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This website is an effort to create an online Palau language portal containing many resources including a Palauan-English dictionary which can be used to look up words as well as to help learn the grammar rules. It is intended to help Palauans learn English, to help foreigners learn Palauan, and to create an online repository of the Palauan language stored in the cloud to ensure longevity. is very proud to be approved by and sponsored by the Palau Language Commission (PLC) as of July 14, 2015. Established in 2009 by President Toribiong and as ratified by the Senate, the PLC is the official body responsible for maintaining and defining the Palauan Language and its orthography. In 2012, the PLC declared that it adopted the grammar and orthography as defined by Dr. Lewis S. Josephs and Mr. Masa-Aki N. Emesiochl and described in their most recent 1990 dictionary and 1997 grammar handbooks. Accordingly, follows these conventions as accurately as we can. Please report any errors so that we might continue to adhere to the official standards.

Any and all help, comments, and suggestions are appreciated: Here is a link to update the databases through your browser, Update DB, although you will need to request an access code first. Sulang!

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