mengas, v.t.blacken with soot or ink.
mengas a chosengii; chemas a mederir el mo bechachas; chesil. a mengas er ngii er a chas.
v.recip.put soot on each other (as a joke).
chachas a didu el mengas; chachas a mederir, chemas, chesil, mengas el olab a Chas.
kachas a didu el mengas; chachas a mederir, locha Chas er ngii.
chelasv.r.s.blackened with soot or ink; (pot) burned or discolored.
chelas a delul; mla mechas; chosir, chemas a ngeliokl. to be get blackened with soot or ink.
mechasv.erg.get blackened with soot or ink; (pot) get burned or discolored.
mechas a mla medul; chemas a olekang, osir a odoim, chesil.
mechechesechasv.erg.redup.mechechesechas a beot el mechas el olekall; derechesiil el olekang.
mechechesechasv.erg.redup.mechechesechas a obelebal a rengul; mechas a rengul er a di beot el tekoi.
mecheseiv.erg.inch.getting blackened with soot or ink, burned or discolored.
mechas a surprised at.
mechese a rengulexpr.becoming surprised.
mengas er a medalexpr.embarrass
mengas er a rengulexpr.astonished; surprised.
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> It's my mother who is astonished at my grades.
> The taro patch sunk into the mud.
> He left the road to look at the lion he had killed, and he was surprised to find a swarm of bees.
> You really embarrass us in public.
> Droteo believes that the teacher killed the old woman.
More Examples:
> What's your grandmother's name?
> My girlfriend likes to diss me in the crowd.
> These ladies clubbing are so wild.
> Lady at work is retiring. We are taking her out for lunch.
> My meat is burnt
mengas, v.t.let (pot) get burned/discolored.
mengas a durur; chosir a ngeliokl, chemas a kall er a ringelngau; chesil. a mengas er ngii; chelas. a mengas; mengesuloul, mla chemas a ngeliokl, chesil.
> You really embarrass us in public.

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