mengellakl, v.t.quiet; pacify; hold or make (something) steady; (bird) glide quietly in sky.
mengellakl a chollakl; ungil kelulau a cholleklii a beluu; meruul er ngii el mo chelellakl; chelleklel a beluu. a mengellakl er ngii, mo chelellakl. a mengellakl; mtebechel; mo diak a uldikel.
Bom chelellakl!v.imp.Be quiet! / Settle down!.
chelellaklv.r.s.quieted; pacified; held or made steady; (person) quiet or unassuming.
chelellakl a kellechakl; diak el odikel, diak a uldikel er a beluu; chelellakl a belual el budech.
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> Like the clouds of Mengellakl that just pile up
High points like Mengellakl in Palau sometimes create clouds as the moisture-laden air is lifted by the wind to higher cooler altitudes. This saying applies to a situation or a fad that spreads; drinking to excess.

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