but, n.genitals; anus; vagina; bottom (surface).
but a eoulbeluu er a chad me a uriul, idekel a but, uchauch a btil a chad, btil a omerael, btil a lius.
btiln.poss.3sbtil a but er ngii; uriul, btil a lius, btil a chad.
v.s.(woman) having large buttocks or vagina; (man) having large buttocks.
bekebtiil a klou a idekel a btil.
butn.bottom (surface).
idekel a butexpr.buttocks.
> He's young and unexperienced (lit. his buttocks are covered with sores) and doesn't know anything.
> He's just a child, so don't listen to what he says.
> You are inferior to Droteo (lit., you wipe Droteo's anus).
> Like the buttock of Titechingai.
He rushes crazily from one task to another. Titechingai had a disease which left his buttock covered with old sores and pock marks. Therefore, when Titechingai called on a young woman at night, he always left the house before it became light in order to avoid being seen. Once, however, when he awoke it was already light and he was observed to dash from bush to bush in his desperate attempt to run through the village with minimum exposure. A person who seems to be rushing madly about in the conduct of several tasks may be compared with Titechingai.
> A male child, though small, is yet like a small barracuda that braces against the flowing stream.
The small barracuda (mersaod, a small ai) can be seen bracing, without apparent motion, against the stream, usually where fresh water flows into the lagoon, or where tide water runs off the reef, until suddenly it dashes into the stream to grab a small fish. Then it retreats once more to its place of watchfulness. This watchful, quiet, reserved, almost crafty approach to life is much admired, and parents will encourage their male children with this saying.

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