Online Palau Language Resources and Assorted Anthropological Publications

Retired Syracuse professor of linguistics Lewis Josephs has published several books about Palauan: two dictionaries, a reference grammar, and two grammar handbooks. All are available here in browsable versions.

The Bible has been translated to the Palauan version, "Chedaol Biblia".

The anthropologist Richard Parmentier published about Palau from the 1980's to the early 2000's.

In 2010, Justin Nuger published his disseration in linguistics at UC-Santa Cruz about Palauan verbs. He has made that and other of his publications about Palauan available online. Note that these are difficult, but not impossible, to read as a non-linguist. They are filled with useful examples and the Acknowledgements section in the dissertation is highly amusing.

The linguist Carol Georgopoulos turned her dissertation, Syntactic Variables: Resumptive Pronouns and A-Binding in Palauan, into a book.

The linguist Kazuko Matsumoto has several publications about contemporary language usage and borrowing:

All Palauan reading materials have been moved here.

Other various Palauan language documents:

Other academic linguistics publications:

Other academic anthropology publications and cultural descriptions:

Some other miscellany: is proud to host an online Woleaian dictionary.
All Woleaian and other Austronesian language materials have been moved here.

Please email us, or leave a comment below, if there are other useful online Palauan language resources not listed here.

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