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Me a Olengkoi a okere er ngii, "Ng ngera chised e rrang?" Me ng ua sei, " Ngak a mle e le ng soak el me mesuub a tekoi er kau.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
"Dirrek," tirkal lobekel a millemolem, "bek el lelolem el buil, ea rechedal a ikelesia a chemoit a kmeed el teruich el sikang lomes e orrenges er a klou longdibel."Religious Passages Found Online
Yakau. Te betok el chad el merael el mong mete kaiuereked chim eleng mol tuobed a Tautaumona el merutech ertir. Kede meral ebuul!Palauan text found on Facebook
A chekil a ulekor.Book: Ke Orrenges Ng Diak
Tiang chad a mera el tedobched.These people are stupidSentences uploaded by volunteers (U)
A Kim a kot el klou e redil.Book: Ngara ng Ousbech a Telungalek
E a rubak er ngii el blai a mocha smecher el mad.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
A rengum a di mo blechoel el ngar sel le ngar ngii a mekreos el kloklem.For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.Religious Passages Found Online
Me ser a kisang e ak di chiloitbedengek el mo terrob er bitar ochil el ua ulekoad el chad. Ng mirrii a kadekmel a chimal er a bdeluk e kmo, "Lak medakt! Ngak a uchul e ulebongel.When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he laid his right hand on me, saying, "Fear not, I am the first and the last,Religious Passages Found Online
mekikiid a bechachau; diak a kall, diak a udoud.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
ongirt a oltobed a ngertel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
E dirrek el kuk uriul er itiang e ng di mle ta e mo duum er a re betok er a 500 er a rubengkel, el oumesingd er tir a dirk kiei, e ngdi re bebil er tir a mla mad.Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep.Religious Passages Found Online
Ngara me ng ua itia a chull me a eolt e kemiu e meremang?"Book: Kemril a Ngikel
mecheokl a cheleokl; chelemekl a tungd er a omerkolel, chemeklii, cheokl, cheklel.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
toketekii a meleketek er ngii; teketekel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ng locha dirrek el ungil a bo ktelkib el ouchais a blekerdelel tia el kaud er a loruul er ngii.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
klisichel a klisiich er ngii.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Rudam, ak kmal di oureng e di meluluuch er a Dios el kmo a re chad er a beluak el chad er a Judea bo le sebechir el mo suobel.Brothers, my heartís desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.Religious Passages Found Online
A Bib a mlo er a delal.Book: Ke Orrenges Ng Diak
Ng kmal menga el ngosecha a rengul.Book: Omesubel a Bebil er a Dellomel me a Charm
Rudam, ng somam a cho bo modengelii a krasia er a Dios el mor a ikel ikelesia er a Masedonia.We want you to know, brothers, about the grace of God that has been given among the churches of Macedonia,Religious Passages Found Online
llecheluches a mla melecheluches; betok a llechukl er ngii.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ak medengei el kmo ng sebeched. Ng merang, a beluulechad er chelecha el sils a ousbech er a ruchelel!Religious Passages Found Online
ngenglemodel a telkib el nglemed. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Me a rechad er a blil me a beluu a ko er a kmal mlo mechas a rengrir, e le ngika el buik a kmal mesisiich el diak a meringel er ngii. His family and the villagers were quite surprised at the boy's sudden good health and quick recovery.Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
ochisall a kirel el mochis; diak el ochisall a ollumel, di kirel el ngar ngii a ilumel; ochisir a klengoes. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
dechors a blolech; medecherecher el kirs a dechors. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
A Jesus ma rubengkel er a le keda er a Jerusalem e te mlor a beluu er a Bethphage el ngar a Rois er Olib. Te mlar isei e a Jesus a odercheterir a re teru er tir el oeak uchei el ma meraelNow when they drew near to Jerusalem and came to Bethphage, to the Mount of Olives, then Jesus sent two disciples,Religious Passages Found Online
A uriul er a mekesai el buil me a betok el ki mchadecheduch lobengkel ngkal ngeasek el buik, ea Sister Monson me ngak a kmal mlo ungil a rengmam el mlo er a omelmesumech er a klmisionari er ngii el mo er a British Columbia Canada Vancouver Mission.Religious Passages Found Online
rodir a merad er ngii; rodir; mengais, remad a kar.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
ulechell a melekoi er a chedam; ulechell er a Merikel a ngelekel a sechal er a Merikel; ulechell er a Saibal a ngelekel a sechal er a Saibal; ulechellel. Ngelekel a ochell el sechal er a blai.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Metetoech a medal chad; medecheduch a rengul a kedidai a rengul; diak el omekerreu; diak le betik a rengul; medecheduch a rengul e kiei er a diak el blil. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
medebusech a delebusech; mui er a ralm; mla medebusech a bedengel er a omelim.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Tirka el chad a mlo diak lsebechir el merael e le tia el mocha bedul a telia el sils e ng kmal di mle meses a eolt e meringel a daob me te di mle bad tir me a rechedad.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
A President Monson a olengit er kid el mo "omdasu el [kired] er a urered el mo olsisechakl e mo mesuub e mo ngmai osenged el bedul Osobel el ngii Ongetikaik er a ikal doruul." Momdasu a mo omes a chedaol llechukl lobengterir tirkal moldingel er tir e bo momes a bebil er a teletael el Jesus Kristo a ulab lolsisechakl e milsuub. Ng sebechemeiu lomuchel lousbech a bebil er a bades el President Monson a ulusbech, el ua Mateus 11:29, Johanes 5:30, ma Markus 4:2. Ng sebechemiu el mo smaod aikel bla msuub el kirel a Kristo el ngii a sebechel ngosukau el mo "ousbech er a chedaol klisichel." President Monson invites us to "ponder [our] efforts to teach and to learn and to look to the Savior as our Guide in doing so." You might consider searching the scriptures with those you visit to find insights into the ways that Jesus Christ taught and learned. You could start with some of the scriptures President Monson referenced, such as Matthew 11:29, John 5:30, and Mark 4:2. You could discuss how what you have learned about Christ can help you "become partakers of His divine power."Religious Passages Found Online
mededaes a diak lemechesang; dedaes, deledesel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
remiso a melubs el olab a ralm; meriso a ochil; risouii; melatech.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
iodes a ta er a bedengel a bachel, udoud er a Belau.Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
ultorech a rruul el ketiterachel; mla motorech; mla oterechii me ng ketiterachel; oterechii; a rael, oltorech oterchel. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Ng uoi kebesengei me ak melouch er a bab er a kedrekall e okiu a rael e oldiu el chemat el di diul a blelau me ak dechero me ak mengelekel ku chais e te kmo aike eua er a mlai me aike cheru el omekella er a ngeraol mo melengel er a di tela el bikel Ongedechuul.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Uriul er a lechadecheduch e te miltik el kmo, ng sebechir el ousbech a chaus el meruul a bodii.Book: Chisel a Iungs er a Belau
Ma bocha le diderekl a Jesus er a bos, e ngikal chad el tilobed er ngii a mekngit el chelid a kmal ullengit er a Jesus el kmo, "Mkengei me kubengkem!"As he was getting into the boat, the man who had been possessed with demons begged him that he might be with him.Religious Passages Found Online
Dosei te mla mei, me bechere me lebe ltuu er a blai.They've come after all, so you might as well let them into the house.Sentences from The New Palauan-English Dictionary (E)
ulechau a mla mochau; mla olechau er ngii; ulekedong, bilas a ulechau me ng meremang. Monolingual Dictionary Definitions
Trivia questions uploaded by volunteers
Me a lmetat a chais el me er a beluu el kmo Ngirailemesang a milrechii a Ngirngemelas e a ta el mechas er a remeteet a metengel el me el lotkikii a bechil, e ngii a mo bechil a Ngirailemesang.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau
Ma Jesus a uleker er ngii el kmo, "Ng techa ngklem?" Me ng ulenger el kmo, "A ngklek a Cheldebechel" ele ng mle betok el mekngit el chelid a siliseb er ngii.Jesus then asked him, "What is your name?" And he said, "Legion," for many demons had entered him.Religious Passages Found Online
Mlechesii a ngklel.Book: Kakerous a Meklungel me a Teletelel
Me ng ngar er a blil a sechal el mo meketeket e a demal a sechal a mochu melecha er a ongraol er ngika el demal a redil.Book: Siukang er a Belau
Me ng medei.Book: Cheldecheduch er a Belau

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