omasech, v.t.count or name (a group of related persons or things); mention (someone's name); move in zigzag fashion (when sailing canoe against wind); tack; (chickens) move/jockey into position for fighting.
omasech a omechur; melekoi a ildisel, masech a sulel, mesechii a ta el sils, besechel; omasech a diak le melemalt; meliud el mo e mei; mlai a omasech er a ikrel. a omasech er ngii; ngar a belsachel el mong; besechel. a omasech; omechur, mla masech a sils, msechii, besechel. to be counted/named/mentioned.
v.r.s.counted, named or mentioned.
blasech a ngar a basech, mesechii, blasech er a omerael; besechel.
belsachel a blasech; ngar er a basech; ulsiseb er a ochur; belsachel er a mo er a skuul.
blsecheln.r.s.poss.3sits time or occasion of an event.
kebasechv.recip.(chickens) position themselves with relation to each other.
kebasech a soal el okoad; malk a kebasech el kakoad, omasech el mo e mei.
obasechv.erg.obasech a medung a ngklel; uldimukl er a omelilt; ngar er a basech er a klekool, mesechii er a omerael, omasech a ngakl, besechel a ngklel.
obesechangv.erg.inch.obesechang a blasech; ngar ochur; mla obasech er a mo er a skuul; mesechii, masech, besechel a ngklel.
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