One Random Word for each Part of Speech

For a more thorough discussion of Palauan parts of speech, please refer to:

The following is a simple list of the Palauan parts of speech with brief descriptions and an example word for each one.

1aux.auxiliarymowill; shall; become; get.
2aux.past.auxiliary past tensemlobecame; got.
3babya baby wordchochchongbathe.
4conj.a conjuctiona lekointended to; apparently.
5cont.a contractionkerdikede di
6interj.interjectionbriidan act of scattering.
7mod.modifieraif; when. Also, used as a contentless word which precedes nouns and verbs under various conditions.
8n.nounbakutsigambling; "twenty one" (card game).
9n.a.s.anticipating state nounuduudelpay day; person to be paid; wage earner.
10n.a.s.poss.3san anticipating state noun possessed by a single person, animal, or thingongellelthe fruit on a tree that is to fall or to be caused to fall.
11n.a.s.redup.a reduplicated anticipating state nounkerrekeriiltrial; judgement.
12n.act.action nounomelatkaction of remembering.
13n.instr.instrument nounochaduinstrument to cut with; scissors; tongs. nounruchadsiblings of opposite sex; related persons of opposite sex.
15n.poss.1pea noun possessed by the speaker and perhaps others, but not the listenerbngamour (exclusive) trap (usually for fish).
16n.poss.1pia noun possessed by the speaker and the listener and perhaps othersbudour (inclusive) smell/odor/scent.
17n.poss.1sa noun possessed by the speakerbukmy smell; my odor; my scent.
18n.poss.2pa noun possessed by multiple listenerscheremiuyour (plural) prices or costs.
19n.poss.2sa noun possessed by a single listenerbngamyour (singular) flower, green coconut sheath, etc.
20n.poss.3pa noun possessed by multiple peoplecherrirtheir prices or costs.
21n.poss.3snoun possesed by a single persondelemel(action of) planting.
22n.r.s.resulting state noundelengmesact of respecting/honoring someone.
23n.r.s.poss.3sa resulting state noun possessed by a single person, animal, or thingblsechelits time or occasion of an event.
24n.r.s.redup.a reduplicated resulting state noundelmedimechlarge amount of dots or spots.
25n.redup.noun reduplicatedbedebedechaklsooty tern (swoops down to surface of water to catch fish).
26n.res.a residual noun; something formed residually after an actionulelbongeldirtied water after washing dishes.
27num.numberchimo1 [one] (animal; nonliving thing).
28prefixa word stem that modifies another word by being added to the front of itki-we (excluding you) (second person plural exclusive affix).
29pro.pronounaikathese objects/animals near speaker and near listener.
30ques.question wordngerrachwhat is it?
31suffixa word stem that modifies another word by being added to the back of it-edour (including you).
32v.a.s.anticipating state verbchetongelis to be praised.
33v.a.s.redup.a reduplicated anticipating state verbdengdengechel(someone's status) is to be pointed out/questioned.
34v.caus.causative verborrechorech(make) (ship, etc.) sink. inchoative causative verboldiongis beginning to shout.
36v.caus.redup.a reduplicated causative verboldekdakput (different items) all together.
37v.erg.ergative verbmengaiget brought/taken; lose baby; have miscarriage. inchoactive ergative verbmetudangis beginning to get cut; (time) is approaching; often used in expressions to signify that morning or evening is coming.
39v.erg.pasta past-tense form on an ergative verbmilecheedgot/became stuck.
40v.erg.recip.redup.a reciprocated, ergative verbkabdebidget caught or twisted on each other.
41v.erg.redup.reduplicated ergative verbmechemechameasily broken; fragile.
42v.i.intransitive verbbakuhatsexplode.
43v.i.inch.inchoative instransitive verbdokngeiis getting together.
44v.i.pred.predictive instransitive verbmerekungis about to come or arrive.
45v.i.redup.intransitive verb reduplicatedmedidelangelcry lightly.
46v.imp.imperative verbMolangch!Guess!.
47v.imp.3piimperative verb suggesting a collective activity with both the speaker and listener(s)doraellet's go.
48v.inch.inchoative verbmedeiis starting to die or go out.
49v.pasta past-tense of a verbmleicame; arrived. perfective verb operating on multiple peopletokingiterirtalk to people for purpose of discipline or persuasion. perfective verb which happened in the past to multiple objectsmilliikpicked (coconuts). perfective verb acting on a single personobangcarry; hold; take. perfective verb which happened in the past to a single person, animal, or thingchiltengiipraised (him/her/it). perfective inchoative verbcholbediangbeginning to hit.
55v.pred.a predictive verbmedkungis about to die or go out.
56v.r.s.a resulting state verbchelatpraised.
57v.r.s.redup.a reduplicated resulting state verbteleteuopened rather wide; unfinished.
58v.r.s.t.a resulting transitive state verbkluokucarrying; cradling.
59v.recip.a reciprocal verbchachatpraise each other.
60v.recip.redup.a reciprocal, reduplicated, verbkangebengubetfree each other of blame; take off (clothes; etc) together; take off (each other's) clothes.
61v.redup.a reduplicated verbmechechelcholdkeep farting.
62v.s.a state verbchullrainy.
63v.s.inch.a state inchoative verbchellangis getting rainy.
64v.s.inch.redupa reduplicated inchoative state vertmediditangis just getting dry. state verb describing multiple people, animals, or objectsmekesaiinsufficient; not enough; few (when describing multiple objects, people, etc.).
66v.s.pred.a predictive state verbcherechesung(tide) is about to start falling.
67v.s.redup.a reduplicated state verbchubchubmerciful; compassionate; feeling pity for others; sympathetic; emphathetic.
68v.s.redup.inch.a reduplicated inchoative state verbmekekedeangbecoming itchy or horny.
69v.s.t.transitive state verbmekiibe disgusted, sickened or repelled by.
70v.s.t.inch.inchoative transitive state verbmedechangis getting to know how (to); is becoming skilled.
71v.s.t.redup.a reduplicated transitive state verbmererurrather ashamed/afraid of.
72v.t.a transitive verbchematpraise; admire. inchoative transitive verbomechelangis (just) beginning.
74v.t.pred.a predictive transitive verbmochu merekis about to finish.
75v.t.redup.a transitive verb reduplicatedmeltelatkthink about continually.
76var.a variant spelling and pronounciation of another wordchubkiichubur

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