How to Learn Palauan; Learning Palauan as a Foreign Language

So you want to learn Palauan? You've come to the right place!
However be warned: Palauan is not an easy language to learn, especially for Westerners.

But don't get discouraged!
It's worth the effort; it's an awesome language and Palauans are really fun to talk to!

Let's begin! The order of these links is just a suggestion; use them in any order that makes sense to you. Clearly, you should skip the audio links if your only interest is in reading.

  1. Start with the basics
    1. Basic Sounds
    2. Common Phrases and Conversation
    3. Practice Listening [Use the Beginner Mode]
  2. Study some basic grammar
    1. Palauan Revised Orthography Manual
    2. Belauan Orthography and Grammar
  3. Learn about Pronouns
    1. Read about Pronouns
    2. Memorize Pronouns [Lesson 1]
    3. Memorize Pronouns [Lesson 2]
    4. Memorize Pronouns [Lesson 3]
  4. Read some books
    1. Read the PREL Early Readers [K-3]
    2. Read the Palauan Language Workbook
  5. Study some more grammar
    1. Learn about Nouns
    2. Learn about Adjectives
    3. Learn about Verbs [Chapters 5 and 6]
    4. Learn about Little Words (a, er, el, etc.) [pages 20-37]
  6. Advanced Studies (do in any order and mix them up)
    1. Practice listening [Use the advanced mode]
    4. Listen to some radio talk shows.
    5. Listen to the radio talk show that talks about this website! [Discussion starts at 10:15]
    6. Listen to some music.
    7. Find more books to read.
    8. Memorize the 3000 most frequently used words.
    9. Read the Josephs Grammar Handbooks [Vols 1&2]

Happy Studying! If you need offline access, you should also install the dictionary on your phone/tablet.

Please give us feedback in the comments below about whether this ordering was useful to you and which of the links are not as useful as others. Finally, please let us know of other useful materials which are not listed here.

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