omail, v.t.clothe (person); wrap (present, package, etc.).
omail a mail; locha bilel, mail a uldurokl, milii a ngalek, bilel. a omail er ngii; loia bilel. a omail; locha bilel, mla mail a billum, milii. to be clothed/wrapped.
biull a kirel el obail; omail, milii a ngalek, kall a biull.
v.r.s.clothed; wrapped; covered with hair.
bliull a blail; mla obail, milii, mail, A ngalek a bliull, bilel.
blail a bliull; mla obail, milii, mail a belsiich, bilel.
obailv.erg.obail a biull; ngalek a kirel el obail; loia bilel; milii.
ombebibail a omibail; mekudem el omail a betok el blibail; bilel a betok el uldurokl.
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