bedengel, n.poss.3sbody; corpse; skin; color; type; kind; appearance; physique.
bedengel a chesbereberel, mamed a mellemau a bedengel. bedengel a chelechedal, ungil okerulel el ngalek a ungil a bedengel.
bedengel a chabexpr.gray.
bedengel a
bedengel a chutemexpr.brown.
bedengel a daobexpr.deep blue.
bedengel a blue.
ngar er ngii er a bedengel a kmoexpr.have a premonition that; have a gut feeling that; feel in one's bones that.
olab bedengelexpr.well-built; able-bodied; ready and able.
> He flinched (from fright, etc.).
> We can catch many kinds of fish.
> There were some people who were ritually unclean because they had touched a corpse.
> I have a premonition that something bad will hapen.
> I'm brown-skinned with straight hair and big eyes.
> Like the octopus, able to change the color of its body.
He's too erratic or too easily persuaded. A leader, or any person, who is highly erratic, too adaptive; one who appears capable of taking any convenient or easy position.
More Examples:
> I have a lot of scars all over my body.
> Tina's dress is red.
> Its color blue
> He or she is white.
> I'm smirking at the people working for the government, do they think they own these government vehicles when they're behind the wheels.

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