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Group 1

MELECHOSECHv.t.take a bite of (solid food); cut too much hair off (head).melechosech a mengiok a kall; suchesechii; suchosech a bobai, sechesechel.
MENGARDv.t.nibble; munch; bite.mengard a mengiok; beab a mla kordii a lius; kmard a diokang, chemutii; klard, kerdel.
MENGIOKv.t.gnaw at.mengiok a mengard; ta er a bedengel a omelechosech el kall; beab a mengiok a chemutii, kikii a diokang, kiikiel.
MENGUCHETv.t.chew or munch on (sugarcane, etc.).menguchet a chuchetii a deb; chemuchet a ongchutel; chechetel.

Group 2

RAKTn.sickness; disease.
SECHERn.sickness; illness; disease.secher a rakd; rekdel; klou a secher er a beluu; tereter a secher.

Group 3

A LSEKUMmod.if [with neutral implications].
ALTAEconj.if (perhaps/maybe).
KILOmod.almost; nearly; what if?kilo a omko; a kmo, kilo ke mlo er a skuul e ke mla mo merek, kilo ke kongei.
LEMLAKmod.if one hadn't; if there hadn't been.lemlak a okmo ng dimlak; lemlak kau e ak riros.
OMKOmod.if [with hopeful implications]; if only (. . . then something good will happen).omko a kilong; omko ke mlei e kede merrael el mo er a ngebard; omko ke mellemolem e ke mla rokir a skuul.
ULEKUMmod.if (only).

Group 5

MELECHESOKLv.t.jump (particular distance) [typically playful jumping such as children jumping around for fun].melechesokl a suchesokl; ridekekl el mo er a bab, rebuik a melechesokl, suchesokl, secheseklel.
MERDEKEKLv.t.jump (particular distance) [for a useful purpose such as crossing a stream].merdekekl a melechesokl; ridekekl, ridekeklii a cheroid; ridekeklel.
OLEONGv.t.jump or vault over; fly over.oleong a melechesokl el oleiu; ert a oleong a chedesaoch, ngmasech e mo imuul; oeong a daob; oengur a sers.

Group 6

OMSANGELn.basket (or similar container) used by women to store personal effects.omsangel a blil a udoud; blil a mekreos el klalo, omsengelel a buai
ORUIKLn.basket (typically woven with care).oruikl a sualo; chelaus el dui.
SUALOn.basket (typically woven hastily for temporary use).sualo a oruikl; cheluikl el dui el blil a kall me a klalo.
TELECHULLn.r.s.basket/bundle (of goods); goods exchanged as favor or obligation.

Group 7

BLSIBSn.(small) hole (e.g., made by a drill).
KLIOKLn.r.s.hole [typically large].
METETOECHn.redup.opening of hole, pit, etc.metetoech a belsibs el tmoech er a bitang; otechii; otoech a medal er a metetoech.

Group 8

WordPOSEngPal around between (villages, countries, etc.).meleboteb a merael el mesarech a betok el beluu; tebetebel.
MERAELv.t.go; walk; travel (particular distance); leave; (water) flow/move (in pipe); (blood) flow out.merael a omekebakes, omakes; merael el mong; omerolel.
MERDERDv.t.step on; peddle (bicycle); step on gas peddle of (car).merderd a mesarech; roderdii; roderd a bad; merderd er a osebokel; rderdel.
MESARECHv.t.step on; tour/visit (place).mesarech a merael el omes; sorechii a skuul; smarech a betok el beluu; serechel a beluu.
OMAISv.t.wander; walk around; go back and forth; travel frequently.omais a blechoel el merael; meses el omais a obliil, bais, bisel.
OMAKESv.i.walk; take a step.omakes a merael omekebakes, blekeklel a ouach, bakes, bekesel. over hills or high places.omchub a melecha a uchub; mchebngii a bai, mchub a blai, uchebngel.
OMOCHv.t.step on and crush (grass; vines; etc.); fall on top of; push (person, thing) forcibly into; (waves) break (at reef, etc.).omoch a otilech; olsarech, moch a chudel, mechengii a delul el meduu, ochengel. (between places).omoid a merael; omais, moid a beluu, chad er a usaso a omoid a beluu, midii, bidel. by way of open; grass area.ouked a merael er a ked; oubeluu

Group 9

WordPOSEngPal pole.bikel a klekedall er omengereel, bikel er a ngikel. pole (similar to bikel).omsuul a klekedall er a omengereel, ko er a bikel.

Group 11

BEROELn.large one-pronged fish spear.beroel a meklou el biskang; omeroel a meklou el ngikel. fishing spear.biskang a klekedall er a omenged, usbechall er a burech, oba biskang el omurech a ngikel; biskelengel.
OLAODn.instr.spear for catching sardine.olaod a klekedall el melaod; taod er a kall, ngikel; olodel.

Group 12

BUBn.trap (usually for fish).bub a klekedall er a omenged; omub a ngikel, chemang; bub a mengesimer a ngikel me a chemang, omub, bngel,.
CHEBINGELn.large fishtrap.chebingel a cheldukl el bad el mengaud a ngikel, chebngelel.
CHEBSADELn.type of fishtrap.
CHELEBITELn.deep-water fishtrap.

Group 13

BERDAKLn.small fishnet (used to surround rock).berdakl a ta er a bedengel a omenged; omeredakl. with wide mesh for catching fish/turtles.berebor a ta er a bedengel a kesokes; kesekesel a uel.
DERAUn.(small) hand net (for fishing).derau a klekedall er a omenged; omerrau, uked el ngar a chim e merrau a ngikel; melechiir a ngikel.
DIREKOREKn.type of fishnet (very large
nets made of coconut string that is 3 mm thick).
direkorek a uked er a omenged; oudirekorek; ouemenged.
IEBEDn.lasso; snare; contemporary fishing net (left in shallow water when tide goes out).iebed a besebes el chaibibeob el melebed; iebed a melebed a malk.
KESOKESn.long fishnet (kept stationary in order to trap fish on falling tide).kesokes a ta er a bedengel a omenged; mengesokes, kosekesii a kereker, kosokes a ngikel, kesekesel.
METILABn.fishnet used when running and surrounding fish.metilab a ta er a bedengel omenged; te oumetilab el ngomedii a kelat.
REMECHAKLn.type of fishnet.remechakl a ta er a bedengel a omenged; ouremechakl.
RUULn.type of fishnet made of palm leaves.ruul a klekedall er a omengesokes; merart a ruul el llel a lius.
SEMAELn.type of trap or net for catching fish.

Group 14

MENGEDERRAUv.i.catch fish with hand net.
MENGEREELv.t.catch (fish) with a line (but not troll); make cord out of; (sl.) look for girls.mengereel a ngar a chei el ousbech a kereel; korelii a klou el ngikel; koreel a temekai; kerelel. by looking around among stones in sea.mengeremakl a oldingel; omes a bub; choremeklii; choremakl a bngel; cheremeklel a bub.
MENGESOKESv.t.catch (fish) with (long) net; lurk around environs of house; block (e.g., road, entrance, etc.); surround.mengesokes a ouemenged el ousbech a kesokes; kosekesii, kosokes a meas; kesekesel.
MENGETAKLv.t.troll for (fish); hold or lead (someone) by the hand; carry (something) in the hand at one's side; lead (animal, etc.); tow (boat, etc.); persuade; convince; string (person) along (without paying debt, etc.); attract; lure.mengetakl a ngar a chei el ousbech a chetakl; chotakl a ngikel; cheteklel. mengetakl a olab er a chimal; choteklii a til; cheteklel.
MERUSv.i. fish underwater with one-pronged spear.
OMALECHv.t.hit with a slingshot; catch (fish) with a spear gun; snap string of kitalong against piece of lumber for purpose of marking line.omalech a malech a ngikel; melechii a charem el oba balech; belechel. with line in deep water.omeliod a ta er a bedengel a omenged, meliod. with berdakl.omerdakl a ta er a bedengel a omenged el ousbech a berdakl.
OMEROELv.t.spear (fish) with large one-pronged fish spear.omeroel a omurech el oba beroel; merelii a temekai, meroel a maml, berelel ngikel.
OMUBv.t.catch (fish) with trap; go out to check fishtrap.omub a melai a ngikel me a chemang er a bub, sechelik a mla mngii bngek e. mub a bngel.
OMUKEDv.t.catch (fish) by casting net; (antenna, etc.) receive (broadcast, etc.).omuked a omdechem; melai el ousbech a uked, muked a ngikel, omuked a rekas, mkedii a ngalek, ukedel.
OUMENGEDv.i.go fishing; go get fish. with metilab (type of fishnet).oumetilab a ouemenged el olab a metilab; ngomedii a kelat.
SIKESn.sikes a ta er a bedengel a omenged.

Group 15

MENGUKv.t.pinch or press with thumb and index finger.menguk a kukur a ngalek; mesisiich el omet er a bedengel el olab a rsel a cheldingel; kmuk a bedengel.
MENGULDv.t.pinch with fingernails.menguld a kuldii; kmuld a bedengel el olab a kekul; keldel a ngalek.

Group 16

CHURn.laughter; laughing.chur a dereuakl, ocherechur, rekebil a metemella er a chur.
DEREUAKLn.loud laughter from a group of people.dereuakl a doreuakl; cherechur; klou a dereuakl; kauoderouakl, ocherechur, kacherechur.

Group 17

MENGEREKARDv.t.shout or yell (out).
OLDIUv.t.shout out; yell to.

Group 18

KERRUKn.chicken.kerruk a ta er a ngklel a malk.
MALKn.chicken.malk a ta er a meklou el suebek el charm; malkeblai, malkureong.

Group 19

MENGURSv.t.pull; tow; drag.mengurs a kursii; oltamet; kmurs a kerrekar; otamet.
MESUCHv.t.jerk; pull strongly at.mesuch a smuch; meterekakl el omelai; mesngii; suchar a ngalek.
OLTAMETv.t.pull at (rope, hand etc.); draw tight or taut.oltamet a mengurs; otemetii a chimal; otamet a cheul, otemetel.
OMDAIv.caus.pull in (rope, anchor line, fishing line, etc.).omdai a mengurs; mdeir a ouak, mdai a chetakl, udeil.

Group 20

OMADESv.t.arrange; line up; display.omades a omechobech, mades a blai, omades er a rengalek; bedesel a terekill el kall.
OMECHOBECHv.t.put (persons, things) into straight line or row; organize or arrange in proper order or sequence.omechobech a omades.

Group 21

MELEKIMESv.t.make or get (someone, something) wet.melekimes a meruul el mo dekimes; dikmesii, dikimes a bail, dekmesel.
MELIIMv.t.spray; sprinkle; splash.meliim a melubs; melekimes el olab a ralm, daob; diemii, duiim a bung, dimel.
MELUBSv.t.sprinkle; spray; throw water on (from container); water (plants).melubs a melekimes; suubs er a ralm; subsii, sebsel.

Group 22

MELIDUIv.t.peep at; look for (something hidden or obscured).melidui a omdidm; berrotel e omes; doidui a olechelubel, diong.; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).menguiu a omes; melelem; chemuiu a mederir; chuieuii a babier; chiuel.
MEREBv.t.look for (something that has disappeared).mereb a osiik er a mlo dibus; mereb er a chad el mla er a blai; mereb er a chidib.
OLECHOUDv.t.look for (diligently).olechoud a osiik; melngot, ochoud a udoud; ochudii, ochudel a kall.
OLENGENGv.t.stare at.olengeng a omes; ngellomel; mesaik a olengeng e diak loruul; ongengii; ongeng.
OMESv.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.omes a ues, mes, mesang, omes a klekool, meiko a diak el omes, osengel.
OSIIKv.t.look for, seek.osiik a merrau; siekii a mlo dibus el buik, osiik a udoud, smiik a kall; skel a dibus.

Group 23

MELBOTBv.t.divide or split (long object) into small pieces, strips.melbotb a meliud a mekemanget; tibotb a oluus, tibetbii olukl, tibetbel.
MELIUKESv.t.divide or share (food).
MELSAKLv.t.divide; separate; remove or pull out (wood) from fire; move (oneself) out of the way.melsakl a ngosakl; mo choroid, ngosakl a idungel er a ngau; ngoseklii er a medal a ngau; ngeseklel.
MEROUSv.t.divide up; distribute.merous a omii; rousii a babii; remous a beras, rusel a kall.
MERUKELv.t.divide into portions.merukel a merous; omibii, merukel a kall er a Klobak; merukel a terekelir a Rubakldil.
OMIIv.t.divide; distribute; separate (people) from each other; part (hair); direct (matter such as to credit to blame) at proper person; open (hands) palm up (as gesture to show that one is out of something, etc.).omii a merous, meleukes, mii a ngerachel, omii a kall, bingel.

Group 24

MELIKv.t.strike with the fist; box with.melik a oimetemet a chimal e merusech; tikir a kboub; tmik a mlai, tkil.
MENGEDIBv.t.hit with rapid slap of hand; slap with back of hand; kick (with backward or lateral movement of leg); (fish, turtle, etc.) flail; (rooster) flap wings (before crowing).mengedib a omkerall; oba ikrel a chim el mengelebed; kidbengii a bilis; kidib a bduu; kidbengel.
MENGELEBEDv.t.hit; strike; bat.mengelebed a cholebed; oldechelakl; cholebedii a chetelaol, chelebedel.
MENGESUARv.t.slap (face); slap (someone) in the face.mengesuar a mengesbad; mengeleed, mengesuar a medal.
OMARv.t.slap (someone) in the face; slap (face).omar a mengesbad; merengii, chosbad, mengelebed, omar a medal, berengel.

Group 25

MELMESIMv.t.shake; shake (head) sideways to say no; shake (from wind, etc.).melmesim a meririau; mengitektik; a desiu simesmengii a blai; simesim a dellomel, smesmengel.
MENGEKLACHELv.t.clean (bottle or similar container) by putting water in it and shaking; shake something to hear what is inside.
MENGEREDERIDv.i.shake; wriggle; quiver.
MENGITEKTIKv.t.shake; sway; move; disturb.mengitektik a ouedikel; melmesim; blai a mengitektik er a eolt me a desiu; oitektik a klalo.
MERIRIAUv.t.shake.meririau a orekedii e ouedikel er ngii el mo e mei; ririur a kerrekar; ririul.
MERRARSv.t.shake out; shake (person) up and down; (animal) shake (itself) off.merrars a mengoit a basbas; sirsii a uulech; sirars a ochil; merreder a merrars er a ngerel.
MESELOAKLv.t.grab at and shake/stir.meseloakl a merutech; merurous; soloueklii a odoim; meseloakl a kelel a beluu, seloeklel a babii me a ngikel.
MESIMv.t.shake.mesim a olsesei el choroid er a olsechelel; simengii a kingall el mong; suim a tebel, mesim a klalo e meledaes er a ulaol; smengel a tebel.
OMRITELv.t.shake (something); shake; shiver; totter; lose one's balance.omritel a ouderiu; melmesim a bedengel; diak le chelellakl; omritel er a kerrasem, bertelel a dadk.
OUDERIUv.i.shiver or shake due to being cold.ouderiu a omritel er a kerrasem; kmal mekerasem.
OUEDIKELv.t.make something move; shake; agitate; cause dissension among.ouedikel a diak le chelellakl, ouedikel a ourreor el kirel a blil; ouedikel el soal ungil el delengchokl.

Group 26

WordPOSEngPal (in form of labor).ngeseu a ngeso; olengeseu; ngoseuir; ngoseu; msa ngeso. (in any form except labor).ngeso a ngelseu; olengeseu; ngeso el kall me a udoud.

Group 27

MELAMLv.t.cut (grass, garden, yard, etc.).
MELAUCHv.t.cut (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.melauch a meliud; melobech; melauch a keam; douchii; dmauch; duchel.
MELEBESv.t.cut or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).melebes a dobesii; meluk; dortii a ungil el deleongel, duebes a besebes, debesel.
MELEKODEKv.t.cut or slice (odoim, non-starchy food, sea cucumber, etc.) vertically (all the way through).melekodek a melekosek; melebes, melekodek a babii; dekedekel a ngikel.
MELEKOSEKv.t.cut/slice (odoim = non-starchy food) vertically (partially or all the way through); cut (leaves; paper; finger; etc.); castrate (pig); flatter.melekosek a melekodek; meluk; melebes,
MELENGSONGDv.t.redup.cut branches (of tree) (to remove obstruction, clear land, etc.); cut branches (of tree) for firewood.melengsongd a omngar el melai a sengsongd, songsengdii, songsongd, sengsengdel.
MELESv.t.cut or slice (fish, meat); slit (open); eat (fish) raw.meles a melekosek; meles a ngikel, baklild a meles a buld; dosengii, dmes, desengel. (can); cut open (coconut); break ground for (taro patch); work over soil in preparing (taro patch).meliuch a omok el oba oles, oliuch; iuchii a mekebud, imiuch a mengur, iuechel.
MELIUDv.t.cut (fruit; log; board; pandanus leaf; etc.) lengthwise/down the middle.meliud a mengaibibeob; meliuekl, remurt el iuedii a kurangd, imiud a such, iuedel. meliud a melobech el llemolem, tiuedii a bobai, tmiud a sangdiang; tmiud a idungel; tudel.
MELNGOSv.t.mince or cut (vegetables, tapioca, tobacco, etc.) with slow downward motion.melngos a melebes; melides el mo mekekerei; sungos a sebulias, sungesngii a malk, sengesengel.
MELOBECHv.t.chop down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.melobech a dobechii; dobesii; duobech, melobech a ngikel, kerrekar; debechel.
MELOUCHv.t.cut leaves, weed etc.; distribute titles.melouch a melai, ngmai; touchii a dui, tmouch a ramek, tuchel a kebui
MELUKv.t.cut according to a definite measurement; cut with quick chopping motion; cut off; amputate; measure.meluk a tukur; tmuk a bambuu; meluk a ngikel; tkul a bambuu.
MENGEDv.t.cut or chop off (branch).
MENGERTOCHETv.t.cut spines off (pandanus leaf); (pandanus spines) scratch (arm, leg, etc.); hem or make border around (something woven).mengertochet a merasm a tkul; chortechetii, chortochet a tet; chertechetel.
MENGESEBv.t.cut (taro tubers); break (someone's) heart.mengeseb a melebes; meleakl a kukau er a dait; chosebii; chueseb a dait, chesebel.
MENGIDETv.t.cut (vine, small tree) with a single stroke.mengidet a melebes; mengom, kidetii a llel a tuu; kmidet a bisech, kdetel.
MENGIMDv.t.cut/trim (someone's) hair; trim (shrubs; trees; betel nuts; etc.); cut (string; wire; etc.).mengimd a kimdii; kuimd a cheiul el mo mekedeb; kemdel.
MENGIROIRv.t.try to follow; catch up with; cut (hair) to same length.mengiroir a meruul el mo osisiu; mengoir; merael el mengiroir er tir, choiroir a bilir el mo osisiu, chirirel.
MENGIUTv.t.cut (weeds, grass); clean up (garden, village, road, etc.); clean up around outside of (house).mengiut a melaml e meriik; kiuetii a blil, kmiut a rael; kutel a beluu.
MENGOIRv.t.cut (hair) to same length; even out (hair, etc.) by cutting; reach or come down to level of; keep up with (someone) (esp., socially); emulate.mengoir a mengiroir; meruul el mo osisiu.
MENGOMv.t.cut off (branch of tree, finger); hit or pound (fingers).mengom a melebes; mengimd; kuom a buuch; komngii, kemngel a buuch.
MERORTv.t.scrape (taro, etc.) with horizontal movement of hand; cut through (cord, etc.); break off (relationship); divorce.merort a mengort; kortii, kmort a kukau, dortii; dertel a kukau; merort a dobesii; duebes; mesaod; merort er a chebechiil; dmort a besebes, dertel a chebechiil.
MESANGv.t.cut diagonally; hold (neck) at angle.mesang a duobech el selang, delebes el kedorem; smang a bambuu el sers; sengal a bambuu.
OMCHADUv.t.cut with scissors; pick up with tongs or toes; get (head) in scissors lock.omchadu a melebes; mechadu a mamed; mecheduii, ocheduel a mamed
OMETECHv.t.throw; (sun) throw rays (into or onto); pitch (in baseball); hurl object at; crack or pound (nut of tropical almond or shellfish); save (money or supplies) for an emergency or contingency.ometech a metech, metechii a blai; uetech el bad, dengerenger a ometech a blai, mengaikedabel a blai el olab a bad; otechel; ometech a omech; a udoud el kldmokl el omech a bkaischemrungel el secher me a bebil er a usbechall a udoud er ngii el tekoi.
OMIDESv.t.throw hard; push away (hand); cut/knock off (end; top). Throw with a back-handed motion.omides a mides, chemoit, uldechem a di mides a chimal a bulis, mdesii a chimal a bulis e outoketok; bdesel a chimal a bulis
OMIDOKLv.t.cast/toss (e.g., fish net); throw underhand (as in softball); throw out(side).omidokl a ometech, midokl a lius, mideklii a bduu, bideklel.
OMODKv.t.cut/slit (flesh); operate on.omodk a meliud, toktang a omodk er a diil, medkii a ulkel a smecher; bedkel a mad.
OMOECHv.t.throw (long object) over considerable distance.omoech a omurech el mo er a bab e mochu er eou; omoech er a biskang; moech a uloech, bechel a biskang.
OMUITv.t.cut (sugar cane).omuit a melobech, muit a deb el ngmai; mitii, bitel a deb.
OMUKELv.t.cut down; push (person) down.omukel a duobech el mitelek; mukel el mei er eou; mkelii a kerrekar, ukelel a lius.

Group 28

BEKERURTv.s.good in running; fast; prone to going around looking for girls.bekerurt a mereched e mesisiich el remurt; rurt, rretel, rurtii.; quick; (person or animal) in a hurry.
MENGILEKv.s.very fast in running.mengilek a remurt el merengul; rikarek, mengilek el mo kot er a rurt.
MERECHEDv.s.early; fast.mereched a diak le meoud; mekekeam, meklekilt, orechedii a blai; oreched a urreor, rechedel.
ORRINGELv.i.move (e.g., run, paddle boat, etc.) fast.
SBIIDOv.i.speed (up).

Group 29

BETIMELv.s.slow.betimel a beketimel; betimer, meoud el remurt, diak le bekerurt.
CHELLAKLIIv.s.slow-moving; unenergetic.
KELEKALLv.s.slow; late; prone to procrastination.kelekall a mengelekall; meoud, mengeteket; ke kelekall me ng mla tuobed a skoki.
METURv.s.(boat, etc.) slow; (person) afraid of dark.metur a beketimer; diak le bekerurt; mlim a metur er a mlik.
NGETEMAKLv.s.(man, canoe etc.) slow-moving.ngetemakl a ngeuall; meoud er a omeruul el klalo.
NGEUALLv.s.(person, animal) slow; slow-moving; slow-working.
OLENGELLOKLv.s.slow-moving; sluggish.
OMNGAURv.s.(boat; person) slow moving.omngaur a meoud; outachuachu, kedelebuu a omngaur a rrurt, omngaur a lorael.

Group 30

MELECHOLBv.t.bathe; wash; baptize; get rid of evil spirits by ritual washing.melecholb a melechong; tochelbii a ngalek, tocholb, techelbel.
MELECHONGv.t.bathe.melechong a melecholb.
MESURECHv.t.cleanse (woman after childbirth) with hot water; bathe or soak (limb) in hot water.mesurech a melecholb a mekeald; meriso er a mekeald; surechii a omechell; smurech a kltkat; serechel.
OMIAOTv.i.bathe (used only of men).omiaot a melechong, melecholb, omiaot a tekoi el oumesingd el usbechall er a rsechal.

Group 31

DACHELBAIv.s.skillful (in doing things with the hands); clever; dextrous.dachelbai a meduch a uldasu me a urreor; sebechel el choituuk a meringel, dachelbil er a omengedecheduch.
KLADIKMv.r.s.right-handed; graceful (esp., in dance).kladikm a meduch e klebokel; ungil el meloik e oungelakel, kladikm er a tekoi me a cheldecheduch.
MEDUCHv.s.t.know how (to); be skilled at; (wood, metal, etc.) strong or durable; half-ripe (i.e. ready to pick); (pregnant woman) at full-term.meduch a medengei; sebechel el meruul; meduch er a ngloik, duch er a urreor; dechal er a omenged; meduch a dioll el betok a bilel el kmeed el mechell.
MORETSv.s.(person) skillful (at a particular activity).A morets a ulsemuul.
ULSEMUULv.s.(person) skillful at many things; (person) humble.ulsemuul a mesisiich e meduch a rokui; dachelbai a tekoi me a omeruul; oumesingd el rengeasek er a Belau a ulsemuul.

Group 32

MELATECHv.t.clean; scrub; wash (thoroughly).melatech a meruul el mo beches, ngotechii a ulaol, mellib; ngmatech a mlai, ngetechel.
MELEMEDv.t.wash off (table; etc.); mop (floor).melemed a mesuld, melatech el oba olemed; ngomedii a ulaol e nguemed a tebel, ngemedel a ulaol.
MELLIBv.t.wash or rinse (hands, dishes, etc.).mellib a tolib; melatech; mengerumet, tolbengii a olekang, telbengel.
MENGERUMETv.t.wash inside of (bottle, bowl, pot, etc.) with circular motion; wash out (mouth, ear, etc.); brush (teeth); pump out (stomach, intestine); give enema or laxative.mengerumet a melatech; churemetii; churumet a belatong; chermetel.
MERISUv.t.wash or rinse off (hands, feet, vegetables, etc.); wash off (floor).
MESILEKv.t.wash (clothes; hair; rice; etc.).mesilek a smilek a klalo; melai a idekel a bail, omekbeches; silekii a bilek; selekel.
OMRALMv.caus.rinse (clothes).omralm a locha ralm er ngii, mralm a klengoes, omralm a selokel; urelmel.

Group 33

DUUBECHv.i.(plant) grow; start; originate; happen.duubech a beches el mo er ngii; dellomel a mla duubech.
DUUMv.i.appear; show up; rise to surface.duum a mle dibus e mei; sils a mla duum, demiel.
MELIBECHv.t.invent; introduce; start (something new, independent life, etc.); compose (song, etc.); make up or fabricate (story, etc.); chip off part of blade of (tool).melibech a meruul a beches; dibechii, duibech a chelitakl, di ngii el meruul; delbechelel.
OLTAUTv.t.aim (spear; gun; etc.) at; enforce (law); light (fire); start (particular job); hook (one vehicle to another; etc.); stick to/stay with apply (skill); put (skill) to use; support.oltaut a omuchel; otutii a urreor; otaut a ngau, otutel.
OMUCHELv.t.start; begin; cause; form; establish.omuchel a oltaut; muchel a urreor, mechelii a uldikel; omuchel a klakoad, uchelel.
TMOECHv.i.emerge or come out from (forest, field, etc.).tmoech a ngmoech er a bitang; tmoech er a metetoech; techel. er a rebai.

Group 34

MELATKv.t.remember; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.melatk a omdasu; lotkii, lmatk, ngar er a skoki e melatk er a Belau, ltkel.
MELEBEDEBEKv.t.think or remember about; ponder; expect; have or keep in mind.melebedebek a melatk; omdasu; dobedebekii; dobedebek a mla omilil er tir, debedebekel.
OMDASUv.t.think about; take into consideration; believe/think (that); wonder (if).omdasu a melebedebek; melatk, omdasu e meruul, mdesuii, udesuel a mo er a chei.

Group 35

SOISEBv.i.enter (often with difficulty).soiseb a tmuu; mo er a chelsel; soiseb er a blai; skuul a soiseb er a klukuk; sisebel a skuul; smecher a mla soiseb, kmal meringel; smecher a bdelul a mla soiseb; di mengebelung kung.
TMUUv.i.enter.tmuu a soiseb; tmuu er a blai; otungii er a chelsel; otuu, otungel.

Group 36

CHANGinterj.Oh! (exclamation of surprise used by males).chang a kibetiekl, chang kau ke ngar tiang! chang ng miting e diak a chad?
CHEIIinterj.exclamatory question of surprise similar to "Is that so?" or "Is that right?" or "Oh yeah?".cheii a mechas a rengul; kongei, olengesenges, cheii ng mludechem el olab a ice!
EACHinterj.exclamation of surprise.each a kibetiekl; each e ke mlei! each ng miting e diak a chad?
HANGinterj.Oh! (exclamation of surprise).hang a kibetiekl, hang kom ngar tiang! hang komlei!

Group 37

MELANGCHv.t.set (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).melangch a melecha chutem er a uchul a dellomel; dongchii a kebui, dmangch a sebulias; dengchel.
MELEBOKELv.t.make circular or square mound in (garden) when planting.
MELEKETEKv.t.construct; build; assemble; put together; edify; pile up, accumulate, increase.meleketek a mengisois el mo er a bab; toketekii a blai, toketek a kall; teketekel.
MENGEDIDAIv.t.make higher; pile up.mengedidai a koididiur; koididai el mo er a bab; mengedidai er ngii; soal el ngar bab.
MENGISOISv.t.pile (things) up one on top of the other; repeat (something) for confirmation.mengisois a meleketek; choisois a babier el mo er a bab; choisisii a blil; chelisois, chisisel.
OMIOUv.t.put down (in a pile); discard; leave behind.omiou a koididai; mo betok, miungii a kall, miou a tekoi e diak a meruul, oked el omiou.
OMUUTv.t.pile/heap up (sand, earth, leaves, etc.).omuut a mengudel el mo kedidai; muut a chutem; mutii a chelechol, butel a besbas.

Group 38

BEKIKLv.s.worried; insecure.bekikl a suebek a rengul; sebekreng, bekikl er a smecher.
SUEBEK A RENGULexpr.worried; anxious.

Group 39

MELIBEKv.t.kick away; kick (ball); sweep away (with hand); push away (with hand or foot); fend off.melibek a dibekii; dibekii a bduu; duibek.
MELOLKv.t.kick (with downward movement of leg); stomp.melolk a oba ochil el mesebek; dolkii, dmolk a tebel, delkel.
MESEBEKv.t.kick (with forward movement of leg); press against firmly with feet.mesebek a melolk; sobekii a bduu; suebek a tebel; uach a diak le kirel mesebek a klalo; sebekel a bduu.

Group 40

MENGERIILv.t.remind (person) of debt; obligation; etc.; demand payment from; ask for (something) back; recall (esp. loan).mengeriil a melai a medal ududel; korilii, koriil a blals, kerilel.
OKERv.t.ask; inquire.oker a ker; omding, ng tela rekim? ng techang ngklem? ke mo er ker?
OLDURECHv.caus.tell, ask or encourage someone to do something; send someone with a message or on an errand; order; request.oldurech a odurech; dmu er a chad el mo meruul er a tekoi; oderechii el meliokl, oderechel.
OLENGITv.t.beg (for); ask (for); appeal to.olengit a melai el diak a cheral; ongit a udoud, kall; ongtir; "metara".
OLTURKv.t.ask or get permission; argue (someone) down; show (someone) wrong by arguing; moor (boat) against jetty; poke (with finger; etc.); put things together.olturek a melai er a kengei; oturek er a merreder, oterekii a demal, oterekel a omilil; olturek a olterekokl a blulekngel; olturek er a ngerel; oterekii, oturek a tekoi, oterekel.
OMECHEOCHv.t.ask for (things) persistently.omecheoch a mesisiich el olengit; mecheoch a udoud er a demal, mechechii a klok, ochechel a chutem
OMUSv.t.tie (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.omus a mengurs; omerober, omus a chutem, mesngii a ngalek er a delal, mus a udoud; besngel a chutem. omus a smuk, mesngii a kall er a mamed; mus a lius er a techiir, besngel.

Group 41

OLDAKv.caus.put or add together; unify; join; include.oldak a odak; mo dmak, odekiar; oldak a reng, odekial.
OLTOIv.caus.include.oltoi a olsiseb, oldak, otongii a babii er a ngikel (odoim), uldimukl, otoi, teloi, otongel.
OMECHv.t.connect; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.omech a odak erung el mo tang, omech a mamed, udoud a mech ocheraol, did a omech a beluu.
OMUDECHv.t.bind (coconut fronds) into sheaves; pacify (relationship between people; villages; etc.).omudech a meruul a budech, oldak a rengrir a rechad; dachelbai el merreder a omudech a deleongel, mdechii a beluu, bdechel. omudech a oldak; odak a betok el dui e mudech el mo ta el bludech; omudech a dui; bdechel.

Group 42

MESUBEDv.t.tell; announce to; inform.mesubed a ouchais; subedii er a secher; subedeterir er a kodall; sbedel.
OUCHAISv.t.inform; announce/report/tell (news about something).ouchais a melekoi a chais, ouchais er a desiu er a Kobe, chisel.

Group 43

DMEUv.s.happy; glad; joyful; appreciative.dmeu a rengrir; ungil a tengrir; deurreng, mad er a deurreng, deuil a reng.
MECHELAODv.s.content; happily occupied.mechelaod a semeriar; merireueru er ngii; chellaod, mechechelaod er a klechedaol.
SEMERIARv.s.anxious to see or do (something); interested in (something); excited about (something).semeriar a sisiangel a rengul; kmal sokol; semeriar el meloik; semeriar er a klechedaol.
UNGIL A RENGULexpr.happy; glad; kind.

Group 44

MELODECHv.t.change; make (something) different.melodech a ngodechii; ngmodech a llach; mekbeches; omeldechel a rael, ngedechel.
OMTECHEIv.i.change; replace; substitute; return (favor); succeed (someone); take (someone's) place.omtechei a kaitutechei; msa babier e nguu a oluches, nguu a klok e msa kebkab; omtechei a saul, techil.

Group 45

WordPOSEngPal (i.e.; having large financial resources).merau a betok a ududel.
MESIICHv.s.affluent; well-to-do; of high clan.
METEETv.s.of high family; rich/wealth (i.e.; having a large amount of Palauan money); possessing a lot of (money, food, etc.); abundant in (resources); (family, etc.) characteristically wealthy in; well-to-do; affluent.meteet a ngar bab e kebkall; ldid me a Udes a meteet el blai; meteet a lemedai me ngii a di meteet, iltetel.

Group 46

BECHACHAUv.s.redup.empty.bechachau a diak a ngera er a chelsel, bechachau el ollumel, bechachau el chidib, bechachongel
CHEMISv.s.(container) empty; (well) dry.chemis a mla mo diak; bechachau, olekang a chemis, diak a odoim, chemis el chutem a medidirt.
MEDIDERIIKv.s.redup.(yard, etc.) cleaned out/stripped of things (because of wind, etc.); (house) empty (of persons); (persons) broke or out of money.medideriik a mededaes; diak a besbas; medideriik el blai di bechachau.
MEKIKIIDv.s.pure; blameless; absolved (from blame, etc.); (house) empty.mekikiid a bechachau; diak a kall, diak a udoud.

Group 47

BEKENGELn.poss.3sits opening.bekengel a blok er ngii, omok omkais.
CHESIMERn.door; cage; enclosure.chesimer a melenget; tengetengel a tuangel, chosmerii, chosimer a blai, chesmerel.
DESBEDALLn.doorway; entrance.desbedall a siseball, tuangel, desbedellel.
SISEBn.any entrance.
SISEBALLn.main entrance.siseball a rael mo soiseb; siseball er a beluu; tuangel a siseball er a blai; sisebellel.
TUANGELn.entrance; door.tuangel a siseball er a blai; tungelel.

Group 48

MERADERv.t.send or see (person) off; return; send back; bring (bride) to prospective husband's family.merader a mesa el merael; ngoderii a sechelil; ngmader a omerael; ngederel.
OLLUUTv.t.make (person) return; send or give back; refund (money).olluut a suumech; ngmader; olutii a mlik; oluut a chutem, olutel.
OLTNGAKLv.t.reject; return; decline; push back.oltngakl a olluut, diak le kengei, chetil el melai; otngakl a kall, otkngeklii a udoud, otngeklel.

Group 49

OLDALECHv.i.(something like a faucet) leak or drip.oldalech a olechars; olengimech; oldalech a ralm.
OLECHARSv.caus.(water) leak or dribble or trickle; (rain) leak (through the roof).olechars a oldalech; olecherechars.

Group 50

CHEMARSn.leak (in something like a boat or a bucket).chemars a ngar er ngii a metetoech me a lechub e ngelling, bilas a chemars, blai a chemars, chemersel.
DURECHn.leaking water; leak.durech a ngimech er a ralm el oldalech er a bab el mei; ulaol a dekimes er a durech.

Group 51

DANGEBn.lid; cover.dangeb a klekedall el melangeb; melekedek; duangeb a kall, dongebii a olekang, dengebel.
DEKEDEKn.head covering; veil; board used to protect or hold down or cover thatching at bottom of nglikliabed.dekedek a klalo el melekedek; mamed a dekedek er a tebel; llel a tuu a dekedekel a mesei, dokedekii, dokedek; dekedekel.

Group 52

CHEBIRUKELv.s.crooked; bent; (limbs) deformed.chebirukel a diak le melemalt, mengebirukel, chebirukel el rael; choibirekelii, chebirkelel.
CHELSBEKLv.s.crooked [used to describe how something was cut].chelsbekl a diak lemelemalt el delobech; kisbekl, brak a chelsbekl a teludelel; turekorek.
TUREKOREKv.s.twisted; crooked; awry.turekorek a chebirukel; diak el melemalt; olterekorek a omerolel; turekerkel.

Group 53

MELEBv.t.interrupt (conversation, life); kill; stop (blood).meleb a dobengii; meruul el mo diak lorael; dueb a mekemanget el cheldecheduch; meleb olloi; debengel a olloi.
OLEAUv.t.interrupt.oleau a ngmai; oeau er a bab; oleau a tekoi a smaod a diak el kirel; oleau a nguches a ltutau.
OMANGLv.t.interrupt; begin to hit; kick; thrust at someone but then stop (arm; spear; etc.) halfway (in order to deceive).omangl a bangl; merael e keterkokl, menglii, omangl er a lidel er a burech, benglel.
OUTATOIv.i.interrupt conversation by making pert or fresh remarks.

Group 54

WordPOSEngPal in the way; crowd; hinder (someone's) movement by being too close, in the wrong place, etc.
MELECHEBEKLv.t.hinder; obstruct; be in the way of.
MELENGETv.t.offer or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.melenget a ngmai a soal el msa chedul; tonget a udoud el mo er a chelid; tengetengel; melenget a chosmerii; tongetengii; tonget a rael, telenget, tengetengel.
MELIBASv.t.trip; put obstacles on way of; hinder (matter); interfere in.melibas a melemall; soibesengii me ng moubuu; soibas a klalo el olab a ochil; sibesengel a chad a mekngit.
MELNGEREKLv.t.hinder; postpone.melngerekl a omes; meringel el mengiil; melngerekl er a ert el oltak er a toktang.
MELOBSv.t.hinder; foil; object to; put damper on; be negative about.melobs a merrob; merruud; dobsii a urreor; duobs, debdebsel a tekoi.
MENGAUDv.t.dam; delay; stop (blood).mengaud a melenget; koudii a beng er a ngikel; mechas a mla kmaud a bong; kudel, kaud.

Group 55

MENGIDv.t.turn or nod (neck) to one side; twist or wring (something).mengid a mengam er ngii; chidir a chiklel, chelid el cheukl; mengid a melebes el melemall a dellomel; chidir, chemid a dait, dait a chelid.
MENGIUDv.t.twist; wring (clothes).mengiud a mengiuetokl; chemiud a selokel; chiuedii a chimal, chiuedel.
MENGIUETOKLv.t.wring (clothes); twist (arm).mengiuetokl a mengiud a selokel; oiuetokl a chimal, oiueteklii, iiueteklel.
OMIDv.t.twist (hair, cord etc.); twist (fingers) in hair; manipulate (person); wheedle things out of (person); bother oneself about something.omid a mid, choiseksid, omid a chimal er a chiul, blid.
OMUNGTv.t.curl/twist (hair).omungt a blungt, mengtii a bdelul; diak le blekatel a chiul, bengtel.

Group 56

HIDOIv.s.too much, excessive, over exerted.
IMISv.s.excessive; too much; extreme; extremely.imis a uliis, medeel er a usbechall; uldirekork, mla imis a kall, isong, imis el mui.
ULISmod.extremely; on the extreme end of the spectrum for an emotional or physical condition.ulis a ulisul; ullebengelel; ulis er a mekesokes a tkul a mekesokes; ulis er a sers a tkul a sers; omis, misur a tkul.

Group 57

MENGOKLv.t.scold (immediately or without delay).mengokl a oungeroel; choklii; choklterir el kirel a terrekakl el usbechel a mlai; cheklel.
OUNGEROELv.t.scold; reprimand.oungeroel a mengokl; choklii a chad, mechesang er a ngerroel, sekengeroel, ngerrelel.

Group 58

WordPOSEngPal together.dmak a uldak; te uldak er a chimo el blai, te dmak el kiei; te dmak el skuul, chachelechel, kaukledem.

Group 59

MELAMECHv.t.chew (betel nut); smoke (tobacco).melamech a meringet a buuch; meloko a dekool, mengemechii, omngamech, omelemechel.
MELEMTAMv.t.redup.chew; taste.melemtam a meringet; tomtemur; tomtam a kall, temtemul.
MENGUCHETv.t.chew or munch on (sugarcane, etc.).menguchet a chuchetii a deb; chemuchet a ongchutel; chechetel.
MERINGETv.t.chew (food); crush (rock, sugar cane, etc.).meringet a klekedall el meringet; ringetii; reminget a kall; uingel a meringet; chesubech a diak loringet.

Group 60

KATURn.left hand/arm; left side.katur a klitechetul; diak le klisichel; kirel a chad el okiu a katur er a rael.
KLITECHETULn.poss.3sone's weaker hand or arm.klitechetul a kiterul, klitechetul a chim a mechitechut; katur.

Group 61

OMUD A RENGULv.s.fed up with; exasperated; can't stand.
TMURK A RENGULexpr.satiated; fed up with.

Group 62

OLECHOBv.caus.bring something to surface of water; reveal or expose (secret, private matter, etc.).olechob a ochob; olecholt; nguu el mei er a bab; ochebngii a ert; ochebngel.; reveal; make (oneself) appear; show or present (oneself).olecholt a oleisech; diak lomart; ochotii, ocholt a klemerang; ochotel.; instruct.oliisech a olecholt; oisech, oliisech a sers er a dellomel; oisechii, oisechel.

Group 63

MELICHEKLv.t.insert something into narrow or tight space; punch (person).melichekl a ticheklii; olsiseb; toichekl a oles, melichekl a osengdir; ticheklel.
OLSISEBv.t.put/push/force into; put (thread) into needle.olsiseb a osiseb; otuu, smuk, osiseb a udoud; osisebii; osisebel.
OLTUUv.t.make (someone) enter; put into.oltuu a olsiseb, otungii, otuu a kall, otungel a klalo er a bai.

Group 64

CHETEKLv.s.thin and active.chetekl a chetngaid, mesengaked.
CHETNGAIDv.s.(person, long object) thin/slender; skinny.chetngaid a chetekl; diak le mekoar; chetngidel; mekekerei a bedengel.
DEBRETECHv.s.flat; flattened; squashed; thin.
MELILIUTv.s.thin and flat; slender.meliliut a diak lokrokr; meliliut el mamed a sebechel moues el tmoech er a bitang; llilitel.
MESENGAKEDv.s.(person) thin/slimmed down.mesengaked a klengaked; diak le kedelebuu; klengkedel, selengaked.

Group 65

OKOADv.t.fight (someone); pick fight with.okoad a oldechelakl; odecheleklii; odechelakl, odecheleklel.
OLDECHELAKLv.t.fight (someone); pick at wound (in some part of body).oldechelakl a odechelakl; okoad; mengelebed; omekringel a rechad; odecheleklel.

Group 66

MENGUDELv.t.collect; put together; assemble; save (money).mengudel a oldak; oldekdak; chemudel a udoud; chudelii a beluu e mengedecheduch; chedelel.
MERIIMv.t.collect or gather and transport.meriim a melukl; tuobed ngii me a kloleklel; riemii a blai; ruiim a klalo; riemel a kloleklel.
MERUUv.t.collect; gather.meruu a mo ngmai a rirebet; remuu a lius; rouar a iedel, rual a lius

Group 67

MELEMIAKLv.t.climb on.melemiakl a ngmasech; ngomiakl a buuch; ngimiklii a lius, ngimeklel.
MELIDABv.t.climb (tree, ladder); (vine) climb (tree), etc.; (spider) crawl on (web).melidab a melemiakl; ng doidab a iedel; doidebur a meradel; didebul.
NGMASECHv.t.climb (tree, etc.); get onto (vehicle).ngmasech a mo er a bab; mla ngmasech a sils; ngmasech er a lius; ngesechel.

Group 68

BUBUUn.spider.bubuu a ta er a bedengel a charm; mengidab.
MANGIDABn.spider; spider web.mangidab a ta er a bedengel a bubuu.

Group 69

BLADESv.r.s.arranged; lined up; displayed.
BLDUUTv.s.organized; arranged.blduut a ungil a bechebechel, blduut a urrereel, blduut a cheldechedechal.
CHELDECHUULv.r.s.fixed; arranged.cheldechuul a mengedechuul; mengituuk el osiik a rolel el mo ungil, chodechulii me ng mo er a skuul, chudechuul.
CHELDERODERv.r.s.put together or into order; arranged.chelderoder a mla mechederoder choderoder a babier, chederderel a babier, ungil el blechobech.
CHELITUUKv.r.s.repaired; arranged; fixed; adjusted.chelituuk a ouedikel a le mechiuaiu. chelituuk a mengituuk; osiik a rolel; mengedechuul, choitukii a mesil el mo ungil, choituuk, chitukel a mechut el mlai.
KLTMOKLv.r.s.straightened up; arranged; cleaned; prepared; ready.
TELIBv.r.s.planned; arranged; decided on; determined.telbiil a ultebechel; mla metib; tibir a urreor; tuib a omenged, melib a tekoi.
ULEKBUCHv.r.s.married (by arranged marriage); mated.ulekbuch a mla rullii el bo bechiil; mla mukbuch; babii a ulekbuch; omekbuch er a babii; ukbechil a babii.
ULEKETMOKLv.r.s.arranged; put in proper place; neat, well-organized.

Group 70

MELUDv.t.have sexual intercourse with (woman).melud a ludur; kelud.
MENGEDECHEOSv.i.have sexual intercourse during the day.
MENGEMULLv.t.have sexual relations with.mengemull a ousau; sechal me a dil a chachemull.
OUKEKESUSv.i.have sexual intercourse in early evening.
OUSAUv.i.have sexual intercourse with (woman).ousau a betik a rengul; soal, omsau a reng, songel, ousau a mengemull.
OUSECHELEIv.i.have sex.ousechelei a ngar ngii a sechelil.
OUTIBENGEDv.t.(person; animal) have sexual intercourse with (female) from rear; put pelvic area against (something).outibenged a melibenged; melengaol, remurt el mengemull e melai a udoud, tibengedel.

Group 71

OMDERNGELn.poss.3sanything used as protection against sun, rain etc.
UDORn.anything used as protection against sun, rain etc.udor a uderengel; diak longebou er a chull; omdor a klalo udor er a sils; udor er a kall.

Group 72

MENGISEMESEMv.t.embrace, hug or clasp (when lying down or sleeping).mengisemesem a omechull er ngii; choisemesemii a ngelekel; mechulii; choisemesem, chisemesemel.
MENGUOKUv.t.carry in arms close to chest; cradle (baby).menguoku a kiukuii; kioku a lius; kluoku er a ngalek; kiukuel.
OMECHULLv.t.tie into a bundle; embrace.omechull a odak e lmechet; mechull, mechulii a idungel, ochulel.

Group 73

MELASECHv.t.chop/whittle/carve (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at.melasech a melobech; dosechii a mlai, dmasech a dilukai, desechel.
MENGEDUIBv.t.carve; whittle; seduce by flattery.mengeduib a kekerei el omelasech; omekord, chodibii; choduib a toluk; chedibel.
MENGESIKv.t.carve out ridge or hollow passage in.mengesik a ta er a teletelel omengediub; klsik, mengesik er a itabori

Group 74

KINGATSKUv.t.notice; be aware of; understand import of (words, etc.).
OMELECHESIUv.t.feel; be aware of; feel (oneself) (becoming...); notice (something); realize; perceive.

Group 75

BEBILn.a little; a few; some; other.bebil a sesei; bebil er a kall, bebil er a udoud.
SESEIv.s.a few; a little; some; not enough.sesei a diak le betok; di kesai; sesei el udoud; sesei el kall.

Group 76

WordPOSEngPal; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped.dmung a melekoi, "a le mei a Siang e ke dmung er ngii me ng choielak".
MELEKOIv.t.speak; talk.melekoi a mengedecheduch; dmu a tekoi el meldung. about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.mengedecheduch a melekoi; ouchais, chudecheduch a melung el tekoi, chudechedechar; chedechedechal. about; discuss or chat (used only of women).mengedek a kemanget el katekoi; omengedcheduch; mechesang el mengedecheduch. about something continually or constantly.

Group 77

MELEBOESv.t.speak vulgarly; curse.meleboes a melekoi a berrotel er a chad; merrekarek er a ngerel, melekoi a mekngit el tekoi, deleboes; doboes.
MELIUSv.t.swear at; revile; speak obscenely to; friendly teasing using father's side references.melius a melekoi a tekoi er a oreomel, sius; siuesii; smius; siuesel.

Group 78

MELAESv.t.speak ill of; criticize.melaes a berrotel el melekoi a kngtil a chad, rengul; melekoi a bertelel a chad; dmesii a desil, deleakl, deleklel.
OLTUUBv.t.degrade; insult; slander; make fun of; speak ill of.oltuub a otuub el melekoi a mekngit el kirel a chad; omekidokel a rechad; otubii a sechelil; otubel.

Group 79

MENGUBELv.t.spill; pour out.mengubel a oleitel; olechubel; ochebelii a ralm; chuubel a ilumel; chebelel.
OLECHUBELv.caus.spill; pour out; pour (drink) into (glass, etc.).olechubel a oleitel; mengubel; ochubel a ilumel, ochebelii, ochebelel.
OLIITELv.t.pour (liquid) into.oliitel a olechubel.

Group 80

MUIv.s.full; complete; (person) filled with (sorrow, etc.); (person) having had enough of.mui a ulekeek; baket a mui er a ralm; tet a mui er a chemachel; iul a tet.
ULEKEEKvar.ulkeekulekeek a mla mokeek; mla mo mui; mekekii a ollumel, mekeek a olekang, ollumel a ulekeek er a ralm; okekel.

Group 81

BETOKv.s.many; numerous; plenty; abundant.betok a obdois; betekngang, betok a kall, diak le kesai, iltekngel a kall.
MEDEELv.s.overflowing; too big or too much.medeel a suibes; kall a medeel er a rechad; uldirkork a ildisel a kall.
ULDIREKOREKv.r.s.overdone.uldirekorek a diak a delebedebelel; kmal betok, medeel a kall; kesai a rechad e a kall uldirekorek; uldirekorek a kall e kesai a belduchel; odirkerekel a kall.
ULDOISv.r.s.increased; added to.uldois a mla mudois; mla morngii a dechelel; remechitechut a obdois a blingelir er a kall; udisel a kelir.

Group 82

MENGETMOKLv.t.straighten up; arrange; clean; prepare (oneself); get (oneself) ready (for); prepare (body) for burial; take care of; keep.
MESMECHOKLv.t.put (things) in order; correct (person) for mistaken statement; put (someone; oneself) in correct position (in dancing; sports; etc. or when sitting among elders); improve; instruct or direct (person) about right way of doing something.mesmechokl a remuul el mo er a urrebetellel; sumecheklii a omekedecheraol; sumechokl a tekoi, smecheklel.

Group 83

KLARDv.r.s.nibbled; munched; bitten.klard a klechosech; mla mekard; kliok, kiikii, selechosech; suchesechii, iedel a klard, kerdel a iedel.
KLIOKv.r.s.gnawed at.kliok a klard; mla mekiok; mekard, selechosech, mesechosech, kiikii a iedel, kiok a kukau; bobai a kliok er a charm, mengiok, kiikiel.

Group 84

MELACHELv.t.lie in wait for; wait for in ambush; set (trap).melachel a dochelii; dmachel, melachel a bedikl er a malk; melachel a bub er a ngikel; dechelel.
MENGIILv.t.wait for; expect.mengiil a olsingch; choielii; chemiil; chielel.
OLSINGCHv.t.wait for (someone) (on the chance he may come); hope to see; wait for (something good to happen); look forward to something.olsingch a mengiil; olsingch er a klechedaol.

Group 85

MELANGEBv.t.cover; slap (face).melangeb a loia dangeb; dongebii, duangeb, dengebel.
MELEKEDEKv.t.cover (with cloth, leaves, paper, etc.).melekedek a locha dekedekel; dokedekii a tebel, dokedek a kall.
MELELEBv.t.cover; submerge; flood over; cover (person) (with blanket; etc.).meleleb a ileleb; suibes; baoch a meleleb er a did; elebii er a bare le ng mekerasem; dokedekii; elebel.

Group 86

DESILn.poss.3s(close) friend; sibling. [closer relationship than SECHELIL]desil a odam; odos er ngii; Kebesei a desil a Dilbung.
SECHELILn.poss.3ssechelil a sechelei er ngii.

Group 87

MENGEBLADv.t.deceive; cheat; use (something) deceptively; bluff.mengeblad a outingaol e melai a soal; chobeldir a sensei; choblad a udoud; chebeldil.
OMULAKv.t.(tell) lie to.omulak a outingaol; melekoi a klsuul; mulekngii a beluu, blulekngel, bulekngel.
OUTINGAOLv.i.(tell) lie to.outingaol a omulak, chetik el orrenges a telingaol, telingolel.

Group 88

DELEONGELn.relationship (between people).deleongel a deleuill; Belau me a Merikel a kmal moiuai a deleongel er tir; ungil el deleongel er a klausechelei.
DELEUILLn.relationship between people or groups of people.deleuill a deleongel; delongelel a chad me a chad, deleuill er a Merikel me a Belau a free association.

Group 89

WordPOSEngPal; affection. a sau; beltik el reng; ultirel er a soal; ultoir er a klengeasek, klaiuetoir er a klaungalek.

Group 90

MELASv.t.reduce in number; subtract; remove/extract (something) from.melas a melai; mengesai; kosai, ngmas a udoud, ngosur a oluches.
MENGESADELv.t.decrease amount of or reduce in number (resulting in insufficiency).mengesadel a mengesai; remuul el mo kesai, ngosonges, kosadel a udoud; mengesadel a delikiik el kall.
MENGESAIv.t.decrease amount of or reduce in number (resulting of insufficiency).mengesai a meruul mo kesai; mengesadel.

Group 91

DINGESEDEELv.s.dingesedeel a medelang; mla mo merur le ng kmo "ak medinges e a lechub e ng songerenger"; di kea lotkii a tekingel.
NGLENGAELv.s.(person) half-way finished something and unable to know how to finish it; at a loss for words; confused; disconcerted; abashed; speechless.nglengael a dingesedeel; diak lodengei el kmo ng mekerang; chad a nglengael er a blulekngel; dikea lodengelii a rsel; nglengelang.

Group 92

OLTOBEDv.t.take out.oltobed a otobed, ngmai er a chelsel el locha er a ikr, otebedii a chad e delengchokl, otebedel.
OMOKETv.t.unwrap; unravel; unwind; comb out/undo (hair) with hands; break (hold); lift (magic spell); (chicken, etc.) fall back or hesitate when fighting; pay dues, money at ocheraol, etc.omoket a oltobed; moket a udoud, meketii a uldurokl, beketel.

Group 93

BELTOKn.beltok a betok; beltok er a kall a ungil.
ILDOISn.amount, quantity or number (especially, large).ildois a ildisel; ulecherngelel; cherrengelel, beltok er a udoud.

Group 94

MILKOLKv.s.dark; stupid.milkolk a sirukel; diak le mellomes; klebesei a milkolk; ilkelkel.
SIRUKELv.s.dark.sirukel a keremerem; kmal milkolk sechalsirukel.

Group 95

MELENGOESv.t.cook/boil (odoim or rice) in water.melengoes a meliokl; omodes, smongosii a beras, smongoes a odoim; songosel.
MELIOKLv.t.cook or boil (ongraol) in water.meliokl a melengoes a ongraol; ngiiklii; ngiokl a brak; ngiklel.

Group 96

MECHADn.type of banana particularly good for eating raw.mechad a ta er a bedengel a tuu.
MESKEBESANGn.type of banana particularly good for frying.
RUBEANGn.type of banana with a slightly sour flavor.rubeang a ta er a bedengel a tuu.

Group 97

BESBASn.trash; rubbish; litter; debris.besbas a diak a ultutelel klalo el chiitel besbesil a omengaus, omekesbas.
KOMIn.trash, garbage.

Group 98

MELIMETv.t.bail; bail out and discard; scoop dirt out of.melimet a mengoit a ralm, daob; ngimetii, nguimet a mlai me a chert; ngmetel.
OMRINGDv.t.bail.omringd a melimet; mengoit a ngmatel el daob, mrengdii a mlai, brengdel.

Group 99

OMEKDIRTv.caus.dry out (clothes; hair; etc.).omekdirt a mekdirt, mekditii; remuul el mo medirt, ukdertel.
OMEKNGIISv.caus.dry (clothes, etc.) in the sun; expose (head, etc.) to sun.omekngiis a mekngiis; omekdirt er a sils, omngiis, mngiis a bilel, ukngisel.

Group 100

OLECHEUEKLv.t.hold or put (arm) behind one; hide (something) behind one; hide.olecheuekl a omart; ocheueklii a kall; omart er a ullel; ocheuekl a udoud; ocheueklel.
OMARTv.t.hide.omart a ocheuekl; remuul el mo diak le moues, mertii, mart a kelel, bertel.

Group 101

CHEMATv.t.praise; admire.chemat a oldanges; melekoi a klungiolel a chad; chemat a tekoi. polite to; respect; honor; refuse (someone's) kind offer out of politeness or consideration.melengmes a mengull; oldanges, omotech a reng; delengmes a osiik a chioll.
MENGULLv.t.respect; honor.mengull a oldanges; melengmes, orrenges, kmull a llach, kullii a chelid; mengull a ilteet me a omerreder.
OLDANGESv.t.praise; honor.oldanges a chemat; odengesii, odanges a tekoi; oldanges a rechad; odengesel.

Group 102

MELECHETv.t.tie; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.melechet a lochetii; sourii, mla lmechet a sualo; lechetel.
MELIBUKv.t.tie (cord, string, hair, etc.) into knot.melibuk a odak a klalo e doibuk el mo tang; doibkur; mesaur; doibuk a chiul; dibkul.

Group 103

OLENGAKTv.t.carry or transport (by many trips, typically more than three).
OLENGEMAIv.t.carry or transport (by multiple trips but not typically more than three).olengemai a olengakd; melai a klalo.

Group 104

OREKIOLELn.poss.3sthe end or completion of something.orekiolel a rekil; mocha merek, Ongelolem el buil a orekiolel a omesuub er a skuul.
RSELn.poss.3send.rsel a ullebongel er ngii; rsel a bambuu; rsel a dui.
TKULn.poss.3sedge.tkul a ulebongel; tkul a daob; tkul a rael; tkul a mekesokes.
ULLEBENGELELn.poss.3sullebengelel a ullebongel er ngii; orekiolel; ullebengelel a skulel e ng me remei.

Group 105

BILASn.boat.bilas a mlai er a daob el oumesil, bilsengel.
CHERTn.boat.chert a bekerurt el mlai er a daob.

Group 106


Group 107

MELITv.t.pierce (coconut) open; open (can, etc.) with can-opener, etc.melit a omok; tmit a oruer, titir a mengur, melit a kim, titil a mengur. (eyes; mouth; book; door; etc.); spread (legs; etc.) apart.omok a omkais; mok a babier, mekengii a medal, omok er a ngerel el melekoi; bekengel a ngor.

Group 108

MESUKv.t.put (something) into; pack; stuff (food; etc.) into mouth; etc.
OLSEKEDv.caus.push (something) into; push/crowd against; crowd out; fill up completely; (male) seeking money from (sister).olseked a omekseked; ildisel a mechesang oseked a ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul; osekedii a mo er a skuul, osekedel.
OMEKEEKv.t.fill up (container) with; charge battery.omekeek a remuul el mo mui, mekeek a ollumel, mekekii a chidib, kob; okekel.

Group 109

BEDERENGACHETv.s.cowardly; clumsy; undependable.bederengachet a mechitechut a rengul; bederengachet a mesaik, bederengachet a soal el olengit a kall.
DELEBUBUADELv.s.(person) heavy, clumsy or uncoordinated; (person) with protruding stomach whose body shakes when walking.
KLASEKLv.s.left-handed; clumsy; awkward.klasekl a mesisiich a katerul a chimal; diak el kladikm. klasekl a klaskokl.
KLASKOKLv.s.clumsy; awkward.klaskokl a klasekl; mekngit el meloik; metitur; olebechall er a cheldecheduch me a ngellakel.
METEMTOMv.s.redup.clumsy; uncoordinated.
TECHETECHv.s.clumsy .techetech a diak el uldasu; metitur el omekrael a tekoi; melechetech a cheldechedechal.

Group 110

CHEBECHOBELv.s.embarrassed.chebechobel a merur e debsochel, chemolt a blulekngel a chebechobel, nglengael.
CHEBENGOLLv.s.ashamed (of oneself, one's behavior); (behavior) shameful.chebengoll a klasekl, sekemerur, kmes a bedengel er a ngloik, chebengoll a cheldechedechal.
CHEMERv.s.(person) pouty, sulky, shy (typically as a result of being shunned, scorned, or ignored).
DEBSOCHELv.s.unfriendly; nasty; embarrassed (after being rebuked); cold; aloof.debsochel a isingel; olbechall, mekngit a ngerel, mekngit er a rechad, mekngit el meloik; diak el beruadel, diak le kladikm.
MERURv.s.t.ashamed of; shy; bashful or timid about; afraid of.merur a ngar er ngii a leb er a bedengel; merur el mengedecheduch er a seked merur el meloik, rur, rrengel.

Group 111

SELODELv.r.s.torn; dismembered.selodel a telat; sodelii a bail; smodel a babier; mesodel, sedelel.
TELATv.r.s.torn; shredded.telat a selodel; mla metat; totengii a bilel; tmat a babier, tetengel a bilel.

Group 112

OMELDAKLv.t.cook (fish) in water.omeldakl a omodes, omeldakl; meldeklii a malk, medesii a ngikel, blodes el odoim.
OMODESv.t.boil fish in water; (ocean) agitated with whitecaps; cut (tongue) when eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.omodes a omeldakl, modes a ngikel, medesii a malk; beches el klengoes; bedesel a ngikel; omodes a rullii el mo kltkat e meringel; ongor a modes a ngor obodes a meringel daob.

Group 113

MEADv.s.conceited; proud of oneself; boastful.mead a ulekeangel; mengedidai er e ngii; mead a cheldechedechal, ilad, Idengel
ULEKEANGELv.s.(child, etc.) spoiled; (person) tactless.ulekeangel a diak el delodau; diak a omengull er ngii er a rechad; melekoi el di mochu er a eanged.

Group 114

MELSBAIv.t.spit out (vigorously); spit at; (water, fish, etc.) splash.melsbai a mesisiich el melub e le ng kesib a rengul; meluchelchelid a dusbir a ulaol; dusbai a kboub.
MELUBv.t.spit on.melub a mengoit a tbal; diak a melub er a tuangel, tubar, tuub a dellomel.

Group 115

MENGLANGLv.i.throb (with pain).menglangl a ta er a bedengel a ringel el oumesingd el ringel er a burek me a cheltechat.
MENGMOKMv.i. (part of body) throb with pain.

Group 116

MELEMOSEMv.t.tie shut to keep contents in; confine.melemosem a mesaur; somesemii; somosem a kall; semsemel.
MESAURv.t.tie together; tie into a bunch.mesaur a chosengur a chad el orrenges; becheldechedechaol a mesaur a rechad; ak melsaur er a cheldecheduch. mesaur a melechet; sourii a cheluomel, smaur a billum, surel.

Group 117

MELECHELv.t.increase or raise amount of (esp., when previous amount insufficient).melechel a locha dechelel; mdois, dochel a udoud, dochelir a kall.
MENGLOUv.t.enlarge; amplify; make louder; increase in size.menglou a rullii el kuk mo klou; kilungii a ngerel; kilou a beltik el reng; menglou a omeruul e mengkekerei a omelekoi.
OMDOISv.t.increase (something) in number/quantity; add to.omdois a mdois; locha dechelel, mdisii, mekbetok a udoud el kirel a skuul, udisel a udoud.
OMECHUCHERv.t.increase the number or amount (up to a certain point).omechucher a omdois el mo er a kirel; mo diak le klsadel, mechucher a udoud el mo $10,000.00 locha omechecherel, ochecherel a udoud.
OMEKBEREODv.caus.make (something) heavy; increase the weight (of something).
OMEKBETOKv.caus.increase; accumulate.omekbetok a omdois; remuul el mo betok, mekbetok a ngeso el mo er a chebuul.

Group 118

WordPOSEngPal; out in the open; uncovered.blechetoel a dibus a kirel el ngar ngii; diak a bilel; di meau, diak a omebael er a iklel a blechetoel.
CHEMOLTv.s.well-known; known for something.chemolt a diak le berrotel; kebekuul er a Belau a chemolt.
CHUOBv.s.(rocks, etc.) exposed about surface of water.chuob a ulechob; ngar er a bebul a daob; diak el urresors, uldum.; showing; in public.otelechel a ultelechel, oltelechel; klou el chemolt; otelechel a ungelel, otelechelii.; uncovered.telebiob a di chemolt; diak el blail; diak el delekedek; di blechetoel.; in the open; sitting, etc. above others.

Group 119

ONGETELANGpro.which (number from a set of ordinal numbers)? many; how much; to what degree?telang a keril a ildois; tela rekim? tela ududem? mla mo telang?

Group 120

MELAMETv.t.straighten (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.melamet a tometii; meruul el mo melemalt e ungil; tuamet, beruadel a dachelbai el melamet a omengebirukel, temetel.
OMEKLEMALTv.caus.make straight; make (child; etc.) walk straight; make (something) stand upright; make (boat; etc.) go straight; lead (someone) to good deeds.omeklemalt a melamet; meruul el diak el chebirukel; meklemalt a ungamk, tometii a omerolel, tuamet a omerellel, temetel.

Group 121

OMCHEROv.t.turn (turtle) face up; turn (clothes) inside out; turn (hands) palms up; sail (boat) at angle out of water; bank (airplane).omchero a omekedengarech; mechero a chimal; mecherouii a uel er a chelechol, meltii, ochereuel.
OMITOKLv.t.turn (car, boat) around; turn (sleeping person, etc.) in opposite position; turn inside down or upside down; distort (message etc.) (usually, unintentionally).omitokl a ouach a ngar a bab e a chim a merael; miteklii a oluches, mitokl a idungel, blitokl a oecherel; biteklel.
OMULTv.t.turn over or inside out; turn (oneself) around; translate; interprete.omult a mult a chebecheb a mo dengarech; mult a chutem, meltii a smecher, beltel a reng.

Group 122

MERRAKLv.t.destroy; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread.merrakl a mriid; remous; toreklii a blai; torakl a kall er a mechesang; tereklel a terekill el kall.
OMRIIDv.t.scatter; spread; sow (seed); dismantle; disrupt; break or split up; take apart; cause (members of family) to separate.omriid a merrakl; diak el longudel; mriid a besbas, omriid a rechad, bridel a delengchokl.

Group 123

MEKARv.i.wake up; (limb) regain feeling or lose numbness.mekar a diak el uleiit a medal; diak el mechiuaiu; okerengii, okar a medal, olekar er tir, okerengel.
MEKIISv.i.wake up or get up (naturally, intentionally).mekiis a mo dechor; mekiis el merael; mekar, kisel er a cheliuaiu.
OLEKARv.caus.wake up; awaken.olekar a tomellii a cheliuaiu; okerengii, okar, mekar, okerengel.
OMKEROKLv.caus.make (someone) get or wake up suddenly.

Group 124

KAKENGODECHvar.kakngodechkakengodech a diak losisiu; didu el ngodech; kakerous, Oreor a meseked er a rechad er a kakengodech el beluu.
KAKEROUSv.recip.different from each other in quality, color, appearance etc.; separate from each other.kakerous a kakengodech.

Group 125

CHISILn.poss.3ssmall quantity of something.chisil a mla mo sesei; kesengei a medechel; chisil a odoim.
KESENGILn.poss.3sat most; at least; a small quantity of something; a large quantity of something (said sarcastically or in astonishment).kesengil a klsai er ngii; kot er eou el ildois; ng soak a udoud el kesengil e ng $1,000.00.

Group 126

KDEKUDELv.s.dangerous; frightening; awe-inspiring.kdekudel a kengaol; omengechel a kdekudel; mekomad a kdekudel.
KENGAOLv.s.dangerous.kengaol a kdekudel; omengechel, blil a chedeng a kengaol.

Group 127

WordPOSEngPal (fine).meluked a msa ngkedel a kot. (debt); pay back debt to (someone).mengkad a omekmad a beldoel; kokad a belsel er a stoang; kokedeii bank; kekedeel.
OMDOUDv.t.give money to; pay.omdoud a msa ududel, mdudii a ngalek, ududel. back (debt) to; return (favor - help, food, etc.).omekmad a mekmad; locha medal; locha oltechil, mekmedar a udoud, ukmedal. (particular amount) at ocheraol.omelduchel a locha bldechelel; melatk e merau a omelduchel a $10,000 me a udoud er a Belau.

Group 128

MELENGv.t.borrow; rent; hire.meleng a omed; longir; lmeng a udoud, meleng er a oles, lengil a udoud.
OMEDv.t.catch; grab; pick up; borrow (money).omed a meleng; omed a udoud, bedeel a udoud er a bangk.

Group 129

MENGEBECHOBELv.t.embarrass.mengebechobel a chobechebelii; rullii el mo chebechobel; mo merur; nglengael; chebechebelel.
OMEKRURv.caus.embarrass.omekrur a mekrur; rullii el mo merur, rur, mekerrengii, chobechebelii.

Group 130

MERREDERvar.merredermerreder a kebekuul; oungerachel; menguteling a beluu; oba klemat er a urreor; bdelul a cheldebechel a merreder.

Group 131

MELMESUMECHv.t.say goodbye or farewell to; give (wife) payment at time of divorce; refuse (person) gracefully.melmesumech a merort er a chebechiil; olmesumech; sumesmechii e le merekong; olmesmechel a udoud; melmesumech a sumesmechii; sumesumech a klechedaol; merael; ak merolung; kiei; mechikung.
OMIROIv.t.wave goodbye to.omiroi a melmesumech, rengalek omiroi a chimorir er a bilas.

Group 132

MENGUBSv.t.steal ongraol from garden, etc.mengubs a merechorech a sers me a mesei; chubsii a sers; chuubs a kukau; chebsel a mesei.
MERECHORECHv.t.steal (including wife; girlfriend; etc.); rob; capture; kidnap.merechorech a melai a diak le kloleklel el diak el olturk; rucherii a bail, ruchorech a udoud; recherechel.
OMEROBERv.t.snatch; grab; seize; capture (land).omerober a merober; melai el oba blekeu, chelbirukel; merberii a dui, bereberel a chutem.

Group 133

CHEBSELn.poss.3sstealing (ongraol from the garden).chebsel a omengubs er ngii; mengubs; merechorech a sers me a mesei.
RECHERECHELn.poss.3srecherechel a rechorech er ngii el chad; merechorech.

Group 134

DERROMELvar.deloremderromel a delorem. a derromel; diak le ketom, kedorem el kamang, kedorem el oles a ungil el melebes.

Group 135

ILALIDELv.s.having chills; shivering severely.ilalidel a omritel er a kerrasem; kmal mekerasem; ouderiu.
MEKERASEMv.s.(person) cold or chilly; embarrassed or ashamed (esp., because of someone else's behavior, etc.).mekerasem a ilalidel; diak lekesib; mekerasem er a kelekolt, kersemel.

Group 136

OMEREKEDv.t.paste or glue (something) onto; lean (oneself) against; hang (laundry).omereked a mereked; merekedii a babier era kboub, berkedel.
OMUIDv.caus.glue; paste.omuid a mereked, odak; muid a babier, mudii a ngerel a tulechoid.

Group 137

SUBn.soup.sub a basbasang; medemedemek el kall.

Group 138

METILECHv.i.(person) collapse onto the floor.
MUUKELv.erg.fall down; collapse.
OBENGKANGKv.erg.fall down or collapse (in a sprawl).
TAORERv.i.faint; (person) collapse.

Group 139

MEKEMIMv.s.sour; acidic; spoiled (from having turned sour).mekemim a telemtam; telemtemul a ongerekur.
MEKERSv.s.(fruit) puckery or cloying.mekers a ta er a bedengel telemtam; techel a buuch a mekers.
MOARv.s.(fruit fallen from tree) acidic in taste.moar a ta er a bedengel a telemtam; budel a meradel a moar; bekersiu a moar.

Group 140

MERECHED A CHIMALexpr.have sticky fingers; fast in stealing things.
SEKERECHORECHv.s.prone to stealing.

Group 141

CHAZIn.flavor, taste.
TELEMTEMULn.poss.3staste; flavor.telemtemul a telemtam er ngii; ungil a telemtemul a kall.

Group 142

BEKETEKOIv.s.talkative.beketekoi a betok a tekoi er a ngerel; tulechoid, bleketekingel.
RURUTONGv.s.talkative; prone to gossip.rurutong a beketekoi; remorem a ngerel; oltochedechad er a omelekoi; alii a rurutong a meremang.
TULECHIDAKLv.s.constantly gossiping.tulechidakl a tulechoid; meluchel a tekoi el mo e mei; ochidii a ngerel el omulak; ochoid a klalo; chad er a ulechoid; ochidel.
TULECHOIDv.s.prone to gossiping.tulechoid a tulechidakl.

Group 143

METENGELv.i.descend; come/climb down; land.metengel a mei er eou; metengel er a mlai; oldengelengel er a ked; metengel er a lius; tengelel.
OLDENGELENGELv.i.walk, move or fall downward.oldengelengel a merael el mo er eou.

Group 144

DIONGn.bathing spot (e.g., spring; well; outside shower).diong a diosech; omoachel, olechelubel, rengalek a mengedub er a diong.
DIOSECHn.bathing spot (e.g., stream; well; outside shower).diosech a diong.
OLECHELUBELn.shower room.olechelubel a blil a omelecholb; olechelubel el ralm, olechelubel el sob.

Group 145

BELSOILn.supper; dinner; meal at evening.belsoil a blengur er a kebesengei; belsilel, omesoil.
BLENGURn.meal, or feast often associated with a cultural ceremony.blengur a belsoil, blengrul a tutau me a sueleb a blengur.

Group 146

MENGEDUBv.i.swim; play in water.mengedub milil er a daob, mengikai, melechelbakl, rengalek a mengedub.
MENGIKAIv.t.swim (particular distance or course).mengikai a olab a chimal me a ochil el meius er a daob; koikiur a cheroid, kikiul a toachel.

Group 147

BLEKERADELn.manner; condition; character; personality; behavior; experience; method; style.blekeradel a teletael; omeruul, blekeradel er a beluu.
TELETAELn.manner; style; form; method; approach (to something); action; behavior; event; appearance; circumstances; situation.teletael a blekeradel; ulekdubs el omeruul; teletael er a delengchokl a mla mengodech, teletelel.

Group 148

MENGEDEREDERv.t.head; rule; govern.mengedereder a merreder; olsisechakl; choderderii a blai; odereder a beluu, omekrael, chederderel.
OKEDv.t.instruct; command; give calls for dancing (e.g. in matamatong); direct; call into action; organize.oked a mengedereder; mesmechokl; oked a ngloik; tekoi, kodur, kmed a urreor, kedul.

Group 149

MELATv.t.tear (cloth; paper; etc.); shred.melat a mesodel; totengii a biiel, tmat a babier, tetengel.
MESODELv.t.tear (cloth, paper, etc.); dismember (slaughtered animal).mesodel a met; kesib a rengul a mesodel a bilel; sodelii; smodel a bail, sedelel.

Group 150

CHACHEROIDv.recip.far from each other.chacheroid a kakengesakl; di du el cheroid, choridii, choroid, cherroid, cherridel.
KAKENGESAKLv.s.divided or separated from each other.kakengesakl a didu el ngelsakl; diak luldak; chacheroid, ngoseklii a delongelir, ngosakl a did er a rael, ngeseklel a deleongel.

Group 151

BEROTONGn.large canoe.berotong a meklou el mlai er a daob.
KABEKELn.large paddling canoe.kabekel a meklou el mlai er a mekemad, kabekelel a Ngchesar me a lrrai a kaidesachel.
KABERRUUCHn.large war canoe.kaberruuch a mlai er a mekemad; meklou el mlai.
KAEBn.large sailing canoe.kaeb a melkou el mlai er a daob; kebel
KOTRAOLn.small sailing canoe.kotraol a ta er a bedengel a mlai er a daob.
SABANEn.small canoe.
TOTANGn.canoe (typically of simple construction; e.g. using a folded aluminum sheet).

Group 152

CHELDULLv.r.s.collected; assembled.cheldull a chelludel; uldak el rokui; mla mechudel; mengudel, chedelel.
KLDIBELv.r.s.(persons) called together or assembled (typically for the purpose of a meeting or sermon).kldibel a klideb; cheldull; chelludel.

Group 153

WordPOSEngPal or converse with each other.kachedecheduch a chachedecheduch; di du el mengedecheduch, rebeluu a kachedecheduch el kirel a urreor er a beches el rael; kakerous el melekoi. to each other or converse about something.katekoi a didu el melekoi; kachedecheduch, ngera te katekoi?

Group 154

MENGELMOLMv.t.tickle (lightly).
MENGLIKLv.t.tickle (esp., armpits or sides) (enough to make someone laugh).menglikl a mengelmolm; rullii el mo mekelmolm; kileklii a chebesal; kilikl; kileklel.

Group 155

CHEMECHEMEL A OLIKn.very light drizzle; very light rain.
CHETAUn.brief rain squall.chetau a kekerei el chull el obengkela eolt.
CHULLn.rain; rainy season.chull a ralm el ngar er a eanged e ruebet; chellel.
MESESECHULLn.light but continuous rain.mesesechull a melemolem el ngar er ngii a telkib el chull.
NGERENGIRn.small rain; first drops of rain.ngerengir a chull el olngemengimech; kekerei el chull.
OIUn.squall; a sudden violent gust of windy rain.oiu a klou el chull el obengkel a eolt; mochero a daob; osiuklii a oiu.
SULEBELABn.heavy rain.sulebelab a kmal klou; ousulebelab el chull.

Group 156

OLIOCHELn.boundary (between land, villages, etc.).oliochel a omii; olkael, olichelel a chutem; oliochel er a beluu.
OLKAELn.any object for measuring; boundary (between land, villages, etc.).olkael a oliochel, olkael er a Ngchesar me a lrrai a Skesaur.

Group 157

MENGEREKERv.t.earn or seek money; make a living; seek or gather medicinal plants for religious ceremony.mengereker a omsaso; oureor el osiik a udoud; korekerengii, koreker a udoud; kerekerengel.
OMSASOv.t.obtain through barter/trade.omsaso a mengereker; ourreor el kirel, msaso a udoud, msesouii a chutem, usesoel.

Group 158

MELIUALECHv.t.throw stick at.meliualech a olengill el oba tiualech; tiuelechii a meradel, toiualech a iedel, tiuelechel.
OLENGILLv.caus.knock down or off (with stone etc.).olengill a orrebet; meliualech; ongill a iedel, ongellii a meradel, ongellel.

Group 159

KIKILn.poss.3svagina.kikil a ukil; uuk er ngii el dil.
OLDAOLn.vagina.oldaol a uuk; oldolel.
UUKn.vagina.uuk a klekedellel a bedengel a chad; eoulbeluu er a dil; uuk a usbechall er a betok el telengtengil a klechad; kikoi, kikil; ukil, "ukil a delam".

Group 160

KIRSn.penis.kirs a molech; eoulbeluu er a sechal, kersel.
LENGUULn.a.s.penis.lenguul a melang; tmelang.

Group 161


Group 162

CHELUTELv.s.resembling someone in appearance or behavior; (esp., because baby acquired certain characteristics while still in the womb).
KOmod.just; kind of; similar to; like.ko a chelutel; ua ingii, chad er a Merikel e mengedecheduch el ko er a chad er a Belau.; a ko er a; ua medal a demal; chad er a Belau e ua bedengel a chad er a ngebard.

Group 163

BEKEREKARDvar.bekerkardbekerekard a bengungau; bekerkard el mamed.
BUNGUNGAUv.s.dark red; crimson; (eyes) bloodshot.bungungau a bekerekard, mengungau.

Group 164

WordPOSEngPal; quick; (person or animal) in a hurry.
ORRECHEDv.i. be in a hurry.
REREUCHELv.s.(person) in a hurry.rereuchel a orrechereched; meselsel el mengedmokl; rereuchel el kirel a klechedaol.
ULOECHv.s.(person) in a hurry to go somewhere.

Group 165

CHEBECHABn.redup.dust (esp. under house).chebechab a chutem el ua chab, chebechebuul, klou a chebechab er a rael a le medirt a chutem.

Group 166

MELAUv.t.heat or cook (food) lightly; heat to make it bendable; rub or massage; beckon to (person, animal).melau a tour; meruul el mo medemedemek er a ngau, mekeald; tmau a baklungal; teul; melau a omekodong el oba chimal, olechau er ngii el oba chimal.
MENGEALDv.t.warm or heat up.mengeald a meruul el mo mekeald a ralm; mengeald a rengul a kesib; keldel.
MERARv.t.heat (food) so as not to spoil; warm (hands, etc.) over or next to fire; heat (leaves, etc.) over fire.merar a mengeald a klengoes; rorengii, remar a kall; kmeald, koald; rerengel.

Group 167

BERTAKLn.ocean floor; sea bed; bottom (of swimming pool, etc.).bertakl a chutem me a chelechol er a daob; berteklel a daob me a omoachel; betaot.
BETAOTn.ocean floor; sea bed.betaot a bertakl.

Group 168

MEREBEKv.t.grope at or test out (with foot, stick, pole, etc.).merebek a merutech er a diak lesang; osiik el oba orebek, robekii, ruebek a ochab; rebekel.
MEREBEREBEKv.t.redup.feel around or grope for in the dark.mereberebek a merreuaech; diak lomes e olab a chimal el osiik e merutech; roberebekii a olekang, mereberebek a rdil; roberebek a blai, reberbekel.
MERROAECHv.i.grope with hands in darkness or with eyes closed.merroaech a osiik a klalo er a milkolk; olab a chimal merroaech; meiko a merael el merroaech.

Group 169

WordPOSEngPal half (of split coconut; betel nut; etc.); one of a pair (e.g. one leg; one eye; etc.); neighboring house; adjoining building; next door to; across the street from any area adjacent to.bitang a tedobech er a cherrungel; bita el lius, bita el uach, bita el buuch.
CHEBAODn.side (of house, etc.).chebaod a bitang; telkib er a cherrungel, chebodel a blai, bita el chebaod er a chad, bita el a tkul a blai; chebodel.
TEDOBECHn.(one) half.tedobech a bita er a cherrungel; tedobech el bobai; tedebechel a ngikel; kekebelung el chad a tedobech.

Group 170

CHELSIMERv.r.s.closed; confined; locked in (e.g., as punishment).chelsimer a telengetongel, diak le belkais, diak le nglai a chesmerel; blutek, mla mechesimer; chosmerii er a kelebus, chesmerel.
TELENGETv.r.s.made sacrifice to; hindered; obstructed.telenget a chelsimer; mla metenget; tongetengii a rael; tonget a metetoech; melenget, tengetengel.

Group 171

MEREMECHv.t.squeeze out; grab and hold; clutch; grasp.meremech a omet; ruemech a lius; remechel a kles el lius.
MESALOv.t.grab at (soft substance - food, earth, etc.) and squeeze or knead; put fingers in (mouth); prepare (taro patch) for planting (by softening dirt).mesalo a solouii a bluu; smalo a ulecharo; mechas a smalo er a mesei, seleuel.
OMESEOSv.t.squeeze; press; choke (neck).omeseos a omet; meseos a lius, mesesii a chiklel a malk.; squeeze.omet a omeseos, metir a chimal, met a tul a kerebou.

Group 172

CHETILn.poss.3shis/her disliking; he/she dislikes; he/she doesn't want/like.chetil a diak el soal; chetil el ngar er a skuul, chetikol.
OUKETUIv.i.hate; dislike.ouketui a chetil, kltui, ouketui er a bechil, ouketui er a delal.

Group 173

WordPOSEngPal a omekoad er ngii. a mengard er ngii; mengiok, kerdel.

Group 174

MELBERALLv.t.raise (eyebrows).melberall a melebiall; meruul el mo meklou a medal; melebek a medal, toberall a medal.
MELEBIALLv.t.raise (eyebrows) at.melebiall a kedeb a telil, tobiall a medal; mo klou a medal.

Group 175

MENGIAIv.t.raise (something) just above surface.
MERERDv.t.hoist; crane (neck)/raise (eyes) (in order to see something or to keep one's head above water).mererd a omdai el mo er bab; ngmerd a bangderang, ngerdel.
OLENGASECHv.t.raise; sue; ascend.olengasech a ngmai el mo er a bab; ongesechii; olengasech er a ked; ongesechel.

Group 176

MELEBISECHv.t.pierce (fish) with downward thrust of spear; pierce or cut into (earth); thrust at (with long object).melebisech a ngii di lomurech; dibsechii a ngikel, dibisech a tekoi a meterekakl a ngerel; ngii di lolekoi; dibsechel.
OMURECHv.t.spear; pierce.omurech a oba biskang, mrechii a ngikel; mengaidechedang el omurech; murech a ngikel.

Group 177

IDOKELv.s. dirty; filthy.
KIKIONGELv.s.dirty; filthy.kikiongel a mekngit; oltaksecher, mengelengalek, ongebitel a kikiongel, mekngit a bul.

Group 178

MENGELUCHv.t.cajole; seduce; bribe; persuade; convince.mengeluch a omades a ngelteel; meluluuch; chulechur a ungil dil; chelechul.
OLENGAMECHv.t.attempt to seduce.olengamech a omsau a reng; soal meues el ungil; buik a olengamech; ongemechii a ekebil; ongemechel.
OLENGANGEDv.caus.seduce; titillate; cause someone to become infatuated; lower by sliding.olenganged a ongengedii; rullii el mo soal ngii; ongengedel; olenganged a ngar er a bab el me er a eou; ongengedii; onganged, ongengedel.
OLENGIBESv.t.tempt; tease; seduce.olengibes a ongibes; remuul el mo sorir; nguibes er a ekebil; ungil kall a olengibes; ongbesii.

Group 179

KLDERAOLn.female counterpart or assistant to chief.klderaol a Rubakldil el klderolel a klobak; Bilung a klderolel a lbedul, Ebilreklai a klderolel a Reklai.
RUBAKLDILn.female counterpart to each male title-holder in a clan.rubakldil a ongingil a dui el loluchel er ngii a rubak er a blai me a kebliil.

Group 180

CHELDENGv.r.s.confused; puzzled; perplexed.cheldeng a milkolk a rengul; diak le mesaod a tekoi er ngii.
CHELEUIDv.r.s.confused; mistaken; erred.cheleuid a diak le ngii a merang; ngodech el diak lemera el rolel, mecheuid er a belsechel a skuul, cheludul.
CHELIMELUKv.s.confused; disorderly; chaotic.chelimeluk a diak le kldmokl; choimelkur a rael; di berriid a besbas e katotaod a klalo; mengimeluk, chimelkul.
MECHUIDv.erg.confused; lost (in forest; etc.).mechuid a cheleuid; choudur, chouid a klumech, chudul.
RROU A RENGULv.s.suddenly confused or perplexed.

Group 181

BATAIv.s.drunk; intoxicated.
CHETELAOLv.s.drunk; dizzy.chetelaol a mengetelaol; ko er a mengeterbis a bdelul; smecher a chetelaol, chetelolel a rrom.

Group 182

MECHECHEIv.s.jealous; envious.mechechei a chelechei; chetil a lungil a tang, bechelechelingaol; chelechingil.
NGEMOKELv.s.desirous of food which others are eating; greedy for food.ngemokel a nglemokel; ungil a omengelel; soal a kall; nglemekelel.
NGUIBESv.i.have desires for; lust after.nguibes a ngibes; sorir a klekool; semeriar a ngkloik; rengeasek a nguibes er a ungil el meloik.

Group 183

BAMBUUn.bamboo.bambuu a chesel; bambuu er a ked, cheselked, bambungel. A bambuu a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng diak el meklou a rechelel. A bambuu a sebechel el mo ulaol me a lechub e ng reakl me a lak e ng brer. Ng kall aike e dirk mekekerei el desebel.
CHESELn.bamboo.chesel a bambuu.

Group 184

CHESBENGOSv.s.handsome; beautiful.chesbengos a klebokel e ungil el sechal me a redil; ungil el dil.
KLAMIOKELv.s.beautiful; handsome; majestic.klamiokel a klebokel e ungil; kllebokel, klamiokel el ekebil, klamiokel el buik, klamikellel. Kliou le chelid; Klebokel el chad.
KLEBOKELv.s.pretty; beautiful; handsome.

Group 185

CHEMEKLn.anything used as lever.chemekl a klekedall el mengemekl; ongemekl, chomeklii a kerrekar, chomekl, chemeklel.
ONGEMn.instrument for prying; lever.ongem a klekedall el ngoseuir a chad el mengem a oberaod; ongem er a klou el kerrekar.
ONGEMEKLn.instr.lever.ongemekl a klekedall er a omengemekl; kerrekeriil er a Siabal a ousbech a ongemekl (irechar), omeklii a chad el mo meringel e melai a nger.

Group 186

MENGEMv.t.pry up; lift with lever.mengem a oba ongem el mengider; mengem er a uchul a lius, ollomel er a lius a chelem.
OMIKELv.t.raise (long object) (by putting pressure on low end); raise/outstretch (arm; leg).omikel a nguu a bitang el mo er a bab; mikel a ouach; meloik e mikelii a ochil; omikel er a kiuel el mengaiu a iedel; bikelel.

Group 187

DOROUAKLv.i.laugh.dorouakl a dereuakl; ocherechur, rekebil a dorouakl el mo er a bab, kaocherechur.
OCHERCHURv.t.redup.laugh at.

Group 188

KISBEKLn.interruption; deviation; cut.
TELOCHEDv.r.s.wounded or pricked with thorn.teloched a telemall; teloched el chais a diak le merang me a lechub e ng cheleuid

Group 189

BEDEKTALLv.s.fearful; shy.bedektall a medakd; bedelkall, tulekdekudel, dakd, dekdel.
BEDELKALLv.s.fearful; shy; cowardly.bedelkall a medakd; bedekdall

Group 190


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