chemiis, v.i.escape; flee; run away.
chemiis a chiis; remurt el mo cheroid, chemiis er a bulis.
chachiisv.recip.escape together.
chaichichiisv.recip.redup.chaichichiis a mla chemiis el rokui, chiis er tir, kaichichiis, betok el chad el chiesang el omart er tir.
chiesangv.i.inch.begin to escape.
chiesang a mla chemiis; chiis, chemiis, chiesang er a urreor.
chiesungv.i.pred.about to escape.
v.i.redup.keep avoiding/sneaking out.
mechechiis a blechoel el chemiis; mengeroid er ngii; mesaik a mechechiis a urreor, chisel.
mechichiis a mekudem el chemiis; mechichiis a urreor me a ongdibel; chiis.
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> My child ran away by himself.
> My child ran away by himself.
> The survivors scattered, each man running off by himself.
> Satsko fled when she saw the ghost.
More Examples:
> My pet fruit bat flew away.

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