, n.cluster/bunch of fruit.
sikd a betok el uldak; beriseksikd; sikd el meradel sikd el iedel.
v.s.(tree) productive or bearing much fruit.
berikd a betok a rdechel; berikd a iedel, berikd el buuch, berekdel.
v.s.redup.(tree) covered with many clusters of fruit; covered all over or infested with (ants, lizards, etc.).
beriseksikd a betok el sikd, beriseksikd el meradel.
/mesikd in a cluster (used only in mesikt el btuch).
mesikd a cheldellel a betok el btuch.
mesikt el btuchexpr.constellation of stars; the Pleiades.
More Examples:
> The mango tree at the taro swamp is covered with fruits.

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