, v.t.hang onto (someone, something) with hands; moving by hanging on with one hand at a time like from branch to branch.
mengidobel a chelidobel; orreked; choidebelii er a demal; mengidobeler a kerrekar. a mengidobel er ngii; chelidobel.
/choidabel a mengidobel, chelidobel.
v.r.s.hang onto with hands; hanging.
chelidobel a mengidobel; olik a chelidobel er a kerrekar, urrekodel er a rachel e cheliraro; chiidebel. to be hung onto with hands.
chideball a kirel el mechidobel, chimal a chedam a chideball er a rengelekel, choidebelii er a demal, mengidobel, chidebelel.
v.recip.hang onto (something) together.
kachidobel a chachidobel; didu el mengidobel, choidebelii er a demal, mongkii a kachidobel a kerrekar, chidebelel.
chachidobel a di du el mengidobel; choidebelii, choidobel a kerrekar, chidebelel a rachel er a mongkii.
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> Like a squatting bat, hanging but looking down.
Bats hang upside down from the tree and may be thought to have an inverted view of things. Refers to a comment or action that is clearly out of line; rarely said of a person who is present, since the implication is that of weak mindedness.

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