, dongchii a chad, dengchel; dmangch a kebui; locha chutem er a uchul a dellomel. up at.dmanges a melanges; omes er bab, mla dmanges a buuch, dongesii a kebui, dengesel. (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.dmauch a melauch, dmauch a delouechel er a chelechedal a lius; dmauch a betok el keam; douchii a miich; duchel. or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.dobedebek a mla lmatk; ak mla dobedebek a meldu el tekoi; dobedebekii, debedebekel.; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse.doklii a melakl er ngii; sukur er a kliokl el chutem; deklel.; crease; bend; make (string) double or triple strength before tying.dour a meleu er ngii, mla dour a chimal.; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped.dulii a melekoi er ngii; mla dulii a tekoi.
0.004duobv.i.fall through or into (hole); be late; miss.duob a diak le bechir a taem; ruebet er a delluchel, duob er a skoki.
0.004eanginterj.expression of surprise.eang a ochotii a rrau el reng; eang ng mera el tekoi? eang tia ng ker?
0.004elteln.poss.3swind; breeze; air; storm; typhoon.eltel a eolt er ngii el beluu.
0.004eoulbeluun.lower half of the body; private parts; section of a village at a lower elevation than the rest.eoulbeluu a tedobech er a chad; uuk me a uchauch me a but a eoulbeluu; eoulbeluu a beluu; delengchokl el ngar eou el chutem; eoulbeluu a diak el ordomel er a beluu, osebek a eoulbeluu.
0.004iisn.nose; curved board at entrance of bai laid on top of kuoku or chututem.iis a klekedellel a klidm, urrereel a iis a melungl a bau, ungil a isngel a tmungl a bau. they (things) are.
0.004imeleln.poss.3sdrink; beverage.imelel a ilumel el ngii a ouilumel, imelel el mengur.
0.004imiuv.t.pass by or in front of.imiu a engelakl e diak be ltab, eolt a mla imiu er a Belau, iul a eolt er a Beluad.
0.004imuulv.i.cross over (to other side).imuul a ngar a bitang el mo er a bitang; mo imuul er a omoachel el okiu a did.
0.004ingukln.stones on which cooking pot is placed; fire hearth; fire pit.ingukl a kldei el bad el delalem er a chutem, ongedelel a olekang er a omeliokl.
0.004kabelmentn.government. each other.kaingeseu a didu el olengeseu, ngosuir a ousbech a ngeso; ngoseu a chelsang, rebeluu a kaingeseu.
0.004kaiun.pole (such as that to which a knife is attached at the top and used to harvest betelnut, pepper leaf, etc.).kaiu a ongaiu; klekedall el doba el mengaiu; kaiu el bambuu a kiuel a buuch.
0.004kambalangn.bell.kambalang a ongesmoll el kirel a orenges; osmii a kambalang. to each other or converse about something.katekoi a didu el melekoi; kachedecheduch, ngera te katekoi?
0.004katurn.left hand/arm; left side.katur a klitechetul; diak le klisichel; kirel a chad el okiu a katur er a rael.
0.004keamn.Polynesian/Tahitian chestnut; nut of keam.keam a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel. A keam a dellomel; ng kmal el mo meklou el kerrekar. A redechel a mechaibibeob e ko er a debretech. Kede meliokl a redechel e ng kall. Ng dirrek el sebechel el klalo a chelechedal.
0.004kebekaklv.s.light in weight; (matter) simple or easy to deal with.kebekakl a kekebekakl; diak lobereod, mesengaked el ngalek a kebekakl.
0.004keedn.nearness; proximitykeed a kmeed; be msesei el mei kmeed, okedii, okeed; diak le cheroid, kedel, olekeed er ngii.
0.004kelatkv.recip.remember/think about each other.kelatk a didu el melatk; kadebedebek; rekaiuetoir a di du el kelatk; lotkii, lmatk a cheldechedechal, ltkel.
0.004kengaoln.danger; dangerous situation.kengaol a kdekudel; omengechel, blil a chedeng a kengaol.
0.004kereleln.poss.3sline (usually for fishing); cord.kerelel a kereel el ngii a ouklalo er ngii.
0.004keriikn.rising/incoming tide; abundance; good fortune.keriik a merael a dolech el mo klou; ulturek dolech; omkeriik e omekall kung.
0.004kerrasemn.cold; chills; coldness (person).kerrasem a kelekolt; mekerasem, ng mekelekolt me ng klou a kerrasem; diak le kesib; kersemel.
0.004keruln.poss.3smedicine; palliative; antidote.kerul a kar er ngii el secher.
0.004ketiterachelv.i.slip; slide.ketiterachel a meaiu e ngebudel; rael a ketiterachel.
0.004kiseln.poss.3skey (for opening locks).kisel a kiis er ngii el blai.
0.004klabn.harvested tubar of taro or tapioca.klab a ta er a ngklel a kukau.
0.004klautokn.oppose; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).klautok a diak le kaiuerenges; di du el omtok; klaiueong; mtekengii, mtok a tekoi, utekengel a urreor.
0.004kldachelbain.skill; dexterity.kldachelbai a cheldechuul; meduch a urreor me a tekoi; dachelbai er a cheldecheduch; kldachelbil.
0.004kldaitn.small piece of Palauan money (made of same material as bachel).kldait a ta er a bedengel a udoud er a Belau.
0.004kldoelv.t.put or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.kldoel a kled; medechel, delik, ollumel a kldoel er a tebel, kmedii, kedel.
0.004kleainum.8 [eight] (animal; nonliving thing).kleai a eai el ochur (8), kleai el malk, kleai el blai; kleai el babii.
0.004klebelungn.nonsense; foolishness; ignorance.klebelung a kebelung, teliturmgelsonges er a uldasu; diak el meduch.
0.004klemangetn.height; length.klemanget a klemengetel; klemangel.
0.004klemedengein.knowledge (from study; etc.).klemedengei a klaodengei; ngar ngii a klemedengei er kau er a omerael?
0.004klemngeln.poss.3sfinger; claw.klemngel a kokom er ngii, klemngel a chemang; kokemngel a rekung.
0.004kleuidnum.7 [seven] (animal; nonliving thing).kleuid a ochur el euid (7), kleuid el babii, kleuid el chemang, kleuid el beluu.
0.004klikiidv.r.s.absolved or purified of; emptied.klikiid a beches; mekikiid, diak el chelsechusem er a mekngit el omeruul; deledaes, klikiid er a ultelechakl, kikidii, kmikiid, kikidel.
0.004klumechv.r.s.(blanket; etc.) spread out; (body) massaged; restored; message sent.klumech a mesumech a tekoi el mo er a cheroid; a ika klmechel el eko er kau. about to get near or close.kmedung a kmedang.; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).kmiis a mengiis; kmiis a chutem el oba osib; kmiis a chesimer el oba a kiis. a ilumel. (oneself) down; do (something) calmly in a relaxed manner.kokil a mekekokil; diak el orreched; kokil el merael.
0.004kosekodelv.s.(room; etc.) too small/confined; (time) too short; (high tide) of short duration.kosekodel a meseked; betok a rengalek me a delemerab er a skuul a kosekedelang.
0.004kuollv.t.respect; honor.kuoll a kirel a omengull; kullii a Chelid, kmull a uldesuel a chad, kmull a ilteet; omerreder a kuoll.
0.004kurangdn.playground.kurangd a blil a klekool; oililaol.
0.004langeln.crying; noise of crying.langel a lmangel; langel er a ringel; lmangel er a kodall; longelii a ulekoad; lengelel.
0.004laokn.fat (of human, animal, or fish); fatty food (esp., animal fat).laok a cheluch, melaok a babii laok er a babii a oumangtekang, lekel a bdelul a mesekuuk.
0.004llechotelv.t.tie; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.llechotel a llechet.
0.004llemeseln.poss.3sdaylight; brightness; intelligence.llemesel a llomes er ngii; llemesel a reng, llemesel a sils; buil a omekllomes.; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.lmatk a dobedebek; lotkang; diak lobes, ak mla lmatk a klumech, lotkii, ltkel.; draw.lmuches a meluches; lmuches a ngakl el rokui, lechesel. silent.lmuk a luk; mtekii a ngerel; diak lolekoi. (into particular position); take (to particular place).lochang a melechang; lochang, omechei, mesuk a udoud er a olsechelel. down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children).lomelemii a melemolem er ngii; lomelemii a omerolel. down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children).lomolem a melemolem; ngalek a mla lomolem a soal, lemelemel.; draw.luchesii a meluches er ngii. a omart; mertii a babier, mart a udoud, bertel.
0.004masesn.matches.mases a seuis; klekedall el omekard a ngau, masesengel.
0.004mdecheln.poss.3svomit.mdechel a mudech er ngii; a smecher a mudech a kllel. around; leave alone; let.mechei a omechei; diak lolai, mla mechei a kall e merael, mecherei.
0.004mechelaodv.s.content; happily occupied.mechelaod a semeriar; merireueru er ngii; chellaod, mechechelaod er a klechedaol.
0.004mechelebedv.erg.hit; strike; bat. a omechar er ngii; ocheral.
0.004mecherocherv.s.salty; salty food.mecherocher a cherrocher; telemtemul a daob me a sar; cherrecherel.
0.004mechuliiv.t.tie into a bundle; embrace.mechulii a omechull er ngii; mengisemesem.
0.004mechuuv.s.shady.mechuu a chuu; diak a dichel a sils er ngii, eungel a kerrekar a mechuu, chungel. down (in fighting, etc.); let (something) drop; drop (oneself) to floor, etc.medecheklii a omedechakl er ngii. fish in water; (ocean) agitated with whitecaps; cut (tongue) when eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.medesii a omodes; omeldakl er a malk.
0.004medulv.erg.broil; roast; get (oneself) sunburned; bake (bread, etc.).medul a delul; dmul a ngikel; delul er a ngau, delul a chimal er a mekeald. (fire, lamp, cigarette, etc.); turn on.mekard a omekard; mekard a olbidel; mekerdii a ngau, okerdel.
0.004mekebekabesv.s.redup.hanging down; dangling.mekebekabes a ulekabes; kuabes, marek el tuu a mekebekabes er a sers. up (container) with; charge battery.mekeek a omekeek; remuul el mo mui, mekeek a ollumel er a ralm, mekeek a chidib er a udoud; mekekii a olekang okekel a chidib. up (container) with; charge battery.mekekii a omekeek er ngii; locha el mo mui.
0.004mekemimv.s.sour; acidic; spoiled (from having turned sour).mekemim a telemtam; telemtemul a ongerekur. (eyes; mouth; book; door; etc.); spread (legs; etc.) apart.mekengii a omkais; omok er ngii; mekengii a babier, bekengel a babier,
0.004mekerekerv.s.(fish, meat, vegetables, leaves) fresh; (person) robust; lively; in good health or condition.mekereker a beches; mekereker el ngikel, mekereker el kebui; mekereker el kall; mekereker a mesisiich a bedengel; meses er a urreor, usbechall er a buai; diak le mesaik el chad. (things) clear/obvious; explain; clarify; make (oneself) visible/prominent; remove obstacle to (vision).meketeklii a omeketakl er ngii; meketakl; dmedesii.
0.004melachelv.t.lie in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap).melachel a dochelii; dmachel, melachel a bedikl er a malk; melachel a bub er a ngikel; dechelel.
0.004melaklv.t.bury; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse.melakl a loia er a chelsel a chutem; doklii a ulekoad, dmakl a besbas, deklel.
0.004melamlv.t.cut (grass, garden, yard, etc.).
0.004melaokv.s.greasy; fatty.melaok a klou a laok er ngii; cheluch; mangtekang; melaok el kall a olsecher, lekel.
0.004melauv.t.heat or cook (food) lightly; heat to make it bendable; rub or massage; beckon to (person, animal).melau a tour; meruul el mo medemedemek er a ngau, mekeald; tmau a baklungal; teul; melau a omekodong el oba chimal, olechau er ngii el oba chimal.
0.004melauchv.t.cut (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.melauch a meliud; melobech; melauch a keam; douchii; dmauch; duchel.
0.004meleaklv.t.separate or differentiate (something) from; set apart; put aside; remove; disassociate (oneself) from.meleakl a imakl; eklii; diak luldak; mo kakerous; meleakl a kukau er a brak; eklel.
0.004melechesebv.t.scoop or ladle out (and keep for further use).melecheseb a socheseb; mengisb, melecheseb a uasech, ralm; sochesebii. melecheseb a mengisb; melai a ralm el oba ongisb; sochesebii; socheseb; sechesebel. with a slingshot; catch (fish) with a spear gun; snap string of kitalong against piece of lumber for purpose of marking line.melechii a omalech er ngii; mla melechii a kemedukl, belechel.
0.004melekesakov.t.crawl or creep on or over (floor, particular distance, etc.).melekesako a merael a chimal me a ochil; sokesekeuii a blai, sokesako, sekesekeuel.
0.004melekosekv.t.cut/slice (odoim = non-starchy food) vertically (partially or all the way through); cut (leaves; paper; finger; etc.); castrate (pig); flatter.melekosek a melekodek; meluk; melebes,
0.004meleliueklv.i.redup.keep turning around/revolving.
0.004melemosemv.t.tie shut to keep contents in; confine.melemosem a mesaur; somesemii; somosem a kall; semsemel.
0.004melengeln.poss.3sany section of road; tree; etc. between beginning and end; top and bottom; etc.melengel a lengel; ngii di le ker er a rael.
0.004melesv.t.cut or slice (fish, meat); slit (open); eat (fish) raw.meles a melekosek; meles a ngikel, baklild a meles a buld; dosengii, dmes, desengel.
0.004melibechv.t.invent; introduce; start (something new, independent life, etc.); compose (song, etc.); make up or fabricate (story, etc.); chip off part of blade of (tool).melibech a meruul a beches; dibechii, duibech a chelitakl, di ngii el meruul; delbechelel.
0.004melibekv.t.kick away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off.melibek a dibekii; dibekii a bduu; duibek.
0.004melidiichv.t.shine brightly on or into; glare into; light up; insult (visitor or person of lower clan); offensive insulting using mother's side references.melidiich a didiich er a sils; ngar er ngii a dichel, dmiich, didichel.
0.004melikesv.t.pole (raft, canoe, etc.); (leader) speak (words of song which others will sing in response).melikes oba dekel el orrurt er a mlai; sikesii, smikes a brer.
0.004melimetv.t.bail; bail out and discard; scoop dirt out of.melimet a mengoit a ralm, daob; ngimetii, nguimet a mlai me a chert; ngmetel.
0.004melioklv.t.cook or boil (ongraol) in water.meliokl a melengoes a ongraol; ngiiklii; ngiokl a brak; ngiklel.
0.004meliualechv.t.throw stick at.meliualech a olengill el oba tiualech; tiuelechii a meradel, toiualech a iedel, tiuelechel.
0.004melngotv.t.(person) get, obtain or seek (food); (animal) forage for (food).melngot a osiik a ongraol; melngot er a mesei, stoang; tungetngii a kukau, tungot a beras, tngetngel.
0.004melodechv.t.change; make (something) different.melodech a ngodechii; ngmodech a llach; mekbeches; omeldechel a rael, ngedechel.
0.004melokov.t.blow out (candle, etc.); blow up (balloon); blow on or at; smoke or puff (cigarette).meloko a oltobed a telil; dokouii a dekool, dekeuel.
0.004melolkv.t.kick (with downward movement of leg); stomp.melolk a oba ochil el mesebek; dolkii, dmolk a tebel, delkel. over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.meltii a omult er ngii; omechero er ngii; meltii a ngikel; mult, beltel.
0.004meluichv.t.shine or reflect light on; illuminate; go night fishing with torch or lamp.meluich a melituich. (fine).meluked a msa ngkedel a kot.
0.004melulv.t.broil; roast; get (oneself) sunburned; bake (bread, etc.).melul a omekmarek er a bas; durur a ngikel; dmul a chemang, delul.
0.004meluluuchv.t.pray to; plead to; implore; apologize to.meluluuch a olengit; ngunguchii me lebechei a belsel me a ududel; ngunguchel.
0.004melusechv.s.always lucky.melusech a metik a klungiaol; klengaltengat; lusech, lsechel.
0.004me e mongexpr.pass by; go on; "(in a direction) towards me and then keep going (past me)."
0.004mengatv.t.smoke (fish; etc.); dry (wrapped tapioca); give (someone) steam bath (so as to regain strength; esp. after childbirth); smoke out (mosquitoes; etc.).mengat a chemat a ngikel; otur a omechell; chetul. a omangch er ngii; katuu a mla mengchii a beab; mangch, bengchel
0.004mengebirukelv.t.make crooked.mengebirukel a meruul a chebirukel; diak le melemalt; choibirukel a tekoi, chobirkelii, chebirkelel a tekoi.
0.004mengebladv.t.deceive; cheat; use (something) deceptively; bluff.mengeblad a outingaol e melai a soal; chobeldir a sensei; choblad a udoud; chebeldil. or stitch patch onto; fix temporarily or sloppily; push (person) against (wall, etc.).mengeed a meruul mechut el klalo; chemedii a blai, chemeed a bail; chedel. (person; food; engine; etc.); slap (part of head or face).mengeluut a melai a ungil el eolt; cheluut a mei mengeluut; ongeluatel; chelutel.
0.004mengemullv.t.have sexual relations with.mengemull a ousau; sechal me a dil a chachemull.
0.004mengereelv.t.catch (fish) with a line (but not troll); make cord out of; (sl.) look for girls.mengereel a ngar a chei el ousbech a kereel; korelii a klou el ngikel; koreel a temekai; kerelel.
0.004mengerekerv.t.earn or seek money; make a living; seek or gather medicinal plants for religious ceremony.mengereker a omsaso; oureor el osiik a udoud; korekerengii, koreker a udoud; kerekerengel.
0.004mengeroidv.t.remove (something) to a distance; move (oneself) away from.mengeroid a rullii el mo cheroid; choridii a blil omelim er a skuul; cheridel.
0.004mengesv.t.grate or scrape (usually, coconut, sometimes, taro).menges a kosir; kmes a lius el oba onges; kesil. menges a meruul a kelel a klechedaol; kosir, kmes a kles.
0.004mengesbadv.t.slap (face).mengesbad a omar; mengelebed, mengedelekelek; osbedengii a medal; osbad a mederir; chesbedengel.
0.004mengesebv.i.bring food to ngasech ceremony.mengeseb a olab a kall el mo er a omesurech; chelsobel, chelsebelel.
0.004mengibv.t.pick/pluck (fruit); extract (tooth); wean (baby); sway (hips) when dancing; ignore; avoid eye contact.mengib a chibngii; nguu er a chelechedal; ngmai; chuib a bobai; chebngel
0.004mengimdv.t.cut/trim (someone's) hair; trim (shrubs; trees; betel nuts; etc.); cut (string; wire; etc.).mengimd a kimdii; kuimd a cheiul el mo mekedeb; kemdel.
0.004mengiudv.t.twist; wring (clothes).mengiud a mengiuetokl; chemiud a selokel; chiuedii a chimal, chiuedel.
0.004mengiutv.t.cut (weeds, grass); clean up (garden, village, road, etc.); clean up around outside of (house).mengiut a melaml e meriik; kiuetii a blil, kmiut a rael; kutel a beluu.
0.004menglouv.t.enlarge; amplify; make louder; increase in size.menglou a rullii el kuk mo klou; kilungii a ngerel; kilou a beltik el reng; menglou a omeruul e mengkekerei a omelekoi.
0.004mengosmv.t.tap or rap on; hit (head); ring (bell).mengosm a chosmii a beached; chuosm a kambalang el mo er ngii a ngerel; chesmel.
0.004mengubv.t.solicit (esp. woman) with gifts; bribe; induce; pity.mengub a msa a klalo a redil el omsau er a rengul; chubur a klok, chuub a udoud; chebul.
0.004mengudelv.t.collect; put together; assemble; save (money).mengudel a oldak; oldekdak; chemudel a udoud; chudelii a beluu e mengedecheduch; chedelel.; shape; create; spank.meob a omeob; mebii a blauang; bebeel a blauang a meob el mo er se el soal.
0.004meradv.t.pick (flowers, medicinal plants, young leaves at tip of vine); pick or gather sticks, vines, etc. (for fishtrap); pick small taro leaves for demok.merad a melai; mengais; rodir a kebui, remad a bung, merad a kar; rdil a kar.
0.004merdekeklv.i.jump; leap.
0.004merderdv.t.step on; peddle (bicycle); step on gas peddle of (car).merderd a mesarech; roderdii; roderd a bad; merderd er a osebokel; rderdel.
0.004merechv.t.move (oneself) (to get comfortable; etc.); ready (oneself) to go; set (things) in order.merech a osiik a rolel el mo ungil; meruul besul; rochur a delengcheklel; remech a udoud; rechul a delengchokl.
0.004merengedv.t.tie or bind (long objects) together; join; make (relationship) closer.merenged a oldak e melechet; mesaur, rongedii a chebechiil; remenged a biskang; renged a klausechelei.
0.004meririauv.t.shake.meririau a orekedii e ouedikel er ngii el mo e mei; ririur a kerrekar; ririul.
0.004merisov.t.wash or rinse off (hands, feet, vegetables, etc.); wash off (floor).meriso a melatech; risouii a ochil er a ralm; remiso a chimal; melebal; rsoel.
0.004merolungv.pred.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.merolung a kmedu el merael; skoki a tobedung, ng merolung.
0.004meroremv.t.sharpen.merorem a meruul el mo mekedorem; doremii a oles, duorem, merorem a kamang; deremel. (person); cool down (food; etc.) by fanning.meruoru a msa eolt; meruoru el oba oruoru; riueruii a blai; riuruel.
0.004merusv.t.pierce; stab; inject; inoculate.merus a remus el oba kedorm; remus a ngikel el oba biskang, oba orus er a mud el merus; remus a mud; rsul a ngikel.
0.004mesalov.t.grab at (soft substance - food, earth, etc.) and squeeze or knead; put fingers in (mouth); prepare (taro patch) for planting (by softening dirt).mesalo a solouii a bluu; smalo a ulecharo; mechas a smalo er a mesei, seleuel.
0.004mesebechaklv.t.defend; be on side of (person); help (person in danger).mesebechakl a olseobel; sobecheklii a chad; sobechakl, olengeseu er a rosngang; osebecheklel.
0.004mesibv.t.break (ground); plow (land); dig (ditch, toilet, etc.).mesib a sibur a chutem el oba osib; mengiis er a chutem; suib a cheleliuis; sbul a sers.
0.004mesimv.t.shake.mesim a olsesei el choroid er a olsechelel; simengii a kingall el mong; suim a tebel, mesim a klalo e meledaes er a ulaol; smengel a tebel.
0.004mesuchv.t.jerk; pull strongly at.mesuch a smuch; meterekakl el omelai; mesngii; suchar a ngalek.; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.metech a ometech el olab a uetech; metech a miich, metech a blai el olab a bad; metechii, otechel; metech a ometech; omech a bechoel; kudmokl a udoud el ometech a secher.; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.metechii a ometech er ngii; otechel a blai.
0.004meteraklv.erg.destroy; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread.meterakl a obriid; terrakl, toreklii a delengchokl; tereklel a delengchokl.
0.004metibv.erg.plan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc). birth to; assist (woman) in delivery.; distribute; separate (people) from each other; part (hair); direct (matter such as to credit to blame) at proper person; open (hands) palm up (as gesture to show that one is out of something, etc.). (knife).misii a omais; merael er ngii el beluu; bisel er a chelechol.
0.004mlongv.pastwent.mlong a mla mong; mlo er a skuul. on and crush (grass; vines; etc.); fall on top of; push (person, thing) forcibly into; (waves) break (at reef, etc.).moch a omoch; ngalek a mla mechengii a sualo; omoch a chudel; olsarech.
0.004mocharv.erg.get bought or bribed.mochar a ulechar; mecherar, mechar, blik a mla mochar er a ocheraol; ocheral.; unravel; unwind; comb out/undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell); (chicken, etc.) fall back or hesitate when fighting; pay dues, money at ocheraol, etc.moket a omoket; oltobed; meketii a udoud; moket a beldechelel, beketel.
0.004moktekn.purpose; function; intention; goal. at.mosii a omoes er ngii; moes a bilis.
0.004motechaklv.i.drift or float towards.motechakl a ultechakl; ulebechakl el chad a mle motechakl er a Belau.
0.004ousubesv.t.forgive; overlook.ousubes a melasem el obes, mo diak el kesib a rengul; ak mla ousubes er a kngtil.; pierce.mrechii a omurech er ngii; brechel.; spread; sow (seed); dismantle; disrupt; break or split up; take apart; cause (members of family) to separate.mriid a omriid; torakl, bridel. (feathers, hair, etc.); blink (eye).msechii a omusech er ngii; msechii a medal er ngak me ak merael.; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).mtekengii a omtok er ngii; diak le kengei; mtekengii a oterul a mekngit el kar; mtok, utekengel.; paste.mudii a omuid er ngii; loia uid; omereked, muid a babier, udel a babier.; pierce.murech a omurech; mla murech a ngikel; mrechii a rrull; brechel. (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.mus a omus; mla mus a such, mla ngmai; mesngii, usngel a such. (feathers, hair, etc.); blink (eye).musech a omusech; melai, msechii a mesei; musech a dait, bsechel a dait. (mouth, eyes, fist, etc.); close (bag, basket, legs, etc.).mutek a omutek; mo diak le blok; mutek a medal, mtekii a ngerel.
0.004ngellakeln.joke.ngellakel a oltobedchur el tekoi; betechel a reng; uchul a dereuakl; oungelakel, ngellekelel.
0.004ngelteln.poss.3ssetting (of sun; moon); sinking (of feet into soft ground; etc.).ngeltel a ngelt er ngii; ngmelt, ngeltel a sils me ng milkelkang.
0.004ngemokelv.s.desirous of food which others are eating; greedy for food.ngemokel a nglemokel; ungil a omengelel; soal a kall; nglemekelel.
0.004ngeremlenguin.village in W. Babeldaob; north of Ngatbang, south of Ngardmau, west of Melekeok; village in which Ngirturong is chief.Ngeremlengui a beluu er a kiukl er a Babeldaob; Imeungs. (in form of labor).ngeseu a ngeso; olengeseu; ngoseuir; ngoseu; msa ngeso.
0.004ngibesn.drooling; saliva.ngibes a sibes el tuobed er a ngor; mecherechars a ngbesel.; elect.ngiltii a melilt er ngii.
0.004ngiualn.village in east Babeldaob, north of Melekeok, south of Ngaraard. The state in which Chong-Ruios is chief.Ngiual a beluu er a desbedall er a Babeldaob; Kiuluul.
0.004nglengaelv.s.(person) half-way finished something and unable to know how to finish it; at a loss for words; confused; disconcerted; abashed; speechless.nglengael a dingesedeel; diak lodengei el kmo ng mekerang; chad a nglengael er a blulekngel; dikea lodengelii a rsel; nglengelang.
0.004ngobeetv.i.submerge into water; (wick of lamp) burn away; (lamp) go down; (neck, eye, cheek, etc.) get pulled or drawn in.ngobeet a mo er a eou; olengebeet ngobeet er a daob; ruabs, tuchelbakl, ngobeet a ngerel er a sbekekl or see (person) off; return; send back; bring (bride) to prospective husband's family.ngoderii a merader er ngii; sumesmechii.
0.004nguln.asthma.ngul a secher, rakd el mesel; kesengliil, mla ngmasech a nglil a ngul.
0.004obeuv.erg.break or crack; hatch.obeu a mecherad; mengii, meu, mla obeu a butiliang; bengel
0.004obodechv.s.curved; (person) having back curved towards rear.obodech a blodech; siesorech el dil; obodech el mlai.
0.004oboketv.erg.get unwrapped; unravelled; undone.oboket a bloket; blekatel, meketii a kall, moket a uldurokl, beketel a kall; mla oboket a beldechelel.
0.004ochadun.instr.instrument to cut with; scissors; tongs.ochadu a klekedall el melebes; usbechall el omechadu; ochadu er a mamed; mecheduii, mechadu, ocheduel
0.004ocherengeln.mathematics; number; amount; (action of) counting off.ocherengel a ochur er ngii; ildisel.
0.004odangesn.praise; honor.odanges a chetengakl, chemat; melekoi a klungiolel; odengesii; oldanges, odengesel.
0.004odbecheln.poss.3scurrent (in ocean); pressure; (political, etc.) support.odbechel a odubech er ngii; oldubech.
0.004odimeln.poss.3snon-starchy food (e.g., meat, fish, sometimes papaya, coconut, eggs) eaten to complement ongraol (=starchy food). [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].odimel a odoim er ngii. a oldingel er ngii; omes er ngii.
0.004oeangn.cluster of coconuts.oeang a betok el cheldull; oeang er a lius, telueang; ta el sikd.; message; request to come.okedong a oleker; omekedong, okedongel a merreder a mlei.
0.004okeimnum.50 [fifty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).okeim a ochur (50), eim el teruich; okeim el blai, okeim el ngalek.
0.004okerdeln.poss.3sthe action of dropping something off.okerdel a okerd er ngii; olekerd a rechad me a telechull. a large amount of (fish); consume; deplete; use up.okngemed a olekngemed; remuul el mo diak; diall er a ngodech el beluu a mla okngemed a ngkelel Belau; okngemedel.
0.004okorv.t.ignore or disregard (person, matter); take alternative course of action; do something in response to (something else); (ignore present state of affairs) do (something else) instead; go ahead and do anyway or in spite of (orders, requests, etc. to the contrary).okor a mengedidai er a rengul; chetil el orrenges; okor e diak bo kuruul; okor e merael; okerekor e melamech e diak kunger.
0.004oldarsv.t.lift up; stretch/extend (arms or legs).oldars a odars; oba el mo er a bab; odersii a chimal; olengeseu; odersel. away; drive away (by one's actions or behavior); make (someone) flee.olechiis a orriik; ochiis; bekeu el bilis a ochiis a malk; ochisii, ochisel.
0.004oleiitv.caus.deflect; miss (something) turn away; relieve (someone of burden) or load; disobey; contradict; disregard; let go of; break or disobey (law); pay for.oleiit a oietii; oiit a telechellel; melai er a telechull er a bdelul a chad; oleiit er ngii; oiit a telechull.
0.004olekeangelv.caus.cause something to roll or slide downwards.olekeangel a okeangel; orrurt, odubech, midokl, okengelii; okeangel el mong; melad er a chad; okengelel.
0.004olekebaiv.t.prevent (person) from doing something; restrain; hold back.olekebai a okebai; merrob; merrob er a ngelekel mo diak lolim e longerodech er a beluu; olekebai er a omengeech el dekool; okebil.
0.004olekesv.caus.tighten; make (relationship) closer.olekes a okes; remuul el mo kmes diak le mimokl; okesengii; okes a lechetel.
0.004olengangedv.caus.seduce; titillate; cause someone to become infatuated; lower by sliding.olenganged a ongengedii; rullii el mo soal ngii; ongengedel; olenganged a ngar er a bab el me er a eou; ongengedii; onganged, ongengedel.
0.004olengesengesv.t.obey or consent (to order etc.) (especially out of politeness).olengesenges a blak a rengul el orrenges e mtab; remenges e meruul; ungil el buai a olengesenges a llach; ngosenges; ongesengesel a llach.
0.004olengesongesv.caus.make insufficient; deplete.olengesonges a ngesonges; kall a kesai e a rechad a betok; ngesengesel.
0.004olengibesv.t.tempt; tease; seduce.olengibes a ongibes; remuul el mo sorir; nguibes er a ekebil; ungil kall a olengibes; ongbesii.
0.004olengillv.caus.knock down or off (with stone etc.).olengill a orrebet; meliualech; ongill a iedel, ongellii a meradel, ongellel.
0.004oliichn.spoon.oliich a klekedall el mengisb; meliich, oliich er a lius; olichel er a kall.
0.004olikn.fruit bat.olik a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. Ng suebek er a klebesei, ng ungil el odoim. A olik a charm; ng suebek el charm; ng di ua a teletelel a chesisualik e ng di meklou. Ng mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng kall.
0.004ollomeln.tap root (of plant); rhizome; heart (of matter).ollomel a klou el uchul a risel a kerrekar; ollomel er a lius a dellemakl er a chutem; ollemelel.
0.004olsecherv.caus.make (someone) sick (by performing magic; etc.); nauseate; pretend (oneself) to be sick.olsecher a uchul a secher; mekngit el omengang a omekeroul a secher; mekngit el cheliuaiu a olsecher.
0.004olsekedv.caus.push (something) into; push/crowd against; crowd out; fill up completely; (male) seeking money from (sister).olseked a omekseked; ildisel a mechesang oseked a ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul; osekedii a mo er a skuul, osekedel.
0.004olsengeln.poss.3sknife.olsengel a oles er ngii.
0.004olsingchv.t.wait for (someone) (on the chance he may come); hope to see; wait for (something good to happen); look forward to something.olsingch a mengiil; olsingch er a klechedaol.
0.004oltuuv.t.make (someone) enter; put into.oltuu a olsiseb, otungii, otuu a kall, otungel a klalo er a bai.
0.004omadelv.t.extract; pull or pluck out.omadel a nguu er a ollomel; madel a diokang, medelii a dait, bedelel a diokang.
0.004omalechv.t.hit with a slingshot; catch (fish) with a spear gun; snap string of kitalong against piece of lumber for purpose of marking line.omalech a malech a ngikel; melechii a charem el oba balech; belechel.
0.004omangchv.t.bite.omangch a bangch, mengchii, bilis a mla mangch a malk, mengchii a ngalek, bengchel.
0.004omaochv.i.(water; blood) flow.omaoch a omebaoch; merael a bochel, ralm a omaoch el metengel.
0.004omdechemv.t.catch; capture.omdechem a otoir el oreked; mdechem, mdechemii a merchorech el diall, udechemel.
0.004omdorv.t.shade (someone, oneself) from sun; shelter (someone, oneself) from rain.omdor a ngar er a omderungel; diak longebou, mderengii a diak a blil, uderengel.
0.004omechobechv.t.put (persons, things) into straight line or row; organize or arrange in proper order or sequence.omechobech a omades.
0.004omekakov.t.tease; provoke; antagonize.omekako a rullii a chad el ngmasech rengul; soal a ulekako; mekekoii a ngalek, omekako er a sechelil, ulekekeuel.
0.004omekardv.t.light (fire, lamp, cigarette, etc.); turn on.omekard a loia llomes; mekerdii a uid; mekard a ngau, okerdel.
0.004omekbechesv.t.renovate; repair; make new.omekbeches a remuul a mechut elmo beches; ngmodech, mekbechesur, mekbeches a skuul, mo beches, ukbechesul.
0.004omekdirtv.caus.dry out (clothes; hair; etc.).omekdirt a mekdirt, mekditii; remuul el mo medirt, ukdertel.
0.004omekdubechv.caus.make (plant) grow; cultivate (plant); establish/start (business; etc.); invent.omekdubech a remuul el duubech; mekdubech a diokang; mekeroul a dait, mekdubech a delengchokl, mekdebechii a ngalek, okedbechel.
0.004omekioudv.caus.make late; delay.omekioud remuul el mo meoud, mekioud a kles, mekueudii a omerael.
0.004omeklemaltv.caus.make straight; make (child; etc.) walk straight; make (something) stand upright; make (boat; etc.) go straight; lead (someone) to good deeds.omeklemalt a melamet; meruul el diak el chebirukel; meklemalt a ungamk, tometii a omerolel, tuamet a omerellel, temetel.
0.004omekngiisv.caus.dry (clothes, etc.) in the sun; expose (head, etc.) to sun.omekngiis a mekngiis; omekdirt er a sils, omngiis, mngiis a bilel, ukngisel.
0.004omekordv.t.complete final stage of; perfect; improve or change appearance of; make nice; decorate; embellish; change (one's) behavior or attitude.omekord a mekord e remuul el klebokel e ungil, blekord a cheldechedechal, omekord er a dilukai.; advise; lead.omekrael a orrael; olecholt er a rael; mekrael a bilas, mekrolii a mengebelung, ukrolel a uau.
0.004omelekingeln.poss.3s(way of) speaking; accent; dialect; utterance; what is expressed by (someone's) action of speaking.omelekingel a ngerel; omelekoi er ngii, ungil a delecherul a ngerel.
0.004omengausn.act.sprinkle lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).
0.004omengulln.respect; the act of being respectful.omengull a mengull; melengmes, kullii a Chelid; mengull a rechad, kmull a llach.
0.004omerekedv.t.paste or glue (something) onto; lean (oneself) against; hang (laundry).omereked a mereked; merekedii a babier era kboub, berkedel.
0.004omesaodn.act.explanation.omesaod a omengedereder, olecholt, mesaod a biblia, osodel.
0.004omiiv.t.divide; distribute; separate (people) from each other; part (hair); direct (matter such as to credit to blame) at proper person; open (hands) palm up (as gesture to show that one is out of something, etc.).omii a merous, meleukes, mii a ngerachel, omii a kall, bingel.
0.004omiisv.t.turn (page).omiis a omkais, olechob, misii a babier, miis a berrotel; olecholt.
0.004omitechv.t.make (boat, etc.) lean to size; capsize; lay (oneself) on side.omitech a diak le melemalt; mitech a mlai; mtechii a ert; omitech a lorael; kedeb a bita el ochil.
0.004omkomod.if [with hopeful implications]; if only (. . . then something good will happen).omko a kilong; omko ke mlei e kede merrael el mo er a ngebard; omko ke mellemolem e ke mla rokir a skuul.
0.004omkoklv.t.rise early in the morning (in order to carry out particular activity).omkokl a ulkokl; mekiis er a mouais, mekiis er a milkokl, omkokl el mo er a bor, mkeklii a urreor.
0.004omngamkv.t.look at to straighten; set right or straight.omngamk a locha ungamk; mngemkii a rael, mngamk, locha ungemkel a omekedecheraol; omngamk a omes; diak lourreor e dengchokl el omngamk er a ruurreor; ungemkel.
0.004omngarv.t.collect (firewood).omngar a melai a idungel, mngar a tebechel, mngerur a bkau, bngerul a tebechel.
0.004omodesv.t.boil fish in water; (ocean) agitated with whitecaps; cut (tongue) when eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.omodes a omeldakl, modes a ngikel, medesii a malk; beches el klengoes; bedesel a ngikel; omodes a rullii el mo kltkat e meringel; ongor a modes a ngor obodes a meringel daob.
0.004omorv.t.lay or put (hands, chest) on or against something.omor a loia chimal er ngii; mor a chimal er a bdelul; bereel a chim er a bedul. omor a merael a delel, ulul; diak el ochil; ngalek a omor er a ulul er a ulaol, bereel a ulul.
0.004omotechv.t.(er a rengul): please; make content; satisfy; appease.omotech a melamet; oldeu, motech a rengrir a rebuik; beruadel a omotech a reng, mtechii a rengul a demal.
0.004omsangeln.basket (or similar container) used by women to store personal effects.omsangel a blil a udoud; blil a mekreos el klalo, omsengelel a buai
0.004omsasov.t.obtain through barter/trade.omsaso a mengereker; ourreor el kirel, msaso a udoud, msesouii a chutem, usesoel.
0.004omsauv.t.bend (standing object - e.g. tree) down.omsau a kmurs el okeed; msau a reng, mseur a rachel, useul a rengul a soal.
0.004omsibsv.i.bore hole in; drill; pierce (ear).omsibs a rullii a blsibs; remuul el mo metetoech, msebsii a kboub, msibs a kerrekar, bsebsel.
0.004omusv.t.tie (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.omus a mengurs; omerober, omus a chutem, mesngii a ngalek er a delal, mus a udoud; besngel a chutem. omus a smuk, mesngii a kall er a mamed; mus a lius er a techiir, besngel. for discarding trash.ongebitel a blil a besbas; cheitel a besbas er ngii; diak el ongebitel a rechad.; titillate; cause someone to become infatuated; lower by sliding.ongengedii a olenganged er ngii; rullii el mo soal; ngmanged, ungil el dil a mla ongengedii a sechelik, ongengedel; ongengedii a olenganget el mei er eou, ongengedii er a buuch, ngmanged, ngengedel. at.ongengii a olengeng; omes er ngii.
0.004ongeuidnum.7 [seventh] (ordinal).ongeuid a ochur (7), ongeuid el sils, ongeuid er a rak; ongeuid el skuul.
0.004ongorn.pandanus; pineapple.ongor a such e a bo le klou e ng mo ongor.
0.004orakiruun.full moon.orakiruu a kllou el buil; delechel a orakiruu; kot el mellomes el buil.
0.004ordemeleln.poss.3shandle; principal village in district.ordemelel a ordomel er ngii.; let (something) fall; drop/remove (person; name) from list.orebetii a orrebet er ngii.
0.004orrimelv.t.urge; force.orrimel a orimel; mesisiich el oldubech; orrimel er a ngelekel el mo er a skuul, oremelii; ormelel.
0.004osisechekleln.poss.3steaching; instruction; training; way of teaching; doctrine.osisecheklel a osisechakl er ngii. at (rope, hand etc.); draw tight or taut.; sell (oneself) as prostitute; give away; betray.oterau a olterau, mla oterur a mlai, oterau a kall, ilumel, oterul.; sell (oneself) as prostitute; give away; betray.oterur a olterau er ngii. (someone) enter; put into.otungii a oltuu er ngii.
0.004ouketuiv.i.hate; dislike.ouketui a chetil, kltui, ouketui er a bechil, ouketui er a delal. the parents of; act like a child.oungalek a ngar er ngii a ngelekel.
0.004outingaolv.i.(tell) lie to.outingaol a omulak, chetik el orrenges a telingaol, telingolel.
0.004reborebv.i.sit (on floor) like a man (i.e. with both knees up, or with one knee up and other on the floor); squat; (birds) sit or perch.reboreb a ulekdereboreb a ochil; delengcheklel a sechal; dereberebel.
0.004rechuodeln.very ancient times.
0.004rekasn.mosquito.rekas a llkolk; mekerei el charm el omangch.
0.004reksin.history; the study of history.; look around for (someone).remiik a meriik; remiik a besbas.; stab; inject; inoculate.remus a merus el oba orus; remus a betok el ngikel, rusur, rsul.
0.004riidn.departure; action of getting lost.riid a remiid; mo dibus; belsechel a riid.
0.004ringeleln.pain; suffering; high cost; spiciness; strength (of wind); turbulence or roughness (of ocean).ringelel a ringel er ngii; meringel. or bind (long objects) together; join; make (relationship) closer.rongedii a merenged, melechet.; listen to; obey.rongesii a orrenges er ngii.
0.004rratn.bicycle.rrat a eru a ochil el mlai er a beluu.
0.004rrekuiv.r.s.finished (completely).rrekui a mla merekui; blai a rrekui a urrerel; mla mo merek; rekil.
0.004rrengeln.poss.3sshame; timidity.
0.004rurn.shame; timidity.rur a merur; rrengel er a recherechel; seked; titmekl.; try out.rutechii a merutech er ngii.
0.004sechelein.friend; companion; boyfriend; girlfriend; lover; term of address from a woman to a group of people.sechelei a soal a klausechelei; secheleingalek; sechelei a okedong er a klausechelei, e sechelei, sechelil.
0.004sechesecheln.poss.3sstuffing; anything used to stuff another object such as stuffing inside a pillow.sechesechel a omelechesech er ngii; melechesech a boes, melechosech a kall.
0.004sekdeln.string/cord/wire used for making raft.sekdel a sakd er ngii, sekdel a brer.
0.004selakdv.t.make (raft); tie side by side; crowd out (as in weeds crowding out other plants); change (subject of conversation).selakd a mla mesakd; brer a selakd sokdii; smakd.
0.004sengsongdn.redup.fallen twig or branch.sengsongd a mekekerei el el rechelel a kerrekar; sengsengdel.
0.004se er aexpr.conj. when (in the past).
0.004seraubn.screw.seraub a klekedall el orreked e omtebechel, seraub er a mesil, serubel; oldak e olekes; seraub a olsikm.
0.004smakdv.t.make (raft); tie side by side; crowd out (as in weeds crowding out other plants); change (subject of conversation).smakd a mesakd; smakd a bambuu el brer; oldak el oba sakd el cheleatel.; pull (oneself) together; be strong, resolved or patient.smisiich a melisiich er tir; rulleterir el mo mesisiich. (something) into; pack; stuff (food; etc.) into mouth; etc.smuk a mesuk; locha er a chelsel; mla smuk a kall er a belatong, sukur, skul.; remove (name) from list; dry (someone, oneself) off (with towel, etc.); wipe off (mouth, nose, private parts, etc.).smuld a mesuld; melemed, smuld a medal; suldii, seldel.
0.004sodeln.poss.3sexplanation; discussion; solution.sodel a omesaod er ngii; sodel a ocheraol; diak kudenge a sodel.
0.004sokoln.poss.3sa recently developed liking or desire. [although a noun, this is typically translated to English as something like, "now likes" or "has started to like"]sokol a mla mo soal; nganged er ngii; smau; semeremeriang, smongang. on; tour/visit (place).sorechii a mesarech er ngii; sorecheklii; serechel.
0.004subn.soup.sub a basbasang; medemedemek el kall.; announce to; inform.subedii a mesubed er ngii; ouchais.; spray; throw water on (from container); water (plants).subsii a melubs er ngii er a ralm; sebsel er a ralm.; remove (name) from list; dry (someone, oneself) off (with towel, etc.); wipe off (mouth, nose, private parts, etc.).suldii a ngomedii; mesuld er ngii.; learn; imitate; copy.suub a mesuub; nguelem, ngalek a ungil el suub a tekoi a luleka el medinges; suebel a tekoi.
0.004taorerv.i.faint; (person) collapse.
0.004tbiln.poss.3splan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).tbil a omelib er ngii; melib a llach; tbil a llach.
0.004tebecheleln.poss.3smangrove tree (Rhizophora mucronata Lam.); mooring pole; leader or guide (of group); guardian.
0.004tebelikv.s.wild (person, animal).tebelik a odikel; tebelik el chad; diak le kedung; tebelik el charem.
0.004techiln.poss.3saction of changing or replacing; replacement; substitute.techil a techei er ngii; omtechei, klou el chutem a mle techil a chimo el olekang.
0.004tekuun.yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares).tekuu a ta er a bedengel a ngikel; tekuu a bonito.
0.004telkeleln.poss.3smeasurement; length.telkelel a telkael er ngii.
0.004telukv.r.s.cut; measured.teluk a delobech; mla metuk; medebes; tukur a kerrekar; tmuk a ngikel; tkul.
0.004tengdeln.poss.3sfishbone.tengdel a tungd er ngii el ngikel.
0.004terekleln.a.s.something to be divided (esp. food).tereklel a blingelel el kall; terukel.
0.004teriobsn.foam (of sea); soap suds; bubbles; beer (slang).teriobs a iobs er a sob me a daob; outeriobs; teribsel. or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).tibir a melib er ngii; rullii el mo ta uldasu; tbil. according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure.tmuk a meluk; tmuk a klemanget; tukur a teu; osiik er a teu me a klemangel; tkul. on the head; fold (hands) on the head; hit against; bump head against; push against and knock down; reach; hold (title); exchange favors; carry out an obligation (especially, to give food or services to one's relatives); be responsible for. up; support; prevent from falling; push away.tukeklii a melkakl er ngii; tkeklel.
0.004tungdn.fishbone.tungd a mekedorem el melungd; tengdel a ngikel. at; pick (fruit, etc.) with pole; appoint; assign; allocate (land, goods, etc.).tutkii a melutk er ngii.
0.004uchauchn.crotch.uchauch a mesekmel a uchul a ouach; uchuchel; delul a uchul a ouach.
0.004ulaochn.prophecy; sign; omen.ulaoch a melekoi a ngar er a medad el tekoi; chad el omlaoch a kmo, "a merserasech el kodall a mo er ngii", mlochii, mlaoch, ulochel.
0.004uldekialn.poss.3stotal; sum.uldekial a cherrengelel; uldekial a udoud er a ocheraol a $40,000.00.
0.004uldirekorekv.r.s.overdone.uldirekorek a diak a delebedebelel; kmal betok, medeel a kall; kesai a rechad e a kall uldirekorek; uldirekorek a kall e kesai a belduchel; odirkerekel a kall.
0.004ulduroklv.r.s.send (things or persons).uldurokl a klalo el mla er a chad el mo er a ta er a chad; oldurokl a udoud, odureklii a babier, uldureklel.
0.004ulekerreuiln.poss.3stake care of/protect (person or animal); obey.ulekerreuil a ulekerreu er ngii; omekerreu a rechad; kerekikl a tekoi; melatk a rechad.
0.004ulekraelv.r.s.guided; advised; led.ulekrael a mla mukrael; ngar er ngii a rolel; mlai a ulekrael el mo tuobed.
0.004ulengulln.break period from work; time for resting; holiday.ulengull a ongull a urreor; meterob; taem el diak a urreor a ulengull; ulengellel a amt.
0.004uloechv.s.(person) in a hurry to go somewhere.
0.004ulsemuulv.s.(person) skillful at many things; (person) humble.ulsemuul a mesisiich e meduch a rokui; dachelbai a tekoi me a omeruul; oumesingd el rengeasek er a Belau a ulsemuul.
0.004ultiln.poss.3simprint; track.ultil a llechul; urrolel; betok a ultil a ouach er a chelechol.
0.004ultokv.r.s.sticking out; projecting; opposed; gone against.ultok a mla mutok; diak loltirakl; mtekengii a llach; diak lekengei; chetil; ultok a omuchel a mekngit, mtok a telbiil; utekengel.
0.004ultomv.r.s.poked or stuck out.ultom a mla motom; otemii a medal; ochotii a medal er a seked; otom a mederir, otemengel.
0.004urrebetellelv.i.fall (from).urrebetellel a kirel el mo er ngii; meduch er a urreor a ngar a urrebetellel; tengeng a mengkekereaule ng diak mo urrebetellel.
0.004urrekerekv.r.s.(juice, gravy) reboiled and thickened.urrekerek a mla morekerek; mla mo medirt; urrekerek el uasech, merkerekii a miich, orekerekel.
0.004usason.bartered goods.usaso a kerreker; omengereker; ourreor el osiik a udoud; omsaso er a ikrel a Belau; msaso a udoud, usesoel.
0.004usekereln.poss.3sloincloth.usekerel a usaker er ngii el rubak.
0.004utekengeln.poss.3sprojecting object; booby trap; opposition; objection.utekengel a utok er ngii; omtok.
0.004basechn.flint for starting fire; fuse; white film over eye; cataract; the hardened meat of an overgrown betelnut; direction in which canoe is sailed against the wind (requiring zigzag movement of canoe); tack. to be bitten.
0.004brekeln.poss.3sdye; coloring; Arnotto dye plant.
0.004chebuln.poss.3sgift (esp., to woman, in hope of romantic relationship; bribe; inducement).chebul a chub er ngii el udoud; mengub a klalo er a soal.
0.004chiteln.coconut milk (usually added to other things when cooking).
0.004chuibv.i.(period of time) pass by.
0.004churn.subsidiary rib of coconut frond (with leaves attached.chur a churul a dui, temikel.
0.004delasechv.r.s.carved; built.delasech a mla medasech; blai a delsachel, melasech, dosechii, dmasech, desechel.
0.004delebecheln.poss.3sinjury from a cut; stripe; channel to the ocean.delebechel a delobech er ngii; delobech el tebedellel a ralm el mo er a daob, delebechel er a Mechorei.
0.004derteln.poss.3sscrapings (e.g. from taro, etc.). (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.dmort a merort, mo kesaod, te mla dmort a ungil el chebechiil; dmort a merort; mla dmort a kebui. dertel a kebiuk; dmort a merort; melai a semkel.
0.004idekeln.buttocks; bottom; butt.idekel a but er a uriul, meklou a idekel a btil.
0.004kerteln.poss.3saction of scraping something.kertel a omengort er ngii; kortii a rael; merael a kertel a rael. up onto.mdechii a omudech er ngii; a smecher a mudech a kllel; mdechel.
0.004mechadv.s.deaf.mechad a mekngit el orrenges; diak lorrenges; mechad a dingal, mechedengel, mechedengoel. up until morning; (almost) exclusively followed by 'a llomes.'.medesii a dengchokl el mo tutau; te di mle mekar er a sar el medesii a llomes.; line up; display.
0.004melengelv.t.halt or stop from the side; head off; attack; surround; ensnare; trap (oneself); get oneself into trouble or hot water.melengel a merrob; torob; dengerenger a melengel a mlai e melai a udoud.
0.004melilechv.t.throw (person) down (in wrestling, etc.); smash open (young coconut); hit (head) against; (bird) drop (itself) to surface of water.
0.004mengesebv.t.cut (taro tubers); break (someone's) heart.mengeseb a melebes; meleakl a kukau er a dait; chosebii; chueseb a dait, chesebel. (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).milii a omail er ngii; loia bilel. in (fishnet).
0.004ngmateln.a.s.water to be bailed out.ngmatel a daob el ngar a chelsel a mlai, bilas; ngmetelel.
0.004oburekv.s.swollen.oburek a burek; ochil a oburek el ngar er ngii a lalech; brekel a ouach.
0.004ollomeln.planting season; best time for planting (plants, vegetables, etc.).ollomel a ungil el belsechel a omelalem; ollomel er a chemutii, ollomel er a kiuri.
0.004omdidv.caus.make a bridge over (river, channel in mangrove swamp, etc.); remember the past (make a connection between something happening now and something that happened before).omdid a meruul a did; melecha did er a omoachel, mdidar, udidal.
0.004omeldaklv.t.throw something so that it splatters.omeldakl a meldakl; omeldakl a chutem er a blai; ometech. (oneself).
0.004techebeln.poss.3sspine (of fish).
0.004terecheln.poss.3sdeep and infected wound.terechel a kltkat; telemall el mla me chemolt a techel; telabd er a chimal a terechel. wound or prick with spine.tochebii a melacheb er ngii; ngikel a mla tochebii a ochik; techebel. or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.tongetengii a melenget er ngii.
0.004ulecheln.r.s.poss.3sheart; core.ulechel a klekedall el omak er ngii; ulechel a kim; ulechel a oruer.
0.004ultabv.r.s.placed on raised surface; hindered or delayed temporarily; seated (in doorway) with legs dangling outside; sitting down for a short time.ultab a mla motab; diak el lerrekui; otebengii; dirkak lebo el merek; otab, otebengel a cheldecheduch; ultab a diak le meketeket el dengchokl; ak di ultab er a tuangel; otebengii e olengull, otab a klebngel; otebengel. first.a ba a uchelel a bebil er a cheldecheduch. Ba bo er uchei. Ba kurael. Ba bong. Ba molekoi.
0.003balechn.slingshot; any material (e.g., rubber band) used as slingshot; arrow; action of shooting with slingshot.balech a klekedall el el omalech, er a ngikel me a charm; melechii, malech, belechel.
0.003baochn.water/run-off flowing in a ditch.baoch a klou el ralm el merael, tobeda imui, mla tuobed a baoch, bochel a omoachel, omaoch, omebaoch.; sooty.bechachas a chelsbereber er a chas, chesengel a olekang a bechachas. mamed a diak el bechachas ng chedelekelek.
0.003becheln.poss.3smissile; projectile; small spear.
0.003bechesechusemv.s.dirty or smeared (with food).bechesechusem a berremit a bedengel; chelsechusem bechesechusem a chimal er a kall, chesechesemel.
0.003bedocheln.poss.3saction of beating sea with pole or knocking down fruit from tree.
0.003bekengeln.poss.3ssack, bag.
0.003beketautv.s.good at shooting.beketaut a meduch er a burech; taut, omurech a ngikel e tmaut, tutel.
0.003bekseln.poss.3sbox (made of any material).
0.003belecheln.poss.3sslingshot; any material (e.g., rubber band) used as slingshot; arrow; action of shooting with slingshot.
0.003belengeln.poss.3shis/her astonishment; amazement.belengel a rengul, obal a reng, chasireng.
0.003belsachelv.t.count or name (a group of related persons or things); mention (someone's name); move in zigzag fashion (when sailing canoe against wind); tack; (chickens) move/jockey into position for fighting.belsachel a blasech; ngar er a basech; ulsiseb er a ochur; belsachel er a mo er a skuul.
0.003belsiochelv.t.adorn (oneself, something); pretty (oneself) up; decorate; beautify.belsiochel a ngar ngii a besichel, besiich el meolt me a bung.
0.003beralmv.s.watery; flat tasting (e.g., not sweet or salty enough); (color) light.beralm a diak le mecherocher, diak le merekos, berelmel.
0.003berikdn.cluster/bunch of fruit.berikd a betok a rdechel; berikd a iedel, berikd el buuch, berekdel.
0.003berobern.narrow part of limb.berober a bereberel a chim me a oach ; ongemuul el mei er a cheldingel.
0.003berriusv.r.s.carried along by (current, flood).berrius a mla oberius; obechakl, merusii, mlai a berrius er a berius, berusel.
0.003berrokelv.r.s.spread; stretched out; propagated.berrokel a mla oberk; mla mesumech; berrokel a ungil el chisel, merekii, merek, berekel.
0.003berrousn.dream.berrous a tekoi el meues me a medung er a cheliuaiu; omerrous, merrusii a mlad el demal, berrusel.
0.003bertakln.ocean floor; sea bed; bottom (of swimming pool, etc.).bertakl a chutem me a chelechol er a daob; berteklel a daob me a omoachel; betaot.
0.003besn.forgetfulness.bes a obes; bles, besbes, bes er a tekoi, diak el latk a tekoi.
0.003besbesv.s.forgetful; absent-minded.besbes a mekudem el obes; besbes, sekebesbes, di remiid a tekoi er a bdelul.
0.003besiurn.steering wheel; tiller.
0.003beskakv.imp.give (it) to me.
0.003besosn.oar; paddle; propeller; war spear; small paddle-shaped fish which swims vertically.besos a oius, klekedall er a omeus; bedesil a mlai er a daob.
0.003bicheln.poss.3ssieve; filter.
0.003bikeln.poss.3sboy; any male younger than another male.bikel a mekekerei el sechal; ngeasek el chad, bikel a Oreor, buik.
0.003biseln.poss.3saction of wandering around.bisel a bais er ngii el mo e mei, omais a beluu.
0.003bladesv.r.s.arranged; lined up; displayed.
0.003blailv.t.clothe (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).blail a bliull; mla obail, milii, mail a belsiich, bilel.
0.003blalv.r.s.astonished; amazed.blal a mla obal a rengul; mechas a rengul; ongasireng a belengel a reng.
0.003blaoln.whitish-colored trepang (larger than ngimes).blaol a ta er a bedengel a cheled el ngimes a delechil.
0.003blev.s.hypo.come; arrive.
0.003blechebecheln.poss.3shis/her/its arrangement; agenda.blechebechel a bechobech er ngii el babier.
0.003bleleklv.r.s.repeated; revived.blelekl a mla obelekl; meleklii, dulii e lmuut e lmuut; blelekl a cheldechedechal.
0.003blengkangkv.r.s.laid or lying down on ground (in disarray); (tide) low.blengkangk a ngar eou; meched, kerrekar a blengkangk, chei a blengkangk.
0.003bliiv.r.s.divided; distributed; separated from each other; (hair) parted.
0.003blkaisv.r.s.opened; lifted open/up.blkais a mla obkais; blok, blkais a chesimer, mkisii, mkais, bkisel.
0.003blodesv.r.s.(fish) boiled in water; (tongue) cut from eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.blodes a beldakl; medesii, modes, omeldakl, omodes, bedesel; blodes a terechel er a ngor; kltkat, blodes a ngerel er a ongor, bedesel.
0.003blosechv.r.s.broken open; postponed; contradicted; opposed; strange; unusual.blosech a mla meterob, omosech, mesechii a urreor, mosech, besechel a urreor.
0.003blulakn.r.s.lie.blulak a klsuul; diak le klemerang, blulekngel, omulak, mulekngii, bulekngel. about to go.
0.003brecheln.poss.3s(action of) spearing.
0.003buchn.spouse; husband or wife.buch a bechil, ombil, kaubuch.
0.003bukitangn.octopus.bukitang a charm er a daob el betok a klemngel.
0.003bukln.hill; mound of earth.bukl a kedidai el chutem e ng di kedeb er a rois.
0.003bulakv.s.deceitful; lying.bulak a outingaol, omulak, mengesuul, blulekngel, bulekolek, bulekngoel.
0.003busechn.feathers; fur; body hair.busech a mekedeb el chui er a buld, bsechel a mad, bsebsuchel.
0.003chachisoisv.t.pile (things) up one on top of the other; repeat (something) for confirmation.chachisois a kaiuetak; mengisois; choisois a babier, choisisii a blil, chisisel, kaiuetilech.
0.003chaibebelaun.riddle.chaibebelau a tekoi el melekoi er a ta e berrotel el dengechel a belkul; mengaibebelau, blelau el tekoi.
0.003changn.jetty; road leading to dock.chang a chades, rael, bdelul a chang a siseball er a beluu.
0.003chasirengv.s.surprising; astonishing; unusual; extraordinary.chasireng a ongasireng, mechas a rengul.
0.003chausn.lime for betel nut.chaus a delul el merangd, kim, chaus er a chemachel, mengaus, chusel.
0.003cheballv.s.gray-haired; white-haired.
0.003chebaodn.side (of house, etc.).chebaod a bitang; telkib er a cherrungel, chebodel a blai, bita el chebaod er a chad, bita el a tkul a blai; chebodel.
0.003chebechobelv.s.embarrassed.chebechobel a merur e debsochel, chemolt a blulekngel a chebechobel, nglengael.
0.003cheberdiln.poss.3syoung sprout or frond (of any tree or plant); the leaf at the tip of the branch.cheberdil a blutek el llel a dellomel; beches el duubech el llel a lius, cheberdil a kerrekar; cheberdil a lius, cheberdil a kebui.
0.003chebesaln.poss.3sunderarm; armpit.chebesal a mesekmel a uchul a chimal, mesikm.
0.003chebingelv.a.s.(fruit) is to be picked or plucked.chebingel a kirel el mechib; chibngii,chuib, meradel a chebingel, chebngel.
0.003chebisn.spinning top (with a string).chebis a klalo el mengebis, chobisur, chobis, chebisul.
0.003chebseln.poss.3sstealing (ongraol from the garden).chebsel a omengubs er ngii; mengubs; merechorech a sers me a mesei.
0.003checherdv.s.redup.impatient; fed up with.checherd a seselk a rengul; checherd a rengul er a cherrodech, checherdel a rengul.
0.003chedein.mother (term of address less formal than chedil).chedei a ngakl el usbechall er a okedongel er a chedil; e chedei.
0.003chedeln.poss.3scord or thread for patching.chedel a cheed er ngii, mengeed a klauchad.
0.003chedellumeln.cooked tapioca.chedellumel a ngeasek el diokang el mereched el mo mark; chedellumel el diokang
0.003chedengaln.poss.3schedengal a chad; chedengal a babii, chedengal a rrull.
0.003chedibeln.poss.3scarving.chedibel a omengeduib er ngii, mengeduib.
0.003cheduln.poss.3sgod; deity; spirit; sacred object (about which some prohibition is made); center; religion; belief.chedul a chelid er ngii, Dios a Chedul a beluulechad.
0.003cheldechuleln.poss.3sway or method of doing something; way of stopping or avoiding something.cheldechulel a cheldechuul er ngii, mengedechuul.
0.003cheldechuulv.r.s.fixed; arranged.cheldechuul a mengedechuul; mengituuk el osiik a rolel el mo ungil, chodechulii me ng mo er a skuul, chudechuul.
0.003cheldeln.poss.3sfart.cheldel a chold er a chad, chemold.
0.003cheldoechn.Palauan glass money; glow; luster; heaven.cheldoech a udoud er a Belau; olit er a kim; cheldoech a beluu er a eanged; mengeldoech.
0.003cheleateln.r.s.wire.cheleatel a kerreel el deel.
0.003cheleoklv.r.s.having something stuck in throat; (machine) broken.cheleokl a mla mecheokl; merekeklii a tungd, ngar er ngii a tungd er a omerkolel; cheleokl a telemall el mesil; bilas a cheleokl.
0.003cheleuiklv.t.sprinkle lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).cheleuikl a chelaus el tet; chelaus el chemachel, mla mechaus, chousii, chemaus, mengaus.
0.003chelibelv.t.strip off outer surface of; whittle (wood).chelibel a kirel el mechalb, cholbii, chualb, mengalb a keai, chelbel a mengchongch.
0.003cheliltv.r.s.oiled; greased; anointed; cared for.chelilt a mla mechilt; chelilt er a cheluch; chiltii, chemilt, ngalek a chelilt er a kar.
0.003chelimelukv.s.confused; disorderly; chaotic.chelimeluk a diak le kldmokl; choimelkur a rael; di berriid a besbas e katotaod a klalo; mengimeluk, chimelkul.
0.003chelisngullv.r.s.(face) frowning; vexed; offended.
0.003chelitechetuln.poss.3sweakness; softness; weakened condition (esp., due to old age); defeat (as in games, sports, or war).
0.003chellebedv.r.s.hit; struckchellebed a cheliuert, mla mechiuert.
0.003chellibeln.r.s.story of house.chellibel a chachisois, blik a edei el chellibel. that a woman brings to one of her relative's funerals.chellungel a kall el longol a ngalek el dil el chedal a mlad el chad.
0.003chelmelleln.poss.3sreef (general area).chelmellel a chelmoll er ngii el beluu.
0.003chelmengeln.poss.3scompanion; escort; care-giver; someone soothing or comforting someone else.chelmengel a chad el mengelim er ngii, chelmengel er a chelebuul.
0.003chelsechusemv.r.s.dirtied or smeared (with food); involved (in a situation).chelsechusem a bechesechusem, chusechesemii, chusechusem a chimal, chesechesemel a kall; cheisechusem a teloi er a tirudii a bank, ta er a chelsechusem er ngii.
0.003cheltelaolv.r.s.made drunk.cheltelaol a chetelaol, ulekoad er a rrom, cheltiruir er a chemachel.
0.003cheluibn.(section of) turtle shell.cheluib a ukaeb, ukebel a uel. (pot) get burned/discolored.chemas a mengas; mengesuloul, mla chemas a ngeliokl, chesil. lime on; weave (basket; fish trap; mat); mend (clothes).chemaus a mengaus; chemaus a chemachel, chemaus a oruikl, chusel.
0.003chemechemeln.poss.3surine. or stitch patch onto; fix temporarily or sloppily; push (person) against (wall, etc.).chemeed a mengeed, chemedii a bilel, chemeed a mechut el mlai. oil on; grease; anoint.chemilt a mengilt; chiltii, chemilt a chimal er a sob.
0.003chemisv.s.(container) empty; (well) dry.chemis a mla mo diak; bechachau, olekang a chemis, diak a odoim, chemis el chutem a medidirt.; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).chemuiu a menguiu, omes, chuieuii a babier, chemuiu a mechesang.
0.003chemuln.poss.3sthe location on an object where it is broken or split.
0.003cheraron.enemy.cheraro a ketiaol; kauklsibereng, diak lungil a deleongel er ngii me a chad, cherrouel, oucheraro.
0.003cherduchv.s.(skin, bark of tree) rough or leathery; (person) having rough skin.cherduch a diak le meaiu; telkib el keritbetbechel; chimal a sibai a cherduch.
0.003cherelleln.poss.3sbirth; birthday.cherellel a cheroll er ngii, sils le mlechell er ngii.
0.003chereomeln.forest; woods.chereomel a oreomel; betok a kerrekar me a besebes er ngii. A chereomel aike el chutem el ngar er ngii a bek el bedengel a kerrekar me a besebes me a emull el dimlak a chad el melalem, ng di mle ngii el dubech.
0.003cheriln.poss.3slaughter; laughing.
0.003cherradv.r.s.crumbled; crushed; messed up; covered with sores; unhealed; rampant.cherrad a mla mecherad; chordengii chorad a kall; medeel er a rechad; a cherrad el kall.
0.003cherrecharv.r.s.(liquid, etc.) stirred up or agitated.cherrechar a mla mecherechar; churecherur, chorechar a ralm, diak el mechellings; cherecherul.
0.003chesbrebern.paint.chesbereber a medemedek el klalo el betok el bedengel; usbechall er a omengesbereber.
0.003cheselseln.poss.3ssong/chant (usually sung by old men).
0.003chetebteln.poss.3speak; summit; top.chetebtel a kot er bab; cheseos, chetetudil a kerekar.
0.003chetituokelv.a.s.redup.complicated; tedious.chetituokel a diak le mededaes; chetituokel el chetil el mo er a skuul a siokel a rolel. to be sprinkled with lime; is to be woven.cheuikl a kirel el mechaus; chousii, mengaus a sualo, chusel a tet. (fruit); extract (tooth); wean (baby); sway (hips) when dancing; ignore; avoid eye contact.chibngii a mengib er ngii.
0.003chiliisv.i.pastescape; flee; run away. away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).
0.003chitukeln.poss.3shis/her/its movement while asleep.chitukel a omengituuk er ngii; mengituuk.
0.003chiuisn.bone (of human being or animal).chiuis a tebechelel e klisichel a chelechad; chiuis a bliull er a tech, chiuesel a uach me a chim.
0.003chiuosechn.tears (from eyes).chiuosech a ralm el me tuobed er a mad; lmangel a tuobed a chiuosech er a medal, chiusechel a mad way to do (something); arrange; fix; save (sick person, person in distress); help; rescue.chodechulii a mengedechuul er ngii; mengituuk er ngii; osiik a rolel. for; expect.choielii a mengiil er ngii; olsingch. (immediately or without delay).choklii a mengokl er ngii, oungeroel. (object which is stuck) by inserting lever and prying; throw or trip (someone) by putting lever (e.g. stick, leg) between his or her legs; twist (arm, finger, etc.); be in early stage of pregnancy; bear grudge against someone.chomekl a mengemekl; olsongeb. (taro tubers); break (someone's) heart.chosebii a mengeseb er ngii el dait. (door, window); conclude (meeting); put in jail; confine; lock in (as punishment).chosmerii a mengesimer er ngii; tongetengii. or rap on; hit (head); ring (bell).chosmii a mengosm er ngii. for (fish); hold or lead (someone) by the hand; carry (something) in the hand at one's side; lead (animal, etc.); tow (boat, etc.); persuade; convince; string (person) along (without paying debt, etc.); attract; lure.choteklii a mengetakl er ngii. (long object) in two; fracture.chuam a mengam; chuam a kerrekar. person in group) sing with especially high pitched voice; sing poorly.chueseb a mengeseb a chelitakl.; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).chuieuii a menguiu er ngii; omes a babier; menguiu er a medal er a direk.
0.003chusuchv.t.make or sew (wreath; lei; etc.); string/thread (fish; beads; shells; etc.); wander from house to house (gossiping; etc.).chusuch a mengesuch, chusuch a ngikel, chusuch a blai.
0.003dangebn.lid; cover.dangeb a klekedall el melangeb; melekedek; duangeb a kall, dongebii a olekang, dengebel.
0.003dauchn.step; cut part; stage (in life).dauch a blechobech, beldukl; deludauch, Ibedul a ngar er a kot el dauch, Ngiraikelau a ongeru el dauch
0.003dbecheln.poss.3scoconut sprouting on ground.dbechel a dubech er ngii el dait, ungil a dbechel el dellomel.
0.003debedebeln.poss.3sweighing; the action of weighing.debedebel a omelebodeb er ngii, melebodeb, debedebel a babii.
0.003debusechn.conch shell; sound of conch shell; horn; siren.debusech a cheled el kall a techel; e a ulekngellel a usbechall er a omelebusech.
0.003dechedecheln.poss.3sdirt; mud; patching material; filling (for cavity). prepared for taro.dechel a omeklochel; dekimes el chutem; dechel a ungil blil a dait, brak, dechelel. A dechel aike el mle mesei e mla mechoit me ng diak a dait me a lechub e ng brak el dellomel er ngii me ng di chudel.
0.003dekeln.pole for boat, canoe, raft, etc.; spare motor (for boat).dekel a bambuu el usbechall er a omelikes; melikes el oba dekel, dekelel.
0.003dekleln.poss.3sburial.deklel a omelakl er ngii, doklii a ulekoad.
0.003delacheln.r.s.good place for setting fishtrap; rocks surrounding fishtrap to hold it in place.delachel a olsechall er a omelachel el bub; merau el delachel.
0.003delauchv.r.s.cut; wounded.delauch a mla medauch; mla medobech; ochil a deleuechel, melauch, douchii, dmauch, duchel.
0.003delbaetn.r.s.payment of food or money in exchange for not working (in community project, etc.).delbaet a kall me a ilumel me a bebil, el motobed el mo er a urreor el beluu el delbetelel a dibus er a urreor.
0.003delecheruln.poss.3saction of standing up; position (where person is standing).delecherul a delechor er ngii; blai a di osisiu a delecherul ngii me a mla blai.
0.003delechiln.poss.3sfish guts; intestine; bowels.delechil a delach er ngii; delechil a chad, delechil a ngikel, delechil a blaol a ngimes.
0.003delekedekv.r.s.covered.delekedek a delekedokel; mla medekedek, mla medangeb; dokedek, dokedekii a kall er a keai.
0.003delekleln.r.s.poss.3scriticism of or about (someone); gossip about (someone).deleklel a deleakl er ngii; chisel a kngtil; melaes, klou a deleklel er a rsechelil. a chalb; chelbelel a blai, betok a delemerab er a blai.
0.003delengerengern.r.s.poor behavior; sin; crime.delengerenger a mekngit el omeruul; oterebek me a osisebel a mekngit el kar a delengerenger, delengerenger a mengebuul a beluu, delengerengerel.
0.003delengucheln.exact target; vulnerable part of fish, animal, person which, if hit, results in instant death.bruchel er a omengaidechedang a delenguchel; biskang a mla subechii er a delenguchel; bulis a omoes er a delenguchel.
0.003deleuv.r.s.folded; creased; bent.deleu a mla medeu; deleuul; diak el melemalt; llemolem, dour a chimal, dmeu a babier, meleu, deul.
0.003delibechv.t.invent; introduce; start (something new, independent life, etc.); compose (song, etc.); make up or fabricate (story, etc.); chip off part of blade of (tool).delibech a beches el rruul; delbochel, melibech, delibech el rael a beches.
0.003delidaiv.r.s.accompanied; braided.delidai a mla medidai; melidai a odak a edei el kakeakl e doidai el mo tang, chui a delidai.
0.003deliobechn.ravine; valley.deliobech a eobech; dellas, delongelel a kedidai me kedidai el chutem.
0.003delkeln.poss.3saction of kicking with a downward motion or stomping; a downward moving kick or stomp.
0.003dellochelv.r.s.dipped (and soaking in water).dellochel a delilech.
0.003delodauv.s.obedient; humble; respectful.delodau a chelellakl; kedung e medemedemek; ultebechel a rengul, ulterekokl, delodau a cheldechedechal.
0.003delsongeln.r.s.sliced raw fish; sashimi.delsongel a chemadech el ngikel el deles; chemadech el odoim.
0.003dern.remainder; leftover food (on someone's plate); change (from purchase).der a mlo diak el mekang; derengel a blengur; medeel el kall; der a betok me molai a keliu, oumeder.
0.003deraun.(small) hand net (for fishing).derau a klekedall er a omenged; omerrau, uked el ngar a chim e merrau a ngikel; melechiir a ngikel.
0.003derumkn.thunder.derumk a klou el ngor el merrumk; ngerel a bisebusech; orreek e melekoier a eanged, derremkel.
0.003desachelv.a.s.chop/whittle/carve (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at.desachel a kirel el medasech; chad er a desachel a meruul a blai, melasech a blai, desechel.
0.003desiln.poss.3s(close) friend; sibling. [closer relationship than SECHELIL]desil a odam; odos er ngii; Kebesei a desil a Dilbung.
0.003desiun.earthquake; tremor; sexual encounter.desiu a klisiich el simesmengii a chutem; mesisiich el desiu a tilemellii a Kobe er a Siabal.
0.003diangeln.boathouse; canoe shed.diangel a blil a mlai; kloi a mlai me a brer er ngii. away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off.dibekii a melibek er ngii.
0.003didiln.poss.3sbridge; ladder.didil a did er ngii el omoachel.
0.003diichn.ray (of light).diich a dichel a kmard el klalo; diichel a sils, melidiich, medad medidech er a diich.
0.003dikn.any support place beneath an object, usually large, to keep in a certain position; prop; wedge; place where something should be set.dik a dkil; klalo el melik, chiull a dik el melik er a smecher, dkel; dik a ongedoel er a klalo, dikir a olekang er a dik. or dunk (person, thing) into water.dilechii a melilech er ngii; loia er a ralm me a daob; delechel.
0.003dilengchoklv.pastsit down.
0.003diun.shout; yell.diu a klou el ngor; oldiu, ngar er ngii a klou el diu, diul.
0.003diuln.poss.3scoconut frond; bunch of coconut fronds tied together as symbol of power.
0.003dkeln.poss.3sany support place beneath an object, usually large, to keep in a certain position; prop; wedge; place where something should be set.dkel a dik er ngii; dkel a smecher a chiull; titechel, kongel. in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap).dmachel a melachel; dmachel a betok el bedikl er a beab me a malk, ochau er a merau el delachel.; hide (something) under; suffer death of spouse.dmakl a melakl; locha er a chelsel a chutem; dmakl a besbas, doklii, deklel. out (yard, etc.); clear off (floor, etc.); explain; clarify.dmedesii a meledaes er ngii; dmedesii a blai. ill of; criticize.dmesii a melaes er ngii, melekoi a chetirir er ngii; ker di dmesii e ngoseuir le ng chebuul; mesaod er a sikel, melbedebes er ngii. away from (someone's house); move out; be thrown out; be exiled (from village).dmik a modik; remiid el mo diak le kiei, mla dmik er a delengchokl; meriim. (with downward movement of leg); stomp.dmolk a melolk; mesebek, mla dolkii a tebel e mriid a babier, dmolk a kingall, delkel.
0.003dmuiln.area where yard ends and bush begins.dmuil a medal a blai; beruadel a nguu a chad er a dmuil; dmilel. or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.dobedebekii a melebedebek er ngii, lotkii. (exactly or approximately); apportion; limit (e.g., one's eating).dobedebii a melebodeb er ngii, mla dobedebii a babii. (exactly or approximately); apportion; limit (e.g., one's eating).dobodeb a melebodeb a kukau. or raise amount of (esp., when previous amount insufficient).dochel a mdois; locha dechelel; remuul el mo betok, mla dochel a udoud. in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap).dochelii a melachel er ngii; dochelii a bub er a chemang. (with cloth, leaves, paper, etc.).dokedek a duangeb er a dekedek; melekedek; rengalek a dokedek a mederir e remurt; mart a mad.; stay/spin in a fixed spot.dolemii a melalem er ngii; dolemii a kebui. (with downward movement of leg); stomp.dolkii a melolk er ngii; sobekii, mla dolkii a rachel me a iedel a kaireberebet; delkel.; slap (face).dongebii a melangeb er ngii; loia dengebel; dongebii a klengoes. or slice (fish, meat); slit (open); eat (fish) raw.dosengii a meles; melekosek er ngii, mla dosengii a ngikel.
0.003douchiiv.t.cut (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.; stay/spin in a fixed spot.dualem a melalem; mla dualem a lius me a buuch me a tuu.; slap (face).duangeb a melangeb, mla duangeb a klengoes me a ongraol el olb a dengeb.
0.003ducheln.poss.3sstep; cut part; stage (in life).duchel a dauch er ngii, duchel a ochil, delauch. away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off.duibek a melibek; kidib, duibek a klalo el otobed; odubech el oba terrekakl el teletael.; sprinkle; splash.duiim a meliim, ak mla duiim a dellomel er a ralm; olab a ralm el melekimes.
0.003dulloklv.s.standing on slant or at angle; tilting; (person) hunched over.dullokl a diak el melemalt; telkib el ulukel; dullokl el lius, dulleklel.
0.003dungn.large taro.dung a dellomel el okereull, dung a ungil el dait me ng kedmekill. down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.duobech a melobech; tmuk, duobech a delemelel el diokang me a dait. a merorem; remuul el mo mekedorem, duorem a oles, me a kamang, deremel.
0.003ebakln.chopping instrument with narrow blade. Used for carving canoes.ebakl a klekedall er a omelasech, me a omelobech, ebeklel.
0.003eiiinterj.exclamatory question of surprise similar to "Is that so?" or "Is that right?" or "Oh yeah?".eii a ngesenges, olengesenges; eii me ke mlong? eii ng soam a urreor.
0.003emeln.poss.3sinterior; rear of enclosed space; interior end of mangrove channel.emel a chelsel; diak le ikrel; a mlai ulak er emel, blimam a ngar emel ng ulsechesech.
0.003engedeln.poss.3ssky; weather; eyebrow.engedel a eanged er ngii, ungil engedel Belau e beches a eltel.
0.003eru er a edeitiudexpr.two thirds.
0.003haiinterj.ho-hum (exclamation of boredom or annoyance).hai a ochotii a checherd el reng; hai ng seselk a renguk! hai tia el omeleot! hai ng kuk ngerang!
0.003iebedn.lasso; snare; contemporary fishing net (left in shallow water when tide goes out).iebed a besebes el chaibibeob el melebed; iebed a melebed a malk.
0.003ietangv.s.inch.finishing; passing by or over.
0.003iin.cave.ii a kerriu er a chelebacheb el sebechel el blai; ii er a Metukerikull a klou. a blil a omeluluuch er a Chelid., etc. with back towards (person); ignore (person).ikrii a diak el chau ngii, blik a ikrii a rael.
0.003ailechangpro.those objects/animals far from speaker and near listener.
0.003iluodelv.s.(people) sitting, standing or arranged in a circle; (stone platform) built circular.iluodel a iliud.
0.003isingeln.poss.3sfrown; grimace; glare; scowl; mean look.isingel a debsochel; olebechall; diak el ungil el melekoi er a rechad, oudebsochel er a ngalek.
0.003chitaborin.story board.
0.003iuekliiv.t.go around; circle/revolve around; surround.iueklii a meliuekl er ngii.
0.003iusn.crocodile.ius a charm el kiei a daob me a omoachel; bekeu el charm.
0.003kadikmn.right hand/arm; right side.kadikm a klisichel a chim, mengladikm, kadekmel.
0.003kaidesachelv.recip.race; compete.kaidesachel a didu el mengaidesachel; osiik er a mo er uchei; sorir a kot; klaidesachel er a rurt; klaiuengader a mekngit el reng. each other; pass by each other; hit or collide with each other.kaisiuekl a kebetech; kede mo kaisiuekl er a bai; mo kesoues er isei, ngalek me a chedil a mocha kasiuekl, osiueklii, osiueklel.
0.003kaiuediuv.recip.shout together.kaiuediu a didu el oldiu; mengerodech, rechad a kaiuediu er a deureng.
0.003kaiuekeedv.s.near; close; approaching; basic.kaiuekeed a didu el kmeed; diak le cheroid; blimam a kaiuekeed, kedel a blai er a rael. or love each other.kaiuetoir a didu el oltoir; kausemeriar, kaubeltikerreng, kelatk, klaiuetoir, otirel.
0.003kaodengeiv.recip.know each other; know each other's whereabouts; keep track of each other.kaodengei a didu el medengei; klaodengei er a delongelir el di terung; kaodengei el tekoi.
0.003kasouesv.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.kasoues a didu el omes; kaiuedingel; kaingeseu, klasoues er a bek el sils; kasoues a oturek a mederir er a ta me a tang; kasoues el kirel a ko er a ngodech el dilubech. a movie . married (to each other).kaubuch a teru el dmak el chebechiil, bechil, buch, obekel.
0.003kaudn.dam; end of menstruation.kaud a klalo el melenget; kaud er a ralm; mengaud a ngikel, kudel a bong.
0.003kaukledemv.recip.accompany/help each other.kaukledem a klaingeseu; didu el kaingeseu; chad me a bechil a kaukledem, kldemel. friends with each other.kausechelei a rechad el ta rengrir; osisiu a klemeriar er tir; klausechelei, sechelil.
0.003kautokv.recip.quarrel with each other; (nails, logs, etc.) lie scattered around.kautok a didu el omtok; kaiueiit a tekoi, mtok a meldung, te kautok e le uldasu a kakerous; mtok a tekingel, utekengel.
0.003kdemeln.poss.3sspacing; closeness; distance (between objects in a row); close interval of time (between events).kdemel a kudem er ngii el dait; mekudem a delemel.
0.003kebelungv.s.stupid; foolish; crazy; ignorant; young and unexperienced.kebelung a mla mo ngodech a bdelul; mekngit el omdasu, klebelung; mengebelung a omerellel
0.003kebkabn.ring.kebkab a chaibibeob el klalo el mengebkab; besiichel a cheldingel, kolt el kebkab, kebkebil.
0.003kedeln.poss.3shis/her/its nearness; proximity.kedel keed er ngii, kmeed, kedel a daob er a beluu.
0.003kedmekillv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.kedmekill a kirel el mekedmokl; kudmeklii, kudmokl a blai, kudmeklii a beluu el mo beches, kedmeklel.
0.003kedolsv.s.(round object) fat, thick or wide. Commonly used to describe betelnuts and coconuts.kedols a klou, kedols el buuch, kedols el lius, kedelsel.
0.003keiukln.west coast of Babeldaob. Includes the villages of Ngardmau, Ngeremlengui, Ngatpang, Aimeliik, Airai, Koror, Peleliu, and Angaur.Keiukl a mo bedul a ngebard; se el ngmelt a sils er ngii; a Ngetbang a beluu er a keiukl.
0.003kekedeln.poss.3slong duration of time.kekedel a kekeed, meketeketang; kekedel er a kulekoi.
0.003kekemangetv.s.redup.tall; long.kekemanget a kemangel; metongakl, diak el kedeb, kekemanget el bambuu, kekemengetel.
0.003kekengeln.poss.3srib.kekengel a kak er ngii, meringel a kekengel; kekengel a babii a kelem.
0.003kekesusn.redup.early evening.kekesus a olecholt er a taem; belsechel a belsoil a kekesus, klsus, di kekesus e ke mechiuaiu!
0.003keldeln.poss.3shis/her/its pinch mark (on body).keldel a omenguld er ngii, menguld er ngii; kuldii.
0.003kelebsengeln.poss.3sjail, prison.kelebsengel a kelebus er ngii el chad; meringel a belsel.
0.003kerdicont.kede di
0.003keremeremn.period when moon is waning.keremerem a lochedbuil; kmal milkolk; sechalsirukel, diak a buil; mengiremerem, diak a olbidel.
0.003kerodeln.dock; landing place.kerodel a olekerodel; Ngerkemais a kerodel er a Oreor; olsechall er a me kmerd me a mo ngmasech, kerdelel.
0.003keruulv.t.make; do; prepare; produce; repair; make or cause (someone) to do something; make/cause (someone, to do something).keruul a didu el meruul; karuruul.
0.003kesebekleln.poss.3shis/her/its sound of snapping, clucking, popping or tapping.kesebeklel a kosebakl er ngii; ngerel, kesebeklel a uach er a ulaol.
0.003kesebekuun.moray eel.kesebekuu a charm el ko er a kitelel e ng di ngar er a daob.
0.003kesekeseln.poss.3slong fishnet (kept stationary in order to trap fish on falling tide).kesekesel a omengesokes er ngii el kereker.
0.003kesengeln.poss.3stightness.kesengel a kes er ngii; kmes, ulekerreuil, kesengel a chebechiil, kesengel a klauchad a beltik el reng.
0.003keskeleln.poss.3swhich/what part of?keskelel a ngera er ngii; ng keskelel a babii a odimek? ng keskelel a sers a ngemull?
0.003kesokesn.long fishnet (kept stationary in order to trap fish on falling tide).kesokes a ta er a bedengel a omenged; mengesokes, kosekesii a kereker, kosokes a ngikel, kesekesel.
0.003keterkokln.surprise; something surprising.keterkokl a dimlak er a uldasu el tekoi e duubech; keterkokl el kodall; bkaischemrungel el omerael.
0.003ketiaolv.s.hateful; repulsive.ketiaol a chetirir a rechad; ngar er a kemikr, kirel a ketui; diak el ungil el omeruul a ketiaol; mesaik el sechal a ketiaol. with rapid slap of hand; slap with back of hand; kick (with backward or lateral movement of leg); (fish, turtle, etc.) flail; (rooster) flap wings (before crowing).kidbengii a mekerellii; mengedib er ngii; melibek; dibekii, mla kidbengii a bduu.
0.003kiesiiv.t.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).kiesii a mengiis er ngii, kiesii a chutem, kmiis el oba osib, kisel; keisii a mengiis er ngii, kiesii a chesimer el oba a kiis; kisel.
0.003kiisn.key (for opening locks).kiis a klekedall el mengiis e omkais; kisel a blai me a mlai.
0.003kikoin.sea clam.kikoi a cheled, ng kekerei er a kim e ng ko er a teletelel a ngduul.
0.003kilomod.almost; nearly; what if?kilo a omko; a kmo, kilo ke mlo er a skuul e ke mla mo merek, kilo ke kongei.; hold on to selfishly; not give up.kireos a mengreos; orreked, kiresii, mla kireos a chetemel a demak, kerresel a chutem.; hold on to selfishly; not give up.kiresii a mengreos er ngii; mekreos.
0.003kirsn.penis.kirs a molech; eoulbeluu er a sechal, kersel. out (seeds; fishbones; etc.); pick at (scab; etc.); badger (person) to get information; seek truth from; seek out (truth).kitiit a mengetiit; imakl a ungil er a mekngit, kitiit a miich, kititii a klemerang.
0.003kiueln.poss.3spole (such as that to which a knife is attached at the top and used to harvest betelnut, pepper leaf, etc.).kiuel a kaiu er ngii.
0.003kiuidn.starling (bird which eats papaya; excrement; etc. and then begins to squak).kiuid a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm.
0.003klaiuengadern.saying goodbye; departure; farewell; the moment of departure.klaiuengader a klaiuerebet; ketemall, di du el olengader; soibesengii a sechelil e mo ruchei; tomellii a chad mengengmanget e ngii a mo kot a chelechei; klaiuengader a mekngit el tekoi; klaidesachel me a klaudiais a ungil el tekoi. knowledge (of one another); someone's knowledge (of something).klaodengei a klemedengei er ngii; melechesuar, medengei, medengelii.
0.003kldemeln.poss.3scompanion/helper (esp. when going fishing, hunting, etc.).kldemel a kledem er ngii er a urreor; olengeseu er ngii.
0.003kldungn.good/moral behavior.kldung a kedung; ungil a omerrellel; bekongesenges a llach; mengull a tekoi.
0.003kleimnum.5 [five] (animal; nonliving thing).kleim a ochur el eim (5); kleim el lius, kleim el bduu, kleim el blai.
0.003klekarv.r.s.watched over; guarded; watchful (of one's behavior).klekar a mengkar; bulis a klekar er a kelebus; omes e omtebechel er ngii; kokerengii, kokar, kekerengel.
0.003klengeasekn.youth.klengeasek a ngeasek; klengalek; klengeasek er a chad a okedeldaol.
0.003klidmn.face (of person); head.klidm a uldekial a iis me a ngor me a otangel me a mad, ungil a kldmel el ekebil, ungil a medal, klidmechur. at.klidmechur a mad el chur; ocherechur; beruadel a di blechoel el klidmechur. Klidmechur a mad el chur; ocherchur, beruadel a belchoel el klidmechur.
0.003kliltn.bracelet.klilt a besichel a chim, kltel el olecholl; ng soak a klilt el kolt.
0.003klioklv.t.dig; (chicken) scratch in (ground); (pig) root in (ground); open with key; unlock; wind (watch, clock).kliokl a kliis el chutem. area of kitchen.klitut a blil a omeruul el kall me a omeliokl; klaitut.
0.003klleln.poss.3sfood that has been swallowed.kllel a kall el bla le kang.
0.003klloun.size; thickness.kllou a kllungel; kllou er ngii; ng ua ngera a kllou er a blim?
0.003kloin.r.s.corpse not yet buried.kloi a blengkangk el diak a telil; mo er ker a beldokel? a bedengel a ulekoad a mo kloi er a bai.
0.003klsaklv.r.s.(something) wrong/the matter.klsakl a ngar er ngii a telemall; mla mekesakl? ke klsakl? tia ng klsakl?
0.003klsaun.sexual intercourse.klsau a klaiuetoir; kausau, cheliuaiu er a delongelel a sechal me a dil; songel, mengemull, ousau.
0.003klubv.r.s.(coconuts) paired or coupled.klub a klbael; mla mekub, mengub a lius, teblo el kakub, remeloik a klbael; kuub a lius.