mengisemesem, v.t.embrace, hug or clasp (when lying down or sleeping).
mengisemesem a omechull er ngii; choisemesemii a ngelekel; mechulii; choisemesem, chisemesemel. a mengisemesem er ngii; mechulii.
/choisemesem a mengisemesem; omechull er tir.
v.recip.embrace or hug each other.
chachisemesem a kaiuechull; di du el mengisemesem; choisemesemii, choisemesem, chisemesemel.
kachisemesem a chachisemesem; teru el chad el kaiuechull, choisemesem a chimal, chisemesemel.
v.r.s.embraced; hugged.
chelisemesem a mla mechisemesem, ulechull; choisemesemii a ngelekel; mechulii, choisemesem a chimal, chisemesemel.
chelisemesomel a chelisemesem. to be embraced or hugged.
chisemesemall a kirel el mochull; mechisemesem, mechulii a ngalek, choisemesemii a ngelekel, megisemesem er a bechil, chisemesemel.
mechisemesemv.erg.mechisemesem a mechulii; mengisemesem er a ngelekel; choisemesemii, choisemesem, mengisemesem, chisemesemel.
chelisemesomel a chimexpr.arms folded.
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