cheldecheduch, n.r.s.conversation; speech; meeting; story; folktale; conference about one month after death of spouse to settle estate.
cheldecheduch a tekoi el medung, mengedecheduch el mesaod a chutem; omengedecheduch, chedechedechal
cheldechedechaln.poss.3scheldechedechal a cheldecheduch er a mlad el chad.
bekedechedechaolv.s.prone to talking/having conversation.
bekedechedechaol a meses el mengedecheduch; becheldechedechaol.
chad er a cheldecheduchexpr.story teller; person skilled in talking or having many girlfriends.
See also:
> The meeting will begin at seven o'clock.
> The meeting is lasting forever.
More Examples:
> These old man's kids will be talked about at the conference next month.
> This property went to Ngerkumer's kids through verbal agreement.
> The conference or the talk for the deceased will be in March.
> The discussion was still ongoing and he left.

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