cheldull, n.r.s.core of canoe where mast, soaes, etc. connect.
mengudel, v.t.collect; put together; assemble; save (money).
mengudel a oldak; oldekdak; chemudel a udoud; chudelii a beluu e mengedecheduch; chedelel. a mengudel er ngii, chudelii a beluu e mengedecheduch. a mengudel; oldak, chemudel a idungel, chedelel.
cheldelleln.poss.3sgathering; assembly.
cheldellel a cheldull er ngii; cheldellel a klobak, cheldellel a udoud a $5,000.
v.a.s.are to be collected/assembled.
chedull a kirel el mechudel, oldak; chudelii, chemudel a lius, mengudei, chedelel.
v.r.s.collected; assembled.
cheldull a chelludel; uldak el rokui; mla mechudel; mengudel, chedelel.
chelludel a kldibel; mla mechudel; mengudel, cheldull, rechad a cheldull er a bai, cheldellel.
mechudelv.erg.mechudel a cheldull; chudelii, mla chemudel a udoud, oldak el mo betok; chedelel a udoud.
mengudel a fine for adultery.
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