blai,; household; family; members of family; enclosure; container.
blai a teleketek e cheldool le kiei er ngii a rechad; blai a osechelel a delengchokl.
, n., [From English] small boat engine; pump.
bomb a klalo el omomb a ralm me a cheluch.
bomk a bomb.
bomk er a cheluchexpr.fuel pump.
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cheluch, n.person good at cajoling/persuading; act of cajoling; persuasion.
cheluch a meduch el mengeluch; chulechur e melai a soal, smiik a rolel e nguu a soal.
cheluch, n.coconut oil; fuel (e.g. gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.); grease (from meat being cooked).
cheluch a laok, cheluchul a lius, kerisil, mangtekang er a babii.
tangk, n., [From English] water tank or drum.
tangk a blil a ralm; tengkel.

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