klemat, n.leadership; authority.
klemat a omerreder; bdelul a beluu a oba klemat er a beluu; merreder a oba klemtengel a urreor.
cheloit a klemtengelexpr.(person) free or unrestricted.
klemat er a beluuexpr.village leadership.
klemtengel a beluuexpr.village leader.
mengoit, v.t.throw away; abandon; spend (money) unnecessarily; contribute (money at ocheraol); divorce; skip (school); quit/give up (habit); abolish; disregard or disobey (order, someone's words, etc.).
mengoit a chemoit; ongkangk, diak lolai; chemoit a tekoi, choitii a skuul; chemoit a besbas; chitel.
choitiiv.pf.3schoitii a mengoit er ngii.
chemoitv.pf.3p.inan.chemoit a mengoit, mides, mla chemoit a kall er a daob, choitii a besbas, chitel.
chachoitv.recip.leave each other behind; divorce each other.
chachoit a mo kesaod; di du el mengoit, choitii, chemoit, chachoit a chebechiil; chachoit a klalo, chitel.
cheloitv.r.s.thrown away; abandoned; discarded; (money) spent unnecessarily.
cheloit a blides; mla mechoit; choitii a mechut el mlai, chemoit a besbas.
v.a.s.is to be thrown away or abandoned.
mechitangv.erg.inch.beginning to be abandoned.
mechoitv.erg.mechoit a cheloit; choitii; mesaod; mo cheroid; chemoit, chitel.
See also:
> Have you quit or giving up smoking?
> Droteo's giving up smoking is the reason why he got better.
> The husband and kids are being ignored/neglected because he's so occupied with his work.
> By deceit the king will win the support of those who have already abandoned their religion.
> I will make the towns of Judah like a desert where no one lives.
> Your mother's brother's head is discarded at Emerert.
In head-hunting days villages on the same side-haven as Koror, or otherwise allied, would visit Koror last with heads taken in raids or ambush after visiting several allied villages for dances and money collections marking a successful hunt. By and large, the purpose of head-hunting was economic, with money paid the men of the successful raiding club at each allied village where the heads would be displayed. The collection went to the coffer of their village chief. By the time the warriors reached Koror, then, the heads would often be quite odorous and unpleasant (economically useless). So they would be discarded at a place called Emerert in Koror. From the standpoint of any male ego the mother's brother (okdemaol; okdemelem: your mother's brother) is always significant, since one such individual usually acts as guardian and financial advisor for the younger clan member. The idiom, then, is used by the people of Koror to insult persons of other, generally hostile, villages.
> Disposing the group at Ngetkeuang.
The saying pertains to a situation that occurred at Ngetkeuang, a hamlet in Peleliu. Some members of a group about to sail north were already at the docks ready to board their canoes and set sail with a good strong wind from the south, slightly at an angle to the course they would follow and ideal for sailing. Impatient, the group at the dock finally left the remainder behind and the wind was so strong that they were soon well on their way. The phrase is applied to a wind that is strong, steady, and from the south, like a steady "tradewind"
> Like kaldos, putting medicine on a well place, rather than the injury.
Kaldos is a medical treatment, said by some to have been learned from the Germans, in which medicine is applied to a parallel member of an injured part in a way that is supposed to transfer pain to an uninjured place. The idiom is applied to a decision or action that completely misses the point or problem.
More Examples:
> The spirits knew that our home land is becoming deserted.
> My garden has been neglected and has become badly overgrown. It needs to be cleared.
> She is very fond of me and therefore left everything and came here.

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