blauang, n., [From English] bread.
blauang a kall el lruul er a merikengko
> The meat is to be roasted and eaten with bitter herbs and with bread made without yeast.
More Examples:
> Fix us some jelly sandwichesand peanut butter.
mengiloil, v.t.complete; pursue to end; take all off.
mengiloil a melemolem; choililii a cherrungel el sils el urreor, chililel a taem er a urreor. a mengiloil er ngii; lomelemii. a mengiloil; rukui a klsel.
chelliloilv.s.(long object) complete/in one piece.
chelliloil a cherrungel; choiloil a sils, chelliloil el bail, chililel a omengeiung.
chelloilv.r.s.completed; pursued to end. to be completed or pursued to end.
chelliloil el bailexpr.long dress.
chelliloil el blauangexpr.whole loaf of bread.

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