, n.
crimson-crowned fruit dove [according to the IBC; sometimes conspecific with P. pelewensis].
biib a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm, olengchelel a kerreomel er a Belau. A biib a suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel el ua a belochel. Ng bibrurek me a chemadech a bedengel. Ng mekekerei er a belochel.
bedengel a (in color).
busech, n.feathers; fur; body hair.
busech a mekedeb el chui er a buld, bsechel a mad, bsebsuchel.
bsecheln.poss.3shis/her/its body hair, feathers, fur.
bsebsuchelv.s.redup.hairy; furry.
bsebsuchel a betok a bsechel, katuu a bsebsuchel, busech.
bsechel a (in color).
bsechel a butexpr.pubic hair.
bsechel a madexpr.eyelash.
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> My dog has fur which is black fur.
> Collecting feathers
From the folktale about the origin of kite-flying in Palau: the inventor, Mesubed Dingal, while out fishing, lost his wife to kidnappers; he fashioned a kite in the shape of a frigate bird (kedam) using feathers collected from all the birds of Palau, then used this to go in search of his wife. The idiom applies to one who borrows freely.
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> My dog has black fur.

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