mengerodech, v.t.(people) make noise; complain about; talk too much about.
mengerodech a klou a ngerel; chordechii a beluu; chorodech a chutem; cherdechel a dui. a mengerodech er ngii; ngemuu. a mengerodech.
chacherodechv.recip.make noise or complain about (something) together; argue with each other noisily; (birds, bats, etc.) make clamor (over food, etc.).
chacherodech a ngemuu; didu el mengerodech, chordechii a mesei, chorodech a chutem, cherdechel. to be complained about.
cherdechall a kirel el mecherodech, chordechii, mengedecheduch el kirel, cherdechall a osisebel a mekngit el kar.
See also:
> Don't make noise!
> The bats are clamoring over the breadfruit.

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