omesiich, v.t.adorn (oneself, something); pretty (oneself) up; decorate; beautify.
omesiich a locha besichel; mesiich; mesichii a skuul; menglebokel, dil a mla mesichii, belsiochel. a omesiich er ngii; locha besichel. to be adorned/decorated.
besiochel a kired el omesiich er ngii; omesiich, mesichii er a bung, mesiich, besichel.
v.r.s.adorned; decorated.
belsiochel a ngar ngii a besichel, besiich el meolt me a bung.
ko er a belsiochel el erabruklexpr.all dressed up and ready to go [lit. decorated like a lobster].
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> You're just like a lobster (flambuoyant in color but prone to hide under rocks.
You dress up fancy but never go anywhere. Applicable to a person who prides himself on great wealth but does not put it to work; or to one who dresses to the hilt, then stays home. It may once have been applied to villages that were well armed, but peaceful.
More Examples:
> Wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer.
> As the election nears, they'll be singing coated lies for the people to digest.
> John is taking too long and his wife is "like a decorated lobster" waiting for him.
> You all are so pretentious and fancy and meanwhile we are just eating scrap.

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