, n.
wild taro (makes mouth itchy).
bisech a dellomel el kmeed el ua dait e kall; cheball, bisech er a ruk. A bisech a dellomel; ng diak el meklou el dellomel; ng di ua a meklungel a dait. Ngar er ngii a bebil el kall e a bebil a kuk diak el kall le ng mekekad.
bisechv.s.(person) easily aroused sexually. with black and yellow stripes (makes mouth itchy).
bisech er a Rukn.plant in taro family; yautia.
> Backyard taro stuff.
Bisch (Alocasia macrorhiza), a taro, can often be found growing near the garbage heap behind the traditional Palauan house. Because of this contamination, taro growing in this location was not eaten, nor were the leaves used as food wrappers. Hence, any valueless decision, action or object; a useless idea.
> You're like the bisech plant in the backyard which has no purpose.
A person who isn't trusted so he/she is not needed.

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