omeu, v.t.break or crack; hatch.
omeu a omuu, mengii a ngais, meu a belatong, omeu a lius, bengel. a omeu er ngii; bengel a lius. a omeu; ngalek a mla meu a ngais e mengii a belatong; obeu, bengel
/beongel to be broken or cracked.
bengall a kirel el obeu; beongel, mengii, meu a lius, omeu a lius, bengel.
beongel a bengall.
bleuv.r.s.broken; cracked.
bleu a mla obeu; mecherad, mengii, a blatong bleu; bengel.
v.erg.recip.redup.get broken all at once.
kabebeu a didu el obeu; kaisiuekl me te obeu; kakerous el omeu a lius; meu, kabebeu a butiliang; mengii, bengel.
kaibebeu a kabebeu.
kebeuv.recip.(hit each other and) break.
kebeu a kabebeu.
obebeuv.erg.redup.easily broken; brittle.
obebeu a di beot el obeu, merukem, obebeu el belatong, mengii, meu, bengel.
obeuv.erg.obeu a mecherad; mengii, meu, mla obeu a butiliang; bengel
omengangv.inch.(egg, chicken) begin to hatch.
omeuv.i.(egg, chicken) hatch.
omeu a omuu, mengii a ngais, meu a belatong, omeu a lius, bengel.
See also:
> He cracked his head.
> Destroying his money.
Marriage within the clan, generally considered incestuous, limits the value of the food-money exchange, since the materials simply change hands within the same clan group. A man so married is criticized as having destroyed his source of wealth.
More Examples:
> They were pushing each other and he slipped and split his head.
> I'm craving to eat some sweet potato and soup.
> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.
> I fell on the stone path and cracked my head.

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