omais, v.t.blunt (knife). a omais; merael er ngii el beluu; bisel er a chelechol. a omais; meu, chemiud a medal, mla mais a oles me a kamang, bisel a oles.
blaisv.r.s.(knife) blunted.
blais a mla obais; ulengill a medal, bleikl, misii a kamang, mais a medal oles.
kebaisv.recip.(one person) fail to get through to (someone else).
kebais a tmurk; dikea cheldechulel, a llach me a chelleoch me a kelebus a di mo kebais, ng diak lourreor.
obaisv.erg.get blunted.
obais a tmurk; blais a renguk er meringel el urreor el obengkel a bdingel el omelekoi. obais a meuil, mechiud a medal; medibech a medal.
obais a rengulexpr.get fed up with; become unable to cope with.
> He just walks around naked so we can all see all of his parts.
tabek, n.patch; payment (of fine).
tabek a klekedall el melabek; tebekel a bail; tobekii, tuabek. a bail.
tebekeln.poss.3stebekel a tabek er ngii.
tebekel a bailexpr.patch in clothing.
tebekel a blaisexpr.payment of fine.
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