mengelim, v.t.accompany (especially, at night); escort; converse or pass time with; entertain; keep (someone) company; stay with; comfort; provide support (to someone sick, scared, anxious, etc.).
mengelim a cholmengii; obengkel el menglou er a rengul; cholim a chelebuul; mengelim er a medakd; chelmengel. a mengelim er ngii.
chelmengeln.poss.3scompanion; escort; care-giver; someone soothing or comforting someone else.
chelmengel a chad el mengelim er ngii, chelmengel er a chelebuul.
chachelimv.recip.accompany each other; be companions (with each other).
chachelim a kachelim, di du el mengelim, cholmengii a medakd, cholim a chelebuul, olengeseu el modiak a dakd me a klengit el reng, chelmengel.
chellimv.r.s.accompanied; escorted.
chellim a mla mechelim; chelmongel me temengelim er ngii cholmengii a medakd, cholim a chelebuul, chelmengel. to be accompanied/escorted.
chelmongel a kirel el mechelim, mengelim er a medakd, cholmengii a mekngit a rengul; chelmengel.
mechelimv.erg.mechelim a chellim; ngar er ngii a chelmengel, cholmengii, obengkel er a chelebuul me a kodall; mengelim.
mengelim a chelebuul expr.comfort; console.

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