bail, n.article of clothing; clothes; wrapping material.
bail a mamed me a klalo el omail, bilel a klalo, bilel a billum, ekebil a oubail.
chelechedal, n.poss.3strunk (of tree; plant; etc.); torso; basic part or principle of.
chelechedal a chelechad er ngii.
kets, v.s., [From Japanese] stingy.
mengiloil, v.t.complete; pursue to end; take all off.
mengiloil a melemolem; choililii a cherrungel el sils el urreor, chililel a taem er a urreor.
merechorech, n.thief.
ngebekel, n.poss.3sironing/planing (of something).
ngebekel a omelabek er ngii; melabek.
tabek, n.patch; payment (of fine).
tabek a klekedall el melabek; tebekel a bail; tobekii, tuabek. a bail.
techerakl, n.hook for picking up fish, turtle etc.; place for hanging.
techerakl a klekedall el melecherakl; techereklel a bail.

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