, given as payment to wife's family after death of husband.
Udoud ma lechub e ng klalou el mo ra mle bechiil e mlad.
chelebechiil a udoud me a klalo el le ngai a melakl el dil me a lechub e ngii a mlad; mengebechiil, chelebechielel.
n.poss.3schelbechielel a udoud el ngii a mlengebechiil.
chelebechielel a chelebechiil er ngii el dil; ngii a mlengebechiil.
omak a chelbechielirexpr.betroth them
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More Examples:
> The money put in for the marriage of Dirasils, which was a keldait, went to her brother, Ngiradaob.
> It was Ngiradaob, Dirasils's brother, who received the keldait that was put in for the marriage.
> This chelebucheb that I am wearing was for the marriage of Sue that my father received/earned.
> Our uncle recieved her alimony.

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