omouch, v.t.split (bamboo, etc.); crack (bone, head, etc.).
omouch a melbotb; mouch a idungel, melutiud a lild; buchel a bambuu. a omouch er ngii; buchel a bambuu, idungel. a omouch; melutiud, muchii a bambuu; mouch a idungel; buchel.
blouchv.r.s.split; cracked.
blouch a diak le cherrungel, mla obouch; bleuechel, omouch, blouch a bambuu, buchel. to be split or cracked.
buchall a bouechel; kirel el obouch; omouch a idungel, mouch, buchel a bambuu.
kebouchv.recip.crack each other's heads.
kebouch a di du el omouch; melutiud, mouch a bambuu, muchii a lild, buchel a bambuu.
obouchv.erg.obouch a blouch; bleuechel, muchii a bambuu, mouch a lild, meliud; buchel a bambuu.

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