mengelaod, v.t.comfort; console.
mengelaod a cholaod; meruul er a rengul; oldeu a reng; cholodii a ngalek, chelodel.
/chemolodii a mengelaod er ngii.
chemolodii a rullii el mo diak el mekngit a rengul; mengelaod er a chad. a mengelaod; omotech a reng.
chachelaodv.recip.console each other.
chachelaod a di du el mengelaod; chachelaod a klengit el reng, chelodel, mengelaod a reng.
cheladelv.a.s.easily consoled.
chellaodv.r.s.comforted; consoled.
chellaod a mechelaod; sosokol, semeremeriang, chellaod el meloik.
cheloadelv.s.cheloadel a chad el di ngera e ng mo mechelaod e obes a ngerechelel.
/cheloadel to be comforted or consoled.
cholodall a kirel el mechelaod, mengelaod.
cheloadel a kirel el mechelaod, cholodii a ngalek, mengelaod er a mekngit a rengul.
mechechelaodv.s.redup.rather content.
mechechelaod a beot el mechelaod; mechechelaod el ngalek, chelodel.
mechelaodv.s.content; happily occupied.
mechelaod a semeriar; merireueru er ngii; chellaod, mechechelaod er a klechedaol.
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> All the animals were starting to be really glad and they were somewhat comforted.

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