omart, v.t.hide.
omart a ocheuekl; remuul el mo diak le moues, mertii, mart a kelel, bertel. a omart er ngii; bertel. a omart; mertii a babier, mart a udoud, bertel. to be hidden.
berotel a kirel el obart, omart, diak el tekiungel, kngtil a chad a berotel, mertii, bertel.
blart a mla obart; berrotel, diak le meues, mart a udoud, bertel.
berrotel a mla obart; mla mertii a udoud, bertel.
kebartv.recip.hide (things) from each other.
kebart a didu el omart; olsechesech, mart a buuch e olengit, mertii a til, bertel a buuch.
obartv.erg.get hidden; (moon) get eclipsed.
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> Rats can get to Kayangel by hiding in construction materials.
> The wisdom I proclaim is God?s secret wisdom.
More Examples:
> Go check the rambutan in the rain forest. If there are ripe ones, bring them home but make sure to hide them so people don't bum them off you.

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