Tekinged on your Mac

tekinged.com is thrilled to be able to provide its Palauan dictionary as a built-in Apple Dictionary. This is for your Mac computers only; if you are looking for the dictionary for your phone or tablet, please click here. If you would like spell-checking to work in Microsoft office, please click here. Please note that this is just a dictionary and not the full tekinged.com website.

This provides all the functionality that Apple OS X provides. You can use the built-in dictionary and you can also select words in other apps and look them up.

To install it, either download the light-weight version that doesn't include pictures or the larger version with pictures. Then follow the instructions on this page to install it. You can also try the simpler instructions in the featured comment at the bottom of this page.

Download links:

Please provide any comments, bug reports, or other feedback in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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