bitang, half (of split coconut; betel nut; etc.); one of a pair (e.g. one leg; one eye; etc.); neighboring house; adjoining building; next door to; across the street from any area adjacent to.
bitang a tedobech er a cherrungel; bita el lius, bita el uach, bita el buuch.
chebaod, n.side (of house, etc.).
chebaod a bitang; telkib er a cherrungel, chebodel a blai, bita el chebaod er a chad, bita el a tkul a blai; chebodel.
iis, n.nose; curved board at entrance of bai laid on top of kuoku or chututem.
iis a klekedellel a klidm, urrereel a iis a melungl a bau, ungil a isngel a tmungl a bau.

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