boes, n.gun; blowgun.
boes a klekedall el omoes,mosii a ngikel, moes a belochel, bosel.
sekeboesv.s.go shooting a lot; good at shooting.
sekeboes a chad er a boes; meduch el omoes; sekeboes er a belochel, mosii; moes.
boes er a ngikelexpr.spear-gun.
boes er a ulekbutexpr.blowgun.
kelel a boesexpr.bullet
kerul a boesexpr.ammunition; gun-powder.
medal a boesexpr.sharpened projectile ejected from speargun; opening or end of gun barrel.
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> Like the blowgun of Ngiraeuekelebid.
Derived from a humorous and (in Palauan) phonetically funny verse: Eveninga pproachest,h e womenr eturnf rom the gardens. The koranges tree is swaying and the women, looking up, see Ngiraeuekelebid. Confuseda nd embarrassedh,e climbsd own and picks up his blow gun. His plan foiled. "All the men of the village use the blowgun in the mountains. Only Ngiraeuekelebidu ses his in the gardens. Surely, if he uses it in the gardens, he will hit the bull's eye in the crotch." Men are permitted in the taro gardens but only for some special purpose and by leave of the women who may be working there in the deep mud in minimal attire, sometimes with their grass skirts put aside. (Today they work in very old clothes.) Ngiraeuekelebid, leaving the village with his blowgun as though going hunting, climbed a koranges tree overlooking the gardens to spy on the women and was caught. A poor decision or plan that in the end proves embarrassing.
More Examples:
> They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun

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