, n.
ngikel a charm er daob me a ralm el kall; temekai me a meas a ngikel.
ngkeleln.poss.3sngkelel a cheldil el ngikel.
bekengikelv.s.smell of fish.
bekengikel a bau el bul a ngikel; bengud.
chad e ngikelexpr.half-human and half-fish; mermaid.
ngikel el caught/killed with a bomb.
olsengel a ngikelexpr.small sharp fin near tail of certain fish.
See also:
> There's no more fish.
> I've eaten tapioca, fish and crab.
> The fish in the river died on their own.
> 20 fish were speared in the head by the skillful fisherman.
> I tried to eat the fish.
> Like a fish in deep, clear water, eaten only with the eyes.
Fish are not easily caught in clear water. The idiom applies to that which may be admired but not obtained, like an expensive item or another man's beautiful sweetheart.
More Examples:
> We use fish scale to scale fish
> I fried some fish and chicken for dinner tonight.
> Did you descale the fish on the outdoor prepairing area?
> We went to buy fish at the market.
> They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun

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