billum, n.wrapped and grated tapioca (or taro).
billum a klsous el diokang el blail e ngeliokl; el ongraol.
billum el brakexpr.wrapped and grated (large) taro.
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More Examples:
> Our neighbor and my mom went to the farm, they will be making grated cassava.
> Wait for the water to boil and then put in the tapioca.
, n.
giant yellow swamp taro.
brak a dellomel el kall el meklou er a dait, brekengel. A brak a dellomel; ng di ua a teletelel a bisech ng di kuk meklou. Ng kall.
brakv.s.having a vagina which stays dry during sexual intercourse.
> I'm going to the taro garden to get some yellow taro.
More Examples:
> His ears are bigger than elephant taro leaves.
> My mom went to get some elephant ears taro.
> I'm going to the taro garden to get two yellow taro.

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