, n.
land crab.
rekung a charm el mekekerei er a chemang; kakum. A rekung a charm; a ta er a ngklel a rekung a kakum. Ng mekekerei el ua a meklungel a kesako. Ng eaiuong a kekemengel e eruong a techetechel. Ng sebechel el kie er a beluu e ng di ng omechell er a daob. Ng kall.
bekerekungv.s.smell of crabs (after cooking or eating crabs, etc.).
mengerekungv.i.collect land crabs.
mengerekung a melai a rekung.
rekung el crab.
rekung el beluuexpr.small land crab.
rekung el daobexpr.sea crab.
See also:
> Sea crabs have pushed out land crabs.
Outsiders have taken over the land or titles of local people. An outsider (e.g., adopted child, friend) has become more important than a blood relative.
> The ocean crabs crowd out the village crabs.
"Crabs from the sea," in other words, commoner peoples who have only recently taken up residence, may become more influential than long-term residents of higher, historical rank. Members of such lineages, omengdakl or low status, because they must achieve to gain recognition and because they are adopted and protected by high ranking clans, may actually be more privileged than older residents.
More Examples:
> I'm going crab hunting
> I went to collect land crabs at the beach.

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