, n.
betel nut.
buuch a dellomel el chemachel a rdechel.
bucheln.poss.3sbuchel a buuch er ngii el chad.
oubuuchv.i.have betel nut trees.
oubuuch a ngar er ngii a buchel.
chemelek el buuchexpr.my betel nut (for chewing).
meduch el buuchexpr.kidney.
> Don't split an unopened betelnut; (instead) chew (one of) the already split betelnuts in the betelnut bag.
> I'm not very good at climbing betel nut trees/harvesting them.
More Examples:
> Lukes was sulking because they chewed all of her betelnut.
> Did you ask and getting that betel nut?
> She is very fond of you so it was the last betel nut and she gave it to you.
> Im going to try to stop my betelnut chewing.
> I will add a support to that betel nut tree because it was pushed askew by the wind (and is now in danger of falling over).
, n.casket; coffin.
omeseuechel a klekedall el blil a ulekoad. Dusall el le ngarngii a medei el chad e kloi ra bluu el dang.
omsoechel er a buuchexpr.joint of betel nut branch (breaks off easily).
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