, n.
large sea clam.
Bengall a cheleched er a Ngerechelong; ngkoll e meklou a kim er ngii.
chad er a bengallexpr.inhabitant of Ngerechelong.
More Examples:
> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.
omangl, v.t.interrupt; begin to hit; kick; thrust at someone but then stop (arm; spear; etc.) halfway (in order to deceive).
omangl a bangl; merael e keterkokl, menglii, omangl er a lidel er a burech, benglel.
omeu, v.t.break or crack; hatch.
omeu a omuu, mengii a ngais, meu a belatong, omeu a lius, bengel.

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