bad, n.stone; rock; coral; crossbeams supporting floor or house.
bad a medecherecher el klalo, risois, baderitech, badelchei, mlus, basech, badumoachel. A rebebil er a rechad uluusbech a bad. Aika el bad a meklou el ngai el mo locha er a ulebengelel a ta me a ta er a rechad el oliochel.
bedul, n.head; leader.
bedul a bdelul; bdelul a chad, bingsbedul, bdelul a beluu; bedul er a omoachel
bedul, n.poss.3sdirection; area/space facing onto; upstream.
dmolech, v.s.deep.
dmolech a dolech, diak le meched; dmolech a chei, klou a dolech.
mad, n.eye; face; point; edge; front; area or space (directly) in front of; entrance; point of access; aperture; title given to messengers.
mad a klekedellel a chad el omes; olab a ues; klidm, chelsul a mad, bsechel a mad, medal.
olechull, n.cushion for head when carrying.
olechull a iluodel el melik er a telechull er a bedul; olechellel.
omail, n.skull.
omail a chiuesel a bedul, omilel a bdelul a chad.
omileln.poss.3somilel a omail er ngii.
omilel a bedulexpr.skull.

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