blok, n., [From German] pulley.
blok a klalo el olengeseu a omengurs me a omererd.
> Their words are full of deadly deceit.
omok, (eyes; mouth; book; door; etc.); spread (legs; etc.) apart.
omok a omkais; mok a babier, mekengii a medal, omok er a ngerel el melekoi; bekengel a ngor. a omkais; omok er ngii; mekengii a babier, bekengel a babier, a omok; mkais; smecher a mla mok a medal el mesisichang; mekengii a ngerel; bekengel a medal. to be opened or spread apart.
bekengall a kirel el obok; mkisii, omok a medal, mekengii a chesimer, bekengel.; spread apart.
blok a mla obok; blkais, chesimer a teleu, blok a medal, mok, bekengel.
obekengangv.erg.inch.obekengang a mla obok.
obekengungv.erg.pred.obekengung a kmeed el obok.
obokv.erg.get opened/spread apart; (flower) open/bloom.
obok a blok; teleu; mekengii a chesimer; mok a medal, bekengel a chesimer; blkais.
omok a medalexpr.introduce (someone) to sex.
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> Pay attention!/Be alert!
> Their words are full of deadly deceit.
> Opening of the trees.
From late April to June is the time of greatest flowering or opening of many trees in Palau.
More Examples:
> He is trying to squeeze his hand through the window to open the door.

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