omides, v.t.throw hard; push away (hand); cut/knock off (end; top). Throw with a back-handed motion.
omides a mides, chemoit, uldechem a di mides a chimal a bulis, mdesii a chimal a bulis e outoketok; bdesel a chimal a bulis a omides er ngii; mdesii a beached er a rael, bdesel. a omides; chemoit a kall; mides a chimal, mla mides a kall; bdesel. to be thrown hard/pushed away.
bdesall a kirel el obides; mechoit, mdesii, mides a besbas, bdesel.
blidesv.r.s.thrown hard.
blides a mla obides; blidokl, mdesii, mides, buik a blides er a daob, melmesim, omides er a bdelul, bdesel.
kebidesv.recip.throw each other hard (in wrestling).
kebides a di du el omides; mengoit, melim e kebides a ulellumel el beached er a rael; bdesel.
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