, n.
katuu a ta er a bedengel a charm el ua bilis e ng di kekerei.
bekekatuuv.s.smell of a cat.
bekekatuu a ko er a bul a katuu.
katuureomel a katuu er a oreomel.
chermek el katuuexpr.my pet cat.
> The cat has gone out to mate (lit. The cat jumped over the pandanus tree).
> The cat is sleeping underneath me (i.e. under my chair).
> Are you going to call anyone's cats?
> I will call those people's cats.
> I will call that person's cats.
> You're just like a cat washing yourself.
i.e., you have to do everything yourself because your relatives are neglecting their obligations to you.
More Examples:
> And when the mouse appeared, the cat snatched him.
> I only have pet cats.

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