mengebangel, v.t.face towards (someone; something) (at close range); look at (someone; something close).
mengebangel a obangel; obengelii a bechil; chebengelel. a mengebangel; ngar er medal, chobangel a betok el kall, chobengelii; chebengelel.
/kachebangel face to face.
chachebangel a di du el mengebangel; chachuchau e dengchokl, chobengelii a bechil, chobangel, chebengelel.
chebangelchebangel a chad el mengebangel; chobengelii, chobangel, mengebangel, chebengelel. to have someone facing towards him, her or it.
chebengelallv.a.s.chebengelall a kirel el mechebangel, chemau ngii; chobengelii a ouchais, mengebangel.
chelebangelv.r.s.facing towards (at close range); (person) faced with (problems, etc.); (person) looking forward to expecting (future event) (and having to deal with it).
chelebangel a mengebangel; chachuchau, chelebangel a kall, chebengelel.
obangelobangel a chemau; obangel a tekoi e mesaod; mla obangel a ngerachel e ourreor el kirel; obengelii a soal, obangel a kall, chelebangel a ringel.
See also:
> I'm faced with difficulties.
> We've got a money-raising party coming up.
More Examples:
> John was facing towards his wife during the ceremony.

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