chebsuul, n.a.s. grindstone.
chebsuul a klalo ngiterebis; mesil el ororem e omtanget e meruul a betok kakerous el klalo.
chebsuul ngau
expr.grindstone which turns and produces sparks.
chebsuulngau a klekedall el cheterebsuul er a omerorem el klalo; duorem a oles, dormii a kamang; meroremang; merorem a otilech.
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mengebis, v.t.spin; make something turn around (completely or part way); mash or crush (tapioca) by turning crank of machine.
mengebis a obisur a chebis, mesil; chobisur; chobis a diokang; chebisul
/chobsur a mengebis er ngii.
/chilebsur a mengebis. to be spun.
chelebisv.r.s.mashed; crushed.
chelebis a mla mechebis; chobisur, chobis a diokang, chebisul a chebis.
chelebsul a daobexpr.whirlpool.
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