omriid, v.t.scatter; spread; sow (seed); dismantle; disrupt; break or split up; take apart; cause (members of family) to separate.
omriid a merrakl; diak el longudel; mriid a besbas, omriid a rechad, bridel a delengchokl. a omriid er ngii; toreklii, mridii a kldibel er a omelim; bridel. a omriid; torakl, bridel.
berriidv.r.s.scattered; spread; sown; dismantled.
berriid a diak le chelludel; mriid, rechad a berrid.
/brridall to be scattered, spread, sown or dismantled.
brridall a kirel el obriid, toreklii, mridii a klidibel er a omelim. act of scattering.
obridangv.erg.inch.obridang a mla meterakl; mla obriid; diak el chelludel.
obridungv.erg.pred.obridung a kmeed el obriid.
obriidv.erg.get scattered; fall out; overflow; (unkempt hair) fly around.
obriid a berriid; diak el cheldull; mridii, mriid, mla obriid a delengchokl, bridel.
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> Oh no! They've been scattered.

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